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The Editor.

I have been facing lot of problems while living at Flat T-
5, 3 rd Floor,Sri Soundary Apartments, Besides Seven Hills
Hospital, Visakhapatnam. Some points are furnished for your
kind information and necessary action.
1. This area under Rockdale layout. No sale transactions
are allowed as Dist Collector instructions. But Seven Hills
Hospital authorities arranged to get registrations of sales
and purchased maximum flats.
2. As member of Apartment owner’s welfare association they
deliberately stopped making payment of monthly maintenance
charges since last two years.
3. Entire cellar is illegally occupied by the Hospital
authorities by dumping garbage, unserviceable stores and
other hospital material thereby creating lost trouble to
the inmates.
4. A building was constructed just behind our apartment
which has no norms. No setbacks. It is meant for hospital
wards and canteen. Anybody can say about its critical
existence. All this unauthorised construction is due to
lack of supervision by GVMC. Pathetic situation to us is
they provided illegal way through our apartments. Due to
this entire canteen staff, material and garbage moving
through out apartment. When I tried to stop I am warned
with dire consequences.

In this connection I sent a mail to Seven Hill Hospital

copy of the same is enclosed.
You may kindly arrange to send your personnel to visit the
spot for verification of facts and do arrange to publish in
your esteemed publication.

With regards,

Dr Jitendradas CMD Seven Hills Hospitals, VSP

I bring this information to your kind notice for immediate

If you are very much careful about the health of patients
you must also take suitable steps for the welfare of your
staff. The apartment just besides your hospital can be
viewed, a specific example about your carelessness,callous
attitude. No water,no power,no lift. When major part of
apartments are owned by you your staff members are housed
is it not your responsibility for proper maintenance of
apartment. All inmates are facing lot of problems due to
improper maintenance of canteen for which you have arranged
way through the apartments illegally and unauthorisedly.
Entire cellar is dumped with lot of hospital material,
unserviceable stores and garbage. Specially myself was put
to lot of inconvenience by your staff many times. Your
Engineer Mr.Badarinarayana was aware of the issue very
well. The problem is not latest. For months together this
is cropped up. Today one of the inmate Mr.Venkatesh
Executive is the example who was running to all floors for
concerned staff to fetch water for his daily needs.

I will wait for your kind action for a day. If nothing

positive step is initiated I may be constrained to knock
the doors of all concerned authorities for which I may not
be held responsible.

With best wishes,


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