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Keyboard Shortcut Settings

In Scribus 1.3.x, the keyboard shortcuts are completely revised. There is still some ongoing work, so the most updated information is here: http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Keyboard_Shortcuts_by_Key See also: Mouse Usage Hints Note: Keyboard Short Cuts are completely customizable and can be exported for use on other machines under the Keyboard Preferences.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts for Scribus 1.3.x Function Keys

Function Show Help Manual Show Properties Palette Show Layers Palette Toggle All Palettes Toggle All Guides Insert Unicode Character Shortcut F1 F2 F6 F10 F11 F12 + 4 digit hex value

Control, Shift, Alt Keys

Function Select All Deselect All Copy Copy Contents (Images Only) Paste Contents (Images Only) Absolute Paste Contents (Images Only) Get Text or Image depending on selection Item Duplicate Image Effects Search and Replace Lock Item Lock Item Size Group Items Shortcut Control-A Control-Shift-A Control-C Control +Shift+C Control +Shift+P Control +Alt+Shift+P Control-D Control+Alt+Shift+D Control-E Control-F Control-L Control-Shift-L Control-G 1

Ungroup Item Document Information Delete Item New File Open File Print Quit Save Save As Paste Close File Cut Edit with Story Editor Undo Redo Select All DeSelect All Zoom to fit Zoom to 100% Zoom In Zoom Out Smart Hyphen Non Breaking Space Insert Page Number Raise Lower Raise to top Lower to bottom New Line Frame Break Column Break Stacked Objects, next in Z-order Resizing object when other object on top Resize proportionally

Control+Shift+G Control-I Control-K Control-N Control-O Control-P Control-Q Control-S Control-Shift-S Control-V Control-W Control-X Control-Y Control-Z Control-Shift-Z Control-A Control-Shift-A Control-0 Control-1 Control-Plus Control-Minus Control-Shift-Minus Control-Space Control-Alt-Shift-P Control-Home Control-End Home End Shift-Return Control-Return Control-Shift-Return Control-Shift-LMouse Control-drag Control-drag 2

Move image in image frame without entering frame edit mode Move frame/group with X/Y constrained Rotate a line or when creating a line, constrain the angle of rotation Rotate an existing item on the page other than a line and constrain the angle of rotation Resize to a square

Control-Alt-drag Control-drag Control-drag and rotate Control-drag and rotate Shift-drag

You can constrain objects when re-sizing them with Ctrl-drag. Constraining keeps the aspect ratio the same as the original shape.

Normal Keys
Function A B C E F I N L P R S T U Z Shortcut Insert Table Frame Insert Bezier Curve Select (Temporary until the rest are sorted out) Edit Contents (text in a text frame, or image location in an image frame) Insert Freehand Line Insert Image Frame Link Text Frame Insert Line Insert Polygon Rotate Insert Shape Insert Text Frame Unlink Text Frame Zoom

Story Editor
Esc Ctrl +W Ctrl +S Closes Story Editor Save Changes and Close Story Editor Save File While Editing in Story Editor

Moving and Re-sizing using Arrow Keys

Move item 1 unit (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Arrow key up/down/left/right Move item 10 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Shift+Arrow keys Move item 0.1 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Control+Shift+Arrow keys Resize item 1 unit outwards (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Alt+Arrow keys Resize item 1 unit inwards(current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Shift+Alt+Arrow keys Resize item 10 units outwards (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Control+Alt+Arrow keys Resize item 10 units inwards(current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm) Control+Shift+Alt+Arrow keys

Selection/Navigation Keys
Shift + Left Click = Selecting more than one object. Shift+Cursor Key selects Characters Ctrl+Shift+Cursor Key selects Words Ctrl+Cursor Up/Down selects Lines Ctrl+Home selects Text from the Start to the Cursor Position Ctrl+End selects Text from the Cursor Position to the End Ctrl+Cursor Key moves to the next Word Home moves to the beginning of the line End moves to the end of the line Ctrl+Shift+Click selects the Object beneath another Shift+Click adds an Object to the Selection Ctrl+Alt+Click selects a single Object out of a Groups Overlapping objects - Control shift select any frame on any level on one layer to select it. Then to move or resize the frame you have selected, hold down control. You can constrain objects when re-sizing them with Ctrl&#043drag. Constraining keeps the aspect ratio the same as the original shape.