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UNIT 2 1.-Im certain that she is very happy. 2.- It was wrong of you to insult her. 3.

-I doubt that she is working for that company. 4.-There is no need for you to come here. 5.- He had the possibility of buying a better house. 6.-People in this city have the obligation of keeping it tidy. 7.-The dog ate the meat. Im sure. 8.-You shouldnt leave without permission. (had better) UNIT 3 1.-You gave her a $5 note. A $5 note.. 2.-Somebody is going to fix my computer. I am . 3.- What time do they deliver the post? What time is..? 4.-People believe it was hidden in the desert. It is.. 5.- You can purchase these items on the web. These items 6.-We hadnt invited Mary to the wedding. Mary . 7.-Every year I send her a card for her birthday. She 8.- I started doing this exercise at 5.00. (since) 9.- When did you go to live to Australia? (how long) UNIT 4 1.- I have been working too much lately. She complained 2.-Dont come back until next Monday. She warned me. 3.- What do you like with your tea? She wanted to know.. 4.-Did you find the car keys yesterday? He asked me. 5.-Write to me when you need it. Jane reminded me. 6.-Lets go camping. She suggested. 7.- Are you going away tomorrow? He wondered UNIT 5 1.-The man worked in my office. He became my husband. (relative) 2.-I cant wait till Sunday. I am throwing a party then. (relative) 3.-Paul is a friend. I always talk to him (formal relative sentence)(informal) 4.-We enjoy the cakes. You bake them. (relative) 5.-Your girlfriend is a good girl. You share your problems with her. (formal relative sentence)(informal) 6.- Mlaga is the city. I was born there. (relative) 7.- I saw the neighbour . His son goes to my school. (relative) UNIT 6 1.-Her meal was tasty. I congratulated her for it. If 2.- I am old. I cant run fast. If. 3.- I dont have money. I cant buy the dress. Unless. 4.- I dont like your lack of common sense. I wish. 5.- Im fed up with his bad behaviour. If only. 6.- He isnt here. Thats why you cant see him. If.

Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given. 1.- She bought an enormous cake. They wanted to celebrate their anniversary. (purpose) She bought 2.- I didnt go to see you because I didnt know you were here. If I 3.- They didnt sell the house because it was very expensive. The house 4.- If you dont stop talking, I wont tell you. Unless 5.- In spite of the heavy rain, we all enjoyed the visit. Although 6.- They will give Sarah a present for her graduation. Sarah 7.- You dont understand because you never listen. If 8.- Dont do that, its dangerous said Susan to Sarah. Susan 9.- Kevin, where did you go last weekend? asked Jenny. Jenny 10.- He was wearing a coat and glasses because he didnt want to be recognized. (purpose) He was wearing 11.- He knows a lot of medicine, but he is not a good doctor. In spite of 12.- I saw the accident, but I didnt cause it, said John. John said 13.- I m so sorry. I didnt know about it, he said. He apologized 14.- Its possible that Darren was pushed out of the boat. (might) 15.- Without his father's help, he wouldn't be so successful. If..... 16.- It is a pity they did not see her. I wish 17.- He never listens to his mums advice. If only..... 18.- Everybody thinks John is in Australia. John .... 19.- We were wrong to cheat in the exam. It was a mistake. (have) We

20.- They are repairing Freds car in Glasgow (having) .... 21.- Pack all your belongings in a small suitcase The officials recommended that .....