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Welcome to California Reign Basketball Academy

This packet has been provided to give you necessary information regarding our organization. Enclosed you
will find the policies and procedures for the California Reign Basketball Club. Every player, as well as
his/her parent or guardian, must sign and return the signature page as an acknowledgement that they will
adhere to the code of ethics and understand the policies of the organization. We look forward to working
with you and your athlete in making this a very successful program.

• Most events played locally or day trips
• Some events may include travel and/or overnight stay
Travel events may include Chico, Fresno, Reno/Tahoe, San Diego, Las Vegas and the Bay Area. (The
organization does not pay travel or expenses for players.)

• All practices are required unless excused by Team Coach.
• Phone call or e-mail is required if missing practice due to illness
• Practices may be missed for family or school commitments, if Coach is notified in advance.

• In many age groups we will try to form multiple teams for additional playing time.
• Some teams may be more advanced than others and have more travel tournaments.
• Players can move up or down based on skill level or event need, at coaches’ discretion.
• Playing time is the coaches’ decision and will vary from week to week, event to event. Players will
support their teammates and be positive at all times, and be respectful of the coaches, referees, parents
and other players.

Registration Requirements:
• Proof of grade, last report card
• Birth Certificate
• Age exception form (if required)
• Start up fee $ 175.00
• Consent/Waiver form
• All documentation and fee’s due at first practice

Monthly Fees
• $150 Per Athlete, Due at 1st practice of each month
• Late fees may apply
• If an athlete falls behind in fee’s they may be excluded from practice or tournaments until all fees are
up to date.
Additional Information:
• Players may take a break from the club. When returning, placement will be determined by need &
availability at the coaches’ discretion.
• Photographs of CAL Reign athletes may appear on our website or marketing
materials. Parents/Guardians may request their athlete's picture not to be used by submitting a
written request through the team coach.

The Director of the Club will determine the following:
• Coaches for each team
• Tournaments and leagues to participate in
• Which players will be assigned to play in qualifiers or major tournaments, with input from Coaches.

Tryout Procedures
• Tryouts will be held at the beginning of each season
• Existing players must participate in all tryouts
• Athletes may tryout year round depending on openings and coaches approval

Player Selection/Placement
Players will be placed on teams by coaches of respective teams, based on availability, practice participation,
team chemistry and player performance.

Player Commitment
Per current AAU rules, any player that has played in an AAU sanctioned event must stay with their current
club until the end of the fiscal year, (Aug 30), unless they have written permission from their existing club to
join another. Violation of this rule will be a mandatory 60 day suspension.

Summer/Fall - June thru November
Winter/Spring- January thru May

Cal Reign Officers/Board of Directors

President………………………….Brian Davis
Vice President……………………Aaron Chrisco
Secretary………………………….Monique Davis
Treasurer………………………….Brian Davis

Players Code of Ethics

As a player on the Reign Basketball team, I pledge to…
• Have a positive attitude towards my athletic experience and accept responsibility for participation,
learning, discipline and growth as an athlete.
• Encourage good sportsmanship from my fellow players, coaches, and parents at every game and
practice by demonstrating good sportsmanship.
• Understand that I represent the Cal Reign at all times, on and off the court and will demonstrate
positive behavior at all times.
• Attend every practice and game and notify my coach, in advance, if I cannot.
• Understand that my playing time will be based on my ability, effort, attitude and team needs.
• Listen and learn from my coaches
• Treat my coaches, other players, officials and fans with respect, regardless of race, sex, creed or
abilities and I will expect to be treated accordingly.
• Be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.
• Do my very best in school, and understand that if my grades fall due to participation in this
organization, I may not be able to participate.
Parents Code of Ethics
As a parent of an athlete on Cal Reign team, I understand and agree that:
• I and my friends will remain in the stands at all times at games and practice, unless asked to
participate by a coach.
• I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches,
officials and fans at all events.
• I will remember that the game is for the Athletes, not the parents.
• I will insist that my athlete treat other players, coaches, officials and fans with respect at all times,
regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.
• I will let the coaches coach my athlete. I will not yell from the stands to my child during a game or
practice. Except to offer praise or encouragement.
• I understand that if I or any of my friends or family threatens any player, coach, official or fan, my
athlete’s membership will be cancelled immediately.
• I promise that my athlete will adhere to all team and Cal Reign rules and policies.
• I will have a positive relationship with my athlete’s coaches and other parents.
• I will never use profanity or inappropriate language in the presence of children.

Parent/Guardian and Player Pledge:

I agree to the rules, policies and procedures set forth in this handout by Cal reign understand that failing to
follow any of these rules, polices and procedures may result in suspension or revocation of my athlete’s
membership. I also understand that if I am unsatisfied after first attempting to resolve my concerns with
the Coach, I have the right to have my grievances heard by the Board of Directors, after presenting the
Board with a written complaint.

______________________________ ____________
Parent or Guardian Signature Date

______________________________ ____________
Athlete Signature Date

Waiver, Release of Liability

I, parent/guardian/participant, in signing, understand that he/she/I in attending the events for Cal Reign does
at his/her/my own risk. I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks inherent in participating in basketball,
both practice and competition: that basketball is a physical sport which can require considerable running and
physical exertion; and could potentially lead to bodily harm or limb injuries. Participants and
parents/guardians assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages, which may occur at any events.
He/She/I do hereby fully and forever release, discharge and hold harmless, Cal Reign, it’s Officers, Board of
Directors, Employees, Sponsors, Coaches and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of
action, property loss, present or future, resulting from or arising out of any person’s participation. In
addition, he/she/I agree(s) to follow the rules of play and conduct set by Cal Reign and the gym sites.
He/She/I understand that failure to do so in may result in suspension or revocation of participation. Cal
Reign has no refund policy.

________________________________ ____________
Parent or Guardian Signature Date