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PART - 1

1. Age of the mother ____________________________ a) 18-25 years b) 26-30 years c) 31-35 years d) 36 and above 2. Religion of mother ____________________________ a) Hindu b) Christian c) Muslim d) Other 3.Type of Family ________________________________ a) Nuclear b) Joint Family 4. Education of the mother _________________________ a) Illitrate b) Primary c) Secondary d) Higher Secondary 5. Occupation of mother-__________________________ a) Housewife b) Private Sector c) Government Sector d) Coolie 6. Type of Food-_________________________________ a) Vegetarian b) Non- vegetarian 7. Sex of Infant___________________________________ a) Male b) Female

1.Which food is best for newborn baby ? a) Breast Milk c) Artificial Food b) Cows Milk d) Homemade Milk

2.When to start breastfeeding for the baby? a) After 30 minutes b) After 5-6 hours c) 2-3 hrs after delivery d) After one day 3.What is Colostrum? a) first breast milk c) Secretes after 5 days 4.Why Colostrum is needed for the baby? a) To maintain immunity c) As a food 5.Which is best method of feeding? a) Bottle feed c) Spoon feed b) Exclusive breast feeding d) Secretes efter 2 weeks b) To promote growth of the baby d) Since baby is demanded b) Breast feed d) Baladai

6.What will you do after feeding the baby? a) Do burping b) Give bath c) Make to sleep d) Cradle the baby 7.What is best position for mother while feeding? a) Side lying b) Sitting position c) Standing position d) Prone position 8.What is the interval for each breastfeeding? a) 5-10 min. b) 10-15 min. c) 20-30 min. d) 30-50 min. 9.How long the exclusive breast milk can be give? a) first 6 month b) first 2-3 month c) first 8 month d) upto 1 year 10.How much is the stomach capacity of the new born? a) 30 ml b) 40-50 ml c) 10 ml d) 50 ml 11.At what stage do you start Supplementary feeding? a) after 3 month b) after 6 month c) after 1 year d) after 2 year

12.Do you know,what type of food are included in Supplementary feeding? a) Solid food b) Semi solid food c) Liquid food d) Other 13.What is the outcome of supplementary feeding? a) Malnourished baby b) Healthy baby c) Unhealthy baby d) Diseased baby 14.How many time supplementary feeding can be given during day time? a) 4 times b) 6 times c) 10 times d) 12 times 15. What is the colour of stool during supplementary feeding? a) Green colour b) Shaw colour c) Golden yellow colour d) Brown colour



During breastfeeding the mother shold sit comfortably After feeding the mother should take the baby for bathing Burping should be done after each feeds Awakening the baby while breast feeding During breastfeeding the mother should maintain eye to eye contact to the baby During gave supplementary feeding to your baby,mother should always with the baby Is your baby a fussy Eater? Are you satisfied,whatever food your baby likes While feeding baby the food should be cleaned and hygienic Supplementary feeding should be given 4-5 times in a day


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Do you think breastfeeding helps in mother and child bonding? Breastfeeding affect the beauty of feeding mother? After feeding the baby the baby should make to sleep? Colostrum is bad for child,s health? Mother should not feed child when she has any health problem? Stop breastfeeding when you start supplementary food? Mothers have accurate knowledge about supplementary food? Breastfeeding affects health while supplementary feeding? Supplementary food provide proper immunity to the child Before feeding the beby the hands of mother and child should be cleaned?




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a) To study the profile of the selected mother and children . b) To assess the knowledge ,attitude and practices regarding breastfeeding among the mother belonging to Rural and Urban Area. c) To compare the knowledge,attitude and practices regarding breast feeding between Rural and Urban Area. d) To correlate the knowledge,attitude and practices with certain selected variable among the mother belonging to Rural and Urban Area.