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Around the Point is a column that includes news items relevant to the residents of LHP.

We reserve the right to reject material that may not be in the best interest of the community.


FOR ALEX ZOLIS WAHOO'S Sports Bar & Grill will raise the flag
and raise awareness for breast cancer by hosting its
Lighthouse Point
resident, and
Sunday, June 14, 2009 from 11am - 4pm. They are
Cardinal Gibbons
High School student,
located at 3128 N. Federal Hwy in Lighthouse Point,
Alex Zolis, has in the shopping center located among Federal Grille
been selected for and Skippers.
membership in the They expect about 100 classic cars, and wel-
National Society of come any type of classic car, with a special tribute
High School to Pre 1948 beauties.
Scholars, for those Car registration is $20 will be held the day of the
students who have show, which will provide dashboard plaques.
achieved superior Admission to see the show is FREE! Donations are
academic excellence. Alex Zolis WELCOME!
Membership in POMPANO O.K. Tires is sponsoring the car
the organization entitles students to enjoy bene- show, which will feature DJ, food, drink, 50/50 raffle,
fits, including scholarship opportunities, academ- and trophies awarded to the favorites!
ic competitions, free events, member-only WAHOO'S will donate 10% of its outside food
resources, publications, participation in programs and beverage sales to benefit the American Cancer
offered by educational partners, online forums, Society's - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
personalized recognition items, and publicity For further information, please contact Eugene
honors. Reidy at (954) 783-2258 or Jeff Miranda (954) 785-
6388 or jpmiranda@comcast.net

Foundation Invests in Primary Care Scholarships

Hundreds of uninsured children and families in South such as KidCare and Medicaid.
Florida will receive free medical care and health insurance applica- Families will receive a free consultation with a medical profes-
tion assistance thanks to a Broward Children’s Center initiative. sional and instruction from trilingual staff in how to apply for a
The Center will use a $20,000 Health Foundation of South range of programs and services designed to support child health and
Florida grant to provide a wide range of primary care services to economic stability. Visitors will also be able to apply for services on-
more than 350 uninsured children at its Pompano Beach-based Kids the-spot via a computer kiosk linked directly to the Department of
Klinic and aboard its mobile medical van. Children and Families and staffed by Center experts.
The program is an attempt to provide immediate medical care to “This program is an attempt to provide much-needed medical
children to prevent serious illness or disease, while also offering attention to children today, and long-term regular medical care for
their families the help they need to obtain insurance that can pro- them tomorrow and beyond,” said Thor Barraclough, Executive
vide regular, sustainable medical care. Director of Broward Children’s Center Foundation. “Breaking the
The Center’s pediatrician and nurse practitioners will focus on cycle of uninsured children only receiving care at hospital ERs
treating children living in South Florida neighborhoods that contain requires families having regular access to a medical professional and
high numbers of the more than 750,000 Florida children eligible for healthcare coverage is the way to get them that.”
healthcare who are not enrolled in state insurance programs,

“The Biggest Little Magazine in South Florida”

features From the Editor
10 Claire Sylvia You may have heard
someone say, “I love him,”
their right, as well—and
their opinions are wel-
Loving Life and then you may have
heard someone say, “I’d
come any time.
I’d love to hear from
love to see him die.” the aforementioned per-
Therefore, the word son in the form of a Letter
15 Pompano Beach “love” has more than one
to the Editor , so it may
prompt others to respond,
Seafood Festival Someone called me a therefore get a real feel for
few minutes ago, to ask the general consensus.
me to correct the name on her copy of In that article, I told the truth about
30 Relay For Life the LHP magazine. After I agreed, she
said, “I really love your magazine!”
a situation that exists, so if there is
something wrong with telling the
Cancer Survivors Unsolicited love— what more could
one ask?
truth, I want to know.

As we approach our 7th year of GREAT NEWS! Our accountant

publication, the naysayers have been reports a 11% increase in advertising
40 Beacon Light few; you know, those who would love
to see us fail. The other night I came
sales during 2008. Looks like 2009 will
also show substantial gain as well.
Car Show across one such person who criticized A big thank you to our loyal cus-
an editorial I wrote in the April issue. tomers who continue to believe in us!.
After unsuccessfully trying to explain
the meaning and purpose of the article, My sincere apologies go out to peo-
I suggested that the person write a let- ple requesting current and back copies
JUNE QUOTE ter to the editor to vent her anger. The of LHP Magazine. In the fall, we will be
” silence that followed apparently indi- increasing publication, so in the mean-
cated that I would not be getting a let- time be sure to visit the locations
"Experience is the name ter. shown at the bottom of pg. 8, beginning
every one gives My point is, if I want to share my around the 27th of the month, to pick
opinions with my readers, thank God, I up your copy, or see every issue at our
to their mistakes." still have that right as an American. At website: www.LHPmag.com.
Oscar Wilde the same time, if my readers would like
to express their opinions, it certainly is Jon Frangipane, Editor

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contents I Love My Pet
Al’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Around the Point . . . . . . . . . . . 5
As I Was Saying . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Beauty Spot of the Mont h . . . . . . . . 26
Cantankerously Yours . . . . . . . . . . 56
Commissioners’ Report . . . . . . . . . . 72
Cookin’ with the Community. . . . . . 7 3
Cover story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Editoria l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Garden Lady . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Green Harriet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
Butterfly Lady. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Happy Birthday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70
Hot Off the Grill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
Identity Theft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
I Love My Pet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Library News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62
Love & Laughter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
Merchant of the Month . . . . . . . . . . 74
Mortgage News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
On Religion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Out & About . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Pet Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71
Sheriff Lamberti Reports . . . . . . . . . 64
Strange, But Tru e . . . . . . . . . . . . 54



PHOTOGRAPHERS, This is our cat named Moon Shadow. She was living on
the street and we rescued her. Shadow is playful when
VOCALISTS, ARTISTS, she's in the mood, but usually she is sleeping in one of the
bedrooms. When she is outside, she crouches down and
WRITERS, ETC.,CAN pounces on lizards. Sometimes she brings the lizards
inside to play with! We love her very much and glad she's
EXPOSE THEIR TALENTS part of our life.
ON OUR NEW WEBSITE: By Autumn and Ashley
Please send us a favorite photo of your pet. Also, include 75
CHECK IT OUT! words, or less why you love your pet, your name, address, phone
and the name of your pet. Send photos by regular mail, or by
email as a PDF or jpeg file to LHPnews@bellsouth.net. No photos
will be returned.

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The Claire Sylvia Story
-- A Tr ib ute to a Multi-Tr ansplant Sur viv or
By Linda Kaufman Claire was once a dark-haired,
elegant beauty who even danced
Nestled in a sun-soaked intra- in Arnold Schwarznegger's movie,
coastal apartment in Lighthouse True Lies. Carefree and free-spirit-
Point, Claire Sylvia, the profes- ed, she told her boyfriend that she
sional dancer and author of a would marry him if she found a
memoir called Change of Heart, ring that would fit her finger from
whose life was fictionalized in a the Cracker Jack box that they
movie starring Jane Seymour, lives had opened one day. The ring fit
a quiet life after a heart, lungs and and she married him.
kidney transplant.
After a whirlwind romance, two
Never having met anyone with an marriages, a child, and a demand-
organ transplant, or in this case ing dance career, Claire was diag-
with three organ transplants, I nosed with a terminal lung dis-
didn't know what to expect when ease that required a heart and
I rang her doorbell. Standing lung transplant in her 40's. As a
before me was a wide-eyed woman single mother of a thirteen year
of 68 years old with delicate, old at that time, all she wanted
rimmed glasses, short gray hair, was to live to see her daughter
and a swan-like neck that extend- graduate from high school.
ed her entire body in an endless vertical plane. I assumed
that years of ballet training would permanently secure this Being blessed, as she believes she is, she was chosen to
dancer's posture. receive the heart and lungs of an eighteen-year-old man who
had died in a motorcycle accident in Maine. In her memoir,
Claire welcomed me with a Claire recounts her life as a recipient of his organs. When
Zen-like smile, peaceful yet she woke up from her surgery, her first desire was to have a
powerful in its effect. Her beer although she had
enclave was decorated in never been a beer
muted beige colors. A stark drinker. She later dis-
artificial plant with the look of covered that she gravi-
an antler's zigzag branch tated towards food
seemed to climb above the such as chicken
beige sofa. Beyond the living nuggets that she had
room was an enclosed patio never liked before her
with a white table and chairs, surgery. And even her
one of which held a miniature preference of colors
pillow inscribed with the let- had changed from
tering, Claire. bright pinks and reds
to calmer hues of blues
As a professional dancer in and greens. She
New York City in her younger recorded and analyzed
days, Claire traveled in the circle of artists and actors whose the dreams that she
careers were just beginning. She remembers congratulating was having which Claire poses with Jerry Mulcahy, her
her friend, “Dusty" (Dustin Hoffman), after his break- eventually helped her dance partner and organ donor.
through classic, The Graduate. Robert Duvall and Eric Gould to understand the
were also some of her friends. changes in herself. In one of her dreams, the identity of her
organ donor was revealed to her. Although the protocol is
In her bathroom, one of the walls was covered from floor to for the donor to remain anonymous, she eventually tracked
ceiling with collages of photos, articles and mementos down the donor's family and made her visit which was one
showing those glorious days when she was able to do what of the most moving chapters in her memoir. Even today,
she loved most— to dance! after twenty years since her organ transplant, she exchanges
11 Lighthouse Point Magazine www.lhpmag.com
Passion for the Dance ... and for Life!
Christmas gifts
with the donor’s
mother who has
sent her an angel
every year. “I was
in the hospital
once,” said Claire,
“and I was told by
the nurse that I
was going to be
exchanging one set
of problem for
another. I said to
myself, the hell I
don't know that! And
just because you've
told me that-I'll show
you that that's not
true… as soon as some-
one says can't, don't - I
say YES I CAN! I'll
show you!”

Articulating every
word calmly, Claire spoke with a quiet conviction. Her
frail body that had undergone several major surgeries,
including a lumpectomy from breast cancer, paralysis of
her left hand from shingles, and early signs of
Parkinson's disease seemed to defy all odds in the phys-
ical realm. How is it possible to harbor such inner neck, holding her head steady, void of hand gestures or
strength and poise despite all that she had gone nebulous movements. It seemed that just being in her
through? company gave me a powerful sense of peace. Even the
occasional silence between her phrases carried a certain
Claire couldn’t be bothered with statistics of people purpose and meaning.
who died from her disease. She never listened to it. She
claims that she has focused on the positive stuff and She further explained her philosophy of life. "There is a
believes in "turning lemons into lemonade." Through the reason for everything. You don't always know the rea-
years, she has founded several transplant son at first, but sometimes you will find
support groups, lectured around the out in this lifetime… sometimes it will
world, and still gives advice to organ be in another lifetime." She believes
transplant recipients. that her dance career gave her meaning
in life and was a significant part of who
This dedicated woman believes that her she was.
dance training helped her to withstand
the pain and discomfort that she had to After a performance, a woman came up
face throughout her life. "The physical to her and said, "I don't remember your
pain of a dancer is great… wearing toe name but I remember the dance that
shoes, bleeding feet. ! believe that I culti- you did, and it was beautiful." It didn't
vated a high threshold for pain." But matter that she didn't know her name.
more importantly, she is convinced that What was important was that the
she was able to survive adversities woman was touched by her dance.
though her psycho-spiritual work by per-
forming daily meditation so as to arrive at Claire believes that God had given her
the “silent place where you have all the answers within the gift to dance and to have made an impact on anoth-
yourself." er person through her performance was enough for her.
In reflecting on her purpose in life, Claire said, “what’s
There is an aura of calmness and strength that seems important is that I was able to make a difference in peo-
inherent in Claire, as she sat perfectly poised, her regal ple's lives.”
Continues on page 46
www.lhpmag.com 11
12 Lighthouse Point Magazine www.lhpmag.com
1930 NE 34th Court • Pompano Beach, FL

