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Hamro Sawal Hamro Sahabhagita

The Centre for Rural Technol ogy, Nepal (CRT/N) and Renew able World Nepal signed an agreement to implement the Renewable World Adolescent Livelihood Programme Nepal (RWEAALPN) in six districts which supports part of the UNI CEFs Adolescent Development and Participation Programme (ADAP). The agreement was signedon12thJune2013forthe period from May 2013 Decem ber 2014. The objective of the projectistoimproveadolescent and womens livelihood oppor tunities.

CentreforRuralTechnology,Nepal TowardsActionforDevelopment Since1989

Vol.3No.33&34 MayJune2013

Inauguration of RTKC Lab by Dr. Mrigendra Raj Pandey and Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel

Regional Cookstoves Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC) in Nepal Inaugurated

tre (AEPC), Renewable rial Trust (MSMT), former Energy Testing Station president of SAARC Cardiac (RETS), Centre for Energy Society and Chairman of Ne and Environment, Nepal palHealthResearchCouncil. (CEEN), Kathmandu Univer Mr. Ganesh Ram Shrestha, sity and various organiza Executive Director CRT/N tions working in energy welcomed the delegates sector in Nepal partici highlighting on RTKC activi patedtheevent. ties with an appeal to move

Under the project, CRT/N will Inauguration of RTKC took focus on development of sus place on 6th June 2013 at tainability and livelihoodsCRT/N premises. The event curriculum, tools and methods; was accompanied by dele promotion and installation of a gates from various na HydraulicRamPump(hydram). tional and international Hydram Piloting organizations based in Programme Phase IIIa Nepal. The International Renewable World Nepal and Union for Conservation of Centre for Rural Technology N a t u r e ( I U C N ) , Nepal signed an agreement to S w i s s A g e n c y implement the Hydraulic Ram for Development and Coop Pump Piloting Programme eration, WWF Nepal, Win Phase IIIa for the period from rock International Nepal, May2013April2014.Themain objective of the programme is World Bank, Poverty Alle to improve community and in viation Fund, Wildlife Con particular womens livelihood servation Nepal (WCN), opportunities in three commu Biogas Support Programme nities of the Dhading district in Nepal (BSPN), Alterna Nepal. tive Energy Promotion Cen

The Laboratory was formally ahead in collaboration with inaugurated jointly by Prof. likeminded institutions in Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel, executing the RTKC activities Executive Director, Alterna in Nepal with support from tive Energy PromotionGlo bal Allia nce on Centre (AEPC) and Dr. Clean Cookstoves (GACC). Mrigendra Raj Pandey, a He also highlighted on the noted physician and social establishment of the cen worker founder of the tre as an important service Mrigendra Samjhana Memo to the clean cookstoves

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centre.Healsoopinedthat this centre in collaboration with other organizations will definitely add to the development and promo tion of clean cookstoves and help preserve biodi versity of the country. Meanwhile Dr. Pandey Speaking at t h e programme Prof. Dr.highlighted on the indoor Pokharel congratulated air pollution due to cook CRT/N for establishing a ing and its impact on the regionallevelbiomasstest health of people and shed ing and informationhis best wished to RTKC to

communities throughout the country. At the pro gramme RTKC coordinator Mr. Basudev Upadhyay briefly introduced RTKC with its mission, vision, objectives, services and futureactivities.

play important role in reducing the indoor air pollution improving the lifestyle of people using these stoves. Dr. Bim Prasad Shrestha, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University spread his satis faction by quoting that RTKC is going to be the perfect place for students to have hands on knowl

edge on biomass energy sector. The programme concluded with vote of thanks from Mr. Hari Gopal Gorkhali, Lab Supervisor and CRT/N Director followed by lab observationbyalltheinvit ees with briefing on the laboratory processes and testing equipments by RTKCteam.

Guests of RTKC lab inauguration session (left) and lab observation after the inauguration by the guests (Right)


On the recommendation of Ghatta Owners Association (GoA), Kavre, Mr. Min Bahadur Shrestha, one of the active Ghatta owner in the district has been awarded the Manchuka Me morial Appropriate Rural Technology Award within the framework of Manchuka Memorial Trust during the Trusts 20th Annual Day CelebrationProgramon15thJune2013atKathmandu. Through power generation with the operation of Improved Water Mill, Mr. Shrestha has been imparting various end use services like paddy milling, grain grinding and electricity distribution to local com munity members for their livelihood enhancement. He has also been sharing knowledge on the operation of the technology to many of the visitors visiting the site. On the other hand, GoA, Kavre is work ing with IWM National Programme as Local Partner Organization in the district since 2003 for promotion and dissemination of the tech nology.

