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Suite CRM: An Overview to Oracle EBS CRM R12

Mark Woollen Vice President, CRM Product Strategy

Safe Harbor Statement

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

Oracle At-a-Glance
Globally #1 in Database #1 in Supply Chain Mgmt #1 in Customer Relationship Mgmt #1 in Human Capital Mgmt #1 in Industries
275,000 total customers 220,000 database customers 30,000 applications customers 30,000 middleware customers 17,700 partners 56,000 employees 14,000 developers 7,000 support staff

- Retail - Communications - Public Sector - Professional Services - Financial Services


1. Challenges in the Front Office 2. EBS 12 CRM Release Themes 3. The Solutions in EBS 12 CRM 4. Apps Unlimited Why it Matters 5. Why Oracle is a Great Partner for You 6. CRM Roadmap

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EBS CRM Release 12

EBS CRM R12 Footprint

360 Customer View
Customer Data Hub




Order Management iStore Advanced Pricing Configurator Quoting

Support & Service

Customer Support iSupport Help Desk* Case Management* TeleService Service Contracts Field Service Depot Repair Interaction Center

Field Sales Marketing Trade Management TeleSales Proposals Partner Incentive Comp Management Sales For
Handhelds Sales Contracts

Industry Solutions B2B Product Companies Information Architecture

Contact Center On Demand* Daily Business Intelligence *New Product

EBS CRM Key Fit for Customers and Prospects

Excellent fit for Suite customers

Integrated footprint Out of the box integration to backend Single Data Model

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Expand and grow existing footprint Modular applications, centralized setups Leverage existing infrastructure

Key Release Themes

Solving Key Business Challenges and Adding Value

Enhance Usability

Provide Deeper Industry Flows

Provide Cross-Suite Value

Extend Customer Capabilities

User Adoption

Instant Industry Fit

Added Value from your Partnership with Oracle

Power for the Integrated Corporation

Lower TCO

Enhance Usability - A New User Experience for R12

Simplified user interface and business flows
Reduced pop-ups and
duplicate screens

Re-designed and streamlined

entire workflows

Reduced the number of steps

to complete key tasks

Improved overall look & feel

and visual style

Increased personalization

Improved Workflow in Targeted Areas

Campaign Management Customer Support Collections & Payments Loan Management Financial Consolidation Online Candidate Registration Absence Management Salary Administration Self-Service Purchasing Sourcing Supplier Collaboration Business Intelligence


Provide Deeper Industry Flows

Efficiently resolve issues at the customers convenience regardless of
geographic location

Coordinate the delivery of all global services within a single system

- Self-service & agent-assisted - On-site repair - In-house repair & refurbishment - Outsourced / 3rd party services - Internal issues (help desk) - Investigations (case mgmt)

Increase revenues while decreasing contact, research & execution costs

Case Management
Manage key activities related to cases / clients / involved parties and securely share information across geographies or agencies

Customer Support
Initiate service requests 24x7 plus interact with service reps online via new screens for internal & external customers

Field Service
Coordinate service delivery across time zones, schedule outsourced services globally, utilize digital maps to route reps


Provide Cross-Suite Value

Agent Desktop Low cost and secure entry into CTI Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Flexibility COD Client URL Push

New On-Demand Software Replaces Costly Contact Center Infrastructure

Direct CTI Integration

COD Adapter for EBS

Contact Center

Basic SDK

Add new offices, business units and users Extend to outsourced call centers Customers Extend existing Oracle deployments Use existing telephone assets Business continuity / Disaster recovery

SR Form, TeleSales, Collections


COD Web Server COD Web Service Interface



Contact OnDemand Platform CTI, ACD, IVR

Recording Monitoring


CTI link

Message Transport

Contact OnDemand


Extend Customer Capabilities

Instant-Value Integrations first EBS CRM to

Contact Center On-Demand will be first available

New Versions of All Product Lines this

release and more to come

Applications Unlimited ability to stay on the

EBS platform migrate when and if you choose to

Lower Total Cost of Ownership - R12 Data Hubs

Provide a unified view of
customer data Synchronize data
in near real-time*

Protect and share information

assets across all systems

Apply a Standardized Open

Integration Platform

Customers, Suppliers, Products,


Standardize, cleanse
and enrich data

Support key interactions

Orders Contracts Service history Leverage pre-built analytics Also New or Enhanced in R12 Object-based Trading Community
Architecture simplifies integration*