Dr. Robert Stephens
Dr. James Bennett
Dr. Lauren Governale
Email: sfldco@bellsouth.net
Website: www.sfldco.com

www.lhpmag.com Lighthouse Point Magazine 13
As an investor, you want to cultivate a solid portfolio. So follow
these lessons from a group proficient in cultivation - winemakers.
First, be patient. Winemakers put a lot of time and effort into
planting today's grapes - and they have the discipline to wait until
they can reap the rewards.
Next, have faith in your strategy. Wine drinkers' tastes can
change frequently. Yet, winemakers don't rip out all their vineyards
and replant them with today's "hot" varietal. As an investor, don't be
swayed by today's hot tips.
Finally, adapt your goals to your situation. Winemakers plant
the right grapes for the appropriate soil and climate. And you need to
make your investment decisions based on your own "microclimate,"
such as your risk tolerance, family situation and time horizon.
By observing how winemakers work, you may learn some things
that may eventually help you raise a glass to your own success.
Robert Friedman is your Edward Jones financial advisor
located at 1827 NE 24th St., Lighthouse Point, Fl 33064:

954-783-6694 www.edwardjones.com

Robert Friedman AAMS

1827 NE 24th Street
Lighthouse Point
FL 33064


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25th l Pompano Beach Seafood Festival
Pompano Seafood Festival sailed
through 3 days of ocean breezes and gor-
geous weather with more food and activ-
ities than ever before!
As you can see, our photos can
explain far better than words just how
enjoyable the weekend was.
The Seafood Festival is a not-for-
profit event that benefits charitable
organizations with the help of such
groups as the Greater Pompano Beach
Chamber of Commerce, The Pompano
Beach Fishing Rodeo, Women in
Financial Services, Kiwanis, Rotary,
Soroptomists and the Pompano Beach
Exchange Club.
Living in South Florida doesn’t get
much better than this.
Thank you, Pompano Beach!


Lighthouse Point Magazine 15
POMPANO SEAFOOD FESTIVAL Continued from previous page
www.lhpmag.com Lighthouse Point Magazine 17
18 Lighthouse Point Magazine www.lhpmag.com
The Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce reached their high-
est level of attendance at the April social hosted at Federal Grille.
Attendance keeps increasing and new members continue to join - we
filled the room to capacity with 85 attendees!! The background music
was nice and their food is always delicious!
Michele Greene, president reported on many events underway at
the Chamber. She announced the distribution and presentation of
the proceeds from the 5th Annual Taste of LHP. Julie Watson,
Norcrest Elementary PTA president was presented with a $2500 for
teachers' additional supplies for the upcoming school year. Also were
announced the presentation to the Library for 11 new computers and
the Recreation dept for a new scoreboard. These will be made at the
upcoming Commission Meeting. The Scholarship committee has
posted the $2500.00 college grants to be received by 06/15 and will be
announced by 06/30 and presented at the July Chamber Social at
Suntrust Bank.
Speaking of the Taste, Greene announced that the 6th Annual
Taste Committee is forming and will begin meeting in July to prepare Chamber President Michele Greene presents check to Julie
for this spectacular event. Please contact them via the Chamber web- Watson, Norcrest Elementary PTA President and KZ Spalma
site. She stated that "we can accommodate more restaurants as we
have changed the configuration of the tables, which means we can
welcome many more guests that evening to mix, mingle and enjoy the
and samples and sweets from our many local restaurants."
There was a special young guest: Miss Rachel Wheeler (Please
see story on page 52) who shared her dream to assist the people and
make a difference in their lives of those living in the Caribbean and
Latin American. The Rachel Bakers Dozen program will ask 13 indi-
viduals to donate $200 each to then be able to build a home of their
own. Donations can be mailed to her home @ Rachel Wheeler 2240
NE 46th Street LHP FL 33064 and her parents are helping her. She
then hopes to multiple this first home by asking the original 13 to ask
thirteen of their fiends and so on and so on. This is a summer project
that has the potential and need to continue her through her school
years and beyond. If you are interested, please contact her mother:
Julie @ juliewmc@bellsouth.net or Meg Griffin @
mgriffin@FoodForThePoor.com, who is coordinating this program
with Rachel. Lizann Brown & Dr.Carol McNamara
Other community involvement was announced by Dr. Brian Rask
who will be the celebrity bartender on May 18th at Bonefish Mac's to
benefit the James "sung" Suh Memorial Scholarship for Deerfield
Beach High School recipients in the amount of $1000.
The Deerfield Beach/Lighthouse Point American Cancer Society
Relay for Life will be held on May 9th at Quiet Waters Park.
Sydnee Renard @ Suntrust Bank is the Social Committee Chair
and she is looking for a few members to join her committee and assist
with scheduling next year's Socials. Anyone and any location that is
interested can send her an email through the Chamber website.
Julie Wheeler @ Wheeler Mortgage Corp is the Membership
Chair and she is also looking for members to her committee. We have
grown 30+ under her leadership over the last year! Please email her
We thank Lighthouse Point Magazine for their continue support
in assisting us to spread our word to the LHP residents and business!
We will be working throughout the summer. Look forward to
our upcoming events!
For more information, contact Michele Greene, presi-
dent at 954-781-0400 or at our web page: New members Graeme Donald, Mary Stefl and Mayra
www.lhpchamber.com!!! Robinson

www.lhpmag.com Lighthouse Point Magazine 19

The Ultimate Gift … Responding With Gratitude
By Robert and Ana Anselmo
How do you express your gratitude 65th birthday. We would not have the
to all of the people who faithfully kept memories of our Warrior Princess danc-
your daughter in their prayers? How do ing madly and running to give us hugs
we thank all the people who baked and kisses. We would have neither the
cookies, drove motorcycles and swam memories from this year, nor the possi-
laps in honor of Savannah to raise funds bilities of the memories we could make
to help families with their transplant- tomorrow.
related expenses? How do parents show Without our donor angel's family
appreciation to the doctors, nurses, setting aside their profound grief to
pharmacists, secretaries, janitors, and all make the selfless decision to save the
other hospital personnel who were part lives of other children they had never
of saving your daughter's life? met, our little Warrior Princess would not have lived to see
But most of all how do you say thanks to the family who her second birthday.
made the selfless decision to save your daughter's life? Not one day goes by — not one moment goes by — that
The fact is that without the selfless gift of an organ dona- we are not grateful for the gift of life given to us. Not one day
tion, our daughter Savannah would not be here today. We goes by that we do not think of our donor angel. Not one day
would not have had all of the pleasures the past year brought goes by that we do not try to honor the gift we have been
us. We would not have the memories of her first steps taken given through the raising of our daughter.
soon after her transplant and of her learning how to eat solid On December 5, 2006, we gave birth to the most beauti-
foods and saying "yum, yum" after every bite. We would not ful little girl in the world and our hearts were filled with joy.
have the memories of the most beautiful giggles in the world Four months later we heard the words "Biliary Atresia" and
as she chases the waves at the beach, nor the memories of the our hearts dropped. A few days later we heard the words,
most beautiful temper tantrums thrown just like every other "Your daughter needs a liver transplant" and our hearts
"healthy" toddler. We would not have the memories of her stopped. On December 29, 2007, our daughter was reborn
grandmother's face when she opened the door to see her through the miracle of an organ transplant...on this day our
granddaughter dressed in a pink tutu, surprising her on her hearts began to beat again.


Note: This is an email received down, but LHP is not immune to
from a Lighthouse Point resi- rude people as well.
dent. I have sometimes motioned
drivers to slow down only to have
Yes, speeding is a problem these idiots gun the engine and
in Lighthouse Point. I live on a accelerate. I have never called
long through street which has fre- the police on individuals, but have
quent speeders. Lowering the reported the general problem to
speed limits helped, but unfortu- the department and town com-
nately many people, intentionally missioners. Both the police and
or not, still speed. commissioners are empathetic
The demographics of speeders are interesting, and helpful, but it's hard and impractical to constant-
they are not just"outside" drivers. They can be sen- ly enforce every problem street. People just need to
iors, housewives on cellphones, people on their way realize that obeying traffic laws is basic civility.
to work, reckless teenagers, impatient contractors If people would just obey the golden rule, there
and delivery trucks. would be a lot less speeding. Nobody wants it on
There are those in Lighthouse Point that speed THEIR street or when THEY are playing ball with
intentionally, but a lot are oblivious people who do THEIR children. Just be equally considerate of your
not realize that it doesn't take much effort to go neighbors.
25mph. Most people are decent when asked to slow Peter J. Bergamini, NE 26th Ave,

20 Lighthouse Point Magazine www.lhpmag.com

Publix truck rolls over , failing to negotiate a turn on the ramp off I-95 onto 10th Avenue in Deerfield

22 Lighthouse Point Magazine www.lhpmag.com

A Wine Lover Sips & Tells
By Alan Williamson ing for years as we attempt to capture the essence of an $8
Hear that sipping sound? Wine con- bottle of Pinot Grigio paired with Alaskan king crab legs.
sumption in the U.S. is booming, with Tasting Notes:
sales now approaching the levels found 1.) Crisp.
in European countries. As an American, 2.) Dry.
I'm proud to say my wife and I are doing 3.) Nice.
our part to keep that trend flowing. We 4.) Good with king crab legs.
work with unquenchable determination Now take a peek at this recent, more knowledgeable
to integrate wine into our everyday lives on a par with our entry describing a California chardonnay we had with some
French, Italian and German counterparts. grilled salmon.
To leave no doubt about our commitment, "Support Our Tasting Notes:
Grapes" is the message of unity that calls out from our 1.) Tinges of spicy apple tingle in our noses along with some-
bumper sticker. "When in Doubt, Add More Wine," is the thing more - tangerine perhaps?
foolproof cooking philosophy engraved on a plaque hanging 2.) Undercurrents of toasty oak and creamy vanilla add a
in our kitchen. "Wine has been berry, berry good to us" is the mellow tone.
feeling we hold in our hearts after each exquisitely paired 3.) Flirty in a refreshing fruit-forward kind of way (as
marriage of food and vintage varietal. opposed to a slutty "love for sale" kind of way).
This sample "to-do" list I made during a recent day off 4.) Room spinning, feeling woozy, must . . . get . . . air.
demonstrates the diligence of my efforts to help the world It was through keeping a wine log that my wife and I
wine industry be fruitful and multiple on U.S. soil. came to the life-changing realization that there's no such
Things To Do Today: thing as a bad Australian red wine. Australian red wines are
1.) Take a walk. remarkably like Australian people - friendly, bold, brash and
2.) Catch a movie. quirky in a likable sort of way. Having a bottle of Australian
3.) Grab a nap. Shiraz or Red Zinfandel with a meal is like spicing up the
4.) Have some wine. occasion by having a colorful dinner guest at the table.
I maintained similar priorities on another ambitious day off. Picture the kind of guest who shows up wearing cowboy
Things To Do Today: boots with a tuxedo and you've got a sense of why Aussie
1.) Sleep late. wines will make you "turn red" and love every minute of it.
2.) Read last week's TV Guide. This no-holds-barred entry from the Williamson wine
3.) Give listening to violin music another chance. log captures the glories of an Australian Shiraz served with a
4.) Have some wine. porterhouse steak fresh off the barbie.
These days, wine enjoys an exalted status as the healthi- Tasting Notes:
er choice among alcoholic beverages. It has also achieved 1.) Smokey hints of tobacco and pepper vie for our approval.
marketing clout as a lifestyle enhancement that comple- 2.) A plumy persona plays rambunctiously on the palette,
ments everything from formal occasions and special meals to suggesting wild blackberries or, perhaps, the Wild, Wild
casual gatherings and kicking back for some quiet relaxation West.
at home. With the expanding menu of socially-acceptable 3.) Aromas of leather and licorice tease and taunt us, daring
ways that we can fit wine into our lives, keeping track of us to write the words "leather" and "licorice" side by side
which wines you enjoy can get to be a challenge. You know while keeping a straight face.
your exploration of wine has reached an advanced stage 4.) Feeling groggy, room spinning, must . . . get . . . help.
when you find yourself in a store holding a bottle with a I share these entries from our wine logs purely to convey
familiar label and thinking I know I've had this one before, how our ability to articulate the nuances of fine wine has
but I can't remember if I loved it or hated it. evolved to its current level of sophistication through the
Having paid my dues as a self-made student of wines in meticulous process of "sipping and telling." May it serve as an
the $7 to $14 a bottle range, I'm happy to pass along this help- inspiration to all those who strive to savor wines they enjoy.
ful pointer to all wine connoisseurs in training: Keep a Wine May it also help them gracefully avoid wines that cause them
Log. to spit violently across the table spraying innocent people
As pretentious as it sounds, a wine log is the only practi- with the sour remnants of their displeasure.
cal solution to prevent yourself from accidentally buying
wines you intensely dislike over and over again. It's also a Cheers and Bon Appetit!
great way to develop your wine vocabulary as you grope for
words to describe what you taste. Note this early, inexperi-
enced entry from the wine log my wife and I have been keep- Copyright 2008 Alan Williamson

