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100% Area Coverage By Presorted Standard

Flag Day

U.S. Mail To 5,193 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
June 14 Homes & Businesses Bolivar, NY 14715
Tues., June 9, 2009 ECRWSS
55th Year, No. 47 POSTAL CUSTOMER
Congratulations to Area
High School Grads
Inside Today’s Issue!

BRCS Newsletter
Shopping Guide
218 N. Main St., Bolivar, NY • 585-928-2470 • Fax 585-928-2191
1st Place
Award 2002
& 2009

Inside Today’s Issue! E-mail: moneysaver@stny.rr.com • Website: www.moneysaveradvertising.com

Close's Lumber...Your Home Improvement Headquarters Since 1973

#1 Premium Grade for Quality & Lifetime Guarantee 3/4”.....................................$13.95 Single Hung with Screen
24 x 36.............$69.95
#1 8' 10' 12' 14' 16' 18' 20' 1 1/2”..................................$24.95
2x4 $
2.99 $
3.79 $
4.69 --- $
6.68 --- --- 2”........................................$29.95 28 x 36.............$76.95
Dow Blue Foam
28 x 44.............$79.95
$ $ $ $ $
2x6 4.89 5.68 7.18 8.33 9.86 --- ---
2x8 $
6.38 $
7.98 $
9.36 $
10.99 $
12.68 - - - Kept- - - 1”........................................$15.39 28 x 48.............$86.95
8.34 $
10.50 $
12.50 $
14.98 $
16.98 - -Inside
- -and
-- 1 1/2”..................................$22.98
$ $ $ $ Conveniently 2”........................................$29.95 32 x 36.............$80.95
12.32 14.70 19.40 --- 26.80 --- ---
32 x 48.............$88.95
5/4x6 Premium $
5.28 $
6.79 $
7.98 $
9.49 $
11.99 Loaded For TRUSSES
You! 24', 4/12, 1' O.H. $ 36 x 44.............$91.95
#2 $ $ $ $
4x4 Grade 7.98 9.50 10.98 --- 16.80 --- ---
4x6 Grade $
12.50 --- $
18.50 $
21.50 $
24.50 --- ---
PA Load 36 x 48.............$93.95
6x6 Grade $
19.00 $
20.50 $
28.00 $
30.50 $
37.50 $
63.00 $78.00 N.Y.S. Load
42.00 Basement Hoppers
2 Block............ 59.00
2 1/2 Block...... 65.00 36 x 24. . . 68.95
$ $

88 sq. ft. $17.95

3 Block............ 69.00 48 x 36. . . 87.95
R11 3 1/2x15 Kraft $
25 Year 3 Tab GAF/ELK. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .$72.95 R11 3 1/2x23 Kraft 135 sq. ft. $27.95

30 Year Architectural....................$79.95 R11 3 1/2x16 Sound Batt 171 sq. ft. $33.70
256 sq. ft. $50.40 Andersen®
Biscayne Blue..................$85.95
R11 3 1/2x24 Sound Batt
R13 3 1/2x15 Kraft 116 sq. ft. $30.59 Window
15 lb. & 30 lb. Felt........................$16.95 R19 6x15 Kraft 49 sq. ft. $14.89
Truckload Sale
75 sq. ft. $22.88
120' Pro Shingle Starter................$32.95 R19 6x23 Kraft

10 sq. UDL30 Titanium. . . . . . .. . . . . . .$129.95

Kraft Batt
Kraft Batt
78 sq. ft. $24.34
119 sq. ft. $37.90
27% OFF
Please allow 3-4
2 sq. Ice & Water Shield................$46.95 R19 6x16 Rigid Fit 85 sq. ft. $25.25 weeks for delivery.
R19 6x24 Rigid Fit 128 sq. ft. $38.02
1 1/4" Coil Roofing Nails. . . . . . .. . . . . . .$21.95 R21 5 1/2x15 Kraft 58 sq. ft. $21.96 YOUR ANDERSEN WINDOW STORE!
Painted Steel........................$2.25 lin. ft. R30 10x15 Kraft 53 sq. ft. $25.69
R30 10x23 Kraft 80 sq. ft. $38.41 1”x8” T&G Pine
R38 12x15 Kraft 32 sq. ft. $18.78 T&G 1”x6” (edge & center bead)
R38 12x23 Kraft 48 sq. ft. $28.16 PINE
T&G Pine
49¢ per foot
32 ¢

77 sq. ft. $31.40
35 sq. ft. $37.80 BOARDS per foot
Use for paneling
& ceilings

UMBER CO., INC. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Sat. 8am-1pm; s r r TM

625 N. Union St., Olean, NY • 716-372-8888
11 Buckler Rd. & Rte. 6, Roulette, PA
(814) 544-7543 • Toll Free: 1-800-924-2027
START RIGHT. START HERE. By appointment any time Everyday Low Prices! web address: www.closeslumber.com

2008 Honda Used

Recipient of the
Motorcycle Tacomas! 2002-2008! Best Selection Tundras Crews & Ext. Versions!
2,700 EVERYDAY! Award for 2008!
Reg. Ext. & Crew Cabs! In Years!
'08 Tundra Double
Alot of 2006 Off-Lease &
Ready 4 Work!
'07 Tundra 4x4
'09 Toyota Camry LE Used Cars '09 Toyota Avalon Cab SR5 Double Cab, 5.7L,
'08 Rav4 AWD Used '08 Toyota Sienna LE
Light blue & try it! '08 Ford Focus Sdn. Limited 4 cyl., silver mist. 16k mi. 23k mi., white. long box, 19k mi.
Toyota Certified 4: Bright red, 21k mi. With 6k mi. Vans/SUVs $ $
17,999 $ $
19,747 $
22,998 26,999
12,222 '07 Tundra 4x4 '06 Tundra 4x4
'08 Dodge Grand '07 Tacoma 4x2
'08 Chevy Impala '07 Camry SE '07 Subaru Impreza '08 Rav4 AWD '07 Rav4- Short Box Access V6, X-Runner
1 Left! 1-owner, hurry for a chance WRX Sti Green, 22k mi. Caravan SE Blizzard pearl, Limited Very respectable. TRD Off Road Jones Rare
13,999 $ With Stow 'n Go Jones w/brains blown & $
at: 17,995 Rocketman!! $
20,000 Flat! $ V6 power!
21,200 Puppy!
14,983 '06 Toyota Tundra '06 Tacoma 4x4
'07 Toyota Corolla '07 Toyota Camry LE '07 Toyota Camry SE '06 Ford Freestar '06 Jeep Wrangler '06 Toyota Highlander- 4x4 Dble. Cab 22k mi.,
Blue, 35k mi. With chrome package. Roof, stick, dk. red Buckets, in black. Clean 4x4, 7k mi. W/13k mi., perfect color, The best truck! Silver black with wheels.
$ $ better price:
14,999 15,999 16,999 $
6,990 $
15,900 $
21,810 $
'07 Toyota Camry LE '07 Toyota Camry '06 Subaru Legacy '06 Toyota AWD '05 Dodge Caravan '04 Yukon Denali XL '05 Dodge Dakota '05 Colorado '04 Dodge Dakota
16k mi. 56k mi. Sedan Highlander Limited 66k mi., Ext. 4x4 Crew Cab 4x4 Reg. Cab 4x4
What a prize at: DVD, roof, navigation. V8, auto. Auto., 30k mi.
$ $ 25k mi. Shults Certified.
16,999 14,200 $
15,410 $ $
17,500 $
15,888 $
25,979 10,800
'06 Scion tC '06 Camry Solara '05 Toyota Corolla '03 Tacoma '04 Tacoma 4x2 '03 Tacoma
Convertible- '03 Grand Caravan '02 Nissan Xterra '02 Jeep Liberty
Handshaker w/style! Tan, a.t., LE Pkg.
Limited TRD Off Road Reg. Cab Ext. Cab 4x4
Sweet Dreams! $ Hurry up ma! 4x4- Stick Stick, 4 cyl.:
12,000 $
19,800 10,843 $
6,995 $
V6 stick shift, neat truck. With cap, ol' man
10,200 6,995 $
14,888 program.
'05 Chev. Cavalier '05 Buick LaCrosse '05 Pontiac Vibe 2002 Chev. 2500 2001 Tacoma
Cpe. W/shift, good car 18k mi. Wow! Limited Very Clean Unit! '02 GMC '00 Mitsubishi '98 Ford Explorer '01 Silverado 2500
$ Yukon Montero 4x4 SUV Sport- 66k mi. 6.0L, Teddy Bear,
H.D. 4x4 Unit Ext. 4x4
6,995 14,878 Fresh Trade! very clean, a.t. Stick with new frame!
Shorty $
7,995 $
4,995 $ $
at: 15,995 $
'04 Chrysler 300M '04 Toyota '03 Buick ** FLEET VEHICLES **
33k mi. Corolla LE- 20k mi. Century
$ '09 Buick LaCrosse- teen mi. '09 Dodge Avenger SXT................................................$13,743
11,878 Hurry On Up! $
5,495 w/heated leather.....................................................$18,878 '08 Dodge Avenger........................................................$12,414 SAVE
'09 Impalas- teen mi., fac. warr.....................................$17,242 '09 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited 4x4.............................$22,844
'02 Pontiac Sunfire '93 Nissan 300ZX '09 Cobalt Coupes........................................................$13,814 '09 Mitsubishi Galant ES..............................................$14,843 HUGE
Coupe Wow! Nice Price! '09 Chev. Malibu- leather/heated..................................$19,414 '09 Nissan Frontier Crew 4x4- teens...........................$23,544
Auto., with roof. $ '08 Chev. Uplanders LS- 35k mi., silver........................$13,243 '09 Maximas SE- 3.5, teen mi......................................$25,674
$ 6,995 '07 PT Cruisers.....................................$10,000 Flat! Let's Go! '09 Pontiac G-6 GT........................................................$16,747
We Had A Record 880 E. Main Street, Bradford, PA 16701 All trades
Month! Tons Of Fresh (814) 368-3191 • Toll Free: 1-800-528-8914 accepted. Bring
Used Trades! All www.shultsauto.com title & be ready
Price Ranges! Hurry Certified Toyotas Not Responsible For Typographical Errors. to deal!
6 Year/100k Photos May Vary From Actual Vehicle.
4 Best Selection! Satisfaction
Warranty. 1-Year FREE Maintenance!
Enjoy Quality Stop in today! Great Selection Everyday! Guaranteed!
Oswayo Valley

Jr.-Sr. High School

JUNE 9, 2009

Class of 2009!

Top Row (Left to Right): Alexandria Mitchell, Brittany Kellogg, Second Row(Left to Right): Martiel Moyer, Tessa Henderson, Chelsea
Montana Mesler, Kandice Warriner, Dylan Smith, Kameron Surra, Glogouski, Amanda Franklin, Kaitlyn Antonioli, Shalane Terrette,
Cody Babcock, Michael Harvey, Logan Milliken, Jeffery Barber, Bryce Morgan Cadwell, Brittany Johnston, Logan Connelly, Heather Maillee,
Norton, Tyrell Austin, Harold Carpenter, James Downs, Walter Rix, and Elizabeth Jones.
Dustin McDonald, Rob Shaffer, and Megan Rouse. First Row(Left to Right): Samantha Mellin, Tiffany Harris, Nichole
Third Row (Left to Right): Brittany Dickerson, Joe Carson, Snyder, Alyssa Taylor, Jamie Minderler, Heather Chaffee, Ashley
Christopher Krajewski, Orion Bernard, Sadie Cole, Kamrie Costello, Plants, Amanda West, Brooke Plants, Veronica Jones, Ashley Low,
Logan Kellogg, and Shane Bundy. Cynthia Nofsker, and James Shaffer.

Bill Lake Gas Field Ram Forest Sprout’s Norton’s Horse
Real Estate Specialists Products Drug Store Building Supply Realty
Smethport, PA Millport, PA Shinglehouse, PA Shinglehouse, PA Shinglehouse, PA Smethport, PA
814-887-5547 814-698-2122 814-697-7181 814-697-6331 814-697-6351 814-887-2818

Taylor & PC Federal Dave’s Howard’s Zaleskis

Armstrong Credit Diner Home Vinyl Outlet
Contracting, Inc. Union Ceres, NY
Furnishings Smethport, PA
Eldred, PA Port Allegany, PA Shinglehouse, PA Shinglehouse, PA
585-933-6544 814-697-7145 814-887-1948
814-225-3328 814-642-9248 814-697-6241

Close’s Top Hat Hamlin Bank

Lumber Co., Inc.
Virgil L. Howard Plants & Newton’s
Funeral Home Pizza & Subs Goodwin, Inc. Subs & Pizzas
Established 1863 and Trust
Roulette, PA
814-544-7543 Kevin J. Dusenbury,
Bolivar, NY Shinglehouse, PA
Funeral Director Shinglehouse, PA Smethport, PA
Olean, NY
Each depositor insured to $100,000

Shinglehouse, PA 814-697-6330 814-697-6767

716-372-8888 814-697-6570 585-928-2379 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 814-887-5555

Olson- Glenn O. Oswayo Valley

Kellogg’s McKean County
Memorial Library Historical
Inc. (NAPA) Hawbaker, Inc. Shinglehouse, PA Communications
Shinglehouse, PA
814-697-7191 Turtlepoint, PA 814-697-6691 Shinglehouse, PA
Port Allegany, PA Coudersport, PA • Bradford, PA www.ovmlibrary.org Smethport, PA
814-642-2517 Warren, PA • Springville, NY
814-642-2500 “Read To Succeed” 814-697-7163 814-887-5142

Canfield’s Total Commitment. Total Care.

Independent Garrity Moneysaver
Lawn Equipment Associates of Advertising,
Sales & Service
Sales & Service
Shinglehouse, PA
OLEAN GENERAL HOSPITAL PA, Inc. Best Wishes Shinglehouse, PA
Bolivar, NY
Olean, NY Port Allegany, PA
814-697-6233 716-373-2600 814-642-2236 Class of 2009! 814-260-9518 585-928-2470


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JUNE 9, 2009
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directly to your phone bill when #804, EFI V6, a.o.d., a.c., tilt, cruise,
#806, EFI 6 cyl., a.o.d., a.c., tilt, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l./seat, r. spoiler #803, EFI V6, a.o.d., a.c., tilt, cruise,
you call them. Once again, we cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l. #805, EFI V6, a.o.d., a.c., tilt, cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l./seat, 35k #802, EFI 6 cyl., a.o.d., a.c., tilt, cruise,
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cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l., 13k am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l./seat, 30k mi.
7 Alliance Avenue alum. wheels, fac. run. boards, 25k mi. stereo, CD, p.w./l./seat, alum. wheels, mi., brandy wine finish.
stereo, CD, r. a.c. & heat, p. w./l./seat.
This 1-owner is absolutely perfect.
Coudersport, Pa., 16915 and like brand new! 30k mi. Like brand new.
814-274-8661 (phone) Hurry At Only: 14,620
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814-274-8668 (fax)
cmachurch@zitomedia.net '00 Dodge Gr. Caravan Sport '04 Chev. Impala LS 4 Dr. '08 Chev. Crew Cab LT '03 Olds Alero GL 4 Dr. '04 Chev. H.D. 3/4 Ton LT
Senior Pastor:
Rev. Bernie Knefley
Sunday School..............8:45am #775,
Sunday Worship...............10:00am EFI
Sunday Evening 3800 #788, Crew Cab, Short Bed, EFI 6.0, a.o.d.,
Youth Group.....................6:30pm #786, EFI V6, a.o.d., ft. & r. a.c., tilt, V6 a.o.d., #771, Short Bed, V8 EFI, a.o.d., a.c., clim. control, a.c. & heat, tilt, cruise, am/fm
cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l., a.c., tilt, cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, tilt, cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l., #790, EFI V6, a.o.d., a.c., tilt, cruise, stereo, CD, Bose sys., htd. lthr. p. seats/w./l.,
Wednesdays: chr. pkg., 18k mi. super loaded, super am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l., alum. wheels alum. whls., run. boards, bed liner, over
Children’s Program, Prayer sunscreen glass. Very nice trade-in. p.w./l./seat. Like brand new!
nice! & r. spoiler. $40,000 new!
Mtg. & Youth Group.....7:00pm Hurry At: 2,650
Hurry At Only: 8,430
Hurry At:
19,890 "41,000 Miles" Hurry At:
PORTVILLE BAPTIST '06 Chev. Colorado Ext. Cab P.U. '08 Chev. Malibu LTZ '08 Chev. HHR LT '08 Chev. Cobalt LT 2 Dr. '09 Chev. Impala LT3
24 Temple St., 716-933-8164
Pastor: Fred Kemp
Sunday Services:
Sunday School.........9:45am #685, EFI V6, a.o.d., clim. control, a.c.
#772, This 1-owner has a.c., tilt, cruise, #600, EFI V6, a.o.d., clim. control a.c. #613, EFI big 4 cyl., a.o.d., a.c., tilt, #637, EFI 4 cyl., a.o.d., a.c., tilt, cruise, & heat, tilt, cruise, am/fm stereo, CD,
Worship Hour. . . . . . . .11:00am full power and only 30k mi., mint cond.! & heat, cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, Bose, P. htd. lthr. seats/moon roof/w./
cruise, am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l., 23k am/fm stereo, CD, p.w./l., 25k mi., r.
Afternoon Service. . . .1:00pm Don't miss this one! p.w./l./htd. lthr. seats. spoiler & more! mir., $28,500 MSRP
Wednesday-Family Night: Save $10,000 mi. Like brand new! Reduced per
Bible Study & Prayer. . .7pm "$9,890 Firm!" "9,000 Miles" from new! On Sale: $10,990 $4,000 Hurry At Only: 157 mo. $0 Down!
Yours For: "$10,000 OFF!"
A Place for Everyone *All '04 & newer models at 7.5% APR x 72.; tax paid, $0 Down. “If you don’t
Nursery Care provided shop at
at all regular services. SEE US 716-358-9009 •
Toll Free: 1-866-292-1874
24/7 Just 1 mi. off Rte. 86, Exit #16, Chevrolet...
Quote: at: You don’t
Painting is just another way of 41 E. Main St., Randolph, NY
www.shoplandmarkchevrolet.com Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. know Jack!”
keeping a diary. -Pablo Picasso

LOSING YOUR ANALOG SIGNAL ON 06/15- Still want to watch FACTS ABOUT THE FRESH AIR FUND SPORTS QUIZ Answers 5. Chicago, with Roy Conacher
TV? We can help. Call The Sound Track in Allegany for a solution, FRESH AIR FUND CONTRIBUTIONS- The Fresh Air 1. Roger Clemens was traded from and Doug Bentley, in 1948-49.
Fund is a not-for-profit agency, depending primarily on support Toronto to the New York Yankees 6. Oklahoma in 2000 and
716-373-2328. 2/9cb
from private contributions. It costs The Fresh Air Fund after winning the award in 1998. Michigan in 2005.
FOR SALE- 7 1/2 Western Ultra Mount. 814-887-2555. tffb $986.00 for a visit with a volunteer host family and $1,542.00 2. Oakland’s Mark McGwire had 7. Johnny Miller (1975), Greg
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OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT RENTAL - SEE OUR LISTING contributions come from individual donors. Tax-deductible 3. Nebraska and Texas.
and prices on our web site www.canfieldslawn.com tfcb contributions may be sent to The Fresh Air Fund, 633 Third 4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.
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Wood-Look history to have at least 26,000 1-5 steps available.

