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A Harmony of the Synoptics
The Gospel of John




An American Translation










Gift of publisher

This arrangement of the Gospels is intended for students and
readers of the Bible rather than for technical scholars. For them
there are Harmonies and Synopses both in Greek and in English.
The present volume reproduces the sections of the new edition of
Burton and Mathews, Life of Christ. The headings are less formal
than in many Harmonies and, it is hoped, will aid the student to gain
the content of the sections themselves.
The text of Goodspeed's American Translation was chosen as an
additional aid to those who wish to appreciate the freshness and vigor
of the Gospel stories.
In accordance with the prevailing conclusions of New Testament
scholars, no attempt is made to "harmonize" the Four Gospels, but
the Gospel according to John is arranged independently as an inter-
pretation given Jesus by the third generation of Christians.
The section headings are intended to help the student gain the
point of view of the evangelist as the interpreter of the religious sig-
nificance of the primitive messianic hope.

1. Luke's Preface 1

2. The Two Genealogies of Jesus 1

3. The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold to Zechariah . 3

4. The Birth of Jesus Foretold to Mary 6
5. The Birth of Jesus Foretold to Joseph 7
6. The Song of Mary 8
7. The Birth of John the Baptist 10
8. The Birth of Jesus 13
9. The Presentation in the Temple 15
10. The Visit of the Magi 17
11. The Flight into Egypt 19
12. The Boy Jesus 21
13. The Silent Years 22


14. The Career of John the Baptist 23
15. The New Self-Consciousness of Jesus after His Baptism 26
16. Jesus Organizes His Own Ideals 26


17. Jesus Begins To Announce the Coming of the Kingdom 28
18. The First Disciples 29
19. The First Cures Wrought by Jesus 30
20. Jesus Preaches throughout Galilee 32
21. Jesus Forgives Sins 33
22. Jesus Calls a Publican To Be a Disciple 34

23. Jesus Rejects the Pharisees' Practice of Fasting ... 35
24. Jesus' Revolutionary Interpretation of the Sabbath . 36
25. Jesus Arouses the Enmity of the Pharisees by His Atti-
tude Regarding the Sabbath 37



26. The Rapid Growth of His Following 40
27. The Selection of the Twelve 41
28. The Sermon on the Mount 41
29. A Centurion Accepts Jesus as a Commander ... 54
30. Jesus Accepted as a Great Prophet ...... 56
31. The Uncertainty of John the Baptist 56
32. The Loving Faith of a Forgiven Woman 59
33. The Intimate Friends of Jesus 61
34. The Danger of Wilful Unbelief 61
35. The Spiritual of the Christ
Family 65
36. TheKingdom Described in Analogies 65
37. Jesus' Power over Nature 72
38. Jesus '-Power over Evil Spirits 73
39. Jesus' Power over Death 75
40. Jesus' Power over Disease 78
41. Jesus Is Rejectedby His Fellow-Citizens at Nazareth . 79
42. Extension of His Teaching through the Preaching of the
Twelve 81
43. The Death John the Baptist
of 86
44. Additional Stories of Jesus' Power over Nature ... 88
45. Jesus Breaks with the Externals of the Jewish Religion 91'


46. Jesus in Tyre and Sidon 94
47. Jesus Extends His Mission to Gentiles in the Decapolis 95
48. The Feeding of the Four Thousand 96
Contents xi

49. The Final Evidence of the Truth of Jesus' Teaching . 97
50. The Healing of the Blind Man 98
51. The Disciples Avow Their Conviction That Jesus Is the
Christ . 99
52. Jesus Foretells the Fate Awaiting Him 100
53. The Glory and the Tragedy of the Christ: The Trans-
figuration 101
54. The Superiority of the Messiah over His Disciples . . 103
55. The Disciples Are Unwilling To Believe in the Death of
the Messiah 105
56. Regard for the Feelings of Others 105
57. Simplicity, Tolerance, and a Forgiving Spirit . . . 106


58. The Departure from Galilee Ill
59. The Mission of the Seventy 112
60. Gaining Eternal Life through Love 115
61. Jesus as a Guest 117
62. The Reasonableness of Prayer 117-
63. How Respectability May Become Hypocrisy . . . 119-
64. The Higher Loyalties of Religion 121
65. The Inevitable Sorrow Attending Sin 128
66. The Superiority of Service to Religious Conventions . 129
67. Religious Privileges Not Religious Rights .... 131"
68. As to Love, Humility, and Indifference 133
69. As to Counting the Cost of Discipleship 136
70. Three Illustrations of God's Love 137
71. The Right and the Wrong Use of Wealth .... 141
72. Forgiveness and Responsibility 145
73. An Illustration of Thankfulness 146
74. The Dangers of Procrastination 147
75. Persistent Prayer 149
76. The Superiority of Humility to Spiritual Pride . . . 150
77. The Value of the Family 150
xii Contents

78. The Religion of the Childlike Spirit ...... 152
79. The Dangers of Wealth and Selfishness 152
80. The Shadow of the Cross 156
81. The Ambition of the Disciples 157
82. Jesus Accepts Publicly the Messianic Title .... 158
83. The Remarkable Conversion of Zaccheus .... 159
84. The Rewards of Faithful Service 160


85. The Triumphal Entry 163
86. The Episode of the Cursed Fig Tree 165
87. The Cleansing of the Temple 166
88. Jesus Refuses To Discuss the Basis of His Authority . 167
89. Jesus Predicts the Downfall of the Jewish State and
Church 168
90. Jesus Emerges Triumphant from Cross-Examination by
His Enemies 172
91. Jesus Repudiates the Revolutionary Conception of the
Messiah 174
92. The Culmination of Jesus' Attack upon the Religious
Leaders 175
93. Sacrifice as the Measure of
Generosity 180
94. Jesus Foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem and the End
of the Age 180
95. Judas Plots To Betray Jesus 191
96. A Prophetic Anointing by a Repentant Woman . . . 192
97. The Last Supper of Jesus with His Disciples . . . 194
98. Jesus Foretells His Disciples' Defection 196
99. Gethsemane 197
100. Jesus Is Betrayed and Arrested 198
101. Jesus Is Condemned by the Religious Authorities for
Claiming To Be the Christ 200
102. Pilate Sacrifices Jesus to Popular Clamor .... 203
103. Jesus Is Executed as a Political Offender 206
104. Jesus Is Buried as the Disciples Scatter 208
Contents xiii


105. The Resurrection Morning 210
106. Jesus Appears to His Disciples at Emmaus .... 212
107. Jesus Appears to the Ten Disciples hi Jerusalem . . 214
108. Jesus Appears to the Eleven Disciples on a Mountain hi
Galilee 215
109. Jesus Ascends to Heaven 216


110. The New Interpretation of the Christ 217
111. The Superiority of Jesus to John the Baptist . . . 217
112. The Sacrificial Meaning of Jesus' Life 218
113. The Beginnings of Faith 218
114. The Messianic Glory in Service 219
115. The Authority of the Christ 219
116. The Spiritual Meaning of the Messiah's Work ... 220
117. The Supremacy of the Christ . 221
118. TheWithdrawal to Galilee 221
119. TheMessiah as a Revealer of Sin 221
119a. Jesus Heals the Son of a Centurion 223
120. The Messiah as a Revealer of God 223
121. The Bread of Earth 225
122. The Bread of Heaven 226
123. Christ and the Way of Life 228
[124. The Woman Taken hi Adultery] 229
125. Christ as the Light of the World 230
126. The Spiritual Freedom of Believers 231
127. How Opposition Develops Faith 232
128. A Sacrifice of Service 233
129. The True Power of Divine Love 234
130. At the Tomb of a Friend 235
131. Growing Opposition to the Revealer 236
132. A Retold Anecdote of the Master 237
133. The Public Disclosure of Messiahship 237
134. Jesus' New Temptation and New Faith 238
xiv Contents

135. The Setting of the Teaching 239
136. The Glory of Sacrificial Love 240
137. The True Meaning of the Christ's Departure and Return 241
138. The True Meaning of Loyalty to the Messiah . . . 242
139. The Summary of the Gospel of the Revealer of God and
Eternal Life .244
140. The Betrayal and Arrest 245
141. Jesus Is Examined by Annas 246
142. Jesus, Though Declared Innocent, Is Executed by Pilate
as a Political Offender 247
143. The Burial of Jesus 249
144. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene . 249
145. Jesus Appears to the Twelve 250
146. The Faith of Thomas and the Faith of All Believers . 250
147. The Conclusion of the Gospel 251
148. Appendix:
1. Other Appearances of Jesus to His Disciples . . . 251
2. The Guaranty of the Truth of the Gospel ... 252




LUKE 1:1-4
Many writers have
undertaken to com-
pose accounts of the
movement which has
developed among us,
2 just as the original
eyewitnesses who be-
came teachers of the
message have handed
3 it down to us. For that
reason, Theophilus,
and because I have
investigated it all
carefully from the be-
ginning, I have deter-
mined to write a con-
nected account of it
for Your Excellency,
4 so that you may be re-
liably informed about
the things you have
been taught.


MATTHEW 1 : 1-17 LUKE 3:23-38
1 The ancestrj' of 23 Jesus himself was
Jesus Christ, who was about thirty years old
descended from Da- when he began his
vid,who was descend- work. He was the
ed from Abraham. son, it was supposed,
2 Abraham was the fa- of Joseph, the son of
ther of Isaac, and 24 Eli, the son of Mat-
Isaac of Jacob, and that, the son of Levi,
Jacob of Judah and the son of Melchi, the
3 his brothers, and Ju- son of Jannai, the son
The Student's Gospels

dah of Perez and 25 of Joseph, the son of

Zerah, whose mother Mattathias, the son of
was Tamar. And Pe- Amos, the son of Na-
rez was the father of hum, the son of Esli,
Hezron, and Hezron the son of Naggai, the
4 of Aram, and Aram of son of Maath, the son
Aminadab, and Ami- of Mattathias, the son
nadabof Nahshon, and of Semein, the son of
Nahshon of Salmon, Josech, the son of
s and Salmon of Boaz, 27 Joda, the son of Jo-
whose mother was Ra- hanan, the son of
hab. And Boaz was R'esa, the son of Zerub-
the father of Obed, babel, the son of Sala-
whose mother was thiel, the son of Neri,
Ruth. And Obed was 28 the son of Melchi, the
the father of Jesse, son of Addi, the son of
e and Jesse of King Cosam, the son of El-
David. David was madam, the son of Er,
the father of Solomon, 29 the son of Jesus, the
whose mother was son of Eliezer, the son
7 Uriah's wife. And of Jorim, the son of
Solomon was the fa- Matthat, the son of
ther of Rehoboam, so Levi, the son of Syme-
and Rehoboam of on, the son of Judah,
Abijah, and Abijah of the son of Joseph, the
8 Asa, and Asa of Je- son of Jonam, the son
hoshaphat, and Jeho- 31 of Eliakim, the son of

shaphat of Joram, and Melea, the son of

a Joram of Uzziah, and Menna, the son of
Uzziah of Jothain, Mattatha, the son of
and Jotham of Ahaz, Nathan, the son of
and Ahaz of Hezekiah, 32 David, theson of Jesse,
10 and Hezokiah of Ma- the son of Obed, the
nasseh, and Manasseh son of Boaz, the son
of Amon, and Amon of Sala, the son of
11 of Josiah, and Josiah 33 Nahshon, the son of
of Jeconiah and his Admin, the son of
brothers, at the period Ami, the son of Hez-
of the Babylonian Ex- ron, the son of Perez,
12 ile. After the Baby- 34 the son of Judah, the
lonian Exile, Jeconiah son of Jacob, the son
had a son named of Isaac, the son of
Shealtiel, and Sheal- Abraham, the son of
tiel was the father of Terah, the son of Na-
is Zerubbabel, and Ze- 35 hor, the son of Serug,
rubbabel of Abiud, the son of Ragau, the
and Abiud of Eliakim, son of Peleg, the son
and Eliakim of Azor, of Heber, the son of
14 and Azor of Zadok, se Shelah, the son of
Jesus before His Public Ministry

and Zadok of Achim, Cainan, the son of

and Achim of Eliud, -Arphaxad, the son of
is and Eliud of Eleazar, Shem, the son of No-
and Eleazar of Matt- ah, the son of Lamech,
han, and Matthan of 37 the son of Methuse-
IB Jacob, and Jacob of lah, the son of Enoch,
Joseph, the husband the son of Jared, the
of Mary, who was the son of Maleleel, the
mother of Jesus called as son of Cainan, the son
IT Christ. So the whole of Enosh, the son of
number of generations Seth, the son of Adam,
from Abraham to Da- the son of God.
vid is fourteen, and
from David to the
Babylonian Exile,
fourteen, and from
the Babylonian Exile
to the Christ, four-


LTTKE 1:5-25
s In the days when
Herod was king of
Judea, there was a
priest named Zechari-
ah who belonged to the
division of Abijah. His
wife was also a de-
scendant of Aaron, and
her name was Eliza-
e beth. They were both
upright in the sight of
God, blamelessly ob-
serving all the Lord's
commands and re-
7 quirements. They had
no children, for Eliza-
beth was barren; and
they were both ad-
s vanced in life. Once
when he was acting as
priest before God,
when his division was
9 on duty, it fell to his
lot, according to the
priests' practice, to go
into the sanctuarj' of
The Student's Gospels

the Lord and burn the

10 incense, while all the
throng of people was
outside, praying at
the hour of the incense
H offering. And an an-
gel of the Lord ap-
peared to him, stand-
ing at the right of the
altar of incense.
12 When Zechariah saw
him he was startled
and overcome with
is fear. And the angel
said to him, "Do not
be afraid, Zechariah,
for your prayer has
been heard. Your
wife Elizabeth will
bear you a son, and
you are to name him
H John. This will bring
gladness and delight
to you, and many will
rejoice over his birth.
is For he will be great in
the sight of the Lord.
He will drink no wine
or strong drink, but
he will be filled with
the holy Spirit from
10 his very birth, and he
will turn many of
Israel's descendants to
the Lord their God.
17 He will go before him
with the spirit and the
power of Elijah, to
reconcile fathers to
their children, and to
bring the disobedient
back to the wisdom of
upright men, to make
a people perfectly
ready for the Lord."
is Zechariah said to the
angel, "How am I to
know that this is so?
For I am an old man,
Jesus before His Public Ministry

and my wife is ad-

19 Danced in life." The
angel answered, "I am
Gabriel. I stand in
the very presence of
God. I have been
sent to speak to you
and tell you this good
20 news. Now you will
keep silent and be un-
able to speak until the
day when this hap-
pens, because you
have not believed
what I have said, for it
will all be fulfilled in
21 due time." The peo-
ple were waiting for
Zechariah, and won-
dering that he stayed
so long in the sanctu-
22 ary. But when he
came out he could not
speak to them, and
they knew that he had
seen a vision in the
sanctuary. For his
part, he kept making
signs to them,and re-
23 mained dumb. And
when his period of
service was over, he
went back to his
24 home. Soon after-
ward his wife Eliza-
beth began to expect
a child, and she kept
herself in seclusion for
25 five months. "This is
what the Lord has
' '
done for me, she said,
"now he has
deigned to remove the
disgrace I have en-
6 The Student's Gospels


LUKE 1:26-38
26 In the sixth month
the angel Gabriel was
sent by God to a town
in Galilee called Naza-
27 reth, to a maiden
there who was en-
gaged to be married to
a man named Joseph,
a descendant of Da-
vid. The maiden's
28 name was Mary. And
the angel went into
the town and said to
her, "Good morning,
favored woman! The
Lord be with you!"
29 But she was startled
at what he said, and
wondered what this
so greeting meant. And
the angel said to her,
"Do not be afraid,
Mary, for you have
gained God's approv-
31 al. You are to be-
come a mother and
you will give birth to
a son, and you are to
32 name him Jesus. He
will be great and will
be called the Son of
the Most High. The
Lord God will give
him the throne of his
33 forefather David, and
he will reign over
Jacob's house for-
ever; his reign will
34 have no end." Mary
said to the angel,
"How can this be,
when have no hus-
35 band?" The angel an-
swered, "The holy
Spirit will come over
you, and the power of
the Most High will
Jesus before His Public Ministry

overshadow you. For

that reason your child
will be called holy,
and the Son of God.
as And your relative,
Elizabeth, although
she is old, is going to
give birth to a son,
and this is the sixth
month with her who
was said to be barren.
37 For nothing is ever
impossible for God."
ss And Mary said, "I am
the Lord's slave. Let
it be as you say."
Then the angel left


MATTHEW 1 18-25

is Now these were the

circumstances of the
birth of Jesus Christ.
Mary, his mother, was
engaged to Joseph,
but before they were
married it was found
that she was about to
become a mother
through the influence
of the holy Spirit.
19 But her husband, Jo-
seph, was an upright
man and did not
wish to disgrace her,
and he decided to
break off the engage-
20 ment privately. But
while he was thinking
of doing this, an angel
of the Lord appeared
to him in a dream,
and said, "Joseph, de-
scendant of David, do
not fear to take Mary,
your wife, to your
home, for it is through
8 The Student's Gospels

the influence of the

holy Spirit that she is
to become a mother.
21 She will have a son,
and you are to name
him Jesus, for it is he
who is to save his peo-
ple from their sins."
22 All this happened in
fulfilment of what the
Lord said through the
23 "The maiden will
be pregnant and
will have a son,
And they will
name him Im-
a word which means
24 "God with us." So
when Joseph awoke
from his sleep, he did
as the angel of the
Lord had directed
him, and took his wife
2s to his home. But he
did not live with her
as a husband until she
had had a son, and he
named the child Jesus.


LUKE 1 :39-56
39 In those days Mary
set out and hurried to
the hill-country, to a
40 town in Judah, and
she went to Zecha-
riah's house and greet-
41 ed Elizabeth. When
Elizabeth heard
Mary's greeting, the
babe stirred within
her. And Elizabeth
was filled with
42 holy Spirit and she
gave a great cry, and
Jesus before His Public Ministry

, "You are the most

favored of wom-
And blessed is your
43 Who am I,
To have the mother
of my Lord come
to me?
44 For the moment
your greeting
reached my ears,
The child stirred
with joy within
45 Blessed is she who
has believed,
For what the Lord
has promised her
will be fulfilled!"
46 And Mary said,
"My heart extols the
47 My spirit exults in
God my Savior.
48 For he has noticed
his slave in her
humble station,
For from this time
all the ages will
think me fa-
vored !

49 For the Almighty

has done wonders
for me,
How holy his name
so He shows his mercy
age after age
To those who fear
si He has done mighty
deeds with his
He has routed the
52 He has dethroned
monarchs and ex-
alted the poor,
10 The Student's Gospels

63 He has satisfied the

hungry -with good
things, and sent
the rich away
54 He has helped his
servant Israel,
Remembering his
55 As he promised our
To have mercy on
Abraham and his
descendants for-
se So Mary stayed with
her about three
months, and then re-
turned home.


LUKE 1:57-80
57 Now the time came
for Elizabeth's child
to be born, and she
gave birth to a son.
SB Her neighbors and
relatives heard of the
greatmercy the Lord
had shown her, and
they came and con-
so gratulated her. On
the eighth day they
came to circumcise
the child, and they
were going to name
him Zechariah, after
eo his father. But his
mother said, "No!
He is to be named
61 John." They said to
her,"There is no one
among your relatives
who bears that name."
62 But they made signs
to the child's father
and asked him what
he wished to have the
Jesus before His Public Ministry 11

es child named. He
asked for a writing
tablet, and wrote,
"His name is John."
And they were all
6* amazed. Then his
voice and the use of
his tongue were im-
mediately restored,
and he blessed God
es aloud. And all their
neighbors were over-
come with fear, and
all over the hill-coun-
try of Judea all these
ee stories were told, and
everyone who heard
them kept them in
mind, and said, "What
is this child going to
be?" For the Lord's
hand was with him.
67 And his father Zecha-
riah was filled with
the holy Spirit and he
uttered a divine mes-
sage, saying,
es "Blessings on the
Lord, the God of
Because he has
turned his atten-
tion to his people,
and brought
about their de-
eg And he has pro-
duced a mighty
Savior for up
In the house of his
servant David.
70 By the lips of his
holy prophets he
promised of old
to do this
To save us fromour
enemies and from
the hands of all
who hate us,
12 The Student's Gospels

72 Thus showing mer-

cy to our fore-
And keeping his sa-
cred agreement,
73 And the oath that
he swore to our
forefather Abra-
74 That we should be
delivered from
the hands of our
And should serve
him in holiness
and uprightness,
75 In his own presence
all our lives.
76 And you, my child,
will be called a
prophet of the
Most High,
For you will go be-
fore the Lord to
make his way
77 Bringing his people
the knowledge of
Through the for-
giveness of their
78 Because the heart
of our God is

And so the day will
dawn upon us
from on high,
79 To shine on men
who sit in dark-
ness and the
shadow of death,
And guide our feet
into the way of
so And the child grew up
and became strong in
the Spirit, and he
Jesus before His Public Ministry 13

lived in the desert un-

til the day when he
proclaimed himself to


LUKE 2:1-20
2 In those days an
edict was issued by
the Emperor Augus-
tus that a census of
the whole world should
2 be taken. It was the
first census, taken
when Quirinius was
3 governor of Syria. So
everyone went to his
own town to register.
4 And Joseph went up
from the town of Na-
zareth to Judea to the
city of David called
Bethlehem, because he
belonged to the house
and family of David,
s to register with Mary,
who was engaged to
him and who was soon
to become a mother.
G While they were there,
the time came for her
7 child to be born, and
she gave birth to her
first-born son;and she
wrapped him up, and
laid him in a manger,
for there was no room
for them at the inn.
s There were some
shepherds in that
neighborhood keeping
watch through the
night over their flock
in the open fields.
9 And an angel of the
Lord stood by them,
and the glory of the
Lord shone around
14 The Student's Gospels

them, and they were

terribly frightened.
10 The angel said to
them, "Do not be
frightened, for I bring
you good news of a
great joy that is to be
felt by all the people,
11 for today, in the town
of David, a Savior for
you has been born
who is your Messiah
12 and Lord. And this
will prove it to you:
You will find a baby
wrapped up and lying
is in a manger." Sud-
denly there appeared
with the angel a
throng of the heaven-
ly army, praising God,
14 "Glory to God in
heaven and on
earth !

Peace to the men

he favors!"
is When the angels left
them and returned to
heaven, the shepherds
said to one another,
"Cornel Let us go
over to Bethlehem,
and see this thing
that has happened,
that the Lord has told
16 us of !" And they hur-
ried there,and found
Mary and Joseph,
with the baby lying in
17 the manger. When
they saw this, they
told what had been
said to them about
is this child. And all
who heard it were
amazed at what the
shepherds told them,
19 but Mary treasured
Jesus before His Public Ministry 15

up all they had said,

and pondered over it.
20 And the shepherds
went back glorifying
God and praising him
for all that they had
heard and seen in ful-
filment of what they
had been told.


LTTKE 2:21-39
21 When
he was eight
days old and it was
tune to circumcise
him, he was named
Jesus, as the angel had
named him, before his
birth was first expect-
22 ed. Whentheir puri-
fication period under
the Law of Moses was
over, they took him
up to Jerusalem to
present him to the
23 Lord, in fulfilment of
the requirement of the
Law of the Lord, "Ev-
ery first-born male
shall be considered
consecrated to the
24 Lord," and to offer
the sacrifice pre-
scribed in the Law
of the Lord, "A pair
of turtle-doves or
two young pigeons."
25 Now there was a man
in Jerusalem named
Symeon, an upright, ;

devout man, who was

living in expectation
of the comforting of
Israel, and under the
influence of the holy
26 Spirit. It had been re-
vealed to him by the
holy Spirit that he
16 The Student's Gospels

should not die without

seeing the Lord's Mes-
27 siah. And under the
Spirit's influence he
went into the Temple,
and when Jesus' par-
ents brought him
there to do for him
what the Law re-
28 quired, Symeon also
took him in his arms
and blessed God, and
29 'Now, Master, you
will let your slave
go free
In peace, as you
30 For my eyes have
seen your salva-
31 Which you have set
before all the na-
32 A light of revelation
for the heathen,
And a glory to your
people Israel!"
33 The child's father and
mother were aston-
ished at what Symeon
34 said. And he gave
them his blessing, and
said to the
child's mother, "This
child is destined to
cause the fall and rise
ofmany in Israel, and
to be a portent that
will be much debated
35 you yourself will be
pierced to the heart
and so the thoughts
of many minds will be
35 revealed." There was
also a prophetess there
named Hannah-,- -the--''

daughter of Phanuel,
who belonged to the
Jesus before His Public Ministry 17

, tribe of Asher. She

was very old, for after
her girlhood she had
been married for sev-
ST en years, and she had
been a widow until
she was now eighty-
four. She never left
the Temple, but wor-
shiped night and day
with fasting and
ss prayer. She came up
just at that time and
gave thanks to God
and spoke about the
child to all who were
living in expectation
39 of the liberation of
Jerusalem. When
they had done every-
thing that the Law of
the Lord required,
they returned to Gali-
lee,to their own town
of Nazareth.


MATTHEW 2: 1-12
2 Now after the birth
of Jesus at Bethlehem
in Judea, in the days
of King Herod, as-
trologers from the
east arrived at Jerusa-
2 lem, and asked,
"Where the newly
born king of the Jews?
For we have seen his
star rise and we have
come to do homage to
3 him." When King
Herod heard of this,
he was troubled, and
all Jerusalem with
4 him. So he called to-
gether all the high
priests and scribes of
the people and asked
18 The Student's Gospels

them where the Christ

s was to be born. They
said, "At Bethlehem
in Judea, for this is
what the prophet
wrote :

a 'And you, Bethle-

hem in Judah's
You are by no
means least im-
portant among
the leading places
of Judah,
For from you will
come a leader
Who will be the
shepherd of my
people Israel.'
7 Then Herod secret-
ly sent for the astrolo-
gers, and found out
from them the exact
time when the star
s appeared. And he sent
them to Bethlehem,
and said to them, "Go
and inquire particu-
larly about the child,
and when you have
found him, bring me
word, so that I may
go and do homage to
9 him too." So they
obeyed the king and
went, and the star
which they had seen
rise led them on until
it reached the place
where the child was,
and stopped above it.
10 When they saw the
star, they were very
11 glad, and they went
into the house and
saw the child with his
mother, Mary, and
they threw themselves
down and did homage
Jesus before His Public Ministry 19

to him. They opened

their treasure boxes
and presented the
child with gifts of
gold, frankincense,
12 and myrrh. Then, as
they had been divine-
ly warned in a dream
not to go back to
Herod, they returned
to their own country
by another way.


MATTHEW 2:13-23
is When they were
gone, an angel of the
Lord appeard to Jo-
seph in a dream, and
said, "Wake up !

Take the child and his

mother and make
your escape to Egypt,
and stay there until I
tell you to leave. For
Herod is going to look
for the child in order
14 to kill him." Then he
awoke and took the
child and his mother
by night and took
is refuge in Egypt and
stayed there until
Herod's death, to ful-
fil what the Lord said

by the prophet, "I

called my son from
i a Egypt." Then Herod
saw that he had been
trickedby the astrolo-
gers,and he was very
angry, and he sent
and made away with
all the boys in Bethle-
hem and in all that
neighborhood who
were two years old or
under, for that was
20 The Student's Gospels

the time lie had

learned from the as-
trologers by his in-
i? quiries. Then the say-
ing was fulfilled which
was uttered by the
prophet Jeremiah,
is "A cry was heard in
Ramah !

