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Knowing God that Creates and Sustains Scientifically

Human quest, is a quest to seek origin and existence of the universe. It is a quest to know Truth and the purpose of his own existence. In short it is a "Quest for Knowledge". Before the modern day temples of science emerged, humanity was governed by "Spiritual Knowledge" that existed in Temples of God. People in these institutions ruled over humanity.

They advocated the existence of "Supreme personality" called "God", who is all powerful and is the Creator and Sustainer of the whole universe. The "Spiritual Science" deteriorated as this faculty was in filtered by non illuminated, self and material centered people who flourished exploiting people in the Name of unseen God. If we read Bible the only people whom Jesus condemned are the so called guardians of temple and spiritual leaders. Modern science came as anti-thesis to religious institutions. We all know that early scientists were prosecuted by Church. But with evolution and success of science these religious institutions lost their teeth.

REINVENTING BIG BANG ORIGIN Knowing God that Creates and Sustains Scientifically Human quest, is a quest

The "Concept of God is Real" and thus it has survived the onslaught of scientists. It is s the most influencing but the least understood reality. Thus humanity as a whole exist as a sitting duck to evil minded people

using God and Temples to their advantage. Religions have thrived the onslaught of science silently and today has grown into most dangerous institution of the world, threatening the very existence of humanity. This is partly due to the fact that science entered from simplicity to complexity and has moved away from common man. It has failed to answer many of the fundamental questions of Nature and Life leaving humanity in darkness

The key question where science has failed is the question of "origin and existence of the universe perpetually in time". The early science was simple. But complexity emerged when electromagnetism was discovered and man began to break the realm of atoms to seek Truth. Scientists failed to perceive and differentiate between light and atomic matter. They failed to perceive the origin of mass and gravity. They failed to comprehend "Fundamental Principle and Design" governing Nature. Eventually their mind was set on prediction and exploitation of Nature than understanding it. The concept of predictability was broken when Werner Heisenberg discovered the "Uncertainty Principle" which spilt the foundation of science into micro and macro world. With advancement in quantum science scientist began to perceive the Truth that an "observer" or "inquirer" cannot be separated from the experiments. It meant that somehow mind and consciousness of humanity or the observer influences the material world. It became increasingly clear that we are actually participators in this world responsible, directly and indirectly, for the world we live in. The world we live is the Creation of our thought.

The fact is that, though we advanced from "bullock cart to airplanes" and "hand post to instant messages" the society as a whole and the world is collapsing. Earth is getting unstable, Human mind is violent and is taking self destructive path in the Name of God. This instability, disorder and destruction has direct relationship to our ignorance of "Truth of Nature and God" and how they function. The lack of precise

knowledge how we are influencing the world and digging our own grave has left humanity disturbed. The evil minded people in religious institutions are fishing as never before in troubled waters to advance their respective religions by number and material wealth.

Today scientists are striving hard to search for secret of "mind and consciousness". They are struggling to invent "God Particle" and so on to explain Nature we live in. Most conscious researchers are concentrated on brain and at cellular level they are seeking it in "Centriole". We also have people seeking God in huge accelerators by

means of exponential increase in "force and violence". It all amount

to seeking speaker by breaking the radio or seeking life by killing life.

All attempts to comprehend the Universe sensibly necessitates that it includes and accounts the two basic laws of Energy. When second law of thermodynamics [Energy] is applied to Theory of Gravity, it leads to situation where system looses energy and eventually collapses to a point. The BIG BANG THEORY of Origin is extension of gravitational theory of Einstein. All the laws of physics fail here. It leaves us without a cause for origin and perpetual existence. Fallowing this Scientists have come up with concepts like "Black hole", "Information Loss", "singularity", "Parallel worlds", "11 dimensions" and so on. Today, scientists have visualized one parallel world piercing the other and emerging out on the opposite side, at singularity. I must admit that my knowledge of thoughts of these inventors and their mathematical approach is nearly zero.

The quest of scientists to unite the micro and macro world has failed miserably. They have managed to unite the strong nuclear, weak nuclear and electromagnetic force but have failed to unite it with gravity force sensibly. What is eluding modern scientists becomes

comprehensible even to a common man, if we care to review Nature from a different perspective. And this comprehension is vital to our survival. All of us are endangered because of ignorance of intellectuals and rulers who are ruling us. They stay protected when common man suffers by virtue of their failures. We all are made from the same source and have the same potential to seek Truth. Only requisite is that we must have courage to break loose from "Plato's Chair" to which we are bound as prisoners.