Starting at:
1.49 sq. ft. points, 11,500 rebounds and 2,500
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Tile-Look were the first two to do it? Pe-cast Concrete
In SPORTS QUIZ 5. When was the last time a team
Starting at
2.69 sq. ft. k By Chris Richcreek
1. Name the last reigning Cy
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611 West State St., Young Award winner before playoffs?
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Olean, NY 14760 Lo Cleveland’s CC Sabathia (in 2007) 6. Name the only non-Pac-10
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Bill Schram Ope n e d & teams between 2000 and 2008 to
Phone: 716-373-5391 rate 2. In 1996, Baltimore’s Brady win the NCAA Division I women’s
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www.carpetxpress.net 3. Oklahoma’s football team has Masters history to have a front- 142 Davis St., Bradford, PA • Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm; Sat. 8am-4pm s r r TM

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PAGE 4 FOR SALE- Dark stained pine chest of drawers, six drawers,
good condition, 48”W x 30”H x 15” deep, $25. 814-225-4718. fb
Driveways, drainage, etc. Dump truck / Tree service, clean outs,
shingle removal, firewood. 814-362-0358. 6/9pb
CUB CADET 2009 LAWN TRACTOR ———————————————————————————————
JUNE 9, 2009

FLASHBACK FOR SALE- 2005 Fleetwood popup camper, $2,800. Call after
• 46” heavy-duty twin blade cutting deck By Mick Harper 3pm, 814-642-0909. pb
GRADE™ V-TWIN 1. What do Melanie Brown (Scary FOR SALE- Six string banjo. Retails $250. Sell for $175. 814-
OHV ENGINE • 12” turning radius
Spice), Melissa Etheridge and 697-6975. 2/9fb
Sale Price Only • Welded steel frame LaToya Jackson have in common? COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS- Programming and Problem Solving
1,799 2. Name the band and the solo

ZERO INTEREST ZERO with C++, 4th Edition. PHPS Fast & Easy with Web Development,
artist that each produced albums
PAYMENTS FOR 12 MONTHS3 called “Endless Wire.” $10 each. 814-697-6975. 2/9fb

See details below 3. Who did “You Wear It Well,” FOR SALE- Brand new with tags! Junior Bridesmaid’s dress,
All Set Up, Full Of Gas & Ready To Mow!
and what was the year? color navy, size 12 (children’s), $30. 814-558-5484. cb
4. Which band cut “Get Off of My FOR SALE- Alfred Angelo bridal gown with detachable train, size
Cloud,” and when? 10, excellent condition, $100. 814-558-5484. fb
CUB CADET 2009 REAR TINE TILLER 5. Where did the band 10,000 GOLF BAG / LARGE MAXFLY- $35. 814-887-5106. fb
Maniacs get its name? GARAGE SALE- June 11, 12 & 13, 2009; 10-6pm. 734 Rte. 44,
HONDA® GC 190 OHV/190CC • 16 dual-direction, heat-treated, self- 6. What is “flanging,” and which Shinglehouse, Pa. 1 1/2 mile from Ceres bridge. Keyboard, $75.
ENGINE sharpening tines. band is thought to have used the
Bed frame, car carrier, $100. Girl’s clothes size 12-16, larger
Sale Price Only • Self-propelled, durable transmission technique first?
7. Santo and Johnny were best women’s clothes. pb
• 18” tilling width
known for which instrumental hit?
PAYMENTS FOR 6 MONTHS4 1. They share the same birthday, SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT - JUNE 20TH
FREE Set Up, Including Full Tank Of Gas! See details below May 29. The 5th Annual Gregory J. Hollamby Softball Tournament
2. The Who in 2006 (it was their will be held on Sat., June 20th at Forness Park in Olean, NY.
first album in 24 years) and Team entry fee:
You Won’t Find Our Quality Service In A Box Store! Gordon Lightfoot in 1978. $125.00. There will
also be a Penny
3. Rod Stewart in 1972.
4. The Rolling Stones in 1965. The Carnival, Chinese
BURT YOUNG JON song was a chart topper in both the Auction and food.
A Home Run
U.S. and UK.
5. From the movie “Two Thousand Derby will be held
Maniacs” in 1981. This name Fri., June 19th at
2934 ROUTE 16 7830 ROUTE 417 W change came after first calling Marcus Park in
Olean, NY. For
OLEAN, NY BOLIVAR, NY 14715 themselves Still Life and then Burn
Victims. more info. contact:
(716) 372-4208 (585) 928-1735 6. “Flanging” is two identical Walter Hollamby
tracks played together but at 716-372-1506.
Commercial Products Intended For Professional Use
as rated by engine manufacturer 2 Actual retail prices are set by dealer and may vary. Taxes, freight, setup and handling charges may be additional and may vary. Models milliseconds apart. Nirvana used a The tournament is
subject to limited availability. 3 *12 Months No Payments & No Interest If Paid Within 12 Months - * Valid on purchases of $999 or more made by 7/31/09 when you use
your Power Credit Card. A promotion fee of $29/$81/$125 will be added to the purchase balance for amounts financed greater than $999/$3499/$4999 respectively. On flanger in their song “Rainbow held each year as a
promo purchase (including promotion fee), no monthly payments required & no finance charges assessed if (1) promo purchase paid in full in 12 months, (2) any minimum
monthly payments on account paid when due, and (3) account balance does not exceed credit limit. Otherwise, promo may be terminated & finance charges assessed Chaser.” fund raiser to
from purchase date. Standard terms apply to non-promo purchases, optional charges & existing accounts. As of 3/2/09, variable APR s: 19.98% & on all accounts in
default, 23.99%. Minimum Finance Charge $2. Subject to approval by GE Money Bank. 4 *6 MONTHS NO PAY MENTS & NO INTEREST IF PAID WITHIN 6 MONTHS - * 7. “Sleep Walk,” originally done continue to be able
Valid on purchases of $499 or more made by 7/31/09 when you use your Power Credit Card. A promotion fee of $29/$81/$125 will be added to the purchase balance for
amounts financed greater than $999/$3499/$4999 respectively. On promo purchase (including promotion fee), no monthly payments required & no finance charges on a steel guitar. It climbed to No. to present two
assessed if (1) promo purchase paid in full in 6 months, (2) any minimum monthly payments on account paid when due, and (3) account balance does not exceed credit 1 in 1959. Other artists have since scholarships each
limit. Otherwise, promo may be terminated & finance charges assessed from purchase date. Standard terms apply to non-promo purchases, optional charges & existing
accounts. As of 3/2/09, variable APR s: 19.98% & on all accounts in default, 23.99%. Minimum Finance Charge $2. Subject to approval by GE Money Bank. covered the song and included year in memory of
lyrics. Gregory J.
Moneysaver Web Site works best with Firefox Web Browser By Larry Cox donation to either
which can be downloaded for free at www.mozilla.com 5/2fb Comic Strip tournament expenses or to the scholarship fund, contact:
HUNGRY FOR GOOD HOME COOKING? Daily Bread has the Q: I have an original cartoon strip of “Moon Mullins” signed and sent to Walter Hollamby, West River Road, Olean, NY 14760. 7/5fb
best waitresses, service, salad bar, fish fry, one pound hamburger me by Ferd Johnson more than 50 years ago. I would like to find out its
steak, Uncle Jack’s spaghetti on Tuesday. Drive a little for the value. -- Murray, Brooklyn, N.Y.
best! Closed Mondays. 814-642-7112. pb A: An organization that might be helpful is the National Cartoonist
——————————————————————————————— Society, 341 North Maitland Ave., Suite 130, Maitland, FL 32751;
phil@croswegal.com; www.reuben.org; and 407-647-8839. Original
WANTED: FORD RANGER PICKUP TRUCK cartoon art has attracted the attention of serious collectors in recent
Ext. cab, automatic, under 100,000 mi., 1996 through 2001. Call years, and some of the better strips have sold for record prices.
585-307-1170 with price. pb ***
——————————————————————————————— Q: I have a 1972 second issue Christmas Carol tankard issued by John
FOR SALE- 2003 popup camper, Case tractor 43 HP 60” loader. Beswick Limited and the Royal Doulton Group. I do not have its
original box. Where can I find the value of this piece? -- Toni, Surprise, LEGAL SECTION
Camper- $3,200. Tractor- $7,500. 814-642-7084. pb
Ariz. DIVORCE IN ONE DAY. No court appearance. Guaranteed from $895. 1-
YARD & PAVILION SALE- June 11, 12, 13 and 14 at Cousins in 978-443-8387. 365 Boston Post Rd., #241, Sudbury, MA 01776.
Prentisvale, between Eldred and Duke Center, Pa. 8am-5pm. A: In excellent condition, your tankard would retail for about $85. For a
second opinion, you might want to consult with The Royal Doulton www.divorcefast.com
TroyBuilt horse tiller, hydraulic cider press, portable pressure LEGAL SERVICES SECTION
International collectors Club, 701 Cottontail Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873;
washer, hunting apparel and supplies, chain saw, weed eater, usa@royal-doulton.com; and www.royal-doulton.com. DIVORCE: $175-$450* COVERS CHILDREN, ETC. Money back
baby to adult clothes, toys, movies, books, furniture, decorations, Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box guarantee! *Excludes govt. fees. Baylor & Associates, Inc., 1-800-522-6000
dishes, lots of miscellaneous items. Don’t miss it! More sales in 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to ext. 100.
area. Rain or shine! pb antiquequestions@aol.com. Due to the large volume of mail he receives, LOTS, LAND, ACREAGE SECTION
FOR SALE- Kenmore microwave / vent hood combination, new, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send 5 ACRES: USE 2 LAKES $19,900. 5 acres: Lake & river $39,900. Terms.
any materials requiring return mail. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. www.LandFirstNY.com 1-888-683-2626.
still in box! Originally $329. Will sell for $150. Call 716-372-7413
(if not in, please leave a message). cb Nice woods, minutes to lake! Town road, elect., subdividable, clear title,
FOR SALE- Whirlpool washer and dryer, $150. 716-933-6129. fb owner terms! Call 1-866-874-0965, now! Won’t last!
BABY CHANGING TABLE- Side closet, shelves and large ONE TIME NYS LAND OFFERINGS. Summer family retreats. Salmon
drawer, in good shape, $30. Call 814-642-9677 or 558-9853. fb River Region 11 ac Bass Lake - $39,900. Southern Tier 4 ac - $8,900. Tug
NEW: 2008 5X10 ENCLOSED TRAILER- $2,200 o.b.o. Shasta Hill - 5 ac next to thousands of acres of stateland - $19,900. Adirondacks
motor home, 21’, 318 motor, excellent condition, $2,500. 716-933- Largest Canoe River 16 ac - $99,900. Adirondack Lake 30 ac - $59,900.
6129. pb See pictures at www.LandandCamps.com Call 1-800-229-7843 for a limited
FOUR SPEAKERS- 2 round 5”; 2 oval 5x7, 2 tweeter for car or private tour for you and your family.
truck, $25. 814-486-3262. fb
HOT TUB: BRAND NEW 2009 MODEL. All options w/cover. Cost $7,495.
WEEDEATER- 1 gas, 1 electric, 18 coil, 1 1/4” roofing nails, Sacrifice $3,750. Can deliver. 1-203-557-3386.
electric blower, vacuum, drapes (4 pair) two 75x63; two 100x63. MISCELLANEOUS SECTION
814-486-3262. pb ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. Medical, business, paralegal,
FOR SALE- Bed liner for 6 ft. bed, Ford Ranger (not step side), computers, criminal justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available.
$50. 814-697-6975. 2/9fb Financial aid if qualified. 1-800-494-2785. www.CenturaOnline.com
FOR SALE- High serial number 1903 Springfield, sporterized, ADT HOME SECURITY. Low monthly rates, save up to 20% off your
$150. 814-697-6975. 2/9fb homeowners insurance! Start protecting your home today! 1-866-444-9163.
FOR SALE- ‘98 Mauser, 7mm, sporterized, military, $150. 814- WANTED DIABETES TEST STRIPS. Any kind, brand unexpired. Up to
$16.00/box. Shipping included. 1-832-620-4497 ext. 1.
697-6975. 2/9fb
COLLECT SOME BARGAINS- Looking to complete your over 100 all-digital channels. Call now and receive $600 signup bonus! 1-
set of something? Check out our reader ads. Whatever you’re 866-578-5652.
looking for, odds are you can find it in the Moneysaver! MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SECTION
CLARINET, VIOLIN, FLUTE, TRUMPET, amplifier, Fender guitar $75 each.
Upright bass, cello, saxophone, French horn, drums, $189 each. Others 4-

Erie sale. 1-516-377-7907.

Petruzzi Insurance Agency The difference between the
John J. Petruzzi, Owner petruzzi@roadrunner.com almost right word and the right
word is really a large matter-'tis
825 East State St. 193 Main St. the difference between the
Olean, NY 14760-3803 Eldred, PA 16731 lightning bug and the lightning.
716-373-4401 814-225-3271 -Mark Twain
Fax 716-373-4312 Fax 814-225-3279
Res. 716-373-4685 My advice to you is not to
Res. 716-373-4685
inquire why or whither, but just
ERIE® insurance services are provided by one or more of the following insurers: enjoy your ice cream while it's on
Erie Insurance Company, Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Company, or your plate-that's my philosophy.
Flagship City Insurance Company (home offices: Erie, Pennsylvania) or Erie -Thornton Wilder
Insurance Company of New York (home office: Rochester, New York). ***


Antiques • Horsedrawn Equip. • Tractor
Thurs. Eve., June 11th at 5:00 pm
Bill Clark, 7583 Creek Rd., Fillmore, NY 14735
Having put his home and farm up for sale and moving to a smaller residence, RTE. 19 FILLMORE, NY 14735
Bill will offer the following at public auction. Location: turn off Rte. 19 We will be offering the following consignments at public auction on Rte. 19 between Hume and
Fillmore. Watch for R. G. MASON AUCTION arrows.
onto Co. Rte. 3, then Creek Rd. Watch for R. G. MASON AUCTION arrows.
TRACTOR * Zetor 5211 w/cab & Allied loader; MF 50; Farmall A w/sickle bar mower; MF 35
TRACTOR- Ford 1710 4x4 diesel w/770B loader, nice; HORSEDRAWN EQUIP- show wagon
diesel; Ford 1520 4x4; Ford 2110 Low Pro; David Brown 990A.
(Clark Family) sharp; Pioneer fore cart; wagons; skid cart; wood trailer; Wizard walk behind
COLLECTABLE TRACTORS * Ford Jubilee; Ford 9N w/blade.
plow (Batavia, NY); work sleds; skid boat; rops for cover wagon; Phils; and more. HARNESS- SKIDSTEERS * NH L553; Bobcat 642 gas.

