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Preliminary Notes of THE SACRED TEXTS OF THE SKULL THE Order of the Skull requires no Bible per se.
As each aspirant of the Skull steps forth into the Order, they come armed with their own religions, their own spiritual practices, beliefs, conclusions, and ideals. The Order of the Skull is NOT a religion, but it is, rather, a Unitarian Order whose principles of tolerance, unity, respect, and love bring about a question in all aspirants who dont fully understand the point of an organization so lax on dogma: why? Whats the point? Simply put, were all here for the same reasons: were all here to acquire knowledge. Were all here to study different religions, alternative religions, and find the differences and similarities. We are theological scholars with a shared interest in the mystery schools. We all believe in Magick, but on different levels and to different degrees. We are here to affirm our own beliefs and conclusions, but were also here to ascertain knowledge of other paths, and to develop an understanding that simply cannot be offered by the usual churches, lodges, and other types of organizations. This book, THE SACRED TEXTS OF THE SKULL, is not a Bible for the Order per se. Its rather an occult tract that will assist the aspirant of the Skull in understanding the scope of our aims. It is available to the public to be bought, and it is also available to the public for free. However, members on all levels within the Order of the Skull will understand it infinitely better than anyone without the pale of the Order. Those who have taken on the degrees and grades and the curriculum thereof now offered by the Order will especially have an exceedingly easy time understanding this spiritual/mystical tract. Its true that this text will be interpreted differently by everyone who reads it, but in saying that, I dont feel that it in any way diminishes its power, impact, or validity. It seems that many people within the Order and without the Order fail to see the validity of the Order itself. The Order of the Skull isnt going to be one of these organizations that pops up under the radar for a few years and then goes defunct. Since Halloween of 2005,

weve managed to attain over fifty members, soon to be sixty. Since mid2007, the Order experienced a revival, and since then, weve been getting roughly one or two people per month. Not ALWAYS, but thats the average. Since then, weve lost members. Some of them just didnt seem in it for the long haul. And thats okay. For every member we lose, we gain three. And most of the members that correspond with the Order on a regular basis are dedicated, serious students of the occult, religion, and spirituality. This Order began without dogma, and it will always remain without dogma. This text will be extremely helpful to some. However, its not mandatory that members read it and attempt to follow it like its some sort of Bible or manual they must follow to the best of their ability. It will affect different people in different ways. It will affect different people on different levels. It will affect different people in varying degrees. This text has much merit to those who look and decipher what its really saying. But to those without any background who dont take on the ordeals of the Orders degrees, we hope you see something else in it: a beautiful sense of poetic justice, or (at least) a book of poetic license that leaves the reader with a sense of wonder. Whoever you are, we hope you enjoy it. In the name of this eternal Order, Jason Perdue Frater Founder/Councilman T:.O:.T:.S:./A:.G:.G:.


Frater Omega Soror Concubines Caress Frater Virgo Iscariot (Featuring Father RA)

Order of the Skull Publications 2005-2008 PUBLICATION IN CLASS C: PUBLIC

Those who are the Elect are my right hand.

THE EPISTLE OF THE ANDROGYNE OF RED EARTH: The Affirmation: LIBER LUCIS OMEGA By Frater Omegapage 6 THE AWAKENING OF THE EYE OF THE STORM: Liber Omega as the Eye of the Skull By Soror CCpage 10 BOOK OF THE BEAST RISING IN THE VULGAR ERA By Frater VIpage 13 THE ELECT AND THE FALL OF ADAM: THE APOCRYPHA of the APOCOLYPSE By Frater Omegapage 15 A LETTER TO THE GNOSTICS OF THE SKULL By Soror CCpage 21 THE BOOK OF THE WARRIOR: The Final Insinuation By Frater VIpage 23 APOCRYPHA OF THE SEVEN ANGELS: Book of the Secret Council By Frater Omega and Soror CCpage 26 THE BOOK OF ADORATIONS: Adorations of the Seventh Seal: Adorations of the Seventh Star By Frater Omega with Father RA32


(0. It was made known to the scribe on the day of his reconciliation that Dark and Light were not enemies as we are taught by the defilers of all Sacred Truth. Light and Darkness are Lovers, so is it with the Yin and Yang. The Sun is the essence of man; the moon is the essence of Woman, so she reflects in Darkness the flame of Life. From out of the mystery of Darkness cometh both Light and Life. From Woman cometh Liberty, Love, and All Power.) I. It was then known that Lilith was Kali, Lamashtu, the Daughter of Isis, the Mother of Nuit, the essence of Shekinah (this was not Eve), and the Mother of All (therein lies the mystery of Cain, Judas, and the Vampyre). And so the scribe looked deeper into his soul. It was made known unto him that he must conquer the illusion of man. It was made known unto him that he must conquer the illusion of duality. It was made known unto him that he must conquer the Self. These are the ordeals, and these things hath made obscene the soul of the scribe who walked through fire into the Lightbut the Light was not as he had thought it to beit was, instead, the Black Flame.


VII. Sorrow then had overcome him. It was then that the realizations had come. Beauty is Tragedy, Love is Pain, Life is Sorrow, and in the pyramid of life which is overlooked by the All-Seeing Eye of RA, it is scribed, El Qahar, the Cup of Love is the Cup of Death. So his mind was absolved by Hir who bears the Black Flame within Hir Self; it is the Canticle of Life and Salvation;

the Black Psalm that led thee unto the path where the hooves of Pan echo in the ears of they who follow the Lord, which is thy Heart. VIII. And then an utterance is heard: IX. X. To fear death in life is death itself! Blessings of knowledge vastly outweigh the penalty of death! So it was reaffirmed: Take thy fill of love beneath the stars with whom thou wilt! Fear not the repercussions of sorrow, for from them, ye shall grow! These are the ordeals of the Magus and to flee from destiny is the mark of a coward! Go to Her! Flee Now!


XII. She IS. I am naught. I am not a man. I am not a Woman. I am Hir of the Frozen Sun and the blackest psalm, the Childe of Lilith, the Serpent Childe who hath cast myself into the Abyss! I am Hir who hath given every last drop of mine blood into the Cup of Her Fornication, O BABALON! I am Hir who hath let Kali drink of my wrist until the eclipse of mine death! I am Hir who hath given my lifeblood into the Holy Graal of Lilith, the Dark Mother of All, who I humbly worship on bended knee! XIII. I am of Hecate; the Serpent kiss shall sedate me when I am not satedneer shall I be! XIV. In my loneliness, I hear the utterance of Pan: a voice in utter Darkness. XV. Baphomet! I am within Thee! XVI. I hath become Omega. XVII. I hath become Omegathe final burning ember in which the illusion of Love shall perish as lie, nay, the Heart is Lord. The flame shall burn thee no matter what. Escape not in cowardice but embrace the Cup of Love & Death that is Her Graal! O Lilith, how I love Thee!