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Q : S H O U L D PA R E N T S O R S T U D E N T S PA Y F O R C O L L E G E ?
Given the current malaise in the credit markets, it should come until after graduation, PLUS loans require
as no surprise that the student loan system is under heightened parents to begin a repayment schedule imme-
duress. Many lenders have stopped making new loans to students; diately.
others are tightening their bootstraps and making it more difficult, For students and parents alike, borrowing
and more expensive, for borrowers - both students and parents. through the federal education loan program-
as well as through private loan issuers-offers
Federal Student Loans - Your First Stop tax deductions on interest paid.
Whether the student or the parent does the borrowing, your Paying for college is a long-term commit-
first and best option for securing a loan is to go directly to the fed- ment. Determining who should pay and how Scott Lanza
eral government. Stafford loans, designed for students, and PLUS to cover the costs is a personal family deci-
loans, for parents, are the most commonly used federal loans. The sion that should take into consideration a family's current financial
key benefits of Stafford loans include: needs as well as its short- and longer-term financial goals.
• Low, fixed-interest rates Online Resources
• Income-based eligibility (indicated by data filed on the FAFSA, There is a wealth of information available online to help
Free) research the financial aid and federal student loan options available
Application for Federal Student Aid) to families. The following are just a few to get you started.
• Repayment deferral until after graduation • Free Application for Federal Student Aid:
On the downside, Stafford loans carry annual borrowing limits www.fafsa.ed.gov/what010.htm
that often are not high enough to cover a year of college costs. • FinAid.com: www.finaid.org/loans/studentloan.phtml
Parents who intend to fill their child's college funding gap via a • ParentPLUSLoan.com: www.parentplusloan.com
PLUS loan must undergo a credit check in order to qualify. Those
who are deemed creditworthy can borrow up to the full cost of Scott Lanza, Certified Financial Planner & Branch Manager of
attending college - including the cost of room and board and books. Lighthouse Point Financial welcomes your inquiries at 954-
While Stafford loans offer a low fixed rate of interest, the inter- 582-5233. 2036 E Sample Road in the Gateway Centre.
est on a PLUS loan is variable and may change annually. In addi-
tion, unlike student loans that allow borrowers to defer repayment

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The Garden Lady Says...
By Donna Torrey neglect to have some of these.
PINEAPPLES- Buy one, eat the
Gardening during the South Florida fruit and plant the top. If you
summer is quite different than anywhere keep doing this, year after year,
else in the continental US. Our summer cli- you will have your very own
mate is much more like the Caribbean in pineapple grove!
nature: hot humid days AND nights, which is the tipping point for BEANS/PEAS- One of the easi-
some plants, making them unable to sustain themselves. To survive a est vegetables to grow and loves
South Florida summer, a plant must be able to withstand both the the summer heat. Pigeon Peas are
humid days and the hot humid nights, without much temperature a Caribbean staple and that is because they make a sturdy 5 foot bush
variation. that produces year round and can last up to 5 years of production.
By drawing our plant palette from the Caribbean and other hot, Plant them during the heat of summer.
humid lowland habitats, we can grow an interesting array of material CUCUMBERS- Most people love these, and they love the hot sum-
that is both edible and beautiful. mer. Plant them on hills and let them sprawl, or vertically.
PAPAYA- Really a vegetable/herb, and shouldn't be overlooked in the AMARANTHUS- This is a South American crop that produces either
home garden. It's easy to grow and produces literally pounds of deli- greens or seeds. It is one of the few vegetable greens that grow during
cious and nutritious fruit, which can either be eaten green or ripe. Buy the summer season.
one in the grocery store and plant the seeds. PURSLANE- Known for its beautiful flowers, it is also a delicious
CALABAZA- You can find this squash in the grocery aisle as well; it's green eaten either raw or cooked. One of the few vegetable sources of
the bright orange one cut into pieces with the seeds intact. Plant them Omega 3 fatty acids.
now for an amazing, delicious and nutritious harvest this fall. Give OKRA- There are several seed varieties to choose from; all do well
them plenty of room to grow and a good organic fertilizer such as during the summer in full sun and an enriched nematode free soil.
Black Hen.
BANANAS/PLANTAINS-Again, mostly thought of as a fruit, but is Garden Gate Nursery is located in the Pompano Citi Centre.
actually an herb. These plants relish the heat and humidity, so don't Donna can be reached at 954-783-GATE, or at www.donnasgar-

Beauty Spot of the Month

Congratulations to Renee Novakoff, 2421 NE 48th Ct., winners of the Lighthouse Point Community’s
Beauty Spot of the Month Award for May, chosen by LHP Beautification Committee.
is pleased to announce

Our ne w home will be at


(Just 1 mile south on Federal Highway) Laurie C. Phillips DVM
4771 North Federal Highway Mark B. Stevens DVM
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
William S. Croup DVM
Philip Homans DVM


Providing our clients with the highest standards of veterinary care, outstanding client
service, and friendly smiling faces for over 35 years!

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Story & Photos by Jon Frangipane

Blessed with great weather and what

appeared to be a record turnout, the 2nd
Annual Lighthouse Point/Deerfield
Beach Relay for Life was alive and kick-
ing, despite the economic turndown we
have been experiencing. At press time,
there were no final tallies, but spirits were
high and the crowd was exuberant.
Opening ceremony speeches were
delivered by Broward cancer survivor
Sheriff Al Lamberti, Deerfield Beach Mayor L to R: Lighthouse Point Commssioner Chip LaMarca, Broward County
Peggy Noonan, Lighthouse Point Mayor Sheriff Al Lamberti, Deerfield Beach City Manager Mike Mahaney, Dr. Gary
Lehr, Deerfield Commisioner Joe Miller, Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Nolan,
Fred Schorr and State Representative Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bill Ganz, Lighthouse Point Mayor Fred
Gwen Clark-Reed. Schorr, Lighthouse Point Commissioner Sandy Johnson and State
The American Legion Riders started off Representative Gwen Clark-Reed.
the festivities with a bike ride, carrying a
few happy volunteers aboard, followed by
entertainment provided by the Actor’s
Studio of Coral Springs. Children showed
their singing and dancing talents with
some truly outstanding performances by
vocalists and dancers, whose names were
not available at press time.
Displayed on stage was a beautiful
hand-made quilt, sewn by cancer survivor
Lighthouse Point City Clerk Carol Landau.
Her tireless dedication is the reason for the
growth and success of the event.
I personally couldn’t resist some of the
food aromas eminating throughout the
park while making the walk. Especially
enticing was the turkey chili that was per- 2009 Relay for Life Volunteers
fectly prepared by Deerfield Beach
Commissioner Joe Miller’s wife. I need that
recipe, Joe!
A 5-piece jazz ensemble graced the
stage for a good part of the afternoon, led
by a fine saxophonist, playing jazz stan-
The Luminaria ceremony on Saturday
evening was especially beautiful, as can-
dles were lit for the beloved who have
passed on.
Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce President Janice Becker (in green
30 sweater) joins Star Trekkers
The 2009 Survivors and Volunteers

Jazmine performs

Amazing Dancer

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RELAY FOR LIFE Continued from page 31

The Final Walk

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Event organizer Robert Friedman put
together the 1st Annual Car show, sponsored
by the Exchange Club of Pompano Beach at the
Shoppes at Beacon Light last month with great
participation and surprising results.
With plenty space for the 85 classic cars, as
well as more than ample parking for patrons, it
made for an enjoyable experience.
Friedman also joined in playing rhythm
guitar with the Smuggling Yo-Yos band, pro-
viding good old favorites to suit the mood of
the event. Other members of the band included
Dean Calmer on bass, Emanuel Markakis on
drums, and Bob Burns on guitar and vocals.
An enthusiastic crowd also
enjoyed the beautiful voice of
17 year-old country singer and
Lighthouse Point resident Ally
Loren, performing some of her
original songs, as well as coun-
try hits through the years. She
has a great future in country
Friedman would like to
give special thanks to
Pompano Beach Parks Director Robert Friedman The Exchange committee volunteers
Nick Likourgou and the City of
Pompano Beach who were gra-
cious to donate and deliver a
special stage for the event.
“Our first attempt was well-
received by all car owners,
which means next year will
certainly be bigger and better.
Thanks to Publix who sup-
plied the hot dogs and ham-
burgers, to our Exchange Club
committee for their help, and Ally Loren
to the Lighthouse Point Magazine for promotion,” said
“With this first successful attempt under our belt, you
can be sure that next year will be bigger and better to
enable us to continue to donate to children’s charities, our
primary goal,” he added.

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Continues on page 40

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Continued from page 37

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“Ever y day that I’m here is a gift!” Claire Sylvia
Contin ued from page 11

Pictured are Claire’s daughter, Amara, with husband, Dan and

Claire enjoying lunch at the Red Fox Diner their two children, Andrew and Zach

Claire’s bathroom wall displays important events in her long and illustrious career

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By Chief Ross Licata measure to reduce the citywide speed limit
from 30 mph to 25 mph (not including US1
With the growing number of young families and children now which is 45 mph). The reduced speed limit,
living in Lighthouse Point, the need for safe driving and adhering to coupled with aggressive education and
the posted speed limits has never been more important. Speeding enforcement measures by the Police
has a direct correlation to traffic accidents, and when you consider Department, along with various traffic calm-
the narrow streets and visual obstructions that motorists are pre- ing initiatives have resulted in a 15% reduction
sented with, serious accidents can occur even at what some consid- in traffic accidents citywide this year. While we are pleased with
er minimal speeds. the reduced number of accidents in our community, we find that
Consider this example: A pedestrian walks out in front of a car. there are still a select few who choose to ignore the speed limit and
If the car is traveling at just 25 mph, and the driver brakes when the common sense driving safety precautions putting others at risk.
pedestrian is 40 feet away, the car would stop in approximately 30 Driving at excessive speeds not only increases your chances of
feet or 10 feet prior to hitting the pedestrian. Increase the vehicle being involved in a traffic accident; you also become susceptible to
speed by just 5 or 10 mph and the situation changes dramatically. receiving costly speeding fines, which could cause your vehicle
At 30 mph, with the pedestrian 40 feet away and the driver brak- insurance rates to increase.
ing at the same point, the car stops in approximately 43 feet and Everyone is encouraged to adhere to the posted speed limits,
hits the pedestrian, with an impact enough to cause serious injury. drive defensively and anticipate the unexpected. Avoid distractions
At 35 mph it takes twice the distance, approximately 60 feet, to like talking on the phone, eating, and drinking while operating a
stop and the vehicle would strike the pedestrian at a speed that motor vehicle. With your help, we can build on our past successes,
would almost certainly result in serious injury or death. and continue to create the safe quality lifestyle everyone has come
In 2007, Lighthouse Point City Commissioners approved a to expect here in Lighthouse Point.


