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Peer Observation of Teaching Form - PGCHE

Section 1 To be completed by the observer and observee Observer: Damien Hogan Course: Learning Space Training Subject of lesson: Introduction to running a course on Moodle Number of students expected to attend: 1 Actual number in attendance: 1 Session length: 2:00 Hours Observation time (mins): 2:00 Hours Observee: Amy Sampson Date: 5 March 2013 Year: N/A Lesson Plan:

Activity(ies): e.g. lecture, seminar, tutorial, supervised studio or location work, one to one tuition

Strengths observer to identify in bullet points: e.g. clarity of aims/outcomes, planning and organisation, methods/approach, delivery and pace, content (currency, accuracy, relevance , use of examples, level, match to students needs), student participation/achievement, use of accommodation learning resources The aims and outcomes were clearly made out to the student from the start of the session. The session was clearly planned with a hand-out being handed to the student upon arrival. The delivery and pace of the session was quick, however this was due to it being only one person participating in the session. The teaching material and resources were appropriate to the nature of the subject being taught. The student participating was easily able to gauge their success because they were able to work through and complete all of the tasks required.

Areas for improvement: observer and observee to identify together ways in which the session might be developed I believe that overall the session ran smoothly, the only area that could be improved upon was possibly giving examples in more context to the student. This would only be doable if the student size is small.

Areas for sharing good practice (noted areas of exceptional quality): observer to identify areas of good practice to be shared Planning I believe that the session was planned very well which benefited the delivery of the session as it rarely deviated from its course. Method of Delivery The delivery of the session was very concise and the student was able to stay on track throughout the session. I believed this was helped by the practical use of a computer which aided the student in actually carrying out the tasks that were required.

Further development: observer and observee to identify further opportunities for development as appropriate

As stated before if there are lower student numbers the session would benefit from having the material being taught shed in a different light as it were. The observer to summarise the lessons overall quality in relation to the learning outcomes:

Overall I believe the session was very well constructed delivered to a high standard from start to finish.

Degree of difficulty: please tick any of the following which apply and use them to moderate your comments Notes/Comments New subject or unit

New strategy

New group

Environmental factors

Section 2 To be completed by the person being observed

Reflection on teaching/peer observation:

What have you found helpful about the observation process?

I find it of real benefit to be observed by one of my colleagues, especially as Damien works within the same department as myself. The observation process is particularly relevant from a self reflection point of view. On the whole Im still sometimes unconfident when it comes to teaching others, Im glad Damien enjoyed the session and felt it was well prepared.

Any further comments about the session and observation?

Gives me some further pointers on how to develop my sessions further. Will ask Damien to observe one of my future sessions to see if I have made any improvements.

Please keep a copy of this in your PGCHE portfolio