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Evaluate Online Advertising Options

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This chapter will help you brainstorm and develop online advertising campaigns.

Run a banner ad campaign on a specific site or collection of sites. Site visitors click
your ad to visit a landing page on your site. You can use a variety of creative
Ads on targeted
formats including static ads or interactive rich media, which is becoming more
popular with B2B advertisers.

Run an ad in the body of another company’s email newsletter, or have that

Ads on targeted email company “sponsor” a message from you to their subscribers. The email would link
newsletters to a special landing page on your site.

Creating a program that enables other companies put your ads on their sites; you
pay those companies a commission for every click-thru or some other metric. For
Affiliate programs example, when a web page offers a link or ad for a book on Amazon.com, the
referring site earns commission if you click the link and buy.

There are many ways to use the internet in your marketing efforts. Other Marketing M.O. subjects are
devoted exclusively to the following online vehicles:


Email Marketing
Email campaigns

Search Marketing
Organic search

Paid search, including text ads on other websites (i.e. through the
Search Marketing
Google AdSense program)
Trade Shows & Events

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So how can you use “online advertising” (as defined above) in your marketing mix? It’s appropriate for a
variety of business goals:

BUSINESS GOALS (check those EXAMPLES (check those you would consider for your own marketing
that apply to you) plans)
Generate new leads Create a very specific offer for a white paper, a demo, a custom
analysis, or just a powerful call-to-action to learn about your
product/service. Use a focused set of landing pages to continue the
offer, capture relevant information, fulfill and follow up with the
Create an affiliate program to generate ongoing leads.

Promote a special offer Run a campaign to promote a specific program or offer. Make sure
or program to generate there’s a strong call-to-action and that you use a special landing page
leads or sales specifically for your offer or program.
Create an affiliate program to generate ongoing sales.

Increase your visibility Use a large ad, potentially a rich media ad with interactivity that can
among targeted really grab your prospects’ attention and raise your visibility.
prospects Raise your visibility on industry websites before a big trade show or
event you’re participating in.
Use rich media or a moderate-to-large ad to announce a new product
launch, big news, a new message, etc.

Drive a lot of traffic to Create an intriguing message to generate a high volume of click-
your website throughs to a landing page. Use that page to drive visitors to the page
that’s most appropriate for their needs.

Result: Can online advertising help you in any of the following areas?


Generate new prospects

Direct sales

Raise visibility/branding

Drive general website traffic

Now look at the different types of online campaigns you can run – here is an introduction with pros and

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PROS (check those that are good for CONS (check those that
you) concern you)
BANNER ADS ON SITES Can be very broad or very You typically pay for
targeted depending on the sites and impressions – the number of
Run a banner ad campaign on a specific pages your ad is on times your ad is served up –
specific site or collection of sites. Very measurable; prospects who rather than for actual clicks to
Site visitors click your ad to visit a are interested can click your ad to your site
landing page on your site. learn more You may not be able to
Easy to test and improve your control exactly when or where
ads on the site your ad runs
Uses a wide range of creative Can require a minimum
presentations to grab the attention monthly spend, and cost per
of your audience thousand impressions can be
Offers good visibility on top of high depending on the level of
the click-throughs; builds brand targeting (more targeted is
awareness often more expensive)

RICH MEDIA OR ONLINE VIDEO ADS Very compelling & engaging It’s easy to create ads that
Can do more selling than a static are more complicated than they
A different creative option than the ad need or should be – business
standard banner program – “rich Only used by a small percentage users want information quickly
media” refers to more interactive of B2B marketers (though growing); Many sites don’t offer these
ads that are programmed in Flash or can stand out advertising options or have
other languages; they can Proven to increase ad recall, limited availability
incorporate motion, audio and brand awareness, favorability, etc. Substantially larger
video; float over a page and include Offers metrics such as display investment
forms and downloads right from the time and interaction rates to help Lots of animation can turn
ad. measure impact and performance off business users

ADS ON EMAIL NEWSLETTERS Can be very targeted You’ll pay based on the
Delivered in short time period number of subscribers on the
Run an ad in the body of another with relatively speedy results email list, but be careful – some
company’s email newsletter. The Very measurable; prospects who lists have a high percentage of
ads link to a landing page on your are interested can click your ad to subscribers who don’t actually
site. learn more open or read the messages.
The “sponsoring” company lends
The ad could also be: credibility to your ad
 A simple text ad Offers good visibility on top of
 A special email that’s dedicated the click-throughs; builds brand
to you but co-sponsored by the awareness
list owner

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS Pay for performance – you only Works best for products
pay when you actually get traffic, and services with broad appeal
Create a program that enables other orders, or whatever your “success that can be advertised on a
website publishers to put your ad on measurement” variety of websites. B2B

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PROS (check those that are good for CONS (check those that
you) concern you)
their sites. You develop the ads and If you have a good commission affiliate marketing isn’t as
create a commission program; structure, a lot of sites may put your popular as consumer affiliate
publishers place your ad on their ad in prominent spots. programs.
sites as desired and earn Fairly easy to set up and execute; Also works best for e-
commission for each click-through you create the program and monitor commerce, although you can
or other “success measurement” it, but your affiliates decide how and set up a pay-per-lead program.
where to place your ads. You can’t control the
specific sites where your ad will
You must implement a
tracking program to pay
accurate commissions to your
You don’t have control over
the number of ads that run,
when they run, or other factors,
so it’s difficult to hit specific
traffic goals

Result: After this analysis, which media options will you pursue?


Banner or rich media ads on  Develop your strategy & goals [601]
sites or email newsletters  Determine whether you’ll buy media directly or through an
agency/buyer [602]
 Choose your media [603]
 Create your ads [604]
 Measure your results [606]

Affiliate program  Set up your program [605]


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