JUNE 9, 2009
Byle double w/pulling Haines; leather & nylon double puller harness; single drive harness; HAY EQUIP. * NH 575 square baler nice; Case IH 8350 hay bine; Sitrex 4 star tedder; 2-NH 256
feeder buckets; wooden & steel eveners; steel neck yoke; yokes & jockeys; ivory rings; new rakes; Fella rotary rake.
bridles; 747 vitamins; snaps; whip; halters & bits; 6 horse puller collars; sweat pads; Haines FARM EQUIP. * Grain drill; 3pt (bale spear; boom; spreader; brush hog; finish mowers); Bale
covers; horseshoes N&U; Leather halters; lines; spreader & bits; harness oil. TRAILERS- 20’ grabber w/skidsteer mount; JD 261 finish mower; JD cab fits 850 950 1050; Ford chopper; Lg.
2000 Elite gooseneck stock, used to date; Bison gooseneck stock, as is; Utility. ATVs- trail selection of 3 pt. (Bush Hogs, finishing mowers, back & box blades, spreaders, tillers.
wagon powered by Honda; Yamaha 4 wheeler. TOOLS & EQUIP.- anvil; log chains; step SPECIAL INTEREST * Canvas & vinyl tents; New complete swimming pool; Amish buildings &
ladders; barn & hand tools; barn fan; wheel barrows; Stewart clippers; shoe kit; hay bag; 3 pt. sheds; New picnic tables; Rusty Wallace model car collection; 1913 White Tail deer mt; Gobbler
platform; steel & plastic post; pig wire; bale feeder; live trap; sm. Homelite pump; sm. air on Roost; Trak camera; County Comfort wood stove; Muskrat stretchers; 25 doz. Traps; Tube
compressor; 10 gal. drum & pump; tarps; water heater; pressure washer; 3 pt. bale spear; traps (leg holds, Conibears; Victor Bridge. 19’ Scissor lift.
TRAILERS * 18ft equip. trailer; 16ft equip. trailer; 10ft equip. trailer; Hydraulic dump trailer; Car
barbed wire; truck hitch; log tongs; bundle of maple lumber; lawn dump trailer; Stihl chain saws
(026 & 028); Dehorner; and more. GUNS- Belgian Browning 20 ga. mag.; Sweet Sixteen w/gold LEASE & COMPANY VEHICLES * 2- 06 Chevy Impallas; 2- 05 PT Cruisers; 05 Ford Ranger; 06
trigger; Browning 12 ga.; Savage 20 ga.; Rem. Mohawk 600 243 w/scope; Ithaca M66 long tom; Ford 500; 03 Ford Half back conversion van 70K; 04 Freestar cargo van. REPO * 02 Lincoln
Springfield 22 single w/carved stock; clay pigeons. ANTIQUES- sleigh bell sets; oak bowside & Town Car sharp Florida VEHICLES * 2000 Caravan.
front china cabinets; horse bells; deer heads w/ local history; iron horse hitch posts; cherry clock PICKUPS * 99 GMC.
shelf; bamboo fly rod; prism hanging lamp; mantle clock; 10 gal. cedar barrel; baskets; carnival LAWN & GARDEN, ATV * JD 316; Ford LT16; 4 wheelers.
glass; oval frames; corner what-not shelf; reverse painting lamp; Coll. blue glass; ruby top glass; SUPPORT ITEMS * Diesel generator; Multiple gas generators; Air compressor.
glass baskets; Victorian marble top stand; cast iron toys; Hen on Nests; dropleaf table cherry; TOOLS * Brand name power tools; ( Bostitch; DeWalt; Makita; Milwaukee.); 16” Band saw; 35”
oak cloverleaf stand; blanket chest; table top victrola; glass slippers; Coll. glassware; pitcher belt sander; Craftsman drill press; Hammer drill; Dove tail jig; Stretchers; DeWalt drill;
pump; sm. ox yoke; miniature cannon; dolls; and more. SPECIAL INTEREST- framed Partial listing. More arriving daily. Consignments accepted Monday - Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-12.
arrowhead & coin collection; Fender guitar, nice; complete new PA system w/typod speakers; 3 Usual Mason consignment rules apply. 10% buyers premium on items $1000.00 and down.
Subject to consigner delivery.
insulated dog houses. MODERN- iron wood stove; round oak table & chairs; household; maple
hutch; treadmill; recliners; beds; bedroom suit; sm. chest freezer; and more. Well known local
gentleman former auctioneer and horse puller. Super large evening auction. R.G. Mason Auctions
Call for info. 585-567-8844 or 585-261-8844. Web site www.rgmasonauctions.com Fillmore, NY • 585-567-8844 *Since 1977
TERMS * CASH OR GOOD CHECK W/PROPER ID. 10% Buyer’s premium.
R.G. Mason Auctions died in 1926, at the age of 31, he
was so adored that, as reports of
EXTRA! EXTRA! See the bargains of your wildest dreams
on homes, cars, services...all in the reader ads of the
Fillmore, NY • 585-567-8844 *Since 1977 the time indicate, many of his Moneysaver!
female fans succumbed to mass
Miles, 814-642-7358; 814-598-1844 (cell). 4/3cb WITH A FRESH AIR CHILD
——————————————————————————————— • You might be surprised to learn This summer, share the beauty of your community with an
FOR SALE - STONE HEARTH BOARD that Arlington National Cemetery inner-city child while enjoying a vacation in your own
for wood or pellet stove for $50. Call 585-928-2620. 2/9fb is built on the site of the former backyard! Join thousands of volunteer host families through-
estate of Confederate General out 13 northeastern states and Canada as they open their
Robert E. Lee. hearts and homes to New York City children from under-
WANTED: Used 3 phase electric motors 3-7 HP. Wanted: Used
oil field equipment. Please call, 716-801-2257. 6/12pb privileged communities through The Fresh Air Fund’s
• Reports out of India in the early
OLD MOTORCYCLES WANTED for parts or restoration. I pay Volunteer Host Family program. In 2009, The Fund celebrates
20th century indicated that there
its 133rd summer of helping youngsters from New York City
cash the same day for anything with two wheels. Call 585-928- was a Hindu fakir named Agastiya
enjoy new experiences like skipping rocks across a lake,
2483. 29/13pb STRANGE BUT TRUE in the Bengal region who decided,
By Samantha Weaver running barefoot through the grass and making new friends.
WASHER, $175. DRYER, $160. Refrigerator, $175. 30” Range, out of religious conviction, to hold
• When he arrived in the United one arm straight above his head. “Our family has hosted our Fresh Air child for five summers,
$165. 716-373-1553; 716-676-3965. pb and each year just gets better! While helping her to experience
States from Italy in 1913, Experts say that the first few
FULL SIZE MATTRESS and box springs, asking $150. Call new things, we have also reintroduced ourselves to the
renowned film star and sex months would be the difficult part;
before 11am or after 6pm if interested. 814-465-9081. fb symbol Rudolph Valentino could wonderful features of our area, which make it such a special
after that, the arm would have no
LAWN MOWING PLUS ROTOTILLING, PRESSURE washing, speak no English. By the time he circulation and would remain place to live,” says one host parent. Imagine summertime
deck refinishing, wood splitting, augering. Phone 814-362-6399; rigid. Agastiya reportedly held this without swimming in a pool, playing in the backyard or gazing
814-697-6773. Have my own tools. 5/2pb position for 10 years, until his at the stars. Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund has provided
FOR SALE- 1996 Ford Shuttle bus, seats 12, tinted windows, Moneysaver death in 1912, and even in death more than 1.7 million inner-city children with the opportunity
the arm could not be lowered. to enjoy these simple pleasures. Fresh Air children on first-
a.c., $3,000. Call 814-465-3205. 2/2pb Shopping Guide time visits to host families are six to 12 years old and stay for
J.D. GRAIN DRILL Model FB-D, 7 ft. 7” drilling width, stored •14707 Allentown, NY ***
Thought for the Day: “He who one to two weeks.
indoors. Asking $1,500. 814-598-6559. 2/2pb •14708 Alma, NY For more information on how you can make summer special
knows only his own side of the
TOPSOIL BLENDED WITH composted manure. Also, manure •14715 Bolivar, NY case knows little of that.” -- John for a Fresh Air child, contact Jacqueline Schasre at 585-928-
only. All screened. Call for pricing, picked up or delivered, Eldred •14721 Ceres, NY Stuart Mill 1638 or The Fresh Air Fund at 800-367-0003. You can also
area. 814-598-6559. 2/2pb •14770 Portville, NY learn more about the Volunteer Host Family program by
WOODEN DRESSERS, WOODEN TABLE and 4 chairs, •14774 Richburg, NY (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. visiting The Fund’s web site at www.freshair.org fb
computer desk, rocking chair, VHS tapes, push mowers. 814-225- •14754 Little Genesee, NY
3175; 814-598-8012. 2/2pb •14786 W. Clarksville, NY
21 FOOT R.V. AWNING- Never used, still in wrapper, complete
with new hardware. 814-544-7367. 3/2pb
•14739 Friendship, NY (R.D.#1)
•16748 Shinglehouse, PA
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Hrs.: Mon., & Thurs. 1-8pm; Tues. 10am-5pm; Frid. 9am-5 pm;
Sat. 10am-1pm. tf


Mon. 9am-5pm; Tues. Eve. 3-7pm; Thurs. 9am-5pm. tf
Flag Day
JUNE 9, 2009


Summer Hrs: Mon. 12-8pm; Thurs. 9am-5pm; Sat. 12-4pm. tf
at Faith Bible Church,
Main St., Little Genesee, NY
243 Main Street, Route 275, Richburg, NY, is open every Sun., June 14th, 2009- 11:00am
“If you think your homeowner’s Wednesday 10am-3pm, March through November, or by
appointment. Meetings are held the first Monday of every
We are a church that believes in

policy provides enough coverage for month, 7pm at the museum. Everyone welcome! Please call
your boat, you could be headed for 585-928-9478 or 585-928-1249 for more information or to make promoting our country, her flag, and
troubled waters”... an appointment. tf the military. All of these elements will
be present in this service.
A homeowner’s policy may not be the best THE BOLIVAR COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY, located at the
way to insure your boat, since certain United Methodist Church, 80 Friendship St., is a volunteer
~Senator Cathy Young and local dignitaries will
be present. In addition, many families who have
coverages are restricted. We can bail you ministry of the Bolivar churches. It seeks to provide emergency
loved ones presently serving in harm’s way.
food assistance and support for families and individuals who
out with a policy specifically designed to demonstrate an immediate need. To receive assistance, please It is our desire to show these people our gratitude
insure watercraft. call 585-928-1814 or 585-928-2116. Call ahead for an appoint- for their sacrifice to our country.
ment. Please, do not call any other phone numbers. tf
Before you sail off into the sunset, call... ~In times like these, we need to draw on each other’s
strength and vivacity as we weather the storm.
By Paul G. Donohue, M.D. The public is invited.
Excellence Since 1903 What to Drink When Exercising in the Heat A Chicken Barbecue will
be served in the gymnasium
80 N. Main St., Wellsville, NY DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I am taking my two teenage boys backpacking following the program.
in the Southwest this August. It will be hot and dry, and I am preparing
585-593-4296 • 800-813-5363 for those conditions. I need some guidance on what fluids to drink. I was
Please phone 585-928-1856 by June 10th to
Visit our website www.rsinsurance.com taught that drinking plain water is the best way to stay hydrated. My register for the meal, or sign up in the church foyer.
older son says his class was told not to drink plain water, because it
could cause brain damage. What is this all about? -- F.W.
be advisable to salt your food and to eat some salty snacks -- another
Beautiful 3 bedroom home with spacious rooms on a nice corner ANSWER: It’s all about becoming sodium-depleted and having the way to ensure body sodium doesn’t bottom out.
lot. Buy a house from Cornerstone and the government will give brain swell as a result. The condition is hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is uncommon. Dehydration is common. For most,
you a grant even if you have bad credit. This home qualifies for It used to be taught that, when exercising in hot weather, people should drinking water as a replacement fluid in hot weather is fine. It’s not
the first-time home buyer’s tax credit up to $8,000! Low down guzzle water at every opportunity, even when they don’t feel thirsty. going to lead to a dangerous drop in body sodium. Only those who lose
payment. $495/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. That can be dangerous if the exercise lasts for hours and hours and if the lots of sweat for long periods of time run the risk of hyponatremia by
only liquid drunk is water. Too much water dilutes body sodium. That, in drinking pure water.
www.homesbycornerstone.com &
turn, can cause brain swelling and, in the extreme, death. This is advice that doesn’t apply only to athletes or backpackers. It
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Up-to-date advice is to let thirst be a rough guide for how much liquid
RCA 52” HDTV- 4 years old, lightly used, $600 o.b.o. 585-593- applies to all those who are out working in hot weather and sweating up
you drink. If people are engaged in prolonged exercise, it is good to a storm.
4310. p include some salt in the program. Half a teaspoon of salt and half a
CURB APPEAL / BOLIVAR: Nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with a teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a quart of water can (c) 2009 North America Synd., Inc.
2 car detached garage. Low down payment, $430/mo. P&I. Call keep body sodium levels from dropping. For you and your sons, it would All Rights Reserved
Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com &
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c
CHEAPER THAN RENTING/CUBA: 2-3 bedroom house in Cuba Richburg-Wirt Historical Society
with a huge detached garage. Recently remodeled and in real Receives Captain Kenneth R.
nice shape. Low down payment. Believe it or not it’s true, all we
want is $430/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. Maxson’s Medals and Uniform
www.homesbycornerstone.com & A special Open House was held at the
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Richburg-Wirt Historical Society Museum on
BEST TIME IN HISTORY TO BUY MY HOUSE / CUBA: Close to Saturday, May 30, 2009 to honor Richburg
everything, remodeled 3 bedroom home with vinyl siding and a native Capt. Kenneth R. Maxson. It was his
garage. Low down payment, $430/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone,
request that upon his death all of his military
607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com &
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c
medals and his uniform be donated to the
GARAGE SALE - WIGHTMAN HOMESTEAD, 2716 County museum. Many of his family and friends were
Road 8 (Inavale). Fri., June 12th & Sat., June 13th, 9am-5pm. among the crowd of over 50 who were in
“Just cleaned attic”. Lucile p attendance.
Melanie Johnston, President of the
Storage Sheds Richburg-Wirt Historical Society welcomed
everyone before members of the Bolivar
& Garages American Legion, Kenyon Andrus Post #772,
6’x8’ to 14’x52’, escorted the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Photo Variety of colors & styles. Capt. Maxson’s nephew and former Richburg
FREE Delivery within 30 miles. resident Edgar Allen (now of Hilton, NY) spoke Captain Kenneth R. Maxson’s Display at the Museum.

716-372-1846 proudly of his uncle’s military service and
1615 Olean-Portville Rd., Olean, NY unselfish, heroic acts. He recalled listening in Kenneth R. Maxson was born February 21, 1916
•Hardware •Auto Parts & Repairs in Shinglehouse, PA, the son of James and Mary
•Tires •Alignments •Towing
EASTERN SUPPLY CO., INC. admiration at family get-togethers as his uncle
told stories of his military life. Allen also related Maxson. He grew up in Richburg, NY, where he
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS how, with his uncle’s permission, he researched, attended and graduated from Richburg Central
If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop filled out forms, and succeeded in having all of School.
we can help. Call AA answering service in your area at 716- Capt. Maxson’s medals reissued, as they were In 1940, Maxson enlisted in the United States
372-4800 or 607-276-8588 to talk to someone who cares or to Army. His military career, which lasted 23 years,
find a meeting in your area. tf lost in a move many years ago. Mr. Allen
presented the museum with a beautiful case would take him to several continents and through
BETHEL LUTHERAN many battles. He fought bravely in both World War
CHURCH (LCA) filled with Maxson’s medals. He also brought his
79 Brooklyn Street military uniform, complete with a sturdy stand II and the Korean War. Much of the time, he served
1108 Rte. 19 South as a forward observer, crossing enemy lines to report
at Yorks Corners
Portville, NY to hold it.
Wellsville, NY 14895
Rev. Paula Roulette Mrs. Johnston said, “It’s very nice to learn on their weapons and activities. When he retired in
Sunday Worship...........9:00am 1963, he had achieved the rank of Captain.
Pastor: Vernon Dean
Sunday School............10:30am more about this hero from Richburg and we
585-268-9826 thank his family for this wonderful gift. It’s an In Cevoli, Italy, during World War II, 2nd Lt.
Church: 585-593-5834 Maxson was in a church. Though enemy fire had
Sunday School............10:00am
ALLENTOWN UNITED honor for the Richburg-Wirt Historical Society
Classes for all ages
METHODIST CHURCH to accept the medals and uniform of this highly destroyed his radio, almost leveled the building, and
Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am
Route 417
decorated soldier. We will proudly display them had wounded him in the arm, he refused to leave. He
Sunday Morn. Worship...10am led a detail of soldiers to the front line with medical
Nursery Available in our museum for all to see and appreciate for
Sunday School Classes, for all
Sun. Eve. Service.........6:00pm
school-age children. . . .10:00am years to come.” aid and ammunition.
Wed.: Adult Prayer, Bible During the Korean War, Capt. Maxson was
Nursery care avail. infants-3
Study & Praise.............7:00pm
During church services...10am surrounded by the enemy and under direct fire from
A warm welcome is extended enemy mortars, machine guns and small arms. Capt.
to all to come and worship our
Risen Lord with us!
Maxson remained in his observer’s post relaying
111 Wellsville St., Bolivar, NY critical information to troops.
Parish Administrator:
OBI COMMUNITY CHURCH These and many other courageous acts earned
Deacon Frank Pasquale
Pastor: David Cook Capt. Maxson 16 medals including the Purple Heart,
585-933-7205 the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, three Air Medals, an
Sacramental Priest:
Sunday Services:
Msgr. Vincent Becker
Sunday School...........9:00am American Campaign Medal and a Republic of Korea
Sunday Mass................9:00am Citation.
Morning Worship . . .10:30am
Weekday Mass
Evening Service.............6pm In 1948, Maxson was married to his wife, Verna.
Wed. Eve.: Adult Prayer and After retiring from the military, they lived most of
First Fri. of Ea. Month. . . . .7pm
Bible Study.....................7pm
(followed by benediction)
Jr. & Sr. High Youth. . .6-8pm
their married life in California. On March 14, 2009,
Reconciliation: First & Third
Nursery Care provided
Melanie Johnston accepts Captain Maxson’s at the age of 93, Capt. Kenneth R. Maxson passed
Sunday.........................8:30am medals from his nephew, Edgar Allen.
for all services. away.
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rims, old Ford, M.F. Ferguson tractor parts, rims, fenders, rebuilt with federal court orders allowing two black students to register for the
specialist at Minnehaha Academy, airs on public television
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FOR SALE- Two 12 month old (1) black, (1) red polled limousin for a few portrait-drawing tips she www.donnasday.com to find out • On June 13, 1971, The New York Times begins to publish sections of
bulls. 716-933-0801. pb uses with her students. when it airs on your local PBS the so-called “Pentagon Papers,” a top-secret Department of Defense
1998 DODGE RAM 1500- Shortbed with hard cover, all power, 2 station and to sign up for Donna’s study of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The papers
WD, new tires, needs fender repair. 814-465-3195. pb e-newsletter. indicated that the American government had been lying to its people for
(c) 2009 Donna Erickson years about the Vietnam War, and their release seriously damaged the
POOL - INTEX EASY SET, 15 ft. x 42”, includes filter pump,
Distributed by King Features Synd. credibility of America’s Cold War foreign policy.
handheld skimmer, vacuum, ground cloth, debris cover, solar (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.
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on www.moneysaveradvertising.com enter a certain number of
Remember When?
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Know someone who lives outside our circulation area and
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HAINES TRUCK CAPS: Fiberglass & aluminum. Tonneau covers ALL ABOARD! Top photo is the old train station in Ceres. Bottom photo is the
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Fax: 585-928-2191 of shape and position. Plus, there
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E-mail: moneysaver@stny.rr.com sharing time to look -- really look -
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Office Hours: --Take a photo of Dad from the
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Be sure to include his neck and
Deadline for Advertising: shoulders so that it doesn’t look
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Thursday at 5:00 p.m. add pupils looking in a particular
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For fun, add Dad’s favorite pet, or
put a hat on his head of a favorite

