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NO. 146 JUNE 2009

The World
World of
of Makjang
Makjang Dramas
to Win
Win Oneself?
Tongyeong Campus
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What Is Your
Academic Destination?
The Pioneer, Campus English Magazine
CONTENTS The World of Makjang Dramas

No.146 June 2009 The Pioneer, Campus English Magazine

Establishing One’s Identity

Tongyeong Campus : A Visit SOCIAL EXPLORER 4
Humanoid Robots
Fair Travel
The Tibet Dispute, 50 Years
Green Buildings : Environmental Conservation
A Life Story : The Radio
Eight Scenic Spots in Jinju

24 WRITING COVER STORY What Is Your Academic Destination ?

Effective Writing in English

26 CAMPUS BRIEFING Early Spring the Sangnim Forest

GNU’s AESRC Receives Support
The Changwon GNU Hospital
Prevention of Desetification Be Possible

How to Win Oneself?

The New Campus Lives of Freshmen
Sexual Discrimination and Violence

Best Safety Best Campus

33 LETTERS TO THE PIONEER TRAVEL 30 Student in Focus: Andrew Blair

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Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine


Establishing One’s Identity

Park Gun-hee Editor-in-Chief

n 1896, the English poet John Milton against us? Those who are on the opposite
said “Give me the liberty to know, to side are the enemy. Many are ignorance of
utter, and to argue freely according to the important fact that individual persons
conscience, above all liberties”. More than exist in every society.
110 years later people have more liberty. People easily commit errors that treat
However, some wise people are still personal outlooks as universal truths. Thus,
watchful because of certain powerful public all university students including GNU
movements such as the internet or media. It students must be responsible to build own
becomes more difficult to find out the truth identity. Establishing one’s opinion
from all events that are happening in the shouldn’t be followed easily by the current
world. People’s thoughts are influenced by of the times. Grow one’s point of view,
strange voices. Accordingly, what people which can be honest and confident.
know and what they believe and what they Our nation has benefited from the
speak are seldom based on the truth. freedom of speech. Now people can express
As watching what is happening in this their thoughts freely through the efforts of
society today, it is more frightful than those who want to give future generations
watching ‘Makjang dramas’ discussed in the liberties we enjoy and fight to protect;
this issue. Confusing the truth, people divide for those who are not prepared to fight for
themselves and fight: are you with us or liberty must be willing to relinquish it. p


The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 1


Tongyeong Campus : A Visit Shin Myung-soo Reporter

The Yacht Club

he GNU campus consists of three atmosphere that fosters familiarity among
sites: 1) The Gajwa campus in students as the enrollment of students for At the College of Marine Science, the
Gajwa-dong, Jinju, 2) the Chiram this campus is 1,200. The Tongyeong Yacht Club members are proud of their
campus in Chiram-dong, Jinju (which is campus has a size ratio of one to six tradition and history of more than twenty
the location for the College of Nursing compared with the Gajwa campus. The years. The total number of students in the
and School of Medicine) and 3) The amount of time needed to get efficiently Yacht Club is about 40. Students usually
Tongyeong campus (which is the location around the campus is not a factor in study the theory of sailing and apply their
for the College of Marine Science). Let’s comparison to the Gajwa campus. knowledge on the weekends. Also,
visit the Tongyeong site and the Chiram Consequently, students know that the students are training at the Tongyeong
site, which perhaps june not be a familiar time it takes to get to their destination is Yacht School, and at the Chungmu
experience to students. We will discuss a small. At the College of Marine Science, Marina.
variety of student activities at the three male students hold a large majority of the To sail safely, proper instruction is
sites. In this issue of The Pioneer, we enrolment. Traditionally, the proportion very important. If a strong wind becomes
will introduce the Tongyeong campus to of males is high because there june a reality, safety measures are practiced.
GNU students. In the next issue of The possibly be a sexual discrimination in the Also, the Yacht Club puts an emphasis on
Pioneer we will introduce the Chiram marine science industry. In addition, the participation of the members. The Yacht
campus. school lacks convenient facilities for Club has won many domestic and foreign
The College of Marine Science is female students because of this difference awards including the first prize in Korea
situated in Tongyeong, which is in male/female ratio. of the International Yacht Race Cup, and
described as a port city due to the natural There are a variety of clubs offered. second prizes in International Laser. The
barriers for military defense. The College The students are always energetic, and Yacht Club has entered various other
of Marine Science has a high admission goals and objectives are met as a events as well. The Yacht Club is also
rate, and ultimately a high employment consequence of studying diligently. going to participate at the International
rate of graduates from this site. Yacht and the National Maritime Police
The Tongyeong campus provides an Agency Yacht Contests this year.
2 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine
Pictured by Park Gun-hee
Department of Maritime Police & Production System
The number of students in The and knowledge of dockyard areas. Also, history. The reason is perhaps due to the
Department of Maritime Police & the students june expand their studies in passion the individual professors display
Production Systems is approximately 30 the fishing industry as well as the sea when presenting interesting material as
based on an annual calculation. The industry. The students can get training and part of the course of study. Professors
department’s original name was the practical business education abroad give supplementary lessons to students
Department of Maritime Production. supported by the GNU. and aid students with valuable advice.”
Students learn Maritime English, law, The President of the Department of Thus, the Department of Maritime
ship applications, theories of sailing, etc. The Maritime Police & Production Police & Production Systems advances
The curriculum permits students to Systems, Jo Hyeon-yong said, “We are continuously.
choose a career related to customs, proud of the high employment rate over a
Korean Maritime and Port administration, substantial period of time in our college

G.B.S ( Gyeongsang Broadcasting Station )

A broadcasting station at the College the College of Marine Science. There are broadcasting station tries to provide
of Marine Science broadcasts by audio. many applicants for the broadcasting interesting broadcasts even if the
Reporters in the G.B.S broadcast music in program every year. Also, the broadcasting station’s facility is not
the morning. Campus news, social issues, broadcasting festival of G.B.S is held optimal. The G.B.S has a long history,
and old movies, etc. are topics that are annually in November. Many students dating back over 40 years because of
broadcast in the afternoon. The G.B.S participate in the festival because it is a dedication among staff. The G.B.S will
broadcast makes the campus atmosphere fun activity and is well known. continue to progress as the years unfold. p
lively. G.B.S reporters work hard and are
The G.B.S influence is expansive at disciplined severely if necessary. The audtn0605@gnu.ac.kr

Pictured by Park Gun-hee

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 3

The World of
Makjang Dramas Cho Ah-ra Cover News Editor

goods and services. Therefore they can

S O C I A L E X P L O R E R reduce their stress by watching Makjang
dramas with its fast moving plot. We,

here is a woman is poor have affected the heart of Korean however, must consider that Makjang
who but cheerful. She has society. Korea’s economy is expanding, dramas june be more bad than good.
an encounter with a man and it influences on the Korean people Therefore, they evoke some negative
and then falls in love with having their own personalities such as in effects. First of all, it encounters
him. Although they the Ppallippalli culture. In that case, criticism on making configurations.
undergo trials such as a memory Makjang dramas gratify our desires as Most people prefer dramas which have
blackout, rivals, and a secret of birth, well as reflect our society. There exist high rating to current issue programs,
they keep their love and finally go off extreme issues such as serial murders, which can be as dry as dust. The Pioneer
into the sunset. It is a Makjang drama. If scandals, and lamentable suicide of reporters would like to explain what a
you are a Korean person, you must have popular entertainers. Therefore, these good drama is. We know about many
heard about the word, ‘Makjang’. We issues have an effect on composing uncompleted scripts, the extended
can easily define the meaning of dramas because television viewers want televising of popular, rating centered
‘Makjang’ as a blind end. In other to experience satisfaction (which is programs, and provocative and trite
words, there is a person who roughed it called catharsis) by way of abusing contents. Finally, people are excited
for a while in life through difficulties. wicked characters. about it for perhaps eight primary
A famous proverb, literature is a If so, why do you think that Korean reasons: an adulterous relationship,
mirror of society, is something that we television viewers just love Makjang memory blackouts, a secret of birth, a
have heard at least once in our lives. The dramas, and why do these Makjang betrayal of a character’s confidence, an
meaning of the proverb is that literary dramas arise in Korea? Korean people incurable disease, conflict between the
works and a social background can react have suffered from economic crisises mother-in-law and daughter-in-law,
upon each other. On account of these such as increasing prices, freezing of social position and revenge. p
interactions, in Korea, Makjang dramas unemployment, and lower demand for

4 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

Makjang Drama's
Eight Factors
Park Ji-hae Reporter

n weekday evenings, most Koreans come together in front of the television. Koreans love Makjang Dramas. They
give full play to their imaginations. Unfortunately, imagination is not always good. These days, people watch
television feeling abused and angry. There are four typical Makjang dramas. This column shows you the eight
factors of Makjang dramas by examples of four typical Makjang dramas.