The Pompano Exchange Club Most Outstanding Students of the Month award ceremonies took place last month at a lunch-
eon at the Lighthouse Point Yachy & Racquet Club. Front Row, L to R: Students Emily Steward, Rosemarie Ambroise,
Whitney White and Kimone Ferguson. Back Row, L to R: Jim Balistreri, Sam Oge, Larry Smith, Denard Robinson, John
Marlow, Dario Constantine, Principal David Jones and Principal David Gordon. High Schools participating were: Pompano
H.S, Deerfiel H.S., Highland Christian H.S.and Coconut Creek H.S.

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With rates dipping into the 4%'s many of If you find yourself with equity available which will allow
us are starting to ponder whether it's a good you to increase your mortgage, you may want to consider paying
time to refinance. The financial calculation is off some outstanding credit card debt that has higher interest
relatively simple. Divide how much you will rates or consider taking some additional cash out to get you
save each month by the closing costs associat- through the rest of the recession. Or maybe you have children
ed with the transaction. Then, consider how going to college or getting married. So many times "life" just cre-
long you plan to live in the property. Viola!!!! ates the demand.
If you plan to live there longer than the Keep in mind that Stated, Low Doc and No Doc loans are vir-
Karen Hammett amount of months it will take you to recoup tually a thing of the past. So, if you are self-employed you may
the expenses, then it s go, Right???? Well, if it want to consider reporting all of the income possible if you are
were that simple the mortgage industry would be humming. anticipating the need for a mortgage in the near future.
Although the initial calculation seems fairly simple, most of If you have a credit score under 680, you may have a problem.
us must look at other considerations. First of all, is your current You may want to take some time to work on credit issues now,
mortgage a fixed rate or an adjustable rate, when does it adjust, rather than later. Working with the credit bureaus is a time
and what index is that adjustment tied to? To answer these consuming process that is much more bearable when time con-
questions, pull out your original "Note" (which by the way is a straints are not a concern.
PROMISE TO PAY whether the value of your house goes up or So by now you are chuckling, wondering who will qualify for
down). That "Note" and "Adjustable Rate Rider" should answer a loan in this crazy market. Well, more borrowers than you may
the questions. If it all looks like it's written in a foreign lan- think. If you are one of those people, give us a call…we assure
guage, you can give us a call and we will help you decipher it. you GREAT RATES AND IMPECCABLE SERVICE!
If at this point you feel it's a "go", you may need to ask your-
self yet another question. What is the ACTUAL value of your Karen Hammett is a Licensed Mortgage Broker and owner of
home today? If your new mortgage will not be less than 80% of Howard Grace Mortgage located at 625 SE 10th Street,
that value, you may have a problem. Most banks today will not Deerfield Beach, Florida. She welcomes all of your mortgage
lend more than 80%. If this is your situation, you may want to questions at 954-421-3010, or e-mail her at
hold off until the market in your neighborhood corrects itself a Karen@HowardGraceMortgage.com.
bit more. Website: www.HowardGraceMortgage.com

Catherine Iaconis Favitta tals to help their dance partnership work smoothly, for the sake of
that first wedding dance. In my twenty-six years of practicing law,
In my search for comfortable shoes for work, I have found that most clients having marital difficulties were never
I came across an article about choreographer, taught the fundamentals of a marital relationship, and wished they
Angela Nuran, who designed footwear a bride would have had some training before hitting those inevitable
can dance in. Over the years, this dance instruc- bumps in the road. It makes sense that couples have a greater like-
tor noticed that brides kept taking off their shoes during their lihood of working cooperatively on a daily basis and staying
receptions and danced with bare feet instead. She came up with the together when they are given tools that can help.
idea to create a shoe that had the arch support and padded soles Marriage counseling doesn't always provide the tools necessary
found in dancers' shoes. Meeting and talking with this choreogra- for a successful outcome for every couple. Even if counseling helps,
pher-turned-designer gave me the idea to recommend dance les- there may still be interpersonal issues that need to be addressed in
sons to clients considering separation from their marriages, as an order to have a peaceful home life. It is helpful to think that there is
alternative to counseling. another option, rather than just giving up hope and filing for disso-
Although Angela's clients are at the "I do" stage and many of lution in Family Court. Dance lessons might just be the answer. So
mine are at the "I don't think I want to anymore" stage, there are far, two of my clients have agreed to test this theory and are pleased
similarities in our work. Dance instructors frequently find them- with the results, since both couples are still together. They said
selves in the role of mediator between a bride and groom who get they always wanted to learn how to dance with their partner any-
snippy with each other on the dance floor while learning to move way, and this provided a multi-purpose opportunity. So, when the
together. In my law and mediation practice, I work with clients going gets tough - the tough can try dance lessons!
who are often irritated with their spouse while attempting to
resolve parenting conflicts and financial disputes. It makes sense Catherine is a Family Law Attorney, and Supreme Court
that if couples can learn to flow smoothly together on the dance Certified Family Law Mediator. Feel free to ask Catherine
floor, then they should be able to get along better at home. questions about marital and family law at either
Since few engaged couples naturally dance like the experts on (954)767-8340 or Catherine@FavittaLawFirm.com, and
Dancing with the Stars, I am told they are eager to learn fundamen- visit www.FavittaLawFirm.com for more information.

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COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (May 4, 2009) - Inspired poorest of the poor, the charity can change the lives of
by a recent visit to Food For The Poor, Rachel entire families by giving them the security of a safe, dry
Wheeler, 9, plans to build a "baker's dozen" of homes place to live.
in Haiti. Rachel joined members of Lighthouse Point's "Rachel's intelligence and genuine desire to help the
Chamber of Commerce for a tour of Food For The poor was truly impressive," said Mahfood, a resident of
Poor headquarters in Coconut Creek. Rachel listened Lighthouse Point. "I believe she will work hard to
carefully and asked a lot of questions during the pres- achieve her goal to provide homes for 13 families in
entation by Robin Mahfood, President and CEO of Haiti."
Food For The Poor. Food For The Poor, the nation's largest internation-
Rachel, a third-grade student at Zion Lutheran al relief and development agency, is located in Coconut
Christian School in Deerfield Beach, wanted to do Creek. Under Mahfood's management, Florida's largest
something to support Food For The Poor's quest to charity has doubled in size every three years, and during
help the unsheltered. So, she's spearheading an initia- 2008 maintained an operating cost ratio of under 3 per-
tive to build 13 homes. Her plan is to approach people cent.
and business owners, asking them to participate and Rachel Wheeler To support Rachel's effort, please make checks
donate $200 to Food For The Poor. A donation of payable to Food For The Poor and include the special
$2,600 can provide a destitute family with a basic, safe and secure source code "SC# 69603" so the money can be tracked to the house-
home. building effort. Donations can be mailed to Food For The Poor, 6401
"I feel God sent us to Food For The Poor to fulfill Rachel's helping Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33073.
heart," said Julie Wheeler, Rachel's mother and a member of the Food For The Poor is the largest international relief and develop-
chamber. "She is a great kid with lofty ideas about helping others who ment organization in the nation. With more than 97 percent of all
are less fortunate. She has been this way since she was old enough to donations in 2008 going directly to programs that help those in need.
talk." Food For The Poor provides nourishing food, safe shelter, necessary
The dire housing needs in Haiti were compounded by the gruel- medical care, educational materials, support for orphans and the
ing 2008 hurricane season. Housing has been a top priority for Food aged, and much more to the poorest of the poor in 17 countries in the
For The Poor since its inception, with more than 55,000 housing Caribbean and Latin America. For more information, log on to
units given to the poor. By providing simple, sturdy homes to the www.FoodForThePoor.org.

CANINE INFLUENZA By Dr. Laurie Phillips

Canine influenza appears to be related to to assume that the greater the exposure your dog has to other dogs,
an influenza strain that affects horses. At the greater the chance of infection. If your pet exhibits signs of a
some point, the virus mutated and the new respiratory illness, be sure to contact your veterinarian.
What are the symptoms of canine influenza?
strain made the leap from horses to dogs. The symptoms are very similar to kennel cough. The first indi-
Is my dog at risk? cation is a cough that may last for as long as three weeks in spite of
Yes. All dogs are at risk. Canine influenza treatment with antibiotics. Many dogs have purulent nasal dis-
is a new disease for which there is currently charge and a low-grade fever. The nasal discharge likely represents
no vaccine. All dogs are susceptible to infec- a secondary bacterial infection that quickly resolves with treat-
tion, and no dogs are immune. ment with a broad-spectrum, bactericidal antibiotic."
Is canine influenza fatal? What is the incubation period for canine influenza?
Usually not. Most dogs diagnosed with canine influenza expe- The incubation is approximately 2-5 days.
rience a mild form of the disease. They usually suffer from a persist- What should I do if I suspect my dog has canine influenza?
ent cough that may last for as long as three weeks and may experi- Contact your veterinarian immediately. Remember, coughing
ence a yellowish nasal discharge that can be treated effectively with may be an indication of any of a variety of diseases. Your veterinar-
antibiotics. ian is best qualified to make the diagnosis.
Dogs that experience a stronger version of canine influenza fre- What should I do if I have more than one dog and one of them
quently have a high fever and exhibit increased respiratory rates contracts canine influenza?
and other indications of pneumonia. Currently, antibiotics treat Contact your veterinarian immediately. He or she can treat the
this form of the disease successfully in about 95 percent of the pet that is ill and give you advice on caring for the pet that is symp-
cases. tom-free.
How is canine influenza spread? If you have any questions about canine influenza or any
At present, canine influenza appears to be an airborne disease, other issue related to your pet, please contact Dr. Phillips at
much like kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica). Physical con- Acacia Animal Hospital at 954-942-5955.
tact between dogs does not seem to be required.
Can I catch canine influenza from my dog?
To date, there are no documented cases of humans contracting Provided by the American Animal Hospital Association
canine influenza from dogs. Courtesy of Laurie Phillips, DVM
How do I protect my dog? Acacia Animal Hospital 4771 North Federal Highway ,
Until a vaccine is developed, there is no way to ensure your dog Pompano Beach, FL 33064 (954) 942-5955
won't contract canine influenza. A good rule of thumb, however, is

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• There are 206 bones in the adult human body and there are • 50 years ago: Velcro was invented.
300 in children (as they grow some of the bones fuse togeth- • 40 years ago: An all-female population of lizards was dis-
er). covered in Armenia.
• Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. • 30 years ago: The computer mouse was invented.
In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. • 20 years ago: First test-tube baby born in England,
into the air. Pluto’s moon, Charon, discovered.
• The most dangerous animal in the world is the common • 10 years ago: First patent for a genetically-engineered
housefly. Because of their habits of visiting animal waste, mouse was issued to Harvard Medical School.
they transmit more diseases than any other animal. • 5 years ago: The first successful cloning of human embryo
• Snakes are true carnivorous because they eat nothing but The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes or stir-
other animals. They do not eat any type of plant material. rup bone located in the middle ear. It is approximately .11
• The world's largest amphibian is the giant salamander. It inches (.28 cm) long.
can grow up to 5 ft. in length. • The longest cells in the human body are the motor neu-
• 100 years ago: The first virus was found in both plants rons. They can be up to 4.5 feet (1.37 meters) long and run
and animals. from the lower spinal cord to the big toe.
• 90 years ago: The Grand Canyon became a national mon- • There are no poisonous snakes in Maine.
ument & Cellophane is invented. • The blue whale can produce sounds up to 188 decibels.
• 80 years ago: The food mixer and the domestic refrigera- This is the loudest sound produced by a living animal and
tor were invented. has been detected as far away as 530 miles.
• 70 years ago: The teletype and PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) • The largest man-made lake in the U.S. is Lake Mead, cre-
were invented. ated by Hoover Dam.
• 60 years ago: Otto Hahn discovered nuclear fission by • The poison arrow frogs of South and Central America are
splitting uranium, Teflon was invented. the most poisonous animals in the world.