JUNE 9, 2009



Dear Community Members: Dear Students, Parents and Community Members,
Since my last newsletter, we have had several positive events I would like to make It is hard for me to comprehend that the school year is nearly over. It seems like just
everyone aware of. First, on May 13, we honored 117 students in grades 9-12 for their a short time ago that the year was beginning and the anticipation and possibilities of all
academic success this year and on May 27, 74 middle school students were honored for we could accomplish together was new and exciting. Well I am very pleased to report to
their academic success. Even with the academic standards set at a much higher level you that this year has been a tremendous success not only for our students, but for our
and many new state assessments given, our students and staff have accepted the own professional development and growth.
challenge and are doing a fine job. I want to also thank all the parents who continually From a professional standpoint our teachers have worked diligently learning,
monitor their children’s academic program and who encourage and help their children implementing and reflecting on new instructional strategies. They have pushed
achieve success. I have recently been reviewing our state assessment results and I am themselves beyond their comfort level in order to not only continue with, but to enhance
very pleased with our results in grades 3-8. The number of students receiving a score of the high quality of education delivered in this district. Their willingness to take on this
3 or 4 has increased anywhere from 10% in third grade to over 50% in the seventh new challenge has meant a great deal of additional effort on their part; however they
grade. Our teachers have been working very hard using new teaching strategies which have done so because of the benefits they know this will have for your children. As the
have been introduced to them through our professional development program called the principal of this building I am appreciative and proud of their commitment to make
“Thoughtful Classroom.” themselves better educators.
Another very important event with a positive ending was our 2009-2010 school In terms of academic achievement, recent data has shown that the students of this
budget vote, the results were 133-Yes to 94-No. I would like to thank everyone who district are achieving at all time high levels. In the middle school alone we saw a 45%
came out to vote for your continued support. We also have two new board of education increase in the number of students who either met or exceeded state standards on their
members, Guy Gilliland and Robert Mead and re-elected to a three-year term Michael E.L.A. assessment and a 29% increase in the number of students who met or exceeded
Church. Congratulations all three of these community members. state standards on their math assessment. This is incredible growth over a one year
The month of June is a busy month for everyone here at school, for the parents, period of time and proof that what we are doing in this district is working and benefiting
and for the students who will be graduating on Sunday, June 28. Graduation is set for our students and your children.
2:00 PM in the Bolivar Auditorium. Also, June 22, will be the baccalaureate program at In terms of high school achievement our students are vigorously preparing for their
7:00 PM in the Bolivar Auditorium. You will be getting more information as we get closer upcoming Regents examinations. We fully expect for them to be perform admirably on
to that date. these exams and continue on with the recent surge in passing grades. Over the past two
This year, we have made some changes to our Academic Summer Academy years we have experienced all time highs on the success rates of many of these
program. This program is to assist those students who just need a little extra time or examinations. Our results on Regents examinations are comparable to and in many
some one-on-one work with their academic courses. As I have mentioned in the past, cases surpass those of surrounding districts.
we all do not learn at the same pace, so our summer academy would be a great time to Despite all of this success, I can ensure you that we are not satisfied with where we
strengthen your child’s academic skills. We will also be providing breakfast and lunch for are at. We have already begun training and implementation of additional programs to
all those who participate in our summer programs and this will be free for everyone. help ensure that the quality of education being provided to your children continues to
Please check this newsletter for additional information or give Mrs. Sorochin our Director improve. Despite all of the data that shows success on state assessments, ultimately it
of Curriculum a call at school 928-1380. comes down to the achievement of our students after they leave this district. It is and will
I would also like to extend to all of our community members the opportunity to always be our goal to best prepare your children to be successful once they leave the
express your thoughts on the 2008-09 school year. If you would like to share your friendly confines of Bolivar-Richburg. Please know that not only you, but we are looking
comments, please address them to: Mr. Joseph DeCerbo, Superintendent of Schools, out for their best interest as well.
100 School Street, Bolivar, NY 14715. Here is to a happy and safe summer vacation to all. It has been an honor and a
Your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you for your continued support pleasure to work with such wonderful students and teachers and serve such a
and I will be sending out my next newsletter in August. Have a safe and very enjoyable prestigious school and district.
summer. Please remember I am at work during the summer months. If you have any Yours in education,
questions or if you would just like to stop by and see our school building, give me a call.

John R. Marshall
Secondary Principal
Joseph DeCerbo
Superintendent of Schools

ELEMENTARY NEWS By Jennifer Sorochin, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
By: Michael Schott The end of the school year brings opportunities to celebrate student achievement
Elementary Principal and success with various ceremonies and celebrations. However, the focus of our
June is here which means the school year is quickly coming to a close and the Thoughtful Classroom celebration was on the hard work of our teachers, and their
month is packed with plenty of activities. commitment to instructional excellence. Dr. Harvey Silver and Mrs. Barbara Heinzman
Our fifth grades have been to the Belmont BOCES for several outdoor education joined the TC faculty and administration to witness the lessons, student work, and stories
classes, our fourth grades have made their annual adventure to Crook Farm, our of success in a culmination celebration on May 26th at the Bolivar high school. Videos
kindergarten classes went to The Museum of Play in Rochester, and our first grades demonstrating specific teaching strategies showcased many of our teachers, and each
traveled to the Erie Zoo. The second grades will be going to Letchworth State Park, and learning club took a moment to describe their work for the year, and how the strategies
our third grades will be taking a trip to Jones Memorial Hospital and the YMCA. As you and tools they were taught greatly helped to engage their students, increase the rigor of
can see, each grade level has had or will have an exciting and educational field trip. their content, and improved instruction across all grade levels and content areas.
June 19th will be the elementary school cook out and field day. Students should We will continue our endeavor to bring a thoughtful education to all students next
dress for participation in physical fitness activities on this day. On Monday, June 22nd, year, and at that time all of our faculty will be part of the Thoughtful Classroom.
we will have “move-up day” for our kindergarten students with their graduation being on
Tuesday June 23rd. Also, on Monday June 22nd, we will have an awards assembly for
our 4th and 5th grade students honoring many for their academic achievement. “Move-
up day” for students in grades 1–5 will take place on the 24th with report cards being
issued that same day.
Please note that Monday the 22nd is a full day of school for all students in grades
K-5. Tuesday the 23rd kindergarten students will be released after their graduation FROM THE READING DEPARTMENT
ceremony, and they will be issued their report card at that time. Students in grades 1–5 Mrs. Young, Mrs. Neudeck, Mrs. Day
will be in school the whole day. Wednesday the 24th will be the last day of school for The school year is quickly winding down with just a few
students in grades 1–5 with dismissal at 11:00. weeks left until summer vacation. However, the one thing you will
I wish everyone a safe and happy summer vacation. not want to take a vacation from is reading with your children at
home. Track down some favorite books to reread, as well as visit
the library frequently to locate some new ones to enjoy!!
Happy summer reading!
Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...
Graduation rehearsal will be Thursday, June 25 at 1:00pm in the Students were asked to sign up for driver
auditorium. Your attendance is mandatory!! education class when they completed their
There are still a few seniors with money owed, you must have this paid schedule requests for the 2009-10 school year.


Summer driver education will run from July 1
prior in order to receive your cap and gown for the graduation ceremony.
through August 14 and is open to any student
who is 16 years old by July 1, 2007. State law
mandates that each student have 24 hours of
classroom instruction and 24 hours of driving instruction. For this
reason, students can miss only one classroom session if they are to
JUNE 2009 HIGH SCHOOL FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE meet the time requirements. Students who are registered for summer
driver education should review their summer plans to ensure that
MON. TUES. WED. THURS. FRI. MON. TUES. WED. attendance is not a problem.
JUNE 15 JUNE 16 JUNE 17 JUNE 18 JUNE 19 JUNE 22 JUNE 23 JUNE 24 Students have already registered for our summer driver education
8:00- 8:00- 8:00- 8:00- 8:00- 8:00- 8:00- 8:00- program. All seniors who have registered for this program have been
11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM admitted since it is their last chance to take the course. Several
juniors are on the waiting list and will be admitted as an opening
English 9 RE in RE in RE in RE in Grade 8 RE in RE in
becomes available. For further information about this program call Mr.
Geometry English: English: Global Proficiency Spanish Physics

JUNE 9, 2009
DiGirolamo at 928-2561.
English Session Session History Exam in
10 One Two Spanish RCT in
Spanish II (Room 109) B-R junior David Giovannini
(Room 222) has been selected to attend the
prestigious National Student
11:35- 11:35- 11:35- 11:35- 11:35- 11:35- 11:35- Leadership Conference on
2:35pm 2:35pm 2:35pm 2:35pm 2:35pm 2:35pm 2:35pm Entrepreneurship and Business this
Global RE in RE in RE in RE in RCT in RE in summer at Fordham University.
History 9 US History Earth Biology Integrated Writing Math B David will attend specialized
Science Algebra (Room 002, workshops and classes with
109 & 112) students from throughout the
RE in RCT in United States designed to improve
Chemistry Reading RCT in RCT in their leadership skills. He’ll also
(Rooms 002, Science Global have the opportunity to meet with
RCT in 109 & 112) (Room 002) Studies and learn from nationally
Math (Room 218) recognized leaders.
(Room 002) The NSLC program helps
students develop a sense of
RE = Regents exam independence and responsibility
RCT = Regents Competency Test (given only to students with disabilities) with the end goal of helping them
make a positive difference in their
Note: All exams will be held in the lower gym except where noted communities.
No student may enter a morning regents exam after 10:00 AM or leave a morning regents Pictured is David, son of David and Erin Giovannini of Bolivar.
exam before 10:00 AM.
No student may enter an afternoon regents exam after 2:00 PM or leave an afternoon regents ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
exam before 2:00 PM.
Last Day of Regular Classes: Grade 6: June 24 (10:44 AM dismissal) By Ms. Dimmig
Grade 7 & 8: June 15 May was a very busy month in the Secondary Library Media
Grades 9 -12: June 12 Center. Mr. Kottwitz’s Economics classes learned how to use the
Business and Company Resource Center to investigate stocks and
 Grade 7 & 8 students will take any final exams they have during their regularly companies for their stock market project. Mr. Kier’s 6th grade music
scheduled class time. class finished their composer research and created PowerPoints of
their favorite classical composer. Mrs. Lasnick’s Spanish 1 class
 Graduation Rehearsal is Thursday, June 25 at 1:00 PM in the auditorium - attendance is researched endangered animals of Central and South America and
mandatory! their habitat. Ms. Henneman’s 8th grade health class used the Health
and Wellness Resource Center to learn about the body’s systems.
Mrs. Donahue’s English 11 classes did background research on
Harper Lee and other topics associated with To Kill A Mockingbird.
Mr. Britt’s Global 9 students researched Renaissance people,
SPANISH HIGHLIGHTS inventions and events to make themselves 16th century journalists as
Spanish 8 students are doing presentations on Hispanic celebrations. They have learned how to they created a newspaper. Mrs. Lasnick’s Spanish 8 investigated a
use the powerpoint slideshow as an outline for their presentation and how to design a slide show that is variety of spring celebrations that take place in Hispanic cultures,
professional, yet creative. The rest of the year is dedicated for review. The final exam will be given in class sharing their information orally with the assistance of a PowerPoint
on June 11 and 12th. The students who want to challenge the proficiency exam to take Spanish II next year, they created. Ms. Snow’s high school health class used the Health
need to be at the school on Monday, June 22nd at 8AM for the exam. and Wellness Resource Center and InfoTrac Student Edition
Spanish I students are working on the following assignments for the remainder of the year: magazine database to find information on tobacco, alcohol and drugs
Hispanic biography powerpoints, studyspanish.com quizzes, current events, food and table manners and their effects on the body. Mr. Sahm’s 8th grade science students
projects. Their final exam will be given on June 12th during class. used Biography Resource Center and the online encyclopedias to
Spanish II has begun their end of the year review of both grammar and vocabulary from 8 investigate a famous scientist. Mrs. Cady’s Keyboarding 8 classes
chapters. Their exam will include both a listening and written section. The listening section will take place in researched a dead person using Biography Resource Center for
class on June 11 and 12th. The written section will be on Thursday, June 18, at 8AM in room 222. information and learned how to create electronic note cards in
Spanish III is in the midst of practicing past Regents tests. Grades will be taken for the majority of NoodleBIB. Mr. McDowell’s English 12 students came to finish
these tasks. We are also working towards completion of the speaking section of the Regents, which must working on their Senior Thesis. Mr. Sahm’s 8th grade science class
be corrected one week prior to the written section of the exam. The written section of the Regents takes learned how to use the Opposing Viewpoints database to find different
place on Tuesday, June 23 at 8AM. points of view on the topic of Global Warming. The AP English
Spanish IV is working on creating a pinata. Students who are not exempt from the final exam students, myself and Mrs. Donahue spent a day at St. Bonaventure’s
(obtaining an overall average of 90 or higher), will take their final exam in class on June 11 and 12th. Friedsham Library as they began the research for their senior thesis.
The 6th grade students who completed the Read to Ride rewards
program from Darien Lake have received their free tickets to Darien

The name of the game in Living Environment is REVIEW,
REVIEW, REVIEW! The exam is coming up fast and students have
Summer school classes will again be held in two locations: at the Elm Street Academy in Cuba
been using various means to review the materials from the entire
and at Wellsville High School. Students may attend either school since they are both run the same dates,
year. Suggestions that can be done at home: School Island,
times, costs, courses, etc. Summer school classes will run from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM and from 10:00 AM -
Regentsprep.org or going over the many review packets handed out
12:00 PM, on Mondays through Thursdays. There are no classes on Fridays.
by Mrs. Eshelman will help. Respiration vs. homeostasis, mitosis vs.
Summer school classes will run from July 1 to August 11 at a cost of $25 per course. Regents
meiosis, enzyme action, crossing over, food chains, human
exams will be administered on August 12-14. There is no extra charge for taking the Regents exam if the
impact...remembering these will come in handy on June 18th. Be
student takes a course. Students must bring their payment by June 30th to the B-R Guidance Office
or their counselor.
B-RCS will provide a bus only to the Cuba campus at no cost to the student. The bus will leave Patricia Eshelman
the Bolivar building at 7:30 AM and return by around 12:30 PM. Students retaking only one class will have
to stay for the extra two hours if they ride our bus. They can either provide their own transportation or find a IMPORTANT MEETING DATE:
ride with other students or parents to avoid the long layover. Class of 2010 - IT’S FAIR TIME. There will be a meeting for
Pupils who only want to retake a Regents exam or an RCT without taking a summer school class parents and students of the Class of
may take the exam only at a cost of $25 per exam. Exams are offered at both summer school sites - the 2010 (Juniors) on Tuesday, June 9th, at
Elm Street Academy in Cuba or the Wellsville High School on August 12-14 (see your counselor for the 7pm in the Bolivar auditorium. We will
schedule). have information regarding the Richburg
One word of caution to parents: report cards will be mailed home to parents on June 30. This Alumni Banquet on June 27 and the
means that parents may not see their child’s report card before the registration deadline for the summer Allegany County Fair. Any questions
school. Parents should communicate with their child’s teacher during the final week of school to find out if please call Mrs. Windus or Mrs.
the student passed a course. McDowell at 928-2561.
Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...
The end of the year is near and we are preparing for
the regents exam. The lab portion of the exam has been
completed and we are now getting ready for the written
JUNE 9, 2009

portion of this very important test which will be given on

June 17th. Please encourage your kids to work hard at
getting ready for the regents. It is an exam that can do
wonders if it is done well. Good luck to all the students on
their final exams and I hope that you all have a great
Mr. Gibbons

Coach Emery and the entire
Girls Softball program would like to
thank everyone for their continued
support this season. "Although we
didn't quite reach the destinations
we were aiming for this season,
we did develop some tremendous team chemistry and
bonds along the way"... stated Coach Emery. "We enjoyed
practicing, playing, and working hard together this season
and hopefully that will help us in years to come."
"The future of our entire program looks very bright,"
stated coach Emery. "Coach Auman (at the JV level),
Coach Windus (at the Modified level) and all of our
community coaches that have worked so hard with these
girls over the years have a lot to be happy about."
The Girls Varsity Team would like to give a special
thanks to the following people:
Coach Fleming, Score Keeper Shirley Mitchell,
Grandma Kay, Mrs. Claire Morris, Mr. Doane, and Mr.
McDonald for all of their hard work and encouragement.
The Girls Softball program would also like to thank our
three seniors, Shauna Weber, Brittany Ingram, and Carol
Jones. Your dedication over the years has been truly

Team Information:
Final 2009 Records 17-4
Allegany County DI 4-2, Second place finish.
Bolivar-Richburg Softball Tournament Champions
Ranked as high as 2nd in the Big Thirty Softball Poll.
Ranked as high as 2nd in New York State Class D Poll.
Six Allegany County All-Stars
Two Bird's Eye Foods, Players of the Week

JV Record 6-6
Coached by Amanda Baker-Auman
Modified Record 13-1
Coached by Michele Windus


Congratulations to all
the string players in grades
5-12 that attended this
year’s Spring String
Festival at Houghton FCCLA By:
College. BRCS had 59 Brittany Gordon & Carmen Dickerson
students perform in the The BRCS FCCLA has been very
three orchestras. At the active this spring. Three members attended
end, all of the groups State meeting in Kerhonkson, NY, April 2-4.
performed the Addams They were: State Officer, Denae Hall;
Family with 252 string Junior Leader, Briana Vennard and active
players on the stage! member, Hollie Kwiakowski. They
The Spring String participated in workshops, listened to guest
Fling concert on May 6th speakers, made many new friends, and had
was well-attended and the a wonderful time. Briana participated in the
students did a wonderful Star Event program and took second place
job. What a treat to put all in NYS. She is the NYS alternate for
those string players in one National Meeting. BRCS FCCLA also
group together! On May received a Certificate of Recognition for the
9th, thirteen string players Feed the Children fund. We raised $150 for
traveled to Olean Middle Feed the Children.
School for the NYSSMA At state meeting Bolivar-Richburg
solo festival. The judging members turned in 40.25 pounds of pull
was tough, but I felt the tabs to help support the Ronald McDonald
students put their best House. The state collected a total of 983
effort into their playing and pounds. Thank you everyone that helps us
I am very proud. collect. We appreciate your support.
On June 1st, the senior high orchestra had special Houghton String Festival 2009 (above)
Members have also elected officers for
guests come and perform for them. What a treat and next year. They are as follows: President-
privilege to hear and meet Ciera’s grandfather, Milt and his Samantha Small, Vice President-Briana
guitarist, Norma. We listened to some pretty awesome Vennard, Secretary-Morgan Taylor,
fiddling and got to ask questions. We also realized that our Treasurer-Ciera Mitchell, Co-treasurer-
music is not just for when we are in school, but for our entire Denae Hall, District Rep.-Brittany Fowler,
life. Thanks Milt and Norma! Public Relations-Carmen Dickerson &
Have a safe and restful summer! Brittany Gordon, Bulletin Board-Caitlin
Mrs. Jennifer Berg Morrison, and Historian-Chris Perkins.
BRCS Director of Orchestras Elected by our district (three county
area), were Denae Hall as District
President, Briana Vennard State Officer
Milt and Norma- our special guests from Elect, Morgan Taylor as the Junior Leader,
Country Pickin’ (at right) for 2009-2010.
Our fall plans are to have a conference
at the Circle C Ranch in September.
Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...