#1. Conflict between the mother-in-law #2. An Incurable Disease

and the daughter-in-law
Recently, one of the drama’s most famous factors is a conflict The story of the drama ‘You're My Destiny,’
between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. ‘You’re My Destiny which aired on the 9th of January, 2009 is far from
(KBS, 2008)’ which is a popular drama shows conflict between the realistic. The heroine's mother and mother-in-law
mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law very well. The mother-in-law suffer from leukemia and their bone-marrow both
thinks that her son was cajoled into a marriage by the daughter-in-law. matched the heroine's. The heroine suffered from an
So, she hates her daughter-in-law and lets her wash the bed clothes in incurable disease in the past. But these days, the
the depth of winter; deep attachment and desire about her son result in villains that suffer from incurable diseases likely to be
abusing her daughter-in-law. Finally, this conflict gets solved and the punished by Heaven. The most typical drama is,
drama ends. Women avoid marriage these days. There are many ‘Temptations of the Wife.’ The drama story solves
reasons women avoid marriage. One of the reasons is the potential the problem through an incurable disease which can
conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. That be an excuse for everything that is a problem. The
understanding june result from Makjang dramas that have this factor. drama that has an influence on society must be
The trend of public opinion can be corrected. realistic.

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 5

#3. Conflict Between #6. A Love Triangle
Enemies It is a familiar situation to
Betrayal and revenge are drama’s Koreans because most Korean
trendy factors. A villain betrays the dramas have this factor. Two
heroine and the betrayal brings about heroes that are rich and
revenge. It's the story line of the drama handsome love one heroine. It is
‘Temptation of Wife.’ Television viewers easy to see around us, too. If
feel catharsis and an agreeable feeling. you are a woman, you june
Surely, it must gain a larger audience. want to experience that situation
Makjang dramas that have this factor once.
can make young boys and girls consider
betrayal and revenge. We shouldn’t
overlook this fact. #7. Loss of Memory
When it comes to memory
loss, these dramas are
#4. Immoral Intimacy sometimes rather boring. In
A heroine’s husband is having an ‘Man Rather than Flower’ the
affair with her best friend. Her best friend drama’s hero loses his memory;
tries to kill the heroine. The heroine has it is commonplace but
an abortion. Finally, a heroine plans interesting. ‘Winter Love Song’
revenge. The drama's abominable cruelty is the legend of a drama
is continued beyond acceptable levels. exploring the loss of memory.
The question at issue is that television
viewers like these adrenaline charged
episodes. The drama 'Once Again but
Detestable’, first broadcast on the 4th of
February 2009, has an immoral intimacy #8. Freezing of Social
Why do many dramas tackle Position
immorality recently? Immoral intimacy The Cinderella story: a self-
becomes a common matter and divorce made woman, and a rich
can be found all around us in Korea. outstanding man. These are the
Perhaps we june have to consider that factors that most Korean dramas
problem. have. These are never removed
factors. And further, dramas are
one part of the society,
#5. Secret of Birth especially dramas that reveal a
The secret of birth appears when it woman’s mind is a large reason
reverses another actor’s destiny. This to watch. Women want a man
factor has been used in many famous with more intelligence than her
dramas including ‘Fall Fairy Tales’, either consciously or
‘Females of Sun’ and especially ‘The subconsciously. Dramas that
East of Eden’, which records audience have these factors will gain
ratings to be over 30%. Reason why this television viewers’ love forever. p
factor arises in Korea june be because ha_e21@gnu.ac.kr
the drama writers’ imagination is
lacking. They choose the box office
factor to write dramas instead of
something original and striking.

6 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine


oreans live in a Makjang drama world. People who always
criticize Makjang dramas enjoy them. The ratings are high.
People are already addicted although people know that
Makjang dramas are harmful. People are acquainted with them, aren't
shocked with provocative situations and can't distinguish between the
real world and the world of drama. Moreover the drama makers want to
Link like
grow wealthy and become famous by producing these highly popular
dramas. To get high rating means that most things connected with these
dramas will be famous and matters of concern. What are the problems
Mobius Strip
encountered by the producers, and how does the audience adjust to this? Lee Young-joo Reporter

Markers’ Problems What are the problems of Makjang dramas? There are numerous incomplete scripts, the
extended televising of popular programs, and provocative and trite content.
First, the scripts of dramas are often not complete. When the dramas consist of incomplete scripts this makes the audience
confused because these scripts lack unity.
Second, the dramas often get an extension on its running time based on ratings. When this happens, the producer sometimes
adds unnecessary scenes which lead to poor story lines, and these stories cause the audience to lose interest.
Lastly, the makers produce more provocative content than before. They think the more provocative the content is the higher the
rating gets. Therefore, provocative dramas are produced which they hope will be remembered by the audience. Furthermore, most
dramas don't have their own colors or focus on repetitive methods. They don't try to experiment, avoiding taking risks.

Mobius Strip?

Audiences’ Problems Are there any troubles for the audience who has already known problems of the dramas? They
have two problems: uncritical acceptance and stereotyped styles in vogue.
First, the audience watches the dramas as a pastime, preferring light humor only. They don't want to exert their critical thoughts
and to think about the dramas deeply. Then, the dramas become just something for people to gossip about and they cash in on
these attitudes. Moreover, some viewers who don't criticize harmful scenes of dramas can't distinguish reality from fiction and june
act out these scenes in the real world.
Second, when a drama becomes famous, styles of characters also will be in vogue. People regard themselves as clones of the
characters by wearing the same clothing as they do. If people don't have the style items of famous drama characters, people even
think they are behind the trend owing to stereotyped styles in vogue. Often, the popular style at the moment can be a result of the
style of the actors in these dramas. Most people just follow their styles blindly without thoughts of own style and individuality.

The connection of drama makers and the

audience is similar to the Mobius strip that has
an indefinite boundary. People can't separate the
wrongdoers from the victims of the dramas.
What is clear is that those responsible for
producing these dramas and the audience
influence each other continuously.
The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 7
Dramas in the Capitalistic Society
What does drama mean in a
capitalistic society? It means that one of
the characters makes money, and the high
popularity ratings guarantee fame and
To get high ratings, the audience must
be interested and they want to see
provocative, trite contents and popular
star castings in dramas. While getting
tired of trite contents, ironically, they set
up dramas typically and unconsciously
and then expect viewers to watch it. In
addition, casting directors often choose
main actor or actress who is famous in
foreign countries without consideration of
their abilities, because they think about
exportation of the drama abroad.
Dramas are only means to make
money in a capitalistic society, and then
they are judged secondary and lose their
essence. Are there any solutions to stop
making Makjang dramas in a capitalistic
There are two solutions to solve this
problem. At first, the system that
calculates popularity ratings has to be
changed. Recently, the audience watches
dramas through the Internet but popularity
ratings are still evaluated through
television. However, the current system
can't determine various viewers opinions
and reflect popularity. If the rating system
is solely used it june prevent a more
diverse content for television dramas.
There are two solutions to solve this
problem. The first solution is perhaps the
system that calculates popularity ratings
has to be revised. Recently, viewers watch
dramas by way of the Internet; however
popularity ratings are still evaluated in one time or two times. They don't have
through television. However, the current incomplete scripts, extended televising,
system cannot determine viewer’s and they can treat varied contents.
opinions and accurately reflect popularity Besides, the script' constructions based on
of the content. If this rating system is used literary or contest works are firm. These
only it june prevent a more diverse experiments will have dramas'
content for television dramas. developments and the audience also aren't
Lastly, situation dramas and scripts tired of dramas' new experiments and can
based on literary or contest works can be choose suitable drama to them. p
an alternative method. They have endings yjlee0710@gnu.ac.kr

8 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

The Good Drama Best 5
190 GNU students answered in April, 2009

A Masterpiece 1st My name is Kim Sam-sun

(MBC, 2005)