Weeping and great

lamenting !

Rachel weeping for

her children,
And inconsolable
because they were
19 But when Herod
died, an angel of the
Lord appeared in a
dream to Joseph in
20 Egypt and said,
"Wake up! Take the
child and his mother
and go to the land of
Israel, for those who
sought the child's life
21 are dead." Then he
awoke, and took the
child and his mother
and went to the land
22 of Israel. But hearing
that Archelaus was
reigning over Judea in
place of his father,
Herod, he was afraid
to return there; and
being warned in a
dream, he took refuge
in the region of Gali-
23 lee, and he went and
settled in a town
called Nazareth, in
fulfilment of the say-
ing of the prophets,
"He shall be called a
Jesus before His Public Ministry 21


LUKE 2:40-50
40 And the child grew
up and became strong
and thoughtful, with
God's blessing resting
41 on him. His parents
used to go to Jerusa-
lem every year at the
Passover Festival.
12 And when he was
twelve years old, they
went up as usual to
43 the festival and made
theircustomary stay.
When they started
back the boy Jesus
stayed behind in Je-
rusalem without his
parents' knowledge.
44 They supposed that
he was somewhere in
the party, and trav-
eled until the end of
the first day's journey,
and then they looked
everywhere for him
among their relatives
and acquaintances.
45 As they could not find
him, they went back
to Jerusalem in search
46 of him. And on the
third day they found
him inthe Temple,
sitting among the
teachers, listening to
them and asking them
47 questions, and every-
one who heard him
was astonished at his
intelligence and at the
answers he
48 When saw
his parents
him they were amazed,
and his mother said
to him "My child,
why did you treat us
22 The Student's Gospels

like this? Here your

fatherand I have been
looking for you and
have been very anx-
49 ious." He said to
them, "How did you
come to look for me?
Did you not know
that I must be at my
so Father's house?" But
they did not under-
stand what he told


LTTKE 2:51-52
si And he went back
with them to Naza-
reth and obeyed them.
And his mother treas-
ured all these things
52 up in her mind. As
Jesus grew older he
gained in wisdom and
won the approval of
God and men.
MATTHEW 3 : 112 MARK 1 1-8 LUKE: 3 1-20

3 In those days John 1 The beginning of 3 In the fifteenth year

the Baptist appeared, the good news of Jesus of the reign of the Em-
and preached in the .2 Christ. As it is writ- peror Tiberius, when
2 desert of Judea. "Re- ten in the prophet Pontius Pilate was
pent!"hesaid, "forthe Isaiah, governor of Judea,
Kingdom of Heaven "Here I send my and Herod governor
3 iscoming!" It was he messenger on be- of Galilee, while his
who was spoken of by fore you; brother Philip was
the prophet Isaiah, He will prepare governor of the terri-
when he said, your way; tory of Iturea and
"Hark! Someone is 3 Hark! Someone is Trachonitis, and Ly-
shouting in the shouting in the sanias was governor
desert, desert, 2 of Abilene, in the high
'Get the Lord's way 'Get the Lord's way priesthood of Annas
ready !
ready, and Caiaphas, a mes-
Make his paths Make his paths sage from God came
" "
straight!' straight.' to Zechariah's son
i John wore
clothing 4 John the baptizer ap- John in the desert.
made of hair cloth, peared in the desert, 3 And he went all
and he had a leather and preached repent- through the Jordan
belt around his waist, ance and baptism in Valley preaching re-
and he lived on dried order to obtain the pentance and baptism
locusts and wild hon- forgiveness of sins. in order to obtain the
6 ey. Then Jerusalem s And Judea and ev-
all 4 forgiveness of sins, as
and all Judea and the erybody in Jerusalem the book of the ser-
whole Jordan valley went out to him there, mons of the prophet
e went out to him, and and accepted baptism Isaiah says,
they were baptized by from him in the Jor- "Hark! Someone is
him in the Jordan dan River, acknowl- shouting in the
River, in acknowledg- edging their sins. desert,
ment of their sins. e John's clothing was Get the Lord's way
7 But when he saw made of hair cloth, ready !

many of the Pharisees and the belt around Make his paths
and Sadducees .coming his waist was leather, straight.
for baptism, he said to and he livedon dried s Every hollow must
them, "You brood of locusts and wild hon- be filled up,
24 The Student's Gospels

snakes! Who warned 7 ey. And this was his And every moun-
you escape from
to message: "After me tain and hill lev-
the wrath that is com- there coming one
is eled.
s ing? Then produce stronger than I am, What is crooked is
fruit that willbe con- one whose shoes I am to be made
sistent with your pro- not fit to stoop down straight,
fessed repentance ! s and untie. I have And the rough
9 Do not suppose that baptized you in water, roads are to be
you can say to your- but he will baptize made smooth,
selves, 'We have Ab- you in the holy Spir- e And all mankind is

raham for our fore- it." to see how God

father,' for I tell you can save!"
God can produce de- 7 So he would say to the
scendants for Abra- crowds that came out
ham right out of these there to be baptized,
10 stones But the ax
! by him, "You brood
isalready lying at the of snakes! Who
roots of the trees. warned you to fly
Any tree that fails to from the wrath that is
produce good fruit is s coming? Then pro-
going to be cut down duce fruit that will be
and thrown into the consistent with your
11 fire. I am baptizing professed repentance!
you water in token
in And do not begin to
of your repentance, say to yourselves, 'We
but he who is coming have Abraham for our
after me is stronger forefather,' for I tell
than I am, and I am you, God can produce
not fit to carry his descendants for Abra-
shoes. He will bap- ham right out of these
tize you in the holy 9 stones But the ax is

12 Spirit and in fire. His already lying at the

winnowing fork is in roots of the trees.
his hand, and he will Any tree that fails to
clean up his threshing- produce good fruit is
floor, and store his going to be cut down
wheat in his barn, but and thrown into the
he will burn up the 10 fire." The crowds
chaff with inextin- would ask him, "Then
guishable fire." what ought we to do?"
11 And he answered,
"The man who has
two shirts must share
with the man who has
none, and the man
who has food must do
12 the same." Even tax-
collectors came to be
baptized, and they
The Beginning of the Public Ministry of Jesus 25

_ said to him, "Master,

what ought we to do?"
is He said to them, "Do
not collect any more
than you are author-
u ized to." And soldiers
would ask him, "And
what ought we do?"
He said to them, "Do
not extort money or
make false charges
against people, but be
satisfied with your
is pay." As all this
aroused people's ex-
pectations, and they
were all wondering in
their hearts whether
John was the Christ,
is John said to them all,
"I am only baptizing
you in water, but
someone is coming
who stronger than I

am, whose shoes I am

not fit to untie. He
will baptize you in the
holy Spirit and in fire.
17 He has his winnowing
fork in his hand, to
clean up his thresh-
ing-floor, and store his
wheat in his barn, but
he will burn up the
chaff with inextin-
is guishable fire." So
with many varied ex-
hortations he would
preach the good news
19 to the people, but
Herod the governor,
whom he condemned
because of Herodias,
his brother's wife, and
allthe wicked things
Herod had done,
20 crowned them all by
putting John in pris-
26 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 3 13-17
: MAKE: 1:9-11 LUKE 3:21-22
is Then Jesus came 9 It was in those days 21 Now when all the
from Galilee to the that Jesus came from people were baptized
Jordan, to John, to be Nazareth in Galilee, and when Jesus also
14 baptized by him. But and was baptized by after hisbaptism was
John dissuaded him, John in the Jordan. praying, heaven op-
and said, "I need to 10 And just as he was 22 ened and the holy
be baptized by you, coming up out of the Spirit came down up-
and do you come to water he saw the on him in the material
me?" heavens torn open and shape of a dove, and
is But Jesus answered, the Spirit coming there came a voice
"Let it be so this down like a dove to from heaven, "You
time, for it is right for 11 enter into him, and are my Son, my Be-
us to do everything out of the heavens loved! You are my
that God requires." came a voice: "You Chosen!"
Then John consented. are my Son, my Be-
IB And when Jesus was loved! You are my
baptized, he went Chosen!"
right up out of the
water, and the heav-
ens opened, and he
saw the Spirit of God
come down like a dove
and light upon him,
17 and a voice from heav-
en said, "This is my
Son, my Beloved !

This is. my Chosen."


MATTHEW 4 1-11
: MARK 1 : 12-13 LUKE 4:1-13
4 Then Jesus was 12 The spirit immedi- 4 Jesus returned from
guided by the Spirit ately drove him out the Jordan full of the
into the desert, to be is into the desert. And holy Spirit, and he
tempted by the devil. he remained hi the des- was led about in the
2 And he fasted forty ert for forty days, and desert for forty days
days and nights, and Satan tried to tempt 2 by the Spirit, and was
after it he was fam- him there and he was
; tempted by the devil.
3 ished. And the tempt- among the wild ani- In all those days he
ercame up and said to mals; but the angels ate nothing, and when
him, "If you are God's waited on him. they were over he was
son, tell these stones 3 famished. And the
to turn into bread!" devil said to him, "If
4 But he answered, you are God's son, tell
"The Scripture says, this stone to turn into
The Beginning of the Public Ministry of Jesus 27

'Not on bread alone is * bread!" Jesus an-

man to live, but on swered, "The Scrip-
every word that comes ture says, 'Not on
from the mouth of bread alone is man to
5 God!'" Then the devil slive!' And
he took
took him to the holy him up and showed
city, and made him him in an instant all
stand on the summit the kingdoms of the
e of the Temple, and a world. And the devil
said to him, "If you said to him, "I will
are God's son, throw give you all this power
yourself down, for the and their splendor, for
Scripture says, it has been turned
'He will give his over to me, and I can
angels orders give it to anyone I
about you, 7 please. If you will do
And they will lift homage before me, it
you up with their shall all be yours."
hands s Jesus answered, "The
So that you may Scripture says, 'You
never strike your must do homage be-
foot against a fore the Lord your
stone!' God, and worship him
7 Jesus said to him, 9 alone.' And he took
"The Scripture also him to Jerusalem, and
says, 'You shall not made him stand on
try the Lord your the summit of the
s God.' Again the Temple, and said to
devil took him to a him, "If you are God's
very high mountain, son, throw yourself
and he showed him all 10 down from here, for
the kingdoms of the the Scripture says,
world and their splen- 'He will give his an-
9 dor, and said to him, gels orders about
"I will give all this to you, to protect you,'
you, if you will fall on 11 and 'They will lift you
your knees and do up with their hands,
homage to me." so that you may never
10 Then Jesus said to strike your foot
him, "Begone, Satan! against a stone.'
For the Scripture 12 Jesus answered, "We
says, 'You must do have been told, 'You
homage to the Lord not try the Lord
your God, and wor-
is your God.' When
ship him alone !' the devil had tried
11 Then the devil left every kind of tempta-
him, and angels came tion he left him till
and waited on him. another time.


MATTHEW 4 12-17
: MARK 1 : 14-15 LUKE 4 : 14-15
12 But when Jesus 14 After John was ar- 14 Under the power of
heard that John had rested, Jesus went in- the Spirit Jesus re-
been arrested, he re- to Galilee proclaiming turned to Galilee, and
treated to Galilee, the good news from news of him went all
is And he Nazareth
left is God, saying, "The is over that region. And
and went and settled time has come and the he taught in their
in Capernaum, by the reign of God is near; synagogues, and was
sea, in the district of repent, and believe honored by them all.
Zebulon and Naph- this good news."
14 thali, in fulfilment of
what was said by the
prophet Isaiah,
is "Zebulon's land, and
Naphthali's land,
Along the road to
the sea, across
the Jordan,
Galilee of the na-
tions !

16 The people that

were living in
Have seen a great
And on those who
were living in the
land of the shad-
ow of death
A light has
17 From that time Je-
sus began to preach
and say, "Repent!
for the Kingdom of
Heaven is coming!"
The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 29


MATTHEW 4 : 18-22 MAHK 1:16-20 LTJKE 5:1-11
ts As he was walking is As he was passing 5 Once as the crowd
by the Sea of Galilee, along the shore of the was pressing about
he saw two brothers, Sea of Galilee, he saw him to hear God's
Simon, who was after- Simon and his brother message, he happened
ward called Peter, and Andrew casting then 1
to be standing by the
his brother, Andrew, nets in the sea, for Lake of Gennesaret,
casting a net into the they were fishermen. 2 and he saw two boats
sea, for they were fish- 17 Jesus said to them, on the shore of the
19 ermen. He said to "Come, follow me, and lake, for the fishermen
them, "Come and fol- I will make you fish had gotten out of
low me, and I will is for men." They im- them and were wash-
make you fish for mediately abandoned 3 ing their nets. And
2o men !
' '

They immedi- then nets and fol-

he got into one of the
ately dropped their 19 lowed him. He went boats, which belonged
nets and went with on a little farther and to Simon, and asked
21 him. And he went on saw James, the son of him to push out a
a little farther and Zebedee, and his little from the shore.
saw two other men brother John; they Then he sat down and
who were brothers, too were in their boat taught the crowds of
James, the son of Zeb- putting their nets in people from the boat.
edee, and his broth- 20 order. He immediate- 4 When he stopped
er, John, in the boat ly called them. And speaking, he said to
with Zebedee, their they left their father Simon, "Push out in-
father, putting their Zebedee in the boat to deep water, and
nets in order, and he with the hired men then put down your
22 called them. And and went off .
after s nets for a haul." Si-
they immediately left him. mon answered, "Mas-
the boat and their ter, we worked all
father and went with night and caught
him. nothing, but as you
tell me to do it, I will
put down the nets."
e So they did so, and in-
closed such a shoal of
fish that their nets be-
7 gan to break. And
they signaled to their
comrades in the other
boat to come and
help them. And they
came, and they filled
both boats so full that
they began to sink.
s When Simon Peter
saw it, he fell down at
Jesus' feet and said,
30 The Student's Gospels

"Leave me, Master,

for I am a sinful
9 man." For he and all
the men with him
were perfectly
amazed at the haul of
fish that they had
10 made, and so were
Zebedee's sons, James
and John, who were
Simon's partners. Je-
sus said to Simon,
"Do not be afraid.
From now on you are
11 men!" And
to catch
they brought the
boats to land and left
everything and fol-
lowed him.



MATTHEW 8 14-17
: MARK 1:21-34 LUKE 4: 31-41
14 Jesus went into 21 They proceeded to 31 And he came down
Peter's house, and Capernaum, and on the to Capernaum, a town
there he found Peter's very first Sabbath he in Galilee. And he
mother-in-law sick in went to the synagogue taught them on the
is bed with fever. And 22 and taught. And they 32 Sabbath, and they
he touched her hand were amazed at his were amazed at his
and the fever left her teaching, for he taught teaching, for he spoke
and she got up and them like one who had 33 with authority. There
in waited on him. In the authority, and not was a man in the
evening they brought 23 like the scribes. Just synagogue who was
to him many who then there was in their possessed by the spir-
were possessed by de- synagogue a man un- it of a foul demon and
mons, and he drove der the control of a he cried out loudly,
the spirits out with a foul spirit, and he 34 "Ha! What do you
word, and cured all 24 cried out, "What do want of us, Jesus, you
17 who were sick, in ful- you want of us, Jesus, Nazarene? Have you
filment of the words you Nazarene? Have come to destroy us?
of the prophet Isaiah, you come to destroy I know who you are!
"He took our sickness us? I know who you You are God's Holy
and carried away our are, you are God's 35 One!" Jesus reproved
diseases." 25 Holy One!" Jesus re- him and said, "Si-
proved him, and said, lence! Get out of
"Silence! Get out of him!" And the de-
26 him!" The foul spirit mon threw the man
convulsed the man down in the midst of
and gave a loud cry them, and came out
The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 31

and went out of him. of him, without doing

27 And they were all so 36 him any harm. And
amazed that they dis- they were all amazed
cussed it with one an- and said to one an-
other, and said, other, "What is the
"What does this meaning of this teach-
mean? It is a new ing? For he gives or-
teaching He gives
! ders authoritatively
orders with authority and effectually to the
even to the foul spir- foul spirits,and they
its,and they obey 37 come out." And news
zs him!" And his fame of him spread to every
immediately spread in place in that region.
all directions through ss When he got up and
the whole neighbor- left the synagogue, he
29 hood of Galilee. As went to Simon's
soon as they left the house. And Simon's
synagogue, they went mother-in-law was
with James and John suffering with a severe
to the house of Simon attack of fever, and
so and Andrew. Simon's they asked him about
mother-in-law was in 39 her. And he stood
bed, sick with a fever, over her and reproved
and they immediately the fever and it left
told him about her. her, and she got up
31 And he went up to and waited on them.
her, and grasping her 40 As the sun went down
hand, he made her all who had friends
rise. And the fever sick with various dis-
left her, and she wait- eases brought them to
as ed on them. In the him, and he laid his
evening, after sunset, hands on every one of
they brought to him them and cured them.
all who were sick or 41 And demons came out
possessed by demons, of many people, cry-
33 and the whole town ing out, "You are the
was gathered at the Son of God!" But he
34 door. And he cured reproved them and for-
many who were sick bade them to speak,
with various diseases, because they knew he
and drove out many was the Christ.
demons, and he would
not let the demons
speak, because they
knew that he was
32 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 8:2-4 MAKE 1:35-45 LUKE 4:42-44; 5:12-16
2 And a leper came 35 Early in the morn- 42 When it was day, he
up to him and fell on ing, long before day- left the house and
his knees before him, light, he got up and left made his way to a
saying, "If you only the house and went lonely and
choose, sir, you can off to a lonely spot, crowds of people went
a cure me!" So he and prayed there. in search of him, and
stretched out his ae And Simon and his overtook him and
hand and touched companions sought tried to keep him from
him, saying, "I do 37 him out and found leaving them. But he
choose! Be cured!" him, and said to him, said to them, "I must
And his leprosy was "They are all looking preach the good news
immediately cured, 38 foryou!" He said to of the Kingdom of
j Then Jesus said to them, "Let us go God to the
him, "See that you somewhere else, to towns also, for that is
tell nobody, but go! the neighboring coun- what I was sent to
Show yourself to the try towns, so that I 44 do." So he went
priest, and in proof of may preach in them, about Judea, preach-
your cure, offer the too, for that is why I ing in the synagogues.
gift that Moses pre- 39 came out here." So 5, When he was in one
scribed." he went all through he came
of the towns,
Galilee, preaching in upon a man covered
their synagogues and with leprosy. And
driving out de- the when he saw Jesus he
40 mons. There came to fell down on his face,
him a leper appealing and begged him, say-
to him on his knees, ing, "If you only
saying to him, "If choose, sir, you can
you only choose, you is cure me!" And he
41 can cure me." And stretched out his hand
he pitied him and and touched him, say-
stretched out his hand ing, "I do choose!
and touched him, and Be cured!" And the
said to him, "I do leprosy immediately
choose! Be cured!" 14 left him. Then he
42 And the leprosy im- warned him to tell no-
mediately left him, body, "But go," he
and he was cured. said, "show yourself
4:1 And Jesus immediate- to the priest, and in
ly drove him away proof of your cure
with stern injunctions, make the offerings for
44 saying to him, "See your purification, just
that you say nothing as Moses prescribed."
about this to any- is Yet the news about
body, but begone ! him spread more and
show yourself to the more, and great
priest, and in proof crowds gathered to
The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 33

of your cure make the hear him and to be

offerings for your puri- cured of their dis-
fication which Moses eases. But Jesus him-
is prescribed." But he self would retire into
went off and began to the desert and pray.
talk so much about it,
and to spread the
story so widely, that
Jesus could no longer
go into a town open-
ly, but stayed out in
unfrequented places,
and people came to
him from every direc-


MATTHEW 9 : 1-8 MAHK2:1-12 LUKE 5: 17-26
9 So he got into the 2 Some days later he 17
One day as he was
boat and crossed the came back to Caper- teaching, there were
sea, and returned to naum, and people some Pharisees and
his owncity. Some heard that he was at experts in the Law
sitting near by, who
people came bringing home, and such a
to him on a bed a man crowd gathered that had come from every
who was paralyzed. after a while there was village in Galileeand
Seeing their faith, Je- no room even around Judea and from Jeru-
sus said to the man, the door, and he was salem. The power of
"Courage, my son! telling them his mes- the Lord was there, so
Your sins are forgiv- 3
sage.And some peo- that he might cure
en." Some of the plecame bringing to 18
people. Some men
scribes said to them- him a man who was came up carrying on a
selves, "This man is paralyzed, four of bed a man who was
talking blasphemy !" them carrying him. paralyzed, and they
4 4
Jesus knew what they As they could not get tried to get him in and
were thinking, and he him near Jesus on ac- lay him before Jesus.
said, "Why do you count of the crowd, 19
And as they could find
have such wicked they broke open the no way to get him in,
thoughts in your roof just over his on account of the
hearts? For which is head, and through the crowd, they went up
easier, to say 'Your opening they lowered on the roof and let
sins are forgiven/ or the mat with the para- him down with his
to say, 'Getup and lytic lying on it. mat through the tiles,
walk'? But I would 5
When Jesus saw their among the people in
have you know that faith, he said to the
front of Jesus. When
the Son of Man has paralytic, "My
son, he saw their faith, he
authority to forgive your sins are forgiv- said, "Friend, your
sins on earth." Then en." There were some sins are forgiven!"
he said to the para- scribes sitting there And the scribes and
34 The Student's Gospels

lytic,"Get up, pick pondering and saying the Pharisees began

up your bed and go 7 to themselves, "Why to debate and say,
Thome!" And he got does this man talk so? "Who is this man who
up and went home. This is blasphemy. talks blasphemy?
s And when the crowd Who can forgive sins Who can forgive sins
saw it, they were filled s but God alone?" Je- 22 but God alone?" But
with awe, and praised sus, at once perceiv- Jesus saw what they
God for giving such ing by his spirit that were discussing, and
power to men. they were pondering said to them, "What
over this, said to are you pondering
them, "Why do you over in your minds?
ponder over this in 23 Which is easier, to
9 your minds? Which is say, 'Your sins are for-
easier, to say to this given,' or to say, 'Get
paralytic, 'Your sins 24 up and walk'? But to
are forgiven,' or to say letyou know that the
to him, 'Get up and Son of Man has au-
pick up your mat and thority to forgive sins
10 walk'? But you to let on earth" turning to
know that the Son of the man who was
Man has authority to paralyzed he said to
forgive sins on earth," him "I tell you, get
turning to the para- up your mat,
up, pick
11 lytic he said, "I tell 25 and go home!" And
you, get up, pick up he got up at once be-
your mat,' and go fore them all, and
12 home!" And he got picked up what he had
up, and immediately been lying on, and
picked up his mat and went home, praising
went out before them 26 God. They were all
all, so that they were seized with astonish-
all astonished and ment, and praised
acknowledged the God, and filled with
power of God, saying, awe they said, "We
"We never saw any- have seen something
thing like this before." wonderful today!"


MATTHEW 9 9-13
: MAKE 2 : 13-17 LTJKE 5:27-32
a Afterward, as Jesus is He went out of the 27 After this he went
was passing along, he town again and along out, and he saw a tax-
saw a man called the shore, and all the collector named Levi
Matthew sitting at people came to him sitting at the toll-
the tollhouse, and he and he taught them. house, and he said to
said to him, "Follow 14 And as he was passing him, "Follow me."
me!" And he got up along he saw Levi, the 28 And he left everything
and followed him. son of Alpheus, sitting and got up and fol-
10 While Jesus was at at the tollhouse, and 29 lowed him. Then Levi
The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 35

home at table, a num- he said to him, "Fol- gave a great enter-

ber of tax-collectors low me." And he got tainment for him in
and irreligious people up and followed him. his house, and there
came in and joined is He was at table in was a great throng of
Jesus and his disciples his house, with many tax-collectors and
11 at table. And the tax-collectors and ir- others who were at
Pharisees observed it, religious people who so table with them. And
and they said to his were at table with the Pharisees and
disciples, "Why does him and his disciples, their scribes grumbled
your master eat with for there were many of about it to his dis-
tax-collectorsand ir- them among his fol- ciples, and said, "Why
religious people?" 16 lowers. And when do you eat and drink
12 But he heard it, and the scribes who were with tax-collectors
said, "It is not well of the Pharisees' party and irreligious peo-
people but the sick saw that he was eating 31 pie?" Jesus answered
who have to have the with irreligious people them, "It is not well
13 doctor! You must go and tax-collectors, people but the sick
and learn what the they said to his dis- who have to have the
saying means, 'It is ciples, "Why does he 32 doctor. I have not
mercy, not sacrifice, eat with tax-collectors come to invite the
that I care for.' I did and irreligious peo- pious but the irreli-
not come to invite the 17 pie?" Jesus heard it, gious to repentance!"
pious but the irreli- and said to them, "It
gious." is not well people but
the sick who have to
have the doctor. I did
not come to invite the
pious but the irreli-


MATTHEW 9 14-17
: MARK 2: 18-22 LUKE 5:33-39
14 Then the disciples is Now John's dis- 33 They said to him,
of John came up to ciples and the Phari- "John's disciples ob-
him and said, "Why is sees were keeping a serve frequent fasts
it that we and the fast. And people and offer prayers, and
Pharisees are keeping came and asked him, so do the disciples of
the fast, while your "Why is it that when the Pharisees, but
disciples are not keep- John's disciples and your disciples eat and
is ing it?" Jesus said to the disciples of the 34 drink." Jesus said to
them, "Can wedding Pharisees are keeping them, "Can you make
guests mourn as long the fast, yours are not wedding guests fast
as the bridegroom is 19 keeping it?" Jesus while the bridegroom
with them? But a said to them, "Can 35 is with them? But
tune will come when wedding guests fast other days will come,
the bridegroom will while the bridegroom and when the bride-
be taken from them, is with them? As long groom is taken away
and they will fast as they have the from them, in those
36 The Student's Gospels

16 then. But no one bridegroom with them days they will fast."
sews a patch of un- 20 they cannot fast. But se He used this figure al-
shrunken cloth on an a time will come when so in speaking to
old coat, for the patch the bridegroom will them: "No one tears
will tear away from be taken from them, a piece from a new
the coat, and make and when that day coat and sews it on an
the hole worse than comes, they will fast. old one, or if he does,
17 ever. And people do 21 No one sews a patch he will both tear the
not put new wine into of unshrunken cloth new one and the piece
old wine-skins, or if on an old coat; or if from the new one will
they do, the skins he does, the patch not match the old one.
burst, and the wine tears away, the new 37 And nobody puts new
runs out and the from the old, and wine into old wine-
skins are spoiled. But makes the hole worse skins, or if he does, the
people put new wine 22 than ever. And no new wine will burst
into fresh wine-skins, one pours new wine the skins and run out,
and so both are into old wine-skins ;
and the skins will be
saved." or if he does, the wine ss spoiled. New wine has
bursts the skins, and to be put into fresh
the wine is lost, and 39 skins. No one after
the skins too. New drinking old wine
wine has to be put in- wants new, for he
to fresh skins." says, 'The old is bet-


MATTHEW 12 1-8
: MARK 2: 23-28 LUKE 6:1-5
12 At that same time 23 He happened to be 6 One Sabbath he
Jesus walked one Sab- passing through the happened to be pass-
bath through the wheat fields on the ing through the wheat
wheat and his
fields, Sabbath, and his dis- fields and his disciples
disciples became hun- ciples began to pick were picking the
gry and began to the heads of wheat as heads of wheat, and
pick the heads of they made their way eating them, rubbing
wheat and eat them. 24 through. And the them in their hands.
2 But the Pharisees saw Pharisees said to him, 2 And some of the Phar-
it and said to him, "Look! Why are they isees said, "Why do
"Look! Your dis- doing what it is you do what it is

ciples are doing some- against the Law to do against the Law to do
thing which it is 25 on the Sabbath?" He 3 on the Sabbath?" Je-
against the Law to do said them, "Did
to sus answered, "Have
3 on the Sabbath !" But you never read what you not read even
he said to them, "Did David did, when what David did, when
you never read what he was in need and he and his companions
David did, when he hungry, he and his 4 were hungry? How he
and his companions 26 men? How is it that went into the house of
4 were hungry? How is he went into the house God and took the
The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 37

it that he went into of God when Abiathar Presentation Loaves,

the House of God and was high priest, and which it was against
that they ate the ate the Presentation the Law for anyone
Presentation Loaves Loaves, which it is but the priests to eat,
which it was against against the Law for and ate them with his
the Law for him and anyone but the priests s companions?" And
hiscompanions to eat, to eat, and gave some he said to them, "The
or for anyone except to his companions Son of Man is master
s the priests? Or did 27 too?" And he said to of the Sabbath."
you never read in the them, "The Sabbath
Law how the priests was made for man,
in the Temple are not not man for the Sab-
guilty when they 28 bath, and so the Son
break the Sabbath? of Man is master
e But I tell you, there is even of the Sabbath."
something greater
than the Temple here !