Principal’s Award Recipients Grades 9-12
GPA of 90.00-94.99%:


Grade 6:
Rachel Clark
Jonah Crump
Caitlyn Cunningham
Autumn Gardner
Kaitlyn Hackett
Elizabeth Randall
Sidney Robinson
Robert Scribner
Konner Shick
Meghan Stuck

Grade 7:

JUNE 9, 2009
Trevor Colley
Kelsey Ellis
Ashley Hudson
Cassidy Lewis
Raquel Lockwood Superintendent’s Principal’s Award Recipients Grades 6-8
Anna Morsman Award Recipients:
Reston Pettit GPA of 95.00-100.00%

Andrew Robinson
Jarred Smith Grade 6:
Olivia Windus Abigail Clark

Grade 8:
Caitlynn Barkley
Briana Collins
William Friend
Raegan Herne
Kim Brighon Rebecca Lamb
Kassandra Clark Jacob Middaugh
Scott Fortner
Kaitlyn Gordon Grade 7:
Kayla Johnson Erin Clark
Amanda Rockefeller Colin Dudley
Timothy Tripp Joshua Fletcher
Allison Van Sickle Haley Majot
Briana Vennard Melissa Mowrer
Isaac Pruch
Grade 9: Dallas Winchell
Adam Austin
Breanne Hackett
Grade 8:
Amy Hulin Jade Nolan
Halley Kottwitz Sierra Nolan
Christopher Majot
Kirsten Ratzel Grade 9:
Jasmine Rauch Jacob Boll
Hannah Sahm Elizabeth Crowe Superintendent’s Award Recipients - Grades 9-12
Alexis Sloat Erik Duelser
Kirk Windus Tyler Newton
Haley Robinson
Grade 10:
Sarah Beck Grade 10:
Evan Castle Skylar Majot
Anthony Emery Andrew Mowrer
Samantha Fountain Hannah Pruch
Tiffany Gleason Alyssa Rockefeller
Anastasia Hodge
Alan Lockwood Grade 11:
Regan Shaner Christine Crowe
Stacey Sisson Taylor Dunsmore
Alyssa Snyder Lisa Gardiner
Joe Sortore Ashley Hanchett
Brystal Tompkins
Mary Tripp Grade 12:
Brittany Gould
Grade 11: Lee Ann Hoernig
Nolan Brisbee Melissa Matthews
Stephanie Burdick
Philip Chambers
Kami Doane
Erin Fleming
Shanice Gayton
Kelsey Gould
Michael Hanchett
Stephanie Hulin Superintendent’s Award Recipients - Grades 6-8
Kyle Ingalls
Tim Krisher
Kaycee Majot
Randi Matteson
Tyler Nix
Brianna Perkins
Katlyn Ratzel
Jamieson Riling
Kaitlyn Sexton CLASS OF 2009
Jordan Sloat There are a few last dates to
Grade 12:
Cassandra Hamilton - Baccalaureate is June 22 at 7pm
Ben Herne in the Auditorium. Please try to
Brittany Ingram attend.
Carol Jones - Graduation Rehearsal is June 25
Shayne Klein at 1pm in the auditorium.
Randy Lananger Attendance is mandatory
Kylene Lathrop - Graduation Ceremony will take
Brittany Pangburn place June 28 at 2pm in the
Alysha Rathbun auditorium. Seating is based on
Emilee Rowland first come first serve basis; tickets
Michael Schaffner will not be issued.
Brittany Shively
Rosemary Tittle You finally made it!! Best wishes in all
Brett Tompkins of your pursuits. Have a safe and
Erica Whitcher enjoyable summer.
Crystal Willard
Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued...
CONGRATULATIONS TO Miss Glover, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Rickicki, Mrs. Rogers…………………
BUSINESS HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Wow! The end of the year is here already. I cannot believe that the year is almost
over. We have been very busy this past month. On Monday, May 18, we went on a field
trip to Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. The students had an awesome
time going through and playing with all the different exhibits. They really enjoyed the
JUNE 9, 2009

literature section of the museum with the giant ship. It was a great time and experience
for everyone! Thank you to all the chaperones and parents who participated in the trip!
We have finished all of our new sight words for the year. The students are now
reviewing and practicing the words. The students have also begun the last unit in our
reading series. They are learning about building with different types of materials and
tools. This is a review unit for the students to work on the vowels again for extra

Kindergarten graduation will be held on Tuesday, June 23 at 9:00 a.m. in the

elementary gym. This will be the last day of school for the kindergarten students only.
Kindergarten students will be dismissed following the graduation festivities. Happy
Graduation to all the kindergarten students! We are so proud of all the students! We will
miss you all!
Miss Glover would like to wish a happy June birthday to George Weston on the
17th, Gage Nichols on the 22nd, and Dustin Skinner on the 27th! Also, a happy
August birthday to Jacob Carmichael on the 6th, Joseph Collins on the 7th, and Niko
Cafarella on the 23rd. Congratulations go out to my June student of the month, Ashtin
Wheeler! Great Job!
Mrs. Rogers would like to wish a happy birthday to Kadence Kreamer on June 23,
On April 28, the following Business Students were inducted into the Business Honor Roger Geist on July 25, Paige Taylor on July 29, and William Conley-Mitchell on
Society of New York State: August 28.
Shauna Weber Randi Mattison Mrs. Rickicki would like to wish happy birthday to Gracie Thomas and Jesse
Fred Ratzel Alysha Rathbun Taylor. They will celebrate on June 8. We also have several summer birthdays. Happy
Andrew Ray Brittany Ingram Birthday to Dominick Baldwin on July 8, Emma Murphy on August 7, Antonio Chudy
These students had Business/Marketing Course GPA of 88 percent or better, and an on August 14, and Kadin Tompkins on August 26.
Overall GPA of 80 percent. Mrs. Mitchell would like to congratulate Seth Kreamer for being the May student of
Teachers evaluated students on their: Character, leadership and service. the month and Daniel Barkley for being the June student of the month. Also, a happy
We are very honored to have such great kids in the Business Department. May birthday to Brayden Day on the 7 and Seth Kreamer on the 19. Happy June
Mrs. Cady, Business Teacher birthday to Brennen Gilliland on the 6 and Aliyah Cole on the 7. Happy summer
birthday to Samuel Thornton on July 12, Thomas Duchesne on July 21, and Taylor
Murphy on August 7.


Christy Crandall-Bean
Summer School Information FIRST GRADE
If your child is in grades 6-9 and needs to attend summer school, I will notify you by Mrs. Allen, Mr. Bogey, Mrs. McClellan, Mrs. Scott…
phone regarding which classes your child needs to register for. Summer school for We cannot believe how time flies! We are already at the end of the school year - it
grades 6-8 is offered for $4.00 at the Bolivar building from July 7th through August 13th seems like we just started! We are all very proud of our first graders; each one has
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Summer school for grades 9-12 is offered at shown progress and growth on their way to becoming responsible citizens.
the Elm Street Academy in Cuba for a charge of $25.00 per course. High school In reading, we will be studying the theme of Clever Solutions to close out the year.
summer school classes will be held Monday through Thursday, July 1st through August All of our stories deal with characters that use creative and critical thinking to solve
11th. problems and learn new lessons. Our comprehension focus will be on questioning.
I can be reached at 928-2561, extension 3172 or by saying "Guidance Office". Good readers ask questions before, during and after reading to make sure the story is
Please leave me a message if you can not reach me. understood. Practice this skill when you read with your child at home - they may ask a
Have a safe and relaxing summer! Mrs. Crandall-Bean question that stumps you!
In math, we have completed our study of money and time. These were very difficult
Free Common Sense Parenting Class offered plus a $50.00 incentive! skills for the students to master. Keep them fresh by counting change and reading
ACCORD Corporation is offering a six week parenting course this July and August clocks together over the summer. To close out the year, we will be studying units on
in Belfast which is free to Allegany County residents. Topics covered include: Parents measurement, addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers and fractions.
as Teachers, Effective Praise, Preventive Teaching, Corrective Teaching, Teaching Self- First grade has a lot of activities scheduled for the last month of our year together.
Control, Putting it All Together. If you register and attend five of six classes, a $50.00 We are really looking forward to our trip to the Erie Zoo on Friday, June 5. We will also
incentive check will be given to participants. Call Mrs. Bean at 928-2561, extension be exploring what happens behind the scenes in our own town, as we tour important
3172 if you would like the brochure for Common Sense Parenting. places in Bolivar on June 18. June 19 is our Field Day - come out and cheer us on as
we compete in challenging activities designed by our physical education staff.
Parents Be Aware of "Sexting" In Mrs. McClellan’s class, kudos to Skyler Hess! He was named student of the
During the month of May, Maxine Warner, an educator from the Allegany County month for May because he was a great model of cooperation in the classroom. Also,
Health Department, gave a presentation to 8th through 10th graders about the topic of congratulations to Denver Johnson, Robert Turybury and Felicia Nichols. They have
"sexting". "Sexting" is a term used to refer to the sending or receiving of a text or just finished reading the entire Little Celebrations book collection in our classroom library
computerized message that contains sexual content- for instance a sexual joke or - that’s over 70 books! A huge congratulations goes out to the entire class. They have
inappropriate nude or semi-nude photograph. At the click of a few buttons, content can been working hard all year to earn perfect scores on their handwriting assignments. At
be sent electronically which students can be held legally responsible for sending and long last, everyone received a perfect score on the same assignment! We had a huge
receiving. Did you know that students can be charged with child pornography charges pizza party to celebrate. I am so proud of these kids; they have really shown growth in
for "sexting"? Therefore, we felt it was important to take the time to educate students on maturity, work ethic, and character this year. I will really miss them.
the dangers of passing around inappropriate messages. Students were reminded of In Mr. Bogey’s class, congratulations to Tyler Morris! He is our student of the
negative and possibly dangerous consequences of "sexting" including: rumors, stalking, month. Tyler has been a great example to others, and he is a very hard worker. Keep
expectations of sex, strangers from on-line showing up in person, harassment and up the great work Tyler.
ruined reputations. Ways in which a student's electronic images on Facebook and In Mrs. Allen’s class, Carissa Masterson was named student of the month.
MySpace were also discussed in terms of how inappropriate on-line images can impact Carissa is not only cooperative, but a hard worker and a kind friend in the classroom.
them when they apply for future jobs, colleges and meet new people in their lives. If as a Mrs. Scott’s first graders are completing their zoo report power points this month.
parent you would like to view the entire presentation that students were given, please Each student researched an animal and put together a slide show to share our
contact Mrs. Bean in the Guidance Office. information. Now, we will be even more informed about the animals we will see at the
Erie Zoo.
Our Newest Upward Bound Students! Congratulations to Alison Whitcher for being chosen as our final student of the
It is an honor to announce that eighth graders Kassandra Clark, Briana Vennard month. Even though she arrived just recently, Alison has displayed good manners,
and Kim responsibility and honesty. Alison is a good citizen and role model.
Brighon Jr. First grade June and summer birthdays:
have been Brendon Denning: June 3 Chase Murray: July 24
selected from Denver Johnson: June 24 Hunter Murray: July 24
numerous Cassidy Cole: June 25 Delainee Hodgson: July 26
applicants Neleha Wiedemann: June 26 Jacob McDonald: July 26
throughout Cole Burkett: July 2 Sarah Tarby: July 26
Allegany and Owen Neudeck: July 4 Fiona Pope: July 28
Cattaraugus Robert Turybury: July 11 Veda Burdick: July 30
County for Autumn Geist: July 11 Skyler Hess: August 8
Houghton Victoria Stuck: July 14 Angel Liller: August 20
College's Kaylee Middaugh: July 19 Macy Jones: August 29
Upward Bound Harold Bennett: July 20 Rayce Carr: August 30
program. This Have a great summer and keep reading!
provides a
variety of
services for
first generation
college bound SECOND GRADE
students to go Mrs. Babcock, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Lemaster, Mrs. Wolcott…………..
on and attend Second graders had a lot of fun with cowboy stories. They expanded their
college with vocabulary with words like buckaroo, lariat, rawhide, chaps, and galloped. Thanks to
confidence. Aspects of the program include: weekly mentoring/tutoring at high school, Miss Graham - we saw and touched some REAL chaps—made from rawhide! We also
living on the Houghton College campus and taking summer courses from professors, studied Native Americans and learned about different customs and traditions. We
college visitations, career planning, monthly cultural events, challenge ropes course learned that there are many celebrations and people celebrate differently.
work, "Academic Saturdays" and a yearly cultural trip to a historic city. Congratulations Math has included telling time, counting money, measuring with rulers and
Kassie, Kim and Bri! thermometers, and reviewing geometric figures. We can add and subtract two and three
Bolivar-Richburg Central School News continued... FOURTH GRADE
digit numbers. Mr. Pruch…
PLEASE continue reading with your children during the summer. This is so Fourth graders took the NYS Science Test in May. Our results were very good, with
important for their entrance into 3rd grade in September. Keeping a journal will help 91% scoring at Level 3 or 4 (we actually had 59% at level 4).
them to practice sentence writing, give them a “fun” diary to look at later on, and if it is Our Science Fair in May was a huge success, with all 59 students completing a
done in cursive, it will help to improve their skills in cursive writing. project and


We hope you enjoy a wonderful summer! getting it in on
Congratulations to these hard-working role models who are our special stars for time. Here are
June: the results:
Mrs. Wolcott: Micah Crump is a very hard working student, who loves coming to
school to learn! He is very respectful and friendly to teachers and his friends. Overall First
Congratulations Micah for all your efforts this year! Places to: Sarah
Mrs. Babcock: Jontelle Pennington is a cheerful friend and a responsible helper in Jones (Cosmetic
our classroom. We enjoy her interest and enthusiasm. Congratulations Jontelle! Chemistry),
Mrs. Lemaster: Jordan Knight works hard, is kind to others, and his eyes sparkle Jacob Smith
when he tells exciting stories. What a great role model! (Colored Light
Mrs. Hill: Rhiannon Peck has been a great help in the classroom all year long. She and Plants),
works hard and helps everyone else. Macy Childs
Happy birthday to our June, July, and August birthdays: (Solar Cooker),
June 1 - Markus Thomas July 1 - William Beaton August 17- Heidi Sturdevant Makenna Herne

JUNE 9, 2009
June 3 - Cassidy Sawyer July 7 - Nancy Learn August 22- Keegan Weber (Why Go Green),
June 26 - Anthony Carmichael July 16- Jordon McDonald August 31- Rebecca Clark Sidney Stein
June 26 - Lily Blauvelt July 16- Jaydon McDonald (Brown Recluse
June 26 - Katelynn Giles Spider), Hunter
Mrs. Snyder… (Seismograph),
Wow, another year is almost behind us and what a quick one this has been! We Hadley Ferris
have learned so much since September. I have had a wonderful group of students this (Heart Rate and
year, and I am very proud of each of them. Exercise), and
Happy birthdays to Brandon Carmichael (May 17), Mr. Tom (June 30), Anthony Lydia Crump
Baldwin (August 4), Miss Liz (Aug. 12) and Miss Julie (Aug. 18). Have a wonderful (Hygrometer).
day! Second Places
Congratulations to Brenda Hendryx as she was picked as Mrs. Snyder’s “Student to: Chloe
of the Month” for May. Brenda is always willing to lend a helping hand in the classroom. Kottwitz (Maple
Great job Brenda! Congratulations to Elizabeth Hitchcock as she was picked as Mrs. Syrup),
Snyder’s “Student of the Month” for June. Beth is a great girl and always very kind and MacKenzie
caring to others. Great job Beth! Lewis
Scheduled activities for the rest of the year. (Homemade
June 19: “Cook-Out and Field Day”: please make sure your child wears sneakers! Markers), Holden
June 24: Reports cards will be issued, 11:00 dismissal and the last day of school. McLaughlin (Do
June 25: 1st official day of summer vacation for students. Have a great summer; I hope You Like Your
to see many students at the Summer Academy. Teacher?), Taylor
Thank you to all the families for your support and kindness this year. Thank you for Pilon (Yogurt),
letting me learn with your children; they have been so much fun. Have a wonderful Joseph Gordon
summer. (Tooth Decay and
Pop), Dustin
(Hovercraft) and
FIFTH GRADE Lewis Pettit
Miss Weitzel, Mrs. Cawley, Mr. Lounsberry……………… (Heart)
Science is an exciting place to be right now. In addition to our habitats, we are Third Places to:
studying food chains and food webs. That means we are working with owl pellets. We Kyla McNell
are also using the microscopes to examine plant cells. The big raffle for the plants and (Blood), Trae
animals in the habitats will be taking place soon for those who returned signed golden Sibble (Keep
tickets! Cool), Carmen
Mrs. Cawley’s reading group is reading Holes by Louis Sachar. We are anxious to Schiralli (Insulin)
find out what happens to Caveman and the gang and to see how the outlaw, Kissing and Alex Jones
Kate Barlow, will play into things. Most of the class agrees this is a book that is hard to (Radio).
put down.
In math class, students are learning about integers and plotting coordinates on I would like to congratulate my last four students of the month: Austin Vennard,
quadrants. Nick Middaugh, Hadley Ferris and Tristin Gleason. They, along with the rest of my
The students of the month for June are Jaymie Bennett, Justin Best and Brandon class, and really, the rest of the fourth grade, have helped to make this a terrific year for
Ray. me. Thanks!