More Data Quality Management


*New in R12


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R12 Product Highlights


EBS CRM R12 Footprint

360 Customer View
Customer Data Hub




Order Management iStore Advanced Pricing Configurator Quoting

Support & Service

Customer Support iSupport Help Desk* Case Management* TeleService Service Contracts Field Service Depot Repair Interaction Center

Field Sales Marketing Trade Management TeleSales Proposals Partner Incentive Comp Management Sales For
Handhelds Sales Contracts

Industry Solutions B2B Product Companies Information Architecture

Contact Center On Demand* Daily Business Intelligence *New Product


R12 Marketing
Complete Campaigns Workbench
OA Framework-based campaign
management & execution Support for end-to-end campaign management Enhanced & improved user flows to facilitate collaborative campaign setup*

Event-based Marketing
Simple and complex triggers for
customer state monitoring Analytics to determine customer insight and audit trigger effectiveness Out-of-the-box seed rules for support scenarios, including sales contracts

Inbound Marketing
Marketing, informational message in
iSupport Marketing cross-sell/upsell in Contact Center

New or Enhanced in R12

Superior Ownership Experience Improved Usability Better Closed-Loop Analytics Improved fulfillment management*
*New in R12

Global Processes Support

Account Planning with new tools, i.e.
SWOT Analysis, Scorecards, Business Driver Analysis* View Business Activities Across Operating Units View Business Hierarchies

R12 Sales

Improved User Productivity

Periodic Recurring Charges* Opportunity Reports* Enhanced Quote & Proposals
generation with PDF support & intelligent templates Proposals collaboration

Enhanced Mobility
Outlook Email Interactions capture Extensible SMS and e-mail alerts
notification framework

Also New or Enhanced in R12 Look and Feel* Access Control by Transaction* Multi-Organization Access Control* XML Publisher* Opportunity Owner* & Territory
Administration B2C Selling Daily Business Intelligence Sales Manager Dashboard

F l a g fo r I n te ra c t i o n

*New in R12


R12 eCommerce
Increase user adoption with
an enhanced user experience New look and feel* Optimized B2B and B2C check
out flows Improved order tracking user experience

Increase revenue with new

online ordering capabilities Streamlined customer / partner
ordering* Integration with third party procurement software*

Optimize online initiatives

with Web Analytics Monitor site adoption* Optimize online partnerships* Telecommunication Service ordering support
New service ordering* Service change* Recurring payment support*

*New in R12


R12 Orders
Increase user adoption
with an enhanced user experience New look and feel* Enhanced ATP Sales Supplement Quote across business units Configurable defaulting rules

Improved Extensibility,
Security Improved install base and
service contracts integration

Credit card encryption Configuration tags for UI

generation, model migration

Enhanced Telco support

Recurring charges support* Extended warranty support in
network container models*

TSO enabled call centers*

*New in R12


R12 Service & Support

Industry Configurations and
Products Case Management* Service Desk* Telecom Service Ordering & Billing

Greater Customer Service

Capabilities Expanded solution set in HTML More extensibility, better information
access & control, new automation and interaction features

Many industry capabilities enhance

overall product

Improved Contact Center

Enhanced customer management
and business flow

More integration options

Enhanced self service support

Remote Online Support through

Advanced knowledge search via

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search* *New in R12

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Oracle Partner with Us

Large Cross-Industry Customer Base

Asset Intensive


Public Services


More Household Names in Every Industry

Hudsons Bay Company


Most Experience Making Customers Successful

Award Winning Customer Support
9 9

Only enterprise software service organization certified by J.D. Power STAR Awards Hall of Fame member with five Software Technical Assistance Recognition Awards since 1989 SSPA Award for Innovative Support, 2005 SSPA WebStar Awards2003, 2005 Best Customer Service Organization, International Business Awards Awards. 2005 Stevie Award for Best Support Team in EMEA

9 9 9 9


Most Experience Making Customers Successful

Five Critical Areas Drive CRM Project Success
CRM Success Depends on More than Software
Technology Strategy


