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Civil Service Commlssion Field Office Pampanga

July23,2013 Mayor DANIIOS.GUINTU LGU-Masantol of Pampanga Province


DearMayor Guintu: bythisOfficeonJuly 2,20L3andreceived Thisreferstoyourletter-querydatedJuly to retainthe employees opinionon whetheror not you are allowed seeking J, ZO1;3, issued without any written order of reassignment in their new placeof assignment administration' by the previous Memorandum of CSC your attentionis invitedon the provisions In this connection, asfollows: state which Reassignment on Rules No.2, s. 2005or the revised Circular
XXXXX transferor detailshouldnot be confused involving movements " 2. personnel rules. by separate theyaregoverned since with reassignment place of work indicated with station-specific of employees " 3. Reassignment period shallbe allowedonly for a maximum appointments in their respective when the station-specific of one (1) year. An appointmentis considered indicated position is is located specifically particular officeor stationwherethe doesnot refer specificappointment Stationon the faceof the appointment. purposes of identifying for is it used plantilla item numbersince to a specified by the employee. position to be filledor occupied the particular 't 4. lf appointment maximumperiod the one-year is not station- specific, do not whoseappointments of employees shallnot apply.Thus,reassignment period place no definite has work of particular or office the indicate specifically Service the Civil or recalled by the Headof Agency, othenriserevoked untess court. a or comPetent Commission t' 5. lf an apFointment to an is not station - specific,reassignment or to another from one building or building the same within unit organizational is allowed. contiguousto each other in one work area or compound within an and departments divisions, unit refersto sections, Organizational organization." The above-quotedprovisionsclearly provide the guidelineson reassignment or not, whicft/ and made a distinctlon if the appointment is station-specific

in your query and thus this Officecannotpresume information is lacking in that matter.

prerogative reassignment is a management which is presumed However, to provenothenrise unless be regular and madein the interestof publicservice constructive dismissal. or it constitutes Such beingthe matter,the headof the is in a bestposition to knowif the reassignment agency of the thirty-two(32) permanent is madein the exigency employees of publicservice whichshould The allegation not otherwisecauseconstructive dismissal. that they were performing differentfrom the positions functions they hold is a consequence of their reassignment. On your representation that there were no Office Ordersissuedto said please reassignment of the thirty-two (32)employees, that an be reminded Office Order has to be issuedto make the reassignment valid and in LawandRules. accordance with the CivilService Lastly,sincethe positionsinvolvedin the reassignment are allegedto be permanent, it would be necessary for your agency to reviewfurther your plantilla of positionsand organizational structure based on your vision, goals mission andstrategic that couldhelpyou meetyour agenq/smandate. you on the matter. We hopethat we haveclarified


QJttcE J.COCHON Director ll