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Resume 4 Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the

privacy of these professionals. Human names, com pany names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. James Mills 145 Mariott Drive Centennial, CO 80016 Experience

StarSoft, Denver, Colorado, USA 1999 - Present Chief Architect As CTO & Chief Architect for StarSoft, James performed pre-sales activities, pre pared proposals, and had P&L responsibility for the professional services arm of StarSoft. James was also responsible for defining and implementing StarSoft s c ore strategic direction, as well as managing StarSoft s information systems. In addition to these internal responsibilities, James has been instrumental in assi sting StarSoft s clients in developing and implementing their own strategic visi on. Highlights of these include: James was engaged by Avis-Europe to act as their Chief Architect to help Avis-Eu rope define a service-oriented architecture for a mainframe based legacy reserva tion system. James worked closely with the CIO and CTO to develop an open architecture that a llowed Avis-Europe to better access their mainframe data, as well as create a se rvice layer that would allow third party applications to be decoupled from the m ainframe. With a budget of 12MM and team members in London, Amsterdam, New York, and Denve r, James was instrumental in keeping the project on track. Through the course of the project, James had responsibility of leading other sen ior architects and developers to bring the project to fruition. To provide a service-oriented architecture, a web services approach was taken, a nd Weblogic 6.1 was used as the J2EE application server. All web services were r egistered in a UDDI registry, described using WSDL. Java based client applicatio ns utilized JAXR and JAXM to connect to the UDDI registry and to send the SOAP b ased messages to the service. An Integration Broker was developed for communication with the mainframe and oth er external entities using Websphere MQ as the transport mechanism, along with W ebsphere MQ Integrator to handle message transformation and routing. The service layer utilized JMS for communicating to the Integration Broker. Also, another k ey feature was the ability for the Integration Broker to accept the Open Travel Alliance OTA XML messages for car reservation and translate them to format that was acceptable to the mainframe. The project was developed using SUN servers for Weblogic, Websphere MQ, Webspher e MQ Integrator, and Tivoli Policy Director. The development was done on W2K box es using WebGain Studio, Rational Enterprise Suite, following the Rational Unifi ed Process. American Express engaged James as Lead Architect for the worldwide smart card is suance system they were about to develop. James worked with key AMEX employees a

nd groups to develop a system that allows AMEX to issue new smart cards to any o ne around the world, as well as provide the capability to do post issuance manag ement of the cards. James coordinated this 32MM iterative Method 1 / RUP develop ment effort with a team of developers in Denver, London and India, as well as va rious business units in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, New York, and Australia. The key features of this system include an Integration Broker to facilitate the exchange of data between various systems on different platforms, a system to man age all card applets and the card population, and the applet delivery system. The Integration Broker was developed using MQ-Series and MQSI. The key role that Integration Broker played was to transform messages in one format such as an XM L description of the card to another format that could be understood by other pl atforms in this case an AS/400 and a mainframe. Another key feature was the applet management system. This was developed using J 2EE with Websphere application server on Sun Solaris. This feature used Java Ser ver Pages JSP to interact with the client to ask them questions about what they wanted on their card, and then communicated with other systems via JMS and the I ntegration Broker to fulfill the client s request. Also, the JavaCard API in con junction with the Opencard Framework was utilized to communicate with the smart cards. James was engaged to be a Chief Architect for a nationwide moving brokerage comp any. As Chief Architect James defined and implemented the strategy to integrate their current legacy systems with a new web based automated quote generation sys tem. James worked with a team of developers to iteratively RUP develop and integ rate existing systems with tracking and routing software to optimize the routing of cargo around the country. As part of this project, James had to oversee the development of a J2EE application that was deployed using Weblogic. This include d Java Server Pages, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, and an Oracle database. Bu dget 1M Sun Microsystems, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA 1997 - 1999 Senior Java Architect As a Java Architect for the Sun Java Center, James was instrumental in helping t he Sun Java Center grow from 20 consultants around the world, to an organization with more than 200 senior level consultants. He was instrumental in pre-sales a ctivities as well as the development and execution of statements of work. His te chnical leadership resulted in several successful projects, some of which includ e: Strong Funds Brokerage Project System Architect/Project Lead Helped Strong Funds design and implement an online brokerage system. Had respons ibility for the overall system architecture, as well as the integration with sev eral internal legacy systems. FirstUSA Concierge Service System Architect/Team Lead Helped FirstUSA develop a web based concierge service for card members. Was resp onsible for leading and mentoring the developers as well as the overall system a rchitecture. Southwest Airlines Rapid Prototype Project Lead Responsible for creating a prototype which showed SW how it could use Java techn ology with their existing mainframe systems. A great deal of time was spent comm unicating with various business groups at SW to understand their needs and their concerns.

Transportation Management System Team Lead Help design and build a large transportation management system for a industry le ading shipping company. Responsible for leading the team that was tasked with in tegrating the companies various AS/400, PBX, and other external systems with the new Java/CORBA based management system. Responsible for the design and architec ture of team deliverables, as well as providing support to other various teams o n the project. Interactive Training System Project Lead Lead architect for an Interactive Training System for a large automobile manufac turer in the U.S. As the lead architect had the responsibility of cost and sched ule estimates as well as the overall design and delivery of the product. Respons ible for leading the other architects, as well as giving presentations to the cu stomer. Embedded Java Study Team Lead Provided guidance and mentoring to a large smart card provider in Belgium. The r esult of the three-week study was a paper outlining how this company could use E mbedded Java in their card readers. Had to interact not only with the customer, but also with various internal Sun groups to find solutions to the various probl ems posed. S.W.I.F.T. Architecture Review Asked to come to Belgium to review the CORBA architecture for a large project at S.W.I.F.T. Was able to provide valuable insight and support, which in turn led to a more robust CORBA infrastructure. Jones Information Technology Systems, Boulder, Colorado, USA 1995 - 1999 Software Engineer As a Software Engineer, James was responsible for developing distributed mission management software for use in controlling satellites from the control center. As a member of the technical staff, James was responsible for the overall design and deliverables of the data distribution subsystem. New Technologies, Salt Lake City, UT, USA July 1993 - May 1995 Software Engineer As a Software Engineer for Infonational, James was responsible for developing au tomation software to validate data for electronic phone book directories. Primar y technologies utilized were C++, Oracle, MFC, proprietary OCS software. KBCT TV and Radio Station, Salt Lake City, UT, USA July 1992 - July 1993 Software Engineer As a software developer for KBCT TV & Radio James was responsible for developing inventory management software for the station. Technologies utilized were C++, Oracle, and MFC. Summary of Qualifications Technical Skills J2EE Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 1 & Java 2 Platform EJB JSP Servlets JMS JDBC

JNI JINI RMI JNI JINI JavaCard CORBA / IIOP Websphere MQ XML/XSL/XSLT JAXM JAXR SOAP UDDI WSDL Web Services Rational Unified Process OO Software Lifecycle Processes. Unix Solaris Windows NT/2000 C++ Websphere & Visual Age Inprise Application Server / Jbuilder Weblogic Business Skills Able to create vision and direction that is both compelling and challenging to w ork towards Able to inspire and motivate individuals with different personalities Able to encourage people to seek out solutions to problems, not just identify th em. Able to set clear goals and responsibilities so that tasks can be completed with high quality and in a timely manner. Able to make and carry out decisions that will server the long-term interests of the business. Able to effectively manage budgets and allocations of funds at all levels of an organization. Education Brigham Young University B.S. C.S. Salt Lake City, Utah, US University of Colorado - Denver MS CS Denver, CO In progress Up