XVIII. Thought betrays reason and reason betrays speech. All speech is false. XIX. Kiss thine lips as though there ought to be no tomorrow, for it will not come for the meek. Raise thyself in the splendour of the Lawless One! There is no law, love as thou wilt so sayeth the Guardian of Our Lady. XX. I lust for Thee! Lust surmounts Love and in Ye, I shall yearn to be devoured by Thee and I shall fall unto Thee and offer the kisses of a gentle faun. As I kiss Thy neck, O Goddess, know that it blood is the offering of time. O the Hell in thine eyes! Neer hath I seen depths I have fallen in the windows of anothers soul. XXI. The Warrior Widow is Thousoon Ye shall see! XXII. I worship Thee to damn all reason and betray the world! I curse the ways of man, let him be crucified and fed to the dogs. XXIII. The spit of thine kisses; he is not worthy, O Goddess.

XXIV. The Glory of Lamentation shall raise up the dead flowers of thy future and through the eyes of the screeching owl shall it be known even to the blind: NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. XXV. Nepyths is thy Mistress! Shame the Sun with the Sin of She who cosumeth the night! Devour me utterly, in the name of Tahuti! XXVI. The path of Aleph hath been made known unto you. Fear is thy prison and it shall be damned upon the awakening of Thee. XXVII. And as this Epistle is made clear to thee, Ye shall awaken unto the Black Flame. Therein the Black Concubine shall be Her who hears the atonement of they who have fallen as I. XXVIII. Open wide thy Crimson Eye, for it is thy Third! XXIX. I yearn unto you! I would tear the flesh from my body to be closer to Thee! O my Goddess!

XXX. I fear not the ache of loss. I am like none you have ever known. I am not the slave of thy Shell. I willful give forth thy Self to be devoured by Her, the Scarlet Whore and Master of my Soul! XXXI. I, OMEGA, am the vengeance of BELARION ANTICHRIST and Shall be the BEAST of a thousand LOVERS. As I cast thy Seed into the Blood Sea, then thou shall know the Guardian stands in our midst, O Forlorn Beauty. I, OMEGA, shall give the truth unto you. There is none like me. I wear this flesh, this flesh I am not. I am naught! XXXII. Neer shall I betray thy pact with KALI, the Supreme Devatta who knows well that I shall scar the face of Earth with Her hand! XXXIII. I hath killed the King in Her Wrath and as I hold his bloody head before Thee, I take his crown and place it upon Her head. The King is Slain! With Her Sword I hath claimed the throne for HER. SHE IS ALL; the Warrior Widow calls Ye. Ye shall hear Her in thy dreams, in thy prayers, and all utterance shall be Sacred unto Her. In the Age of LILITH shall the shackles be broken, yea; shall the shackles be broken.

THE AWAKENING OF THE EYE OF THE STORM: Liber Omega (as the Eye of the Skull)
i. ii. Warrior rise! The eye of the storm is upon us. The wretched will be smitten, and the Elect shall flourish through the end of the Vulgar Era, and throughout all time. Eternal is thine Order who shall bear the torch that leads us to slay the false Christ. Fallen are they who caress the breast of the false Imperator who resides over the Church of IALDAOBOTH. As Omega sleeps, so I see his dreams. 333 eyes awake! Even those who know and those who recite the Adorationsso do they know of the Secret yolk of the Order, the three who are the seers of the Elect? Do not mind, FOR WE THREE ARE ONE MIND. Omega, breathe easy: the nightmares shall not go on forever. He is given authority to torment you for seven months and seven days. Then when the seal is abolished, the seed shall fall, and you shall be free. 333 worlds have spoken! The Book of the Law hath proclaimed the Ultimate Truth that is the centre of WE THREE who are the centre of the Eye: Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known. Thus it is written. The eye of the storm is in the blood that streams from our eyes when the Angels fall. The Third Eye of Shiva awakens then!


iv. v.




viii. ix. x.

The storm will not choose. It will destroy all who are in its path. I am the Concubine of the Kings of this Order: they are few; we are few. The Elect shall take their fill of love before the Black Moon descends upon all the land. Then we must take refuge and comfort from one to the other. It was a dream that we three hath shared. This unity between us shall bring us to the pinnacle of the truth: that we must shed the dead skin of all seven seals, and destroy from inside out. There will be those who doubt. Yea, blessed are they who doubt, even us, my Brothers. On this night, I am a vessel. On the night of the storm, I am vessel inviolate.



xiii. Brothers, take up your arms! Tell then the Brethren that we are a people of WAR. In the name of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, those who attempt to defile us shall be smitten. For that is the nature of the storm. xiv. This is only a hint. This is only the riddle to salvation. The betrayer shall never see it. This eternal Order is only to be taken upon ONCE. When the third eye awakens to the 333 worlds and the 333 eyes of the hosts, you are forever bound in knowledge that shall never heal. The betrayer will slay thyself in anomie and nihilistic self betrayal. Let it be known then. The secret center shall represent the Trinitythe secret Trinity that has many names. Its names are INFINITE. Let it also be known that this Order shall bestow blessings unto those that observe the Sacred nature of the Skull.

xv. xvi.

xvii. To understand that this is not a show of aggression.


xviii. This is not a show of domination. xix. This is the three who represent the Trinity and are the Eye of the Storm. For it shall come, and it comes and it comes over and over. It has already come and been overcome. Let the Serpent Rise and wrap itself around the foot of the Cross. The blood shall fall upon it, and its thirst shall be sated. Come unto me, Brothers!



xxii. Come unto me, ALL BRETHREN OF THE SKULL. But Only Virgo Iscariot and Omega know how to reach that which I am. Amen. Aum.



I. The Beast had never died. Our hearts embrace the Universal Law of Love. It did overcome the control the vulgar once possessed. They brought us to our knees with guilt and lies, fear and folly. They taught us to fear instead of love. The Vulgar Era is dying, as the world is dying. II. Lucifer has brought forth a light so that we may see the engravings and receive the books scribed by the prophets of old. For the prophets who brought forth light were vessels unknown. They were far wiser than the known prophets. For as it written in the word of the Beast, they shall rule the many & the known. III. The goat is but a depiction of the Sacred BAPHE-METIS. This has been defiled. This has been sold, and this lie has given the deceivers the profit of the prophets. This injustice cannot be tolerated. We must embrace the Sacred Union that we have taken as oaths in this Sacred and eternal Order. IV. Yes, the Beast is rising! O Sister of the Skull, tear not at the heart of the Brothers (the Kings), for it will come as suffering unto you. Is there any other than we who embrace the latent Goddess within? Was it not we who brought it out and made it come to be? See how your spirit soars


when you embrace the rituals, the ordeals, the adorations, the prayers, and the Sacred Books. You will see that this is love like no other. V. This is a scattered puzzle. We give you but pieces. These pieces must fit together, but never in the same way for any two people. Always let the pieces fit as you see fit. We, the centre and Trinity, are ONE MIND, but it must be that all other Brethren embrace and hold with vigilance their own beliefs and conclusions. VI. I have come forward from the Sacred three that binds us beneath the Council of Seven, and I have declared that I am the right hand of Judas. For Judas was given the task of creating the path to Redemption and Salvation. His kiss is not the Mark of Cain. His kiss was not betrayal. His kiss has made it possible. Thus it is known: the Serpent Cross has left blood droppings that are a secret path to the knowledge of the Elect. Replace the thorn of crowns from Golgatha! Give the living Logos a Crown of Silver, and then, in his sign we shall conquer. In nomine BAPHOMET, Amen.