Mr. Min Bahadur Shrestha receiving award

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Projects Updates
Improved Cook Stove with Carbon Finance (ICF) Program
Under this project, CRT/N in collabo District Development Committee and At the end of the workshop, Mr. Bimal Kishor KP, Acting LDO, Doti ration with Rural Development Municipality, Secretaries of highlighted the importance of ICS Programme VDCs and Wards, political Service Centre (RDSC), Regional Part parties representatives, othertechnology and its benefits to women ner Organization (RPO) based in Doti Government and nongovernment and requested stakeholders to distric organized District Stakeholders support for the successful implemen stakeholdersandreporter. Orientation Workshop on 7th May Presenters and the project team tationoftheprogramme. 2013 at Silgadhi, Doti. The main entertained the queries and received The program was concluded with objective of the workshop was to ori the suggestions from the participants concluding remarks from Mr. Bharat ent local stakeholders about the for the successful implementation of Kathayat, Program Supervisor, RDSC, programmeanditsworkingmodality. theprogramme. Doti. Mr. Bharat Kathayat, Program Super visor, RDSC, Mr. Keshab Raj Joshi, Re gional Manager, CRT/N and Mr. Subash Dhakal, Renewable Energy Associate Advisor, SNV presented the workshop objective, programme achievements made in the year 2012 and the National FrameworkofNRREP/AEPCandscope of the Carbon Financing Mechanism respectively. Workshop was facili tated by Mr. Bhagirath Ghimire, DistrictTechnicalCoordinator,CRT/N. The workshop was attended by 45 participants (44 Male, 1 Female) from
Interaction between the participants & presenter during the workshop at Doti district

Technology Transfer and Pilot Implementation of Hydraulic Ram Pump (Hydram)

With an objective to share the infor mation about the project, CRT/N conducted a district level project in formation sharing workshop in Chau tara, Sindhupalchowk district on 23rd May2013. Altogether 20 participants from Dis trict Development Committee (DDC), Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS), Irrigation Office, District Agriculture Office, local bank, journalists and representative from political parties and members of Local Partner Organization: Ghatta Owner Association etc attended the workshop. Participants were very interested on water lifting technology (hydram) and committed to promote hydram indistrict.Theywereverymuchkeen to see the output of the project on water lifting technology and financial implication.

Improving Gender-Inclusive Access to Clean and Renewable Energy in Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka
Baseline survey has been completed under Improving GenderInclusive Access to Clean and Renewable Energy in Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, project supported by Asian Development Bank (ADB). After completion of the Enumerators Orientation Training for Baseline Survey on 67 May 2013, enlightening the team mainly on project information, site information and survey framework, the enumerators and supervisors of the team headed for the field work of baselinesurvey. The baseline survey was conducted in all 10 project sites located in 9 different districts. The baseline data will also be used for developing indicators and provide data for monitoringandevaluation.

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Projects Updates
Biomass Energy Support Program (BESP)
IAPFreeVDCDeclarations Harnamadi VDC in Makawanpur dis trict was declared IAP Free VDC on 25th May 2013. The declaration pro gramme was organized in Gum badanda, a tourist spot in the VDC, under the chairmanship of VDC Se cratary Mr. Dipendra Baniya and the Local Development Officer Mr. Bhu van Prakash Bista as the Chief Guest. Similarly, representatives from vari ous organizations, CFUGs, political parties and media participated in the programme. The programme started with a rally from the VDC Office to the venue with panchebaja and banners dis play. Guests spoke about the bene fits of ICS on various aspects of life and environment. The chief guest congratulated the VDC, the people and associated stakeholders on achieving the milestone. Promoters and other people and organizations who had played important roles in disseminating ICS in the VDC were awarded. The VDC has around 1600 house holds, 97% of which use smokeless technologies including 955 ICS. ICS construction in remaining house holdsisunderway. In addition to Makawanpur, Kharani tar VDC in Nuwakot district was also declared IAP Free VDC, on 27th May 2013. Out of 322 households, use of 272 ICS and other smokeless tech nologies ensured 95% of the house holds were IAP Free. ICS dissemina tion and monitoring was still under wayduringdeclaration. Prior to the declaration programme, arallydisplayingvariousbannersand playcards,andhoardingboard(tobe set on strategic locations after decla ration)andledbypanchebajastarted from the venue and moved through various residential and market areas beforeconcludingatthestartpoint. The VDC Secretary, Mr. Ram Swarf Roy Yadav was the chairperson of the programme while Mr. Upendra Pyakurel, Energy and Environment Officer (EEO) of District Energy and Environment Unit (DEEU/DDC), NuwakotwastheChiefGuest.Repre sentatives from local organizations like cooperatives, health posts, CFUGs, banks, political parties etc were also invited. Local people and studentsconsistedtheaudience. Welcome song, speeches by guests, award and certificate distribution to promoters, the VDC and other or ganizations were present in the event. Informative songs on ICS were feature by promoters and various entertainmentprogrammes. After IAP Free VDC declaration, an other rally set off for a short journey to the VDC office where hoarding boards were handed over to the VDC.