Beyond Makjang Dramas

Jeong Ki-hyeong Reporter

e have talked about Makjang dramas. Now, it’s time to discuss
good dramas. What do you think a good drama is There can be a
lot of standards. Dramas are organized into many parts. Each part
will be a key point to decide whether the drama is a good drama or not.
These two parts can be divided into two general parts such as story values 2nd Dae Jang Guem
andor the quality of direction and production. According to Kim Kyeong-min, (MBC, 2003~2004)
director of the Famous drama, Damo (MBC, 2003), the story needs to have
unity, consistency and perhaps most important of all, entertaining values. A
clear message is also needed for a good story. He also mentions that the
drama’s quality is important. Let’s think about a good drama in these two
kinds of standards.
A good story has to be entertaining and interesting of course, but there are
more conditions for story values. A good story should focus on one theme,
and the message has to be clear. Many themes june cause much confusion.
Sometimes, novelty subjects are welcome for most of viewers. Novelty 3rd I’m Sorry, I Love You
subjects are good to concentrate on one theme. The fourth ranked drama, (KBS, 2004)
Beethoven Virus (MBC, 2008) was attended because it was the first classical
music drama in Korea. There has been no music drama before it.
A touching story line is also important. The most popular subject in
Korean drama is love but it’s not the case that every love theme drama is
touching. A 2004 sensational hit drama, I’m Sorry, I Love You (KBS) is
remembered by many people. Polls have shown the best drama is My Name is
Kim Sam-sun (MBC, 2005) dealing with thoughtful suggestions about love.
Good dramas are not made by good stories only. Directing, lighting,
cameras and artistic skills are necessary ingredients for good dramas. More
importantly, every factor has to be balanced. Dae Jang Guem (MBC,
2003~2004) is one of the most valuable dramas in Korea which is known as a
high quality drama. It has been exported to many Asian countries.
Acting directly delivers every condition to the viewers. Actually, viewers
feel the drama by the actor’s performance. So acting is also a main condition.
Ha Yan Geo Tap (MBC, 2007) is famous because of the actor’s performance.
4th Beethoven Virus
Kim-Myeong-min, the main actor of a medical drama who became one of the
(MBC, 2008)
best actors by his many excellent performances.
Many unrealizable settings are evident when there is no clear message in
Makjang dramas. These dramas just follow the enjoyment of the people.
There can’t be quality direction and production because of bad plots and poor
working conditions. There is some miscasting because of the popularity of the
Producers and consumers both need to make an effort. Korean drama
producers and staff have the ability to make good dramas. Viewers should
think about good dramas. There are many standards for great drama. If people 5th Heo Jun
consider about these more, there would be masterpieces. p wjdrg@gnu.ac.kr (MBC, 1999~2000)
The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 9

Humanoid Robots Kim Ji-yeong Dept. of Public Administration

uppose you encountered a robot with its
overall appearance resembling a human body?
In your mind’s eye, what do you imagine the
robot’s appearance to be? Perhaps in the future there
will be humanoid robots with faces that are very
similar to those of humans.’ Advanced industrial
science has created walking, talking and even smiling
robots. One British robot played the ‘rock, scissors,
paper game’ with a human, and this robot was also
built to mimic human gestures at the London Science
Museum in February, 2009. A Japanese female robot
made its debut at a fashion show at the end of March,
2009. The Japanese robot was designed to look like
an average Asian woman, having a beautiful face and
black bobbed hair.
The robots that resemble humans are called ‘humanoids.’ The humanoid robot can adapt to changes in its environment and
continue to develop as a result. Only in science fiction have robots dared to have the appearance indistinguishable from a real
The above mentioned is the main difference between a humanoid robot and other varieties of robots. Moreover, another
humanoid robot can gather information by using visual clues and perception and also interact with the environment. Various
characteristics of humanoid robots will be developed and consequently june bring more complexity to a human world. p

Fair Travel Jeong Ki-hyeong Reporter

traveler’s inner peace and happiness can be
another’s misfortune and difficulty. For
example, there is a sightseeing city in South-
East Asia which has a beautiful beach with enormous
hotels and golf facilities.
Unfortunately, the native residents had to be
relocated to build the resort. The beach was once
utilized for fishing. The hotel staff that change bed seats
and clean the rooms work 18 hours a day and sleep in a
room which is quite small. Another sad reality is that
water is being depleted due to the golf facilities.
There is an opportunity to change the rationale of
the traveler. It june be stated as, Fair Travel. Many
people have started to suggest another concept of travel
which is “Travel is relation, not consumption”.
To Get More Information Travelers consume local resources when they visit
foreign places which consequently june result in other
Imaginepeace imaginepeace.or.kr Open fair travel festival since 2007 problems arising. The concept of Fair Travel
Fairtravel Cafe cafe.naver.com/fairtavel Meeting place of Fair traveler contributes to the improvement of living conditions
tourismconcern tourismconcern.org.uk The first fair travel organization and to ultimately raising the level of environmental
Fair-travel.net fair-travel.net One of most popularite website consciousness in various regions. p wjdrg@gnu.ac.kr

10 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

The Tibet Dispute, 50 Years Jeong Ki-hyeong Reporter

arch 5th of 1959, Dalai Lama went over the
Himalayas. It’s been 50 years The Tibetan
Refugee Government organized in
Dharamshala in India to get away from China’s attack.
Now, the Tibetan leader is one of the most influence
people in the world but the Tibet territory is still under
China’s control. This historical dispute hasn’t finished
Tibet was an independent nation with their own
long history. Chinese started to attack Tibet on October
7th 1950. Tibet is the theocracy nation which rules over
one person, Dalai Lama. China says they attacked to
break wrong customs and abuses. The one of the most
powerful countries insists that they give freedom to
However, Tibetan emphasize that it’s an aggression. They say the political communist country made an invasion upon the high
reaches nation in their assertion. The buddhistic people believe China has to step back from their territory. There have been in fact
many movements to accomplish their opinion. 1987, 1989 and the last year, 2008’s movements are famous.
Both sides have the power of influence to the world. They’ve encountered a lot even not in their lands. This dispute has become an
international problem. It’s difficult to predict when and how the peace will come to Tibet. p wjdrg@gnu.ac.kr

Green Buildings : Environmental Conservation Kim Ji-yeong Dept. of Public Administration

reen buildings contribute toward
approximately 40% of source material use,
25% of wood products, 17% elimination of
freshwater, 40% of energy, and 33% of CO2 emissions.
A green building approach june perhaps be the best
method to enhance environmental conservation, and
therefore lessen environmental depletion.
Green building systems incorporate environmental
issues related to the reduction of depletion of natural
resources, water and energy shortages, and climatic
change. A green building is a design which focuses on
increasing the efficiency of resources such as
construction materials, water, and energy.
Consequently, the building is designed to reduce the
overall impact on the natural environment, which can result in reduced operating costs by using less water and less energy.
Today there are more than 20,000 green building systems in nearly 100 countries. The growth of green building systems is also
being utilized in countries throughout Asia such as Korea, China, and Singapore. Numerous green building systems are an
environmental choice in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and New Songdo City.
Green buildings have been reported to be 50 to 90% cost effective, to result in a 35 to 50% reduction in water, 30% in energy
savings, and 35 to 50% of CO2 emissions as an alternative to established building construction and operation practices. The green
building approach could be a miracle of environmental conservation. p

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 11

Pictured by Jeong Ki-hyeoung

SStudent in FFocus:
tudent in ocus:

hat are people most afraid of? According to a study conducted by the University of Toronto (1974), surprisingly,
public speaking ranked first with dying ranking second. Whatever your level of confidence, you have experienced
the feeling of nervousness and general unease when presenting information to an audience. Many psychologists have
conducted research on this phenomenon. Andrew Blair, a Ph.D. candidate for the Department of Psychology at GNU, has also
experienced this phenomenon, hence in cooperation with Fred Stark and Song Dong-young establishing a Toastmaster’s Club
(an international club for public speaking and leadership) in Jinju.


PIONEER: What made you decide to visit Korea? Toastmaster International Club in Jinju?
ANDREW: My father was a Marine Corps officer, and had ANDREW: Yes, possibly. The Toastmaster International
many opportunities to sail around the world. Korea was one of Club is a nonprofit organization which trains students to
the destinations. After he had visited Korea twice, he remarked enhance communication and leadership skills. There is no
that “Son, you will not understand Korea, Korea is mystifying instructor; all members are judges who then give constructive
country, but the friends you make there will stick with you for feedback to the presenters.
the rest of your life.” Perhaps that is why I chose Korea as a To speak in public is a different challenge as compared to
destination, which would allow me to continue my studies, and communicating directly to another person. Most people tend to
so I relocated from Texas four years ago. I chose Jinju because be timid and shy. I think Koreans tend toward this experience in
I understood that GNU-TESOL (teaching of English to general, as they have a literary culture which is different from
speakers of other languages) was a program that was expertly Western ideology which is based on elements of Greek culture:
constructed. discourse and discussion. Public speaking is an important skill
in today’s world, and members are able to assist one another to
PIONEER: Did you train to become an English teacher? practice different styles of speaking for various results. It was
ANDREW: Actually, I have a Bachelor’s degree in history with the teamwork between myself, Don and Fred that enabled
from the Virginia Military Institute, and did Master’s study for my dreams to become a reality. As they shared my vision, the
a teacher’s certification at Concordia University. After The Toastmaster Club in Jinju in October, 2007 began.
graduation, I was a volunteer teacher at The Austin Area Urban
League and adult ESL teacher at Austin Community College PIONEER: This club has been operating for about a year
while I went to Concordia. I offered the educational program and a half. Are the company’s objectives evident?
designed to assist others cultivating job skills, job search, and ANDREW: In Jinju, there are over 20 members and the
education programs for working adults and immigrants. That positions are various: professors, officers, educators, business
experience with my immigrant students was very rewarding, consultants, and university students. The meetings are held
and I became aware that remaining an ESL teacher would be an every other week. The meetings last approximately one
interesting occupation. However, having obtained a TESOL hour and twenty minutes and are composed of the opening
certificate at GNU, I needed a deeper understanding of session, toastmaster session, table topic session (members give
language and perception, and enrolled in the Master’s and unprepared speeches, prepared speech sessions, evaluation
Ph.D. programs in psychology. My interest, especially in session), conclusion, and closing. Membership fee is
linguistic psychology, has been increasing. approximately five thousand won for one month. In contrary to
The Toastmaster International headquarters in California, which
PIONEER: Is that why you wanted to establish the

12 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

Pictured by Jeong Ki-hyeoung
Andrew Blair
Andrew Blair
Lee Young-a Deputy Editor-in-Chief

has 85 years of tradition, Jinju has a short history. However,

Pictured by Lee Young-a

Jinju Toastmaster Club is continuously expanding its domain
and has been received well in Korea.