7 But if you knew what

the saying means, 'It
is mercy, not sacrifice,
that I care for,' you
would not have con-
demned men who are
s not guilty. For the
Son of Man is master
of the Sabbath."


MATTHEW 12:9-21 MAEK3:l-6 LUKE 6:6-11
o And he left the 3 He went again to
a e On another Sab-
place and went into synagogue, and there bath he happened to
their synagogue. was a man there with go to the synagogue
10 There a man
was one hand withered. and teach. There was
there with one hand 2 And they were watch- a man there whose
withered. And in or- ing him closely, to see right hand was with-
der to get a charge to whether he would cure 7 ered. And the scribes
bring against him, him on the Sabbath, and the Pharisees were
they asked him, "Is it in order to get a on the watch to see
right to cure people on charge to bring whether he would cure
11 the Sabbath?" But 3 against him. He said people on the Sab-
he said to them, "Who to the man with the bath, in order to find
among you if he has withered hand, "Get a charge to bring
even a single sheep up and come for- s against him. But he
and it falls into a hole 4 ward." And he said knew what they were
on the Sabbath, will to them, "Is it allow- thinking, and he said
not take hold of it and able to do people to the man with the
12 lift it out? And how good on the Sabbath, withered hand, "Get
38 The Student's Gospels

much more a man is or to do them harm? up and stand in

worth than a sheep! To save life or to front." And he got up
Therefore, it is right kill?" But they made 9 and stood there. Jesus
to do people good on s no answer. And he said to them, "I want
13 the Sabbath." Then looked around at to ask you, Is it allow-
he said to the man, them with anger, hurt able on the Sabbath
"Hold out your by their obstinacy, to do people good or
hand!" And he held and he said to the to do them harm? To
it out, and it was re- man, "Hold out your save life or destroy
stored and became hand!" And he held 10 it?" And he looked
as well as the other. it out, and hishand around at them all
14 But the Pharisees left e was cured. Then the and said to the man,
the synagogue and Pharisees left the syn- "Hold out your
consulted about him, agogues and immedi- hand!" And he did
with a view to putting ately consulted with so, and his hand was

is him to death. But Je- the Herodians about 11 restored. But they
sus knew of this, and Jesus, with a view to were perfectly furious,
he left that place. putting him to death. and discussed with
one another what they
And numbers of peo-
him could do to Jesus.
ple followed
about, and he cured
it them all, and warned
them not to say any-
17 thing about him in
fulfilment of what was
said by the prophet
is "Here is my servant
whom I have se-
My beloved, who
delights my
heart !

1 will endow him

with my Spirit,
And he will an-
nounce a judg-
ment to the
19 He will not wrangle
or make an out-
And no one will
hear his voice in
the streets;
21) He will not break
off a bent reed,
And he will not put
The Beginning of Jesus' Work in Galilee 39

out a smoldering
Until he carries his
judgment to suc-
21 The heathen will
rest their hopes
on his name!"
MATTHEW 4:23-25 MAKE 3: 7-12 LUKE 6:17-19
23 Then he went all 7 So Jesusretired 17 And he came down
over Galilee, teaching with his disciples to with them and took
in their synagogues the seashore, and a his stand on a level
and proclaiming the great many people place with a great
good news of the from Galilee followed throng of his disciples,
kingdom, and curing him, and from Judea and a large number of
any disease or sick- s and Jerusalem and people from all over
ness among the peo- Idumea and from the Judea and from Jeru-
24 pie. Word went all other side of the Jor- salem and the sea-
through Syria about dan and from the coast district of Tyre
him, and people neighborhood of Tyre and Sidon, who had
brought to him all and Sidon a great come to hear him and
who were suffering many who had heard to be cured of their
with any kind of dis- of the things he was is diseases. And those
ease, or who were in doing came to him. who were troubled
great pain demo- 9 He told his disciples with foul spirits were
niacs, epileptics, and to have a boat always 19 cured. And all the
paralytics and he ready for his use, to people tried to touch
25 cured them. Great prevent his being him, because power
crowds followed him crushed by the crowd. went forth from him
about, from Galilee 10 For he cured so many and cured them all.
and the Ten Towns people that all who
and Jerusalem and had any ailments
Judea and from the pressed up to him to
other side of the Jor- 11 touch him. And
dan. whenever the foul
spirits saw him, they
fell down before him
and screamed out,
"You are the Son of
12 God!" And he
warned them repeat-
edly not to tell who he

A Period of Conflict in Galilee 41


MATTHEW 10:1-4 MAKE 3 13-19a
: LUKE 6 12-16

10 Then he called his 13 And he went up the 12 Itwas in those days

twelve disciples to hillside and sum- that he went up on
him and gave them moned to him those the mountain to pray,
power over the foul whom he wanted, and and passed the whole
spirits so that they 14 they went to him. He night in prayer to
could drive them out, appointed twelve of 13 God. When day
and so that they could them, whom he called came, he called his
heal any disease or ill- apostles, to be with disciples to him, and
2 ness. These are the him and to be sent chose twelve of them
names of the twelve is out to preach, with whom he named apos-
apostles: Simon,
first, power to drive out the 14 ties:Simon, whom
who was called Pe- IB demons. These were he named Peter, his
ter,and his brother the twelve he appoint- brother Andrew,
Andrew, and James ed: Peter, which was James, John, Philip,
the son of Zebedee the name he gave to is Bartholomew, Mat-
and his brother John, 17 Simon, James the son thew, Thomas, James,
a Philip and Bartholo- of Zebedee, and John, the son of Alpheus, Si-
mew, Thomas and James's brother (he. mon, who was called
Matthew the tax-col- named them Boa- IB the Zealot, Judas, the
lector, James the son nerges, that is Sons of son of James, and
of Alpheus and Thad- is Thunder), Andrew, Judas Iscariot, who
4 deus, Simon the Zeal- Philip, Bartholomew, turned out a traitor.
ot and Judas Iscariot Matthew, Thomas,
who afterward be- James the son of Al-
trayed him. pheus, Thaddeus, Si-
mon the Zealot, and
Judas Iscariot, who
betrayed him.


MATTHEW 5 1 8 1 : : LUKE 6:20-49
5 When he saw the 20 Then he fixed his
crowds of people he eyes on his disciples,
went up on the moun- and said, "Blessed are
tain. There he seated you who are poor, for
himself, and when his the Kingdom of God
disciples had come up 21 is yours! Blessed are
2 to him, he opened his you who are hungry
lips to teach them. now, for you will be
3 And he "Blessed
said, satisfied! Blessed are
are those who feel you who weep now,
their spiritual need, for you will laugh!
for the Kingdom of 22 Blessed are you when
Heaven belongs to people hate you and
4 them Blessed are the
! exclude you and de-
42 The Student's Gospels

mourners, for they nounce you and spurn

will be consoled ! the name you bear as
s Blessed are the hum- evil, on account of the
ble-minded, for they 23 Son of Man. Be glad
will possess the land! when that happens,
e Blessed are those who and leap for joy, for
are hungry and thirsty you will be richly re-
for uprightness, for warded in heaven, for
they will be satisfied! that is the way their
7 Blessed are the merci- forefathers treated the
ful, for they will be 24 prophets. But alas for
shown mercy! you who are rich, for
s Blessed are the pure you have had your
in heart, for they will 2s comfort Alas for you

9 see God! Blessed are who have plenty to

the peacemakers, for eat now, for you will
they will be called be hungry! Alas for
10 God's sons! Blessed you who laugh now,
are those who have for you will mourn
endured persecution 26 and weep Alas for

for then- uprightness, you when everyone

for the Kingdom of speaks well of you, for
Heaven belongs to that is the way their
11 them! Blessed are forefathers treated the
you when people 27 false prophets! But
abuse you, and perse- I tell you who hear
cute you, and falsely me, love your ene-
say everything bad of mies, treat those who
you, on my account. 28 hate you well, bless
12 Be glad and exult those who curse you,
over it, for you will be pray for those who
richly rewarded in 29 abuse you. To the
heaven, for that is the man that strikes you
way they persecuted on the cheek, offer the
the prophets who other also, and from
is went before you ! You the man who takes
are the salt of the away your coat, do
earth! But if salt loses not keep back your
its strength, how can 30 shirt either. Give to
it be made salt again? everyone that asks of
It is good for nothing you, and if anyone
but to be thrown takes away what is
away and trodden yours, do not demand
14 underfoot. You are 31 it back. And treat
the light of the world ! men just as you wish
A city that is built them to treat you.
upon a hill cannot be 32 If you love only those
is hidden. People do not who love you, what
light a lamp and put it merit is there in that?
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 43

under a peck-meas- For even godless peo-

ure; they put it on its ple love those who
stand and it gives light 33 love them. And if you
to everyone in the help only those who
16 house. Your light help you, what merit
must burn in that is there in that? Even

way among men so godless people act in

that they will see the 34 that way. And if you
good you do, and lend only to people
praise your Father in from whom you ex-
heaven. pect to get something,
17 "Do not suppose what merit is there in
that I have come to that? Even godless
do away with the Law people lend to godless
or the Prophets. I people, meaning to
have not come to do get back again in

away with them but 35 full. But

love your
is to enforce them. For enemies, and help
I tell you, as long as them and lend to
heaven and earth en- them, never despair-
dure, not one dotting ing, and you will be
of an i or crossing of a richly rewarded, and
t will be dropped from you will be sons of the
the Law until it is all Most High, for he is
ID observed. Anyone, kind even to the un-
therefore, who weak- grateful and the wick-
ens one of the slight- se ed. You must be
est of these commands, merciful, just as your
and teaches others to 37 Father is. Do not
do be ranked
so, will judge others, and they
lowest in the King- will not judge you.
dom of Heaven; but Do not condemn
anyone who observes them, and they will
them and teaches not condemn you.
others to do so will be Excuse others and
ranked high in the they will excuse you.
Kingdom of Heaven. ss Give, and they will
20 For I tell you that un- give to you; good
less your uprightness measure, pressed
isfar superior to that down, shaken togeth-
of the scribes and er, and running over,
Pharisees, you will they will pour into
never even enter the your lap. For the
Kingdom of Heaven! measure you use with
21 You have heard that others they in turn
the men of old were will use with you."
told 'You shall not 39 And he used a figure,
murder,' and 'Who- saying, "Can one
ever murders will have blind man lead an-
44 The Student's Gospels

to answer to the other? Will they not

22 court.' But I tell both fallinto a hole?
you that anyone who 40 A pupil is not better
gets angry with his than his teacher, but
brother will have to every pupil when he is
answer to the court, fully trained will be
and anyone who 41 like his teacher. Why
speaks contemptuous- do you keep looking
ly to his brother will at the speck in your
have to answer to the brother's eye, and pay
great council, and no attention to the
anyone who says to beam that is in your
his brother 'You 42 own? How can you
cursed fool !' will have say to your brother,
to answer for it in the 'Brother, just let me
23 fiery pit So when you
get that speck out of
are presenting your your eye,' when you
gift atthe altar, if cannot see the beam
you remember that in your own eye? You
your brother has any hypocrite First get

grievance against you, the beam out of your

24 leave your gift right own eye, and then you
there before the altar can see to get the
and go and make up speck in your broth-
with your brother ; 43 er's eye. For sound
then come back and trees do not bear bad
25 present your gift. Be fruit, nor bad trees
quick and come to 44 sound fruit. Every
terms with your op- tree is known by its
ponent while you are fruit. They do not
on the way to court pick figs off thorns, or
with him, or he may gather grapes from
hand you over to the 45 brambles. A good
judge, and the judge man, out of the good
may hand you over to he has accumulated in
the officer, and you his heart, produces
will be thrown into good, and a bad man,
26 prison. I tell you, you out of what he has
will never get out accumulated that is
again until you have bad, produces what
paid the last penny! is bad. For his mouth
27 You have heard that says only what his
men were told 46 heart is full of. Why
'You shall not com- do you call me: 'Lord !

2s mit adultery." But I Lord!' and not do

tell you that anyone 47 what I tell you? If
who looks at a woman anyone comes to me
with desire has al- and listens to this
ready committed teaching of mine and
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 45

adultery with her in acts upon it, I will

29 his heart. But if your show you whom he is
right eye makes you 48 like. He is like a man
fall, tear it out and who was building a
throw it away, for house, who dug deep
you might better lose and laid his founda-
one part of your body tion upon the rock,
than have it all and when there was a
thrown into the pit! flood the torrent burst
30 If your right hand upon that house and
makes you fall, cut it could not shake it, be-
off and throw it away, cause it was well built.
for you might better 49 But the man who lis-
lose one part of your tens to it, and does
body than have it all not act upon it, is like
go down to the pit! a man who built a
si They were told, 'Any- house on the ground
one who divorces his without any founda-
wife must give her a tion. The torrent burst
certificate of divorce." upon it, and it col-
32 But I tell you that lapsed at once, and
anyone who divorces the wreck of that
his wife on any house was complete."
ground, except un-
faithfulness, makes
her commit adultery,
and anyone who mar-
ries her after she is
divorced commits
33 adultery. Again, you
have heard that the
men of old were told,
'You shall not swear
falsely, but you must
fulfil your oaths to
34 the Lord.' But I tell
you not to swear at
all, either by heaven,
for it is God's throne,
as or by the
earth, for it
ishis footstool, or by
Jerusalem, for it is the
city of the great king.
sa You must not swear
by your own head, for
you cannot make one
single hair white or
37 black. But your way
of speaking must be
46 The Student's Gospels

'Yes' or 'No.' Any-

thing that goes be-
yond that comes from
as the evil one. You
have heard that they
were told, 'An eye for
an eye and a tooth for
39 a tooth.' But I tell
you not to resist in-
jury, but if anyone
strikes you on your
right cheek, turn the
40 other to him too; and
if anyone wants to sue
for your shirt, let him
have your coat too.
41 And if anyone forces
you to go one mile, go
two miles with him.
42 If anyone begs from
you, give to him, and
when anyone wants
to borrow from you,
do not turn away.
43 You have heard that
they were told, 'You
must love your neigh-
bor and hate your
44 enemy.' But I tell
you, love your enemies
and pray for your per-
45 secutors, so that you
may show yourselves
true sons of your
Father in heaven, for
he makes his sun rise
on bad and good
alike, and makes the
rain fall on the up-
right and the wrong-
46 doers. For if you love
only those who love
you, what reward can
you expect? Do not
the very tax-collectors
47 do that? And if you
are polite to your
brothers and no one
else, what is there re-
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 47

markable in that? Do
not the very heathen
48 do that? So you are
to be perfect, as your
heavenly Father is.
6 "But take care not
to do your good deeds
in public for people to
see, for, if you do, you
will get no reward
from your Father in
2 heaven. So when you
are going to give to
charity, do not blow
a trumpet before
yourself, as the hypo-
crites do, in the syna-
gogues and the streets,
to make people praise
them. I tell you, that
is all the reward they
3 will get! But when
you give to charity,
your own hand
must not know what
your right hand is
4 doing, so that your
charity may be secret,
and your Father who
seeswhat is secret will
5 reward you. When
you pray, you must
not be like the hypo-
crites, for they like to
pray standing in the
synagogues and in the
corners of the squares,
to let people see them.
I tell you, that is the
only reward they will
e get! But when you
pray, go into your
own room, and shut
the door, and pray to
your Father who is
unseen, and -your Fa-
ther who sees what
is secret will reward
7 you. And when you
48 The Student's Gospels

pray, do not repeat

empty phrases as the
heathen do, for they
imagine that their
prayers will be heard
if they use words
s enough. You must
not be like them. For
God, who is j'our
Father, knows what
you need before you
a ask him. This, there-
fore, is the way you
are to pray:
'Our Father in heav-
Your name be re-
vered !

10 Your kingdom
Your will be done
on earth as it is
done in heaven !

a Give us today bread

for the day,
12 And forgive us our
debts, as we have
forgiven our debt-
is And do not subject
us to temptation,
But save us from
the evil one.'
H For if you forgive
others when they of-
fend you, your heav-
enly Father will for-
is give you too. But if
you do not forgive
others when they
offend you, your heav-
enly Father will not
forgive you for j^our
IB offenses. When you
fast, do not put on a
gloomy look, like the
hypocrites, for they
neglect their personal
appearance to let peo-
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 49

pie see that they are

fasting. I tell you,
that is all the reward
n they will get. But
when you fast, per-
fume your hair and
is wash your face, so that
no one may see that
you are fasting, except
your Father who is
unseen, and your Fa-
ther who sees what is

secret, will reward

is you. Do not store up
your riches on earth,
where moths and rust
destroy them, and
where thieves break
in and steal them,
20 but store up your
riches in heaven,
where moths and rust
cannot destroy them,
and where thieves
cannot break in and
21 steal them. For wher-
ever your treasure is,
your heart will be al-
22 so. The eye is the
lamp of the body. If
then your eye is
sound, your whole
body will be light,
23 but if your eye is un-
sound, your whole
body will be dark. If,
therefore, your very
light is darkness, how
deep the darkness will
24 be! No slave can be-
long to two masters,
for he hate
will either
one and the
other, or stand by one
and make light of the
other. You cannot
serve God and money.
25 Therefore, I tell you,
do not worry about
50 The Student's Gospels

life,wondering what
you have to eat
or drink, or about
your body, wondering
what you will have to
wear. Is not life more
important than food,
and the body than
26 clothes? Look at the
wild birds. They do
not sow or reap, or
store their food in
barns, and yet your
heavenly Father feeds
them. Are you not of
more account than
27 they? But which of
you with all his worry
can add a single hour
28 to his life? Why
should you worry
about clothing? See
how the wild flowers
grow. They do not
29 toil or spin, and yet I
tell you, even Solo-
mon in all his splen-
dor was never dressed
so like one of them. But
if God so beautifully
dresses the wild grass,
which is alive today
and is thrown into the
furnace tomorrow,
will he notmuch more
surely clothe you, you
who have so little
31 faith? So do not
worry and say, 'What
shall we have to eat?'
or 'What shall we
have to drink?' or
'What shall we have
32 to wear?' For these
are all things the
heathen are in pur-
suit of, and your
heavenly Father
knows well that you i
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 51

33 need all this. But

you must make his
kingdom, and up-
rightness before him,
your greatest care,
and you will have all
these other things be-
34 sides. So do not wor-
ry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will
have worries of its
own. Let each day be
content with its own

7 "Pass no more
judgments upon other
people, so that you
may not have judg-
ment passed upon
2 you. For you will be
judged by the stand-
ard you judge by, and
men will pay you
back with the same
measure you have
3 used with them. Why
do you keep looking
at the speck in your
brother's eye, and
pay no attention to
the beam that is in
4 your own? How can
you say to your broth-
er, 'Just let me get
that speck out of your
eye,' when all the
time there is a beam
s in your own? You
hypocrite First get

the beam out of your

own eye, and then you
can see to get the
speck out of your
e brother's eye. Do not
give what is sacred to
dogs, and do not
throw your pearls be-
fore pigs, or they will
trample them under
52 The Student's Gospels

their feet and turn

and tear you in pieces.
7 Ask, and what you
ask will be given you.
Search, and you will
find what you search
for. Knock, and the
door will open to you.
s For it is always the
one who asks who re-
ceives, and the one
who searches who
finds, and the one who
knocks to whom the
9 door opens. Which of
you men when his son
asks him for some
bread will give him a
10 stone? Or if he asks
for a fish, will he give
11 him a snake? So if
you, bad as you are,
know enough to give
your children what is
good, how much more
surely will your Fa-
ther in heaven give
what is good to those
who ask him for it!
12 Therefore, you must
always .treat other
people as you would
like to have them
treat you, for this
sums up the Law and
is the Prophets. Go in
at the narrow gate.
For the road that
leads to destruction
is broad and spacious,
arid there are many
i4 who go in by it. But
the gate is narrow and
the road is hard that
leads to life, and there
are few that find it.
is Beware of the false
prophets, who come
to you disguised as
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 53

sheep but are raven-

ous wolves under-
16 neath. You can tell
them by their fruit.
Do people pick grapes
off thorns, or figs off
IT thistles? Just so any
sound tree bears good
fruit, but a poor tree
is bears bad fruit. No
sound tree can bear
bad fruit, and no poor
tree can bear good
19 fruit. Any tree that
does not bear good
down and
fruit is cut
20 burned. So you can
tell them by their
21 fruit. It is not every-
one whosays to me
'Lord! Lord!' who
will get into the King-
dom of Heaven, but
only those who do the
will of my Father in
22 heaven. Many will
say to me on that
Day, 'Lord Lord
! !

Was it not in your

name that we prophe-
sied, and by your
name that we did
many mighty acts?'
23 Then I will say to
them plainly, 'I never
knew you! Go away
from me, you who do
24 wrong!" Everyone,
therefore, who listens
to this teaching of
mine and acts upon
it, will be like a sensi-
ble man who built his
25 house on rock. And
the rain fell, and the
rivers rose, and the
winds blew, .and beat
about that house, and
it did not go down,
The Student's Gospels

for its foundations

26 were on rock. And
anyone who listens to
this teaching of mine
and does not act upon
it, will be like a foolish
man who built his
27 house on sand. And
the rain and the
rivers and the
winds blew and beat
about that house, and
it went down, and its
downfall was com-
28 plete." When Jesus
had finished this dis-
course, the crowds
were astounded at his
29 teaching, for he
taught them like one
who had authority
and not like their
8 scribes. When Jesus
came down from the
mountain, great
crowds of people fol-
lowed him.


MATTHEW 8 5-13 : LTJKE 7 1-10:

s When he got back 7 When he had fin-

to Capernaum, a Ro- ished saying all this in
man captain came up the hearing of the peo-
and appealed to him, ple, he went to Caper-
e saying, "My
servant, 2 naum. A Roman cap-
sir, islying sick with tain had a slave whom
paralysis at my
house, he thought a great
7 in great distress." He deal and the slave
said to him, "I will was sick and at the
come and cure him." a point of death. When
s But the captain an- the captain heard
swered, "I am not a about Jesus, he sent
suitable person, sir, to some Jewish elders to
have you come under him, to ask him to
my roof, but simply come and save his
say the word, and my 4 slave's life. And they
servant will be cured. went to Jesus and
9 For I am myself under urged him strongly to
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 55

the orders of others do it, and said, "He

and I have soldiers deserves to have you
under me, and I tell s do this for him, for he
one to go, and he goes, loves our nation, and
and another to come, it was he who built us
and he comes, and my 6 our synagogue." So
slave to do something, Jesus went with them.
and he does it." But when he was not
10 When Jesus heard this far from the house,
he was astonished and the captain sent some
said to his followers, friends to him, to say
"I tell you, I have not to him, "Master, do
found anyone in Israel not take any more
with such faith as this. trouble, for I am not
11 And I tell you, many a suitable person to
will come from the have you under my
east and from the 7 roof. That is why I
west and take their did not think I was fit
places at the feast to come to you. But
with Abraham, Isaac, simply say the word,
and Jacob, in the and have my servant
Kingdom of Heaven, s cured. For I am my-
12 while the heirs to the self under the orders of
kingdom will be driv- others, and I have sol-
en into the darkness diers under me, and I
outside, there to weep tell one to go, and he
and grind their teeth !" goes, and another to
is Then Jesus said to come, and he comes,
the captain, "Go! and my slave to do
You shall find it just something, and he
as you believe!" And o does it." When Jesus
the servant was im- heard this, he was
mediately cured. astonished at him,
and turning to the
crowd that was fol-
lowing him, he said,
"I tell you, I have not
found such faith as
this even hi Israel!"
10 And when the mes-
sengers went back to
the house, they found
the slave well.
56 The Student's Gospels


LUKE 7: 11-17
11 Soon afterward he
happened to go to a
town called Nain, and
his disciples and a great
throng of people were
12 with him. As he came
up to the gate of the
town, a dead man was
being carried out; he
was his mother's only
son, and she was a
widow. A crowd of
the townspeople was
is with her. And when
the Master saw her,
he pitied her, and said
to her, "Do not weep."
14 And he went up and
touched the bier, and
the bearers stopped.
And he said, "Young
man, I tell you, wake
is up!" And the dead
man up and began
to speak, and he gave
him back to his moth-
is er. And they were all
overcome with awe
and they praised God,
and said, "A great
prophet has appeared
among us!" and "God
has not forgotten his
17 people!" This story
about him spread all
over Judea and the
surrounding country.