19% 21% 22%



The most-critical success factors for implementing CRM are managing expectations, knowing the scope, choosing the right approach, focusing on end users, understanding your sponsors and balancing customizations to the software. - B. Eisenfeld, Gartner Research Note: Critical Success Factors for Implementing CRM, June 2004

User Adoption
Based on detailed analysis of Siebel deployments Input from over 17,000 end user interviews Interviews with project team, business sponsors, end users


Most Proven Implementation Approach

The Customer Experience Blueprint

defined steps for customers to achieve business results Based on experiences with over 4000 customers and 3.5M users The only framework focused on customer facing solutions


The Best Customer Experience


Quality Cost Ease of use Technical Support Easy to do business with Innovative Company Overall Satisfaction 72% 43% 44% 53% 48% 75% 79%

55% 31% 27% 39% 29% 63% 67%

% respondents indicating a positive response Source: Walker Informations 2005 Hardware and Software customer loyalty report


Most Open Application Infrastructure

Portal 168 compliant ETL Tools Standard Integration via Webservices Standard Java Server with 3rd party support Content Management Collaboration Native BPEL Central management of entire tech stack Identity Management LDAP Directory Certificate Authority Federated Identity (SAML, Liberty) Intrusion Detection Auditing

Open Standards Increase Choice, Reduce Cost, and Speed Innovation

No 3rd party Wrappers, Proprietary J2EE 1.3, no 3rd party support 3rd party 3rd party, limited to Portal Import/Export No No No No Limited No No

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Oracle is aggressively adopting standards to ensure that its software can be intermixed with other standards-based offerings. SAPs platform still relies on a number of proprietary SAP protocols and technologies, even as the vendor moves to adopt standards-based configurations. Summit Strategies Nov 2005


Market Leading Middleware

Coordinate Business Activities Across Oracle, Custom, & Legacy Apps

HIGHEST RATED Ranked #1 by Forrester Research FASTEST GROWING

33K 33K

Oracle Oracle SAP SAP

# Middleware Customers



7,500 Partners 4,800 ISVs 28,000+ consultants

Open standards: J2EE, WS-*, WS-SCA,

UDDI, AJAX, Java Server Faces, DHTML, BPEL, LDAP, SAML, .

Sources: Forrester Application Platform Wave (April 2005); Gartner Enterprise Application Server Magic Quadrant, Q2 2005; Oracle Survey 30 Results, 2005

Lower IT Costs through System Consolidation

Only Oracle

Supports all languages and

localizations in same database

Scales to very large volumes

via RAC and Grid Computing

Lower Cost

Better Automation

Better Information

Consolidate data centers Administer fewer systems For each new flow,
leverage existing setups and reference data

Standardize, document,
and audit processes

All detail available

for drilldown

Integrated crossapplication business flows

Deploy DBI in weeks

vs. quarters or years for a traditional warehouse


Oracles Single Global Database

Oracle saves over $1 billion annually using a single global database Merged 40 data centers worldwide into 1 database Reduced overall IT cost by 46% Reduced cost of expense transactions by 70% Increased sales force productivity by 10-20% Reduced web support cost per request by 60% Consolidated IT infrastructure of acquired
companies into Oracles single global database
6.4 terabytes of data 13.2B rows of data 101 operating units 533 sets of books 374,000 people 208,000 projects 307,000 vendors 1.45M customers 42.7M AR invoice lines 11M AP invoices 4.7M sales orders 40.7M sales order lines


Secure the Global Enterprise

Address global security pressures with a comprehensive security portfolio
Risk Without control of data integrity and access, business risk increases Manageability Multiple user communities require management (clerical, self-service, customers, suppliers) Cost User provisioning, de-provisioning and re-provisioning are often manual and labor-intensive Audit & Compliance Government mandated accountability is driving new scrutiny of security

Provide enterprise-wide,
standards-based security - Single sign-on - Corporate directory - Access / identity management - Identity federation

Simplify security administration

- Decentralized, delegated user admin - Automated & self-service provisioning
with approvals - Extended IT and system admin security with DB tools (e.g. DB Vault)

