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Shift Manager Job Description

Overall responsibilities To co-ordinate people, product and equipment to ensure a safe, consistent, profitable and smooth running shift. This is achieved by a thorough understanding and awareness of the operation; excellent people skills; quick and effective decision-making; and thorough planning, organising and follow up. A Shift Manager is expected to spend 90% of their time working on the floor. In most restaurants, their role differs from that of an Assistant Manager in that they will not have additional responsibilities such as Managing Training; Scheduling; Planned Maintenance; P&L accounts to control etc. Reports to: Supervises: Designated salaried manager. Hourly paid employees.

Selection Criteria and Process Before starting work on the training outlined below, the employee must attend an interview with the Operations Consultant/Franchisee. If successful, the employee must complete the following list of criteria before being registered for the Shift Managers Course. At the point of registration, the Operations Consultant/Franchisee completes the registration document, which includes sign-off by the Operations Manager. In the case of a Franchised restaurant, the Field Consultant should review the registration document with the Franchisee before it is submitted. Training prerequisites: Modules 1 4 complete, including all shift verification sections. Front, Back and Production Control OCLs completed by the GM/RM within the last month. First Aid at Work Course Basic Hygiene; Electricity at Work; Basic Health & Safety Seminar Production Control training Regional Development Days for Shift Managers Additional requirements: 20 years old (19 is acceptable only in exceptional circumstances) Minimum of 6 months as a Floor Manager Appraisal rating of 4 or above. Available to work at least 2 shifts per week. Training 3 day Shift Management Course in East Finchley. Promotion to Assistant Manager To be promoted to Assistant Manager, the Shift Manager must meet the standard selection criteria for a salaried position. The Shift Manager moves on to the Second Assistant Salary upon promotion. There is no requirement for them to become a Trainee Manager or to re-sit the Shift Management Course (as long as it is not more than 2 years since they attended). The Shift Manager should attend an interview with the Operations Manager/Franchisee, but there is no OJE. Specific duties:

Managing the restaurant Opens and closes shifts without supervision and follows company security, hygiene and safety procedures. Plans the shift using the appropriate pre-shift/shift changeover checklists. Executes the shift plan. Monitors raw and finished product quality before and throughout the shift. Ensures equipment is clean, safe and in good working order. Maintains critical standards for holding times, service speed and quality, raw and finished product quality (including DPSC), cleanliness and sanitation. Ensures all food safety procedures are applied. Supervises delivery of raw and dry products. Follows up on the completion of planned maintenance tasks. Completes daily basic equipment checks (DPSC) and makes necessary time and temperature adjustments. Collects information and completes appropriate incident/accident report records. Communicates regularly with customers to obtain feedback on QS&C. Effectively manages customer complaints and incidents. Uses frequent travel paths to maintain awareness of all areas of the restaurant throughout the shift. Co-ordinates people, product and resources effectively. Leading Through People Positions staff effectively and allocates breaks, secondary responsibilities and to-do lists to each area of the restaurant. Communicates effectively with other managers and staff. Leads by example in all areas throughout the shift. Trains new employees. Provides ongoing coaching and corrective feedback to experienced staff and floor managers using OCLs where appropriate. Uses a combination of directive and participative leadership styles to achieve desired results. Motivates employees by understanding their needs. Builds team spirit to improve performance and productivity. Follows all appropriate HR policies, employment laws, security and safety procedures Applies observation, problem solving and decision making skills to manage the shift effectively. Effectively delegates and follows up to use people resources efficiently. Presents a professional image to customers and employees. Managing the Business Controls labour, waste, cash and yields. Optimises impact of sales building promotions during the shift. Completes daily paperwork, including inventories, HRaT entries, cash sheets, drawer counts and deposits. Orders food, paper and operating supplies.