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ASTM Tribology standards. 1. ASTM D- 4172 Wear preventive characteristics of lubricating fluids. 2.

ASTM D- 4170 Fretting wear protection by lubricating greases. 3. ASTM G-32 Vibratory cavitation erosion test. 4. ASTM G-56 Abrasiveness of ink-impregnated fabric printer ribbons. 5. ASTM G-65 Dry sand/ rubber wheel abrasion test. 6. ASTM G-73 Liquid impingement erosion test. 7. ASTM G-75 Slurry abrasivity. 8. ASTM G-76 Erosion by solid particle impingement using gas jets. 9. ASTM G-77 Ranking resistance of materials to wear using block on ring wear test. 10. ASTM G-81 Jaw crusher gouging abrasion test. 11. ASTM G-83 Crossed- cylinder wear test. 12. ASTM G-98 Galling test. 13. ASTM G-99 Pin on disk test. 14. ASTM G-105 Wet sand/rubber wheel abrasion test. 15. ASTM G-119 Synergism between wear and corrosion. 16. ASTM G-132 Pin abrasion test methods. 17. ASTM G-133 Reciprocating sliding wear test. 18. ASTM G-134 Cavitating liquid jet erosion test. 19. ASTM G-137 Ranking resistance of plastic materials for sliding wear using a block on ring configuration. ASTM Standards on Friction. Lubrication. and Wear Testing D 2266-91(1996) Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Grease (Four-Ball Method) D 2670-95 Test Method for Measuring Wear Properties of Fluid Lubricants (Falex Pin and Vee Block Method) D 3702-94 Test Method for Wear Rate of Materials in Self-Lubricated Rubbing Contact Using a Thrust Washer Testing Machine D 3704-96 Test Method for Wear Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases Using the (Falex) Block on Ring Test Machine in Oscillating Motion D 4170-93 Test Method for Frening Wear Protection by Lubricating Greases D 4172-94 Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method) D 4518-91 Test Methods for Measuring Static Friction of Coating Surfaces D 5183-95 Test Method for Determination of the Coefficient of Friction of Lubricants Using the Four-Ball Wear Test Machine

F 732-82(1991 )el Practice for Reciprocating Pin-on-Flat Evaluation of Friction and Wear Properties of Polymeric Materials for Use in Total Joint Prostheses G 40-95 Terminology Relating to Wear and Erosion G 77-93 Practice for Ranking Resistance of Materials to Sliding Wear G 83-96 Test Method for Wear Testing with Crossed Cylinder G 98-91(1996)el Test Method for Galling Resistance of Materials G 99-95a Test Method for Wear Testing with a Pin-on-Disk Apparatus G 11 5-93e1 Guide for Measuring and Reporting Friction Coefficients G 119-93 Guide for Determining Synergism Between Wear and Corrosion G 132-95 Test Method for Pin Abrasion Testing G 133-95 Test Method for Linearly Reciprocating Ball-on-Flat Sliding Wear