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Project Training Plan

Project Name: Date: Department/Unit: Contact Names: Kathy Wilmot Rene Lesage Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software Phase 2 Implementation June 30, 2009 PMO Role Email Phone Project Manager Kathy.wilmot@mcgill.ca 4486 Training Lead Renee.lesage@mcgill.ca 089658

1 Introduction
Why are we doing this? What is the background or the history of the request? Example: Project Managers (PMs) require effective processes and software to plan, collaborate, monitor, and report on the projects they are responsible for. Directors need a common method for overseeing the projects in their units. Various levels of training on PPM methodology and software will be required. This training plan outlines the requirements and methods needed to provide training on the use of Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software. This tool will be required by IT units and will eventually be available to the McGill community.

2 Training Scope
2.1 Training Objectives

What are we hoping to accomplish (proficiency, advanced learning, certification credits, etc.) and who is the intended audience? Sample: A training program will be developed to provide the proper level of training needed for a range of users, from novice to expert project managers. Training methods will vary depending on the type of user project manager, portfolio manager, directors/executive, and team member. Training will be provided for the PPM software tool in conjunction with Project Management methodologies. 2.2 Assumptions

Who is going to set up the training environment? Is that going to happen in production? Who will set up the security for the site collection? Will users log in as themselves or as training IDs? Will we travel to all sites or just conduct classes at the corporate office? Sample: The PM, in the capacity of functional expert, will help to develop the training materials, but the responsibility for developing, delivering, and administering the training remains with ICS. Previous Project Management training is recommended as a prerequisite for novice PMs.

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Modified from this original source: http://www.slideshare.net/Samuel90/training-plan-sample 2.3 Constraints

Were you only given a month to put something together? Do you have any money to spend? Do you have an instructor? Does the trainer have access to an environment (dev or test) where they can learn the product and take screenshots? What issues are we facing specific to training? Sample: A timely schedule for developing the training materials and course offerings will be a challenge as multiple software applications are competing for the same resources. The project teams availability over the summer (vacations) and the fall (busiest time of year) will make it difficult to develop and deliver training.

3 Training Program
3.1 Training Prerequisites

Sample: All Project Managers (PM) are expected to understand and be familiar with PMIs Project Management Methodology before attending any of the training session. The HR Staff Development course also offers training for this subject. 3.2 Types of Training
Title Project Management Methodology at McGill Description At first this course will be geared to IT Project Management. This course will outline the methodology used at McGill and provide an introduction to the software. Overview of software for all users. Concentration will be on the PM user. Overview of software for all users. Concentration will be for the Executive user. Introduction to methodology and overview of software. Concentration on team users, including time entry. Overview of methodology and software. Emphasis on how to view project documents Training to be given initially by vendor. Procedures will be documented as necessary. Guide to requesting a project via the software. Guide to approving and staffing projects. Method Seminar Duratio n 2 hours Participants Novice PM, PM, Portfolio PM

PPM software for PMs


3 hours

PPM software for Directors and Executives PPM methodology and software for Team members Access to PPM for the Client


1 hour

Novice PM, PM, Portfolio PM Directors, Executives Team Member Client


30 min


15 min

PPM Administrator



PPM Administrator Client Directors, Executives, Portfolio Managers

Project Request Project Request Approval

Online Online


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Modified from this original source: http://www.slideshare.net/Samuel90/training-plan-sample 3.3 Training Schedule

Sample: Initial training for the administrators, functional experts in PMO, ICS trainers, and reps from IT will be given by the vendor during implementation. At this time, course development begins for ongoing staff training. The estimated preliminary schedule is shown in table 3.3. A detailed schedule for course offerings will be created on ICS staff registration systems once the training is established. Training Administrator training during implementation Train the trainer (ICS, PMO) during implementation PPM Course development PPM Staff Training begins for IT units 3.4 Training logistics Date August 17-21 August 2009 Aug Oct 2009 December 2009 Responsible Vendor Vendor ICS Training & PMO ICS Training

Sample: Training facilities are provided by ICS. Seminar type courses require various size rooms equipped with a projector and laptop with access to internet. Hands-on courses will be given in an ICS lab environment (maximum 15 users per session). ICS set up to administer (schedule, register, record, etc).

4 Roles and Responsibilities

Sample: The table below outlines the basic training responsibilities. It does not represent a work breakdown structure - that will be added when more details are known. Unit PMO ICS Training Responsibilities Assist in course development with ICS Develop courses (seminars, hands-on, online), administer training program on an ongoing basis Administer training program schedule courses, monitor registration, provide training records Provide initial training during implementation and consult on training program Evaluate training Existing or new resource PPM project team ICS Trainers

ICS Training

ICS Training coordinator


Vendor consultants


ICS Trainers & PMO functional expert

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Modified from this original source: http://www.slideshare.net/Samuel90/training-plan-sample

5 Estimated Training Budget

Decide how many people will need to be trained. You may have 10,000 employees but only 500 of those are targeted for this list of objectives. Sample: Cost estimate is two full-time resources for six months to develop and schedule five custom scenarios to run a total of three times each at the corporate office only. The vendor estimate for this work is $200,000. ICS currently have resources in place to offer training. However, it is likely that multiple software projects will need to share this limited resource. It is recommended that additional staff resources be secured in various departments and at multiple locations. Hosting a train-the-trainer program at corporate will require budget and manager approval for these resources to travel.

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