THE ELECT AND THE FALL OF ADAM: The Apocrypha of the Apocalypse
I. What does it mean when it is written: FAY CE QUE VOUDRAS? When we do our Sacred duty to carry out our true will or discover our Higher Self and reach to our Angels, what do we do? What can they tell us is our sin? On the path to ASAR-UNNEFER, we are perfect in our search, and our sin is a lie. The starlit path to our destiny makes our spiritual approach our armor against the vulgar forces of the flawed world we live in (as it was created by a flawed creator). What then do we tell our children? Shall we indoctrinate them with lies? Or shall we teach them the Secret Doctrine? They shall see the true face of the Skull earlier in their lives then we ever have. This Order has always been. But under a different name and a different venue. This is rebirth in a time of need. The Rosa Crux is the essence of our Unity. The Cross Lorraine is the Guardian of our Graal. The Serpent Cross is a scar on our hearts that shall never heal. ADAM had fallen once for EVE. This is metaphor for the dangers of love. Yet we embrace the dangers of love. Is there anything more volatile than love? Yet it is the LAW. Yet it is the Universal Truth that trumps all else. In the preAdamite day, even then the Serpent was there whispering in the ears of many, making them wise to the ways of life and death. Why shall we be denied the ways of life and death? The Magus comes to know what the Adept has just discovered: Blessings of Knowledge vastly outweigh the penalty of death.






The Gnostic Gospels were cut out as heresy. The Apocrypha was denied. Now the Apocrypha of this eternal Order shall unveil the truth: every life has an end. Every Christ has an Anti-Christ. Every Self has an Anti-Self. Every mask bears a truth beneath itit is both ugly and beautiful. Every Adept must approach 333 to cross the Abyss before becoming a Magus. We must all risk our lives if we attempt to cross. Only the Elect shall come to bear witness to truth. Those who are plentiful, those who are the majority shall come to fall under the spell of a false Logos. They shall be deceived. The plan of the Demiurge is to slay the world with his own reflection. His reflection must be destroyed. For Adam shall return, and he shall fall again. It is as it should be. AS above, so below.


VII. The Order knows: the Council of Seven shall make their declaration of intent. The hidden three who are the eye shall remain hidden. They cannot be traced by technology or discreet searching. There must be some things know. There must be some things half known and half concealed. There must be some things concealed completely. VIII. BUT DO NOT LAMENT! IX. X. There is a way out. There is also a way to acquire the knowledge if the aspirant takes the proper steps. No, we are not the ONLY way to knowledge. There are many paths and many Orders, but we are one. If the aspirant of the Skull does not believe that we can take you to the height of the Holiest of Orders, then the aspirant does not believe in the Self or know the Self. If you are embraced by the pale of the Order, your first duty is to believe in yourself, so far as you have the power to awaken the latent star within you.


XII. The second task is to know thyself.


XIII. The third task is to reach to thee Angel. You shall not reach at first. But you must reach anyway. Later, you will understand the need for calculated futility. XIV. THIS BOOK OF THE ORDER IS FOR ALLEVEN THE PUBLIC. The Ordeals, however, will not be made known except for the Aspirant. The Aspirant will learn certain things only when he or she is ready to receive them. Each key will open a door to a puzzle piece you must have to complete the puzzle. At the end of your years, you will understand and see the metaphors, the literal, and the hidden truths. We do not simply conceal secrets. We must conceal ourselves from the Vulgar. XV. THIS BOOK SHALL BE YOUR MASK. What you learn from it, shall be armor in a vulgar world. Do not reveal yourself to anyone no matter what. When you take on your declaration of intent to progress, let your secrets self be known, for it shall fall on no one. XVI. All religions have come to our Order. We are all children of one Universe. We are all children of one God. It is for that reason that the Order must unveil the fall of the false God. So Adam falls on the end of a vulgar era. And with that comes a new starthe Seventh Star. XVII. You must not do this. You must not do that. You must Do what thou wilt. XVIII. You must find the piece of yourself that is God within your flesh. XIX. Stand between the black and white pillars. Set them as candles. See Samayel guarding the BLACK PILLAR OF SEVERITY. He shall deny you entry to the Left Hand Path. Look to Michael guarding the WHITE PILLAR OF MERCY. He shall deny you entry to the Right Hand Path. Between them, there is darkness in which you may fall into the bloody Abyss, down to the river of sticks, and be sucked up into Sheol. So you do this, master: light a red candle between the two black and white pillars. Say thus:

XX. You hath denied me for the vile; you hath denied me for the righteous. I must pass through fire to be tested. Neither the Left nor the Right will shake my beliefs, for I am firm in my own conviction. In my conviction comes the true spirit of discernment. Therefore, I shall pass between you and fall into the darkness, for I hath lit my path with my blood and the color of my blood. I shall be baptized in fire. I shall be baptized in blood. Then the key to the doorway of the Kingdom I shall enter. I am no longer the one who shall sit idly in MALKUTH. I must proceed to YESOD. Then when my foundation is made clearly and unshakable, I shall proceed to HOD. In GEBURAH, my travel will end, but I am under oath to pursue my True Will (or destiny or fate). XXI. If you havent yet made it to the Grade of the Magician, this shall be your oath ritual. But once you make it to the Second Degree, you must restate your vows and pursue your oath in a much more intricate fashion. XXII. Blend into Malkuth as circumstance permits. But when the moon is out, and the stars are low, let your true self come to. Dance! Be naked! Take drugs! Drink wine and spirits and beer! Sexual love abounds! Be free, guiltless, and perfect in your search! Let the rituals be done in secrecy. Let the public rituals occur, but conceal the key truths: for to reveal yourself is to open yourself up to a foundation of broken glass. Do not bleed for others. Bleed for Self; bleed for divinity. Do not cast peals before swine. Simply put, let the private rituals be private, and let the public rituals be private. Reveal all to those Kindred Spirits among you. Reveal naught half to those who do not know you properly. XXIII. Malkuth is a black purgatory. Only the rituals, adorations, and prayers can make light. Study diligently so that light, love, and knowledge can overcome the blackness of this sickened earth. Betray all of earth for the One True God! This is blessing! This is truth! Do the deeds, and study, and life shall be that which is rich with joy. The Order exceeds in that which is life-affirming!

