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The Teaching that does not Embitter the Child <Dt 6:1-9; Eph 6: 4; Col 3: 21>

* Summation: The Teaching of a Child is not about Technique, but Life. The Child grows together with
the Parents.

What does it mean by ‘Embittering the Child’?

In the education of our children, where are the areas that we easily embitter them?
Why did the Bible especially emphasize to parents not to embitter our child?
.A Blessed Child has 3 Distinctive Traits

1) Possess Love (A Life that Love God and Men)

2) Possess Aspiration (Dignity) (A Life that has the motivation to excel, not quitters, have perseverance
to wait, and think along positive lines)

3) Possess Teachable Attitude (Willingness to learn and listen to Instruction/Correction)

* If parents always embitter the child, he/she would gradually lose love, aspiration and teachable heart *

.What is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Training and Instruction for the Child
<Eph 6: 4> “Fathers, do not embitter your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of
the Lord.”

1) The Child’s Self-Image:‘I’m Not Perfect, but I’m Loved’

2) The Imparting of Promise:4 Gospelization. Emphasize: Not obligation. Neither is it abstract, but:
(1) Let the Child be Envious of it
(2) Explain practically how it is Fulfilled
(3) Under the correct circumstances, use it to Challenge the Child

3) Teach the Child by Joining up Life and Living (i.e. Faith and Works)

4) Foster the Child to receive the Wisdom/Knowledge/Skill of this World

(1) The Purpose of learning all these
(2) Let the Child develop his/her Potential
(3) Cultivate the Child appropriately, let him/her come in touch, in order to arouse his/her interest
* Emphasis:In all areas of fostering the child, pay most attention to his/her relation to brethrens and people

5) Teach the Child to Submit to Authority

.The Teaching Technique that follows the Holy Spirit Guidance

1) Grasp Opportunity, Teach according to appropriate Circumstances

* Under appropriate Circumstances, let the Child understand about Consequences as well as witness
the Lord’s Grace

2) Positive Education is better than Negative Education

* Adopt relatively more Encouragement and Praise for good works in Educating

3) Teach by Example
* Pastor’s suggestion: At least start with the example of praying together with the kids

4) Let the Child experience appropriate Hardships as he/she grew in age

* Remember: Hardship and Grace together will build the Child’s Character in the Lord. Moreover, it will
speed up the Independence of the Child, also making him/her someone who knows how to give thanks

5) Punishment <Pr 22: 15; 29: 15> ⇒ Through Punishment (verbal or corporate), Parents must brought
forth double folds of Love and Wisdom to the Child

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