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Almost seven decades ago, India got independence, when its former rulers, decided to quit after
about two centuries of ruling. Many Indians celebrate 15 August as the independence day and feel
very happy. Today was the !
Independence "ay#
$ut I do not, ever since I matured% when I was young, I did participate as a &'' cadet at thec (ed
)ort itself. I remember that day still, but I no longer celebrate or feel happy.
*hy+ ,ave I grown less patriotic+
&o, now I understand the meaning of independence, a bit better. India got independence when a
group of people left India, leaving behind a big legacy. A legacy that we are yet to get free from, a
legacy that we still depend on, so how can we be independent+ Independence is antonym of
*e will be independent only when we much less dependent for most of our needs, whether physical
or mental. *e had a legacy of the best universities, &alanda etc. and now we have to be content to
-now that one of our institute is among the top 5.. educational institutes in the world.
*e were an agrarian economy /may be we are still0 , and yet for decades we had to import food
grains to feed ourselves. And now the prices of food items is s-yroc-eting almost everywhere.
1ur leaders2rulers who we are taught, got us this independence were2are mostly educated in foreign
universities /in 13ford, 'ambridge ,arvard etc0, so they never really got free from what they were
taught, they still depend on what their teachers taught them here, they still need to consult them
before deciding heir policies, so how can we proclaim that we are independent+
*e /the middle class0 still value imported goods much more then what we produce ourselves, in
fact, most of us desire them passionately or are addicted to them. Multinational corporation affect
our choices for goods we consume daily, ore the goods we have to use for defending our borders.
*e still almost worship the members of a particular family, that has amassed a lot of wealth, hence
power in all these years post 4independence4 and vote them to power time and again..
&o my country is not independent as yet, It always has been a dream for all Indians but they have
been fed 5ust an illusion. It was a slave for ages of a colonial power, now it is a virtual slave of
global superpower2s. 6till it is poor. *hile we were called a golden bird in the past, now we cl
amour only that foreigners invest in our country for our development.
And I felt happy, when I heard the 7rime Minister &arendra Modi,s address to the nation,today,
from the ramparts of the historic (ed )ort on the occasion of !
Independence day. e speech
indeed was much different from that his predecessors delivered, and I had heard carefully. ,e tal-ed
about self respect through gainful employment to the youth, of reaching to the poorest Indians
residing in remote villages. It gives me a sense of hope. 8et4s see if he will really prove to be the
desired -ind of leader#
I thin- only one Indian, I -now of, a &obel 7ri9e winner really dreamed of a really independent
India% :urudev (abinra &ath Tagore, 5ust see what he said in this poem;
*here the mind is without fear and the head is held high
*here -nowledge is free
*here the world has not been bro-en up into fragments
$y narrow domestic walls
*here words come out from the depth of truth
*here tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
*here the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
*here the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever<widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my )ather, let my country awa-e.
Rakesh Mohan Hallen

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