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Shafqat Manzur

60657 585-943-2578 Qualifications Summary

510 West Belmont Ave, Apt 1705, Chicago, IL Shafqat.Manzur@Gmail.com

An operations and management consultant with 15 years of experience in management, operations, data analysis, strategic planning, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, project implementation and delivery of solutions. Diversified experience includes resolving customer issues and delivering customer satisfaction. Recognized for broad-based skills encompassing research, modeling, forecasting, efficiency improvements and cost reduction projects.

Proven leadership, communication and public relations skills proven over years of travel to numerous customer sites all over the US Demonstrated ability to function effectively as a team leader and member, manage teams and projects, as well as work independently to achieve organizational objectives Configured and implemented various customized IT networks, data migration and integration to suit user needs

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Operations and Management Consultant - Present

July 2013

Launched Manzur Consulting Inc. to help small businesses implement sound management practices and improve operational efficiency. 2011

Operations Manager Regional Distribution Center July 2013 Xerox Corporation, Chicago, IL

Concluded operations and shut the facility as it was closed due to the companys reorganization and consolidation plans Managed a 120K square foot distribution facility with $14 million in inventory and an industrial workforce represented by Workers United Achieved substantial labor cost reductions and flexibility as part of the negotiating team during contract renewal with the union

Spearheaded a project to reduce landfill waste generated from the operation to near zero resulting in significant savings from reduced cost of trash collection and revenue from selling recyclable material Instituted strict inventory control mechanisms resulting in an annual average gross variance of less than 1% Set and managed budget and capital costs for the center and controlled costs for 2011, ending the year 5% under budget Instituted strict workplace safety guidelines and ergonomic training that resulted in zero injuries in 2011 & 2012 Negotiated and managed relationships with carriers to optimize logistics resulting in same-day pick-up and shipment of goods within the allocated 3-5 day window Planned and implemented a dynamic location scheme that optimized storage and efficient movement of products resulting in on-time product delivery of just over 98% Negotiated with major retail customers regarding adherence to their strict product delivery guidelines and devising and successfully implementing a plan to conform to the their requirements. This project resulted in 100% customer satisfaction.

Senior Analyst North American Services Group 2005 2011 Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY

Reduced operating costs of commercial printing companies by 10%-15% by simplifying workflow and lower equipment and training expenses Supported service personnel maintain reliability of commercial digital printers by troubleshooting various electrical, mechanical and software problems Logged over 60% travel time visiting customer sites all over the US to support service personnel, address equipment reliability problems and alleviate customer satisfaction issues both with sales and service. Identified and monitored parts availability problems as part of a team and used six sigma analysis to improve availability by 35%-40% Contributed to design improvements of printer hardware and software to meet customer and market requirements Led a lean six sigma team to reduce parts usage, service and support cost by 10%-20% and thus improved profit margin for two different product families Took ownership of various problems at accounts, managed resolutions and ensured a fair conclusion for both the customer and the company Managed a project to reduce by 50% the number of equipment being replaced at

customer sites due to hardware problems that resulted in direct savings of well over $250,000 per annum Managed a project to reclaim defective and damaged equipment and authored a process for remanufacturing and refurbishment that resulted in cost savings of 45%-50% for an entire product family by reducing usage of new equipment as replacement Implemented an extensive quality assurance testing program of remanufactured equipment and monitored quality control on an ongoing basis Trained service personnel in equipment maintenance, cost reduction and improved efficiency through better teamwork

Analyst United States 1996 2005 Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY



Solved problems with accounts and provided customer & technical support for commercial printing environments Trained, created and instituted a training curriculum as part of a team to train end users on applications through teleconferencing, computer based interactive sessions and in-person training Analyzed and tested printer control software Representative

Corporate Sales 1994 1996 Tandy Corporation, Rochester, NY

Provided sales and service support to corporate clients as a value added reseller Negotiated major IT contracts with various clients including Fortune 100 companies


Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Philosophy 2002 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY Recognized by the Dean for exceptional research, analysis and forecast projects.

Community Involvement Volunteer for the American Red Cross Society, Chicago Marathon and Chicago Photography Center