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Past Simple Worksheets

Past Simple Positive Form Review Subject + past simple form of verb + objects Examples: Jason went to camp in Florida last week. We had dinner at that new restaurant two days ago. Past Simple Negative Form Subject + did not + verb + objects Examples: Mary didn't attend the meeting last week. They didn't pass the exam yesterday. Past Simple Question Form (Question Word) + did + subject + verb? Examples: What did you do yesterday? When did they meet Tim? Important Notes! The verb 'to be' does not take the auxiliary verb 'did' in the question or negative form. The regular past simple form of verbs ends in '-ed', irregular past simple form of verbs vary and must be studied. Examples: I was on time to the meeting yesterday. Alexander wasn't born in April. He was born in May. Were you at the party last night? Time Expressions with Past Simple Ago / Last / In 'Ago' is used at the end of a sentence preceded by a specific amount of time such as: three days ago, two weeks ago, one month ago, etc. 'Last' is used with 'week', 'month', and 'year'. 'In' is used with specific months and years in the past.

Past Simple Worksheet 1 Conjugate the verb in parentheses using the form indicated. In the case of questions, use the indicated subject as well. 1. Tom _____ (visit) his mother last weekend. 2. We _____ (not buy) that TV yesterday because it was too expensive. 3. _____ (you / be) at the meeting on Tuesday? 4. Where _____ (Sheila / stay) in New Orleans? 5. Alan _____ (understand) the situation two days ago. 6. They _____ (not finish) the project on time last month. 7. When _____ (Mary / fly) to New York? 8. Henry _____ (read) Harry Smith's latest book last month. 9. I _____ (not write) that letter to him last week. 10. What _____ (you do) yesterday afternoon? 11. You _____ (think) he couldn't win, didn't you? 12. She _____ (not win) the prize two weeks ago. 13. Where _____ (Andy / go) last week? 14. Thomas _____ (come) to visit us in May. 15. Susan _____ (not telephone) in time to get a ticket. 16. How _____ (you meet) him? 17. David _____ (get up) early on Saturday to play golf. 18. Betty _____ (not draw) that picture. 19. _____ (Peter forget) his books yesterday? 20. She _____ (give) him a present for his birthday yesterday. Past Simple Worksheet 2 Choose the correct time expression used with the past simple tense. 1. Cathy left on holiday (last / ago) week. 2. I played football (when / last) I was in high school. 3. Were you able to go to the meeting (ago / in) May? 4. She didn't think about those problems two days (last / ago). 5. There weren't any children at the party (last / when) Saturday. 6. Jennifer wanted us to come and help three weeks (ago / when). 7. Peter went to a meeting in Chicago (last / ago) Tuesday. 8. Alexander made a number of mistakes (yesterday / tomorrow). 9. Tom was born (at / in) 1987. 10. Our teacher helped us understand the problem (this morning / tomorrow morning). 11. I bought a new chair for my office (last / next) week. 12. Did you finish the meeting on time (yesterday / last) evening? 13. Susan visited her aunt in Seattle (last / ago) Sunday. 14. My father took me to the zoo (when / last) I was a child. 15. They opened a new store (in / on) Tuesday. 16. She drove to New Mexico (in / on) February. 17. We enjoyed a lunch with our friends (yesterday / tomorrow). 18. Annabelle played the piano for two hours (on / in) Tuesday. 19. Fred didn't attend the meeting (last / ago) week. 20. Anne opened a bottle of wine two hours (ago / last).