MATTHEW 11 : 2-19 LTTKE 7 18-35

Now when John is John's disciples told

heard in prison of 19 him of all this, and he
what the Christ was called two of them to
doing, he sent by his him, and sent them to
s disciples and said to the Master to ask
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 57

him, "Are you the one him, "Are you the one
who was to come, or who was to come, or
should we look for should we look for
4 someone else?" Jesus 20 someone else?" And
answered, "Go and re- the men went to him
port to John what you and said, "John the
a hear and see. The Baptist sent us to you
blind are regaining to ask, 'Are you the
their sight and the one who was to come,
lame can .walk, the or should we look for
lepers are being cured 21 someone else?' " Just
and the deaf can hear, then he cured many
the dead are being of diseases and ail-
raised and good news ments and evil spirits,
is being preached to and he gave sight to
G the poor. And blessed many who were blind.
is the man who finds 22 And he answered
nothing that repels them, "Go and report
7 him in me." But as to John what you
they were going away, have seen and heard.
Jesus began to speak The blind are regain-
to the crowds about ing their sight, the
John. "What was it lame can walk, the
that you went out into lepers are being cured
the desert to look at? and the deaf can hear,
A reed swaying in the the dead are being
s wind? Then what did raised and good news
you go out there to is being preached to
see? A man luxurious- 23 the poor. And blessed
ly dressed? Men
who is the man who finds
dress in that way you nothing that repels
find in the palaces of 24 him in me." When
9 kings. Then why did John's messengers
you out there?
go were gone, he began
Was it to see a proph- to speak to the crowds
et? Yes, I tell you, about John. "What
and far more than a was it that you went
10 prophet! This is the out into the desert to
man of whom the look at? A reed sway-
Scripture says, 25 ing in the wind? Then
'Here I send my what did you go out
messenger on be- there to see? A man
fore you; luxuriously dressed?
He will prepare the Men who wear fine
road ahead of clothes and live in
you.' luxury you find in
11 I tell you, among men 26 palaces. Then what
born of women no did you go out there
greater than John the to see? A prophet?
58 The Student's Gospels

Baptist has ever ap- Yes, I tell you, and

peared. And yet those far more than a proph-

who are of little im- 27 et ! This is the man of
portance in the King- whom the Scripture
dom of Heaven are says,
12 greater than he. But 'Here I send my
from the time of John messenger on be-
the Baptist until now fore you,
men have been taking He will .prepare the
the Kingdom of Heav- road ahead of
en by storm and im- you !'

petuously crowding 28 "I tell you, among

is into For up to the
it. men born of women
time of John all the there is none greater
Prophets and the Law than John; and yet
itself prophesied those who
are of little
14 about it, and, if you importance in the
are ready to accept Kingdom of God are
the idea, he is himself 29 greater than he. And
Elijah who was to allthe people, even
is come. Let him who the tax-collectors,
le has ears listen But ! when they heard him,
to what can I com- acknowledged the jus-
pare this present age? tice of God's de-
It is like children sit- mands, by accepting
ting about in the ba- baptism from John,
zaars and calling out so but the Pharisees and
to their playmates, experts in the Law
i? 'We have played the thwarted God's pur-
flute for you, and pose for themselves,
you would
not by refusing to be bap-
dance ! 31 tized by him. So what
We have wailed and is there to which I can
you would not compare the men of
beat your this age? What are
breasts !' 32 they like? They are
is For when John came, like children sitting
he neither ate nor about in the bazaar
drank, and people and calling out to one
said, 'He has a de- another,
19 mon Now that the
!' 'We have played the
Son of Man has come, flute for you, and
he does eat and drink, you would not
and people say, 'Look dance !

at him ! A glutton and We have wailed and

a drinker, the com- you would not
panion of tax-collec- weep !'

tors and irreligious 33 "For when John the

people !' And yet Baptist came, he did
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 59

Wisdom is vindicated not eat any bread

by her actions!" or drink any wine,
and you said, 'He
34 has a demon !' Now
that the Son of Man
has come, he does eat
and drink, and you
say, 'Look at him! A
glutton and a drinker,
the companion of tax-
collectors and irreli-
35 gious people !' So wis-
dom is vindicated by
all who are really


[See 96] [See 96] LTJKE 7:36-50
se Oneof the Phari-
sees asked him to have
dinner with him, and
he went to the Phari-
see's house and took
his place at the table.
37 Now there was a
woman in the town
who was leading a sin-
ful life, and when she
learned that he was
having dinner at the
Pharisee's house, she
got an alabaster flask
ss of perfume, and came
and stood behind him
at his feet, weeping,
and began to wet his
feet with her tears, and
she wiped them with
her hair, and kissed
them, and put the per-
39 fume on them. When
the Phariseewho had
invited him saw this,
he said to himself,
"If this man were
really a prophet, he
would know who and
what the woman is
60 The Student's Gospels

who is touching him,

for she leads a wicked
40 life." Jesus answered
him, and said to him,
"Simon, there is some-
thing I want to say to
you." He said, "Pro-
41 ceed, Master." "Two
men were in debt to a
money-lender. One
owed him a hundred
dollars and the other
42 ten. As they could
not pay him, he can-
celed what they owed
him. Now which of
them will be more at-
43 tached to him?" Si-
mon answered, "The
one, I suppose, for
whom he canceled
most." "You are
44 right," he said. And
turning to the woman,
he said to Simon, "Do
you see this woman?
I came to your house;
you did not give me
any water for my feet,
but she has wet my
feet with tears and
wiped them with her
45 hair. You did not give
me a kiss, but from
the moment I came in
she has not stopped
46 kissing my feet. You
did not put any oil up-
on my head, but she
has put perfume upon
47 my feet.
Therefore, I
tell you, her sins,
many as they are, are
forgiven, for she has
loved me so much.
But the man with
little to be forgiven
lovesme but little."
48 And he said to her,
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 61

"Your sins are for-

49 given!" The men
table with him began
to say to themselves,
'Who is this man, who
even forgives sins?"
so But he said to the
woman, "It is your
faith that has saved
you. Go in peace."


LUKE 8 1-3

8 Soon afterward he
went about among the
villages and towns
preaching and telling
the good news of the
Kingdom of God.
The Twelve went with
2 him, and some women
who had been cured of
evil spirits and sick-
ness Mary, who was
called Mary of Mag-
dala, out of whom
seven demons had
3 been driven, and Jo-
anna, the wife of
Chuza, Herod's man-
ager, and Susanna,
and many others, who
provided for them
with their means.


MATTHEW 12:22-45 MARK 3: 196-30 LTTKE 11:14-36
22 At that time some 6 Then he went home. 14 Once he was driving
people brought to him 20 And again the crowd out a dumb demon,
a man blind and gathered in such num- and when the demon
dumb, who was pos- bers that there was no was gone the dumb
sessed by a demon, chance for them even man spoke. And the
and he cured him, so to have their meals. people were amazed.
that the dumb man 21 His relatives heard of is But some of them said,
could speak and see. it and came over to "It is with the aid of
23 And all the crowds stop him, for they Beelzebub, the prince
of people were as- said he was out of his of the demons, that he
62 The Student's Gospels

tounded, and said, 22 mind.And the scribes drives the demons

"Can this be the Son who had come down is out." Others to test
24 of David?" But when from Jerusalem said him asked him for a
the Pharisees heard of that he was possessed 17 sign from heaven. But
it they said, "This by Beelzebub and he knew what they
man cannot drive out drove out demons by were thinking, and he
demons except by the the help of the prince said to them, "Any
aid of Beelzebub, the 23 of demons. So he kingdom that is disu-
prince of the demons." called them to him nited is on the way to
25 But he knew what and spoke to them in destruction, and one
they were thinking, figures, saying, "How house falls after an-
and he said to them, can Satan drive Satan is other. And Satan is

"Any kingdom that 24 out? If a kingdom is disunited, how can

isdisunited is on the disunited, that king- his kingdom last? Be-
way to destruction, dom cannot last. cause you say that I
and any city or house- 2s And if a household drive out demons with
hold that is disunited is disunited, that 19 Beelzebub's aid. But
26 cannot Satan
last. If household cannot last. if it is with his aid
is driving Satan out, 28 And if Satan has re- that I drive out de-
he is disunited, and belled against himself mons, by whose do
so how can his king- and become disunited, your sons drive them
27 dom last? And if I am he cannot last but is out? Therefore, they
driving the demons coming to his end. shall be your judges.
out by Beelzebub's 27 But no one can go 20 But if it is with the
aid, by whose aid do into a strong man's finger of God that I
your sons drive them house and carry off his am driving the de-
out? Therefore let property unless he mons out, then the
them be your judges. firstbinds the strong Kingdom of God has
as But if I am driving man; after that he 21 overtaken you. When
the demons out by the can plunder his house. a strong man fully
aid of God's Spirit, 28 I tell you, men will be armed guards his own
then the Kingdom of forgiven for every- dwelling, his property
God has overtaken thing, for all their 22 is undisturbed. But
29 you. How can any- sins and all the abu- when somebody
one get into a strong sive things they say. stronger than he at-
man's house and carry 29 But whoever reviles tacks him and over-
off his property unless the holy Spirit can comes him, he strips
he first binds the never be forgiven, but him of the arms that
strong man? After is guilty of an unend- he relied on, and di-
that he can plunder 30 ing sin." This was videsup the spoils.
so his house. Anyone because they said, 23 Anyone who is not
who not with me is
is "He is possessed by a with me is against me,
against me, and any- foul spirit." and anyone who does
one who does not join not join me in gather-
me in gathering, scat- 24 ing, scatters. When
si ters. Therefore, I tell a foul spirit goes out
you, men will be for- of a man it roams
given for any sin or through deserts in
abusive speech, but search of rest, and
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 63

abusive speech when it finds none, it

about the Spirit can- says, 'I go back to
32 not be forgiven. And my house that I left.'
whoever speaks 25 And it goes and finds
against the Son of it unoccupied, cleaned,
Man will be forgiven and all in order.
for it, but whoever 26 Then it goes and gets
speaks against the seven other spirits
holy Spirit cannot be more wicked than it-
forgiven for it, either self, and they go in
in this world or in the and live there, and in
33 world to come. You the end the man is
must either make the worse off than he
tree sound and its 27 was before." As he
fruit sound, or make said this, a woman in
the tree bad and its the crowd raised her
fruit bad; a tree is voice and said to
judged by its fruit. him, "Blessed is the
34 You brood of snakes ! mother who bore you
how can you, bad as and nursed you!"
you are, utter any- 28 But he said, "You
thing good? For the might better say,
mouth says only what 'Blessed are those who
35 the heart is full of. A hear God's message
good man, out of the 29 and observe it!' As
good he has accumu- the crowds pressed
lated, brings out around him, he went
things that are good, on to say, "This is a
and a bad man, out of wicked age! It de-
what he has accumula- mands a sign, and no
ted that is bad, brings sign will be given it
out things that are but the sign of Jonah.
SB bad. But I tell you, so For just as Jonah be-
for every careless came a sign to the
word that men utter people of Nineveh, so
they will have to an- the Son of Man will
swer on the Day of be a sign to this age.
37 Judgment. For it is 31 The queen of the
by your words that south will rise with
you will be acquitted, the men of this gene-
or by your words that ration at the Judg-
you will be con- ment and will con-
ss demned." Then some demn them, for she
of the scribes and came from the very
Pharisees addressed ends of the earth to
him, saying, "Master, listen to Solomon's
we would like to have wisdom, and there is
you show us some more than Solomon
39 sign." But he an- 32 here ! Men of Nineveh
64 The Student's Gospels

swered, "Only a wick- with this gen-

will rise
ed and faithless age eration at the Judg-
insists upon a sign, ment and will con-
and no sign will be demn it, for they re-
given it but the sign pented at Jonah's
of the prophet Jonah. preaching, and there
40 For just as Jonah was is more than Jonah
in the maw
of the 33 here. No one lights a
whale for three days lamp and puts it in
and nights, the Son the cellar or under a
of Man will be three peck measure; he puts
days and nights in the it on its stand, so
heart of the earth. that people who come
41 Men of Nineveh will in can see the light.
rise with this age at 34 Your eye is the lamp
the judgment and con- of your body. When
demn it, for when your eye is sound,
Jonah preached they your whole body is
light, but when it is
repented, and there is
more than Jonah here !
unsound, your body
as is dark. So take care !
42 The queen of the
Your very light may
south will rise with
se be darkness! If,
this age at the judg-
therefore, your whole
ment and condemn it,
for she came from the
body is light with no
darkness in it at all,
very ends of the it will all be as light as
earth to listen to
a lamp makes things
Solomon's wisdom,
and there is more than
for you by its light."
43 Solomon, here When !

a foul spirit goes out

of a man, it roams
through deserts in
search of rest and can
44 find none. Then it
says, 'I will go back to
my house that I left,'
and it goes and finds
it unoccupied,
cleaned, and all in
45 order. Then
goes it

and gets seven other

spirits,more wicked
than and they

go in and live there,

and in the end the
man is worse off than
he was before. That
A Period, of Conflict in Galilee 65

is the way it will be

with this present
wicked age."


MATTHEW 12:46-50 MARK 3: 31-35 LUKE 8:19-21
46 While he was still 31 And his mother and 19 His mother and his
speaking, his mother his brothers came. brothers came to him,
and his brothers came And they stood out- but they could not get
up and stood outside side the house and near him, on account
the crowd, wanting to sent word in to him 20 of the crowd. And the
48 speak to him. But he to come outside to word came to him,
said to the man who 32 them. There was a "Your mother and
told him, "Who is my crowd sitting around your brothers are
mother, and who are him when they told standing outside; they
49 my brothers?" And him, "Your mother want to see you."
he pointed to his dis- and your brothers are 21 He answered, "My
and said, "Here
ciples outside asking for mother and my broth-
are my mother and 33 you." He answered, ers are those who lis-
so my brothers For
! "Who are my mother ten to God's message
whoever does the will and mybrothers?" and obey it!"
ofmy Father in heav- 34 And looking around
en is my brother and at the people sitting
sister and mother!" about him, he said,
"Here are my mother
and my brothers:
35 Whoever does the will
of God is my brother
and sister and moth-


MATTHEW 13 l-54a
: MARK 4: 1-34 LUKE 8:4-18
13 That same day Je- 4 Then he began 4 When a great
sus went out of his again to teach by the throng was gathering
house and was sitting seashore. a And and people were com-
2 on the seashore. And crowd gathered ing to him from one
such great crowds around him so great town after another,
gathered about him that he got into a he said in his figura-
that he got into a boat and sat in it, a 5 tive way, "A sower
boat and sat down in little way from the went out to sow his
it, while all the peo- shore, while all the seed. As he was sow-
ple stood on the shore. people were on the ing,some of the seed
s And he told them land close to the wa- by the path and

many things in figures, 2 ter. He taught them was trodden on, and
and said to them, "A many lessons in fig- the wild birds ate it
66 The Student's Gospels

sower went out to ures, and said to them e up. And some of it
4 sow, and as he was in the course of his fell upon the rock,
sowing, some of the 3 teaching, "Listen: A and when it sprang
seed fell by the path sower went out to up it withered, be-
and the birds came 4 sow, and as he was cause had no mois-
s and ate it up, and sowing, some of the 7 ture. And some fell
some fell on rocky seed chanced to fall among the thorns,
ground where there by the path, and the and the thorns grew
was not much soil birds came and ate it up with it and choked
and sprang up at
it Some of it fell on s it out. And some fell
s up.
once because the soil rocky ground, and on good soil, and grew
e was not deep, but where there was not up and yielded a hun-
when the sun came much soil, and it dred-fold!" As he
up it was scorched sprang up at once be- said this he called out,
and withered up, be- cause the soil was not "Let him who has ears
cause it had no root. to hear with, listen!"
6 deep, but when the
7 And some of it fell
sun came up, it was 9 His disciples asked
among the thorns, scorched, and with- him what this figure
and the thorns grew ered up, because it 10 meant. And he said,
up and choked it out. 7 had no root. Some of "You are permitted to
s And some fell on good the seed fell among
know the secrets of
soil, and yielded some the Kingdom of God,
the thorns, and the
a hundred, some sixty, but they are given to
thorns grew up and
and some thirty-fold. choked it and it
others in the form of
9 Let him who has ears figures, so that they
s yielded no grain. And
10 listen!" His disciples
some fell on good soil, may look and yet not
came up and said to see, and hear and yet
and came up and grew
him, "Why do you 11 not understand. This
and yielded thirty,
speak to them in fig- even a hundred-
is what the figure
11 ures?" He answered, means. The seed is
"You are permitted to 9 fold." And he said, 12 God's message. The
know the secrets of "Let him who has ears ones by the path are
the Kingdom of Heav- be sure to listen!" those who hear, and
en, but they are not. 10 When he was by him- then the devil comes
12 For people who have self, those who stayed and carries off the
will have more given about him with the message from their
to them, and will be Twelve asked him hearts, so that they
plentifully supplied,
about the figures he may not believe it and
and from people who n had used. And he is be saved. The ones
have nothing even said to them, "To you on the rock are those
what they have will has been intrusted the who receive the mes-
is be taken away. This secret of the reign of sage joyfully when
is why I speak to God, but to those out- they first hear it, but
them in figures, be- siders everything is ittakes no real root.
cause though they 12 offered in figures, so They believe iur a
look they do not see, that little while, and then
and though they listen 'They may look and in the tune of trial
they do not hear or yet not see, 14 they draw back. And
14 understand. They are And listen and lis- what falls among the
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 67

a fulfilment of Isaiah's ten and yet not thorns means those

prophecy, understand, who listen and pass
'You will listen and Lest possibly they on, and the worries
listen, and never should turn and and wealth and pleas-
" them
understand, be forgiven.' ures of life stifle
And you will look is And Jesus said, "If and they yield noth-
and look, and you do not under- is ing. But the seed in
never see ! stand this figure, then the good soil means
15 For this nation's how will you under- those who listen to
mind has grown stand my other fig- the message and keep
dull, 14 ures? What the sower it in good, true hearts,
And they hear sows is the message. and yield unfailingly.
faintly with their is The ones by the path IB Nobody lights a lamp
ears, are those into whose and then covers it
And they have shut hearts the message with a dish or puts it
their eyes, falls, and as soon as under a bed, but he
So as never to see they hear it Satan puts it on its stand,
with their eyes, comes and carries off so that those who
And hear with their the message that has come in may see the
ears, been sown in their IT light. For there is
And understand IB hearts. It is so too nothing hidden that
with their minds, with the ones sown on shall not be disclosed,
and turn back, the rocky ground; nor kept secret that
And let me cure they gladly accept the shall not be known
them !'
message as soon as and come to light.
16 But blessed are your 17 they hear it, but it is So take care how you
eyes, for they do see, takes no real root in listen. For people
and your ears, for them and they last who have will have
17 they do hear. For I only a little while; more given to them,
tell you, many proph- then when trouble or and from people who
ets and upright men persecution comes be- have nothing, even
have longed to see cause of the message what they think they
what you see, and they give it up at have will be taken
could not see it, and is once. It is different away."
to hear what you hear, with those sown
and could not hear it. among the thorns.
is You must listen They are people who
closely then to the listen to the message,
figure of the sower. 19 but the worries of the
19 When anyone hears time and the pleasure
the teaching the of of being rich and pas-
kingdom and does not sions for other things
understand it, the creep in and choke
evil one comes and the message out and
robs him of the seed 20 it yields nothing. And
that has been sown the ones sown in good
mind. That is
in his ground are the people
what was sown along who listen to the mes-
20 the path. And what sage and welcome it
68 The Student's Gospels

was sown upon the and yield thirty, sixty,

rocky soil means the even a hundred-fold.
man who hears the 21 Do people get out
message and at once the lamp," he said to
accepts it joyfully, them, "and then put
m but takes no real
it it under the peck-
root in him, and lasts measure, or under the
only a little while, and bed, instead of put-
when trouble or perse- ting it up where it be-
cution comes because 22 longs? For no one
of the message, he hides anything except
gives it up at once. for the purpose of
22 And what was sown sometime bringing it
among the thorns to light again, and
m cans the man people keep
who listens to the secret only to reveal
message, and then the 23 them some day. If
worries of the time anyone has ears let
and the pleasure of be- him be sure to listen.
ing rich choke the mes- 24 Take care what you
sage out, and it yields hear," he said to
23 nothing. And what them. "The measure
was sown in good you give will be given
ground means the to you, and even more
man who listens to 25 besides. For people
the message and un- who have will have
derstands it, and more given them, and
yields one a hundred, from people who have
and another sixty, nothing, even what
and another thirty- they have will be tak-
si fold."- Another fig- 26 en away. The reign of
ure which he used in God," he said, "is
speaking to them was likea man scattering
this:"The Kingdom seed on the ground,
of Heaven is like a 27 and then sleeping at
man who sowed good night and getting up
as seed in his field, but by day, while the seed
while people were sprouts and comes up,
asleep his enemy came without his knowing
and sowed weeds 28 it. The ground of it-
among the wheat, and self is productive, put-
26 went away. And ting forth first a blade,
when the wheat came then a head, then full}'
up and ripened, the developed wheat in
weeds appeared too. 29 the head. But as soon
27 And the owner's as the crop will let
slaves came to him him, the man goes in
and 'Was not the
said, with his sickle, for the
seed good that you harvest time has
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 69

sowed in your field, so come. How can we

sir? So where did find any comparison,"
these weeds come he said, "for the reign
as from?' He said to of God, or what figure
them, 'This is some can we use to de-
enemy's doing.' And si scribe it? It is like a
they said to him, 'Do mustard seed, which,
you want us to go when sown in the
and gather them up?' ground, though it is
29 But he said, 'No, for the smallest of all the
in gathering up the seeds in the world,
weeds you may up- 32 yet once sown, comes
30 root the wheat. Let up and grows to be
them both grow to- the largest of all the
gether until harvest plants, and produces
time, and when we branches so large that
harvest I will direct the wild birds can
the reapers to gather roost under the shel-
up the weeds first and 33 ter of it." With many
tie them up in bundles such figure? he told
to burn, but get the them the message, as
wheat into my far as they were able
31 barn.'" Another 34 to receive it. He said
figure which he used nothing to them ex-
in speaking to them cept in figures, but in
was this: "The King- private he explained
dom of Heaven is like everything to his own
a mustard seed which disciples.
a man took and sowed
32 in his field. It is the
smallest of all seeds,
but when it is grown
it is the
largest of
plants and grows into
a tree, so that the wild
birds come and roost
33 in its branches." An-
other figure which he
used with them was
this: "The Kingdom
of Heaven is like
yeast,which a woman
took and buried in a
bushel of flour until
34 it had all risen." Je-
sus said all this to
the crowds in figures,
and told them noth-
ing except in figures,
70 The Student's Gospels

35 to fulfil what was said

by the prophet,
"I will open my
mouth in figures,
I will utter things
that have been
hidden since the
se Then he left the
crowds and went into
his house. And his dis-
ciples came up to him
and said, "Explain to
us the figure of the
weeds in the field."
37 He answered, "The
sower who sows the
good seed is the Son
as of Man. The field is
the world. The good
seed is the people of
the kingdom. The
weeds are the wicked.
39 The enemy who sowed
them is the devil. The
harvest is the close of
the age, and the reap-
40 ers are angels. So
just as the weeds are
gathered up and
burned, this is what
will happen at the
41 close of the age; the
Son of Man will send
out his angels, and
they will gather up
out of his kingdom
all the causes of sin
and the wrongdoers
42 and throw them into
the blazing furnace;
there they will wail
and grind their teeth.
43 Then the upright will
shine out like the sun,
in their Father's king-
dom. Let him who
4-1 has ears listen!The
Kingdom of Heaven is
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 71

likea hoard of money,

buried in a field,
which a man found,
and buried again. And
he was overjoyed, and
went and sold every-
thing he had and
bought the field.
45 Again, the Kingdom
of Heaven is like
a dealer in search
46 of fine pearls. He
found one costly pearl,
and went and sold
everything he had,
47 and bought it. Again,
the Kingdom of Heav-
en is like a net that
was let down into the
sea, and inclosed fish
is of all kinds. When it
was full, they
dragged it up on the
beach, and sat down
and sorted the good
fish into baskets and
threw the bad away.
49 That is what will
happen at the close of
the age. The angels
willgo out and re-
move the wicked from
among the upright,
so and throw them into
the blazing furnace.
There they will wail
and grind their teeth.
si Do you understand all
this?" They said to
52 him, "Yes." He said
to them, "Then re-
member that every
scribe who has be-
come a disciple of the
Kingdom of Heaven
must be a house-
holder who can supply
from his storeroom
new things as well as
72 The Student's Gospels

53 old." When Jesus had

finished these figures,
he left that place,
a and went to his own
part of the country.


MATTHEW 8:23-27 MAEK4:35-41 LTTKB 8:22-25
23 And he got into the 35 That same day when 22 It happened one
boat, and his disciples it was evening he said day that he got into a
24 went with him. And to them, "Let us cross boat with his disci-
suddenly a terrific to the other side." ples, and said to them,
storm came up on the as So they left the crowd "Let us cross to the
sea, so that the waves and took him away in other side of the
broke over the boat, the boat in which he lake." Sothey set
but he remained was sitting. There 23 sail. As they sailed
25 asleep. And they were other boats with along, he fell asleep.
came and woke him 37 him. And a heavy And a squall of wind
up, saying, "Save us, squall of wind came came down upon the
sir! We
are lost!" on and the waves lake,and they were
26 And he said to them, dashed into the boat, being swamped and
"Why are you afraid? so that it was begin- 24 were in peril. And
You have so little ss ning to fill. He was they went to him and
faith!" Then he got in the stern, asleep on woke him up, and
up and reproved the the cushion. And they said to him, "Master!
wind and the sea, and woke him up and said Master! We are
there was a great to him, "Master, does lost!" Then he awoke
27 calm. And the men it make no difference and reproved the wind
were amazed and to you that we are and the rough water,
said, "What kind of 39 sinking?" Then he and they ceased, and
man is this? For the awoke and reproved there was a calm.
very winds and sea the wind, and said to 25 And he said to them,
obey him!" the sea, "Hush! Si- "Where is your
lence!" And the wind faith?" But they were
went down and there frightened and
was a great calm. amazed, and said to
40 And he said to them, one another, "Who
"Why are you afraid? can he be? For he
Have you still no gives orders even to
41 faith?" And they the winds and the
were very much water, and they obey
frightened, and said him!"
to one another, "Who
can he be? For even
the wind and the sea
obey him."
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 73


MATTHEW 8:28-34 MARK 5: 1-20 LUKE 8:26-39
as When he reached 5 So they reached the 26 They made
a land-
the other side, in the other side of the sea, ing hi the neighbor-
region of Gadara, two and landed in the re- hood of Gerasa, which
men possessed by de- 2 gion of Gerasa. As isjust across the lake
mons came out of the soon as he got out of 27 from Galilee. And
tombs and confronted the boat, a man pos- when he landed, he
him; they were so ex- sessed by a foul spirit met a man possessed
tremely violent that came out of the burial by demons, who was
nobody could go along places near by to meet coming out of the
29 that road. And they 3 him. This man lived town. He had worn
suddenly screamed among the tombs, and no clothing for a long
out, "What do you no one could any time, and did not live
want of us, you Son longer secure him in a house but in the
of God? Have you 4 even with a chain, for 28 tombs. When he saw
come here before the he had often been Jesus he cried out and
appointed time to tor- fastened with fetters threw himself down
so ture us?" Now at and chains and had before him, and said
some distance from snapped the chains in a loud voice, "What
them there was a and broken the fet- do you want of me,
great drove of pigs ters; and there was Son of the Most
31 feeding. And the de- no one strong enough
High God? I beg you
mons entreated him, 5 to master him, and
not to torture me!"
saying, "If you are night and day he was
26 For he was command-
going to drive us out, always shrieking
ing the foul spirit to
send us into the drove among the tombs and
32 of pigs." And he said on the hills and cut- get out of the man.
to them, "Begone!" himself with
For it had often
And stones. And catching
seized him, and
they came out 6

and went the though he had been

into sight of Jesus in the
fastened with chains
pigs.And suddenly distance he ran up
the whole drove and made obeisance -and fetters, and was
rushed over the steep 7 to him and screamed closely watched, he
would snap his bonds
bank into the sea, and out, "What do you
want of me, Jesus, son and the demon would
perished in the water.
33 And the men who of the Most High drive him away to

tended them ran away God? In God's name, so And Jesus

the desert.
and went off to the I implore you, do not asked him, "What is
town and told it all, s torture me." For he your name?" He said,
and the news about was saying to him, "Legion!" For many
the men possessed by "You foul spirit, come demons had gone into
34 demons. And the 9 out of this man." He si him. And they begged
whole town came out asked him, "What is him not to order them
to meet Jesus, and your name?" He said, off to the bottomless
when they saw him "My name is Legion, 32 pit. Now there
they begged him to go for there are many of was a large drove of
away from their dis- 10 us." And they begged pigs feeding there on
trict. him earnestly not to the hillside, and they
74 The Student's Gospels

send them out of that begged him to give

11 country. Now there them leave to go into
was a great drove of them. And he did so.
pigs feeding there on 33 Then the demons
12 the hillside. And they came out of the man
implored him, "Send and went into the
us among the pigs, let pigs, and the drove
is us go into them." So rushed over the steep
he gave them permis- bank into the lake,
sion. And the foul and were drowned.
spirits came out and 34 When the men who
went into the pigs, tended them saw what
and the drove of had happened, they
about two thousand ran away and spread
rushed over the steep the news in the town
bank into the sea and and in the country
14 were drowned. And 35 around. And the peo-
the men who tended
ple came out to see
them ran away and what had happened,
spread the news in the and they came to Je-
town and in the coun- sus and found the
try around, and the man out of whom the
people came to see demons had gone sit-
what had happened. at Jesus'
ting there,
is When they came to feet, with his clothes
Jesus and found the
on and in his right
demoniac sitting qui-
mind, and they were
etly with his clothes
on and in his right so frightened. And those
mind the same man who had seen it told
them how the man
who had been pos-
sessed by Legion
who had been pos-
sessed was cured.
they were frightened.
16 And those who had 37 Then all the people of
seen it told them what the neighborhood of
had happened to the Gerasa asked him to
demoniac, and all go away from them,
17 about the pigs. And for they were terribly

they began to beg frightened. And he

him to leave their dis- got into a boat and
is trict. As he was get- ss went back. The man
ting into the boat, the out of whom the de-
man who had been mons had gone begged
possessed begged to to go with him, but
be allowed to go with Jesus sent him away,
19 him. And he would 39 and said, "Go back to
not permit it, but your home, and tell all
said to him, "Go home what God has done
to your own people, for you." And he
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 75

and tell them all- the went and told all over
Lord has done for you the town what Jesus
and how he took pity had done for him.
20 on you." And he went
off and began to tell
everybody in the Ten
Towns all Jesus had
done for him; and
they were all aston-


