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VoIP & ONU404i Configuration

@ OLT ME2100# configure terminal ME2100(config-t)# vlan 500 VoIP ME2100(config-t-vlan-500)# member ge1/1,ge2/1 tagged ME2100(config-t-vlan-500)# member ge3/1 untagged ME2100(config-t-vlan-500)# pvid ge3/1 ME2100(config-t-vlan-500)# exit ME2100(config-t)# interface giga-ethernet 3/1 ME2100(config-t-if-ge-3/1)# no shutdown ME2100(config-t-if-ge-3/1)# exit ME2100(config-t)# show interface giga-ethernet 3/1 switchport GE: 3/1 Switchport: Enabled Name: GE-45 MTU: 1532bytes Speed: 100Mbps AdminStatus: Enable Auto Negotiation: Enabled Ingress vlan filter: Disabled Flow Control receive: Enabled Flow Control transmit: Enabled Flow Control receive configured: Enabled Flow Control transmit configured: Enabled Dynamic MAC Learning Mode: Enabled Link Status: Up PVID: 500 Ingress Rate Limit: None Egress Rate Limit: None ** Use this command when ONUs connect in same PON port for open communication between ONUs ME2100(config-t)# interface epon-olt 1/1 ME2100(config-t-if-olt-1/1)# p2p-access policing enabled ** Use this command when ONUs connect in difference PON port for open communication between ONUs ME2100(config-t)# interface giga-ethernet 1/1 ME2100(config-t-if-ge-1/1)# user-isolation disable ME2100(config-t-if-ge-1/1)# exit ME2100(config-t)# interface giga-ethernet 2/1 ME2100(config-t-if-ge-2/1)# user-isolation disable @ ONU

VoIP Configuration

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PC connect to ONU via FE port Enter IP address of ONU in Internet Explorer (Default IP

User name :admin Password :admin

Local Network Configuration Window

VoIP Configuration

Page 2

Uncheck DHCP Client box & Setup VoIP IP Address (IP address at ONU should be same network of IP SIP Server : IP SIP Server =

Layer2 Configuration Window -- > VLAN Setting Add a new VLAN (VLAN 500)

Verify VLAN 500 in Current VLAN

VoIP Configuration

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Config Service tag on CPU for VoIP

Layer2 Configuration Window -- > Port Setting

VoIP Configuration

Page 4

Confirm Port parameter of CPU

Voice Configuration Confirm Systen Setting

Config SIP Parameter (IP address of SIP Server, confirm port 5060)

VoIP Configuration

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Config End Points select Edit

Input Name and Display name then apply

VoIP Configuration

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Confirm Registration status is Registered

Test ping form SIP server to each ONU

VoIP Configuration

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Telnet VoIP IP address of ONU

Test Ping between ONUs

VoIP Configuration

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VoIP Configuration

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