PIONEER: Good for you! What are your other interests

ANDREW: As I am enrolled in the doctorate course in
psychology, I spend most of my time doing research and
preparing a thesis. I usually work alone or with colleagues in a
laboratory. I had too much work to do today and so I skipped

PIONEER: You must be a busy man. What is your plan

after getting a Ph.D degree? Are you living your dream?
ANDREW: First, I want to apply my major and social
psychology to a position regarding immigrant relations. I don’t
have any specific plans yet, but I hope to set appropriate vision, my objective is to attain attention from the media.
principles related to instruction for immigrants. Secondly, I
want to start a second business venture. This would mean that PIONEER: I wish you good luck. Would you like to close
once a small business begins, and then another, I would like with an inspirational thought for GNU students?
play a role to connect them. By consultation with other business ANDREW: I remember my father’s joke when I get nervous
that are of different cultures, my goal is to have two countries speaking in public. “When you make a mistake, you could say
create products harmoniously. It june seem vague, but it’s more to others, ‘Five languages I am speaking. English! The
common in America which is based on a service oriented best!’”(Ha-ha). My thoughts are this, Everyone has a million
industry. A good example in the U.S. was TRW or in England, bad words: the quicker you get through those one million
BAE. I wish to break the boundary of language and culture inappropriate words, the sooner you’ll start using the correct
between the international corporations. Also, I feel this words. Keep practicing and try to overcome the fear of public
perfectly matches Toastmaster International’s goal to have speaking.
500,000 members worldwide and with 66% members of all
meetings using language other than English. To manifest this

Mr. Blair seems to have kept a busy schedule after his arrival in Korea: a TESOL certificate, The
Toastmaster Club, and a Master’s degree in Psychology. No doubt his educational and
entrepreneurial goals will become a reality in the future. p lzeroa@gnu.ac.kr

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 13


A Life Story :
The Radio
Cho Ah-ra Cover News Editor

ood morning folks! Today is a very nice day.
Nothing is better than listening to the radio to start a
fresh day! I hope you listen to a radio program to
start you out right and keep you going all day. Although most
of the students take an interest in the current events which are
related to political, social, and financial affairs, unfortunately
they are out of touch with the times. Therefore, I would like
to introduce those who make every endeavor to help
understanding for the audience about current events easy. It’s
fun picking out your favorite things about the Siseonjipjung
of Son Seok-hee, the Segyeneun Geurigo Urineun of Kim Mi-
hwa, and the Jaeminneun radio of Choi Yang-rak which deal
with present affairs through various styles of radio hosts.

Son Seok-hee speaks very

openly and with candor about
current events:
First, every morning at 6:15, if you tune in to the radio, to
an audio standard FM frequency, you can listen to Son Seok-
hee (prof. SungShin Women’s University, College of Culture
communication) who speaks very openly and with candor
about current events. If you much prefer deepening your
understanding, you june listen to the Siseonjipjung of Son
Seok-hee, which starts with the weather and news from 6:15
to 8:00 a.m. every morning. It concentrates on conveying
news. For example, the program is composed of various
sections such as news briefing by Kim Jong-peel, dynamic
sports, the five aspects of the economy, brief interview, and
global issues, etc. He is well acquainted with Korean affairs
as well as takes measures suited to the occasion.

14 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

You can listen as she speaks
the well-known voice of our
aunts :
Another host is Segyeneun Geurigo Urineun of Kim Mi-hwa.
Kim Mi-hwa is a comedian who started in broadcasting; most
people are surprised to learn that. However, as time goes by,
people have admired her methods of progress. Therefore you
can listen as she speaks the well-known voice of our aunts. In
addition, she doubles her efforts to facilitate the understanding
because most people feel no interest in politics and/or the
economy. She gratifies our curiosity through explaining to
comprehend the meaning of what an e-mortgage loan is and
what the strong points or weak points are. Furthermore, she
makes herself intelligible to deliver currents affairs which
include both the dark side of issues and the bright side of issues.
If you listen to the two programs, you can acknowledge the
difference. One is focused on an expert conveying information
and the other is concentrated on progress with her voice in a
gentle manner.

He progresses for the sake

of arousing the interest of
events of the day :
Third, the last one which is called the Jaeminneun
radio which is broadcasted by Choi Yang-rak who is
also a comedian. You might have wondered about how
comedians can broadcast the current events programs. If
you listen intently to their program, you can cast away
your prejudice. He progresses for the sake of arousing
interest in the events of the day. He analyzes the current
events only skin-deep, thus, you june think, that his
chatter distracts you from listening, as well as his casual
perusal of present issues. Surprisingly, those are his
strong points and also his weak points. You can get
knowledge very easily as well as understand about
current affairs.

In terms of the information given above, it is helpful to the audience, if they are listening for various reasons. We have a good
time listening to our favorite songs as well as obtain professional knowledge from hosts concerning health prescriptions, the
culinary arts, and the traffic report on the radio. In addtion, we can listen to the songs as well as get a great comfort through sharing
our living stories. The bottom line is “killing two birds with one stone,” which is something that we have heard at least once in our
lives. It means if you have an hour’s leeway to listen the radio, not only do you spend your free time more effectively, but also you
can be equipped with sufficient knowledge. p bokshalabong@gnu.ac.kr

Pioneer, NO. 146,JUNE
2009 15


Eight Scenic Spots in Jinju Lee Young-a Deputy Editor-in-Chief

pring has arrived in all of its glory! Have you been to the Jinju Castle with Chokseongnu, Nam River
Uiam, Dwibyeori, and Saebyeori which were covered in the last issue? Perhaps now is the fitting time
to discover the four scenic spots that remain. Let’s view Mangjinsan Bongsudae, Spring of Bibongsan,
Sunrise in Warasan, and Sunset over Jinyang Lake.

Scenic spot #5. Mangjinsan Bongsudae

This scene of tranquility and stillness in the March 1st which was the day of the Independence
evening light from the apartment complexes is truly Movement of Korea in 1919. As a result, it was
amazing. Bongsudae means, “a pedestal that destroyed by Japan, but restored in 1996 with
supports the Bongsu” (beacon). In the past, Bongsu citizen’s financial support. Its original home was on
was used by the military as a communication device. top of Mount Mangjin; however, a replacement was
As Korea was invaded frequently, they were widely rebuilt below that position. From the starting point of
distributed. Many used the beacon fire and smoke as Manggyeong-dong, it takes approximately one and a
invasion signals to the army and to the outlying half hours to arrive there. Upon arrival at the top of
areas. Bongsudae in Mangjinsan is one such the structure, the panoramic view is incredible. One
example. It was built early in the Choseon Dynasty can also climb in the late afternoon and appreciate
and construction was halted in 1895 due to Japanese the breathtaking view with the setting sun, or
imperialism. It is said to have been used again on welcome the view with the arrival of night.

Scenic Spot #6. Spring of Bibongsan #6

The spring scenery of garden balsams is quite imaginary eggs of Bongwhangs were to be boiled.
beautiful, their fragrance greet the visitor. They believed Bongwhangs’ spirit flew away, and it
Bibongsan was first called Daebongsan(大鳳山) due was newly named ‘Bi(飛: fly)bongsan’. However,
to the enormous(大) rock which resembled the bird Kang’s family rebuilt the nest and planted bamboos
Bongwhang in the village where Kang’s lineage and paulownia trees for Bonghwangs to have
resided. Bongwhang is a legendary bird in the East nourishment and rest. In this way, they hoped that
and tradition says that where it flies this destination the birds would fly near the vicinity of Bibongsan
will become peaceful and become fortunate. One forever. It is said that people with similar hopes of
sage passing by prophesized those descendants from government officers have climbed the mountain.
Kang’s lineage would be dominant. Hearing the Driving about 10 minutes from the Galleria
news, jealous officers had the rock broken for they department store, one can arrive at the starting point.
believed that strength originated from the rock. They The travelling time is approximately an hour from
also changed Bong Lake into Kiln Lake so as all bottom to top. A beautiful view awaits!

