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North Valleys High School ~ Weight Training & Conditioning

Teacher: Mr. Genung Course: Weight Training & Conditioning E-mail: Credit: PE Credit

Course Scope:. Weight Lifting is designed to give you a basic understanding of and appreciation for strength training as
well as for cardiovascular fitness. Throughout the course of the semester you will be exposed to many different training principles, benefits of strength training and current training issues. Some issues of importance include: basic muscle physiology (including bone, muscle, and connective tissue), proper warm-up (including flexibility and stability), training methods and modes (including safety issues and spotting), nutritional factors in performance and health, basic cardiovascular and respiratory anatomy and physiology, psychological benefits of exercise, as well as many more. Course Content: 1. Strength training 2. Power training 3. Endurance training 4. Cardiovascular training 5. Flexibility training 6. Circuit training 7. Safety procedures 8. Proper technique 9. Fitness improvement 10. Training principles Class Expectations, Policies, Rules & Procedures Student Expectations ~Students are expected to: 1. Attend. (7 Unverified Absences results in no credit) 2. Come to class on-time. (See unexcused tardy policy) -5 3. Come to class prepared (Book or HW, PE Issued Clothing, Athletic Shoes) 4. Respect others thoughts, feelings, space, & stuff (Listen without interrupting, Negative Comments & Keep Hands to Yourself) 5. Communicate positively with others. (NO PUT-DOWNS!!!) 6. Show an understanding of time and place. 7. Actively participate in class assignments/activities. Tests: There will be both a mid-term and a final written/physical testing protocol. In addition there will also be conditioning testing. Conditioning tests and in class activities will prepare the student for successful completion of class objectives. Mid-term and Final Tests are graded on a total point scale and you should try to achieve the most points possible. Students will be graded on a modified scale for conditioning testing. Mid-term will be 5% of final grade. Final will be 15% of final grade Classroom Rules 1. No Food, Drink allowed. (Water is OK) 2. No Hats or Head-covering allowed. 3. Headphones and/or listening to music are only allowed during track endurance conditioning segments. 4. Cell phones must not be seen or heard at any time. 5. Use Locker room to store materials and backpack. NO BAGS IN PE ACTIVITY AREA! 6. Cheating is not tolerated in any way. Sharing or copying material with another student during individual assignments/tests is a Step Four offense and will result in a zero on the assignment or exam. If caught cheating on the final exam you will automatically fail this course pending an investigation. 7. Whistle System : 1 blast = freeze/rotate, 2 blasts = take a seat/knee 8. Rules/Procedures may be changed at the discretion of teacher or administration. Grading: 80% Participation, Behavior & Conditioning Assessments 15% Final Testing (Written/Physical Testing) 5% Mid-term (Written/Physical Testing) Students earn points for: 1. Participation (Includes Preparation for Class) & Behavior 2. Physical Testing 3. Written Exams

Dressing Out 1. Students are to dress in North Valleys PE Shirt and Shorts. Sweats may be worn instead of PE shorts. 2. Athletic Shoes only. No black soled shoes or sandals. 3. Non-suits cannot be made up. 4. Students that do not have a PE uniform are expected to dress in loaner clothes. Only Student IDs or Planners will be taken for collateral. Planners must have name written clearly on the front of them to facilitate return. Loaner Clothes If student does not have their own PE clothes for that day they will get clean loaner clothes from area in the main gym. Loaner clothes are returned to collection area in their respective locker room. Lockers 1. All students will be assigned their own small PE locker. a. Students leaving their personal belongings in a tall locker outside of class time will have the items removed. b. Neither the school district nor its employees are responsible for any lost or stolen items. 2. The Wellness department recommends the following use of lockers in the locker room: a. Students are not allowed to share locks and/or lockers. b. Students should not give their locker combination to anyone. c. Ensure lock is locked securely before leaving area. d. Do not bring valuables to PE. 3. Locks will be supplied to students who have paid a $5 refundable fee. This fee will be forfeited if the deposit is not claimed by the last day of school or if the lock is not returned. 4. Only locks issued by NVHS will be allowed in the locker room. Make-up PE Procedure/Policy: All Absences will be made up during pass. Planner must be signed! (See Mr. Genung) 1. Get planner signed by teacher 2. Check into PASS class. Student days only ~ Tuesdays/Thursday 3. Dress for PE 4. Meet in front of weight room by 8:10 am 5. Complete Make-up Requirements Students are expected to make up missed PE days during the 9 week grading period in which an absence occurs. Visits to the nurse will require students to make up day. Exceptions to the make-up policy may be made on an individual basis. Illness/Injury 1. Parent Notes: Students may be excused from participation if a parent note / contact number are provided. Parent notes will excuse the student from participation in PE for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. Students are expected to dress out and make up parent note excused days for credit. 2. Medical Notes: Students are excused from participation in PE activities and make-up credit will be determined on an individual basis. a. A medical excuse must not exceed 44 days. Students who have a severe injury or illness should meet with teacher and counselor to explore appropriate placement options. b. Students are to file doctors notes with the HEALTH CLINIC and ensure that teacher receives a copy. 3. ALL injuries sustained in PE class, however minor, should be reported to the teacher immediately. Behavior Management Plan Stage Description 1 ~ Verbal Warning ~ Student Redirection 2 ~ Teacher-Student Conference / Parent Phone Call 3 ~ Referral with Documentation ~ SSO / Parent Phone Call 4 ~ Behavior Plan and/or IEP Intervention Meeting Consequence Detention or Physical Consequence Detention and/or Physical Consequence TBD TBD

* Student may begin at a higher stage depending on severity of disruption and/or frequency of inappropriate behavior
Code INJ MU EMI UMI W L A SSO PNE NS FD Points 10 10 10 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 Meaning Doctors Note Excused (Students will not be required to make up day) Made Up AB or PNE Excused Missed Instruction Unexcused Missed Instruction or Tardy Warning given for Poor Participation or Behavior Choice Loaner Clothes (Detention and/or Physical Consequences Administered) Absent SSO Referral (Severe Behavior Disruption) Parent Note Excused Day Non Suit (Detention and/or Physical Consequences Administered) Failed Day (Extreme Behavior Issue or Several Minor Behavior Disruptions/Poor Participation or Unprepared for Class)

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Period: ______________ PE Teacher: _____________

Please review these expectations, sign, detach at the above line, and return to your PE teacher. We have read the North Valleys High School Physical Education Policy and understand its content. As a student, I agree to adhere to the policy in order to earn PE credit. As a parent/guardian, I agree to support my son/daughter by encouraging him/her to adhere to the policy so that PE credit may be earned. Failure to return this slip will result in a grade drop. Students will receive +10 points extra credit for returning this paperwork. Date: ______________ Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________________ Parents Printed Name: _________________________________________________________ Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Students Printed Name:_________________________________________________________