Green Harriet
The impact we have on the environment in our day- • If every newspaper printed just for one Sunday
to-day lives might just surprise you. The facts edition for the New York Times were to be recy-
below will help put it into perspective. cled, we would save 75,000 trees.
• By recycling all of your newspapers for one year,
• Paper makes up of 36% of our solid waste! The burning of you alone can save four trees, 2200 gallons of water,
paper gives off air pollution, while the recycling of paper cuts and fifteen pounds of air pollutants!
our waste load over a third, and saves forests. • Energy saved from one recycled aluminum can will oper-
• About 80% of what Americans throw away is recyclable, ate a TV set for 3 hours, and is the equivalent to half a can of
yet our recycling rate is just 28%. - Environmental Protection gasoline.
Agency • One Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL) contains a hun-
• Recycling creates 6 times as many jobs as landfilling. - dred times less mercury than is found in a single dental amal-
Colorado Recycles gam filling or old-style glass thermometer, according to the
• The energy saved each year by steel recycling is equal to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
the electrical power used by 18 million homes each year - or • A switch to CFLs would save an average household about
enough energy to last Los Angeles residents for eight years. - 50 U.S. dollars a year in electricity bills, according to govern-
Steel Recycling Institute ment estimates.
• If every household in the U.S. replaced just one roll of 1,000 • A study of apple farming published in the April 19, 2001,
sheet virgin fiber bathroom tissues with 100% recycled ones, issue of Nature has found organic orchards can be more prof-
we could save: 373,000 trees, 1.48 million cubic feet of landfill itable, produce tastier fruit at similar yields compared to con-
space, and 155 million gallons of water. - Seventh Generation ventional farming, and be better for the environment.

54 Lighthouse Point Magazine www.lhpmag.com

The End of Science Fiction
Dear Trekkies, and Other Such Buffs, ter of time before they program robots to speak.
Imagine, for example, a Store Monitor Robot, shouting,
For my thirteenth birthday, at my "Aisle two, express lane, no more than ten items, but we have a
request, my parents bought me subscrip- drooler with thirteen."
tions to all four science fiction magazines. An "Athlete's Pal" Robot, programmed to handle post-game
One weekly, three monthlies. Not a big interviews: "I owe everything to my teammates, because, you
expense, really, and a lot cheaper than a know, we're
bicycle or new fielder's mitt. I read each all on the same page, everybody gives 110%, and at the end of the
By Wendell Abern one of those publications, cover to cover, as day, you know, that's the bottom line."
soon as they came out. A Jewish Mother Robot: "If you're going to the swimming
In those days, almost all magazines actually published short pool this afternoon, wear a hat, slather yourself with sunblock
stories. Not just articles, but short stories, frequently by famous every ten minutes, and watch out for rip currents!"
writers. The SF magazines I loved carried new short pieces by A Psychiatrist Robot, programmed to answer all questions
Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury and my favorite, the long-forgotten with, "What are your feelings about that?"
Frederic Brown. A Couch Potato Surrogate Robot for husbands: "Honey, as
What incredible imaginations these writers had! More than long you're up, make me a sandwich, bring me some more chips
60 years ago, they wrote of landings on the moon, rockets to and a couple more beers, walk the dog, take out the garbage and
other planets, lightning-fast computers, and robots that would wash the car."
fight fires and do housework. A Couch Potato Response Robot for Wives: (Nothing that
Those feats are no longer fiction. Science fiction is science can be printed in a family publication.)
fact today. Science fiction, as we knew it back in the day, no A Surrogate Robot for kids: "But I did do my homework! It's
longer exists. Today's SF writers are way beyond that. They're not my fault if the dog ate it!"
into time travel. Machines that think. Immortality. And other A Drill Sergeant Robot: "Comp'ny, haddap hup! G'dop
incredible realms that we mere mortals can't even imagine. boppa chompa!"
All of this became clear to me the other day as I read an arti- And the robot that makes me quake with fear - an Editor
cle about the capabilities of today's robots. Robert Boyd, of Robot:
Tribune News, wrote that, "Thanks to exponential increases in "It's due tomorrow!" "That's your idea of a good lead?" "I
computer power - roughly doubling every two years - robots are want to see all your sources!" "You ever hear of a thing called
getting smarter, more capable, more like people." 'Spellcheck,' you idiot?" "A college sophomore could write a bet-
Matching human skills is enormously daunting, perhaps ter headline than that!"
impossible according to Boyd. However, he writes that "robots Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.
guided by their own computer 'brains' can now land jumbo jets, Clearly, the uses for robots are endless. In a talk last year
steer cars through city traffic, search human DNA for cancer titled, "Crossing the Chasm Between Humans and Machines:
genes, play soccer and explore craters on Mars." the Next 40 Years," Justin Rattner, Intel's chief technology offi-
Wait a minute. Land jumbo jets? Ain't no robot gonna land a cer, gave some credibility to the often-ridiculed effort to make
jumbo jet that I'm on, thank you. As I'm reading this article, I machines as smart as people.
envision a phone call to my airline prior to my next flight. "It's conceivable," he said, "that machines could even over-
"Good afternoon, Fly-By-Night Airlines, how may I help take humans in their ability to reason in the not-so-distant
you?" future."
"I'd like to know the name of the pilot on my flight." Personally, I can name some humans whose reasoning abili-
"Excuse me, sir?" ties have already been surpassed.
"I am not flying anywhere with you if my pilot's name is Perhaps the most surprising piece of news in this article was
Robotspierre or Robogorgle or something like that." this observation by Paul Saffo, a technology forecaster at
"Sir, we're not allowed to give out the name of our pilots." Stanford University: People actually become emotionally
"I am not flying with a robot as my pilot!" attached to their robots!
I imagine receiving assurances. And then I start wondering Two-thirds of the people who own Roombas, the floor-
... how do I know I'm not talking to a robot? sweeping robots, give them names. And one-third actually take
Boyd's article continues: "At a recent 'Robobusiness' con- their Roombas on vacation with them! It can't be far off before
ference in Boston, companies demonstrated a robot firefighter, robots become co-respondents in divorce cases.
gardener, receptionist, tour guide and security guard. You name What an amazing world awaits my grandchildren. Between
it, a high-tech wizard somewhere is trying to make a robot do the computers, the robots and technology yet to be discovered,
it." they will be able to do anything they want without ever getting
A Japanese housekeeping robot, for example, can move out of bed!
chairs, sweep the floor and load a tray of dirty dishes in a dish- Well, hopefully I'll be gone by the time someone comes up
washer. Intel has developed a mobile robot called Herb, the with a robot that writes humor columns.
Home Exploring Robotic Butler. Herb can recognize faces and
carry out generalized commands such as, "Please clean this Cantankerously Yours,
mess." Wendell Abern
The electronic wizards have already figured out ways for our Wendell Abern can be reached at dendyabern@comcast.net.
cars to give us audible directions. One assumes it is only a mat-
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www.lhpmag.com Lighthouse Point Magazine 57
By Reverend Jack Noble

A Good Dog Pet Theft Awareness

I have spoken of her many, many
Last month we talked about loosing your pet.
times. She was just a dog - but as with all But what if your pet is stolen from you? Pet theft
dog lovers, there is no such thing as, "just a is on the rise, and it's important dog owners are
dog." She had lived with us for eleven aware of this. Many dogs are being stolen to sell
years. I bought her the December after my to research laboratories, by "bunchers" who sell
sister died. We had come to the conclu- stolen dogs to class "B" dealers. Dogs are stolen to
sion, I guess, that there had been enough breed for puppy mills, for dog-fighting, to sell
sadness in the house and we now needed to introduce some joy, along roadside or online websites, amongst other
which of course, is not to say that the relationship between dog things. For Pet Theft Awareness, learn how to protect your dog.
and owner(s) was one endless period of bliss. But she had,
though, been a wonderful companion. The AKC has posted these tips:
During that winter she had begun having digestive prob- AT HOME
• Don't let your dog off-leash - Keeping your dog close to you
lems. Throughout the spring and summer we had spent prodi-
reduces the likelihood it will wander off and catch the attention of
gious amounts of time, energy, and money helping her with her thieves. A Saint Bernard that had wandered away from his owner in
struggle against the inevitable. Truth be told, we had probably Nebraska was snatched up right off the road.
extended her life way beyond what was good for her…or for us. • Don't leave your dog unattended in your yard - Dogs left outdoors
We loved her, and we simply did not want to let go. when no one is home for long periods of time can be potential tar-
Then, there came a morning in August when the vet, who gets, especially if you live in a rural area and the fenced-in yard or dog
had been through so much with us, said those words that we runs are visible from the street.
had been fighting against. If she were his, he would put her • Keep purchase price to yourself - If strangers approach you to
down. She looked at me, and I at her, and as the words began to admire your dog during walks, don't answer questions about how
penetrate the fog I was in, I knew he was right, and I nodded my much the dog cost or give details about where you live.
head. • Sellers need to be aware of home visits by potential puppy buyers
"Now," he asked gently, "or after you leave?" - Criminals posing as would be "puppy buyers" have visited breeder
homes to snatch dogs, while other homes have been burglarized
"No, no, I'll stay."
when the owner was away. From Yorkies in Los Angeles to Bulldogs
It seemed the least I could do; she had been such a good and in Connecticut, thieves have targeted young puppies of these highly
loyal friend. He sent the nurse out, and in a few moments she coveted breeds.
returned with a syringe full of whatever it is they use in such sit- ON THE ROAD
uations. As he took her boney leg in his hand, looking for • Never leave your dog in an unattended car, even if it's locked -
enough flesh in which to insert the needle, he said, "This won't Even if you are gone for only a moment, an unlocked car is an invita-
hurt." And as he injected the lethal dose, he continued, "She'll tion for trouble. Also leaving expensive items in the car such as a
just go to sleep now. That's all." I held her close as he did his GPS unit or laptop will only invite thieves to break and possibly
work, telling her the whole time what a good friend she'd been, allow the dog to escape.
and that we would miss her. With that she was asleep. Quick • Don't tie your dog outside a store - This popular practice among
and merciful. city dwelling dog owners can be a recipe for disaster. Reports have
After the doctor left, I remained with her in that little room surfaced of such thefts in Manhattan. If you need to go shopping,
patronize only dog-friendly retailers or leave the dog at home.
for a long time. Leaving, I paid the bill and made arrangements
to come by later to take her ashes. Driving back to the office, I • Protect your dog with microchip identification - Collars and tags
kept thinking of those moments when she had brought such joy can be removed so make sure you have permanent ID with a
and laughter into our lives, and how she had come to us at a time microchip. Keep contact information current with your recovery
of such great sadness. I thought how she would no longer be service provider. Several pets have been recovered because of alert
there to greet us, regardless of the hour. She would no longer people scanning and discovering microchips.
insist on sleeping on the bed with us, taking more than her share • If you suspect your dog has been stolen - Immediately call the
of bed-space. I smiled at the noting. Parking the car, I laid my police / animal control in the area your pet was last seen.
head on the steering wheel and wept for the longest time. • Have fliers with a recent photo ready to go if your dog goes miss-
She was a good dog. We'd done the best we could - but in ing - Keep a photo of your dog in your wallet or on an easily accessi-
the end it wasn't enough. And suddenly I was flooded with that ble web account so that you can distribute immediately if your pet
awful sense of emptiness that comes from not knowing how goes missing.
We hope your pet will never be a victim of theft, if you ever need any
much you truly love something until its gone.
help from us feel free to contact us at Gigi + Luca Pet Boutique, 1825
NE 24 St, Lighthouse Point, 954-784-8755, www.gigiandluca.com
This article was provided by Reverend Jack Noble of the For further info, see Elizabeth, Gigi & Luca Pet Boutique, 1825
First Presbyterian Church, 2331 NE 26th Street in Pompano NE 24th Street, Lighthouse Point, (954) 784-8755,
Beach. 954-941-2308 www.GigiAndLuca.com.
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A New Laser Treatment for Aging Skin
By Melanie S. Hecker, MD, MBA skin. Thus patients have a much quicker recovery time than tradi-
WHAT'S A FRAXEL™? tional ablative therapies and minimal side effects. Side effects with
Fraxel™ Laser Treatments include minor swelling and redness, with
Cosmetic skin surgery has a new laser for anti-aging swelling subsiding within one-to-two days after a session and red-
and sun-damaged skin and it is called Fraxel™. Up ness lasting a few days. The area is coverable with make-up almost
until now, there have been two categories of laser immediately and patients can return to their normal routines. There
therapy; ablative and non-ablative procedures. is usually no crusting or oozing as is with other ablative therapies. As
Non-ablative treatments are low risk procedures with any laser treatment, there is always a risk of infection or scar-
such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that require numerous treatment ring, and these side effects are minimized with this current technolo-
sessions over months that produce a mild clinical improvement in the gy.
skin. Ablative techniques such as CO2 Resurfacing are more aggres-
sive treatments for sun-damaged and aging skin that definitely offer WHAT IS A TYPICAL TREATMENT?
superior cosmetic results, but are associated with increased risks of Clinical research of Fraxel™ suggests that 4-6 treatments over 2-4
scarring and pigment changes in the skin. They are also associated months produces a gradual remodeling of the dermal components of
with prolonged recovery times. The goal of any new laser technology the skin to give the skin a fresher, newer appearance. Gradually over
is to combine the best of both worlds into one machine that can give months, the clinical improvement in photo-aged skin is dramatic and
superior results to current non-ablative technology without the positive skin changes are noticeable. A typical full face treatment
downtime of current ablative technology. This is the goal of Fraxel™ takes generally less than one hour. Unlike other therapies, Fraxel™
Laser Treatment. Laser Treatment can be used to treat virtually any area of the body
where the goal is to improve skin texture, appearance, wrinkles and
HOW FRAXEL™ WORKS brown spots.
Much like the new technology with digital cameras, that work pixel- The Fraxel™ Laser is considered safe and effective for treating
by-pixel and spot-by-spot, the Fraxel™ Laser is designed to alter frac- photo-aged skin. It is well-tolerated and you need only topical anes-
tional volumes of the target tissue. The clinical result of the treat- thetic to reduce discomfort.
ment is to alter the appearance of sun-damaged skin, affecting espe- If you would like more information please contact Hecker
cially brown spots and wrinkles. Small, microscopic wounds result Dermatology Group. Our office is located at: 3500 NE 5th Avenue in
in an active wound healing process that stimulates collagen in the Pompano Beach. Call us for an appointment: 954-783-2323 or visit us
online: www.heckerderm.com.