Rally passing through the market at Nuwakot (left) and the chief guest awarding the Promoter at Makwanpur during the IAP declaration

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Projects Updates
Improved Water Mill (IWM) Programme
Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)Training Under the IWM Orogram, CRT/N organizedatwodaysCapacityBuilding Training on GESI in IWM Programme on2425May2013atDadeldhura.
The objectives of training was to sensitize LPO and GOA members on GESI concerns and its importance in IWM Programme, to equip the participants with skills to understand GESI and to provide participants with knowledgeonpracticaltoolstoensure that GESI differences are addressed in IWMProgramme. Representing LPOs, GOAs, IWM kit manufacturing companies and IWM owners from Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Bajhang, Doti, Achham, Kailali and Bajura districts, 26 participants (12 male & 14 female) attended the training. Out of 26, five participants were from the Dalit, Janajati and marginalizedgroup. Participants were oriented on the concept & introduction of GESI, need of gender equity & equality, gender empowerment & policy, gender exclusion in Nepalese society and social inclusion in community by the resource person Ms. Suni Bhandari. Group work and discussion was also done to identify the changes made by IWM Programme in last five years from GESI perspective. The training was facilitated by Mr. Biplav Kafle, IWMProgrammeOfficer,CRT/N. During the closing session, participants expressed that the training has provided them a platform to learn and upgrade their knowledge, skill and experiences on GESI. On 31st May 2013, a halfday workshop to link and support PEU/ NRREP for diversification of energy end use from IWM was organized in Dhadingbesi,Dhading. The main objective of the workshop was to share the current status and practices of IWM end uses in Nepal and to introduce PEU and its functions totheLPOs,GOAsandIWMowners. There were 25 participants representing from different IWM stakeholders (AEPC, NRREP, DEEU, CRT/N, LPO, GOA, and IWM owners.) who shared valuable experiences duringtheworkshop. Mr. Subhash Kunwar & Mr. Bikash UpretifromPEU/NRREPpresentedthe introduction about PEU, its objectives, working modality and area of scope and Mr. Madan Thapaliya, Programme Officer, CE, NRREP/AEPC gave brief description about NRREP whereas Mr. Biplav Kafle made short presentation about the present scenario of IWM endusestillthedate. At the end of the workshop, program team received suggestions and feedback from workshop participants to improve the situation of IWM end uses and to conduct the PEU programmeeffectively.

IWM Site Visit by PEU/NRREP Representatives Productive End Use Unit (PEU)/ National Rural & Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) has made field visit on IWM end uses site of Pida & Kiranchok VDC, Dhading along with IWMP team and Community Electrification Subcomponent th representativeon30 May2013.
SevenmembersfromPEU,Community Electrification (CE) subcomponent, CRT/N and GOA Dhading have visited two IWM end use site of Mr. Subba Magar at Pida VDC and Mr. Arjun Rimal at Kiranchok VDC. During the visit PEU monitored all end uses and interaction with IWM owners about the IWM, its business plan, return frominvestmentetc.

