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Would you be interested in going into business for yourself? Yes certainly / May be / No / Im already in business 2. Are you ever been a trainee? Yes / No If yes please describe: 3. Have you ever setup a business in the past? Yes / No 4. How long have you been thinking about starting a business of your own? ------ Yrs / ----- Months / Unsure 5. The ideal age to start a business according to you is 20-25 Yrs / 26-30 Yrs / 30-35 Yrs / 36-40 Yrs 6. Entrepreneurship is an attractive career option. Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree 7. Have you attended any EDPs at your college? Yes / No 8. Have you attended any EDPs outside? Yes / No 9. Do you think the EDPs organized by your college are enough to get the required information? Yes / No 10. Could you get enough information about the EDPs organized by outside organizations? Yes / No 11. Who do you think is your role model as a successful Entrepreneur? 12. Do you hope you have enough support and guidance to start your own business? Yes / No 13. Do you think your education encourages entrepreneurship? Yes / No 14. Influencers: Strongly influential Slightly influential Not influential Unsure (a) Parents / other family members (b) Friends (c) Hearing about people who are successful (d) Career advisors (e) Your Education 15. Rank the important motives for self employment: Support from family Willingness to work hard Willingness to accept risk Knowledge of the sector Creativity Being good with the people Enthusiasm Determination Optimism Initiative My Education

Friends & Role models 15. Rate yourself on the characteristics of entrepreneurs (out of 10): Being good with people Determination Honesty Intelligence Enthusiasm and energy Risk tolerance Creativity and ability to innovate Knowledge of the sector Optimism Initiative Ability to foresee and plan Coping with failure 16. Rate the following: I would like to start my own business because Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Freedom of action Utilize my own ideas Use best of my skills and competencies Not to work for others Economic independence Lead others Continuing family tradition Desire for shigher income Tax benefits Positive example for others More contact with people Gain power and influence Flexibility to maintain career and family Flexibility in working hours Use my education to the best advantage Self fulfillment Work in the area of my choice Give something back to society 17. Rate the following: I would like to start my own business because Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Too much responsibility Pressures Dont have personal skills Afraid of running into debt Easier to work for others Takes too much of my time Dont have good business idea Dont have relevant experience needed Family commitments

Difficult to obtain necessary finance My education system doesnt encourage Too much red tape 18. Do you have any idea of the tax benefits and other aids provided by the Government to promote entrepreneurship? Yes / No