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It was with great pleasure to meet Ivonne Torres, a is 60 year old spanish speaking female.

She lives in a 2 bedroom apartment on the 5th floor located in an elevator building. Patient is a hoarder and her apartment is in need of serious deep cleaning services. There are spider webs on the chairs, dirty floors, counter tops, and dust everywhere. Books, boxes of things, clothes, papers, are all over the place which continues down her hallway into the bedrooms. There is a small single passageway for the member to walk through, everywhere else is bombarded with junk. This is a safety hazard and deep cleaning services is highly suggested for this patient. Patient has a history of Hypertension, Diabetes and suffers from panic attacks. She had Coronary Stent Placement 2 years ago. She believes ever since her stent placement, she's been experiencing nauseas when bending down. Client's Hypertension and Diabetes are under control with medications. She is insulin dependent and uses Levemir Flexipen. She currently receives her diabetic supplies through her pharmacy with a prescription from MD. She was interested in receiving Diabetic supplies and BP machine from CPHL if she qualified for the plan. Patient was well dressed and was on her way to the 5th Avenue Social Day Care. She attends everyday from 9am until 2pm. Patient suffers from Depression and Panic Attacks. Since attending the social day care, patient feels less depressed and Panic attacks are controlled. Patient claims not to have many friends and enjoys the social day care for socialization. I suggest a continuation of Adult Day Care services will benefit member by encouraging socialization and limiting her depression. Patient wants to move from her house Patient has children who do not live in NY and has no one to help her. She expressed the need for an aide to help her with household chores because she cannot bend down. She feels nauseous when she bends so she leaves things on the floor. Member will benefit from home care services to help her with IADL's (cleaning, shopping, laundry). Member will also benefit from transportation services to and from medical appointments to ensure patient safety. Her PCP Dr. Zaw 212Torres solo 2 bedroom Needs cleaning clothes everywhere, cob weds, respirar Social adult day center 212-831-6100 Moving a little Diabetes syringes pharmacy levemir flexipev Bp Needs dentist Diabetes bp 2 years ago heart. 3 veins, outpatient stent surgery Well dressed Zaw Oo 212876 9700 Maw, myo Transportation Vn42001V 584 24 7966 w6 medicare a/b 12/21/52 Children lie far

Fingers are numb Paranoid of buliding bp attack panic Cant bend down because she gets nauseaus and afraid of falling Syringes herself Has raised toilet and bath seat because cant bend down Deep cleaning hoarder Everything all over the place Needs social services wants to move