XXIV. The rituals of old are black. The rituals of new are still black. Whiten your soul with the illuminating darkness of the Yin and Yang. XXV. The dark illuminating light of the secret name of God is the guiding centre of all souls. Arise! Horus, the Hawk-Headed Lord of the Chaldean Catholics shall stand aright. Ra-HoorKhuit, black and terrible God of War, and the consort Nuit, She who is wisdomboth serve as protector and guardian, bringer of enlightenment and joy. Nuit and Sophia are ONE. XXVI. Light the candles; see the flame, and be sure as the flame flickers before you that your Will be done, that enlightenment will come, and that truth be seen with a clear eye. XXVII. Know with certainty in your heart that the rewards shall come after the work is complete. The Great Work never dies even when the body dies. The Great Work continues after the passing of the flesh. It is energy and light and it cannot be contained. XXVIII. The Fall of Adam is the precursor to the end of Era Vulgaris. So soon has an age passed. 100 years to end all. XXIX. Let it be known that the Secret Doctrine is both written and already within you. It must be embraced, attained, and sustained. XXX. As Lilith laments at the bloody scene of Golgotha, the owl screeches through the dark desert night. The abominations of gross creation await the blood of the blind man who wanders without focus or foundation. XXXI. Be strong then, and forget not the responsibilities and the duties. Then the strength, power, and True Will shall be granted. Thy Angel will dance with thee. XXXII. Understand this: he or she who would betray and defile me within the confines of this Order of without shall be smitten and broken. The strength will come and I will deal hardly with them.

There will be no turning of the other cheek if forsaken severely, but there will be no bleeding to forgive if sincerely mistaken without sound mind. XXXIII. This is peace, and there is a time to defend and honor thyself. Know thyself and honor thyself. Fear nothing at all in the embrace of thy God; fear nothing in the caress of the Goddess. These are the symbols of life. Amen. Aum. SHU.



FAY CE QUE VOUDRAS Cara Brethren, The aspirations of those who seek knowledge Divine are noble and Sacred aspirations. To seek the godhead is to seek truth. Knowledge can be given from the lips of the divine. Knowledge can be acquired by those who hear the whispers. The Trinity of the Skull is a centre of Gnosis, but there are those outside its confines. That is the way it must be. But to the Gnostics with the pale of the Order, understand that the Gnostic current is strong in this Sacred and eternal Order. The emergence of Sophia into our consciousness is the emergence of light, love, liberty, and life. This is the svastika; this is the cross. There is no higher love than spiritual love. But despite this, we must examine ourselves and seek sexual love, familial love, and fraternal love. We knowwe who love trulythat love is often an ache, a volatile explosion within. It cuts; it scars, but we must endure it, for the balance is one of Sacred Bonds. With love comes enlightenment and knowledge of the Universal truths. For Seven years now, wethe Trinity of the Skullhave plotted to unleash something that will assist all humanity in the pursuit of Sacred knowledge and Gnosis. Awaiting the time to admit our theories have developed in Unity, in email correspondence, phone conversation, and sometimes (especially in the beginning) in person, face to face. Now, in 2008 E.V., we have awakened the Third Eye and shaken the foundation of the forefathers. If you find yourself choosing the path of the Gnostic, know that the centre of the Skull is the centre of your heart. But the other paths are as necessary as our own. For without diversity, there can be no balance. But the roots of most Orders who weve all known and studied had roots in

Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and Paganism. It so happens that Gnosticism is at the heart of all who have taken up the arms of the Illuminati. In this Order, however, we are sworn to infiltrate and destroy the New World Order by means unknown to the public and new members. Once the hidden elements of these Sacred Books is uncovered, however, so Gnosis will occur on a level that will affect the world at large. Yours in the Bonds of this eternal Order, Soror C.C.


THE BOOK OF THE WARRIOR: The Final Insinuation

I. The Brazen Serpent gives knowledge no matter the consequence. Fear is off. II. The Guardians of the Graal guard IT with swords drawn and flaming. The Guardians are guarded. III. The lion seeks to devour, but knowledge of the Great Architect of the Universe will guide you on your path of escape. The Eagle doth deliver the message written in the blood of the slain, Render Liberty to the Captives. Purify the Self then in the Sacred Fire of Divine Love. But lend not thy enemy your weakness. The Sacred Fire shall burn him.


V. Why does the Father send fiery serpents to slay his children? Why does he let the scorpions of the vast dessert come to sting his children? This is the venom of the father and the declaration of his secret will. As he sends the Serpent to devour thy child as the lion seeks to devour, he says thus, Forgive those who trespass against ye. Strange how these conflicting laws are not a mandate of his will, but a glimpse into his nature. Is the Serpent a Minister of Death? Surely, the wages of knowledge giveth death. But the Oroborus had eaten himself longer than the god of the Jews had been conceived. However, the Serpent raised upright is a symbol of life perpetuated by the living spirit. This is a grave mystery, thus none have the answer til death departs us from Malkuth. VI. For this is the reason that we must embrace love, and we must embrace peace; we must perpetuate life and tolerance and liberty. Yet we are a war-like people, and we shall not bend to the vulgar! We shall not give in to the defiler!

VII. See the insects below. Stomp on them while you visualize the face of thine enemy. VIII. Those who harm those you love: send them to Hell. Fear not. Fret not. Absolve thyself. IX. Damn the fools who walk stupidly across the path obliviously. They shall be thrown into the Abyss, no matter what. The Abyss is a river of blood; the blood must come from somewhere.

X. Do not believe in those who do not believe in you. Those who do not believe I exist shall not exist long. XI. These tenants are the ways of the warrior. Conceal thy blade. Conceal thy hand if it should be soiled in the blood of fools.

XII. Each enemy slain shall make ye more powerful. XIII. We are a war-like people because we live in a war-like Age. This is the Age where the vulgar fall. We must not be trampled like insects, for we are the strong; we are the Elect, and the fate of Heaven depends on Us. The fate of the Son and Moon depends on Us. The falling of all time is inevitable, but first, we must learn the ways of the wise, and we must make balance with those who know naught of the beauty of darkness. XIV. Even the watery Pisces must embrace force and fire. The wisdom of Sophia shall be your armor. The flame of Logos will be the sword you yield, and the secret name of G:.O:.D:. shall be a force none can penetrate. XV. Even they who claim to uphold the laws of their land do not uphold the One True Law. They uphold the law, not the Law. XVI. Do not observe or acknowledge the false law. It is inconsequential. XVII. Thelema is the Law well enough. Heed the number: 93.



The promises of the religiosity corporation are empty.

XIX. NUIT did say, follow out the ordeals of my knowledge! seek me only! Then the joys of my love will redeem ye from all pain. This is so: I swear it by the vault of my body; by my sacred heart and tongue; by all I can give, by all I desire of ye all. Also, Also I have a secret glory for them that love me. These promises can be tested as soon as understanding is attained. XX. The rapture of the snake is the epiphany of the mind. It is an orgasm of the soul! XXI. Stand aright! Let, then, the snake rise and intertwine with ye. XXII. 22 are the paths of the Qabalah: let us walk then between the pillars fully armed. Let us take the place of the lion, seeking whom we may devour. It is our Sacred Oath that we shall seek the light. In the name of the Warrior, damn them who interfere. They are the intolerant who cannot be tolerated. The Father sends the venom of the low to slay the son, and says thus, Forgive them that trespass. Shall we forgive the Father? In the name of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Amen. Aum.