Pictured by Park Gun-hee
The scenic
The scenic
The spots
scenic spots
scenic mentioned
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spots above
mentioned above
mentioned are
above are
above destinations
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too from
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and are
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and accessible
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accessible bus.
by bus.
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bus. The
bus. Jinju
The Jinju
The Castle
Jinju Castle
Jinju with
Castle with
Castle Chockseongnu
with Chockseongnu
with Chockseongnu in
Chockseongnu in
in festival
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season and
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and the
and sunset
the sunset
the over
sunset over
sunset Jinyang
over Jinyang
over Lake
Jinyang Lake
Jinyang are
Lake are
Lake highly
are highly
are recommended.
highly recommended.
highly recommended. During
recommended. During
the lovely
the lovely
the season
lovely season of
season of spring,
of spring, these
spring, these destinations
these destinations are
destinations are a
aa must
are aa must see!
must see!

Scenic spot #7. Sunrise in Warasan

The sky is bathed in various hues of red as the it wasn’t necessary to climb the mountain. The
sun greets the day; it is unforgettable. This sunrise sunrise pointed our way to Geumho Pond which was
was the place to see the moon over Wara(月牙) our destination. Our goal was to arrive at Geumho
Mountain. This changed with the sunrise becoming Pond early in the morning. Waiting for a few
the focus. I decided to climb the mountain to see the minutes in darkness, lightning flashes began to
Warasan sunrise. The atmosphere of darkness as appear. The sun rose energetically over the two
well as silence surrounding us gave us premonitions peaks of Guksabong and Jangundaebong, which
of wild animals joining us; I was relieved to have my resulted in a renewed hope and energetic feeling.
family near. As the dawn became reality, the sky Witnessing the sunrise at Keumbo Pond is highly
was overcast. We pledged to continue our journey recommended to all.
another day. Inquiring a few days later, I learned that

Scenic spot #8. Sunset over Jinyang Lake

The sunset over Jinyang Lake left each cloud to press the camera shutter. There were plenty of
#8 colored with orange. I remember the sunset over clouds which hinted at a nice glow to materialize
Jinyang Lake last summer. The gentle breeze and and it would be a fantastic sunset. However, the sun
the impressive evening glow cannot be forgotten. rarely appeared. The clouds appeared orange-
Driving by car this time, I could see the Nam River colored by the proximity of the sun. Observing
dam where an enormous structure was prepared for traces of frozen land and small islands was joyful.
a water reservoir. It is said to be a stream for the Although the temperatures left me shivering, the
citizens of Jinju. As I had always travelled by bus to weather is suitable nowadays. It would be nice to
Jinyang Lake, the view from the car was fresh. enjoy the sunset and to recollect these wonderful
When I arrived on the observation platform, the sun sights with gentle breeze. p
was beginning to hide. It was too cold for my fingers lzeroa@gnu.ac.kr
Pictured by Lee Young-a

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 17


What Is Your Academic

How to Make Dreams a Reality
18 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine
Park Gun-hee Editor-in-Chief

fter studying over twelve years
for regular education (including
six years at an elementary
school, and six years at a
middle and high school),
finally, Korean students can enroll in university.
Despite the fact that students study diligently,
only a few of them get accepted to the
university of their choice. Most students have to
satisfy their entrance requirements and the
university entrance exam. Consequently, some
students june be worried about their dreams
becoming a reality at GNU.
When asking students, “Why do you study?
What is your ultimate goal?”, students whose
goal june be unclear hesitate to answer. In
particular, students who don’t follow their life
path avoid responding because they june be
afraid of the future. They lose sight of their
destination and ultimately do not know what to
The questions mentioned above june make
students uncomfortable. However the questions
posed could be of concern for most people. As a
university student, I believe GNU students
should contemplate their dream for a better life.
This would result in much happiness for
students in the present day.
Finding the perfect job for oneself can be
one of many ways to live happier. To design a
future life that would enable happiness,
attending university would be an excellent
choice. However, many students waste their
time being unfocused and consequently june
become lost during this period.
If you feel anxious about your future and are
truly living your dream now, you are already
close to the answer. As we make decisions and
choices, our lives become transformed. As
much of life is made up of the passive and the
active, one should dwell in possibility. The
opportunity to change your life is open at GNU,
and The Pioneer june assist with that goal. p

Destination ? Following are two examples of

counseling cases of two students who
encountered aptitude problems. What
will follow is information regarding
assistance and success stories relating
to personal aptitudes of GNU students.
The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 19

Aptitude : Two Cases

o you know your aptitude, and if not, does this result in worry? Unfortunately, many students have experienced this doubt
concerning personal ability and aptitude. Two students began to get counseling sessions concerning their aptitude. Perhaps
this column will assist those that are confused by citing tow examples cases.

1 2
Case Case
The first case is that of a student whose father The second example is a student enrolled in the
forced him to apply for the Military Academy before Department of Psychology. The student has a long
attending GNU. However, the student failed the cherished dream to be a singer. People have said
Military Academy test, and attained poor scores in the "You're great singer" but he thinks himself that he
Korea SATs. So the student entered GNU in the doesn’t have any special attractiveness in appearance,
Department of Mathematics Education. Most of the and is having financial difficulties and finding it a
time was spent playing computer games and surfing the challenge to manage school expenses. "My mother
internet. However, she understood that time is a persuaded me to the Department of Psychology because
precious resource. To study math again didn’t seem like she is a Clinical Counselor. I tried to adapt to my major
a fulfilling choice and her aptitude was unknown. What but I couldn't. I hope and pray to be a singer still. What
choices can be made? can I do now?”

swer 1 swer 2
An An

“I'm sorry to hear that. The examination results must “I think you have aspirations to be a singer. To find
have been quite a disappointment for you. Because you your dream deserves admiration. You need to collect
are a student of mathematics, teaching is not the only concrete information and have faith. You could try to
option for you. You can study more advanced studies have an audition and do the best before you give up your
that include education of the environment, developing dream. Perhaps you could get help from your mother
management training curriculum, researching and who is a Clinical Counselor? Testing is available in the
developing appropriate training methods and teaching Center of Development Human Power Complex.”
aids. There are many courses connected with
Mathematics Education. You need to research your
senior students' course of study and incorporate that in
your decision. You can consider a change of your
Advises given by Ha Yeon-suk
in Center of Development Human Power Complex

20 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

Aptitude : Finding Your Way Lee Young-a Deputy Editor-in-Chief

nderstanding and finding one’s aptitude seem somewhat difficult. For GNU students, who june be unaware of
their own personal aptitude, let me introduce following useful resources:

● Counseling with Social Network ● Programs in Human Resource Development Center

Personality Assessment tools to recognize one’s character.
Insight obtained about upbringing/
Parents Aptitude Assessment of potential ability in various fields.
Friends Valuable experiences exchanged. Self-identity Assessment tools for oneself and a healthy mind.
Self-Coaching Information and strategies for one’s personal goals.
Professors Valuable life lessons shared. Program
CAD, CDP Problem analysis and counseling related to career,
Seniors Enlightenment based on experiences. suggestion to maintain own career objectives.

● Involvement in Various Activities

Joining various clubs of interest Music, exercise, reading, etc.

Long hikes through Korea’s landscape Challenges make for reflection and increased self-esteem.

Meditation Insight gained.

Volunteering Increased opportunities to find own aptitude.

● Internet Web sites

Worknet (http://www.work.go.kr) Job information and various psychological tests for

various fields of study.
Careernet Job information categorized for different age groups
(http://www.careernet.re.kr) and education programs.
Korea Research Institute for
Vocational Education & Training Human resource development, analyzes job responsibilities.
CareerJet (http://www.careerjet.ie) Job information worldwide.

Robert Frost’s famous poem that states, ‘Two roads diverged in a wood. And I took one less traveled by. And that
has made all the difference.’ Perhaps this states that one choice could affect your whole future. One’s career choice is a
reflection of understanding one’s aptitude and having the courage to follow your own path even if it is a path seldom
chosen by others. p lzeroa@gnu.ac.kr

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 21


One’s Dream Shin Myung-soo Reporter

Pictured by Jeong Seong-gyeng

he Pioneer interviewed three GNU people who
found their dreams and are doing their best for
a better life. Let’s listen their stories.

