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Process Manufacturing Company 
Chemical Manufacturing Industry

• The ERP for the chemical industry is software that addresses

the following key issues important to the chemical industry: To
compete in world markets today, chemical industries should
provide well-organized customer service, control costs in all
operational areas, comply with regulatory requirements, and
optimize machine utilizations such as reactors. ERP links
various functions pertaining to process manufacturing industry.


• To achieve operational excellence, process manufacturers must

be able to keep control over cost structures while meeting
customer expectations.

• Improve performance and increase profitability with integrated,

comprehensive solutions that protect your people, process and
assets, while reducing cost and improving productivity.

  • Some chemical manufacturers produce and sell consumer

products such as soap, bleach, and cosmetics, most chemical
products are used as intermediate products for other goods,
  that is to OEM customers.

  • Many plants are located in different geographical locations.

Head office is raising Purchase Order in place and the factory
located in another place is receiving material.

• Tolerance and purity % information should be captured in


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Process Manufacturing Company 

Factory location



By deploying following  DNS ERP modules issues are addressed: 
Head Office location 
1. Security module
9. Production module
2. Accounts module –
(Assembly Production
General Ledger Accounts
and Process Production)
3. VAT / Sales Tax module
CRM module (Customer
4. Excise module
5. Inventory Management
management) and pre-
sales module.
6. Purchase & Pre-purchase
10. Automatic email alerts
7. MRP - Material
11. Payroll and HR module
Requirement Planning
12. Cost sheet module –
module / Supply Chain
preparing estimate
Management (SCM)
13. Order Fulfillment module
8. BOM – Bill of Materials
– Sales Accounting.

  • DNS ERP Software is used for fully integrated Business

• Enhanced productivity as users handle more business
challenges in the same time frame. 
• Multi-location: Head Office and factory are located far apart.
Transactions entered in factory are saved on the ERP Server
installed in the Head Office. 

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