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Functions of Safety Committee

SAFETY COMMITTEE Companys Safety Policy & Objectives place a great emphasis on the participative approach in Safety Management. Safety Committees having representation of Associates and Managers, therefore become important means for implementing the Safety & Loss Prevention Programme and provide effective communication system between management and employees. FORMATION OF SAFETY COMMITTEE The Recon Dept. Head is the Chairman of the Safety Committee & Safety Officer is the Secretary. This committee is having representation form Production Managers, Medical Services, HR, Admin, Purchase, Maintenance, Finance, Representative from each floor of administrative building & Associates. MEETING Each committee will meet once every quarter and must also conduct at least one general safety survey (fortnightly). Meeting/surveys at higher frequency can also be conducted depending upon the discretion of the committee. BASIC FUNCTIONS 1. To create and maintain active interest in Safety 2. To serve as a means of safety communication 3. To make appropriate recommendations & ensuring implementation of the same for improving conditions with regards to safety, health and hygiene and watch over the carrying out of measures adopted and their efficiency 4. To conduct safety surveys and make safety inspection of plant / equipment / machine/ installation periodically from safety point of view. 5. To consider the circumstances and causes of all accidents occurring in the plant/department/shop and to make suitable recommendations for preventing the recurrence of accidents. 6. To watch over compliance with safety regulations and instructions. DUTIES Chairman : 1. Ensure that the members are notified of the meeting 2. Prepare meeting agenda/programme and time schedule 3. Conduct the meeting Secretary : 1. Arrange for meeting place, scheduled date and time and notify members accordingly 2. Prepare agenda for ensuing meeting, adding short descriptive sub-headings and matters, scheduled for the next meeting. 3. Present accident report, statistics, safety survey/inspection report and relevant data made available by the Safety Department in the meeting. 4. Report status of recommendations. 5. Prepare and distribute minutes

6. Discuss all the business matters, scheduled for the next meeting with the Chairman and get his approval well in advance 7. Prepare notes amplifying each item of the special agenda, desired by the Chairman and also of the items appearing fresh so that the chairman and members know exactly why a particular item has been included. 8. Arrange programme of the meeting and notify members. Ensure that all concerned have been properly notified well in advance. 9. Maintain record/data related with injuries / property damage and functioning of the committee. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Members : Participate in Safety Committee meetings and survey / inspection rounds. Work safely and influence others to work safely Serve as communication channel Ensure that all occupational injuries, property damage incidents and unsafe conditions are reported Help the supervisor in investigating all accidents Contribute ideas and suggestions to improve safety and influence others to do so Report on compliance with the safety programme instructions, regulations, recommendations etc. Co-ordinate for evacuation in case of Emergency is declared. Work as selling agent for safety ideas, contests, drives etc.,

A typical Department Safety Committee discussion should include, but not necessarily be limited to 1. departments and factorys accident record 2. findings of safety inspection / survey report 3. status of earlier recommendations 4. case study on accident in the factory or serious accidents in other factories (if details are available) 5. any major safety activity / circular or notice / findings 6. Safety related points raised by the members 7. Views of the Chairman & Secretary on Safety