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Tutorial about adding custom made DLC & NON-DLC liveries into the game without replacing the

original liveries.

General Info:
The following tutorial will explain how to add custom made dlc and non-dlc liveries into the game without replacing the original liveries. This will be done by editing the database.bin so please read the important notes. Also will there be a tutorial how to change the livery names in the game menu. Tutorial made by: RallyGamer Download tools/tutorial at my website Special thanks goes to: Ryder25 & Benny33 for creating the tools.

Important Notes:
Because you are gonna edit the database.bin you have to keep in mind the following: 1. Always backup your original database.bin which is situated in the following folder: C:\\Codemasters\DiRT 3\database 2. Because you gonna edit the database.bin you cannot play online with it. Also your times will not be updated in the leaderboards. 3. To restore the game for online play simply switch between the edited database.bin and your original backuped database.bin 4. Not all DLC cars can have added custom liveries because we cannot edit all dlc liveries.

What you need for this tutorial:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Ryder Database Editor D3 Modder Tool Ryder Language Editor (Optional) This manual dirt3_citroen_c4_wrc_petter_solberg_2009_tutorial_edition.zip DiRT3

Adding NON-DLC liveries (as an example you gonna add a custom made Citroen C4)
1. Copy database.bin from C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\database to for example your desktop. 2. Open the Ryder Database Editor (Ryder Database Editor GUI 2.exe). 3. Go to File / Open and look for the database.bin on your desktop and open it. 4. Next go to File / Export As XML and Save your database.xml to your desktop. 5. Now open the D3 Modder Tool. 6. Press Open XML and choose from your desktop the database.schema.xsd followed by the database.xml. 7. Next press the Add Livery button. 8. A popup will appear (see image 1). 9. Now select in the Car dropbox menu the citroen c4 wrc. 10. As you can see the tool automatically fills in the Name, File string etc. - In the Name section you can give your livery a custom name, do not use capital letters. - The File string will correspond with the folder in which you will place the .pssg files of the livery. So in this case the File string is c4r_02 which corresponds with the following folder you have to create manually C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\cars\models\c4r\livery_02\textures_high. The livery_02 and the subfolder textures_high are the ones you have to create yourself manually in the existing c4r folder. - ID to be left as default. - Order to be left as default. - Driver Suit you can choose from the dropbox but can also be left as default. - No need to edit any of the other options. - NOTE: remember and write down the File string and the Name (more about that later in this tutorial). 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. When you done all this press the Add button. Now press the Save button and save/overwite the database.xml file on your desktop. Close the tool. Next open the Ryder Database Editor and go to File / Import As XML and choose the edited database.xml on your desktop. Now go to File / Save and save/overwite the database.bin on your dektop. Close the tool. Copy the edited database.bin from your desktop to the following folder C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\database overwriting the original one. If you haven't done already in step 10 create the folder livery_02 with subfolder textures_high in C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\cars\models\c4r so it looks like this C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\cars\models\c4r\livery_02\textures_high and place the custom made Citroen C4 Solberg livery (c4r_tex_high_02.pssg, c4r_tex_gr_high_02.pssg, c4r_tex_sn_high_02.pssg, c4r_tex_tm_high_02.pssg) in the textures_high folder. Also make sure that the .pssg names correspond with the livery_02 folder so they should have the same number at the end as the folder does, in this case the number 02. NOTE: you always need 4 pssg files, the main body and the 3 wheel files. Now you are done and you can test your newly added livery in the game. (result should look like image 2 and image 3).


image 1

image 2

image 3

Adding DLC liveries (as an example you gonna add a custom made Subaru 555)
All steps are the same as for the NON-DLC liveries except for the following: At step 18 you had to create a folder with a subfolder (livery_02/textures_high) inside the cr4 folder. DLC liveries have no folder like the cr4 so you also have to create it manually, so now you have to create three folders. For example you wanne add a custom made Subaru 555, create the following folders: - A folder called 555 in C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\cars\models. - A subfolder livery_05 and a subsubfolder textures_high inside the 555 folder. - So it all should look like this C:\...\Codemasters\DiRT 3\cars\models\555\livery_05\textures_high. (You are wondering why i call it livery_05 ? Well because the game has already 5 liveries, livery_00, livery_01, livery_02, livery_03 & livery_04 the next free spot available will of course be livery_05. Also if you add a dlc livery with the D3 Modder Tool it will give you automatcally the File string with a number, in this case 555_05, so you know what folder to create). NOTE: The car folder names can be found on my website for all NON-DLC and DLC cars: http://www.rallygamer.site11.com/dirt3/tools/texture-design-tools.html

(Optional) Changing the custom livery name in to a more readable name.

Normally if you add a livery as shown above in the tutorial you will see in the menu a weird looking livery name like <DB_Citroen_C4_WRC_SOLBERG> see image 5. Well to make it more readable and to look like the other livery names you can use the Ryder Language Editor to fix that so it looks more like image 6.

How to edit the livery menu name:

As an example you gonna change the <DB_Citroen_C4_WRC_SOLBERG> text into Petter Solberg Rally Spain 2009. To do this you gonna edit the language_use.lng (this is the file for the english language, if you are using a different language then the tutorial is the same just choose your own language file from C:\...\DiRT 3\language. 1. First backup the original language_use.lng file which is situated in C:\...\DiRT 3\language in case something goes wrong. 2. Copy the language_use.lng from C:\...\DiRT 3\language to your desktop. 3. Open the Ryder Language Editor. 4. Go to File / Open and look for the language_use.lng file on your desktop and open it. 5. Next go to Edit / Add Row. 6. A popup will appear (see image 4). 7. Remember i said in step 10 of the adding non-dlc tutorial to remember and write down the Name (custom livery name). The custom name was citroen c4 wrc solberg so you should write in the Key window db_citroen_c4_wrc_solberg . 8. In the Value window you can now write the new custom name you would like to see in the game. In my case it will be Petter Solberg Rally Spain 2009, do not use enters because it will not work just write the words after one another. 9. Press the OK button and the new row will appear on the bottom. 10. Go to file / save and save/overwrite the language_use.lng on your desktop. 11. Copy the language_use.lng from your desktop to your C:\...\DiRT 3\language folder overwriting the original one. 12. Start up the game and see your edited livery name (see image 6).

image 4

image 5

image 6

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