MATTHEW 9: 18-26 MABK5:21-43 LUKE 8:40-56
is Just as he said this 21 When Jesus had 40 When Jesus re-
to an official
them, crossed again in the turned, the people
came up and bowing boat to the other side, welcomed him, for
low before him said to a great crowd gath- they were all watch-
him, "My daughter ered about him as he 41 ing for him. And a
has just But
died. stood on the shore. man named Jairus
come Lay your hand
! 22 And a man named came up he was
on her and she will Jairus, the leader of leader of the syna-
19 come to life!" And Je- a synagogue, came gogue and he fell
sus got up and fol- up and seeing him down at Jesus' feet
lowed him, with his threw himself at his and begged him to
20 disciples. And a wom- 23 feet and appealed to 42 come to his house, be-
an who had had a him, saying, "My cause he had an only
hemorrhage for twelve little daughter is at daughter, about
years came up behind thepoint of death. twelve years old, and
him and touched the Come, lay your hands she was dying. As he
tassel of his cloak. on her, so that she was going, the crowds
21 For she said to her- may get well and of people almost
self,"If I can just 24 live!" So he went 43 crushed him. And
touch his cloak, I will with him. And a great a woman who had had
22 get well." And Jesus crowd followed him a hemorrhage for
turned and saw her, and pressed around twelve years, and
and he said, "Cour- 25 him. And a woman whom nobody had
age, my daughter ! who had had a hemor- been able to cure,
Your faith has cured rhage for twelve years 44 came up behind him
you!" And from that 26 and had had a great and touched the tassel
time the woman was deal of treatment of his cloak, and the
23 well. When Jesus from various doctors hemorrhage stopped
reached the official's and had spent all that 45 at once. Jesus said,
house, and saw the she had and had not "Who was it who
flute-players and the been benefited at all touched me?" And
disturbance the crowd but had actually as everyone denied
24 was making, he said, 27 grown worse, had having done so, Peter
"You must go away, heard about Jesus. said, "Master, the
for the girl is not And she came up in people are all around
76 The Student's Gospels

dead; she is asleep." the crowd behind him you and they are
And they laughed at and touchedhis coat, 46 crowding you." But
25 him. But when he 2s for she said, "If I Jesus said, "Some-
had driven the peo- can only touch his body touched me, for
ple out, he went in clothes, I shall get I know that power
and grasped her hand 29 well." The hemor- passed from me."
and the girl got up. rhage stopped at once, 47 When the woman saw
26 And the news of this and she felt in her that she had not es-
spread all over that body that she was caped his notice, she
part of the country. so cured. Jesus instantly came forward trem-
perceived that healing bling, and fell down
power had passed before him, and before
from him, and he all the people told
turned around in the why she had touched
crowd and said, "Who him, and how she had
touched my clothes?" been cured at once.
31 His disciples said to 48 And he said to her,
him, "You see the "My daughter, it is
crowd pressing around your faith that has
you, and yet you ask, cured you. Go in
'Who touched me?' " 49 peace." Even as he
32 But he still looked spoke someone came
around to see the per- from the house of the
son who had done it. leader of the syna-
33 The woman, knowing gogue and said, "Your
what had happened to daughter is dead. Do
her, came forward not trouble the Mas-
frightened, and trem- so ter any more." But
bling, and threw her- Jesus heard it and
self down at his feet said to him, "Do not
and told him the be afraid; just have
34 whole truth. And he faith,and she will get
said to her, "My si well." When he got to
daughter, it is your the house, he let no
faith that has cured one go in with him but
you. Go in peace and Peter, John, and
be free from your dis- James, and the child's
35 ease." Even as he father and mother.
spoke people came 52 And they were all
from the house of the wailing and beating
leader of the syna- their breasts for her.
gogue and said, "Your But he said, "Stop
daughter is dead. Why wailing! For she is
should you trouble the not dead, she is

se Master any further?" 53 asleep." And they

But Jesus paid no laughed at him, for
attention to what they knew that she
they said, but said 54 was dead. But he
to the leader of the grasped her hand and
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 77

synagogue, "Dcr not called out, "Get up,

be afraid, just have ss my child!" And her
37 faith." He let no one spirit returned and
go with him but Peter, she stood up immedi-
James, and James's ately, and he directed
ss brother John. They them to give her
came to the house of something to eat.
the leader of the syna- ss And her parents were
gogue, and there he amazed, but he or-
found everything in dered them not to tell
confusion, and people anyone what had hap-
weeping and wailing. pened.
39 And he went into the
house and said to
them, "What is the
meaning of all this
confusion and crying?
The child is not dead,
40 she is asleep." And
they laughed at him.
But he drove them all
out, and took the
child's father and
mother and the men
who were with him
and went into the
room where the child
41 was lying. And he
grasped her hand and
said to her, "Taleitha,
koum!" that is to
say, "Little girl, I tell
42 you, get up !" And the
little girl immediately
got up and walked
about, for she was
twelve years old. The
moment they saw it
they were utterly
43 amazed. And he
strictly forbade them
to let anyone know
of it, and told them to
give her something to
78 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 9 27-34

27 As Jesus was pass-

ing along from there,
two blind men fol-
lowed him, calling
out,"Take pity on us,
you Son of David!"
as When he had gone in-
doors, the blind men
came up to him, and
he said to them, "Do
you believe I can do
this?" They said to
29 him, "Yes, sir." Then
he touched their eyes
and said, "You shall
have what your faith
so expects." And their
sight was restored.
Jesus warned them
sternly not to let any-
31 one hear of it. But
they went out and
spread the news about
him all over that part
32 of the country. But
just as they were go-
ing out, some people
brought to him a
dumb man who was
possessed by a demon,
33 and as soon as the de-
mon was driven out,
the dumb man was
able to speak. And
the crowds were
amazed, and said,
"Nothing like this
was ever seen in
s* Israel!" But the
Pharisees said, "It is
by the aid of the
prince of the demons
that he drives them
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 79


MATTHEW l3:54b-58 MARK 6 l-6a LUKE 4: 16-30

And he taught the 6 Leaving there he la And he came to
people in their syna- went, followed by his Nazareth, where he
gogue in such a way disciples, to his own had been brought up,
that they were aston- part of the country. and on the Sabbath
ished, and said, 2 When the Sabbath he went to the syna-
"Where did he get came he began to gogue, as he was ac-
this wisdom, and the teach in the syna- customed to do, and
power to do these gogue. And the peo- stood up to read the
55 wonders? Is he not ple were astonished 17 Scriptures. And the
the carpenter's son? when they heard him, roll of the prophet
Is not his mother and said, "Where did Isaiah was handed to
named Mary, and are he get all this? How him, and he unrolled
not his brothers does he come to have it and found the place
named James, Joseph, such wisdom? How where it says,
Simon, and Judas? are such marvelous i "The spirit of the
56 And do not all his sis- things done through Lord is upon me,
ters live here among 3 him? Is he not the For he has conse-
us? Then where did carpenter, Mary's crated me to
57 he get all this?" And son, and the brother preach the good
they took offense at of James, Joses, news
to the poor,
him. But Jesus said Judas, and Simon? He me to
has sent
to them, "A prophet And do not his sisters announce to the
is treated with honor live here among us?" prisoners their re-
everywhere except in And they took offense lease and to the
his native place and 4 at him. Jesus said to blind the recov-
ss at his home." And he them, "A prophet is ery of their sight,
did not do many won- treated with honor To set the down-
ders there, because of everywhere except in trodden at liber-
their want of faith. his native place and ty,
among his relatives 19 To proclaim the
5 and at his home." He year of the Lord's
could not do any won- favor!"
der there, except that 20 And he rolled up the
he put his hands on a roll and gave it back
few people and cured to the attendant and
them. sat down. The eyes
I And he wondered of everyone in the
at their want of faith. synagogue were fixed
21 upon him. And he be-
gan by saying to
them, "This passage
of Scripture has been
fulfilled here in your
22 hearing today!" And
they all spoke well of
him and were aston-
80 The Student's Gospels

ished at the winning

words that fell from
his lips, and they
said, "Is he not Jo-
23 seph's son?" He said
to them, "No doubt
you will quote this
proverb to me: 'Doc-
tor, cure yourself !

Do the things here in

your own country that
we hear you did at
24 Capernaum.' I tell

you," said he, "no

prophet is welcome in
25 his own country. But
I tell you, there were
plenty of widows in
Israel in Elijah's
time, when the sky
was closed for three
years and a half,
and there was a
great famine all over
ae the land, and Elijah
was not sent to one of
them, but to a widow
at Zarephath in Sidon.
27 And there were plenty
of lepers in Israel in
the time of the proph-
et Elisha, and none of
them was cured, but
Naaman the Syrian."
28 And when the people
in the synagogue
heard this, they were
29 all very angry, and

they got up and drove

him out of the town
and took him to the
brow of the hill on
which their town was
built, intending to
throw him down from
so it. But he made his
way through the
midst of them and
went on.
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 81


MATTHEW 9: 35-38 ; MAHic6:6b-13 LUKE 9 1-6

10:511:1 '
Then he went 9 Then he called the
35 Jesus went round around among the vil- Twelve together, and
among all the towns 7 lages teaching. And gave them power and
and villages, teaching he called the Twelve authority over all the
in their
synagogues, to him and sent them demons, and to cure
and proclaiming the off two by two, giving 2 diseases, and he sent
good news of the king- them power over the them out to proclaim
dom, and curing any s foul spirits. He for- the Kingdomof God
so disease or illness. But bade them to take and to cure the sick.
the sight of the crowds anything for the jour- 3 He said to them, "Do
of people filled him ney except a staff no not take anything for
with pity for them, bread, no bag, no small your journey, no staff
because they were be- change even in their nor bag nor bread nor
wildered and dejected, 9 girdles; they were to money, nor an extra
like sheep that have go in sandals, and not 4 shirt. Whatever
37 no shepherd. Then he to wear two shirts. house you go to stay
said to his disciples, 10 And he said to them, in, remain there, and
"The harvest is "Whenever you go to start on again from it.
abundant enough, stay at a house, re- 5 And where they will
but the reapers are main in it till you not welcome you,
ss few. So pray to the 11 leave that place. If leave that town and
owner of the harvest any place refuses to shake off the very
to send reapers to receive you or to listen dust from your feet as
gather it." to you, when you a protest against
*0 Jesus sent these leave it shake off the e them." And they set
twelve out, after giv- very dust from the forth and went from
ing them these direc- soles of your feet as village to village, tell-
tions: "Do not go a warning to them." ing the good news
among the heathen, 12 So they went out and and curing people ev-
or to any Samaritan preached that men erywhere.
G town, but proceed in- 13 should repent, and
stead to the lost sheep drove out many de-
7 of Israel's house. And mons, and cured
as you go about, many sick people by
preach and say, 'The anointing them with
Kingdom of Heaven oil.

s is at hand !' Cure the

sick, raise the dead,
heal lepers, drive out
demons. Give with-
out payment, just as
you received without
o payment. Do not ac-
cept gold or silver or
copper money to put
82 The Student's Gospels

10 in your pockets, and

do not take a bag for
your journey, nor two
shirts, nor shoes, nor a
staff, for the workman
deserves his food !

11 Whatever town or
village you come to,
inquire for some suit-
able person, and stay
with him till you leave
12 the place. And as you
go into his house,
is wish it well. If the
house deserves it, the
peace you wish it will
come over it, but if
it does not deserve it,

your blessing will

come back upon your-
14 selves. And where no
one will welcome you,
or listen to you, leave
that house or town
and shake off its very
dust from your feet.
is I tell you, the land of
Sodom and Gomorrah
will fare betteron the
Day of Judgment
ic than" that town. Here
I am sending you out
like sheep among
wolves. So you must
be wise like serpents,
and guileless like
17 doves. But be on
your guard against
men, for they will
give you up to their
courts, and have you
flogged in their syna-
is gogues, and you will
be brought before
governors and kings
on my account, to
bear your testimony
before them and the
19 heathen. But when
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 83

they give you up, you

must have no anxiety
about how to speak or
what to say, for you
will be told at the
very moment what
20 you ought to say, for
it is not you who will
speak, it is the Spirit
of your Father that
will speak through
21 you. One brother will
give up another to
death, and a father
his child, and children
will turn against their
parents, and have
them put to death.
22 You will be hated by
everybody on my ac-
count, but the man
who holds out to the
very end will be
23 saved. But when they
persecute you in one
town, make your es-
cape to another, for
I tell you,you will not
have gone through all
the towns of Israel be-
fore the Son of Man
24 arrives. A pupil is not
better than his teacher,
nor a slave better than
25 his master. A pupil
should be satisfied to
come to be like his
teacher, or a slave to
come to be like his
master. If men have
called the head of the
house Beelzebub, how
much worse names
will they give to the
members of his house-
as hold !So do not be
afraid of them. For
there is nothing cov-
ered up that is not
84 The Student's Gospels

going to be uncov-
ered, nor secret that is
not going to be
27 known. What I tell
you in the dark you
must say in the light,
and what you hear
whispered in your ear,
you must proclaim
from the housetops.
as Have no fear of those
who the body, but
cannot the soul.
You had better be
afraid of one who can
destroy both soul and
29 body in the pit. Do
not sparrows sell two
for a cent? And yet
not one of them can
fall to the ground
against your Father's
so will! But the very
hairs on your heads
si are all counted. You
must not be afraid;
you are worth more
than a great many
32 sparrows! Therefore
everyone who will
acknowledge me be-
fore men I will ac-
knowledge before my
33 Father in heaven, but
anyone who disowns
me before men, I will
disown before my Fa-
34 ther in heaven. Do
not think that I have
come to bring peace
to the earth. I have
not come to bring
peace but a sword.
35 For I have come to
turn a man against
his father and a
daughter against her
mother and a daugh-
ter-in-law against her
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 85

se mother-in-law, and a
man's enemies will
be in his own house-
37 hold. No one who
loves father or mother
more than he loves
me is worthy of me,
and no one who loves
son or daughter more
than he loves me is
as worthy of me, and no
one who will not take
up his and follow
me is worthy of me.
39 Whoever gains his life
will lose it, and who-
ever loses his life for
my sake will gain it.
40 Whoever welcomes
you welcomes me, and
whoever welcomes me
welcomes him who
41 has sent me. Who-
ever welcomes a
prophet because he
is a prophet will have
the same reward as a
prophet, and whoever
welcomes an upright
man because he is up-
right have the
same reward as an
42 upright man. And no
one who will give the
humblest of my dis-
ciples even a cup of
cold water because he
is mydisciple, I tell
you, can ever fail of
11 his reward." When
Jesus had finished
giving his twelve dis-
ciples these instruc-
tions, he went on
from there to teach
and preach in their
86 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 14:1-12 MARK 6: 14-29- LTTKE 9:7-9
14 At that time, Herod 14 King Herod heard 7 Herod the governor
the governor heard of him, for his name heard of all that was
the reports about Je- was now well known, happening, and he
2 sus, and he said to his and people were say- was perplexed because
attendants, "This ing that John the bap- some people said that
man must be John the tizer had risen from John had risen from
Baptist.He has risen the dead, and that s the dead, and some
from the dead, and that was why he was that Elijah had ap-
that is why wonderful endowed with these peared, and others
powers are working extraordinary powers. that one of the an-
s through him." For is But others said he cient prophets had
Herod had seized was Elijah, and still come back to life.
John and bound him others that he was a 9 But Herod said,
and put him in prison, prophet of the old "John I have behead-
on account of Herodi- 16 prophetic kind. But ed, but who can this
as, his brother Phil- when Herod heard of be about whom I hear
4 ip's wife, for John him he said, "John, such reports?" And
said to him, "It is not whom I beheaded, he endeavored to see
right for you to be has risen from the him.
a living with her." And 17 dead." For it was
while he wanted him Herod who had sent
killed, he was afraid and seized John and
of the people; for they bound him and put
considered him a him in prison, on ac-
e prophet. But when count of Herodias, his
Herod's birthday brother Philip's wife,
came, Herodias' because Herod had
daughter danced be- is married her. John
fore the company. said to Herod, "It is
And Herod was de- not right for you to be
7 and
lighted with her, living with your
swore that he would 19 brother's wife." He-
give her anything she rodias felt bitterly
s asked for. But toward him and want-
at her mother's insti- ed him killed. But she
gation, said, "Give could not bring it
me John the Baptist's 20 about, for Herod
head here on a plat- stood in awe of John,
9 ter!" And the king knowing that he was
was sorry, but be- an upright and holy
cause he had sworn to man, and he protected
do it, and because of him. And when he
the guests who were heard him talk he was
present, he ordered it very much disturbed,
10 to be given her. And and yet he liked to
he sent and had John 21 hear him. When a
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 87

beheaded in the pris- holiday came and

11 on. And his head was Herod on his birthday
brought back on a gave a banquet to his
platter and given to courtiers and officers
the girl, and she took and to the leading
it to her mother. 22 men of Galilee, He-
12 John's disciples came rodias' own daughter
and took his body came in and danced
away, and buried him, for them. And Herod
and then they went and his guests were
and reported it to Je- delighted, and the
sus. king said to the girl,
"Ask me for anything
you like and I will
23 give it to you." And
he made oath to her,
"I will give you what-
ever you ask me for,
up to half my king-
24 dom." When she had
left the room she said
to her mother, "What
shall I ask him for?"
But she said, "The
head of John the bap-
25 tizer." And she hur-
riedback at once to
the king and asked
him for it, saying, "I
want you right away
to give me John the
Baptist's head on a
26 platter." The king
was exceedingly sorry,
but on account of his
oath and his guests he
did not like to break
27 his word to her, and
he immediately sent
one of his guard with
orders to get John's
head. And he went
off and beheaded him
28 in the prison and
brought back his head
on a platter and gave
it to the girl, and the

girl gave it to her

29 mother. When his
88 The Student's Gospels

disciples heard of it
they came and took
his body away and
put it in a tomb.


MATTHEW 14:13-36 MARK 6: 30-56 LUKE 9:10-17
13 When Jesus heard 30 The apostles re- 10 Then the apostles
it, he quietly retired joined Jesus and re- came back and told
by boat to a secluded ported to him all they Jesus what they had
place. And the had done and taught. done. And he took
crowds heard of it 31 And he said to them, them and quietly re-
and followed him on "Come away by your- tired to a town called
foot from the towns. selves to some quiet 11 Bethsaida. But the
14 So when he got out of place,and rest a little crowds learned of it
the boat he found a while." For people and followed him, and
great crowd gath- were coming and go- he welcomed them
ered, and his heart ing in large numbers, and spoke to them
was touched at the and they had no time about the Kingdom of
sight of them, and he 32 even for meals. So God, and he cured
cured those of them they set off by them- those who needed to
15 that were sick. And selves in their boat 12 be cured. When the
when was evening,
it for a secluded place. day began to decline,
the disciples came up 33 And many people saw the Twelve came up
to him and said, "This them and knew
start and said to him,
is a lonely place and of and hurried
it, "Send the crowd
the day is over. Send around by land from away to the villages
the crowds off to the all the neighboring and farms around to
villages to buy them- towns, and got ahead find food and shelter,
16 selves food." But Je- 34 of them. So when he for we are in a lonely
sus said to them, he
got out of the boat, is place here." But he
"They do not need to found a great crowd said to them, "Give
go away. Give them gathered, and his them food your-
food yourselves." heart was touched at selves!" And they
17 They said to him, the sight of them, said, "We have only
"We have nothing because they were like five loaves and two
here but five loaves sheep that have no fish,unless we go our-
is and two fish." He shepherd; and he pro- selves and buy food
said, "Bring them ceeded to teach them for all these people."
is here to me." Then he 35 a great deal. When it i* For there were about
ordered the crowds to grew late his disciples five thousand men.
sit down on the grass, came up to him and But he said to his dis-
and he took the five said, "Thisa lonely
is ciples, "Have them
loaves and the two place and it is
getting sit down in groups of
fish and looked up to se late. Send the people about fifty each."
heaven and blessed off to the farms and is And they did so, and
them, and he broke villages around to buy made them all sit
the loaves in pieces themselves something 16 down. Then he took
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 89

and gave them to the 37 to eat." But he an- the five loaves and the
20 disciples and they all swered, "Give them two fish and looked
ate and had enough. food yourselves." up to heaven and
And the pieces left They said to him, blessed them, and he
over that they gath- "Can we go and buy broke them in pieces
ered up filled twelve forty dollars' worth of and gave them to the
21 baskets. There were bread and give it to disciples to pass to
about thousand
five ss them to eat?" But 17 the people. And they
men who were fed, be- he said to them, "How all ate and had
sides women and chil- many loaves have enough, and the pieces
22 dren. And he immedi- you? Go and see." left over that were
ately madehis dis- They looked, and told gathered up filled
ciples into the
get him, "Five, and two twelve baskets.
boat and cross before 39 fish." And he directed
him to the other side them all to sit down
while he dismissed the in parties on the fresh
23 crowds. After he had 40 grass. And they
dismissed them he threw themselves
went up the hill by down in groups, in
himself to pray. And hundreds and in fif-
when evening came 41 ties. Then he took
on he was there alone, the five loaves and the
24 but the boat was by two fish and looked up
this time a long way to heaven and blessed
from shore, struggling the loaves and broke
with the waves, for them in pieces and
the wind was against gave them to the dis-
25 them. Toward morn- ciples to pass to the
ing he went out to people; and he di-
them, walking on the vided the two fish
20 sea. And the disciples 43 among them all. And
saw him walking on they all ate and had
the sea, and they were 43 enough and the pieces
terrified and said, "It they gathered up filled
isa ghost!" And they twelve baskets, be-
screamed with fear. sides the pieces of the
27 But Jesus immediate- 44 fish. There were five
ly spoke to them and thousand men who
said, "Take courage! 45 ate the loaves. He im-
It is I. Do not be mediately had his dis-
as afraid." Peter an- ciples get into the
swered, "If it is you, boat and cross before
Master, order me to him to the other side
come to you on the toward Bethsaida,
20 water." And he said, while he was dismiss-
"Come!" And Peter 45 ing the crowd. When
got out of the boat and he had taken leave of
walked on the water the people he went up
so and went to Jesus. But the hill to pray.
90 The Student's Gospels

when he felt the wind 47 When evening came

he was frightened, on, the boat was in the
and beginning to sink, middle of the sea, and
he cried out, "Master, he was alone on shore.
31 save me!" Jesus im- 48 And he saw that they
mediately stretched were straining at the
out his hand and oars, for the wind was
caught hold of him, against them, and
and said to him, toward morning he
"Why did you waver? went out to them,
You have so little walking on the sea,
32 faith !" When they got and was going to join
into the boat, the 49 them. They saw him
33 wind went down. And walking on the sea,
the men in the boat and thought it was a
fell down before him ghost and screamed
and said, "You
are so aloud, for they all saw
certainly God's Son!" him and were terri-
34 And they crossed over fied. But he immedi-
to the other side and ately spoke to them
came to Gennesaret. and said, "Take cour-
35 And the men of the rage, it is I. Do not
place recognized him, si be afraid." Then he
and sent all over that went up to them and
district and brought got into the boat.
to him all who were And the wind fell.
se sick, and they begged And they were per-
him to let them touch fectly beside them-
just the tassel of his 52 selves, they had
cloak, and all who not understood about
touched it were cured. the loaves, but their
minds were blinded.
53 They crossed over to
the other side and
came to Gennesaret
and moored the boat.
54 As soon as they came
ashore, the people
55 recognized Jesus, and
they hurried all over
the countryside and
began to bring the
sick to him on their
mats, wherever they
se heard he was. And
whatever village or
town or farm he went
to, they would lay
their sick in the mar-
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 91

ket-place and beg him

to let them touch just
the tassel of his cloak,
and all who touched
itwere cured.