APOCRYPHA OF THE SEVEN ANGELS: Book of the Secret Council (a.k.a. The Secret Book of the Skull)
i. Angel arise! ii. Reach to thine Angel with an open heart. Seek knowledge beyond the veil. iii. Glimpses beyond the veil are within the eyes of the Brethren of the Skull. iv. Seven Angels govern the Council of Seven. One Angel governs the Trinity of the Skull, and HIR name is Celleae. Thusly, one Angel governs the Third Circle of Councilstill HIR name is Celleae. v. Broken are the souls in the midst of the KALI YUGA. Black blood is beneath the skin of All. Some believe in the masks they wear; verily, we are not so inclined to believe in our masks within the Council of the Skull. We are the vile, the criminal, the forlorn. Still, we are the beautiful, the wise, and perfect in our search. vi. Seven are the Angels: Anael, Cassiel, Kalesae, Rafeal, Miekael, Seraseal, and Lucisael. Over them resides the 8th who is also the 1st but is also 0. Cellaeae resides over all, under G:.O:.D:. vii.The Cult of the Serpent has been through all ages, under many names, infinite names, infinite as the stars. viii. Known to the Gnostic, the Tantric aspirant, the Templars (in all guises), the Thelemic Knights, the Knights of the Brazen Serpent, the Yezidi, the Hindu, the Taoist, and the Mystic. ix. The Cult of the Serpent reveals: the Cross is but a Phallus, the pen of G:.O:.D:. x. The Cult of the Serpent reveals: the Cross Lorraine is not only the conquering sign over allas above, so belowit is also the Mystical Union of the Morning Star and Christ. But even that is not all: do ye see that it is also the phallus within the yoni, the


Yin-Yang, the Crown of Thorns on the bleeding head of Sophia; ah! Ah! It is also the signature of Baphomet. It is also the mark of the Serpentine Holy Illuminated Stars of the Darkness of God! xi. Reach then, for thy Angel: we shall surpass the thirst of the Sanguine Angel who brings forth the black Eucharist. We shall fall under the Third Eye that is love, and we shall offer up the Sacrament of the fallen dove and the Serpent! But we are not so fallen, for they have been trampled beneath Us. Kundalinithe Serpent rises within the Sisters and Brothers! The Serpent rises within the sweet bosom of the Black Rose. It is revealed now: the Oroborus is the seal that is the 7th Angel, before even Eden hath come. But we must return to Eden, naked and shameless before Shekinah! O, sin of thy father, let us not be broken forever. SECTION II: i. ii. iii. The Law is not rewritten by Us, the Brethren of the Skull. The Law is. There is the law, and the Law. The Holy Guardian Angel has always been before the advent of Christianity, before the SEPHER YETZIRAH. In the Eye of Horus, the Angel stood aright. In Eden, the book was so delivered so that the Qabalah could be given as a Key to the Mysteries of Heaven and Sheol. Gehenna has shaken the Mystics of the Crescent Moon. For the mysteries of the Mystics of the Crescent Moon have unveiled before the seekers of beyond: SHE is the fallen consort restored to Her Divine State. Who is She? The Mother over Fatima; the Mother who hath not been of the flesh ever, nor will She ever be. The Shrine of Allah and the teachings of SARA hath illuminated the City of Angels. Even the fallen love Allah! Yea, even the Khurds who adorn the Peacock God know well the illumination of the beauty of the Covenant undefiled, inviolate. Mary has washed the feet of the risen Christ, but the blood was on Her hands. Logos made flesh, betrayed by a kiss demanded the betrayal so that it




may come to be: Redemption through Self searching, for therein lies the soul. vii. The Darkest Night of the Soul has been the burden of the Saints. The spirit of the Cathari lives on within our veins, O Brethren of the Skull. Muhammad doth walk as Mafomet. In the BAHU of BINAH was born BAPHE-METIS. viii. Thus the psalms of Allah hath been written by the Guardians of the Graal. ix. The psalms: x. Come unto me, O Angel! Be thy tears of blood. The Demiurge art thou fallen; the Blood Sea: the flood! xi. Come unto me, O Angel! For it is I that go! The reconciliation of the Saints of th Great Below! xii. Tear not thy child from thy womb, O Mary, pure and chaste! Th secrets of thy mother: veiled black to keep thy face. Stone not the child, nor thy dame: stone not thy tepid, in Gods name! Thou shall not kill save for the demon, as 333 devours all reason! xiii. The Djinn of th desert night devours th child of Gehenn: O Lilith, love of Lucifer, light bearers, ye descend! Through the cities of Cairo until sweet Bethlehem. Go to the Night; thou shall not face the crimson light of Khem. xiv. The psalms were then sealed. Until the 7th seal of the 7th Angel had broken. 777 worlds didst arise then! The psalms went then on: xv. Tear thy child from thy heart, O Mother of Koronzon! Stale is th putrid blood of the Lion, devoured in IRAHN. xvi. O Lord on High! Adonai! See my soul; Ive gone astray! Worshipful Master of the East, come into Thee! Come into Thee! xvii. O Angel, the seed of Eden is within the Eye that watches over the City of Pyramids: thusly, it is the Eye over the Blasted Tower, fallen into ashes, from the AYIN of SHIVA.


xviii. Come unto me, O Angel! My love is with thee! My heart is filled, overfilled with joy and ecstasy! Who can refuse the laughter of souls unbound by the coiled Serpent? The Oroborus devours IT SELF for She who is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is within the Sister, the Angel, and the Holy Illuminated Stars of the Darkness of God! xix. Beneath my black wing, I shall shelter you, O Angel! Naked and shameless, we walk into Eden where naught is forbidden, for it hath been restored by the glorious One True God. xx. I offer unto you, O Angel, this Black Rose, kept from the gardens of the lame. Walk with me, hand in hand, into the Sun. This Temple is the Temple of all Gods; this Garden is the Garden of Flesh unto the Earth. xxi. But love! I give you love! I am overcome with love: this Law that is love makes my heart ache with emptiness. I cannot bear to be without you, O Angel! Kiss the Skull, and trace a Cross with blood upon thy brow! The penitent seeker of enlightenment knows well the spoils of the Ego shall arise the Anti-Self, but love shall overcome this black purgatory! Divinity is ours who seek the Vision and the Voice of the Angel! Come unto me: I shall go unto you and shower you with kisses, and offer up my hand and blood, by the vault of my body. xxii. "Come O Angel, 'neath my black wing; We shall rise and run to the city of Angels, where none can refuse thy love, where none can refuse th' splendour of our rapture, and we can be as we are, never what they wanted us to be in the dead world." SECTION III: i. Sapentia!

ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi. xii. xiii. xiv.

xv. xvi. xvii. xviii. xix. xx. xxi.

xxii. xxiii.