Continuously monitor environment

- Security dashboard / reports - Best practice & typical violations


Configure, Dont Customize

Tailor your systems without programming

9 Accelerate systems

9 Preserve configurations
through upgrades

9 Eliminate costly

Flexfields User definable data key Folders User tailorable forms Workflow Configurable business process flow Custom Library Directory for customer extensions (forms) OA Framework / Forms Personalization Configurable page look & feel, navigation, tabs, fields, buttons XML Publisher Flexible report / document output


Next Gen. Business Process Mgmt

Integrate Oracle, 3rd party & legacy apps to extend process automation

Quickly integrate
Oracle EBS PeopleSoft Financials Custom Order Application

heterogeneous applications using an intuitive, graphical UI

Manage system
BPEL Process Manager
Business Process Step 1 Step 2 Standard Interfaces Cross-application maps Step 4 Step 5

performance via web with a user-friendly console

Step 3

Reduce connectivity
headaches with pre-packaged, standard interfaces for applications and legacy systems

Siebel CRM

Mainframe HR Application

New Web Application

Built on widely adopted

industry standard language (BPEL)


Comprehensive Integration Repository

Simplify and accelerate systems connectivity
A Catalog of All EBS Integration Points
Web Services Public Java & PL/SQL APIs Business Events Batch Interfaces

Enable key integration types

Business to Business Enterprise Application Integration Business Process Management Business Activity Monitoring

Support industry-standard messages Support standards-based XML documents Search and view available interfaces via powerful UI Automatically keep in step with source code via standard patching


Apps Management Pack for EBS

Consolidate and simplify systems management

Manage entire systems

infrastructure (apps, middleware, DB, H/W) from a single console

Provide visibility across dev, test,

and production systems

Proactively monitor KPIs and

events with alert notifications

Drive root cause analysis with

graphical topology views and config / patch level comparisons

Accelerate EBS provisioning with

automated system cloning

Open integration with 3rd party

products and mgmt frameworks


E-Business Suite Patching

Simplify maintenance and minimize system downtime
Ensure patch compatibility with
customers installation and automatically alert for incompatibility

Leverage faster programs to analyze

patch prerequisites

Generate custom read me

instructions based on customerspecific setup and configuration

Automatically consolidate read me

instructions for multiple patches and eliminate redundant steps

Automatically detect patches that

have already been downloaded (i.e. maintain download history)


Multi-Org Access
Increase the efficiency of shared services and single database operations with streamlined ACCESS, processing, &reporting across operating units

Belgium Perform multiple tasks across operating units (OUs) without changing responsibilities
Legal Entity

Legal Entity

Legal Entity

Operating Unit

Operating Unit

Operating Unit

Single Responsibility

For Example:

Define and manage OUs from a central location View and manage customers across OUs Enter and pay invoices across OUs Receive goods across any OU Negotiate with suppliers for your enterprise, not just your OU


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The CRM Roadmap


Extend Your Capabilities

New Versions of All Product Lines

Past 18 Months Version 8.9 Version 8.12 Version A7.3 & A8.1 Version 11i.10 Version 7.8

Coming Soon Version 9.0 Version 9.0

Version A9.1 Version 12 Version 8

Extension of All Product Lines Will Continue into the Future


Applications Unlimited
Stay on the Applications Product Line of Your Choice

Continued Product Releases Customer Driven Product Roadmaps Dedicated Development Teams No Forced Upgrades

Tailored for Your Industry, Processes and Geography


Continued Commitment to CRM Innovation

Protect Extend Evolve
Next 12 Months 2008
Protect, Extend


SOA Enabled

Siebel 8.0 PeopleSoft 9.0 EBS R12 EnterpriseOne 9.0 World 9.1

Siebel 8.x PeopleSoft 9.x EBS R12.x EnterpriseOne 9.x World 9.x

Siebel 8.x PeopleSoft 9.x EBS R12.x EnterpriseOne 9.x World 9.x


Extend, Evolve

Oracle Application Integrations o Siebel On-Demand to EBS o Siebel Hosted Call Center to EBS

More Business Value Integrations

More Business Value Integrations

SOA Composite

o Siebel Order Capture to Oracle Order Management o Siebel CRM to i-Flex Banking Account Execution


Evolve to Fusion

Next Generation Self-Service

SOA Native

Fusion CRM V1 (Cross-Industry Apps) Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO)

Fusion CRM for Industries