By Dr. Steven Wigdor health conditions is a must. It is important that your doctor takes the
time to listen to your needs and to tailor your examination according-
Do you have a distorted view of today’s eye ly. To ensure that the internal structures of your eyes are intact, your
care providers? Many people are unaware of doctor will look inside your eye with a special flashlight called an
what a proper comprehensive eye health exami- ophthalmoscope. A thorough search for any abnormalities is impera-
nation should consist of, and what the differ- tive. Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arte-
ences are between an Optometrist, an riosclerosis can often be detected in this manner. Your doctor will
Ophthalmologist, and an Optician. then carefully analyze the visual performance of your eyes in order to
An Optometric physician is a Doctor of diagnose, and if necessary, prescribe the proper lens correction that
Optometry, specifically educated and trained to examine the eyes, provides clear, efficient vision and muscle balance. A microscope is
related structures, and to detect diseases and other vision problems. then used to look at the front of the eye under high magnification.
Optometrists treat many conditions and will refer to specialists when Eye infections, cataracts, and corneal health are just some of the con-
necessary. ditions evaluated with this instrument. Eye pressure is also measured
Besides the Optometrists extensive training in disease detection, to help rule out glaucoma. Finally your doctor should take the time
emphasis is placed on the various ways to provide clear, efficient to explain all the findings and present the best possible recommenda-
vision. Treatment programs consist of lenses, prisms, contact lenses, tions for your particular needs. People are often made very comfort-
vision training, low vision, and medications for eye infections and able with contact lenses or spectacles personally designed for their
glaucoma when necessary. Refractive and cataract surgery co-man- vocational or hobby requirements. LASIK is also a very popular alter-
agement is also routinely provided. During an eye examination, time native to conventional vision correcting modalities.
should always be set aside to discuss a patient concerns, with solu- Comprehensive eye health and vision analysis coupled with mod-
tions collaborated thru the examination findings. An ern corrective methods are able to provide efficient, comfortable
Ophthalmologist is a surgeon trained in dealing with the structure, vision for all your needs. The importance of periodic eye health care
function and diseases of the eye. Surgery is often necessary when con- can never be over emphasized. Remember, everyone has hindsight
ditions such as glaucoma or cataracts can not be helped by alternative protect your eyesight!
approaches. There are also Ophthalmologists that deal with only cer-
tain structures of the eye such as cornea and retinal specialists. An Dr. Steven Wigdor, an Optometric Physician, and his staff,
Optician makes and sells eyeglasses prescribed by a doctor. welcome your calls and questions in Lighthouse Point at 954-943-
A proper eye health examination must include certain diagnostic 6210. You can also visit them at 3650 N. Federal Highway in the
procedures to ensure the total health and proper functioning of your Venetian Isle Shops or on the web at
eyes. A careful history of past and present eye problems and general www.eyecareandeyewear.com

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WITH LOVE & LAUGHTER A Loss of Dignity With the Dignitar y
By Barbara Silkstone
Blessed is she who can laugh at herself for she rose up my leg. I tugged at the hem whereupon my bracelet caught
will never cease to be amused (I keep that lit- on my panty hose at mid-thigh. I struggled to free the gold links
tle motto taped to my bathroom mirror so I from the tougher than steel fibers of my run-resistant hose, sweat-
can laugh at the occasional egg on my face). ing profusely as I further entangled the jewelry higher up on my
thigh. I had succeeded in affixing my right wrist to my right leg,
A FUNNY TALE just eight inches short of obscene.
A number of years ago I was elected pres- As the true horror of my situation sunk into my newly-presi-
ident of the Japan America Society of Central Florida. The Society dential brain, ceremonial drums thundered, announcing the
was founded in 1910 to honor distinguished leaders of both coun- arrival of the guest of honor and his entourage. I could stay seated
tries and to build economic, cultural, governmental and personal and be rude - which would be unforgivable. Or, I could and did
relationships between the people of Japan and America. clamber out of the seat-well, further tangling myself with myself.
My first official function was to host a dinner for an I hobbled to the red carpet area, bent over, skirt jacked up to a dis-
Ambassador from Japan and the Japanese Consul General. tressing height, right wrist slammed against my right thigh.
Already a student of the Japanese language, I diligently practiced The startled looks I received from the dignitaries, especially
my first public speech which would be given at a celebration at those who had sponsored me for the position of president will
Rangetsu of Tokyo Restaurant in Orlando. I was to welcome the stay locked in my "laugh at myself" memory forever. The ambassa-
ambassador as one of the first female presidents of the Society. All dor bowed to meet my "bow." I could only guess what questions I
eyes would be on me. raised in his mind about the strange culture in Orlando.
That day I wore a conservative suit with a pencil straight skirt That night, as I took off my makeup, I smiled at my image in
and flat shoes. the mirror. Yes…blessed is she who can laugh at herself for she
Being chronically early, I arrived twenty minutes ahead of will always be amused.
time. The hostess walked me into the private dining area. I left my
shoes at the door, as is the tradition, then slid down into the Barbara Silkstone is a writer living in Delray Beach and her lat-
sunken seats which are below floor level, tucking my legs demure- est book, “527 NakedMen and One Woman” was released last
ly under the banquet table. As I slipped into position, my skirt year. You may visit her website at www.barbarasilkstone.com

LIBRARY NEWS Library Offers More Services Than Ever!