TV reporter Lee Dae-wan

While in GNU, every experience of would be a good fit for
mine helped me to become a reporter. me. There wasn’t any
My daily activities brought my dreams special event in which
closer. When I was in GNU, I acted as a I discovered my
GNU student reporter. I met a wide aptitude. I just found
variety of people and wrote many something which I felt
articles. I realized that I like to meet interested in while
people. working in the field.
Among the school classes, there When I was a college
were many PPT presentation classes. In student, I participated
spite of an introspective personality, I in various activities
was confident during the presentation in like GNU GPP
class and it was interesting. Also, other programs or other
people praised me for my presentations. contests. I learned that
I had a good ability to convey I was interested in
information. Also, I was always planning activities. Thus, I discovered opportunities! Your aptitude will
interested in a new story and social an interest while doing every day become evident.
problems. activities.
I thought if I became a reporter, it Embrace Life! Welcome new

22 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

Professor Ahn Byung-hyuk
I have studied Russian as my Never get discouraged
undergraduate major. After graduation, when you fell weak in
I entered a business school. I want to one area, as you june
give advice through my experience, to be strong in another
students who are trying to find their area. Don’t be afraid
aptitudes. to see the larger world
First, keep thinking about your and improve those
course of study! It was a difficult choice abilities. I chose to
when I tried to choose an academic enter graduate school
course. While taking Business to study business
administration as my minor, I decided administration and I
to study business administration further discovered this field of
after much contemplation. Therefore, I study on my own.
recommend students to take a minor After attaining a
course because there will be more master’s degree, I had
opportunities when you study a wider a chance to study abroad with a was an undergraduate student, Korea
variety of academic areas. Counseling government scholarship. When I was booming in various kinds of
with a mentor will also help you to proceeded step by step, I realized that I industry. In those days, Korea needed
discover your aptitude. could have many more opportunities. many professors of business
Second, improve your ability! I Last, determine if you would like to administration. I wanted to play a role
want to give realistic advice to students. contribute to your fatherland. When I in fostering students to excel.

Student Lee Chae-won

I transferred to GNU once again to travel agent. English is
study English literature after finishing essential for my dream.
four years of study in food engineering So, I know I have to
at GNU. It was a tough decision to study diligently.
study further after finishing my Students should be
undergraduate course. However, my courageous enough to
first major didn’t fit me. change a major that
I had had a chance to go abroad to doesn’t fit. Welcome
study English. I resided in Australia new challenges!
and the Philippines for two years and Remember, it’s better to
was able to see and feel a new world regret something you
that I hadn’t been able to see before. I have done rather than
thought I would experience a broader something you haven’t.
world if I studied English continually. Don’t be afraid to try
So, I decided to enter university again. something new! It is not
courage, for it really is more valuable
I started studying English. Happily, my a waste of time to welcome new
than luck; and by way of courage many
parents supported my choice of study. challenge. Learning by experience is
truly great things are discovered. p
After I graduate from GNU, I want to never harmful. In sum, I would like to
work for a travel agency and become a remind students of the importance of

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 23


Effective Writing in English

Prof. Fredrik Stark Dept. of English Language and Literature

n the last issue, we looked at two pieces of student writing and considered some of their strengths and
weaknesses. Below I will refer to those texts as I offer some pointers on how to ensure that your writing in
English is effective and represents your ideas clearly and completely.

The two texts we have examined are good examples of potentially effective essays. Essay 1
shares some thoughtful reflections about finding forgotten money, but it gives few details about
Words the writer or his or her related experiences and thus only scratches the surface of what could be
a fairly engaging topic. Essay 2 tells an amusing story from training days in the navy, but it
of leaves out vital details that would help readers fully picture the events and their impact on the
narrator. If you have a piece of writing at a similar early stage of development, and especially if
Advice you plan to submit it to a campus magazine like this one, you can strengthen your work by
keeping in mind the following.

Know Your Purpose and Audience Whether you’re writing for a school assignment or for a
publication, your work should do more than just display bits
of self-expression. It should inform, entertain, or persuade substantially a wide audience of your peers. Thus, in any
writing project, it’s important to know why you’re writing and the readers you’re writing to. Without this
knowledge, you probably won’t be able to write very fluidly or attract much interest in what you do write. Think
back to Essays 1 and 2: Neither piece accomplishes much. I suggest these lackluster performances are partly the
result of the writers having lost sight of their purpose and audience. Before you begin a piece of writing, or when
your progress slows after you’ve started, you can usually benefit from finishing two simple sentences in a writing
notebook: “My purpose here is to...” and “The people who will read this are...” These sentences certainly don’t
need to appear in your completed work, but seeing them in concrete terms can guide you toward building an
accomplished composition that grabs the interests of specific readers.

Put Enough Effort into Each Stage of the Writing Process Writing instructors commonly
divide the process into five stages:
prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading. The drafting stage is perhaps the most familiar one: That’s
when you put your ideas down on the page in sentences and paragraphs. Drafting is essential, but it shouldn’t
predominate. In Essays 1 and 2, both writers appear to have made the mistake of putting most of their effort into
drafting and too little into the other stages. But effective writing is seldom, if ever, the result of sudden inspiration
and slapdash drafting. Accomplished writers of all stripes have remarked that drafting often goes hand in hand with
prewriting and revising; their best writing emerges out of a back-and-forth composing process that sometimes takes
considerable time and patience to complete. Furthermore, before releasing a piece of writing to the outside world,
accomplished writers make sure to edit and proofread the document carefully for clarity and accuracy. Of course,
the writing process also depends on a certain level of experience with language. This leads to an important point
concerning writing in English as a foreign language: The process itself is a great language trainer. For example, one
of the benefits of revising is that it stretches vocabulary and rhetorical skills. Consider Essay 1. In a dedicated
revising session, I’d say the writer could spot, fix, and learn from most of the surface mistakes in that text. More
importantly, while revising, the writer would likely try out other ways to express the ideas, which in turn would
suggest different words and phrases, which would then give rise to newer ideas and details about them, and
ultimately the process could lead to an essay that does much more than just point out the delight of finding forgotten
money. Now consider Essay 2. Revising with a careful eye and ear, the writer would likely fill the holes in the story
with more details and, in doing so, find ways to smoothen colorful but somewhat awkward parts like “the chance
which the sky gives” or “we had an egg at a mouthful with wear a smile each other.”

24 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

Speak While You Write Your speaking skills can guide you through the writing
process. Try reading your work out loud, both during and after
composing. Experiencing your ideas in speech not only helps you refine your work’s content but also helps you find
words and phrases to express yourself clearly and effectively.
You can also enlist the help of others when writing for the ear. Read your work out loud to someone else and ask
for feedback. Most of you have plenty of experience at conversing in English. Thus, while working on a writing
project, talk with friends and teachers about what you’re doing. Sharing your ideas in conversation helps you mold
them into audience-friendly shape.

th ese in mind
Keep o se and
Pu rp
Know Y dience

ff o rt in to Each
u t E no ugh E g Process
P r iti n
the W
Stage of ・
Y ou W rite
hi l e
Speak W

In the end, how do you know when your writing is ready to be shared publicly? The answer is:
When it can stand alone. That’s when readers can both grasp and appreciate your written ideas Final
without needing you nearby to explain or restate them. If you have a piece that isn’t quite
ready to do that, I hope you find my comments here (and in the last issue) helpful. If you have Words
one that is, I hope to see you in print.

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 25


GNU's AESRC Receives Support Lee Gi-il Cub-reporter

The Airlines Embedded Software Research Center (AESRC) of GNU was selected
for University IT Research Center Promotion and Support Project. As the result, AESRC
will develop the technology of multinational airlines embedded software as the next
generation of technology with a grant of 3.2 billion over the next six years.
GNU will be the first airline embedded software research center in Korea. It is
conveniently located in the largest aviation industry and the Korea Air Space Industry
Company has the only aircraft in production. Perhaps the next step would be for the
AESRC to educate a workforce for advanced research and development to contribute to
the airline industry. It is expected that the opportunity for this link between the industry
and GNU is to become a reality.
Prof. Jeon remarked, “My team is working diligently to be adopted as the
international standard of industry as well as occupying the next generation of technology
through proposing a distinguished international journal paper and patents. We wish to
contribute to creating a highly valued technology by working with Air Industrial
Complex and related businesses.” p lovesweetly@gnu.ac.kr

The Changwon GNU Hospital Park Gun-hee Editor-in-Chief

GNU Hospital made a contract with Changwon-si to build Changwon GNU Hospital
on April 13th. Changwon Construction is scheduled to begin in 2010 to be finished
December 2013. The building will have 3 underground stories and 9 above ground
including over 700 beds. The hospital will have wards, a dormitory, and funeral facilities.
The cost of building is estimated at 3 billion won.
GNU Changwon Hospital will provide great medical service to people of central
Gyeongnam including Jinju-si and Changwon-si. In addition, the Ministry for Health,
Welfare and Family Affairs say that the hospital will be a complex institution operated as
a Medi-Cluster in central Gyeongnam.
According to the contract, GNU Hospital will make an advisory committee to
introduce high-tech medical appliances and design the building. As president of GNU
Hospital, Professor Jeong Jin-myung said, “The building up of the medical infrastructure
will improve Koreans’ health by providing better public medical services.” p

The Prevention of Desertification Is Possible Seong Hyeon-Cheong Cub-reporter

Professor Lee Sang-Yeol’s research team at the Department of Enviro-
Biotechnology, discovered a species of plant that can live in the desert. This discovery
provides a key to understanding how to develop new plants in very high temperatures and
decrease inherent plant stress related to dryness. This area is also a research topic related
to desertification of plants and global warming.
The title of the study is, Heat-shock Dependent Oligomeric Status alters function of
plant specific thioredoxin-like protein, AtTDX. The specific thioredoxin-like protein
AtTDX is altered to a different chemical structure by increase of temperature.
Consequently, it becomes a new protein, Chaperone. This protein has tolerance in high
temperatures and dry stress. Therefore, the plants can grow in the desert by virtue of the
protein. This study was published by the peer review journal, Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences(PNAS).
Professor Lee remarked, "The most important thing is that we discovered protection
from desertification by global warming, the mechanism of stress resistance in plants and
the scientific data required to develop new plants." p cjddl1215@gnu.ac.kr

26 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine


How to Win Oneself? Cho Ah-ra Cover News Editor

Firstly, take pride in yourself and your professors as well.