Workshop to Link and Support PEU/ NRREP

Participants during the GESI training at Dadeldhura (left) and resource person delivering session in PEU/NRREP workshop at Dhading and (middle) and site visit by NRREP team (right)

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Projects Updates
School Education on Energy and Environment
Energy, environment and climate change have become burning issues these days. Realizing this fact, CRT/N has initiated a project School Educa tiononEnergyandEnvironment(SEEE) phase II to take actions against it from school level incorporating the lessons learnt from the phase I. The project activities of this phase are be ing conducted at two schools of Kath mandu Valley viz. Himalayan Board ing High School and Udayakharka Madhayamik Vidyalaya, Chapagaun since June 2013. The project is in tendedtowardsreachingouttoschool students with an ultimate goal to reachouttoruralcommunityandena bling them to make contribution to wards educating greater mass about interrelationship between energy, en vironment,climate changeand gender in livelihood enhancement. The spe cific objective of the project is to raise awarenessamongschoolstudentsand their teachers about role of energy, environment and climate change in our daily lives and make them realize the impacts that our energy choices could make on climate variables and environment. In this regard, 2day Training of Train ers on Energy and Environment under SEEE project was conducted at CRT/N from 8 9 June 2013. A total of 10 (9 male and 1 female) teachers, of differ ent subjects, 5 from each school par ticipated in the training. The training was conducted with an object to ori enttheteachersonrenewableenergy, environment, climate change, gender in livelihood enhancement. Presenta tion by resource persons, group dis cussion, group work and interaction werecarriedoutduringthesessions.A team of experts from CRT/N, Mr. Ra jendra Khanal, IUCN, Dr. Ananda Shova Tamrakar and Former Miss Earth Nepal, Ms. Nagma Shrestha jointlyfacilitatedthetraining.

Ms. Nagma Shrestha (Miss Earth Nepal 2012) sharing on Litter of Light during training (left) and Prof. Ananda Shova Tamrakar (middle) and participants in group exercise (right)

Piloting of Rocket Stoves for Reducing Carbon Emission and Conserving Forest
CRT/N with support from World Wild life Fund (WWF) Nepal is implementing a project Piloting of Rocket Stoves for Reducing Carbon Emission and Con serving Forest in selected VDCs of Hariyo Ban program of WWF in the KaskiandLamjungdistricts.Theproject is effective from 1st May 2013 to Octo ber 2013, and the contract between the Hariyo Ban Programme, WWF and CRT/Nwassignedon12thMay2013. holes) in lower and middle level in come generating households who fully dependent on firewood and loose bio massfuelforhouseholdenergyneeds. The project activities will be con ducted in partnership with district and community based local organizations. Projectalsoaimsinupscalingandrep licating in other potential areas where firewood is the primary source of en ergy for household cooking and heat This project aims to disseminate 400 ing. fuel efficient Rocket stoves with differ The primary objective of the project is ent models (Mud & Ceramic, mud & to ensure organized dissemination of metals with single and double pot clean and fuelefficient improved cook stoves and its proper use to reduce greenhousegasemissionsandcontrib ute towards conservation of forests through reduced firewood consump tion in Chitwan Annapurna Landscape (CHAL)Region. Itisexpectedthattheprojectwillcon tribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conservation of forests through reduction in firewood con sumption.Alsoitwillenhancethelive lihoods of community through reduc tionofdrudgery,savetimeandmoney spent on fuel wood collection and im proveindoorairquality.

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CRT/Ns International Partner

International Network for Sustainable Energy (INforSE)
INforSE is a worldwide network con sisting of 140 Non Governmental Or ganisationsworkinginabout60coun tries to promote sustainable energy andsocialdevelopment.TheNetwork was established in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to secure followup in the politi cal decision sat the United Nations Conference on Environment and De velopment(UNCED). The Network share a common vision in which energy services are sustain able and promote just and human centered development whereas the vision is based on renewable tech nologies, including solar, wind, bio mass,biogasandmicrohydro. INforSE is actively engaged in interna tionalawarenessrisingandinfluences sustainable energy issues in interna tional negotiations and is accredited to the UN Economic and Social Coun cil(ECOSOC)since1998. The network has been actively involv inginUNFCCCCOPs,TheRioProcess, UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, European Environmental Ministers Meeting, UNCSD Process and participated with inputs, com mon statements and representations at theEuropean Eco ForumandCitizensUnitedforRenew ableandSustainability(CURES). through renewable energy solutions, particularlybythepoor;and Increasingenergyefficiency. The network revolves around the memberssupportedbyNationalFocal PointsinsomecountriesandRegional Coordinators working in their respec tiveregions.

