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Peek at the Week

June 2009
What’s happening in Room 205??

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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Day 1 - Spanish Day 2 – PE Day 3 - Music Day 4 - Spanish Day 5 - PE

Book Report and Final Computation Spelling Test

Diagnostic Test
Friday Fun 
Data Project Due
Field Trip
9:00am – 7:00pm

Parent Board Meeting

Please note date change


Don’t forget to put our  06/01 – Book Report and Reading Log Due We will be leaving school at
5th grade graduation  06/01 – Data Project Due (math) 9:15am and returning back
ceremony on your calendar:  06/01 – Parent Board meeting 6:30pm around 7:00pm. Don’t forget to
 06/02 – Valleyfair (5th Grade Field Trip) plan how you will get home
Wednesday, June 10th at
 06/10 – MN Zoo (All School Field Trip) when we return to school.
6:30pm. You wouldn’t want
 06/10 – 5th Grade Graduation 6:30pm Some students signed up to
to miss this fantastic bring a bag lunch that day…
 06/12 – Last day of school!!
celebration! don’t forget!!

Please continue to check our school website for transition information and updates.
Stay up to date on the exciting changes taking place in our school in the upcoming years!
Ms. Wagoner’s Weekly Newsletter
June 1 – June 5, 2009
What have we been up to?
This week in math, students got
back their Algebra unit tests. Scores
were excellent! We also reviewed mode,
median, and mean to get us prepared
for a data project. Students surveyed
fellow classmates and collected data.
They will put together a project
displaying their results. This project will be
due on Monday, June 1.
We continued our big unit on
Westward Expansion this week. Students
are working in groups, researching a
specific topic they chose about the
Pioneers. They are using books and the
Internet to find some good information.
They will be putting together a written Fun Times at
report and presentation, which will be Camp St. Croix!
due Monday, June 8.
We also did a short unit on the
Circulatory System in health. Students
learned about blood and the important
role the heart plays in our body.
Only two weeks left of the school
year! Next week will be our final week of
Parent Board Meeting Contact Information
spelling. Ms. Sarah Wagoner
The first meeting of the new Parent (651) 653-2854
Board has been rescheduled for
Monday, June 1st at 6:30pm.
The new Parent Board is a merging of Class Website:
the Parkview PTO and the Centerpoint
Coordinating Committee.
We would love to have you attend!