Secondly, you should take the initiative in all situations that june arise.
Lastly, set your goals high.

his interview was conducted with Kim Doo-Shick, inferior and frustrated concerning gaining employment. He
professor of English Language and Literature advises us to do this. Love yourselves and don’t torture
Department. He is very active in academic activities, yourselves, and you will be a success. Now, try looking
leading two major literature and linguistics societies in Korea around you, please. You will meet not a few high-quality and
(the Association of Modern British & American Language & top-rank professors who are a great source of information and
Literature, and the Korean Association of Language advice. They are readily available to assist you and to provide
Sciences). advice and guidance on you
According to Prof. Kim, study and future plans. Make

Pictured by Cho Ah-ra

many students at GNU must most use of them, please.
be discontented with the fact Secondly, you should
that this university is not high take the initiative in all
ranking in this nation. It is situations that june arise. You
true that old graduates from should try to stand on any
GNU were victims of the line of jobs earlier than any
evils of an academic clique. others. If you have
But the Korean society is difficulties coping with
changing rapidly from the problems, tackle them
one which created an directly without any
academic clique to the one hesitation. You need not be
which respect personal apprehensive of new
ability, which is a good challenges that are
symptom. Personal ability consequently going to arise.
has become a good criterion Try leading any of the groups
from which to judge people. or circles, you surely will feel
Fortunately, most satisfied and accomplished
corporations take personal with it.
aptitude and ability to be Lastly, set your goals
influential factors to the high. The person with the
successful job interview and higher eye-level feels
employment. Prof. Kim superior to anybody at a
emphasizes that now is the lower level. This higher
time for students to choose to enhance their abilities. This perceived status will require you to enhance your ability,
article presents his suggestions for how to improve one’s which ultimately will enable you to achieve your goals. In
ability. other words, if you are to succeed in your life, you first will
Firstly, take pride in yourself and your professors as well. have to set your goals high, and in order to achieve them, you
Graduated in Dept. of English Education at GNU, Prof. Kim will have to improve your ability, and for this, you will have
really appreciates how not few students are poorly adjusted to to love yourselves and try being a leader of any group of
school, have low self-esteem, lack confidence, and feel people. That’s the way to win yourselves. p

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 27


The New Campus Lives of Freshmen By Jeong Seong-gyeng, Dept. of Biochemistry, 07

28 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine


Sexual Discrimination and Violence Park Ji-hae Reporter

1. Have you ever experienced body 4. How would you cope with the above mentioned questions?
contact during a sporting activity
as intended punishment?
Stand still
Tell friends
Tell parents
Contact counselor
ne e Call police
No Twic es
metim im
es Deny directly
On So
ery T

2. Have you ever heard sexually erhaps there is a common
misunderstanding concerning
explicit remarks from the opposite
sexual harassment and/or sexual
sex? violence. The common misunderstanding is
that students are not directly affected by this
issue. The Pioneer surveyed GNU students
regarding sexual harassment and/or sexual
violence. The Pioneer wants to arouse
student awareness about sexual harassment
and/or sexual violence which june occur at
GNU. We conducted a survey. The
number of participants in the survey was
ne ce
No r Twi mes 190, which was comprised of 81 men and
o ti es
On me Tim 109 women. Sexual harassment and/or
So ery
Ev sexual violence june occur while drinking alcoholic beverages. About 93.1% of GNU
students drink more than once a month and 54.7% students have been pressured to do
3. Have you ever heard sexually so. Surprising, isn't it? GNU students have to become aware of the facts.
explicit remarks from professors?
bout 59% of GNU students have experienced body contacts more than once
during a game for punishment while drinking. GNU students recognize that
body contacts can be sexual harassment and/or sexual violence. When it
occurs, you have to be firm in your reaction. An incorrect alternative is to 'denial'.
Fortunately, about 48% of GNU students know the right alternative to handle this
circumstance, but about 23% of GNU students choose to be passive. Kim Nam-yeon
(counselor in GNU Sexual Violence Relief Center) commented, GNU students need to
take precautionary measures so as to be capable of handling a sexual harassment and/or
a sexually violent situation." Students can go to GNU’s Sexual Violence Relief Center
and learn about effective coping strategies and options. Unfortunately, only 3% of GNU
ne e students have complied, and 61% of GNU students are not aware of this service. Sexual
No r Twic es harassment and/or sexual violence cannot be tolerated. Your dignity as a person must
e o etim es
m y Tim be respected above all else. p ha_e21@gnu.ac.kr

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 29

t sounds strange to go to an artificial
forest for well-being. It’s because the
images of two words ‘artifical’ and
‘well being’, aren’t matched. However,
many people visit the artificial forest, the
Sangnim Forest in Hamyang, to rest the
mind and body.
(Pictured by Lee Young-joo)

Early Spring in the Sangnim Forest Lee Young-joo Reporter

The Sangnim Forest is a Natural became peaceful because of the calm pavilion, Hamhwaru (Tangible Cultural
Monument, number 154 (Designate date: atmosphere and saw the pavilion, Properties 258/ Designate date:
1962.12.03) which is the oldest and Haksaru (Tangible Cultural Properties 90/ 1986.08.06 ) which was originally named
biggest artificial forest in Korea. It lies Designate date: 1974.02.16) and its Mangaknu, meaning “pavilion with a
along the Wicheon riverside and is Zelkova tree (Natural Monuments 407/ mountain view,” because it commanded a
located in 246, Daedeok-dong, Hamyang- Designate date: 1999.04.06). The Haksaru distant view of Mt. Jirisan. It was
eup, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. was burnt down during the Japanese renamed Hamhwaru when it moved here
The Sangnim Forest is popular owing to invasion of 1592, and was reconstructed in 1932 and reminded us of the poem
its cultural properties, its founding, and its in 1692, the 18th year of King Sukjong. In written by Kim Jong-jik who was a
scenery especially in summer and addition, its Zelkova tree is about 500 scholar in Joseon period. We felt sadness
autumn. The leader of the establishment, years old, 21m high and 8.3m wide. for the lost two pavilions (Jewoonnu in
Choe Chi-won (who was a Korean After taking pictures of the trees, we the East, Cheongsangnu in the west of the
famous scholar and writer in the reign of arrived in the Sangnim Forest. The first Hamyang castle) and thanked Noh Deok-
Queen Jinseong, 887-897) of the Unified thing we encountered was a stone young who is the president of the Historic
Silla Kingdom (668-935), built the forest sculptured ‘Hamyang’ with spring Preservation Society. Due to his efforts
to prevent a flood. The forest has existed flowers. At the entrance of the forest, we moving the Mangaknu under the thumb
for 1,100 years and has endured many met three Jangseung (Jangseung is quasi- of Japanese imperialism, people can now
wars, and has protected farmland and human figure made of stone or wood that see the Hamhwaru.
people from natural disasters. The middle was erected at the entrance of a village or
part of the bank fell down because of temple in Korea.), that has protected the
flooding. Then the forest was made along forest and people for a long time, and saw
the bank and was then divided into two the stone monument,
parts: one is the Sangnim Forest and the Hamyangcheokhwabi (Cultural
other is the lower Harim forest. Only the Properties Materials 264/
slightest traces of a forest remains in Designate date: 1997.12.31).
Harim now but the Sangnim Forest is still This stone symbolizes the
preserved in its old state. Moreover, the closed door policy of the
Sangnim Forest in Hamyang consists of Korean government during the
approximately 20,000 trees of over 120 latter part of the Joseon period
varieties. and the opposition to Western
On Arbor Day, April 5th, The Pioneer imperialistic powers by the
reporters, visited the Sangnim Forest with Regent, Heungseondaewongun,
spring in the air. While walking from the and the father of King Gojong.
Sangnim intercity bus terminal, we We went north and saw the