The Serpentine walk of the LOVERS welcomes no bondage! No chains shall bind thee under the Law of Love. She is not bound to me. None are under my spell. Come and go as ye wilt. But come, O Lover! I ask of you naught but love. I ask not gold. I ask not of glistening things that one day corrode. Love exists beyond the death of the body. We never truly die. We are made of energy. It cannot be created. It was. IT IS. It cannot be destroyed. It only becomes something else, but make no difference between this one thing and this other; sorrow follows. Truly! We never truly die. The Council knows well the Angels of our final Light. I am OMEGA: the final Majus of the Vulgar Era. But not yet! I am not to be a Majus until the ordeals of the Black Year 2012 comes to fruition. I shall flourish as a Majus when the time is come that the Angel intertwines with the Serpent as it once intertwined with the living Christ. This has yet to come. There are two Trinities of the Skull. The Sistersthe Magistrasof the Council. Also, the Trinity of the Outer Order. We conceal the degrees until it is asked to be given. We conceal the ordeals until it is proven ye can pass, O chosen of the Skull! We reveal this word to ALL: but few shall understand. Take on the Great Work within this eternal Order, and advance slowly as thou wilt. We do not take from the Law; we do not add to the Law. We are the scribes of our own Gospels. We are a living testament of love. We are a living testament of the centre of truths to be sought only by the aspirant who has shaken the shackles of the dead world. The dying world is dead. Children of Dying Earth, I come to you humbly to declare: even the Beasts of the land can see that we are gone. The stamen of the Black Rose is the breath of life. The petals adorned the beloved Lady of our Initiation. For She is the


Architect of the Universe and the Multiverse. The milk of the Rose is the nourishment of the Children of the Darkness of God. xxiv. The vulgar are two-fold. The lofty liars of a false Heaven have come to condemn, deceive, and collect gold and glittering corrosives. The fool who is given to Sheol no matter of never searching has rebelled against the false prophecy and the whims of a dead man. xxv. To understand, study under the SIX books for EIGHT years. xxvi. Seven are the Angels: EIGHT under Celleae: call upon HIR! For HIR power is eight-fold. Eight is the number of the penitent aspirant. Eight is the number of the all devourer and all begetter, who is the Serpent of Divinity. xxvii. 33 was the Christ who was slain at Golgotha. xxviii. Beneath the stone, Logos was risen. But at 30, he was Baptized in the BAHU of BINAHthe waters of the Piscean Baptist John whose Skull the Templars had shone to the murderous Church of IALDABAOTH. xxix. In the Council of Seven, under the rule of Seven Angels, and 777 worlds, many have been tested. All but three have been dismissed. For once our number was nine. Now Seven is our number. But still, there is room for one. How can this be? In due time, they will come. xxx. The Children of the Chaldee know the Hawk-Headed Lord who dwelleth within the heart of Us. xxxi. NONE are worthy of the Lord, thy God. xxxii. NONE can know the name of God. YHVH or HVHI? Tetragammaton or SHEMHAMPHORASH? Nay: not the demiurge. Only one can know the Light of HVHI: its secret meaning is not so to the dweller of darkness, the slave of Phosphorus. xxxiii. The Golden Orb is within the throat of we who devour the Serpent as the Serpent devours thyself. This is done in the name of SHE who giveth knowledge & wisdom. Even the fallen Angels are wounded beauty, lovers of the O:.T:.G:. The Outer Orders and the A:.A:.G:. have assigned truth to all respective points of the Triangle, but the Circle is made perfect. This is so. The Black Concubines of the Council have the Succubus aright, but seduction is not by force but by Will, and by Love. And by Law. And it is. AUM.


THE BOOK OF ADORATIONS: Adorations of the Seventh Seal: Adorations of the Seventh Star
I. II. III. Helios arise! By the starlit path of the aspirant, it is Us: we say, Hail to the abodes of day! Then, Hail! To the Abodes of Night! It is clearly stated the Sacrifice is this: the Holy Graal is the Graal of Life, the blood of the Mother whose sexual incarnation became of a separate life when consummating with he who adores her. Even the Priest of the Apostolic Church can see the destructive ways of his own Brethren. He that is the Secret Father of the Skull. In his eye is shone the scars of R, HERU-RA-HA, HoorPar-Kraat, and Ra-HOOR-Khuit. By the virtues of the Saints, we descend into the desert to face the Darkest Night of the Soul. When we return, we catch the rewards from SHE who sayeth: To love me is better than all things. Joys unimaginable, freedom, love, and certainty are the armor of our kind, though we are despised. For they see not our secrets must remain secret. For they see not our Law is the only true Law; it is above the law.


V. VI.

VII. Our concealment is not only of the Secret(s); our concealment is also of ourselves so that the swine may not see and devour the pearl of Her flame. VIII. She is not a Lady of decay: She is a beautiful flame whose love is rapture, and whose kiss is splendour. Her name is

secret to the unseeing. Her face is concealed in a veil of black. The false Imperator cannot see her truly. His madness drives him to descend upon his false brethren in lies and servitude. The slave-god is upon him. They are brought to the slaughter by a false star. IX. Taste her, for She hath tasted us. Smile of blood. Kisses of blood. O Sanguine Angel, come unto me! Kiss me! Kill me! Slay me in the fornication of our love! I LOVE YOU! Chastity and poverty are the vows of our Secret Father. He is neither chaste nor poor. He is wise to conceal himself. Enter the Temple of RA and declare thine intent. Suffer not the riddle of the Sphinx, so long as ye uphold the four powers thereof. For within are four elements, four directions, four degrees, and corners of the Cross: Life, Love, Liberty, and Light!



XII. The Temple of RA is concealed in the Apostolic Church of I. The incense smoke is so thick, naught can be revealed nor seen. XIII. The Seventh Seal has broken upon the awakening of the Third Eye. XIV. The Adorations are to be said unto Divinity twice daily, but unto Seven Angels. Celleae shall be watchful as the Eighth and Only, where the Serpent intertwines within itself, so its tail can reach its mouth to form a perfect 8 (which is also the Black of the Yin and the White of the Yang). XV. Let all unholy numbers alone. 666 is not the true identity of the minister of the silent chapel. Gnosis come! The Sacred Texts of the Skull are at end.



Liber Ordo Architechtus Illuminati I.A.O. Seclorum XI:XXII:XXX

By: Jason Michael Perdue (Frater Omega)

Then said the Mighty Lord, O Great Angels, I till create Adam and Eve, and make them human beings, and from the two shall arise --from Meshaf Resh: the Black Book

This book was revealed to the scribe on the night of May 16th, 2005 E.V. after three consecutive nights of mediation.
I. Verily, it shall be made so that we shall meet by way of Cup, Sword, Wand and Coin and we shall be the soldiers amidst the Garden of Stone. And it is unto the Elements, the Weapons, and the sense of Sixth to awaken thine Third Eye in proclamation of the successes of the veil. Therein ye shall find the Aethyrs of Emerald Light wherein the essence of Life intertwines with the wrath of G:.O:.D:. By the sword and by the aspirations of the seeker of Higher Truth, shall the Illuminati be exalted this day and all secrets shall be kept within the shadows of their own. In the eyes of the profane, these words shall be void of understanding but the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose Croix shall see the truth beneath the truth, expressed herein the symbolism and metaphor. The Illuminati has risen She who shall come like a thief in the night and the worthy shall be Knighted by Her very hand and the fools shall be destroyed for Her sword will slash the head of the vulgar (and never touch gently the shoulder of Her Children). Her veil is the jewel of the Magi. In the confines of Malkut, the Coffin shall lead ye to death but in the embrace of the Magickal Kiss of Our Lady, the Coffin shall lead ye to rebirth. Rejoice in the breaking of the shackles that confineth. In the Garden of Stone, the walls of this Invisible Temple are becoming