On Saturday, May 30, 2009, the Richburg Fire Department, and fellow soldier, Tim Jacobson of Salamanca. They just returned from
neighboring fire departments and community members gave a big military tours of duty in Iraq.
“Welcome Home” to Army Reserve Specialist Justin Button of Richburg (Pictured below, left to right, Justin and Tim)
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3. Cook remaining ingredients
movies hits American theaters. “Star Wars” was soon a bona-fide pop
culture phenomenon. Over the years it has spawned five more feature
Since 1883
Fri., June 12th & except broth in skillet over medium films, five TV series and an entire industry’s worth of comic books, toys,
Sat., June 13th of Betty Crocker, Inc.
heat 3 to 5 minutes, stirring video games and other products.
frequently, until bell pepper and • On May 28, 1987, Matthias Rust, a 19-year-old amateur pilot from
Salsa Adds Spice to Snapper
onion are crisp-tender. Stir in West Germany, takes off from Finland, travels through more than 400
If you’re looking for a way to
broth; heat through. Spoon tomato miles of Soviet airspace, and lands his small Cessna aircraft in Red
change your favorite fish recipe,
mixture over fish. Serves 8. Square by the Kremlin in Moscow. The event proved to be an immense
try adding salsa. The word “salsa”
Recipe courtesy Betty Crocker, embarrassment to the Soviet government and military. One American
Concrete Mix really just means “sauce” in
Spanish. Inc.
(www.bettycrocker.com/ diplomat in the Soviet Union joked, “Maybe we should build a bunch of
Cessnas.” Soviet officials were not amused.
There are many different kinds of
80 lbs.
3.89 salsa. Salsa roja is a red sauce
meant to be eaten warm, usually
over enchiladas. Salsa verde is a
(c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

142 Davis St., Bradford, PA Visit our website

s r r TM

Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm; Sat. 8am-4pm at: www.bisett.com green sauce made with tomatillos.
Toll Free (800) 556-6146 • (814) 368-6146 E-mail: info@bisett.com Salsa ranchera means “ranch style”
and is typically made of tomatoes
and chilies cooked together.
BACKYARD CHALLENGE There’s also salsa cruda or salsa
Calling all teens! Come for a fun, free evening of tug of war fresca. “Cruda” means “raw,” and
over a mud pit, mattress relays, obstacle courses, a human “fresca” means “fresh.” You also
foosball court, and much, much more. The East Smethport can find commercially packaged
United Christian Church and the Family Life Ministries of salsas in a variety of flavors,
Bath, NY are cosponsoring the event, which will be held on including mango, peach and
Friday, June 19th from 5-10 p.m. Registration is at 5:00 and pineapple. The levels of heat of the
the games begin at 5:30. Food and games are all free, but you salsas range from mild to fiery-hot.
must register in advance by calling the church at 814-887- This simple recipe uses tomatoes,
2255, or FLN at 800-927-9083, or check it all out at bell peppers and onions to create a
www.fln.org and click on Youth Action Events, and then salsa fresca topping for snapper.
Smethport’s Backyard Challenge. Teens will compete in teams You also can use this delicious
of 10 for prizes in this awesome event. Call Les Leet of sauce on other types of firm-
Smethport at 814-887-2381 for information or directions. 2/9fb fleshed fish.
Serve this spicy Salsa Snapper
over angel-haired pasta, rice or

Adult and Pediatric cous cous. It’s also delicious
served on thick slices of toast that
Audiology have been rubbed with a clove of
garlic and brushed with olive oil.
* Hearing Aid Dispensing and Repair
* PA/NY Licensed in Audiology * Latest Technology Angela Shelf Medearis is the
executive producer and host of
* Trial Period on All Hearing Aids * Financing Available “The Kitchen Diva!” television
cooking show. Her new
Dr. Robert L. Campbell, Audiologist inspirational book is “Ten
Office Locations in Coudersport, PA Ingredients for a Joyous Life and
and Wellsville, NY Peaceful Home -- A Spiritual
536 East Second Street, Coudersport Memoir,” co-written with Pastor
Jones Memorial Hospital, Wellsville Salem Robinson Jr. Visit her Web 2934 Rte. 16, Olean, NY 14760 • (716) 372-4208
site at www.divapro.com. The Commercial Products Intended For Professional Use
Call 814-274-9097 or Kitchen Diva! is brought to you 1
as rated by engine manufacturer 2 Actual retail prices are set by dealer and may vary. Taxes,
Toll Free 1-877-274-9097 by Eggland’s Best Eggs, freight, setup and handling charges
may be additional and may vary. Models subject to limited availability.
Serving Our Local Communities for Over 27 Years. www.egglandsbest.com.

JUNE 9, 2009


Bill Lake Real Estate 419 Trapping Brook Road

Wellsville, NY 14895
585-593-1637 OPEN HOUSE
William A. Lake, GRI PA Certified Appraiser REALTOR

620 West Sullivan Street

Smethport, PA Port Allegany, PA Olean, NY 14760 Saturday, June 13 • 1pm-3pm
814-642-5000 271 Main St.

814-887-5547 ® 101 Front Ave.

Website: billake Salamanca, NY 14779 Richburg, NY
716-945-2421 (MLS# 16129)
Pastor: Bill McNeil 2-story, 4 bedroom home
Randolph Church
Washington St., 14772
with country charm,
Phone 716-358-3681 2 blocks from BRCS
Sergeant Township Pastor: Bill McNeil Elementary School.
Well built ranch style camp or home Saturday Morning Worship & Detached garage.
Shinglehouse Area Shinglehouse Area on 7 acres on the Pennsy Grade. Sabbath School
Secluded 1 1/2 story home/camp on Well maintained 2 story country home Spring fed pond and older camp on Call: Pastor Bill McNeil 260 Main St.
1/2 acre lot with panoramic view. with 4 bedrooms, attached garage and the property. Picturesque and private
Stream runs through rear of property. hillside view with wildlife. location. for times.............716-372-8133 Richburg, NY
$39,900 #3625 $90,000 #3679 $85,000 #3686 BOLIVAR UNITED
(MLS# 16357)
METHODIST CHURCH 2 story with 3 bedrooms,
80 Friendship St., Bolivar family room, den/office,
585-928-2224 spacious living room.
Pastor: Matthew Kofahl Detached 1.5 car garage.
Sunday School (preschool -
Roulette Liberty Township adult).......9:30-11am www.wedgerealty.net
Duke Center 8.12 level acre commercial property Unique turn-key business on Historic Sunday Worship.........11:00am
Bar/apartment - liquor license
included in sale. Large parking area.
and building lot with water and sewer. Route 6. Ice cream and food drive-
Shop, warehouse and storage building. in, batting cages, living quarters. All
Nursery Care provided 585-928-2930
Call for investment opportunity. Easy street access and no zoning. on 4.75 acres. COME, SHARE, REJOICE! 800-392-2772
Celebrate God’s Grace,
$159,000 #3715 $85,000 #3721 $299,000 #3610 Witness For Jesus Christ. REALTOR
® ®

FOR RENT / FRANKLINVILLE- 3 bedroom house, close to YOUTH NIGHT A NEW COMPUTER NOW! Brand name. Bad or no credit - no problem.
school, cellar, drive, garage, yard, appliances. $650 per month Knights Creek Evangelical Methodist Church, 2987 County Smallest weekly payments avail. Call now, 1-800-838-7127.
plus security. Call 716-373-1553 or 716-676-3965. p Road 9, Scio, NY 14880. Starts at 6pm on Friday nights. All HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FROM HOME, 6-8 weeks. A ccredited. Low
BUY MY HOUSE AND GET A 2ND TAX REFUND / CUBA: Large ages are welcome. Message and prayer, board games and payments. Free brochure. 1-800-264-8330 or www.diplomafromhome.com
3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home on a deep lot with a 1 car garage. Low snacks. tf * REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL! * - Get a 4-room, all-digital satellite
system installed for free and programming starting under $20. Free digital
down payment, $580/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936-1945.
BOLIVAR FREE LIBRARY video recorders to new clients. So call now, 1-800-795-3579.
www.homesbycornerstone.com & LOCAL TYPISTS NEEDED immediately. $400+PT - $800+FT weekly.
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c New Hrs. as of November 3rd: Mon., Wed., Thurs. 6-8pm;
Tues. 12:30-4:30pm; Fri. 9:30am-4:30pm; Sat. 12:30-3:30pm. tf Flexible schedules, work from home training provided. 1-800-352-0667.
BUY MY HOUSE & GET A 2ND TAX REFUND / BOLIVAR: Very LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT Loans, auto accidents & work comp. Low fees
nice 3 bedroom village home with a large living room and new FRIENDSHIP FREE LIBRARY HOURS: on all cases. 866-709-1100. www.glofin.com
kitchen. Huge yard for the children to play in. Freshly painted Hrs.: Mon: 12:30-6pm; Tues. Closed; Wed. 9am-12pm, 6-9 pm; BACK BRACE: Substantial pain relief. Constant lumbar and abdominal
inside and out. Low down payment, $530/mo. P&I. Call Thurs. 12:30pm-6pm, Fri. Closed, Sat. 10am-1 pm. tf support. Comfortable wear. Covered by Medicare/Ins. 1-800-815-1577 ext.
Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & 378. www.LifeCareDiabeticSupplies.com
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c FOOD PRESERVATION WORKSHOPS EARN UP TO $500 WEEKLY assembling angel pins at home. No
Cornell University Cooperative Extension Allegany- experience required. 817-230-4879. www.angelpin.net
Cattaraugus Counties will be hosting a series of four ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & CRAFTS from home! Year-round work!
floor master suite with private bath, and home has new kitchen. A Excellent pay! Top US company! Call 1-866-844-5091, code 1.
must see home with attached 2 car garage on a large corner lot preservation workshops. They will be held at the Cooperative
Extension office located at 5435A County Road 48, Belmont, $$$HELP WANTED$$$ Assembling CD cases! Live operators. 1-800-405-
for the children to play in. Low down payment, $530/mo. P&I. Call 7619, ext. 1900. www.easywork-greatpay.com Not valid MD, WI, SD or ND
NY and they will run from 6pm to 9pm. The workshops are:
Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & June 30th- Jams & Jellies; July 22nd- Water Bathing Fruits; $12.00 GUARANTEED for every envelope stuffed with our sales materials.
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c August 19th- Pressure Canning Vegetables; September 22nd- Free 24hr information, 1-877-220-4470.
DON’T RENT WHEN YOU CAN BUY/FRIENDSHIP: Remodeled Canning Meats. POST OFFICE NOW HIRING! Avg. pay $21/hour or $54k annually
3 bedroom Cape Cod home with affordable taxes with a huge Advanced registration is required as there is limited including federal benefits and OT. Paid training, vacations, PT/FT. 866-945-
yard for the kids to play in. Low down payment, $480/mo. P&I. classroom space. For more information or to register contact 0340.
Teri Violet at 585-268-7644 ext. 20. f HIGH COST OF CABLE got you down? Get Dish w/free install, plans
Call Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com
$9.99/mo. 50+ free HD channels! New cust’s only. Call 800-240-8112.
& www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c WEST CLARKSVILLE ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. Medical, business, paralegal,
BUY MY HOUSE & GET A 2ND TAX REFUND / Friendship: Nice (Anglican) BAPTIST CHURCH computers, criminal justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available.
3 bedroom village home with 2-story garage. Low down payment. 29 South Street, (corner of 9003 Daggott Hollow Financial aid if qualified. Call 800-494-3586. www.CenturaOnline.com
$430/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. Stone) Cuba, NY 14727 West Clarksville, NY $CASH FOR GOLD$ We buy gold, silver & plat. Get cash now! Highest
www.homesbycornerstone.com & The Rev. Dr. Rev. Les Chambers payouts - satisfaction guaranteed. 888-245-4517.
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Kenneth W. Gunn-Walberg 585-968-0377 AIRLINES ARE HIRING: Train for high paying aviation maintenance
GARAGE SALE - WIGHTMAN HOMESTEAD, 2716 County Sundays........................3:30pm Sunday School..............9:30am career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - housing
Road 8 (Inavale). Fri., June 12th & Sat., June 13th, 9am-5pm. Evening Prayer and Holy Morning Worship.......10:45am available. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 888-349-5387.
Communion using the 1928 Sunday GET A NEW COMPUTER! Brand name. Bad or no credit - no problem.
“Just cleaned attic”. Lucile p
Book of Common Prayer. Afternoon Service .....1:30pm Smallest weekly payments avail. Call now, 1-800-932-4501.
Followed by coffee hour. Sun. Teens....................1:30pm ***FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS*** Over 400,000 properties nation-
DIABETICS: For info., call 716-968-2393. Wed. Prayer & Praise......7pm wide. Low down payment. Call now, 800-250-2043.
Educational & Testing Services Provided By Visitors most welcome. SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE NOW!! Maintenance fees too high?
The Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center HERITAGE AFLAME Need cash? Sell your unused timeshare today. No commissions or broker
SHINGLEHOUSE MINISTRIES fees. Free consultation. www.sellatimeshare.com 1-888-310-0115.
at Jones Memorial Hospital
CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY 585-928-2648 ext. 2 DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Cash for Onetouch, Freestyle, or Accu-Check.
WELLSVILLE – The Wellsville Lions Club ALLIANCE CHURCH 71 Boss St., Bolivar, NY 14715 $10/100 count box. Cannot be expired. 800-951-9660.
Jones Memorial Hospital Diabetes Center at Sunday School..............9:45am Sunday Morning Services
Worship Service. .11am & 6pm 8:30am. .&. .10:30am
Jones Memorial Hospital sponsors a monthly series of classes
Sun. Sr Youth Fellowship. 7pm Sunday School..............9:35am
designed to assist diabetics in managing their condition. The at The Chapel,
Wed. Jr Youth Fellowship.7pm
classes – which are titled “Diabetes Management”, “Diabetes Bible Study & Prayer 647 S. Union St., Olean, NY
Complications” and “Connecting Food to Blood Glucose Levels” Wed.................................7pm Wed. Prayer..................7:00pm
– are held at Jones Memorial Hospital and include a private, at The Bradley House.
one-on-one session with a Certified Diabetic Nurse Educator.
Most insurances cover part - if not all - of the cost of diabetes CADNET
Reader Advisory: the National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above
education sessions. For specific information, contact your classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this
insurance provider. publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer
“employment” but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other
Certified by the American Diabetes Association, the materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses
Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center also offers on-site at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the
client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to
testing, such as A1C, lipids, urine micro albumin, and a retinal guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does
camera. For more information, contact your healthcare business only over the phone it’s illegal to request any money before delivering its
provider or call the Diabetes Center at 585-596-5035. service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.
Receive information/pictures; you choose. Open or closed adoption.
Assistance available. Call compassionate counselor, 1-866-236-7638; 24/7.
Bolivar Storage WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES Kawasaki,1970-1980, Z1-900,
KZ900, KZ1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, S3-400. Cash
Liberty St. Extension, Bolivar, NY paid. 1-800-772-1142. 1-310-721-0726.
DONATE YOUR CAR. Free towing. “Cars for Kids”. Any condition. Tax
Call Bob Ingalls: 585-928-2678 deductible. Outreach Center, 1-800-597-9411.
ALL CASH VENDING! Do you earn $800/day? Local vending routes. 25
machines + candy. $9,995. 1-800-807-6485. (Void SD, CT, MD)
EARN $2500 WEEKLY processing brochures. Great opportunity! Postage,
supplies furnished. Processors needed now. Call Speedline Publications,
HONEST INCOME FROM HOME processing our mortgage assistance
postcards. No advertising. Postage and materials provided. References
available. No gimmicks. 877-774-9295.
We Sell Boxes • Variety of Sizes Available HIGH COST OF CABLE GOT YOU DOWN? Get Dish w/free install, plans

Units Starting at
35 per mo. $9.99/mo. 50+ free HD channels! New cust’s only. Call 800-240-8112.
HIGH COST of cable got you down? Get Dish w/free install, plans $9.99/
mo. 50+ free HD channels! New cust’s only. Call 800-240-8112.
A Rock of Ages Family Memorial is Forever.