30 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine

(Cultural Properties Materials 75/ is valuable ecologically.
Designate date: 1983.07.20) was erected The Sangnim Forest is a treasure
in 1923 by some of the descendants of house. It’s a valued forest because of
Choe Chi-won as a monument to his great historical, educational and ecological
achievements. A great scholar, Choe values. Furthermore, it’s expected to
initiated programs to plant forests and undergo various constructions like a
built dikes to control flooding when he sculptural park and ecological museum in
was the county chief of Cheollyeong a few years. We hope that the forest will
(now Hamyang) during the reign of be also a treasure house after 1000 years
Queen Jinseong (887-897) of the Unified and our descendants also know its value,
Silla Kingdom (668-935). We thanked his beauty and history. If you want a relaxing
efforts, and for the endeavors of the and refreshing time, the Sangnim Forest is
former and present residents which are in the best place to benefit your body and
our hearts. mind. p yjlee0710@gnu.ac.kr
Many kinds of trees that we saw in the
forest like Saw-leaf Zelkova(Neutinamu),
Japanese Sapium(Saramjunamu),
Japanese Cornelian
The most impressive thing we had Cherry(Sansuyunamu),Yeddo
seen that day is the nonexistent hands of Hornbeam(Gaeseoeonamu),Siberian
the stone Buddha, Hamyangieulliseokbul Crab(Ageubaenamu),Threeflower
(Tangible Cultural Properties 32/ Maple(Bokjagi), Lindera
Designate date: 1972.02.12) discovered glauca(Gamtaenamu) etc. At first, we
by a stream, which is believed to have were unfamiliar of their names like
originated near the now nonexistent Gaeseoeonamu and were amazed at the
Manggasa Temple. Judging from the number of trees and all of their name tags.
style, it is believed to be a work of the Moreover the Yeollimok (which means
Goryeo period (918-1392). The hands of two trees connected with the same root)
the Buddha have been missing and the was miraculous in its shape and is to have
part below the chest has been damaged by existed for 100 years until now to present
an inept repair with mortar. day. The tree looks like an intimate
The Stone Monument of Choe Chi- married couple. What is more, this
won, Munchanghuseonsaengsindobi deciduous forest in the temperature zone

Here is some information you just need. First, the bus fare from Jinju to Hamyang is 6000 won (Korean currency), from
Hamyang to Jinju is also same. Second, it takes about one hour and 10 minutes from Jinju to Hamyang. You can take the bus at
the Jinju intercity bus terminal in Jangdae-dong(Jinju) and Hamyang-eup(Hamyang). In addition, it takes about 20 minutes from
Hamyang intercity bus terminal to the Sangnim Forest on foot. Third, the Sangnim Forest has a huge lotus garden and you can
enjoy lotus flowers especially in summer. Moreover, it’s famous for the flower, Seoksan (Kkonmureut) and you can also enjoy
appreciating Seoksan especially in autumn. Fourth, Hamyang-gun will hold a Florian Festival in Handeul(4.25-6.10) where you
can see many wonderful flowers.

The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 31


Best Safety Best Campus Jeong Ki-hyeong Reporter

any discoveries are made at GNU every day. Technology is advancing at a very fast pace. However, students must be
aware of safety in laboratory settings. Experiments completed in the laboratories are conducted to get reliable research and
data. Most of the students conducting experiments however tend to minimize the importance of a safe working
environment as well as safe practices. Hence, a mistake which june be viewed as incidental could result in damages to the laboratory
and a host of other issues related to campus safety. Safety is no accident. There are seven basic action plans that students can follow
without too much difficulty. Action plans for safe experiments include:

8 Basic Action Plans

1. Check materials.
2. Wear safety materials (protection glasses, safety gloves, masks).
3. Equip research areas with fire extinguishers and educate students about use.
4. Attach safety and security information about materials.
5. Participate in the laboratory’s safety training.
6. Do not bring in food.
7. Use multi-outlets where safety devices are attached.
8. Do not sleep in the laboratory.

Did you know GNU experimenters are insured by GNU? There is information about experiment safety readily available. Please
visit the Safety Information Centre, or online at: http://ehs.gnu.ac.kr Please call 055-751-6999 for any further information. p

32 Gyeongsang National University Campus English Magazine


A Unique Opportunity

lthough I had browsed through a few issues of The Pioneer, I had never read the entire
publication until one of my students gave me a copy. The Pioneer is a unique publication at
GNU. It is the only English magazine created by and for students. Having an English
magazine is beneficial for foreign and Korean students alike. It provides useful information and
entertainment in English.
As a foreign English teacher, I am often unaware of university news and events because I cannot
understand Korean. I would imagine some of the international students feel the same. Additionally,
reading and thinking in English are important skills which empower Korean students and encourage
cross-cultural communication. By reading The Pioneer, students are able to practice and improve their
English skills. It is not as difficult as many of the English newspapers, and focuses on GNU, making
it more personal and relevant to students’ lives.
Because The Pioneer is the only English magazine produced by GNU, I would like to see a
section where readers can express their own opinions, hopes, and concerns. By encouraging
From Stacy Hoops, contributions from various people on different topics, The Pioneer would present a broader
English Instructor of SOELIP perspective. General suggestions and or problems with campus life could be addressed: What changes
would you like to see at GNU? What are your concerns? Controversial topics often generate the most
response, and require critical thinking.
I appreciate the work of The Pioneer’s staff and would encourage readers to share the magazine
with friends. I hope the GNU community will use The Pioneer to freely communicate, educate, and

A Poem to The Pioneer

uring difficult times, people can turn to family, friends, religion, drink, games and TV. Of
course, these are all effective ways of keeping one’s head above water for many, if not most.
But, I more often turn to poetry, and my favorite follows.
I believe Kipling’s If is as relevant now as it was when he wrote it over one hundred years ago, far
from this land. This poem gives me strength when I need a little more, and, as students, you know
that, as the poet said: ‘If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
the world, indeed, will be yours. Enjoy.
If you can keep your head when all about you If you can make one heap of all your winnings
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you And lose, and start again at your beginnings
But make allowance for their doubting too, And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
From Michael Schulman, To serve your turn long after they are gone,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Instructor of Department of And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
English Education Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
If you can dream—and not make dreams your If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
master, Or walk with kings—nor lose the common touch,
If you can think—and not make thoughts your If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
aim; If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster If you can fill the unforgiving minute
And treat those two impostors just the same; With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools: —Rudyard Kipling
The Pioneer, NO. 146, JUNE 2009 33

The Pioneer Leisure

by William Henry Davies

What is this life, if, full of care, Streams full of stars, like skies at
We have no time to stand and stare, night.
No time to stand beneath the boughs No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And stare as long as sheep or cows. And watch her feet, how they can
No time to see, when woods we pass, dance.
Where squirrels hide their nuts in No time to wait till her mouth can
grass. Enrich that smile her eyes began.
No time to see, in broad daylight, A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.


1. 이번 호에서 가장 관심 있게 본 기사와
그 이유는?
이름 : 학 과:
학번 : 연락처 :

2. 다음 호에서 다루어 주었으면 하는

To. The Pioneer
<절 취 선>

경상대학교 학생회관 5층 영어잡지사

3. The Pioneer에 하고싶은 말?
추첨을 통해 문화상품권을 드립니다.

지난 145호 퍼즐 당첨자 : 김지혜(불문04), 신정아(영문07), 윤주이(영교07), 정현정(수의예08)

당첨자는 신분증을 지참하여 오는 6월 15일(월) 오후 6시까지 누리관(학생회관) 5층 신문방송사
편집간사실(751-5237)로 오셔서 문화상품권을 받아 가시기 바랍니다.

The Pioneer
윌리엄 헨리 데이비즈

한낮에도 밤하늘처럼 별 가득 찬
그게 무슨 인생이겠는가, 근심만 가득 차
시냇물을 바라볼 시간이 없다면
멈춰 서서 바라볼 시간이 없다면
미인의 눈길에 돌아서서 그 아리따운
양이나 젖소처럼 나뭇가지 아래 서서
발걸음을 지켜볼 시간이 없다면
물끄러미 바라볼 시간이 없다면
눈에서 비롯해 입으로 곱게 번지는
숲을 지나면서 다람쥐가 풀밭에
그 미소를 기다릴 시간이 없다면
도토리 숨기는 걸 볼 시간이 없다면
참 딱한 인생 아니랴, 근심만 가득 차
멈춰 서서 바라볼 시간이 없다면


The Pioneer No. 146 PUZZLE

1. Your __________ is who you are. (EDITORIAL)
3. He also __________s that the drama's quality is important. (SOCIAL
7. We thanked his efforts, and for the _______s of the former and present
residents which are in our hearts. (TRAVEL)
<절 취 선>

9. _________ with a mentor will also help you to discover your aptitude.
10. The Korea Air Space Industry Company has the only ________ in

1. March 1st _________ Movement of Korea. (PHOTO ESSAY)
2. You have no connection with sexual _______ or sexual violence.
4. Did you know GNU experimenters are _______ by GNU? (FOCUS)
5. This discovery provides and decrease ______ plants stress related to
6. ___________ information is based on facts. (CAMPUS WORLD)
8. What are