MATTHEW 15:1-20 MAHK7.-1-23
IS Then some Phari- 7 The Pharisees gath-
sees and scribes came ered about him with
to Jesus from Jerusa- some scribes who had
lem, and said to him, come from Jerusa-
a "Why do your disciples 2 lem. They had no-
break the rules hand- ticed that some of his
ed down by our ances- disciples ate their
tors? For they eat food without first giv-
their bread without ing their hands a cere-
first washing their monial washing to
a hands." But he an- 3 purify them. For the
swered, "Why do you Pharisees and all the
too break God's com- Jews observe the rules
mand for the sake of handed down from
what has been handed their ancestors, and
4 down to you? For will not eat until they
God said, 'Honor your have washed their
father and mother,' hands in a particular
and 'He who abuses 4 way, and they will not
his father or mother eat anything from the
must be put to death.' market without first
5 But you say, 'Who- purifying it by sprin-
ever tells his father or kling it, and they have
mother, "Anything of a number of other ob-
mine that might have servances which have
been of use to you is come down to them,
e given to God," does in the way of washing
not have to provide cups, pitchers, and
for his father.' So 5 basins. And the Phar-
you have nullified isees and the scribes
what God has said, asked him, "Why do
for the sake of what your disciples not ob-
has been handed down serve the rules handed
7 to you. You hypo- down by our ances-
crites Isaiah prophe-
tors, but eat their food
sied finely about you without purifying
when he said, s their hands?" But he
s 'This people honor said to them, "It was
with their lips, about you hypocrites
92 The Student's Gospels

Yet their hearts are that Isaiah prophe-

far away from sied so finely, in the
me. words,
9 But their worship 'This people honor
of me is all in me with their
vain, lips,
For the lessons they Yet their hearts are
teach are but hu- far away from
man precepts.' '
10 And he called the 7 But their worship
people to him and of me is all in
said to them, "Listen vain,
to this, and grasp it! For the lessons they
11 It is not what goes teach are but hu-
into a man's mouth man precepts.'
that pollutes him; it s You give up what God
is what comes out of has commanded and
his mouth that pol- hold fast to what men
12 lutes a man." Then have handed down.
his disciples came up 9 How skilful you are,"
to him and said to he said to them, "in
him, "Do you know nullifying what God
that the
Pharisees has commanded in
were shocked to hear order to observe what
is you say that?" But has been handed down
he answered, "Any 10 to you. For Moses
plant that my heav- said, 'Honor your fa-
enly Father did not ther and your moth-
plant must be uproot- er," and again, 'Who-
H ed! Leave them ever abuses his father
alone. They are blind or mother must be put
guides! But if one 11 to death.' But you
blind man leads an- say, 'If a man says to
other, they will both his father or mother,
fall into the ditch!" "Anything of mine
is Peter said to him, that might have been
"Explain the figure of use to you is Kor-
for us." He said,

16 ban," that is, conse-

"Have even you no 12 crated to God, you let
understanding yet? him off from doing
17 Can you not see that anything more for his
whatever goes into is father or mother, and
the mouth passes into so you nullify what
the stomach and then God has said by what
is is disposed of? But you have handed
the things that come down. You have
out of the mouth many such practices."
come from the heart, 14 He called the people
and they pollute a ]
to him again and said
A Period of Conflict in Galilee 93

19 man. For out of the to them, "Listen to

heart come wicked de- me, all of you, and un-
signs, murder, adul- 15 derstand this. Noth-
tery, immorality, ing that goes into a
stealing, false witness, man from outside can
20 impious speech. It is pollute him. It is
these things that pol- what comes out of a
lute a man, but not man that pollutes
eating with unwashed 17 him." When
he had
hands!" left crowd and
gone home, his dis-
ciples asked him what
he meant by this fig-
is ure. And he said to
them, "Have not even
you any understand-
ing then? Do you not
see that nothing that
goes into a man from
outside can pollute
19 him, since it does not
go into his heart but
into his stomach and
then is disposed of?"
So he declared all food
20 clean. He went on to
say, "It is what comes
out of a man that pol-
21 lutes him. For it is
from inside, from
men's hearts, that de-
signs of evil come;
immorality, stealing,
22 murder, adultery,
greed, malice, deceit,
indecencies, envy,
abusiveness, arro-
23 gance, folly all these
evils come from in-
side, and they pollute
a man."
MATTHEW 15:21-28 MARK 7: 24^30
21 And Jesus left that 24 He left that place
place and retired to and went to the neigh-
the neighborhood of borhood of Tyre and
22 Tyre and Sidon. And Sidon. An'd he went
a Cana,anite woman of into a certain house,
that district came out and wanted no one to
and screamed, "Son know of it. And he
of David, take pity on could not keep it se-
me, sir !
My daughter 25 cret, but a woman
is dreadfully possessed whose little daughter
23 by a demon !" But he was possessed by a
would not answer her foul spirit immediate-
a word. And his dis- ly heard about him
ciples . came up and and came and threw
urged him, saying, herself at his feet.
"Send her away, for 26 Now the woman was
she keeps screaming a Greek, of Syro-
24 after us." But he an- phoenician birth. And
swered, "I am sent she begged him to
only to the lost sheep drive the demon out
of Israel's house." 27 of her daughter. He
25 And she came and fell said to her, "Let the
down before him, and children first eat all
said, "Help me, sir!" they want, for it is not
26 He said, "It is not right to take the chil-
right to take the chil- dren's bread and
dren's bread and throw it to the dogs."
throw it to the dogs!" 28 But she answered,
27 But she said "O yes, "True, sir! and still
sir For even dogs eat
! the dogs under the
the scraps that fall table eat what the
from then: masters' 29 children leave!" He
28 table!" Then Jesus said to her, "If you
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 95

answered, "You have can say that, go home;

great faith !You shall the demon has left
have what you want." so your daughter." And
And her daughter was she went home and
cured from that tune. found the child lying
on the bed, and the
demon gone.


MATTHEW 15:29-31 MABK7:31-37
29 Jesus left that place 31 He left the neigh-
and went along the borhood of Tyre again
shore of the Sea of and went by way of
Galilee, and went up Sidon to the Sea of
on the hillside and sat Galilee, crossing the
so down there.Then district of the Ten
great crowds came to 32 Towns. And they
him bringing with brought to him a man
them those who were who was deaf and
lame, crippled, blind, hardly able to speak,
or dumb, and many and they begged him
others. And they laid to lay his hand on
them down at his feet, 33 him. He took him off
si and he cured them, so by himself away from
that the people were the crowd, and put his
astonished to see the fingers in the man's
dumb speak, the lame ears, and touched his
walk, and the blind tongue with saliva.
see. And they praised 34 And he looked up to
the God of Israel. heaven and sighed,
and said to him,
which means "Open."
35 And his ears were
opened and his tongue
was released and he
se talked plainly. And
Jesus forbade them to
tellanyone about it,
but the more he for-
bade them the more
they spread the news
37 far and wide. And
people were utterly
amazed, and said,
"How well he has
done everything! He
96 The Student's Gospels

even makes the deaf

hear and the dumb


MATTHEW 15:32-39 MARK 8: 1-10
32 Then Jesus called 8 In those days when
his to him
disciples a great crowd had
and said to them, "I gathered again and
pity these people for they had nothing to
they have been stay- eat, he called his dis-
ing with me three ciples tohim and said
days now and they 2 to them, "I pity these
have nothing left to people, for they have
eat, and I do not been staying with me
mean to send them three days now, and
away hungry, for they they have nothing left
may give out on the 3 to eat. And if I send
33 way." The disciples them homehungry
said to him, "Where they will give out on
can we get bread the way, for some of
enough in this soli- them come from a dis-
tude to feed such a 4 tance." His disciples
34 crowd?" Jesus said to replied, "Where can
them, "How many anyone get bread
loaves have you?" enough, here in this
They said, "Seven, solitude, to satisfy
and a few small fish." these people's hun-
35 Then he ordered the s ger?" "How many
people to take their loaves have you?" he
places on the ground, asked. "Seven," they
se and he took the seven e said. Then he ordered
loaves and the fish the people to take
and gave thanks and their places on the
he broke them in ground. And he took
pieces and gave them the seven loaves and
to his disciples, and gave thanks and
the disciples gave broke them in pieces
them tothe people. and gave them to his
37 And they all ate and disciples to pass, and
satisfied their hunger. they passed them to
And the pieces that 7 the people. They had
they left that were a few small fish, and
picked up filled seven he blessed them and
as baskets. There were told the disciples to
four thousand men pass them also to the
who were fed, besides s people. And they ate
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 97

women and children. and satisfied their

39 And he dismissed the hunger. And the
people and got into pieces that they left,
the boat and went to that were picked up,
the district of Maga- filled seven baskets.
dan. 9 There were about four
thousand of the peo-
ple. And he dis-
10 missed them. Then
he immediately got
into the boat with his
disciples and went to
the district of Dal-


MATTHEW 16:1-12 MAKE 8: 11-21

16 The Pharisees and n The Pharisees came

Sadducees came up out and began a dis-
and to test him asked cussion with him, test-
him to show them a ing him by asking him
4 sign from heaven. He to show them a sign
answered, "It is a 12 from heaven. And he
wicked and faithless sighed deeply and
age that insists on a said, "Why do the
sign, and no sign will men of this day ask
be given it but the for a sign? I tell you,
sign of Jonah." And no sign will be given
he left them and went is them." And he left
5 away. When the dis- them and got into the
ciples went across the boat again and crossed
lake, they forgot to to the other side.
G take any bread. And 14 Now they had for-
Jesus said to them, gotten to bring any
'Look out, and be on bread, and they had
your guard against only one loaf with
the yeast of the Phari- them in the boat.
sees and Sadducees!" is And he warned them,
7 But they were dis- saying, "Look out!
cussing something Be on your guard
with one another, and against the yeast of
saying, "We have not the Pharisees and the
brought any bread!" yeast of Herod!"
s Jesus noticed it and IB They were discussing
said, "Why are you with one another their
discussing with one being without bread.
another your being 17 And he noticed it and
98 The Student's Gospels

without bread? You said to them, "Why

have so little faith! do you discuss your
9 Do you not under- being without bread?
stand yet? Do you Do you not yet see nor
not remember the five understand? Are your
loaves for the five is minds so dull? When
thousand, and how you have eyes can you
many baskets full you not see, and when you
10 gathered up? Nor the have ears can you not
seven loaves for the hear? Do you not re-
four thousand, and 19 member how many
how many baskets full baskets of pieces you
you gathered up? picked up when I
11 Why do you not see broke the five loaves
that I was not talking in pieces for those five
to you about bread? thousand men?"
But be on your guard They said to him,
against the yeast of 20 "Twelve." "When I
the Pharisees and broke the seven loaves
12 Sadducees!" Then in pieces for the four
they understood that thousand, how many
he was warning them baskets of pieces did
not against yeast but you pick. up?" They
against the teaching said to him, "Seven."
of the Pharisees and 21 He said to them, "Do
Sadducees. you not understand


MARK 8: 22-26
22 And
they came to
Bethsaida. And peo-
ple brought a blind
man to him and
begged him to touch
23 him. He took him by
the hand and led him
outside the village,
and spitting in his
eyes he laid his hands
on him and asked
him, "Do you see
24 any thing?" He looked
up and said, "I can
see the people, for
they look to me like
trees, only they are
25 moving about." Then
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 99

he laid his hands on

his eyes again, and he
looked steadily and
was cured, and saw
everything plainly.
26 And he sent him home
and said to him, "Do
not even go into the



MATTHEW 16 13-20 : MARK 8: 27-30 LTTKE 9:18-20

is When Jesus reached 27 Then Jesus and his is Once when he was
the district of Caesa- disciples went away to praying by himself,
rea Philippi, he asked the villages around with only the disciples
his disciples, "Who Caesarea Philippi. On near him, he asked
do people say that the way he questioned them,. "Who do the
the Son of Man is?" his disciples and said to people say that I
14 They said, "Some say them, "Who do peo- loam?" They answered,
John the Baptist, ple say that I am?" "John the Baptist,
others Elijah, and 28 They said to him, though others say Eli-
still others Jeremiah "John the Baptist; jah, and others that
or one of the proph- others say Elijah, and one of the old proph-
15 ets." He said to them, others that you are ets has come back to
"But who do you say one of the prophets." 20 life." And he said to
16 that I am?" Simon 29 And he asked them, them, "But who do
Peter answered, "You "But who do you say you say that I am?"
are the Christ, the that I am?" Peter an- Peter answered, "The
Son of the living swered and said to Christ of God!"
17 God!" Jesus an- him, "You are the
swered, "Blessed are soChrist." And he
you, Simon, son of warned them not to
Jonah, for human na- say this about him to
ture has not disclosed anyone.
this to you, but my
Father in heaven !

is But I tell you, your

name is Peter, a rock,
and on this rock I will
build my church, and
the powers of death
shall not subdue it.

19 I will
give you the
keys 'of the Kingdom
of Heaven, and what-
ever you forbid on
earth will be held in
100 The Student's Gospels

heaven to be forbid-
den, and whatever
you permit on earth
will be held in heaven
to be permitted."
20 Then he warned the
disciples not to tell

anyone that he was

the Christ.


MATTHEW 16:21-28 MAHK 8:31 9:1 LUKE 9:21-27
21 It was then that si Then he explained 21 But he warned
Jesus Christ for the to them for the first them particularly not
first tune explained tune that the Son of to tell this to anyone,
to his disciples that Man must go through 22 and "The Son of
he had to go to Jeru- much suffering, and Man must endure
salem and endure be refused by the eld- great suffering and
great suffering there ers and the high be refused by the
at the hands of the priests and the elders, the high
elders, high priests, scribes, and be killed, priests, and the
and scribes, and be and rise again three scribes, and be killed,
killed, and be raised 32 days after. He told and be raised to life on
to life on the third them this plainly. 23 the third day." And
22 day. And Peter took And Peter took him he said to everyone,
him aside and began aside, and began to "If anyone wants to
to reprove him for it, reprove him for it. go with me, he must
saying, "God bless 33 But turning and see- disregard himself, and
you, Master! that can ing his disciples he re- take his cross day
never happen to you !" proved Peter, and after day and follow
23 But he turned and said,"Get out of my 24 me. For whoever
said to Peter, "Get sight,you Satan! for wants to preserve his
out of my sight, you you do not side with life will lose it, and
Satan You hinder
! God, but with men." whoever loses his life
me, for you do not 34 And he called the peo- for me will preserve
side with God, but ple and his disciples 25 it. What good does
24 with men!" Then Je- to him and said to it do a man to gain
sus said to his dis- them, "If
anyone the whole world and
ciples, "If
anyone wants to go with me, lose or forfeit himself?
wants to go with me, he must disregard 20 For if anyone is

he must disregard himself, and take his ashamed of me and

himself and take his cross and follow me. my teaching the Son
cross and follow me. 35 For whoever wants to of Man will be
25 For whoever wants to preserve his own life ashamed of him, when
preserve his own life will lose it, and who- he comes with all the
will lose it, and who- ever loses his life for glory of his Father
ever loses his life for me and for the good and of the holy angels.
26 me will find it. For news will preserve it. 27 I tell you, some of you
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 101

what good will it do a se For what good does it who stand here will
man he gains the
if do a man to gain the certainly live to see
whole world but parts whole world and yet the Kingdom of
with his life? What part with his life? God!"
can a man give to buy 37 For what can a man
27 back his life? For the give to buy back his
Son of Man is going to ss life? For if anyone is
come with his angels ashamed of me and
in his Father's glory, my teaching in this
and then he will re- unfaithful and sinful
pay everyonefor what age, then the Son of
as he has done. I tell Man will be ashamed
you, some of you who of him, when he comes
stand here will cer- back in his Father's
tainly live to see the glory, with the holy
Son of Man come to 9 angels." And he said
reign!" to them, "I tell you,
some of you who
stand here will cer-
tainly live to see the
reign of God come in
its might."


MATTHEW 17:1-13 MABK9:2-13 LUKE 9:28-36
17 Six days after this, 2 Six days after this 28 It was about eight
Jesus took Peter and Jesus took Peter, days after Jesus said
James and his brother James, and John with this that he took Pe-
John, and led them up him, and led them up ter, John, and James,
on a high mountain, on a high mountain, and went up on the
2 by themselves. And off by themselves. mountain to pray.
his appearance under- And his appearance 29 And as he was pray-
went a change in their underwent a change in ing, the look of his
presence and his face 3 their presence, and his face changed and his
shone like the
sun, clothes shone whiter clothes turned daz-
and his clothes be- than any earthly 30 zling white. And two
came as white as bleaching could make .men were talking with
3 light. And Moses and 4 them. And Elijah ap- him. They were
Elijah appeared to peared to them, ac- si Moses and Elijah, and
them, talking with companied by Moses, they appeared in glory
4 him. And Peter and they talked with and spoke of his de-
spoke, and said to s Jesus. Then Peter parture which he was
Jesus, "Master, how spoke, and said to to go through with at
good it is that we are Jesus, "Master, how 32 Jerusalem. Peter and
here! If you wish, I good it is that his companions had
will make three huts we are here! Let been overcome by
here, one for you, and us put up three huts, sleep, but waking up
102 The Student's Gospels

one for Moses, and one for you and one they saw his glorious
s one for Elijah." As he for Moses and one for appearance and the
spoke a bright cloud e Elijah." For he did two men standing by
overshadowed them not know what to say, 33 him. Just as they
and a voice from the they were so fright- were parting from
cloud said, "This is 7 ened. And a cloud him, Peter said to
my Son, my Beloved. came and overshad- Jesus, "Master, how
He is my Chosen. Lis- owed them, and from good it is that we are
e ten to him!" When the cloud came a here! Let us put up
the disciples heard it, voice, "This is my three huts, one for
they were dreadfully Son, my Beloved. Lis- you and one for Moses
frightened and fell up- s ten to him." And sud- and one for Elijah!"
7 on their faces. And denly, on looking For he did not know
Jesus came and around, they saw that what he was saying.
touched them, and there was now no one 34 But as he said it, a
said, "Get up and do with them but Jesus cloud came and over-
s not be afraid." When 9 alone. As they were shadowed them, and
they looked up they going down the moun- they were frightened
saw no one but Jesus tain, he cautioned as they passed under
9 himself. And as they them to let no one 35 the cloud. And from
were going down the know what they had the cloud came a voice
mountain Jesus cau- seen, until the Son of that said,
'This is my
tioned them, saying, Man should rise from Son, my Chosen!
"Do not tellanyone 10 the dead. And they Listen to him!"
of the vision you have did not forget what 36 At the sound of the
seen until the Son of he said, but discussed voice, they saw that
Man is raised from the with one another what Jesus was alone. And
10 dead." The disciples he meant by the rising they kept silence, and
asked him, "Then 11 from the dead. And said nothing about it
why do the scribes say they asked him, to anyone at that
that Elijah has to "Why do the scribes tune.
11 come first?" He an- say that Elijah has
swered, "Elijah does 12 to come first?" He
come and is to reform said to them, "Elijah
12 everything, but I tell does come first, and
you, Elijah has come reforms everything,
already, and they and does not the
would not recognize Scripture say of the
him, but treated him Son of Man that he
just as they pleased. will suffer much and
It is in just that way is be refused? Why, I
that the Son of is Man tell you, not only has
going to be treated by Elijah come, but peo-
is them!" Then the dis- ple have treated him
understood that
ciples just as they pleased,
he was speaking to as the Scripture says
them of John the Bap- about him."
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 103


MATTHEW 17:14r-21 LUKE 9:37-43a
14 When they came to u When they came to 37 The next day, when
the people again, a the disciples, they saw they had come down
man came up to him a great crowd around from the mountain, it
and fell on his knees, them, and some scribes happened that a great
is saying, "Master, take arguing with them. as crowd met him. And
pity on my son, for he is And all the people a man in the crowd
has epilepsy and is were amazed when shouted, "Master, I
very wretched; he they saw him, and beg you to look at my
often falls into the they ran up to him son, for he is my only
fireor into the water. 16 and greeted him. And 39 child, and all at once a
is And I brought him he asked them, "What spirit seizes him, and
to your disciples and are you discussing he suddenly cries out,
they have not been 17 with them?" One of and it convulses him
able to cure him." the crowd answered, untilhe foams at the
17 Jesus answered, "O "Master, I brought mouth, and it leaves
you unbelieving, ob- my son to you, for he him, after a struggle,
stinate people! How is possessed by a dumb 40 badly bruised. And I
long must I be with is spirit, and wherever it begged your disciples
you? How long must seizes himit con- to drive it out, and
I put up with you? vulses him, and he 41 they could not." Je-
Bring him here to foams at the mouth sus answered, "O you
is me!" And Jesus re- and grinds his teeth; unbelieving, obstinate
proved the demon and and he is wasting people ! How long
it came out of him, away. I told your dis- must I be with you
and from that mo- ciples to drive it out, and put up with you?
ment the boy was and they could not do Bring your son here!"
19 cured. Afterward, 19 it." He answered 42 Even while the boy
when he was alone, them and said, "O was coming, the de-
the disciples went to you unbelieving peo- mon threw him down
Jesus and said to him, ple, how long must I and convulsed him,
"Why could we not be with you? How but Jesus reproved
20 drive it out?" He long must I put up the foul spirit and
said to them, "Be- with you? Bring him cured the boy and
cause you have so little 20 here to me!" And gave him back to his
faith. For I tell you, they brought the boy
" father.And they were
if you have faith the to him. As soon as the all amazed at the pow-
size of a grain of mus- spirit saw him, it con- er of God.
tard, you can say to vulsed the boy, and he
this mountain 'Move fell down on the
from here over to ground and rolled
there!' and it will about, foaming at the
move, and nothing ,
21 mouth. Jesus asked
will be impossible for the boy's father,
you." "How long has he
been like this?" And
he said, "From his
104 The Student's Gospels

22 childhood, and many

a time has thrown
him into the fire or
into the water, to put
an end to him. But if
there is anything you
can do, take pity on
23 us and help us!" Je-
sus said to him, 'If
there is anything I can
do !' Everything is
possible for one who
24 has faith!" The boy's
father immediately
cried out, "I have
faith! Help want my
25 of faith !" Then Jesus,

seeing that a crowd

was rapidly gathering,
reproved the foul spir-
it and said to it, "You
deaf and dumb spirit,
get out of him, I
charge you, and
never enter him
26 again!" And it gave
a cry and convulsed
him terribly, and went
out of him. And the
boy was like a corpse,
so that most of them
said that he was dead.
27 But Jesus grasped his
hand and made him
and he stood up.
28 When he had gone
home, and his disci-
ples were alone with
him, they asked him,
"Why could not we
29 drive it out?" He said
to them, "This kind
of thing can only be
driven out by prayer."
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 105


MATTHEW 17:22-23 MAEK9:30-32 LUKE 9:43&-45
22 As they were going 30 And they left that 43
While everybody
about in Galilee, Jesus place andmade their was full of wonder at
said to them, "The way through Galilee, all that he was doing,
Son of Man is going to and he did not wish he said to his disci-
be handed over to 31 anyone to know it; for 44 pies, "You must store
2.3 men, and they will kill he was teaching his up these teachings in
him, but on the third disciples, saying to your minds for the
day he will be raised them, "The Son of Son of Man is going to
to life again." And Man is to be handed be handed over to
they were greatly dis- over to men, and they 45 men." But they did
tressed. will kill him, and three not understand what
days after he is killed he meant, indeed it
he will rise again." was concealed from
32 But they did not un- them, in order that
derstand what he they might not com-
meant, and they were prehend it, and they
afraid to ask him were afraid to ask
about it. him what he meant.


MATTHEW 17:24-27
24 When they reached
Capernaum, the col-
lectors of the temple-
tax came and said to
Peter,"Does not your
Master pay the tem-
25 pie-tax?" He said,
"Yes." But when he
went home, Jesus
spoke of it first and
said, "What do you
think, Simon? From
whom do earthly
kings collect duties
and taxes? From their
own people, or from
26 aliens?" He said,
"From aliens." Jesus
said to him, "Then
their own people are
27 exempt. But rather
than give offense to
them, go down to the
106 The Student's Gospels

sea and throw in a

hook. Take the first
fish that conies up,
open its mouth and
you will find in it a
dollar. Take that and
pay the tax for us


MATTHEW 18:1-35 MABK9:33-50 LUKE 9:46-50

18 Just at that time 33 And they reached 48 A discussion arose
the disciples came up Capernaum. When he among them as to
and asked Jesus, reached home, he which would be the
"Who is
really great- asked them,"What 47 greatest. But Jesus
est in the Kingdom of was that you were
it knew the question
2 Heaven?" He called a discussing on the that was in their
child to him and had 34 way?" But they made minds and he took a
him stand among no answer, for on the child and made him
3 them, and he said, "I way they had been 48 stand by his side, and
tell you, unless you discussing with one said to them, "Who-
change and become another which of them ever welcomes this
like children, you will 35 was the greatest. And child on my account
never get into the he sat down and called is welcoming m'e, and

Kingdom of Heaven the Twelve in, and whoever welcomes me,

4 at all. Anyone, there- said to them, "If any- welcomes him who
fore, who is as unas- one wishes to be first, has sent me. For it is
suming as this child is he must be the last of the lowliest among
the greatest in the all and the servant of you all who is really
Kingdom of Heaven, SG all." And he took a 49 great." John an-
s and anyone who wel- child and made him swered, "Master, we
comes one child like stand among them, saw a man driving out
this on my account and he put his arms demons with your
e welcomes me. But around him, and said name, and we told
whoever hinders one of 37 to them, "Whoever him not to do so, for
these children be- who welcomes one child he does not go with
lieve in me might bet- like on my ac-
this so us." Jesus said to
ter have a great mill- count is welcoming him, "Do not try to
stone hung around his me, and whoever wel- stop him, for the man
neck and be sunk in comes me, welcomes who is not against you
7 the open sea. Alas for not me but him who is for you."
the world for such as has sent me." John
hindrances! They said to him, "Master,
have to come, but /we saw a man driving
alas for the man who out demons with your
s causes them But ! if name, and we told
your own hand or him not to do so, for
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 107

your own foot makes he was not one of our

you fall, cut it off and 39 followers." But Jesus
throw it away. You said, "Do not tell him
might better enter up- not to do so, for there
on life maimed or crip- is no one who will use

pled than keep both my name to do a

hands and feet but be mighty act, and be able
thrown into the ever- soon after to abuse me.
9 lasting fire. And if 40 For the man who is
your own eye makes not against us is for
you fall, dig it out and 41 us. For whoever gives
throw it away. You you a cup of water to
might better enter up- drink, on the ground
on life with only one that you belong to
eye than be thrown Christ, I tell you, will
with both eyes into certainly not fail to be
10 the fiery pit. Beware 42 repaid. And whoever
of feeling scornful of causes one of these
one single little child, humble believers to
for I tell you that in fall might better have
heaven their angels a great millstone hung
have continual access around his neck and
to my Father in heav- be thrown into the
12 en. What do you 43 sea. If your hand
think? If a man has a makes you fall, cut it
hundred sheep and off.You might better
one of them strays 44 enter upon life
away, will he not leave maimed, than go with
the ninety-nine on the both your hands to the
hills, and go in search pit, into the fire that
of the one that is cannot be put out.
13 astray? And if he 45 And if your foot makes
happens to find it, I you fall, cut it off. You
tell you he rejoices might better enter in-
more over it than he to life crippled, than
does over the ninety- be thrown with both
nine that did not your feet into the pit.
14 stray. In just that 47 And if your eye makes
way, it is the will of you fall, tear it out.
my Father in heaven You might better get
that not a single one into the Kingdom of
of these children be God with only one eye
15 lost. But if your than be thrown with
brother wrongs you, both your eyes into
go to him and show 48 the pit, where the
him his fault while worm that feeds upon
you are alone with them never dies and
him. If he listens to the fire is never put
you, you have won 49 out. Everyone must
108 The Student's Gospels

back your brother. be seasoned with fire.

is But he will not lis-
if so Salt is a good thing,
ten, take one or two but if salt loses its
others with you, so strength, what will
that everything may you use to season it?
be supported by the You must have salt
testimony of two or within you, and live
17 three witnesses. If he in peace with one an-
refuses to listen to other."
them, tell the congre-
gation. And if he re-
fuses to listen to it,
treat him as a heath-
en or a tax-collector.
is I tell you, whatever
you forbid on earth
willbe held in heav-
en be forbidden,
and whatever you per-
mit on earth will be
held in heaven to be
19 permitted. Again, I
tell you, if even two
of you here on earth
agree aboutwhat they
shallpray for, it will
be given them by
my Father in heaven.
20 For wherever two or
three are gathered as
my followers, I am
there among them."
21 Then Peter came to
him and said, "Master,
how many times am I
to forgive my brother
when he wrongs me?
Seven over?"
22 Jesus said
him, to
"Not seven times
over, I tell you, but
seventy-seven tunes
23 over For this reason

the Kingdom of Heav-

en may be compared
to aking, who re-
solved to settle ac-
counts with his slaves.
24 And when he set
The Period of Preparation for the Crisis 109

about doing so, a man

was brought in who
owed him ten million
25 dollars. And as he
could not pay, his
master ordered him to
be sold, with his wife
and children and all
he had, in payment of
ze the debt. So the
slave threw himself
down before him and
implored him, 'Give
me time, and I will
27 pay you all of it.' And
his master's heart was
touched, and he let
the slave go and can-
28 celed the debt. But
when the slave went
out he met a fellow-
slave of his who owed
him twenty dollars,
and he caught him by
the throat and began
to choke him, saying,
'Pay me what you
29 owe!' So his fellow-
slave threw himself
down before him, and
begged him, 'Give me
time, and I will pay
so you.' But he refused
and went and had
him put in prison until
he should pay the
31 debt. When his fel-
low-slaves saw what
had happened, they
were greatly dis-
tressed, and they went
to their master and re-
ported the whole mat-
32 ter to him. Then his
master called him in
and said to him, '.You
wicked slave! I can-
celed all that debt of
yours when you en-
110 The Student's Gospels

33 treated me. Ought

you not have taken
pity on your fellow-
slave, as I did on you?'
34 So his master in his
anger handed him
over to the jailers, un-
til he should pay all

35 he owed him. That is

what my heavenly
Father will do to you,
if you do not each for-

give your brothers

from your hearts!"
MATTHEW 19:1-2; MABK 10 1
: LUKE 9:51-62
8:18-22 10 And he left that si As the time ap-
19 When Jesus had fin- place and went into proached when he was
ished this
discourse, the district of Judea to be taken up to
he left Galilee and and crossed the Jor- heaven, he set his face
went to the part of dan, and crowds of toward Jerusalem,
Judea that is on the people again gathered 52 and sent messengers
other side of the Jor- about him, and again before him. They
2 dan. Great crowds he taught them as he started out and went
followed him about was accustomed to do. into a Samaritan vil-
and he cured them lage, to make prepara-
there. 53 tions for him. And

Then Jesus, seeing the people there would
a crowd about him, not receive him, be-
gave orders to cross cause he was going to
to the other side. 54 Jerusalem. When the
19 And a scribe came up disciples, James and
and said to him, John, saw this, they
"Master, I will follow said, "Master, will
you wherever you are you have us order fire
20 going!" And Jesus to come down from
said to him, "Foxes heaven and consume
have holes and wild 55 them?" But he turned
birds have nests, but and reproved them.
the Son of Man has SB And they went on to
nowhere to lay his 57 another village. As
21 head!" And another they were going along
of his disciples said to the road, a man said
him, "Let me first go, to him, "I will follow
sir, and bury my fa- you wherever you go."
22 ther." But Jesus said 58 Jesus said to him,
to him, "Follow me, "Foxes have holes,
and leave the dead to and wild birds have
bury their own dead !" nests, but the Son of
Man has nowhere to
59 lay his head!" He
said to another, "Fol-

112 The Student's Gospels

low me." But he said,

"Let me first go and
eo bury my father." Je-
sus said to him,
"Leave the dead to
bury their own dead;
you must go and
spread the news of the
Kingdom of God!"
6i Yet another man said
to him, "Master, I am
going to follow you,
but let me first say
goodbye to my people
ea at home." Jesus said
to him, "No one who
puts his hand to the
plough, and then looks
back, is fitted for the
Kingdom of God."