CRT/N is the National Focal Point (NFP) of the Network for Nepal since 2004. The network has successfully INforSEemphasize: carried out various networking activi Defending the environment and ties like preparation of training mate rials and manuals, report on good combatingclimatechange; Phasing out nuclear and fossil examples and best practices, conduc tion of national workshops. Continu energyconsumption; ing the activities, Southern Voices Increasing reliance on local solu PhaseIIhasbeeninitiated. tions;

Ensuring equal access to energy across class, ethnic and gender lines; Improving income generation

Formoreinformation: inseda@inforse.org

CRT/Ns Local Partner

Rural Region and Agro-forestry Development Centre (RRAFDC)
Rural Regionand Agroforestry Devel opment Centre (RRAFDC) is a non government, nonforprofit making social organization, working for the poorest people of rural community in the field of agroforestry, renewable energy and rural development. It was established in 2000 (2056 B.S.) and registeredundertheNGOregistration act 2034 in the district headquarters ofBara,Nepal. Itcurrentlyworksinseveralvillagesof eight districts (Chitwan, Makwanpur, Bara, Parsa, Rautahat, Mahottari, Sar lahi and Dhanusa) in Terai region of Nepal with a number of service pro viders and community organizations by establishing and promoting func tional networks and alliances for ho listicdevelopment. The major focus of its work is to pro mote and to strengthen environment friendly livelihoods for the poor com munities. It involves them organizing on a common forum, enhancing their capabilities, mobilizing local re sources, introducing ways to improve their incomes and linking them to microfinance institutions, better market access and with other eco nomicservices. Since its establishment, it has under taken several project/activities in the field of environment conservation, poverty reduction and sustainable socioeconomicdevelopmentthrough food security, skill development and women empowerment and rural en ergypromotionaswell. Beinginspiredbythecurrentprogress and achievements, it has been ex tending its services for environment development, livelihood promotion and disaster management collaborat ing and cocoordinating with private, public, government and non government sectors on regional and oncentrallevel. RRAFDC is one of the network mem ber organizations of National ICS Net workmanagedbyCRT/N. Formoreinformation rrafdc.2000@yahoo.com

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Event Highlights
Study on Water Resource Management Practice Partnering for Sustainable Energy Development
CRT/N conducted study entitled Water Resource Man FK Norway, in collaboration with the Nepal Norway agement Practice for Optimum Utilization and Livelihood Alumni Association (NNAA) and the Royal Norwegian Improvement in Selected VDCs of Lamjung District of Ne Embassy in Kathmandu organized a conference Friends pal for Committee for the Promotion of Public Aware ofNorwayon1stJune2013atLalitpur. nessandDevelopmentStudies(COPPADES),Lamjung.The The main topic for the conference was ENERGY where objective of the study was to identify option for optimum experts and resource persons within the sector were utilization of available water in productive activities, to invited to share their experiences. CRT/N was also invited identify appropriate agricultural practices, to aware com on the event and Mr. Ganesh Ram Shrestha, Executive munityaboutwaterresourcemanagementpracticesand Director;CRT/Nattendedtheevent. to identify appropriate technology to provide water to thecommunity.Thestudyteamvisited12sitesof4VDCs: Ilampokhari,Kolki,GaudaandMohariyakot.

Workshop on Climate Change and Human Rights

SANDEE Summer School in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics for Economists
Mr. Subarna Kapali, Director, CRT/N participated in the Summer School in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from 29 April 17 May 2013 in Bangkok, Thai land. The training course was organized by SANDEE (South Asian Network for Development Economics and Environment). The main objective of the Summer School was to provide economists with the basic skills necessary to teach envi ronmental and natural resource economics and to under takeresearchinthisarea.

CRT/N was invited by National Human Rights Commission for a Workshop on Climate Change and Human Rights on 31stMay2013. The workshop focused on topics like climate change and its interrelation with human rights, laws and regulations. Ms.LachanaShresthacharyaparticipatedintheworkshop representingCRT/N.

Visitors at CRT/N
Ms. Sita Adhikari, Country Director and Mr. Santosh Bista, SupplyChainManager,EmpowerGenerationvisitedCRT/N on 9th June 2013 and had meeting to explore the possible ways of collaboration between the two organizations. The meeting was concluded to have further meeting to discuss how the organizations can work together to promote ICS inthefuture.

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