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FRS for Flight Reservation

1. Application should allow to create orders, update orders, delete orders. 2. From the Main application window the user can create a new order and insert it to the Database using Insert Order button. The user can also update the existing order and delete it. There are 2 drop-down menus: File and Analysis (We are not testing Edit and Help) Under File drop-down menu there is 1 option: a) Open Order Under Analysis drop-down menu there are 2 options: a) Report b) Graph 3. To login into the application use agent name bart and password mercury. All other agent names & passwords are considered as invalid.

If the agent name or the password is skipped, the error message is displayed. If invalid agent name or password is entered, the error message is displayed. The user is re-prompted to re-enter the agent name and password. There are only 4 attempts to enter invalid password. (Please note, there is no limitation for entering invalid Agent name). If the 4th attempt to enter invalid password is failed, the application displays an error Login Unsuccessful and quits. The user should open Login screen again and re-enter Agent name and password. 4. Applications Main screen is Flight Reservation, which will be displayed after successful login:

5. Date of Flight field has the following format: MM/DD/YY. The order can be created only for the date which is greater than the current date. The current date/time is according to the system date/time. If the date is today or the previous date display an error message upon selecting the city from Fly From. The month can be from 1 to 12. If more than 12 the error message appears upon selecting the city from Fly From. The day should be from 1 to 31. If more than 31 the error message appears upon selecting the city from Fly From. The field Date of Flight can not be skipped. 6. The Fly From & Fly To are selections. If at least one of the fields (Date of Flight, Fly From, Fly To) are not entered or selected, the button Flight is disabled. The button Flight becomes enabled when all three fields prior are entered or selected. 7. By pressing the button Flight the user brings the Flights Table. This is a selection. The user should select any flight and press OK. All data is automatically generated from the selection to the Main screen. This data is not editable. 8. Name field should accept only alphabetic characters. Numeric & special characters are invalid input. If invalid input the Insert Order button should be disabled. If valid input - the Insert Order button should be enabled. 9. The default setting for the Class is Economy. It is automatically selected during the new order creation. The user can switch the setting from Economy class to Business or First and the ticket price is changed accordingly.

10. The maximum tickets created for the one order is 10. If more than 10 tickets in 1 order, display an error message when the Insert Order button is pressed. The Tickets field accepts numeric only. If alphabetic or special characters are entered and the Insert Order button is pressed, the error message appears. During the order creation the default number of tickets is 1. 11. When Insert Order button is pressed the application displays a progress bar and then the final message Insert Done. 12. When Update Order button is pressed the application displays a progress bar and then the final message Update Done. 13. When the Delete Order button is pressed the application displays a warning message Are You sure you want to delete this order? If No is selected, the warning message disappears and nothing gets deleted. If Yes is selected, the application displays Delete Done and the order gets deleted. 14. To open any existing order go to File -> Open Order. Upon selection the Open Order form appears.

The order search can be done using 3 selections: By Flight Date, By Customer name and By Order No. Select an appropriate search criteria, type the data and press the OK button. The appropriate order gets opened. If the order does not exist, the error message appears. The Cancel button will cancel the Open Order form and the application will return to the Main application window. 15. The Graph option from the Analysis drop-down menu allows bringing the Graph window. Each new created order automatically increased the number of the sold tickets. (For Example: If the Graph window shows 20 sold tickets, and the user then creates the new order with another 2 tickets, after opening the Graph window again it will show 22 sold tickets). 16. The Report option from the Analysis drop-down menu should show all orders. It is like the Database and can be seen in Notepad: As soon as the new order is created and inserted by pressing the Insert Order button, the appropriate order should appear in the Report. If the order gets updated, all changes should appear in the Report immediately. If the order gets deleted, it should be erased from the Report.