MATTHEW 11:20-30 LUKE 10:1-24
20 Then he began
to re- 10 After this the Mas-
proach the towns in ter appointed seven-
which his numerous ty-two others, and
wonders had been sent them on before
done, because they him, two by two, to
did not repent. every town or place to
21 "Alas for you, Cho- which he intended to
razin! Alas for you, 2 come. And he said to
Bethsaida For if the
them, "The harvest is
wonders that have abundant enough, but
been done in you had the reapers are few.
been done in Tyre and So pray to the owner
Sidon, they would of the harvest to send
have repented in sack- reapers to gather it.
clothand ashes long 3 Now go. Here I send
22 ago! But I tell you, you out like lambs
Tyre and Sidon will 4 among wolves. Carry
fare better on the Day no purse nor wallet
of Judgment than you nor shoes, and do not
23 will ! And you, Caper- stop to exchange ci-
naum ! Are you to be vilitieswith anyone
exalted to the skies? s on the way. When-
You will go down ever you go to stay at
among the dead For ! a house, first say,
if the wonders that 'Peace to this house-
The Last Period of Public Teaching 113

have been done in you e hold !' If there

is any-
had been done in Sod- one there who loves
om, it would have peace, your blessing
stood until today. will rest upon him,
24 But I tell you that the but if there is not, it
land of Sodom will willcome back to you.
fare better on the Day 7 Stay at the same
of Judgment than you house, eating and
25 will!" At that same drinking what they
time Jesus said, "I offer you, for the
thank you, Father, workman deserves his
Lord of heaven and pay. Do not change
earth, for hiding all from one house to an-
this from the learned s other. Whenever you
and intelligent and re- come to a town and
vealing it to children. they welcome you, eat
26 -Yes, I thank you, Fa- what is offered you,
ther, for choosing to 9 and cure the sick
27 have it so. Every- there, and say to
thing has been handed them, 'The Kingdom
over to me by my Fa- of God
is close upon

ther, and no one un- 10 you!' But whenever

derstands the Son but you come to a town
the Father, nor does and they do not wel-
anyone understand come you, go out into
the Father but the the open streets and
Son and anyone to 11 say, 'The very dust of
whom the Son chooses your town that sticks
28 to reveal him. Come to our feet we wipe
to me, all of you who off in protest. But un-
toil and are burdened, derstand this :the
and I will let you rest. Kingdom of God is at
29 Let my yoke be put 12 hand!' I tell you, on
upon you, and learn that Day Sodom will
from me, for I am fare better than that
gentle and humble- is town! Alas for you,
minded, and your Chorazin Alas for

hearts will find rest, you, Bethsaida! For

30 for the yoke I offer if the wonders that

you is a kindly one, have been done in

and the load I ask you had been done in
you to bear is light." Tyre and Sidon, they
would have repented
long ago, sitting in
sackcloth and ashes!
14 But Tyre and Sidon
will fare better than
you at the Judgment !

15 And you, Caperna-

114 The Student's Gospels

tun ! Are you to be ex-

alted to the skies?
You will go down
among the dead !

is Whoever listens to
to me, and
you listens
whoever disregards
you disregards me,
and whoever disre-
gards me disregards
him who sent me."
17 The seventy-two came
back delighted, and
said," "Master, when
we use your name the
very demons submit
is to us!" He said to
them, "I saw Satan
fall from heaven like
a flash of lightning!
19 Here I have given you
the power to tread on
snakes and scorpions,
and to trample on all
the power of the ene-
my. Nothing will
20 hurt you at all. But
do not be glad that
the spirits submit to
you, but be glad that
your names are en-
21 rolled in heaven." At
that moment he was
inspired with joy, and
said, "I thank you,
Father, Lord of heav-
en and earth, for hid-
ing all this- from the
learned and intelli-
gent, and revealing it
to children! Yes, I
thank you, Father, for
choosing to have it so !

22 Everything has been

handed over to me by
my Father, and no
one knows who the
Son is but the Father,
nor who the Father is
The Last Period of Public Teaching 115

but the Son, and any-

one to whom the Son
chooses to reveal
23 him." And he turned
to his disciples when
they were alone, and
said, "Blessed are the
eyes that see what you
24 see For I tell you,

many prophets and

kings have wished to
see what you see, and
could not see it, and
to hear what you
hear, and could not
hear it!"


LUKE 10:25-37
25 Then an expert in
the Law got up to test
him and said, "Mas-
ter, what must I do to
make sure of eternal
26 life?" Jesus said to
him, "What does the
Law say? How does it
27 read?" He answered,
'You must love the
Lord your God, with
your whole heart,
your whole soul, your
whole strength, and
your whole mind,' and
'your neighbor as you
as do yourself.' Jesus
said to him, "You are
right. Do that, and
29 you will live." But he,
wishing to justify his
question, said, "And
who is my neighbor?"
so Jesus replied, "A man
was on his way down
from Jerusalem to
Jericho, when he fell
into the hands of rob-
bers, and they stripped
116 The Student's Gospels

him and beat him and

went off leaving him
si half dead. Now a
priesthappened to be
going that way, and
when he saw him, he
went by on the other
32 side of the road. And a
Levite also came to the
place, and when he
saw him, he went by
33 on the other side. But
a Samaritan who was
traveling that way
came upon him, and
when he saw him he
34 pitied him, and he
went up to him and
dressed his wounds
with oil and wine and
bound them up. And
he put him on his own
mule and brought him
to an inn and took
as care of him. The next
day he took out a dol-
lar and gave it to the
innkeeper and said,
'Take care of him, and
whatever more you
spend I will refund to
you on my way back.'
se Which of these three
do you think proved
himself a neighbor to
the man who fell into
the robbers' hands?"
37 He said, "The man
who took pity on
him." Jesus said to
him, "Go and do so
The Last Period of Public Teaching 117


LUKE 10:38-42
as As they continued
their journey, he came
to a certain village,
and a woman named
Martha welcomed him
39 to her house. She had
a sister named Mary,
who seated herself at
the Master's feet, and
listened to what he
40 was saying. But Mar-
tha was worried with
all she had to do for
them, and she came
up and said, "Master,
does it make no differ-
ence to you that my
sister has left me to do
all the work alone?
Tell her to help me."
41 The Master answered,
"Martha, Martha,
you are worried and
anxious about many
42 things, but our wants
are few, indeed there
is only one thing we
need. For Mary has
chosen the right thing,
and it must not be
taken away from her."


LUKE 11 1-13

11 Once he was
praying in a certain
place, when he
stopped, one
of his
disciples said to him,
"Master, teach us to
pray, as John taught
2 his disciples." He said
to them, "When you
pray, say, 'Father,
your name be revered !
118 The Student's Gospels

Your kingdom come!

3 Give us each day our
4 bread for the day, and
forgive us our sins,
for we ourselves for-
give anyone who
wrongs us; and do not
subject us to tempta-
s tion.' And he said
to them, "Suppose
one of you has a friend,
and goes to him in the
middle of the night,
and says to him,
'Friend, lend me three
a loaves, for a friend of
mine has just come to
my house after a jour-
ney, and I have noth-
ing for him to eat,'
r and he answers from
'Do not bother
me; the door is now
fastened, and my
children and I have
gone to bed; I cannot
s get up and give you
any.' I tell you,
even if he will not
getup and give him
some because he is his
friend, yet because of
his persistence he will
rouse himself and give
9 him all he needs. So I
tell you, ask, and
what you ask will be
given you. Search,
and you will find what
you search for. Knock,
and the door will open
10 to you. For it is al-
ways the one who
asks who receives, and
the one who searches
who finds, and the
one who knocks to
whom the door opens.
11 Which of you fathers,
The Last Period of Public Teaching 119

ifhis son asks him for

a fish will give him a
12 snake instead? Or if
he asks for an egg,
will give him a scorpi-
13 on? So if you, bad as
you are, know enough
to give your children
what is good, how
much more surely will
your Father in heaven
give the holy Spirit to
those who ask him
for it!"


LUKE 11:37-54
37 When he said this,
Pharisee asked him to
lunch with him, and
he went to his house
and took his place at
ss table. The Pharisee
noticed that he did
not wash before the
meal, and he was sur-
39 prised. But the Mas-
ter said to him, "You
Pharisees clean the
outside of cups and
dishes, but inside you
are full of greed and
40 wickedness. You
fools! Did not the
Creator of the outside
make the inside too?
41 But give your inmost
life as charity, and
you will immediately
find everything clean.
42 But alas for you Phar-
isees! For you pay
tithes on mint, rue,
and every tiny herb,
and disregard justice
and the love of God.
But you should have
observed these, with-
120 The Student's Gospels

out neglecting the

43 others. Alas for you
Pharisees ! For you
love to have the front
seat in the synagogues
and to be saluted with
respect in public
44 places. Alas for you !

For you are like un-

marked graves which
men tread upon with-
45 out knowing it." At
this, one of the ex-
perts in the Law said
to him, "Master, when
you say that, you
46 affront us too." But
he said, "Yes, alas for
you experts in the
Law too! For you
load men with bur-
dens .they can hardly
carry, and you will
not touch them your-
selves with a single
47 finger. Alas for you!
For you build monu-
ments for the proph-
ets, whom your fore-
48 fathers killed. So you
testify to what your
fathers did and ap-
prove it, for they
killed them and you
build their monu-
49 ments. This is why
the Wisdom of God
said, 'I will send
prophets and apostles
to them, and some of
them they will kill
and some they will
so persecute' so that
this age may be
charged with the
blood of all the proph-
ets that has been shed
since the creation of
si the world, from the
The Last Period of Public Teaching 121

blood of Abel to the

blood of Zechariah,
who perished between
the altar and the sanc-
tuary. Yes, I tell you !

This age will be

charged with it all!
52 Alas for you experts
in the Law! For you
have taken the key to
the door of knowledge,
but you have not en-
tered it yourselves,
and you have kept
out those who tried to
53 enter." After he left
the house, the scribes
and the Pharisees be-
gan to watch him
closely and to try to
draw him out on
54 many subjects, plot-
ting to entrap him in
something he might


12 Meanwhile as the
people gathered in
thousands, until they
actually trod on one
another, he proceeded
to say to his disciples
first of all, "Beware of
the yeast of the Phari-
sees, that is, hypoc-
2 risy. There is nothing
covered up that is not
going to be uncovered,
nor secret that is not
going to be known.
3 For what you say in
the darkness will be
heard in the light, and
what you whisper in
someone's behind
closed doors, will be
122 The Student's Gospels

proclaimed from the

4 housetops. I tell you,
who are my friends,
have no fear of those
who kill the body, and
after that can do no
s more. I will show you
whom to fear: fear
him who, after killing
you, has power to hurl
you into the pit. Yes,
fear him, I tell you.
6 Do not sparrows sell
five for two cents?
And yet not one of
them is forgotten in
7 God's sight. But the
very hairs on your
heads are all counted !

You must not be

afraid; you are worth
more than a great
s many sparrows I tell !

you, everyone who

will acknowledge me
before men, the Son of
Man will acknowledge
before the angels of
9 God, but anyone who
disowns me before
men will be disowned
before the angels of
10 God. And anyone
who speaks against
the Son of Man will
be forgiven for it, but
no one who reviles the
holy Spirit will be for-
11 given. When they
bring you before the
synagogues or the
magistrates or the
authorities, you must
have no anxiety about
how to defend your-
selves or what you
12 say, for at the very
moment the holy
Spirit will teach
The Last Period of Public Teaching 123

you what you ought

is to say." Someone in
the crowd said to him,
"Master, tell my
brother to give me my
share of our inherit-
14 ance." But he said to
him, "Who made me
a judge or arbitrator
is of your affairs?" And
he said to them,
"Take care You

must be on your guard

against any form of
greed, for a man's life
does not belong to
him, no matter how
IB rich he is." And he
told them this story:
"A certain rich man's
lands yielded heavily.
17 And he said to him-
self, 'What am I going
to do, for I have no-
where to store my
is crops?' Then he said,
'This is what I will
do; I will tear down
my barns and build
larger ones, and in
them I will store all

my grain and my
19 goods. And I will say
to my soul, 'Soul,
you have great
wealth stored up for
years to come. Now
take your ease; eat,
drink, and enjoy your-
20 self.' But God said to
him, 'You fool! This
very night your soul
will be demanded of
you. Then who will
have all you have pre-
21 pared?' That is the
way with the man
who lays up money
for himself, and is not
124 The Student's Gospels

22 rich with God." And

he said to his disciples,
"Therefore, I tell you,
do not worry about
life, wondering .what

you will have to eat,

or about your body,
wondering what you
will have to wear.
23 Life is more important
than food, and the
body than clothes.
24 Think of the crows !

They do not sow or

reap, and they have
no storehouses or
barns, and God feeds
them. How much
more you are worth
25 than the birds Which

of you with all his

worry can add a single
26 hour to his life? So if
you cannot do the
least good, why should
you worry about the
27 rest? See how the
lilies grow. They do
not toil or spin, but, I
tell you, even Solo-
mon in all his splendor
was never dressed like
28 one ;of them. But if
God so dresses the
wild grass, which is
alive today, and is
thrown into the fur-
nace tomorrow, how
much more surely will
he clothe you, who
29 have so little faith? So
you must not ask
what you are to have
to eat or drink, and
you must not be
so anxious about it. For
these are all things
the nations of the
world are in pursuit
The Last Period of Public Teaching 125

of, and your Father

knows well that you
31 need them. But you
must strive to find his
kingdom, and you
will have these
other things besides.
32 Do not be afraid, lit-
your Fa-
tle flock, for
ther has chosen to
give you the kingdom.
33 Sell what belongs to
you, and give away
the money! Get your-
selves purses that will
never wear out, inex-
haustible riches in
heaven, where thieves
cannot get near nor
34 moths destroy. For
wherever your treas-
ure is, your heart will
35 be too. You must be
ready with your lamps
se burning, like men
waiting for their mas-
ter to come home from
a wedding, so that
when he cornea and
knocks, they can open
the door for him at
37 once. Blessed are the
slaves whom their
master will find on
the watch when he
comes. I tell you, he
will gird up his robe
and make them take
their places at table,
and go around and
ss wait on them. Wheth-
er he comes late at
night or early in the
morning and finds
them on the watch,
39 they are blessed. But
you may be sure of
this, that if the mas-
ter of the house had
126 The Student's Gospels

known what time the

thief was coining, he
would have been on
the watch, and would
not have let his house
40 be broken into. You
must be ready too, for
the Son of Man is
coming at a time when
you do not expect
41 him." Peter said to
him, "Master, do you
mean this figure for
us, or is it for every-
42 body?" And the Mas-
ter said, "Who then
will be the faithful,
thoughtful manager,
whom his master will
put in charge of his
household, to give the
members of it their
supplies at the proper
43 time? Blessed is that
slave if his master
when he returns finds
44 him doing it. I tell
you, he will put him
in charge of all his
45 property. But if the
slave says to himself,
'My master is not
coming back for a
long time,' and begins
to beat the men and
women slaves and to
eat and drink and get
46 drunk, that slave's
master come back
some day when he
does not expect him,
and at some time of
which he does not
know, and will cut
him in two, and put
him with the unbe-
47 lievers. The slave
who knows his mas-
ter's wishes but does
The Last Period of Public Teaching 127

not get ready or act

upon them, will be se-
48 verely punished. But
one who does wrong
without knowing
them will be lightly
punished. From any-
one who has been giv-
en much, much will be
required, and of the
man to whom people
have intrusted much,
they will demand even
49 more. I have come to
bring fire down to the
earth,and how I wish
it were kindled al-
so ready! I have a bap-
tism to undergo, and
how distressed I am
si till it is over ! Do you
think I have come to
bring peace to the
earth? Not peace, I
tell you, but discord!
as For from now on if
there are five people
in a house they will be
divided three against
two and two against
53 three. Father will be
against son, and son
against father, moth-
er against daughter
and daughter against
mother, mother-in-
law against daughter-
in-law and daughter-
in-law against her
54 mother-in-law." And
he said to the crowds,
"When you see a
cloud rise in the west,
you say at once, 'It is
going to and it
55 does. And when you
see the south wind
blowing, you say, 'It
is going to be very
128 The Student's Gospels

se hot,' and it is. You

hypocrites! You
know how to inter-
pret the look of the
earth and sky; and
why can you not in-
terpret this present
57 time? Why do you
not decide what is
right for yourselves?
ss For when you are
going before the mag-
istrate with your op-
ponent, do your best
on the way to get rid
of him, or he may
hurry you off to the
judge and the judge
hand you over to the
constable and the con-
stable throw you into
59 prison. I tell you,
you will never get out
again until you have
paid the last cent!"


LUKE 13 1-9

13 Just then some peo-

ple came up to bring
him word of the Gali-
leans whose blood Pi-
late had mingled with
that of their sacrifices.
2 And he answered, "Do
you think, because
this happened to
them, that these Gali-
leans were worse sin-
ners than any other
3 Galileans? No, I tell
you; unless you re-
pent, you will all
4 perish as they did Or !

those eighteen people

at Siloam who were
killed when the tower
fell upon them do
The Last Period of Public Teaching 129

you think they were

worse offenders than
all the other people
who live in Jerusalem?
5 No, I tell you; unless
you repent, you will
all perish as they did !"
c He used thig figure:
"A man had a fig tree
growing in his garden,
and he went to look
for fruit on it, and
could not find any.
7 And he said to the
gardener, 'Here I have
come three years to
look for fruit on this
fig tree, without find-
ing any. Cut it down.
Why should it waste
s the ground?' He an-
swered, 'Let it stand
this one year more,

sir, tih I dig around it

9 and manure it; per-
haps it will bear fruit
next year. But if it
does not, you can
have it cut down.' "


LUKE 13:10-21
10 One Sabbath he
was teaching in one
n of the synagogues, and
there was a woman
there who for eight-
een years had had a
sickness caused by a
spirit. She was bent
double and could not
straighten herself up
12 at all. When Jesus
saw her he called to
her, "You are freed
from your sickness!"
13 And he laid his hands
130 The Student's Gospels

on her, and she in-

stantly became erect,
14 and praised God. But
the leader of the syna-
gogue, in his vexation
because Jesus had
cured her on the Sab-
bath, spoke out and
said to the crowd,
"There are six days
on which it is right to
work. Come on them
and be cured, but not
on the Sabbath day."
is But the Master an-
swered, "You hypo-
crites Does not every

one of you untie his ox

or his donkey from the
stall on the Sabbath
and lead him away to
IB water him? And did
not this woman, who
is a descendant of A-

braham, whom Satan

has kept bound for
eighteen years, have
to be released from
those bonds on the
17 Sabbath day?" When
he said this, all his op-
ponents were humili-
ated, and all the peo-
ple were delighted at
all the splendid things
is that he did. He said,
therefore, "What is
the Kingdom of God
like,and to what can
19 I compare it? It is
like a mustard seed
that a man took and
dropped in his garden,
and it grew and be-
came a tree, and the
wild birds roosted on
20 its branches." And
he went on, "To what
can I compare the
The Last Period of Public Teaching 131

21 Kingdom of God? It
is yeast that a
woman took and hid
in a bushel of flour,
till it all rose."


LUKE 13:22-35
22 So he went about
among the towns and
villages, teaching and
making his way to-
23 ward Jerusalem. And
someone said to him,
"Are only a few to be
saved, Master?" He
24 said to them, "You
must strain every
nerve to get in through
the narrow door, for I
tell you many will try
to get in, and will not
25 succeed, when the
master of the house
gets up and shuts the
door, and you begin
to stand outside and
to knock on the door,
and say, 'Open it for
us, sir!' Then he will
answer you and say,
'I do not know where
26 you come from.' Then
you will go on to say,
'We have been enter-
tained with you, and
you have taught in
27 our streets!' And he
will say to you, 'I do
not know where you
come from. Get away
from me, all you
28 wrongdoers !' There
will weep and
gnash your teeth
when you see Abra-
ham and Isaac and
Jacob and all the
132 The Student's Gospels

prophets in the King-

dom of God, while you
29 are put outside. Peo-
ple will come from the
east and west and the
north and south, and
take their places in
the Kingdom of God.
so There are those now
last who will then be
first, and there are
those now first who
31 will be Just
then some Pharisees
came up and said to
him, "Go! Get away
from here, for Herod
wants to kill you!"
32 He said to them, "Go
and say to that fox,
'Here I am, driving
out demons and per-
forming cures, today
and tomorrow, and on
the third day I will be
33 through. But I must
go on today and to-
morrow and the next
day, for it is not right
for a prophet to die
34 outside Jerusalem.' O
Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
murdering the proph-
ets, and stoning those
who are sent to her,
how often I have
longed to gather your
children around me,
as a hen gathers her
brood under her wings,
35 but you refused Now !

I leave you to your-

selves. And I tell you,
you willnever see me
again until you say,
'Blessed be he who
comes in the Lord's
The Last Period of Public Teaching 133


LUKE 14:1-24
14 One Sabbath, when
he went to take a meal
at the house of a mem-
ber of the council who
was a Pharisee, they
were watching him
2 closely. There was a
man in front of him
a who had dropsy. And
Jesus said to the Phar-
isees and the experts
in the Law, "Is it right
to cure people on the
4 Sabbath or not?" But
they made no answer.
And he took hold of
the man and cured
him and sent him
5 away. Then he said to
them, "Who among
you, if his child or his
ox falls into a well,
will not pull him out
at once on the Sab-
e bath?" And they
could make no reply
7 to this. He noticed
that the guests picked
out the best places,
and he gave them this
s illustration: "When
someone invites you
to a wedding supper,
do not take the best
place, for someone
more distinguished
than you are may
9 have been invited, and
your host will come
and say to you, 'Make
room for this man,'
and then you will pro-
ceed in confusion to
take the poorest place.
10 But when you are in-
vited anywhere, go
134 The Student's Gospels

and take the poorest

place, so that when
your host comes in,
he will say to you,
'My friend, come to a
better place.' So you
will be shown con-
sideration before all
11 the other guests. For
everyone who exalts
himself will be hum-
bled, but the man who
humbles himself will
12 be exalted." And he
said to the man who
had invited him,
"When you give a
luncheon or a dinner,
do not invite your
friends or your broth-
ers or your relatives
or your rich neighbors,
for they then will in-
vite you in return and
you will be repaid.
is But when you give an
entertainment, invite
people who are poor,
maimed, lame, or
14 blind. Then you will
be blessed, because
they cannot repay
you; for you will be
repaid at the resur-
rection of the up-
is right." One of the
other guests heard
this, and said to him,
"Blessed is the man
who shall be at the
banquet in the King-
16 dom of God." He said
to him, "A man once
gave a great dinner,
and invited a large
17 number to it, and
when the dinner hour
came, he sent around
his' slave,to say to
The Last Period of Public Teaching 135

those who were in-

vited, 'Come! for it is
is now ready !' And they
all immediately began
to excuse themselves.
The first one said to
him, have bought a

piece of land, and I

must go and look at
it. Please have me ex-

19 cused.' Another said,

"I have bought five
yoke of oxen, and I
am going to examine
them. Please have me
20 excused.' Another
said, 'I have married,
and so I cannot come.'
21 So the slave went
back, and reported
this to his master.
Then the master of
the house was angry
and said to his slave,
'Hurry out into the
streets and squares of
the and bring the
poor, the maimed, the
blind, and the lame in
22 here !' And the slave
said, 'What you or-
dered, sir, has been
done, and there is still
23 room.' And the mas-
ter said to the slave,
'Go out on the roads,
and among the hedges,
and make them come
in, so that housemy
24 may be full.For I tell
you that none of those
men who were invited
shall have any of my
136 The Student's Gospels


LUKE 14:25-35
25 There were great
crowds accompanying
him, and once he
turned and said to
26 them, "If anyone
comes to me without
hating his own father
and mother and wife
and children and
brothers and sisters,
and his very life too,
he cannot be a disciple
27 of mine. For no one
who does not take up
his own cross and
come after me can be
a disciple of mine.
28 What man among you
ifhe wishes to build a
tower does not first
sit down and estimate
the cost of it,to see
whether he has enough
29 to complete it? Or
else when he has laid
his foundation and
cannot finish the build-
ing, everyone who sees
it will begin to ridi-
30 cule him, and say,
'This man started to
erect a building, and
could not finish it!'
31 Or what king, if he is
going to meet another
king in battle, does
not sit down first and
consider whether he is
able with ten thou-
sand men to meet the
other who is coming
against him with
twenty thousand?
32 And if he
while the other is still
far away, he sends en-
The Last Period of Public Teaching 137

voys to him and asks

on what terms he will
33 make peace. In just
that way, no one of
you who does not say
goodbye to all he has
can be a disciple of
34 mine. Salt is good;
but if salt loses its
strength, what can it
35 be seasoned with? It
is fit neither for the
ground nor the ma-
nure heap people ;

throw it away. Let

him who has ears to
hear with, listen!"


