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Rohit Gupta B.

Tech Eletrical Engineering IIT Roorkee

rohitgupta0810@gmail.com +91-9611655003

Work Experience Intuit(May 2012 - Present)

Working as an Application operations Engineer.

tBits Global(May 2011 May 2012)

Worked at tBits from May 2011 to May 2012 as a Software Developer. My job consist of developing plugins for the original product, revamp of existing modules, assessing code and bug fixation and familiarization with the components of the core product. The key technologies/programming languages I used were Java, SQL, Servlets, JDBC for database connectivity and for the UI part Google Web Toolkit was used. My Significant Projects and other contributions at tBits have been: * Worked on the Import of data from excel files to the tBits system. It is the 'programmed' version of the Transmittal plugin. It is generally the first step for any project done by tBits. * Rewrote the transmittal plugin, which is the most used component of the product, adding new functionalities to its wizard and spotting and resolving critical errors like failure of transmission of documents and loss of other metadata during the process. * Developed Approval Wizard Plugin whose functionality is per se similar to transmittal plugin. * Developed a 'ZipUploader' plugin, which allows user to just upload the zip file containing documents and then processes the data in various steps to generate meta-data for tBits system. Basically it is pretty much like Import from Excel only difference is that it is Import from a zip file. * Studied the architecture of admin panel module, Developed plugin for that module and did intensive bug fixing for it. * Developed a web application rating a list of companies in a particular sector according to certain criteria. The project is a servlet web application, which requires user to enter list of the websites of the companies and search criteria keywords, and gives the results of the ranking of websites. It makes use of the open source search engine 'Sphider 3.5' for indexing the websites and getting the search results. * Developed Inspection Call Plugin from the scratch for a leading client. Wrote the UI part and the Backend of the plugin and currently in process of making it generic.

Freelance Project (Jan 2011-Mar 2011 )

The project belonged to a leading government organization and it consists of designing a couple of forms and their database connectivity. Although it was pretty straight-forward per se but due to the presence of 200

odd fields, I used Regular Expressions extensively which simplified the workflow a lot. The project helped me familiarize with technologies like JSP, Oracle database, JDBC,JSON Serialization, Web development using eclipse IDE.

Interests and Software Skills

Interests: Algorithm Design, Machine Learning

Programming Languages: Java, C++, SQL, Shell Programming Operating Systems: Software Packages: Miscellaneous: Linux, Windows Eclipse, SVN, ANT, Octave, JDBC GWT, MS-SQL, Oracle

Education Bachelors of Technology Class 12th Class 10th IIT Roorkee 2006-2010 GPA 7.02 2005-06

Modi Public School Kota

MVM Public School Budaun 2003-04

Additional Courses(offered on www.coursera.org)

1: Machine Learning (Aug 2012 October 2012 expected) Enrolled in the Machine Learning course offered by Stanfords professor Andrew Ng. Course consists of Video lectures about fundamental Machine Learning techniques along with programming assignments, which are graded online. 2: Algorithm Design and Analysis (6 weeks) This course was offered by Stanfords professor Tim Roughgarden. Courses consist of lectures on important Algorithms and Data structures like Sorting Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, BST along with programming assignments, which were graded online.

The other ongoing courses in which I am enrolled are Natural Language Processing(Stanford University ), Algorithms(Princeton University ), Neural Networks(Toronto University), Web Intelligence and Big Data(IIT D) .

Honors and Achievements:

1: All India Rank of 1293 in IIT-JEE 2006. . 2: All India Rank of 506 in AIEEE 2006

Personal Information
Data of Birth: 08-Oct-1989 Gender: Male Present Address: F-1304 Purva Founation Square Marathalli Bangalore Interests: Seinfeld, Godfather, Batman, Crime and Punishment