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Teamwork Rubric Name: ______________________________

Category Focus on the task Work Habits Exemplary (3) Stays on task all of the time without reminders. Proficient (2) Stays on task most of the time. Group members can count on this person. A true team member who works A strong group member who tries hard and helps others in the hard! group. Respectfully listens, discusses, Respectfully listens, discusses and asks questions and helps direct asks questions. the group in solving problems. Partially Proficient (1) Stays on task some of the time. Group members must sometimes remind this person to do the work. Sometimes an active group member, but needs to try harder. Has trouble listening with respect, and takes over discussions without letting other people have a turn. Incomplete (0) Hardly ever stays on task. Lets others do the work. Sometimes chooses not to help out, and does not complete tasks. Point

Listening, Questioning and Discussing Research and InformationSharing Group/ Partner Teamwork

Does not listen with respect, argues with teammates, and does not consider other ideas. Blocks group from reaching agreement. Gathers information and shares Usually provides useful information Sometimes provides useful Almost never provides useful useful ideas for discussions. All and ideas for discussion. information and ideas for discussion. information or ideas for information fits the groups goals discussion. Works to complete all group Usually helps to complete group Occasionally helps to complete group Does not work well with others goals. goals. goals. and shows no interest in completing group goals. Always has a positive attitude Usually has a positive attitude Sometimes makes fun of the task(s) Often makes fun of others work about the task(s) and the work ofabout the task(s) and the work of or the work of other group members. and has a negative attitude. others others. Performed all duties of assigned Performed nearly all duties of Performed a few duties of assigned Did not perform any duties of team role and contributed assigned team role and team role and contributed a small assigned team role and did not knowledge, opinions, and skills contributed knowledge, opinions, amount of knowledge, opinions, and contribute knowledge, opinions or to share with the team. Always and skills to share with the team. skills to share with the team. skills to share with the team. did the assigned work. Completed most of the assigned Completed some of the assigned Relied on others to do the work. work. work.