The key to Reinvent Big Bang

The key to reinvent Big Bang is to discover a "New Force" and "New Space-Time Field" that opposes gravity and has creative and sustenance potential. This is something Einstein strived to invent but failed. It is open to all of us. All we need to do is to open the window and observe Plants grow, seeds sprout and Lilies flower. All life are instinctively Anti-gravitational. It has a "inner space", where gravity force is converted into anti-gravity. All Life strives to sustain certain equilibrium with expenditure of energy. It shows creativity and potentials to survive and perpetuate in time. It has parallel world; male and female. Life conquers time when the Spirit of the male enters the female to initiate a new life.

What this means is that "Inner space of life" is real career of information and the material body is sustained by it. It is the

conscious and intelligent field. It could be compared to Einstein's

gravity net that forms the back bone of material world linking all the bodies in space. Here is act against gravity. The inner space of life and its Spirit perceives and responds to the information changes in "external space-time field" and acts to sustain the system. This opposition of living and material world is known to science, but is over looked by physicist. It stands out when second law of thermodynamics is applied material and living systems.

Very Important Point

This means existence of life denies the gravitational collapse to singularity. Now if we are to seek Big Bang then it has be sought in the inner space of Single Soul, Cell, or Life. It is inevitable that we need to seek it, because time is inevitable reality both from modern materialistic perspective and ancient Living Perspective.

Note - In one to one parallel world vision, it is dissolution and recreation to create a new order. Here substance of the male [ Spirit or Information] leaves its body to enter the recessive world to conquer time and initialize it. The body from which the Spirit has left now becomes the feed for the child growing in the womb. Time conquering at Singularity perceived by modern scientists thus becomes valid.

In order to understand further we have to take few leaves from spiritual scriptures. 1] Bible says we are created in the image of the Creator and we were given dominion over Earth and everything over it, with one restriction not to eat from the "tree at the center". [First Chapter of Bible]. Here, it also tells us that humans eat the "Forbidden fruit" and thus fell from the Grace of God. In short we broke the faith relationship with God the Father.

2] The second part of Bible tells us that "Christ" is the "Son of God" manifested to save the world and restore the kingdom back to God. He has come to transform souls and give New Life. It says post Calvary is a period of Grace and through Jesus we are being restored back to the Kingdom of God with Free Will. Jesus is understood as savior and liberator. It tell us that the anti-dote to eating "Forbidden Fruit" is to eat the "Flesh and Drink the Blood" of the "Lamb sacrificed in Calvary" It also says in His "Second Coming" and there will be Judgment

3] Vedas of East tell us that Universe was created with "Self-Sacrifice of the Creator". [YajurVeda VS 30-31] and it was conducted by his own people. 4] Vedas picture universe as "Conscious and intelligent being". It says that universe is thought projection of "Mind of God" and that we are individuated universes born from it and we create our own universes with similar thought projections. It also tells us that universal time cycle is a time cycle where "Truth and Justice" deteriorates.

5] History speaks of many prophets manifesting to lead humanity in the right path. It also speaks God's manifestation and direct participation in war for "Truth and Justice". The "Bhagavad-Gita" of Hindus is a revelation of Truth of ancient Vedic scriptures recited directly to warrior Arjuna in the "Battle field of Truth and Justice". No wonder Vedas speak "Universal Time Cycle" in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice in four quantum portions. Bible says that Christ the "Son of God" manifested when there was no one who could be justified before God and Kingdom of God was in threat of collapse. It speaks of qualitative deterioration of the system. It clearly says that kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. This means the purpose of Christ's manifestation is to lead us back to Light and Glory from which we fell.

6] The last prophet, "Prophet Mohammed" manifested on Earth spoke of judgment to come. This happened when Christianity manifested into religion had wavered from "Good News" and was working mainly to accumulate wealth and power. The coming of prophet ended up in a new a religion. 7] The next in line of evolution was science - that is still struggling to evolve to know Truth

Resistance that God put on humanity, needs to be understood as "Resistance from Seeking Self" and becoming "Slave to material

world". But humans become "self centered" and eats the forbidden fruit and thus creates a time direction from Life to death. We humans by our ignorance are pushing the world to deterioration and death. The present situation of the world is well expressed in the following figure.

world ". But humans become "self centered" and eats the forbidden fruit and thus creates a

The figure is self explanatory. Time in material world is centripetal and directs towards death. But in living world it is centrifugal and directed to Life. When humans Created in God's image breaks the faith relationship with God and become self centered and salve to material force the whole system begins to deteriorate. This necessitates the "Creator Soul' to recreate and restore the system back to its initial state. In short all the forces of material world directs on to a "Single Soul" and Life. This soul should be "Absolute Life" with "Absolute Soul" and "Absolute Mind" The inner space of this "Primal Soul" should contain all the information in the world to create and sustain the universe. It should be "self less" and thus is capable of "arresting time" and transform all the Gravity Force into "anti-gravitational force" that can lift the system from "0" back to "1" to start a "New Time cycle".