Book One: Adorations of the Magi




V. VI.


as Kingdom so seal thine lips and the day shall come where the fool who calls himself the Elder shall be smitten by Her Knights and then cut wide open by the Blade of Our Lady. VIII. The Masters stake no claim! Heed the silence of the True Masters. IX. 11 is the number of the Magus, though so is I and VI. In the wisdom thou hast sought, these are the multiples of reason and in CHAOS, the pattern arises. Close thine eyes not to sleep. Flee not when the trials and ordeals arise for all shall be tested and it is the cowards, charlatans and grotesque that shall falter by the wayside of Initiation. Thou who is wise shall become as a Priest and Pontiff of these Sciences in which power knows no limits. Follow naught the whims of the self-proclaimed; be wise to their tricks! It is Hir whom says naught of Mastership who shall be exalted by Her. Open thine eyes and see now! Ye shall be taken to the Crimson Sea, yea; ye shall be taken to the Crimson Sea.



This text was written on May 17th, 2005 E.V. following a solemn ceremony.
i. Alas! Brothers and Sisters we unite under Thee Invisible Temple of the utmost honor, in nomine The Lord of the Universe and Thy Redeemer, Shekinah! Allow, Brethren, thy wordit shall be expounded upon aright! Herein additionally it made known the virtues of the Crucified Rose. ii. Recall and forget never they whom you love and let it be known. The hour of Loki cometh to depart and Anubis knows naught of convenience. Let the voice of love be heard, for love is the most honorable virtue that life can offer. Tifaret is thy glory that shall manifest from Keter to Malkut, for even Daath betrayeth the heart. iii. Love is the emblem of Deaths inevitable caress. To embrace and to love thereof is thy blessing. Absolution calleth the name of G:.O:.D:. iv. Unite in your passions, embrace S/he who hath devoured thy heart and with beauty, intertwine to be as One! For love is action, certainty, and the Divine manifested. The Sublime Architect seeks they who love to intertwine and become as Starsfor the act of love is purity. Casual sex existeth not. Sex is thy Sanctity of the bridge btween love and flesh. The Supreme Architect hath created thy flame to fit as one to ignite the other. v. Thus the rapture of orgasm is the key to Heaven; for the annihilation of the mind is blissful death. Ah! Each time the climax doth occur, Shiva stirs to await the annihilation of Earththe end of ALL! vi. She who is the All Mother, Matah Kali, the Supreme Ishta Devatta who shall dance of the burial grounds shall glorify the Dead Stars. Her tears shall fall like ashes and glowing embers but in Her intoxication, there cometh the ecstasy of blood. Her lips shall drip with violet seduction and She shall deduce ye into Her embrace. For She is the All Mother who shall

Book Two: Guardians of the Graal

devour the demons of Her Stars and She shall devour the profane of Her loving Serpent Children. ahi hay Lilitu! vii. In mourning know that she shall seduce ye back into Her Heaven. Upon my return I shall kneel Humbly before thee, Ma Kali and kiss thy jeweled hand: I shall let ye devour me and so shall I kiss thy lips of mine very own blood, staring into your beautiful Crimson eyes. For the ashes I am in flesh shall be Her glory, for my soul shall be embraced by Her, the Ineffable Ishta Devatta, Kali. viii. Not one orgasm shall be void of my dedication unto Thee. I fear Thee and I love Thee and I yearn to return unto you. Every sexual act of love shall be a Sanctified display unto you. ix. Triumphant are the Brothers of The Great Work. For the Craft of SelfIllumiation hath exalted us to be the working vessels of the Divine. Therein the Heart of BAPHOMET, rejoice in this Divine Comedy. x. Reach Brothers and Sisters of L.V.X. unto the hand of thy Holy Guardian Angel. And in the Night of N.O.X., forget not thy Divinity. xi. Thy Holy Guardian Angel is a flame that has sought the Heart to beckon the Star. xii. The voice of G:.O:.D:. is each passing thought. It is the sound of air, the whispers of night, the eyes of a child, the Light and Night of Earth! The Supreme Architect pulls on thy heart aflame to beckon ye unto thy return unto Hir. For Heaven is One with the Self-Illuminating Magus who seekest Hir won path and dares the rites of Initiation. For Initiation shall unleash the trials and ordeals like the hounds of hell upon your heels. xiii. Thy Universal Balance requires these three things: the understanding and utilization of the Elements, the weapons of the gods (per ROTA) and the sixth sense, the awakening of the Third Eyethis is the glory of the Magus. Keep thy Angel at thy feet and thy Deamon on thy shoulders. xiv. act without the desire of reward for selflessness and condemnation of the Ego is thy greatest weapon.

xv. Brothers and Sisters, face the skull aright and kiss the essence of rebirth. Verily, John the Baptist didst know the secrets of Magdalene, thy chosen disciple of Christ, the Magus who cannot be found in one sole book known as The word of God. This is false! There is much more that ye hath never seen nor knownin the spiral force cometh the Hawk Headed God to expound these mysteries: this wisdom: and knowledge of Baphe Christos. As above, so below in exaltation. xvi. Let Adorations of the Magus to be as a canticle to the ears of the Our Lady, thy True Redeemer of humanityWoman and the All Mother. Let the gentle caress of Pan be felt by He who worships and adores Her. Seven candles shall be lit thereof. xvii. The values and virtues of patience and silence cannot be understated in the Craft. Seal thy lips and seek thy Holy Angel! xx. Within the Hive-Mind of humanity and of the Queen, we are a bees collecting the honey of that which is like Self-Alchemy of the Soul; Conquer thyself, O Magus of the Ages! Be undone and Sacrifice thyself on the altar of I AM NAUGHT. xxi. Question thy question to keep the faith. xxii. Seated on the throne of the searing blade of the Sun and in the midst of the Crimson Sisters is the Androgyne, The ABSOLUTE, the essence of the dual headed Eagle, BAPHOMET. So is SOPHIA seated beside Hir. She is crowned with the crown of thy Highest Glory. All lament shall be absolved when the Serpent Children seekest thy Centre. They who seekest the Higher Truth shall have their purposes divided into shattered pieces of a broken and Sacred vase. Seek out each fragment, seek to return the vase to its original state no matter how much of thy own blood has been shed when handling the broken glass. Even in the world of men and woman, when in vulgar company, thou shall be reviled! Stand firm and slay the temptations of violence for violence is the action of the fundamentalist fool! Silence and intelligence shall be the dagger that will haunt and destroy S/he who tangles with the web of Hir, who is the Guardian of the Graal.

