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Did An Angel Appear to Save a Child in North Carolina?

By Elton Camp

Actual picture from video camera

Manipulated version

Many sincere, but gullible, religious persons will, without careful analysis, believe a story of angels making visible appearances today to save people from various perils. However, the Bible admonishes us to reason together. No matter how sincere ones belief, this does not change error into truth. A superficially appealing story is now making the rounds on the Internet. It presents photographic proof that angels appeared to save a sick child at a hospital in North Carolina.

That proof consists of white splotches on the film of an obviously malfunctioning and low quality video camera in the hospital hallway. The top picture above is the image as it appears on the camera film and the next picture is how it has been manipulated to fit better with the assumptions of misguided religious zealots. Lets carefully examine this proof. In the top picture, notice the dark, brown area in the upper area of the frame. What is this? Clearly it is not something real, but a defect created by low quality equipment. The same is true of the irregular, white splotches below that. It would take a tremendous amount of imagination to convert this into a picture of an angel, rather like seeing images in clouds. At least, clouds are real and not camera/film defects as in these cases. In the unmodified top picture, notice that two slim white splotches appear and would be BENEATH floor level as if one could see through the floor. Are these skinny angel legs that dont quite attach to the body? Obviously, the defect in camera or film merely extends downward. Finally, toward the lower left-hand corner of the frame, notice the rectangular white splotch. Once again, is this something real or a defect in film or camera? Also, the pictured area is NOT outside the childs room, but another area. Now closely examine the manipulated version of the picture that often appears on social sites such as Facebook. See how the problem aspects of the picture have deliberately been minimized? The dark area has been slightly cropped and the white splotches beneath the body of the angel have been totally cropped? This is dishonest and deceptive. Deception is a tool of Satan, not of God. The motives of the ones doing this manipulation may be good, but highly inappropriate, in my opinion. What do YOU think? Oh, but how about the child getting better, some will protest. That type of thing happens all the time for both good and bad people. A person at the point of death will unexpectedly revive and live on for an indeterminate period of time. I have recently restudied each case recorded in the Scriptures of miraculous cures. These were always complete and virtually instantaneous. It is painfully obvious that this child still suffers from severe problems. What the future holds for her, I cannot say, but the case lacks the hallmarks of divine healing as shown in the New Testament. Also troubling is the site associated with the picture. At the very top it quotes Psalms 91: 11 which says, For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. The presentation that follows unmistakably draws from this the idea that this verse applies to people today. In fact, this applies to Jesus Christ, the Messiah as shown in the New Testament. The Devil quoted that verse when trying to induce Jesus to jump from the top of the temple. Jesus showed that he was misapplying the Scripture. It is also being misapplied in this present case. I wish only the best for this child in North Carolina, but I cannot accept the assertion that an angel appeared to save her by a partial cure. The God of the Bible is a God of truth and doesnt need distortion to add to his glory. What do you think?