River Pebbles,
Lava Rocks, 4295 Bolivar Rd.,
White Marble Chips, Wellsville, N.Y. • 585-593-2596
Paving Stone Sand www.fassettlane.com
“The care and attention we received... were
And Mulch QUALITY BUILDING exceptional and made the process so much easier.”
• Batteries In Three Colors. SUPPLIES FOR LESS -Anne Poulos and Raymond Rossier
• Oil, Lube, Filter
• Diagnostic Service
Balancing with Purchase)

JUNE 9, 2009
Cemetery Memorial
• Exhaust System Work For reservations call: 585-268-9390 by 2pm on the previous Lettering Cleaning
• Drums & Rotors Turned day. Toll-free: 1-866-268-9390. Bolivar- Carolyn Hackett, 585-
928-2672; Cuba- Linda Nelson, 585-968-2397; Friendship-
• Shock & Strut Work Office for the Aging, 585-268-9390; Wellsville- Donna Fiegl,
585-593-7665. Joseph Schaffner
Majot’s Auto Repair FOR THE WEEK OF: June 10 - June 16, 2009
Wednesday: Tossed Salad with Dressing, Lasagna, Brussels
554 S. Main St., Bolivar, NY • 585-928-2840
391 Main St., Bolivar, NY Sprouts, Garlic Bread, Applesauce Cake. Diabetic- Applesauce.
Bolivar- Noon, 10:30 “Growing Stronger” Exercises. Cuba- Carmichael & Reed Monument Co., LLC
“We Value All Our Customers.” Noon, 10:30 Euchre, Cards, Dominoes, Puzzles, “Current Warsaw, NY
585-928-1766 Topics Day”, Cheryl Czworka: “Herbs, Helpful or Harmful?” www.rockofages.com
Wellsville- Noon, 10:00 Games, 1:00 Euchre.
Hrs: Mon.-Sat. 7am-6pm; Closed Sunday. Thursday: Chilled Pears, Swedish Meatballs, Buttered
Noodles, Spinach, Italian Bread, Pudding. Diabetic- Pudding. DONATE YOUR CAR, truck or boat to Heritage for the Blind. Free 3 day
Senior Citizens Discounts (Excludes Tires & Batteries) Bolivar- Noon. Cuba- Noon, 9:30 “Growing Stronger” Exercises, vacation. Tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of. 1-888-
11:00 Senior Citizen’s Meeting. Friendship- Noon, 10:45 544-9393.
“Growing Stronger” Exercises, 1:00 Cards, Cheryl Czworka: HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for
LANDSCAPING PRODUCTS FOR SALE- Great prices! straightening, leveling, foundation, and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-
“Herbs, Helpful or Harmful?” Wellsville- Noon, 9:00 Stretch,
Hardwood mulch, black/brown. $32/yd. Topsoil, plants and more. BARN www.woodfordbros.com MDHIC #05-121-861.
10:30 Bingo, 1:00 Bridge.
Delivery available. Give us a call! 585-928-1059, Thornton HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED on a Yamaha Rhino side-by-side ATV or
Friday: Strawberry Yogurt Salad, Chicken Salad on a Bun,
Landscaping. 4/19c Italian Pasta Salad, Lettuce and Tomato, Butterscotch received a recall letter from Yamaha on this ATV? You may be entitled to
DON’T BLOW YOUR TAX REFUND! BUY A HOUSE- We have Squares. Diabetic- Peaches. Wellsville- Noon, 10:30 Bingo! compensation. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson, 1-800-535-5727.
land contract homes for sale with only $4,000/down. Why rent 12:30 Pinochle. HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FROM HOME. 6-8 weeks. Accredited. Payment
when you can own for $380-$780/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone for Monday: Creamsicle Salad, Firemen’s Barbecue Chicken, plan. Free brochure. 1-800-264-8330. www.diplomafromhome.com
list of available homes in your area, 607-936-1945 or visit our web Baked Beans, Corn, Dinner Roll, Fresh Fruit. Bolivar- Noon, Benjamin Franklin High School.
11:00 “Growing Stronger” Exercises. Cuba- Noon, 10:30 HONEST INCOME from home processing our mortgage assistance
site at www.homesbycornerstone.com &
“Growing Stronger” Exercises, “Ann Frank’s Birth postcards. No advertising. Postage and materials provided. References
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c available. No gimmicks. 877-774-9295.
——————————————————————————————— Anniversary”. Wellsville- Noon, 9:00 Stretch, 10:30 Bingo, 1:00
Euchre. LOVING MARRIED COUPLE desires to give a newborn a lifetime of love
LAFEVER & SONS and security through adoption. Legal authorized expenses paid.
Tuesday: Orange Juice, Ham and Broccoli Frittata,
The grass and dandelions are popping up. It’s time to call for a Creamed Peas, Bran Quick Bread, Chocolate Pudding. Birthmothers call 866-209-7012.
septic tank pump. 716-378-6859. 5/2c Diabetic- Pudding. Cuba- Noon, 10:30 Euchre, Cards, MOVIE EXTRAS EARN $150-$300/DAY. All looks, types, ages. Television,
——————————————————————————————— Dominoes, Puzzles, “Jeepers, It’s The Peepers”. Friendship- feature films, commercials, print. No exp. req. 1-800-340-8404 ext. 2407.
DECENT HOUSES / OWNER FINANCING / Low Payments- Bad Noon, 10:45 “Growing Stronger” Exercises. ONLINE PHARMACY Buy Soma, Ultram, Fioricet, $71.99/90qty $107/
or good credit accepted. Learn how we are your answer to owning 180qty. Price includes prescription! $25 coupon. Mention: #01B31. 1-888-
530-4612. Tri-drugstore.net
your own home. www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c
POST OFFICE NOW HIRING! Avg. pay $21/hour or $54k annually
BUY A HOUSE AND GET A SECOND TAX REFUND NOW. For including federal benefits and OT. Paid training, vacations. PT/FT. 1-866-
more information on this amazing program, call Cornerstone, 607- 945-0335.
936-1945. c SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE NOW!!!! Maintenance fees too high?
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telling the truth? Call us, 607-936-6105 or go to our web sites SURROGATE MOTHERS from East Coast needed: Carry couples
www.homesbycornerstone.com & biological babies, prior birth experience required. Generous compensation.
trees, woods, meadows, utilities, ATV/snowmobile trails close to Rte. 81! 7
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com There is no need to 1-888-363-9457, www.reproductivelawyer.com Melissa B. Brisman, Esq.,
ac - $125/month; 33 ac - riverfront $69,900, 15 ac - riverfront $34,900.
LLC, 77 Market Street, Park Ridge, NJ
rent when you can own for the same money. c Financing available, call now! 800-260-2148. mooseriverland.com
CAN’T PAY YOUR BILLS? Swarming in debt? Call now, 800-878-2215.
BUY MY HOUSE & GET A SECOND TAX REFUND/Wellsville: ——————————————————————————————— Bankrutcy for only $698. Fast, easy, secure and guaranteed. No additional
Decent 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with a large lot. Spacious living. BUSINESS OWNER...Market your business online & in print to over 5.3 fees. www.signhere.org
Low down payment. $430/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936- million households all at one time throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DEBT PROBLEMS. Too many bills? In financial distress? No need for a
1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & Ohio, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware & Washington, loan or bankruptcy. We can help immediately! Call A.D.S., 1-888-790-4660.
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c D.C. Call 585-928-2470 or visit www.moneysaveradvertising.com www.mydebtfree.com
BUY MY HOUSE WITH NO MONEY DOWN / Even with bad ——————————————————————————————— NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS, NEW! E-Z finish log cabin shell with loft
ALL CASH VENDING! Do you earn $800 in a day? Includes 25 local & full basement includes acreage $89,900. Financing available. 828-247-
credit. Yes it is true, the government will give you a grant up to
machines and candy for $9,995. 1-800-807-6486. 9966 code 02.
$8,000 to buy a house from Cornerstone. This is real. CLARINET, FLUTE, VIOLIN, trumpet, trombone, amplifier, Fender guitar STEEL BUILDINGS: 5 only, 25x36, 30x44, 40x62, 45x72, 80x150. Must
Government money to use as a down payment. For details, call $70 ea. Cello, upright bass, saxophone, French horn, drums $190 ea. move now! Selling for balance! Free delivery! 1-800-411-5869 ext. 62.
607-936-6105. c Tuba, baritone, others. 1-516-377-7907.

Bolivar-Richburg Little League Snapshots - May 2009

Submitted by Char Stone
Patronize your local

• DINING AND ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE • restaurants...great food, personalized

service and many daily specials.

a 's O n
& Subs
Cattaraugus County Fairgrounds
JUNE 9, 2009

l Rte. 353 and N. Ninth St.

Little Valley, NY 14755
500 Main St., Bolivar, NY
585-928-2379; Fax: 585-928-2760 s r r
Diesel & Kerosene Every Friday Nite Biker Nite 716-938-9146



Premiere Convenience Store of the Southern Tier 4:00-7:00 p.m. 2 a www.littlevalleyspeedway.com

Open 24/7 M il
• ATM • Restrooms Inside e Dirt Tr
• Drink Specials • Prizes

a ll e y S p e e d w a y
12.99 24 Flavors Thursday... Wed.-Thurs. 3pm-6pm
Little V le

18 pk..................
Soft Serve
Open Jam
Special Prices!
2 0 0 9
d R
o a
m c eDSachzeed! u l
Ice Cream! WOW!
12 pk.....................
9.49 Night
WEEKLY SPECIALS Country Goodness Co me Sing Your
Saturday, June 13; 6:30pm
Cheese One Topping Ice Cream 2/
6 Favorite Tu ne s! Super Spring Special Handicapped
Medium Pizza 1/2 gal. The Chef Grill Open: Mon.-Sat.
Sponsored by Steve’s Auto and Machine,
Little Valley, NY
Blue Rhino
8.49 Propane Tank
Main St., Bolivar, NY
Sun. 12 noon till? Super Late Models-$3,000 to win
585-928-2370 • Parking out back 360 Lates-$1,000 to win
Exchange Free
$ Street Stock-$500 to win Parkineg!
8” Italian 1 00off 22.99 $
EMods-$650 to win F r e g!
Sub $3.49 C
Pepsi General Admission:
All 2 Liter Pepsi 24 oz., 6 pk. $
14 Adults, Under 12 FREE
Products.. 2/
3 $
2.99 Pit Passes: $25 each
(no one under 16 in pits, no exceptions!)
Track Sponsors:
Coca-Cola, Salamanca Area Beverage, WPIG,
William G. SatterLee - Dist. of Kendall Motor Oil,
Little Valley Sand & Gravel
Benefit Dinner Next Event - Freedom Daze, July 3rd and 4th
Father, Son Tim Karr
& Daughter Sat., June 13, 2009
Sat., June 13th
10am Tee-off
Monday Shinglehouse Fire Dept.
Thru Friday Driving Range
8am-10am only
Open 8am-7pm $
5.00: Per Person
18 holes & golf cart
$ 00
5 a Bucket $
20.00: Family of 5 585-933-6544
• Pasta Night • Subs
Free: Child under 3 Call ahead to find out our
Daily &
• Reubens • Pizza * Food * Raffles
Of Splits • Fish Fry • Prime Rib
* Music with "Red Gray" Weekend
6 Beers $500 Plus Full Menu! On Jan. 2009 Tim had a tumor on his spine
Course Opens at 8am Restaurant Hours: Noon ‘til 9pm, Daily removed. He now has terminal deterioration of
his nerves, which leaves him unable to work. Dave’s Diner Hours
Open Daily:
The Bolivar Golf Club Rte. 417, Ceres, NY • (585) 933-6544
Rte. 417 West, Bolivar, NY • 585-928-1266 *Your Restaurant Since 1981
*Take-outs Available *Gift Certificates
s r r TM

Open to the Public! Sun. 7am-7pm
s r r *Enjoy Our Daily Specials *Open 7 Days A Week
We now accept MasterCard & VISA

YARD SALE- June 12th & 13th, 9-4pm. Eleven Mile Rd., 2 3/4 SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST
miles from Millport. Gifts, kitchen items, some furniture, books, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CHURCH By JoAnn Derson
knick-knacks, baskets, sliding windows RO 46 1/2 x 35 1/2 and 34 Rev. Russell Horning Alfred Station, NY
1/2 x 35 1/2, clothes (children and adult). p Sunday School..............9:15am “A Baptist Church with a Difference” • Go Green Tip: Take a bicycle ride. Get a basket for your bike or carry a
GARAGES GALORE / WELLSVILLE: Decent 4 bedroom home Morning Worship.......10:30am Pastor: Kenneth Chroniger backpack and utilize shops close to home. If you live too far to bike, make
Wednesday Service: 607-587-9176 sure you combine errands. Plot destinations to minimize driving time.
with a 2 car attached garage, and a 1 car detached garage. Low
BYF (ages 9-12).......3:30pm Sabbath (Friday) • “I keep a small tub next to the kitchen sink. I catch water in it when
down payment. $480/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936-1945.
Choir Practice.........6:15pm Season of Prayer.......7:00pm rinsing veggies and then use that water in the garden. Nothing is wasted.”
www.homesbycornerstone.com &
Bible Study & Saturday: -- I.L. in Mississippi
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Chime Choir..............9:00am
Prayer Meeting........7:30pm
——————————————————————————————— Fellowship Time........9:30am (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.
NOTE: Wheelchair, access
DAN DUNBAR ~ BUYING JUNK CARS AND SCRAP METAL ramp and nursery provided. Sabbath School. . . . . . . . .9:45am
Free pick up and removal. 585-610-8299. tfc (Class for all ages)
——————————————————————————————— FAITH BIBLE CHURCH (Helping Hand Bible Study
BUY MY HOUSE AND GET A SECOND TAX REFUND / Wirt: Rte. 417, Little Genesee, NY Guide avail.)
Spacious 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with a nice front porch and Office: 585-928-1856 Sabbath Worship........11:00am
Pastor: Clint Pearsall (Nursery for Preschool;
decent sized lot. Low down payment, $430/mo. P&I. Call
Sunday School.........9:45am Learner’s Worship for
Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com &
Children’s Church and ages 5-12 available)
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Sanctuary Choir
Morning Worship. . . . . . .11am
Sun. Eve. Worship. . . . . . .6:30pm 2nd Sabbath............12:20pm
THE BOLIVAR LIONESS CLUB IS COLLECTING used Wednesday Evening Dish to Pass
hearing aids for the Finger Lakes Region Lion’s Hearing Teen Groups.................6:30pm Fellowship Meal......12:30pm
Foundation. The FLRLHF assists financially burdened hearing Discovery Club Children’s Youth Fellowship
impaired persons in our area (and western NY). The used Program & Prayer Mtg ....7pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays. 7:00pm
hearing aids’ salvage value normally offsets the cost of repairs. Junior Youth Fellowship
Please put your old hearing aids in a sealed plastic bag to ALMA UNITED 2nd Saturday............3:00pm
prevent loss of small parts. A drop box is located at Steuben METHODIST CHURCH Tuesday Bible Study
Trust Bank, Bolivar, NY or contact Mary Lowery at 585-928- Pastor: Clara Wilder Fellowship...............10:00am
1343 if you have a donation. tf Adult Sun. School. . . . . . . .9:15am
Children Sun. School......10am HOUSE OF PRAYER
STRANGE BUT TRUE Sun. Morn. Worship .......10am South Bolivar Road
By Samantha Weaver Wed. Eve Fellowship. . . . . . . .7pm Pastor: Roy Elliot
Sunday Service............1:30pm
• James Arness, star of the iconic Prayer Meeting Wed.........7pm
American TV series “Gunsmoke,” FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Everyone Welcome
was more than six and a half feet CHURCH “How can a young man cleanse his
tall -- so tall, in fact, that the 19 N. Main St., Portville, NY way? By taking heed according to Your
makers of the show frequently had Rev. Marilyn Hale word. With my whole heart I have
him stand in a hole during his Sunday School..............9:45am sought You; Oh, let me not wander
scenes so he wouldn’t tower over Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am from Your commandments!”
his co-stars. Psalm 119:10
Patronize your local
• DINING AND ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE • restaurants...great food, personalized
service and many daily specials.

Rolling Hills Cafe


Main St. Bolivar
Wine, Cheese &
Spring Into Summer!
Cheeseburger, French Fries (Eat in only)
All Week!
Hors d’oeuvreTasting
Mon. Liver & Onions Wed. 4 Piece Fried Chicken
Friday, June 26 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Thurs. Chicken Parmesan Fri. Fish Fry - Choose from: at the Pioneer Oil Museum, 417 Main St., Bolivar, NY
or Spaghetti with •Lemon Pepper •Broiled
Meatballs or Sausage •Cajun •Beer Batter •Breaded ~ Sponsored by the Pioneer Oil Museum and the Bolivar Lioness Club ~
yP op ullaarr D
pu Dee m
kB m aa
nndd Sunday • Sample a Variety • Taste Several Kinds of Cheese donated by
aacc Sat. & Sun. !! of Products from
Sausage Gravy over All Day Sunday Empire Cheese and Cuba Cheese Shoppe
50¢ Coffee Different New York

JUNE 9, 2009
Biscuits with Home • Snacks will be provided by
Fries - $4.50 with any omelet State Wineries
Friendship Dairies and the
is a Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Hours: Mon. 6am-7pm; Closed Tuesday; Wed. 6am-7pm; For
Take-outs: This Event iser as well as by members of the Lioness Club
Thurs. 6am-7pm; Fri. 6am-8pm; Sat. 6am-1pm; fu n d ra
Sun. 7am-1pm (Breakfast Only) 928-2125 major & Board of Directors of the museum.
for both
Tickets available at the following costs:
Tickets May $12 - Single ticket
Be Purchased $25 - Two tickets and designation as Bronze Patron
by contacting one of $50 - Four tickets and designation as Silver Patron
Eldred Township Vol. Fire Dept. the following: $100 - Eight tickets and designation as Gold Patron
• Pioneer Oil Museum, (business and corporate sponsors, as well as for individuals)
Windfall Rd., Eldred, PA P.O. Box 332,
Special Bolivar, NY 14715 Wall of Fame Induction Ceremonies
•Pioneer Oil Museum That same evening at 6:00, the New York State Oil Producers’
Bingo during regular hours
(10:00-4:00 weekdays)
Association will hold its annual installment of honorees to its
Wall of Fame. This year’s inductees are Frank Hungerford,
Sat., June 13th •The Bolivar Free
Library during regular
Francis Richardson, Fred Shaner, and Dan Quinlan Sr.
The public is invited to attend.


7:00 p.m. business hours


20.00 admission


Sat., June 20th • 12 Noon
Tickets Tickets: $20.00 Ever
Still Thursd y
! Fri., June 12th ay!