By LHP Library Director Doreen Gauthier

Last month in this column I featured the Cohen, a library volunteer, joined in the activities of the morning. In
Lighthouse Point Library's Teen Advisory Board June the students leave on a 17 day tour of China - we hope that they
and their active role in community events. We will share their pictures and adventures with us.
featured especially the tutoring and mentoring of Look in the YA collection for books by these authors - Avi; Ann
these young people to grade school students. The Brashares (Traveling Pants Series); Meg Cabot's All American Girl;
open house on May 9th welcomed many prospec- Lois Duncan mystery series; Margaret Haddix's Among the Hidden
tive teens, potential pupils and their respective series; Maximum Ride series by James Patterson; the Twilight series
parents. Molly Smith, president of the Teen Board made sure that by Stephenie Meyer and Walter Dean Myers adventure tales. Here
every potential pupil left with a goodie bag containing library infor- you will find the eternal classics of young adult reading - Maureen
mation and literary fun tokens. Daly's Seventeenth Summer, The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier,
Early in April the library hosted 10 students and their parents from and S. E. Hinton's The Outsider. Many of the teen reading materials
across Broward County in a People to People community service day. have been adapted for audio books or DVD's. Once you've read the
These 10 students re-arranged materials in the audio visual depart- book, try the film version. The library staff enjoys doing reader's advi-
ment and shelved the first collection of titles designated as Young sory - if you exhaust all the titles by one author, we will find similar
Adult. As middle school students they are very in tune with the liter- genres by other writers.
ature of their generation and with this activity their "stake holder As you are reading this article, the Library's Summer Program is
position" becomes greater. Now they can relate directly to this underway with a week filled with activities including Wannado City,
library's effort to serve them. The selection of titles was chosen by three days of Crazy Chemistry programs coordinated by Mad Science,
subject matter and reading level. The books are readily identified by and the finale of a wacky water sports day in McDonough Park with
the bright red and yellow YA on the spine label. Following the initial refreshments by Rita's Italian Ices. Each participant received a tee
shelving, the library staff asked the students to walk the juvenile col- shirt compliments of Balkan and Patterson. Special thanks to Carolyn
lection to make recommendations for other authors and topics for the Bergamini, Clare Morris, Chris Hajdic, and Amy Patterson whose
newly created youth corner. The location is ideal as it is separated cooperative efforts made the week so successful. The library also
from both adults and children's areas. The library's popular DVD's owes a deep vote of thanks to Monsignor Brice and St. Paul the
and videocassette collections are also in this room. Mrs. Nancy Apostle Catholic Church for the use of their education building.
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the Grill INTRODUCES CyberVisorsSM
By John Offerdahl (a.k.a. The Gridiron Griller)
Sheriff Al Lamberti Reports
Chicken Skewered Sate
(the-Competition) Many police and fire departments are using
social networking sites such as Twitter,
Serves 4
Facebook and MySpace to connect with the
neighborhoods they serve. At the Broward
When someone thinks tailgating, they don't Sheriff's Office, we are always looking for new
typically think healthy. However, tailgating and innovative ways to stay connected to the
need not be all hot dogs and hamburgers. The communities and businesses we service. Given
key ingredients to a great tailgate are simplic- the state of our economy, those of us in public
ity, portability and fork freedom. This safety must take advantage of every opportuni-
month's recipe combines all three attributes and includes healthy too! ty available to help keep our residents better
All the preparation can be done at home, so you pack your cooler with informed. To that end, our agency created an
skewers ready to go on the grill and sauce made ahead for dipping. "official" page on Facebook. On our Facebook page you can view
Because the chicken is on wooden sticks, you can be free from utensils important public safety messages, view agency "action" photos, check
and focused on friends and performing fan duties. You'll also score a out job opportunities and monitor wanted criminals.
Our agency is the third largest sheriff's office in the nation,
safety with 2 points of protein - the chicken and peanut sauce.
employing nearly 6,000 deputies, fire rescue and support personnel.
We considered utilizing Twitter as a communication tool, but the
• 1/4 c. peanut butter size of our county and the varied needs of our residents and business
• 2 T. reduced-sodium soy sauce owners would require more than a dozen Twitter accounts. By using
• 2 T. fresh lime juice an outside advisory system, our agency would be unable to maintain
• 2 T. water the database of users - which is a great concern to me. Since the secu-
• 3 cloves fresh minced garlic rity and privacy of those who sign up could not be maintained by our
• 2 tsp. fresh shredded ginger agency, I knew we needed to use something more effective and more
• 1/2 tsp. dark sesame oil secure.
• 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper After some research and planning, the Broward Sheriff's Office
• 2 T. chopped fresh mint or scal- has created our own secure advisory system to communicate with the
lions public. The newly launched program - CyberVisorSM - is the first
advisory system of its kind created only for public safety news and
Wisk Sate Sauce ingredients in a small saucepan until blended.
information. Similar to Twitter, CyberVisorSM allows the commands
in our multiple jurisdictions to communicate with the residents and
• 1 T. ground cumin businesses in their assigned areas. Once logged on to
• 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper www.sheriff.org/cybervisor, the user has the opportunity to sign up
• Kosher salt for multiple cities and towns where BSO provides service or just the
• 3 T. fresh chopped mint area where they live or work. The registration page includes mapping
Stir together in small bowl and set aside. Heat grill to medium- which indicates BSO's jurisdictions. CyberVisorSM is also designed
high heat. to allow our agency to communicate with those who work at the
SKEWERS Broward County Courthouse (including all satellite courts); the Fort
• 2 lbs. fresh boneless chicken breasts Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport; and Port Everglades.
• 20 long bamboo skewers An advisory system of this kind is vital to ensuring the safety of our
Soak wooden sticks in water for at least 15 min. Cut chicken courts, airport and seaport.
By registering for CyberVisorSM you will receive e-mail or text
breasts lengthwise into strips, about ½" wide. Halve the longest
messages from our agency about the following topics that may affect
strips so they're all about the same length. Sprinkle the chicken with
your neighborhood, business or commute:
the season blend and work it into the chicken with your fingers. • criminal activity, such as vehicle break-ins or burglaries
Thread the chicken strips onto skewers in a woven fashion. • traffic information, including roadway closures and construction
LET'S GRILL! zones
Oil the grill grates and grill skewers directly over the heat ele- • upcoming events, like car safety seat inspections or new BSO safe-
ments. Brush on some reserved sate sauce half-way through Turn ty programs
twice until opaque but moist (about 4 min.) • important safety tips to keep your home, business and property
Serve immediately with sauce for dipping. safe
Johnny says… "There's nothing like your favorite team skewering • BOLO's (Be On the Look Out) for wanted suspects or alerts about
the competition. Then again, you haven't tried a stick of my chick- missing children
en sate doused in fresh peanut sauce!" You can also sign up to receive breaking news from our Media
Relations team and my monthly message. The more information you
The Gridiron Griller . . . still undefeated!
have, the safer you can be. Visit www.sheriff.org/cybervisor and sign
www.gridirongriller.com www.offerdahls.com
up for BSO's CyberVisorSM today! Sheriff Al Lamberti
What's on Your Plate Today?
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Sav e a Senior: Ten Tips to Av oid
Senior Identity Theft
We love our parents and grand- cards and then shred statements and expired cards prior
parents and even our elderly neigh- to throwing them in the trash.
bors, trouble is, so do identity • Keep your Social Security card in a safe place and never
thieves. Show your love by protect- give the number out to strangers who ask for it whether
ing the seniors in your life from they contact you by phone, mail or online. You can no
fraudulent telephone solicitors, longer trust that your caller ID is accurate because thieves
Denise Richardson Internet scams, and unsolicited now use technology to "spoof" the caller ID into showing a
mail. trusted name and/or number.
ID thieves target seniors because they are less likely to • Know the date your credit card, utility and bank state-
check their credit reports, less likely to purchase big tick- ments arrive in the mail. If they are not on time, contact
et items, and rarely detect the red flags that could indicate the company and find out why.
an identity theft has occurred. • Thieves look for mail in outdoor mailboxes, so don't
The FBI lists several reasons why the elderly are often leave outgoing mail in your mailbox with a flag up. This
targeted by perpetrators of a fraud: tells a thief there is something in there that they can get
• Older American citizens are most likely to have a "nest their hands on. If you are planning on being away contact
egg" or savings, they often own their homes and/or have your local post office to hold your mail until you return.
excellent credit and little debt. Don't let your mail build up, and promptly remove mail
• Individuals who grew up in the 1930s, 40s and 50s were from your box after it has been delivered.
generally raised to be polite and trusting. This trust is • Use strong passwords for your debit card and online
exploited by criminals. accounts. Never use information that a thief could easily
• Older Americans are less likely to report a fraud because crack. Avoid using easily available information like your
they don't know who to report it to, are too ashamed at mother's name, your birth date, the last four digits of your
having been scammed, or do not know they have been vic- social security number, your phone number or an easy
timized. series of numbers such as 1234. Quick idea; use the last 4
• When an elderly victim does report the crime, they digits of a friend's phone number or their address.
often make poor witnesses. The targets' realization that • Don't carry multiple credit cards (or any at all unless
they have been victimized may take weeks or more likely you plan to use them).
months after contact with the con man. This extended • Review your credit reports. Obtain your free annual
time frame will test the memory of almost anyone-espe- credit reports from the legitimate place:
cially a senior citizen-and the scammers know it. Annualcreditreport.com or 877-322-8228. Take the time
• Lastly, when it comes to products that promise to resolve any issues that may show up there.
increased cognitive function, virility, physical condition- • If you use a computer, update your virus protection
ing, anti-cancer properties and so on, older Americans are software regularly and run virus and spyware scans.
the segment of the population most concerned about these • Don't download files from strangers or click on embed-
issues. ded links in e-mails from people you don't know. Delete
Seniors typically are less informed about the latest personal information stored on your computer before you
scams, especially the technological tools used to defraud dispose of or donate your computer.
them or trick them into divulging personal information. • Consider engaging a service like LifeLock that takes
Seniors are much less skeptical than those of us who are proactive measures to safeguard your identity-and recover
familiar with the latest scams and hoaxes. it and any losses up to one million dollars if your identity
According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), is stolen.
identity theft targeting individuals over age 60 jumped As the recession pushes more people to crime, the eld-
from 1800 cases in the year 2000 to almost 6000 cases the erly become the favorite prey to criminals looking to
following year, with most instances involving the use of exploit their trust and vulnerability. Take some time today
social security numbers. These can be daunting figures to print out and share these tips with your parents or with
considering seniors are venturing out on to the Internet any senior you care about. Help save a senior the pain,
more now than ever. A recent study by the Pew Internet & frustration, and expense of an identity theft.
American Life Project indicates that three out of four peo-
ple use the Internet. For more information, tips and scam alerts visit my
Clip and Save: 10 Quick Tips for seniors to avoid iden- website and blog at GiveMeBackMyCredit.com and
tity theft: feel free to contact me at your convenience!
• Pay particular attention to all charges to your credit

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We encourage those who can perform magic in their kitchens to submit favorite creations that can be enjoyed by readers
of our magazine. To submit your recipe, please email us at: LHPnews@bellsouth.net. and type “RECIPE” in the subject line.


Prep time: about 20 minutes Serves: 2 LT IP Prep time: about 15 minutes
Ingredients: N T HEA ASY REC Ingredients:
• 3/4 c. flour • 1 tbsp. sugar • 1 tsp. WA ESE E
TH • 1 standard-sized bagel, cut in half • tomato sauce
baking powder TRY • shredded mozzarella cheese
• 1/2 tsp. salt • 1 tbsp. margarine • 1 egg • toppings like diced green pepper, chopped onion, or chopped
• 3/4 c. milk • tomato (whatever you like)
• 1/2 c. blueberries, washed and drained • seasonings like oregano, basil, and pepper
• extra margarine for the pan Utensils:
Utensils: • oven (You'll need help from your adult assistant.)
1. stove (You'll need help from your adult assistant.) • knife • baking sheet
2. large bowl 3. mixing spoon 4. saucepan Directions:
5. medium-size bowl 6. whisk 7. measuring cups and spoons 1. Set the oven to low heat
8. spatula 2. Spread tomato sauce on each bagel half.
Directions: 3. Sprinkle the shredded cheese all over the tomato sauce on each
1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, baking powder, half.
and salt. Set the bowl aside. 4. Add your favorite toppings.
2. Melt the margarine in a small saucepan. 5. Put a light sprinkling of seasonings on each half.
3. Crack the egg into a medium-size bowl, then add the milk and 6. Put your bagel halves on the baking sheet.
melted margarine. 7. Bake in the oven on low heat for about 5 to 8 minutes. You'll
4. Whisk until everything is well mixed. know they're done when the cheese is bubbly.
5. Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture. Whisk again until 8. Let cool for a minute, then enjoy your tiny pizzas!
both mixtures are blended together. Serves: 1
6. Put extra margarine in the saucepan and heat it on the stove-
top on medium heat. It is hot enough when the margarine starts
7. Use a measuring cup or a small ladle to spoon the batter into
Prep time: 35 minutes
the pan. Put some blueberries on top of each pancake.
8. Cook your pancakes on medium heat until small bubbles
• 2 eggs • 1 c. milk • 1/4 c. banana (about 1 banana), mashed
appear on the top.
with a fork • 1/4 c. peanut butter • 1/3 c. vegetable oil
9. Use a spatula to see when your pancakes are light brown on
• 1/4 c. frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed (left out of the
the bottom. When they are, flip them over with the spatula.
freezer until it's soft) • 1/4 c. nonfat dry milk • 2 1/4 c. flour
10. Cook for another few minutes until the pancakes are light
• 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder • 1 tsp. baking soda • nonstick spray
brown on the other side.
oven (You'll need help from your adult assistant.)
HEALTHY FUN FRUIT KABOBS 1.fork 2. small bowl 3. large bowl 4. mixing spoon
5. muffin/cupcake tin 6. paper muffin/cupcake liners
Prep time: 15 minutes Serves 4 7. wire rack 8. measuring cups and spoons
Ingredients: Directions:
• 1 apple • 1 banana • 1/3 c. red seedless grapes 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).
• 1/3 c. green seedless grapes • 2/3 cup pineapple chunks 2. In a small bowl, break the eggs and use a fork to beat them a
• 1 cup nonfat yogurt • 1/4 c. dried coconut, shredded little bit.
Utensils: 3. In a large bowl, combine the milk, mashed banana, peanut but-
• knife (You'll need help from your adult assistant.) ter, vegetable oil, apple juice, dry milk, and the eggs from the
• 2 wooden skewer sticks • large plate small bowl. Mix with a mixing spoon until the mixture is creamy.
Directions: 4. Add the flour, baking powder, and baking soda into the large
1. Prepare the fruit by washing the grapes, washing the apples bowl. Mix again.
and cutting them into small squares, peeling the bananas and cut- 5. Line a muffin tine with paper liners or lightly spray with non-
ting them into chunks, and cutting the pineapple into chunks, if stick spray. Spoon in the muffin mix. Fill each muffin cup about
it's fresh. Put the fruit onto a large plate. 2/3 of the way up.
2. Spread coconut onto another large plate. 6. Bake for about 15 minutes.
3. Slide pieces of fruit onto the skewer and design your own 7. When your muffins are finished baking, remove from muffin
kabob by putting as much or as little of whatever fruit you want! tin and cool them on the wire rack. Then it's time to taste and
Do this until the stick is almost covered from end to end. share!
4. Hold your kabob at the ends and roll it in the yogurt, so the
fruit gets covered. Then roll it in the coconut.
5. Repeat these steps with another skewer. Lighthouse Point Magazine 67

Pat’s TLC Pet Sitting

in your home

Lighthouse Point/Deerfield
Resident Since 1970
(954) 421-8757

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H Matthew Sydney S. Tara S.
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Samuel M. Andrea G. Danielle L.

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Deerfield Middle School teacher Suzy Pinnell’s pas- native and what is exotic and why exotics are so dam-
sion for saving the environment becomes clearly evident aging to our environment. Where once was a high main-
when you approach the entrance to the school grounds. tenance (high impact) lawn is a low maintenance (low
Not only has Ms. Pinnell been one of those individ- impact) wildflower meadow and outdoor classroom.
uals responsible for changing the landscape, but more This meadow is complete with a 'mowed' path where
importantly she has motivated and inspired her stu- students can learn and "ponder the complexity and
dents in reaching a different mindset, one that will last fragility of their ecology.
throughout their lives. Deerfield Middle School is meeting the huge chal-
lenges that face the world, and we salute teachers like
"It may be in the margins of our gardens Suzy Pinnell who have the heart and foresight.
that we can discover fresh ways
to bring our aesthetics
and our ethics about the land
into some meaningful alignment."