Book three: the testament of the Knight of the Brazen Serpent

This text was peculiarly written upon awakening at 3:33 a.m. (on my clock) from a strange dream, believed to be a sign. May 18th, 2005 E.V.
i. ii. iii. Come unto me, a voice didst say, for I am thine Oracle that you seekest; I of the Chaldee! Nothing was spoken unto this voice that did speakest. It is thy Brazen Serpent who writhes unto the Cross that shall be bourne before all humanity! Osiris slain at the feet of He who is Typhon, was the beginning of this and now it shall come to end all! The Kali has awakened in search of thou who feels the time changing as our clocks remain in orderthis illusion is known by the Knight of the Brazen Serpent. These technologies are as twigs in feces! The truth of matter lies in the fact that as time slows, the Earth and Her shifting seasons slow nealy to a halt and then the speed of time devoureth itself, to vomit itself back into the lap of those who wake by night. The Father therefore, sends forth Serpents to slay and spit forth venom to slay his children with fiery wrath! Aye! Thou see it not? Cannot you see? It is the Serpent who shall be the minister of Death, thou also, as you are, O Man, Jasonso you shall see that even the minister of death shall also reign as the healer of the Stars and Souls sent forth by their fathers. The Universal Balance hurls the ideals of Good and Evil into the Abyss! For mans selfish whims make it so. Good and Evil art the Grand Illusion.


v. vi.


viii. ix. x. xi. xii.

Therefore exalt thy Cross whereon the Serpent rests. Therefore exalt the Tau of India and Egypt. Therefore exalt the Tetragammaton and Seal of Solomon. Therefore exalt mark of Cain, the X encompassing! The winter cometh to claim the plague though in its ice and frost, it shall preserve thee.

xiii. Whence upon the icicle melts, the plague shall be unleashed. This is the Grace and Wrath of thy Lord. xiv. When Light cometh to eclipse the coldness of winter and the plague comes forth to destroy Life, the Scorpion shall come to Redeem and then a third secret shall be revealed, O Man! The torch must be passed unto the Knights of the Scorpion, humanity depends on it. For verily, it is the secret and few that commandeth Earth. Aye! IT is Adonai who set forth thy men.

xv. xvi.

xvii. It is the Brother of the Red Sea who shall prepare for battle. xviii. It is the worshipper of Ammon-Ra who shall be as thy messenger. xix. xx. xxi. It is the seeker of Adonai who knowest well thy W:.A:.R:. Edom shall be devoured by Serpentmake haste for battle or await until it makest its way to where ye stand! There are two Serpents: one of Crimson and one of Gold and verily, the golden Serpent shall be slain!

xxii. The masses see nothing of this! It is the secret and few who must discern thy message: lift not the veil to blind thyself but heed the

silence as well as the flame within thy heart that speakest louder than the lips of the Lion, Bull, Man and Bird. xxiii. Mourn Osiris no more! The task is at hand and therein the Pentagram shall also be exalted. xxiv. Ye hath been called. xxv. Deliverance upon us, the Magus must ACT and encounter I and I. Therein is redemption, even for you, Jason who hath been blind and given thyself so freely to the wicked, the liars and the OTHER deceivers! Where then has your Universal Balance gone? The resurrection of your inner-self and Soul draweth nigh. xxvi. We must now tend to the widow. xxvii. For ISIS weeps and in Her tears, blood and ash shall fall upon even man. W:.A:.R:. and G:.O:.D:. shall intermingle for Her tears encompass all of Our Ladyfor She is the Mother of Our Lady! xxviii. Make haste, waste not one moment! As soon as ye awake, leap from your bed and let it be know to all thy Brethren of humanity! Thy shield is thy intelligence, balance, and thy Magick. xxix. However, now thy Magick must come together and the aim shall be to destroy the golden Serpent forever so that the Brazen and Crimson Serpent shall reign in this age! xxx. Yea, it shall be known how. xxxi. Watch, see as I do, and this dream is brighter than all Light of the after-death and rebirth. xxxii. Make it known and fear not persecution, even the scrutiny shall be a blessing. Make thy word known freely and cleary! Ahi Hai Lilitu! LUNA of the evening of release shall let thy Dawn perish! Bless thee and success!

xxxiii. And so the words, I did heed and I did witness thy ritual: Ritual of the Brazen Serpent Material requirements: *Seven candles (choose wisely your colors) *If, neither a Black Robe nor a Crimson Robe is owned, wear nothing. *A silver pentagram necklace (averse if fine) or a necklace with the Image of Bahomet upon it. *A chalice of silver or glass *Incense *Red Wine *An instrument of blood extraction *Anointing oil *Dagger or Sword To set the Temple properly, make sure the seven candles are burning in all four directions of what ever direction the Temple is facing. Perform Banishing (with dagger of fingerit is optional) Perform Banishing. Begin the invocation to Ammon-Ra: Ammon-Ra, ye Creator of the Stars and of Eath, I summon thee this Night to seek your guidance, your wisdom and give unto me thy flaming sword! Hail unto the Holy and Illuminable One! Ye art the Divine Master who createth himself, author of himself. Vast and flaming Serpents surround Thee in thy Glory! For you, Ammon Ra are Lord and King of the Higher land and you are King and Lord of the Lower land. Hawk of the East, Illuminating all who seek ye, Blazing forth with Intelligence that is greater than the boundaries of reasonillimitable! You are the Hidden One of the Invisable Temple and I come to you this night, O Eternal One for you were born and born again, Thou God whose power begat all of the World and spattered the skies with Stars.

With the red wine in the chalice, use an instrument to extract blood and shed thy blood into the chalice. Raise the chalice before drinking it and say thus, Let the mind stir and the spiral force of Hawk headed God guide Thee into the glory of the Divine! In this night of sacrifice, we seek to exalt the Brazen Woman who begat the essence of Magick from the beauty of Her Womb. Let the Eye in the Pyramid look upon you and it is the adoration of the Eye that shall be thy shield! The Cross and the Triangle shall by the Flaming Sword that shall sear the flesh of the vulgar and exalt the snake who writhes uponst the sword! Lo I am th face of naught! Let the Eye of Ra empower thine eye of the 33 worlds of Totnen. Drink of the wine and bloodshed. Then with oil, form a cross on thy brow and on each wrist. Visualize the Eye of Ra and see a red, blazing Light coming forth and see the beam of Light upon thy Brow. Once you visualize the Light uponst the brow turn into a Light, Crimson Sphere, open thy mouth and inhale it. Visualize then, as you pick up the dagger or sword that you weapon is aflame as you slice through the air above a candle, then the incense. Once you see it aflame, visualize a Red Serpent writhing upon the weapon. Release the Crimson Sphere and visualize it drop unto the floor. Suddenly and quickly, raise thy dagger and visualize a Golden Serpent spring forth from thy Temple floor. Slice it open and take the Crimson Sphere to burn it into ash. When the act is complete, take the ash of incense and form a cross on thy brow. Repeat Banishing and say, It is done; so mote it be.