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KCT drives operational efficacy in procurement As part of ongoing efforts to deliver the highest quality construction, Khayyat Contracting

& Trading is adopting a strictly controlled and technology-led approach to its procurement

Khayyat Contracting & Trading (KCT) is implementing rigorous procedures through an expert team in order to ensure the highest standards in its procurement in Qatar and has plans to form a database on all subcontractors and suppliers providing services and materials to the market. Moutaz Khayyat, CEO of KCT, notes: Procurement affects the company dearly it is one of the backbones of the company and determines whether we make a profit in many situations. Our strategy is to run it like a machine, to the benefit of ourselves, subcontractors and suppliers. According to Ahmad Jaafar, procurement director at the company, KCTs strategy to implement the strictest controls hinges on a tight-knit team that only requires a handful of personnel to procure for 24 sites, and which can rapidly adjust to changes in its procedures. We are working with the minimum staff anywhere, so we are very efficient as a department, and self-conscious about not wasting of time and money, Jaafar says. We have a lot of work coming in, but we hope to get to the point where processing will become a matter of hours. A specific aim for the near future is to see 90% of its supply chain going through the proper channels, which will control the cost, timing and quality of supply. This will be supported by the implementation of the database to better benchmark quality and pricing of procured services. For this purpose KCT is inquiring upon all of the suppliers and subcontractors in the market, and through this process, the company will soon be pre-qualifying vendors to work with the company. Suppliers are also being given the opportunity to apply directly to qualify with KCT through an online portal a selection tool that will become increasingly useful as efforts turn towards LEED, QSAS and environmentally friendly vendors that are already leading this field in other markets.


Further information about Khayyat Contracting and Trading Khayyat Contracting and Trading (KCT), is one of the largest main contractors in the State of Qatar, providing a wide range of construction services to both the local and international markets. Having built a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget, KCTs recently delivered projects include the Orient Pearl restaurant and the Lekhwiya Stadium. KCT is currently working on the Mall of Qatar, which once completed will be one of the largest indoor shopping centres in the world. www.khayyat-qa.com For further information, please contact William Skidmore, Aetius Media: +971561798855 or ws@aetiusmedia.com www.aetiusmedia.com