The above quote is taken from 'Second Nature' by

Michael Pollan and part of the philosophy of both
Parker Raspach of Wildflowers South and Suzy Pinnell.
As a result, Mr. Raspach is now in the process of trans-
forming a once swampy, weed-congested area at the
front perimeter of Deerfield middle School into a
“Wildflower Meadow” and the results are being seen
with each passing day.
The lack of rain has somewhat hampered Mr.
Raspach’s efforts, but within weeks the rainy season
will create a field of flowers that would make Vincent
VanGogh jump with joy.
One of the most exciting aspects of this landscape
feature is the opportunity to environmentally educate
without taking a classroom or field-guide approach.
Meadow Path will be an example of the importance
L to R: Intern Principal Valerie Thomas, Wildflower South
of native landscapes as opposed to exotic and invasive owner Parker Raspach and Invironmentalist/teacher Suzy
ones. It provides the opportunity to explain what is Pinnell.

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By Broward County Commissioner The Task Force also evaluated the possibility of acquiring and remodeling an
and Vice Mayor Ken Keechl existing office building, such as the 110 Tower. The Task Force and its experts
concluded that it would be difficult to achieve courtroom height requirements in
a standard office building and it would also be very difficult to achieve adequate
In previous articles, I have discussed the continu- separation of the public, inmates, and judges.
ing problems plaguing our Broward County courthouse The Task Force also looked at the feasibility of moving functions off-site and
in downtown Fort Lauderdale. As a result of bursting how to maximize the use of our satellite courthouses. The possibility of moving
pipes, increasing mold, broken elevators, security the downtown courthouse to another location in Broward County was also con-
issues, and a chronic shortage of courtrooms and park- sidered. In the end, the Task Force recommended keeping the main courthouse
ing, judges, jurors, litigants, and employees are suffer- downtown due to the proximity to the Main Jail; the County's investment in the
ing. In fact, the County has recently been sued by several court employees alleg- salvageable East and North Wings of the current downtown courthouse; and the
ing that the courthouse is dangerous and unfit for occupancy. need to continue to provide all judicial services in one location. Moreover, due to
Recognizing that the current situation is unacceptable, last December the land and parking limitations, the West and South satellite courthouses could not
Broward County Commission established a Broward County Courthouse Task be expanded.
Force ("Task Force") to make recommendations to the County Commission In the end, the Task Force recommended that a new scaled-down courthouse
"regarding alternatives for financing, development, construction, improvement should be constructed on the site of the current judicial garage. By building on
and other matters" relating to the downtown courthouse. The Task Force recent- County-owned land, the overall cost of the project would be lessened. In the past,
ly submitted its Report to the County Commission. I would like to devote this the County Commission had suggested building a new courthouse at a cost of
month's article to summarizing its findings regarding the need to build a new approximately $510 million; the Task Force's new scaled down courthouse would
Courthouse. And I would like to devote next month's article to discussing financ- cost approximately $328 million. Similarly, previous County Commissions envi-
ing issues. sioned a new courthouse comprising nearly 900,000 square feet; the Task Force's
Not surprisingly, the Task Force concluded that the current courthouse is in new scaled down courthouse would comprise approximately 675,000 square feet.
critical condition. All building systems have exceeded their useful lives and in the The Task Force also recommended additional parking to meet existing and future
event of a Hurricane Category 2 or above, the structure will sustain significant courthouse needs.
damages, if not total destruction. Moreover, the current layout of the building is Lastly, and importantly, the Task Force also recognized that the funding for
not conducive to a modern courthouse; there is not enough space for all judicial any new courthouse should avoid an increase in the property tax burden on
and court-related activities; and there is no room for expansion. Broward's residents.
In contrast to building an entirely new structure, the Task Force considered a I have previously acknowledged the need for a new or renovated courthouse.
renovation of the current courthouse. The Task Force concluded that renovation However, I have made it clear that I will not vote to increase the property tax bur-
would not be cost effective. If the County Commission decided to renovate the den on you in the process. Next month's article will look at the feasibility of
downtown courthouse instead of building a new structure, the Task Force and its building a new courthouse without increasing your property taxes. As always,
experts believe that the courthouse would need to be totally gutted and the struc- the devil is in the details.
ture would have to be hurricane hardened. Moreover, renovation would Until then, my best to you and your families.
inevitably require that the entire building be brought up to the current building
code. Lastly, the County would incur additional costs to lease space for employ- Broward County Commissioner and Vice Mayor Ken Keechl
ees displaced during the renovations. Obviously, these costs would not be 954 357 7004
incurred with new construction. www.broward.org/kkeechl


This week, Bob O’Brien of 4 Star Services is Al Siefert Electric and asked if he thought 4 Star Services
contributing a story I think you’ll like. could be reimbursed from FPL. He told me to contact them
By Bob O'Brien and tell them the details as outlined above. I also found that
FPL had a pole fire just down the street during this same time
On March 16 2009 we came to work frame and wondered if this had anything to do with 4 Star's
only to find out we were starting the week computer problems.
with computer problems. First, I found I contacted FPL and told them what had happened and
By Al Siefert out our server had a message on the screen that I heard there was an incident with a pole on Sunday. The
that said we had an over-voltage power representative couldn't have been more helpful. He said they
surge occur on Sunday night. A little while later, I found would conduct an investigation and they would get back to
three of our computers were off. I thought may have been the me in a few days. To my surprise FPL claims contacted me in
result of the power surge. I tried to restart the three battery a few days and we discussed what had happened. They told
back ups to those three computers to no avail. We purchased me to send a copy of my receipts and invoices and they would
new batteries and this solved the problem. look them over. It wasn't long after, that I received a corpo-
Next, I found a computer that would not log on at all, it rate release for the full amount of expenses that 4 Star
was frozen in time. I did everything in my power to try to get incurred as a result of this incident. They said they would
it going with no success. At this time I called the person who send a check as soon as they received the signed release.
repairs and maintains our computers. He took the computer The thing that amazed me through this whole ordeal is
to his work location to find out what was wrong. He deter- the way that FPL responded to my situation. I expected to
mined the hard drive had been hit by the electrical surge. The get a runaround, instead got great customer service.
hard drive had to be replaced and the computer had to be THANKS FPL for stepping up to the plate and taking care of
reprogrammed with all new software. my problems.
After all was said and done, I spoke with Al Siefert from Bob O'Brien

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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Pastor Luttio is also currently
is excited to announce the arrival of an adjunct professor at Lynn
their new Senior Pastor, The Reverend University in world religions and
Mark D. Luttio, Ph.D. He's recently Philosophy where he teaches a
begun his ministry at Zion on April 1. class.
Pastor Luttio is as excited to be at Zion Next school year he plans to
as Zion is to have him. also teach in Zion's Christian
For the past seven years, he was School. "I am excited to be the
serving Nativity Lutheran in Palm Beach leader of a church that has such a
Gardens, but his story begins in Japan. commitment to Christian educa-
As the son of a Lutheran missionary tion; for education has been and
he grew up in Japan as just one of the continues to be a cornerstone in
kids. He came to the United States to my life."
study at Wheaton College in Illinois, Pastor's vision is "a church
Reverend Mark D. Luttio
Luther Seminary and later Notre Dame without borders," where people of
for his Ph.D. in theology. Pastor Luttio, like his father, all walks of life are welcome.
served as a missionary and a professor in Japan for You're invited to worship at Zion Evangelical
nearly 15 years before returning to Indiana to teach at Lutheran Church located at 959 S.E. 6th Ave,
St. Mary’s College. Deerfield Beach, (one block west of Federal Hwy.
Both Pastor and his wife, Shirley, are accom- on S.E. 10th Street) on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. and
plished musicians which has proved to be an asset at Saturdays at 5:30 p.m.
Zion's worship services. Together they have four chil-
dren ages 18 to 28.



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Merchant ofof the
the Month
Beacon Light Jewelers, Inc. has been in business at the same
location and serving its customers and the people from the gold
coast of Florida since 1958 making it among the five oldest estab-
lished businesses in Lighthouse Point. Charles and Rita Davis have
owned the business since 1987.
Charles started his jewelry career while still in high school
working part-time in a jewelry store in his home town of
Plainview, Texas. In 1970 after attending college at Texas Tech
University he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and worked as a manager
trainee for Zales Jewelers and later for Kay Jewelers. He became a
store manager for Kay Jewelers in 1973 in Decatur, Georgia. That
same year he met Rita and they were married. In 1974 they moved
to Orlando, Florida to open a new store for Kay Jewelers. In 1975
Charles went to work for Speidel as a factory representative calling
on jewelry stores and department stores in Florida.
In 1987 Charles and Rita bought Beacon Light Jewelers. Charlie
having been in the industry for over 20 years and visiting other jew- Charles, Rita and Melissa Davis
elry stores daily for over the last ten years had the industry knowl- At Beacon Light Jewelers we can offer all services you can imag-
edge needed, and Rita, with her southern charm, was a natural ine and then some. We specialize in expert jewelry design and fine
with making people feel comfortable and welcome. She quickly jewelry repair. From the simplest neck chain repair to using the
jumped into educating herself at the Gemological Institute of computer aided jewelry design program to create that one of a kind
America, and received certificates in everything from diamond and piece of jewelry. With our wielder we can repair all types of jew-
pearl grading, to bead restringing and design. Melissa, Charlie elry metals including titanium and steel.
and Rita's oldest daughter is the only other face you may see behind We also offer bead restringing and eyeglass repair. Watch and
the counter at this truly family business. "Melissa was twelve when clock repair from battery replacement to grandfather clock repair.
we bought the store, and I haven't been able to keep her out since!" Our computer aided engraver has the ability to engrave on wood,
says Charles, beaming with pride. Melissa is currently studying at plastics, glass (even wine bottles) and jewelry. We can also supply
the Gemological Institute of America, and just received her certifi- your company with name badges and recognition plaques and your
cate in Colored Stone Essentials, and planning on continuing her sport teams with trophies. We are buyers of diamonds, fine watch-
education there until she receives her Graduate Gemologist degree, es, gold and silver. If you would like to sell any of your old jewelry
the masters of the jewelry industry. For the last 22 years the no matter what con
Davis's have made Beacon Light Jewelers "One of the most recom- Stop by Beacon Jewelers any time Monday Thru Friday 10 am-
mended stores in Lighthouse Point." 6 pm, or Saturday from 10:00am -3:00 pm. Charlie, Rita, or Melissa
Beacon Light Jewelers is a member of the prestigious will always greet you with a smile, and chances are they'll even
Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO). IJO is the largest organ- know your name. If you have never been there, just ask someone
ization of its kind, with over 850 professionally screened jewelers who has!
worldwide. By joining together as independently owned stores we Beacon Light Jewelers also buy gold. They warn about sending
allowed ourselves the purchasing clout to negotiate the best prices your scrap gold to unknown businesses, and of jewelry parties.
from more than 150 carefully selected, top suppliers in the industry. Charlie is proud to say, "You can always come in and I will per-
Then we are able to pass these savings on to our customers. sonally, professionally access your pieces, and you can always be
Another benefit of reaching IJO status is they can offer you pieces sure of a fair price. And one thing you can be sure of; we have been
that are made exclusively for members of IJO. At Beacon Light in business for over 20 years because we are honest!"
Jewelers you have the opportunity to buy with confidence from a Beacon Light Jewelers Inc. is located at 2484 N. Federal
local family that will design, create, and stand behind the jewelry Hwy. in Lighthouse Point. Call 954-942-9318, or Fax 954-942-
of your dreams…at prices you can afford. 9318, or visit website at: www.beaconlightjewelers.com

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