50 Guns 4-Wheeler “Burnin’ Hills” "Nine Ball

Raffled Raffle Tournament"
Fri., June 19th Register 6pm;
Pre-Sale Tickets are starts at
preferred. For tickets, “Oliberio” 6:30pm
Gun call: 814-225-3229
Show or see a fireman Games Fri., June 26th
“Joker’s Wild”
Vendors Fun
Food Prizes
Generations Bar
324 Main St., Bolivar, N.Y.
No Smoking per PA Law
Music 9:30pm-1:30am *ID Required

STAR OF THE EAST CHAPTER #109 FOR SANITY’S SAKE By Taprina Milburn of their day to make sure they are entertained. They are long past the
Star of the East Chapter #109, Order of the Eastern Star, stage where they want an overly enthusiastic mom taking them on
will meet Tuesday, June 9th, 7:30pm at the Bolivar Masonic Summer Break picnics or standing in line with them at the Wild Willy Water Ride. Sure,
Hall, Main St., Bolivar, NY. Refreshments will be served by “Being a child at home alone in the summer is a high-risk occupation. they’d like me around occasionally, but mostly it’s for a cash infusion.
Vint and Mary Griswold. If you call your mother at work 13 times an hour, she can hurt you.” -- I’ve decided that I can take on my old job as Summer Activities
Plans for Pioneer Oil Days booth will be discussed. Please Erma Bombeck Director, if only part-time, on the weekends. The itinerary will be short,
remember to bring in dry goods and canned goods for the because somewhere in there I have to squeeze in laundry and grocery
As summer approaches, I’m reminded that I used to serve as my kids’ shopping. Perhaps those outings can be part of our summer activities.
grocery raffle. 2/2f Summer Activities Director. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.
I had weeks planned for them with day trips, visits to or from cousins,
THE LITTLE GENESEE GARDEN CLUB and fun passes to amusement and water parks. When asked, “What are
The Little Genesee Garden Club will meet on Thurs., June we doing this summer?” I was able to pull out an itinerary that would
11th at 1pm at the home of Betsy Bucher. Refreshments will be ward off the dreaded “I’m bored” mantra kids sometimes begin chanting
provided by Phyllis Smith. Roll Call: Bring a fact or item from a week into summer break.
a Southern State. Jeanie Milliman will present our program The great thing about it was that summer break was as fun for me as it
“Gardens of the Southern States”, if you are unable to attend was for my kids. I liked the role of Summer Activities Director; I was
please call the hostess. f good at it; and it made me feel like a kid, too.
But I’ve returned to full-time work, which means summer fun goes on
CERES UNITED SHINGLEHOUSE UNITED without me. The topic of conversations among working moms this time
METHODIST CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH of the year includes, “So what are your kids going to do all summer
Pastor: Daniel Grimes Lincoln & Church Sts. long?”
Worship Service...........9:30am Pastor: Daniel Grimes If I ever feel any guilt about returning to work after staying home so
Sunday School............11:00am Sunday School..............9:30am many years with my children, it’s in the early-morning summer hours
Choir, Wednesday........6:00pm Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am when I leave, knowing that unless Grandma is in town or a friend has
Youth, Sunday..............6:00pm Youth Group 1st & 3rd volunteered to take my children along for a fun outing, the kids are left
Sundays................4pm to 6pm to do ... well, what every teen wants to do: sleep all day, watch television
KAHAL ELOHIM YISRAEL Thurs. Choir Practice. .7:00pm and eat junk food.
76 S. Main St., Wellsville Tuesday Bible Study. . . . . . .Noon “Can we go to the lake this summer,” my daughter asks, requesting a
(congregation of the God of Israel) An Access ramp and specific week in July that I don’t have scheduled as vacation time.
Wednesdays: nursery care provided. “I won’t have enough vacation time by then,” I tell her. “I have to wait
Midrash (study). . . . . . . .7:00pm until my scheduled vacation time.”
Saturdays: KOSSUTH I can see the disappointment on her face. Mom’s schedule used to be
Sabbath Meeting.....10:30am COMMUNITY CHAPEL flexible.It’s a big dose of reality. I remember thinking as a kid that it was
Food Pantry...................5-7pm (Mennonite) very unfair that adults didn’t get summers off like kids.
Donations of cash or food accepted. Bolivar, NY•585-928-2380 “But when do they get to go swimming?” I thought.
Pastor: John Boll My days as Summer Activities Director are over. Working parents keep
Asst. Pastor: Marlin Miller on working through the summer, hoping to find interesting programs to
Morning Worship.........9:30am plug their kids into until they are old enough to get jobs of their own.
Sunday School............10:45am This is where my kids are. One will do lawns and the other will be a
Bible Study and Prayer babysitter (a Summer Activities Director for another working mom’s
Wednesday................7:00pm children). These teens of mine have “needs” that are really “ wants”, and
Evening Service, Last Sunday their dad and I believe a summer job will help cure some of that.
of month.......................7:00pm The truth is, my kids are too old to have a mom planning every minute
because of that. We always, in Sprint Cup Series
the past last 10 years here,
were always good on long runs Race: LifeLock 400
and always good late in the Where: Michigan
race. This kind of format International Speedway
never fit the package that we When: Sun., June 14, 2009
JUNE 9, 2009

had.” 12:30 p.m.

Stewart, who turned 38 on On the Air: TNT
May 20, roared to the front in 2008 Winner:
the final segment, passing Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Matt Kenseth with less than 06/15/08
two laps remaining in the Race Record: Dale Jarrett
Stewart Shows

fourth and final segment. 173.997, 06/13/99

His Chops This year Stewart became a Qualifying Record:
CONCORD, N.C. -- The car owner, acquiring a Ryan Newman,
inevitable finally happened. majority share in what is now 194.232, 2005
Ever since his rookie season Stewart Haas Racing. Eleven
in 1999, the Sprint All-Star races into the season, Stewart Nationwide Series
Race has seemed ideally is second in the Sprint Cup Race: Meijer 300
suited to the driving style of standings, but he hasn’t won presented by Ritz
Tony Stewart. Stewart, the an official race yet. The Sprint Tony Stewart celebrates winning the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race,
his first victory as a team owner. (Getty Images for NASCAR photo) Where: Kentucky Speedway
only driver to date who has All-Star Race isn’t a “points”
won championships under race. For all those years at JGR, *** When: Sat., June 13, 2009
8:00 p.m.
both the former system (2002) He became only the second Stewart had one crew chief, Monte Dutton has covered
and the Chase format (2005), driver-owner to win the All- Greg Zipadelli, now paired motorsports for The Gaston On the Air: ESPN2
finally won Lowe’s Motor Star Race. The first was Geoff with Logano. Darian Grubb, (N.C.) Gazette since 1993. He 2008 Winner: Joey Logano,
Speedway’s all-star event in Bodine in 1994. formerly at Hendrick Motor- was named writer of the year 06/14/08
his 11th try. For 10 years, Stewart sports, now leads Stewart’s by the National Motorsports Race Record:
“There are a lot of races I competed for Joe Gibbs team. Press Association in 2008. His Bobby Hamilton Jr.
still haven’t won,” said Racing, where he has been “They’ll basically have that blog NASCAR This Week 136.123, 06/14/03
Stewart, “but it’s a hard race succeeded by rookie Joey monkey off their back,” said ( h t t p : / / n a s c a r. r b m a . c o m ) Qualifying Record:
to win. Nobody holds anything Logano. This year Stewart Grubb of the team after features all of his reporting on Jay Sauter
171.860, 2001
back. hired Ryan Newman as his Stewart’s victory. “We don’t racing, roots music and life on
“This is a special race. You teammate. After a slow start, want to lose the monkey. We the road. E-mail Monte at
know it’s different. You know Newman has risen to eighth want him to hang out with nascar_thisweek@yahoo.com. Camping World
it’s going to be more difficult place in the point standings. us.” (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. Truck Series
Race: Michigan 200
Michigan International Speedway Charles Moneypenny, who had
designed the 2.5-mile Daytona Where: Michigan
Your Moneysaver Track Details:
Completed: 1968
International Speedway, design-
ed the Michigan oval.
International Speedway
When: Sat., June 13, 2009
Ad Advertising, Distance: 2 miles
Shape: D-shaped
In 1973, Roger Penske purchas-
ed Michigan
International 1:30 p.m.
On the Air: SPEED
Here! Inc. Oval
In July 1999, PMI merged with
International Speedway Corp. 2008 Winner: Erik Darnell,
Michigan International Speed- ISC was founded by another 06/14/08
218 N. Main St. 18º Turns way, home of the state’s largest visionary, Bill France, who built
Call 12º Frontstretch single-day, paid-admission sport- Daytona International Speedway Race Record:
PO Box I, Bolivar, NY ing events since 1992, is a track and founded NASCAR. Robert Pressley,
585-928-2470 5º Backstretch rich in racing tradition. In 2005, MIS took on the largest
585-928-2470 142.208, 07/27/02
to find out more Frontstretch: 3,600 ft. Groundbreaking took place on renovation in its storied history
Sept. 28, 1967. More than 2.5 by adding 870 additional seats Qualifying Record:
www.moneysaveradvertising.com Backstretch: 2,242 ft.
information. million yards of dirt were moved with a new Club Level seating Jamie McMurray,
Seating: 137,243 to form the D-shaped oval. area called the Champions Club. 177.414, 2000

FOR RENT / FRIENDSHIP: Nice 2 bedroom mobile home in a OSWAYO VALLEY MEMORIAL LIBRARY IF YOU ARE A VICTIM of sexual assault or any other type
Mon. 10-8pm; Wed. 9-6pm; Fri. 9-6pm; Sat. 9-4pm. tf of crime, help is available. You can contact the 24-hour toll
park. $325/month plus security and utilities. Call for details, 607-
free hotline at 1-888-945-3970. tf
PRICED TO SELL FAST / OLEAN: Decent 3 bedroom, 2 bath June 10 - June 16, 2009 The PORTVILLE COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY, located
home with first floor bedroom, bath and laundry. Buy a house from Wed. Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwich. at the First Presbyterian Church, 19 North Main Street,
Cornerstone and get a government grant. Call Mike for details. Lunch: Pizza, Green Beans, Fresh Fruit. Portville, is a volunteer organization of the Portville
Low down payment, $480/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, 607-936- Thurs. Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls. Community. It is a supplemental and emergency food pantry
1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & Lunch: Cook’s Choice. seeking to serve the residents of the Portville School district.
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Fri. Breakfast: Pancakes, Syrup. Anyone who receives assistance (food stamps, welfare, Social
——————————————————————————————— Lunch: Cook’s Choice. Security, etc.) and resides in the Portville School District is
Mon. Breakfast: Bagel, Cream Cheese. eligible to receive food from the Portville Community Food
Lunch: Pasta and Sauce, Green Beans, Dinner Roll, Pears. Pantry. The food pantry is open the fourth Wednesday of each
Quality collision repair. 585-928-1308. tfc Tues. Breakfast: French Toast Sticks. month from 10 a.m. to noon and again from 6 to 8 p.m. tf
——————————————————————————————— Lunch: Hamburger on Bun, Macaroni Salad, Fresh Vegetable
BOB’S AUTO BODY: Route 417, Bolivar, NY, 585-928-2554. Sticks, Peaches. 24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: 585-593-5706
Servicing your needs for 41 years! Integrity, quality...A great Attention: There will be no charges allowed after May 15th. Offers help for those having a hard time coping!
combination. tfc Please bring cash to put on account. We will be collecting all ID cards and Confidential telephone counseling and a resource referral
BUY MY HOUSE & GET A SECOND TAX REFUND/Olean: hold for the summer. No Salads or Subs after June 5th. information agent for mental health situations. We are here to
Gorgeous 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with beautiful woodwork, a Lunch Prices: Full- $1.50. Reduced- 25¢. Please remember to prepay on help with suicide prevention! Call us! We care! tf
your account. You cannot charge extras or snacks. Choice of Milk: 1%
master suite that has a private sitting porch, and very nice
Chocolate, 1% White, Skim. Available at every meal: Juice, Fresh Fruit,
kitchen. Low down payment. $580/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, NOW HERE’S A TIP By JoAnn Derson
Milk. Also available daily: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Salad, Yogurt.
607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & *There will be a Summer Food Program again this year.*
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Any child under age 18 can get a free breakfast and lunch at the school. • For a fun outdoor art activity, try painting with shaving cream. Fill
BUY MY HOUSE & GET A SECOND TAX REFUND/Wellsville: Call for more details, 585-928-2561. several cups with a dollop of shaving cream and add a drop or two of
Decent 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with a large lot for the children to food coloring to each. Stir and enjoy. It’s easy and cheap, plus it cleans
play in. Spacious living. Low down payment. $430/mo. P&I. Call GRACE BIBLE FIRST SEVENTH DAY up with a garden hose.
Cornerstone, 607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & INDEPENDENT BAPTIST BAPTIST CHURCH
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c CHURCH OF GENESEE
392 Coon Crossing Road 8265 Main St., Little Genesee
Shinglehouse•814-697-7257 Church: 585-928-1857
Renovated 4 bedroom home with new siding on a 1 acre lot. 1 Pastor: Roger N. Hain Office: 607-587-8436
bedroom and bath on first floor. Plenty of space for the kids to run Asst. Pastor Jack Gregg Pastor: Kevin Palmiter
and play. Low down payment. $480/mo. P&I. Call Cornerstone, Sunday School..............9:30am www.sdbchurch.com
607-936-1945. www.homesbycornerstone.com & Classes for all ages. Sabbath (Saturday)
www.whatmakescornerstonedifferent.com c Morning worship........10:45am Fellowship.................9:30am
includes nursery, children’s Sabbath School. . . . . . . . .9:45am
church and junior church. Morning Worship. . . .10:45am
Evening Service...........7:00pm Bible Study (Monday)....7pm
Mon. (Sept.-Apr.). .JAM Clubs, First Sabbath of each month:
for children in grades 1-6. Fellowship meal after Worship.
Wed. (Sept.-Apr.). . . . . .Proteens, Wednesday
for students in grades 7-12. Open Bible Study...........7pm
Wed. Prayer Meeting .. 7:15pm
7915 Refinery Road Bolivar, New York Nursery available for Sunday RICHBURG FIRST DAY
School, Sunday worship BAPTIST CHURCH
services and Wed. 128 Main St., Box 242
585-928-5058 Fri. Reformers Unanimous
Addiction Program............7pm
Pastor: Larry J. Allen
Early Worship..............9:00am
Sunday School............10:00am
NYS Inspection THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH Morning Worship. . . . . . .11:00am
& NYS Motorcycle OF OUR SAVIOR Wednesday Prayer Mtg. . . .7pm
An A.C.E.M. Parish Thursday LIFE Adventure
Inspection 90 Olean St., Bolivar, NY Club for boys & girls in 1-8
585-268-7622 grades. For more info. and
Mon. - Thurs.: 3 to 8pm; Fri. - Sun.: Appointment Only Sunday Eucharist........9:00am spiritual counsel, phone 585-
Other services as announced1 928-2400.
JUNE 14, 2009
JUNE 9, 2009


Cash Offers Cash Offers

Through Through
07/06/09. 07/06/09.


EQUINOX AWD LT G6 Sedan G5 Coupe
Take Up To 7,500 OFF
#B18596, #B18700, 2.2L, 4 cyl.,
#B18648, man. trans.,
3.4L V6,
a.t., 2LT,
2009 Chevrolet Impalas! 2.4L, 4 cyl., sun &
a.t., sun sound pkg.,
DVD 30 in stock! & sound. appearance
pkg. Sharp!
MSRP 31,775 MSRP $
22,710 MSRP $
28,649 Stk. $
20,557 SALE 17,285
Rebate -$4,000 Rebate -$6,500 Rebate -$3,500
Cash or Customer Trade -$3,000 Cash or Customer Trade -$3,000 Cash or Customer Trade -$3,000
373 mo. -or-
21,649 $$
273 mo. -or-
11,057 $$
221 mo. -or-
Take Up To 10,000 OFF
#B18649, #B18713,
4.6L V8, #B18688, 1.6L, 4
a.t., sun & 1.8L, 4 cyl., 2009 Chevrolet Silverado cyl., a.t.,
Nav., chr.
OnStar. 1500 Ext. Cabs! On Star.
25 in stock!
MSRP 52,205 MSRP $
15,895 Stk. MSRP $
SALE 46,933 SALE $
14,686 #B18747 SALE $
Rebate -$6,500 Rebate -$2,500 Rebate -$4,500
Cash or Customer Trade -$3,000 Cash or Customer Trade -$3,000 Cash or Customer Trade -$3,000
657 mo. -or-
37,433 $$
214mo. -or-
9,186 $$
172 mo. -or-
Customer must qualify for all incentives - all payments plus tax, title and license. $3,000 cash or trade included in final price. 2.9% x 72 on applicable vehicles. See dealer for details.

m o n d MIDNIGHT First
E d t MADNESS Annua
v r o l e l
8:00 A.M. 9:00 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 11:00 A.M.
1997 Fri., June 12th 2004 Chev.
Buick ★ 8am-6pm Aveo
2000 Park 5 Dr.
Subaru Ave. Sat., June 13th LS
Legacy Wagon L Ultra ★ 8am-3pm 2001 Toyota Camry LE
#BP11396A, loaded, #BP11394A,
#BP11390A, AWD, 4 cyl.,
a.t., nice, blue. only 88k mi., white. Mon., June 15th only 54k mi., yellow.
#BP19006A, only 70k mi., gray,
nicely equipped.
LY $ 4,580 $
LY $ 3,975 ★ 8am-12am ON LY $
5,955 ON
LY $ 7,980
12:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 3:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M.
2001 Dodge
Stratus 2005
SXT Chev.
2003 Chev. Sedan Malibu 2001 Chev. Venture
2004 2002 Chev.
Malibu Sedan LS Sedan Ext. 4 Door
Jeep Liberty 4x4 Sport #BP11366A, a.t., only 76k mi., TrailBlazer Ext. LT 4x4 #BP11339A, V6, a.t., alloys,
#BP11402A, V6, a.t., p.w./l., #BP11334A, leather roof, p. #BP11320A, V6, a.t., key., deep
keyless, only 81k mi. #BP11381A, a.t., beige. Nice! loaded. seats, the kitchen sink! loaded, blue like my dog. tint glass, everybody rides...

4,885 ONLY$$
6,980 ONLY
4,780 ON LY $
7,980 ONL Y$$
7,480 ON LY $ $
6:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 9:00 P.M. 10:00 P.M. 11:00 P.M.
2001 Grand
2002 Chev. Chev. 2000 Am SE
2001 Buick Lumina LS Sedan Sedan
2001 Chev. Tahoe 4x4 Century Custom Avalanche LT 4x4 Chev. Impala Sedan #BP11405A, only 57k mi.,
#BP18999B, a.t., V8, p.w./l., #BP11356A, p.w./l., loaded, #B18847B, 3.1L, V6, AOD, #B18877A, V6, a.t., cruise,
#BP11353A, p. seat, cruise, V6, a.t., cruise, spoiler,
deep tint glass, come steal me! V6, a.t., dang! Beige beauty! white & just right! key. ent., only 48k mi.! Oh my! p. seat, dk. green & mean! worth the wait.

ONL Y$ $
6,980 ONLY $$
4,804 ON LY $
8,980 ONLY
4,966 ON LY $$
3,653 ONL $
Y $
Most vehicles sold AS-IS, customer responsible for inspection. Vehicles are subject to prior sale. Plus tax, title and license.

12-month/12,000 590 South Ave., Bradford, PA (Owens Way Exit off Rte. 219) Shults Certified Advantage:
miles bumper-to- "A Division of the Shults Auto Group" FREE 6 Mo./6,000
bumper. NO Mi. Warranty on
deductible on all
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