This process is happening through "Calvary sacrifice of Christ". "Christ's Soul" is the "Primal Soul", which carries all the information to lift us from death to life. It is the consciousness and intelligence of Creator unfolding to liberate us in Truth so that humanity can take guard of Earth.

The above figure speaks, how we in our ignorance are upsetting, "Energy to Matter Ratio" and inviting huge wrath from Mother Nature. We are experiencing this though out the world. The world argues and debates it in terms of CO2. It is true CO2 plays a critical role. However, the primary cause is upsetting of "Energy to Matter Ratio", which intern is upsetting "vital O2 to CO2 ratio". This could mean at some point animals and we humans can wither likes leaves from a autumn tree. We are being destroyed by "Double Edged Sword" of unwinding force of sun/heat and winding force Earth. This is manifesting as sudden peaking of heat and falling, leading to Fire/Heat, Earth/water bound destructions. These are manifesting as huge forest fire, flash floods/snows, cloudburst, sinkholes, mudslides and Earthquakes. The

winding of Earth eventually ends up in huge volcanic eruption that can culminate in splitting Earth and turning it inside out. We have proofs of many civilization buried under Earth. Volcanic dust is known cool Earth inducing "sudden ice age". We stand in the brink of destruction. As I write I am reading many "celebrity homes" in "heaven called America" under threat from fire. No bunkers underneath Earth or above, with all our money can save us against fury of Mother Nature.

I have written extensively on it in the last one decade. I have posted innumerable letters and sent emails to several leaders of the world, media groups and intellectuals in temples of science and pleaded with many acknowledged intellectuals seeking one chance to discuss the core idea. But the people chained to "Plato's Chair" are failing to listen. The signs around the world speaks the Truth that we are in "Tipping Point" and there is not much time to lose. Today against many odds I strive to call the world's attention posting through social media of the world.

We are peaking with our materialistic and pathologically destructive attitude and mind set. By our Twin Ignorance "Truth of Nature and her functioning" and "Truth of God" we are in a self destructive mode. The only hope exist in "Universal Consciousness and intelligence" or "Christ consciousness and intelligence" unfolding to initialize us into Kingdom of God or Golden Age or Dharma Yuga.

What I write came as Grace, when me the sinner surrendered myself unconditionally and accepted death in a retreat center to be touched by the "Great Spirit". The call to me was distinct and loud - advance science. I resisted this call, for my experience of communicating with temples of science was very painful and fruitless. In a world ruled by physicist where a Noble Laureate like James Lovelock is not taken seriously, my own mind resisted take up this challenge from an interior village in a third world country. However, when I saw the "Twin Tower

collapse" I could not resist the inner call anymore. I left my means of livelihood to live a uncertain life in town to concentrate exclusively on writing the knowledge and visions that was revealed to me and to keep it on the net. I wrote and kept as it came to me, hoping some intellectual circles discovers it in time and gives me one chance to discuss the matter. Years have gone. The chance to discuss these thought in intellectual circles has evaded me. I am only witnessing the deterioration of the world its increasing misery. I am now standing in cross road forced to call up my struggle, I am now giving my last thrust. Any one reading this article if he sees any sense please viral it. Unless we awaken Truth and evolve we are doomed.

Further reading

My writing no way is a support for the organized religion called Christianity. I believe organized Christian religion has wavered from Christ and is filled with non illuminated people striving to amass wealth than acquiring the Spirit of Christ and transferring it to people thus leading the world from darkness to Light. Open your eyes and see it. There is some awakening in Church that has come more out of stress

from people awakening outside it. It is important that this powerful institution of the world awakens to the "Spirit of Christ"

In conclusion - We humans and our thinking and our self centeredness is the cause for the collapsing world. The "GOOD NEWS" is that in the midst of this collapse there is spiral force that is trying to lift us back to the Glorious Period of Human History. There is a "Universal consciousness and intelligence" uplifting us all we need is turn our face to it. The information era is poised for a leap into Knowledge Era where humanity lives in peace and harmony with oneself, with Nature and God. The time of being exploited in the Name of God is coming to an End.