15 All the tax-collec-
tors and irreligious
people were crowding
2 up to hear him. And
the Pharisees and
scribes grumbled, and
said, "This man wel-
comes irreligious peo-
ple, and even eats
3 with them!" So in
speaking to them he
used this figure:
4 "What man among
you, if he has a hun-
dred sheep, and loses
one of them, does not
leave the ninety-nine
in the wilderness, and
go in search of the one
that is lost, until he
5 finds it? And when he
finds it, he puts it on
his shoulders with joy,
e and when he reaches
home, he calls in his
friends and neighbors,
and says to them,
'Congratulate me, for
138 The StvdenVs Gospels

I have found my lost

7 sheep!' I tell you, in
just that way there
will be more joy in
heaven over one sinful
person who repents,
than over ninety-nine
upright people who do
not need any repent-
s ance. Or what woman
who has ten silver
corns and loses one,
does not light the
lamp and sweep the
house and look care-
fully she finds
9 it? And when she
finds it, she calls in
her friends and neigh-
bors, and says to them,
'Congratulate me, for
I have found the coin
10 that I lost!' In just
that way, I tell you,
there is joy among the
angels of God over
one sinful personwho
11 repents!" And he
said, "A man had two
12 sons. The younger of
them said to his fa-
ther, 'Father, give me
my share of the prop-
erty.' So he divided
his property between
is them. Not many days
later, the younger son
gathered up all he had,
and went away to a
distant country, and
there he squandered
his property by fast
H living. After he had
spent, it all, a severe
famine arose in that
country, and he began
is to be in want. And he
went and hired him-
self out to a resident
The Last Period of Public Teaching 139

of the country, and he

sent him into his fields
10 to tend pigs. And he
was ready to fill him-
self with the pods the
pigs were eating, and
no one would give him
17 anything. When he
came to himself he
said, 'How many hired
men my
father has,
who have more than
enough to eat, and
here I am, dying of
is hunger! I will get up,
and go to my father,
and say to him, "Fa-
ther, I have sinned
against heaven and in
19 your eyes; I no longer
deserve to be called
your son treat me like

one of your hired

20 men !" And he got

up and went to his

father. But while he
was still a long way
off, his father saw him,
and pitied him, and
ran and fell on his
neck and kissed him.
21 His son said to him,
'Father, I have sinned
against heaven, and in
your eyes; I no longer
deserve to be called
your son; treat me like
one of your hired
22 men !' But his father
said to his slaves,
'Make haste and get
out the best robe, and
put it on him, and put
a ring on his hand, and
23 shoes on his feet; and
get the calf we are
fattening, and kill it,
and let us feast and
24 celebrate, for my son
140 The Student's Gospels

here was dead, and he

has come to life; he
was and he is
found!' So they began
25 to celebrate. But his
elder son was in the
field. When he came
in and approached the
house, he heard music
26 and dancing, and he
called one of the serv-
ants to him and asked
him what it meant.
27 Pie said to him, 'Your
brother has come, and
your father has killed
the calf he has been
fattening, because he
has gotten him back
28 alive and well.' But he
was angry, and would
not go into the house.
And his father came
out and urged him.
29 And he said to his fa-
ther, 'Here I have
served you all these
years, and have never
disobeyed an order of
yours, and you have
never given me a kid,
so that I could enter-
so tain my friends. But
when your son here
came, who has eaten
up your property with
women of the street,
for him you killed the
calf you have been f at-
31 tening!' But he said
to him, 'My child,
you have been with
me all the time, and
everything I have is
32 yours. But we had to
celebrate and be glad,
because your brother
was dead, and has
come to life, and was
lost and is found!'
The Last Period of Public Teaching 141


16 And he said to his
disciples, "There was
a rich man who had a
manager, and it was
reported to him that
this man was squan-
dering his property.
2 So he called him in
and said to him, 'What
is this that I hear
about you? Make an
accounting for your
conduct of my affairs,
for you cannot be
manager any longer!'
3 Then the manager
said to himself, 'What
am I going to do, be-
cause my master is
going to take my posi-
tion away from me?
I cannot dig; I am
4 ashamed to beg. I
know what I will do,
so that when am I re-
moved from my posi-
tion people will take
me into their homes.'
5 Then he called in each
of his master's debt-
ors, and he said to the
first one, 'How much
do you owe my mas-
e ter?' He said, 'Eight
hundred gallons of
oil.' And he said to
him, 'Here is your
agreement; sit right
down and write four
7 hundred!' Then he
said to another, 'And
how much do you
owe?' He answered,
'Fifteen hundred
bushels of wheat.' He
said to him, 'Here is

your agreement; write

142 The Student's Gospels

twelve hundred.'
s And his master praised
the dishonest man-
ager, because he had
acted shrewdly. For
the sons of this age
are shrewder in their
relation to their own
age than the sons of
9 the light. So I tell
you, make friends for
yourselves with your
ill-gotten wealth, so
that when it fails, they
may take you into the
10 eternal dwellings. The
man who can be trust-
ed in a very small
matter can be trusted
in a large one, and the
man who cannot be
trusted in a very small
matter cannot be
trusted in a large one.
11 So if you have proved
untrustworthy in us-
ing your ill-gotten
wealth, who will trust
you with true riches?
12 And if you have been
untrustworthy about
what belonged to
someone else, who will
give you what belongs
is to you? No servant
can belong to two
masters, for he will
either hate one and
love the other, or he
will stand by one and
make light of the
other. You cannot
serve God and mon-
14 ey!" The Pharisees,
who were avaricious,
heard all this, and
they ridiculed him.
is And he said to them,
"You are the men
The Last Period of Public Teaching 143

who parade your up-

rightness before peo-
ple, but God knows
your hearts. For what
men consider great is
detestable in the sight
16 of God. Until John
came,it was the Law
and the Prophets.
From that time the
Kingdom of God has
been proclaimed, and
everyone has been
17 crowding into it. But
it is easier for heaven
and earth
to pass
away than for one
dotting of an i in the
Law to go unfulfilled.
is Anyone who divorces
his wife and marries
another woman com-
mits adultery, and
whoever marries a
woman who has been
divorced from her
husband commits
19 adultery. There was
once a rich man, who
used to dress in purple
and fine linen, and to
live in luxury every
20 day. And a beggar
named Lazarus was
put down at his gate
21 covered with sores and
eager to satisfy his
hunger with what was
thrown away from the
rich man's table.
Why, the very dogs
came and licked his
22 sores. And it came
about that the beggar
died and was carried
away by the angels to
the companionship of
Abraham, and the
rich man too died and
144 The Student's Gospels

23 was buried. And in

Hades he looked up,
tormented as he was,
and saw Abraham far
away, with Lazarus
24 beside him. And he
called to him and said,
'Father Abraham!
take pity on me, and
send Lazarus to dip
the tip of his finger in
water and cool my
tongue, for I am in
torment, here in the
as flames!' And Abra-
ham said, 'My child,
remember that you
received your bless-
ings in your lifetime,
and Lazarus had his
misfortunes in his;

and now he being

comforted here, while
you are in anguish.
26 Besides there is a
great chasm set be-
tween you and us, so
that those who want
to go over from this
side to you cannot,
and they cannot cross
from your side to us.'
27 And he said, 'Then I
beg you, father, to
send him to my fa-
28 ther's house, for I
have five brothers; let
him warn them so that
they will not also
come to this place of
29 torture.' Abraham an-
swered, 'They have
Moses and the proph-
ets; let them listen to
so them.' But he said,
'No, Father Abraham,
but if someone will go
to them from the
dead, they will re-
The Last Period of Public Teaching 145

si pent!' He answered,
'If they will not listen
to Moses and the
prophets, they will
not be convinced even
if someone rises from
the dead!'"


LUKE 17:1-10
17 And he said to his
disciples, "It is inevi-
table that hindrances
should arise, but alas
for the man who
2 causes them He !

might better have a

millstone hung around
his neck, and be
thrown into the sea,
than be a hindrance to
one of these humble
3 people. Look out for
yourselves If your

brother wrongs you,

take it up with him,
and if he repents, for-
4 give him. heAnd if

wrongs you seven

times a day, and sev-
en times turns to you
and says, 'I am sor-
ry,' you must forgive
5 him." The apostles
said to the Master,
"Give us more faith."
e And the Master said,
"If your faith is as big
as a mustard seed, you
might have said to
this mulberry tree,
'Be pulled up by the
roots and planted in
the sea,' and it would
have obeyed you !

7 What man among you,

if he has a servant
plowing or keeping
146 The Student's Gospels

sheep, will say to him

when he comes in from
the field, 'Come at
once and sit down at
s the table,' instead of
saying to him, 'Get
my supper ready, and
dress yourself, and
wait on me while I
eat and drink, and you
can eat and drink af-
9 terward'? Is he grate-
ful to the slave for do-
ing what he has been
10 ordered to do? So you
also, when you do all
you have been ordered
to do, must say, 'We
are good-for-nothing
slaves ! We
have done
only what we ought to
have done!' "


LUKE 17:11-19
11 It happened that, on
his way to Jerusalem,
he passed through Sa-
maria and Galilee.
12 And as he was going
into one village he met
ten lepers and they
stood at some distance
13 from him, and raising
their voices, said, "Je-
sus, Master, take pity
14 on us!" And when he
saw them, he said to
them, "Go and show
yourselves to the
priests." And as
they went they were
is cured. But one of
them, when he saw
that he was cured,
came back, loudly
16 praising God, and fell
on his face at Jesus'
The Last Period of Public Teaching 147

feet, and thanked him

He was a Samaritan.
17 And Jesus said, "Were
not all ten cured?
Where are the other
is nine? Was no one
found to return and
give thanks to God ex-
cept this foreigner?"
19 And he said to him,
"Stand up and go!
Your faith has cured


LUKE 17:20-37
20 He was once asked
by the Pharisees when
the Kingdom of God
would come, and he
answered, "The King-
dom of God is not
21 coming visibly, and
people will not
'Look! Here it is!' or
'There it is!' for the
Kingdom of God is
22 within you." And he
said to his disciples,
"The time will come
when you will long to
see one of the days of
the Son of Man, and
you will not be able to
23 do so. Men will say to
you, 'Look There he !

is !''Look Here he
or, !

is!' Do not go off in

24 pursuit of him, for
just as when the light-
ning flashes, it shines
from one end of the
sky to the other, that
will be the way with
25 the Son of Man. But
first he must go
through much suffer-
ing, and be refused by
148 The Student's Gospels

26 this age. In the time

of the Son of Man it
will be just as it was
in the time of Noah.
27 People went on eat-
ing, drinking, marry-
ing, and being
married up to the
very day that Noah
got into the ark and
the flood came and
destroyed them all.
28 Or as it was in Lot's
time; they went on
eating, drinking, buy-
ing, selling, planting,
29 and building, but the
day Lot left Sodom, it
rained fire and brim-
stone from heaven and
so destroyed them all. It
willbe like that on the
day when the Son of
31 Man appears. A man
who is on the roof of
his house that day,
with his goods in the
house, must not go
down to get them, and
a man in the field,
too, must not turn
32 back. Remember
33 Lot's wife! Whoever
tries to preserve his
life will lose it, and
whoever loses his life
34 will preserve it. I tell
you, there will be two
men in the same bed
that night one will be

taken and the other

35 left. There will be two
women grinding to-
gether; one be will
taken and the other
37 left!" They said to
him, "Where will this
be, Master?" And he
said to them, "Wher-
The Last Period of Public Teaching 149

ever there is a dead

body the vultures will


LUKE 18 1-8 :

18 He gave them an il-

lustration to show
that they must always
pray and not give up,
2 and he said, "There
was once in a city a
judge who had no fear
of God and no respect
3 for men. There was a
widow in the city and
she came to him and
said, 'Protect me from
4 my opponent.' And
he would not for a
time, but afterward
he said to himself,
'Though I have no
fear of God nor re-
5 spect for men, yet be-
cause this widow both-
ers me, I will protect
her, so that she may
not finally wear me
out with her com-
6 ing.' And the Mas-
ter said, "Listen to
what this dishonest
7 judge said Then will

not God provide pro-

tection for his chosen
people, who cry out to
s him day and night? I
tellyou, he will make
haste to provide it!
But when the Son of
Man comes, will he
find faith on earth?"
150 The Student's Gospels


LUKE 18:9-14
9 To some who were
confident of their
uprightness, and
thought nothing of
others, he used this il-
10 lustration: "Two men
went up to the Tem-
ple to pray; one was a
Pharisee and the other
n a tax-collector. The
Pharisee stood up and
uttered this prayer to
himself: 'O God, I
thank you that I am
not like other men,
greedy, dishonest, or
adulterous, like that
12 tax-collector. I fast
two days in the week;
I pay tithes on every-
13 thing I get.' But the
tax-collector stood at
a distance and would
not even raise his eyes
to heaven, but struck
his breast, and said,
'O God, have mercy
on a sinner like me!'
14 I tell you, it was he
who went back to his
house with God's ap-
proval, and not the
other. For everyone
who exalts himself will
be humbled, but the
man who humbles
himself will be ex-


MATTHEW 19:3-12 MARK 10:2-12
And some Phari- 2 Some Pharisees
sees came up to him to came up, and in order
test him, and they him asked him
to test
said, "Is it right whether a man should
for a man to divorce be allowed to divorce
The Last Period of Public Teaching 151

his wife for any a his wife. But he an

4 cause?" But he an- swered, "What has
swered, "Did you Moses commandec
never read that the 4 you to do?" They
Creator at the begin- said, "Moses permits
ning made them a man to divorce his
male and female, and wife by drawing up a
5 said, 'For this rea- written divorce-no-
son a man shall leave 5 tice." But Jesus saic
his father and mother to them, "It was on
and be united to hi: account of your per-
wife,and the two of versity that he laic
them shall become down that law for
e one'? So they are no e you. But from the be-
longer two but one. beginning of the crea-
Therefore, what God tion, 'God made them
has joined together, male and female.
man must not try to 7 Therefore a man must
7 separate." They said leave his father and
to him, "Then why mother, and he and
did Moses command his wife must become
us to draw up a writ- s one,' and so they are
ten divorce-notice and no longer two but one.
s give it to her?" He 9 Therefore what God
said to them, "It was has joined together
on account of your man must not try to
perversity that Moses 10 separate." When
permitted you to di- they reached the
vorce your wives, but house the disciples
it was not so at the be- asked him about this
9 ginning. I tell you 11 again. And he said to
that whoever divorces them, "Anyone who
his wife on any ground divorces his wife and
but her unfaithful- marries another wom-
ness, and marries an- an commits adultery
other woman, com- against his former
i omits adultery." The 12 wife, and if a woman
disciples said to him, divorces her husband
"If that is a man's re- and marries another
lation to his wife, it is man, she is an adul-
better not to marry!" teress."
11 He said to them, "It
is not everyone who
can accept that, but
only those who have a
12 special gift. For some
are incapable of mar-
riage from their birth,
and some have been
152 The Student's Gospels

made so by men, and

some have made them-
selves so for the sake
of the Kingdom of
Heaven. Let him ac-
cept it who can."


MATTHEW 19 13-15
: MARK 10:13-16 LUKE 18:15-17
is Then some
children is And people brought is People brought ba-
were brought up to children to him to bies to him to have
him so that he might have him touch them, him touch them, but
lay his hands on them but the disciples re- . the disciples, when
and pray, but his dis- proved them for it. they saw it, reproved
ciples reproved the 14 When Jesus saw it, 16 them for it. But Je-
H people for it. But Je- he was indignant, and sus called them up to
sus said, "Let the said to them, "Let the him and said, "Let
children alone, and do children come to me; the children come to
not try to keep them do not try to stop me and do not try to
from coming to me, them, for the King- stop them, for the
for the Kingdom of dom of God belongs Kingdom of God be-
Heaven belongs to is to such as they. I tell longs to such as they.
such as they are." you, whoever does not 17 1 tell you, whoever
is And he laid his hands accept the Kingdom does not accept the
on them and went on. of God like a child Kingdom of God like
shall not enter it at a child will not enter
is all." And he took the it at all."
children in his arms
and laid his hands on
them and blessed


MATTHEW 19 16 : MARK 10: 17-31 LUKE 18:18-30
20:16 17 As he was starting is A member of the
IB A man came up to again on his journey, a councilasked him,
him and said, "Mas- man came running up "Good master, what
ter, what good deed to him, and knelt at must I do to make
must I do to obtain his feet and asked him, sure of eternal life?"
i- eternal life?" But he "Good master, what 19 Jesus said to him,
said to him, 'Why do must I do to make "Why do you call me
you ask me about sure of eternal life?" good? No one is good
what is good? There is But Jesus said to him, 20 but God himself. You
is only one who is "Why do you call me know the command-
good. But if you want good? No one is good ments, 'Do not com-
to enter that life, keep 19 but God himself. You mit adultery, Do not
the commandments." know the command- kill, Do not steal, Do
The Last Period of Piiblic Teaching 153

is He said to him, ments 'Do not mur- not bear false witness,
"Which ones?" Jesus der, Donot commit Honor your father and
said, "These: 'You adultery, Do not steal, 21 mother.' And he
shall not murder, You Do not bear false wit- said, "I have obeyed
shall not commit adul- ness, Do not defraud, all these command-
tery, You shall not Honor your father and ments ever since I was
steal, You shall not 20 mother.' But he 22 a child." When Jesus
bear false witness, said to him, "Master, heard this, he said to
19 Honor your father I have obeyed all him, "There is one
and mother,' and 'You these commandments thing that you still
shall love your neigh- .ever since I was a lack. Sell all that you
bor as you do your- 21 child." And Jesus have, and divide the
20 self.' The young looked at him and money among the
man said to him, "I loved him, and he said poor, and then you
have obeyed all to him, "There is one will have riches in
these commandments. thing you lack. Go, heaven and come

What do I still lack?" sell all you have, and back and be a fol-
21 Jesus said to him, "If give the money to the 23 lower of mine." But
you want 'to be per- poor, and then you when he heard that,
fect, go! Sell your will have riches in he was much cast
property and give the heaven and come
; down, for he was very
money to the poor, back and be a follower 24 rich. And when Jesus
and you will have 22 of mine." But his face saw it, he said, "How
riches in heaven. fell at Jesus' words, hard it will be for
Then come back and and he went away those who have mon-
be a follower of mine." much cast down, for ey to get into the
21 But when the young he had a great deal of 25 Kingdom of God! It
man heard that, he 23 property. And Jesus is easier for a camel to
went away much cast looked around and get through the eye of
down, for he had a said to his disciples, a needle than for a
great deal of property. "How hard it will be rich man to get into
23 Jesus said to his dis- for those who have the Kingdom of God !"
ciples, "I tell you, it money to enter the 26 And those who heard
will be hard for a rich Kingdom of God!" it said, "Then who
man to get into the 24 But the disciples were 27 can be saved?" And
Kingdom of Heaven! amazed at what he he said, "The things
24 And again I tell you, said. And Jesus said that are impossible
it is easier for a camel to them again, "My for men are possible
to get through a nee- children, how hard it 28 forGod!" Peter said,
dle's eye than for a is to enter the King- "Here we have left
rich man to get into 25 dom of God! It is home and followed
the Kingdom of God!" easier for a camel to 29 you." And he said to
25 But when the disci- get through the eye of them, tell "I
ples heard this, they a needle than for a there is no one who
were completely as- rich man to get into has given up home or
tounded and said, the Kingdom of God !" wife or brothers or
"Then who can be 26 They were perfectly parents or children
26 saved?" But Jesus astounded and said to for the Kingdom of
looked at them and him, "Then who can so God who will not re-
154 The Student's Gospels

said, "For men it is 27 be saved?" Jesus ceive many times

impossible, but any- looked at them and more in this time,
thing is possible for said, "For men it is and in the coming age
27 God!" Then Peter impossible, but not eternal life."
spoke and said to for God, for anything
him, "Here we have is possible for God."
left we have and
all 28 Peter started to say to
followed you. What him, "Well, we have
28 are we to have?" Je- left all we had, and
sus said to them, "In have followed you."
the new world, I tell 29 Jesus said, "I tell you,
you, when the Son of there is no one who
Man takes his seat on has given up home or
his glorious throne, brothers or sisters or
you who have fol- mother or father or
lowed me will also children or land for
sit upon twelve me and for the good
thrones, and judge so news, but will receive
the twelve tribes of now in this life a hun-
29 And anyone
Israel! dred times as much in
who has given up homes, brothers, sis-
houses or brothers or ters, mothers, chil-
sisters or father or dren, and lands, though
mother or children or not without persecu-
land for my
sake will tion and in the com-
receive many
times as ing age eternal life.
much, and share eter- 31 But many who are
ao nal life. But many first now will be last
who are first now will then, and the last will
be last then, and many be first."
who are now last will
20 be first. For the King-
dom of Heaven is like
an employer who went
out early in the morn-
ing to hire laborers
2 for his vineyard. He
agreed with the labor-
ers to pay them a dol-
lar a day, and sent
them to his vineyard.
3 He went out about
nine o'clock and saw
others standing in the
bazaar with nothing
4 to do. And he said to
them, 'You go to my
vineyard too, and I
will pay you what-
The Last Period of Public Teaching 155

ever is right.' So they

s went. He went out
again about twelve
and about three, and
e did the same. About
five he went out and
found others stand-
ing about and he
said to them, 'Why
have you been stand-
ing about here all day
7 doing nothing?' They
said to him, 'Because
nobody has hired us.'
He said to them, 'You
go to myvineyard,
s too.' Whenevening
came, the owner of
the vineyard said to
his foreman, 'Call the
laborers and pay them
their wages, beginning
with the last and end-
ing with
the first.'
9 When those who were
hired about five
o'clock came they re-
ceived a dollar apiece.
10 And when those who
were hired first came
they expected to get
more, but they too got
11 a dollar apiece. And
when they received it
they grumbled at their
12 employer, and said,
'These men who were
hired last worked only
one hour, and you
have put them on the
same footing with us
who have done the
heavy work of the day
and have stood the
is midday heat.' But he
answered one of them,
'My friend, I am dp-
ingyou no injustice.
Did you not agree
156 The Student's Gospels

with me on a dollar?
14 Take -what belongs to
you and go. I wish to
give the last man hired
as much as I give you.
is Have I no right to do
what I please with
what is mine? Or do
you begrudge my gen-
ie erosity?' So those
who are last now will
be first then, and
those who are first will
be last."


MATTHEW 20 17-19 : MARK 10:32-34 LUKE 18:31-34
17 When Jesus was 32 As they went on 31 And he took the
about to go up to their way up to Jeru- Twelve aside and said
Jerusalem, he took salem, Jesus walked to them, "See! we are
the Twelve off by ahead of them, and going up to Jerusalem,
themselves, and said they were in dismay, and everything writ-
to them as they were and those who still ten in the prophets
is on the way, "We are followed were afraid. about the Son of
going up to Jerusalem, And he took the Man will be fulfilled.
and the Son of Man Twelve aside again 32 For he will be handed
will be handed over to and began to tell over to the heathen,
the high priests and them what was going and ridiculed and in-
scribes, and they will to happen to him. sulted and spat upon,
condemn him to 33 "See!" he said, "we 33 and they will flog him
19 death, and hand him are going up to Jeru- and kill him, and on
over to the heathen salem, and the Son of the third day he will
to be mocked and Man will be handed 34 rise again." And
flogged and crucified, over to the high they did not under-
and on the third day priests and scribes, stand any of this; the
he will be raised to and they will condemn words were obscure to
life." him to death and hand them, and they did
him over to the heath- not know what he
34 en and they will ridi- meant.
cule him and spit on
him and flog him and
kill him; and three
days after he will rise
The Last Period of Public Teaching 157


MATTHEW 20:20-28 MARK 10:35-45
20 Then the mother of 35 And Zebedee's two
Zebedee's sons came sons, James and John,
up to him with her came up to him and
sons, bowing low, to said, "Master, we
ask a favor of him. want you to do for
21 He said to her, "What us whatever we ask."
do you want?" She se He said to them,
said to him, "Give "What do you want
orders that these two me to do for you?"
sons of mine sit one '37 They said to him,
at your right and one "Let us sit one at
at your left, when you your right hand and
22 are king!" But Jesus one at your left, in
answered, "You do ss your triumph." Jesus
not know what you said to them, "You do
are asking for! Can not know what you
you drink what I am are asking for. Can
going to drink?" you drink what I am
They answered, "Yes, drinking, or undergo
23 we can." He said to the baptism that I am
them, "Then what I 39 undergoing?" They
drink you shall drink, said to him, "Yes, we
but as for sitting at my can." Jesus said to
right or my left, that them, "Then you shall
is not mine to give, drink what I am
but belongs to those drinking, and you
for whom it is destined shallundergo the bap-
by my Father." tism that Iam under-
24 When the other ten 40 going; but as for sit-
heard of this, they ting at my right or at
were very indignant my left, that is not
at the two brothers. mine to give, but be-
as But Jesus called them longs to those for
to him and said, "You whom it isdestined."
know that the rulers 41 When the other ten
of theheathen lord it heard of this they
over them, and their were at first very in-
great men tyrannize dignant at James and
26 over them. It is not 42 John. And Jesus
to be so among you, called them to him,
but whoever wants to and said to them,
be great among you "You know that those
must be your servant, who are supposed to
27 and whoever wants to rule the heathen lord
hold the first place it over them, and their
among you must be great men tyrannize
158 The Student's Gospels

28 your slave, just as the 43 over them; but it is

Son of Man has come not to be so among
not to be waited on, you. Whoever wants
but to wait on other to be great among
people, and to give his you must be your
life to ransom many 44 servant, and whoever
others." wants to hold the first
place among you must
be everybody's slave.
45 For the Son of Man
himself has not come
to be waited on, but to
wait on other people,
and to give his life to
free many others."
MATTHEW 20: 29-34 MAEK 10:46-52 LUKE 18:35-43
29 As they were going 46 And
they came to 35 As he approached
out of Jericho, a great Jericho. As he was Jericho, a blind man
crowd followed him. leaving the town with happened to be sitting
so And two blind men his disciples and a by the roadside beg-
sitting by the road- great crowd, Timae- se ging. And hearing a
side, hearing that it us' son Bartimaeus, a crowd going by he
was Jesus who was blind beggar, was sit- asked what it meant.
passing, called out, ting at the roadside. 37 They told him that
"You Son of David! 47 When he heard that Jesus of Nazareth was
Take pity on us, sir!" it was Jesus of Naza- ss coming by. And he
31 The crowd told them reth he began to cry shouted, "Jesus, you
to be still, but they out, "Jesus, you son Son of David, take
called all the louder, of David, take pity 39 pity on me!" And
"You Son of David! 48 on me !" Many of the those who were in
Take pity on us, sir!" people rebuked him front reproved him
32 And Jesus stopped and told him to be and told him to be
and called them, and still. But he cried out quiet, but he cried
said, "What do you all the louder, "You out all the louder,
want me to do for son of David, take "You Son of David,
33 you?" They said to 49 pity on me!" Jesus take pity on me!"
him, "Sir, have our stopped and said, 40 And Jesus stopped
34 eyes opened!" And "Call him here." And and ordered the man
Jesus took pity on they called the blind to be brought to him.

them andtouched man and said to him, When came up,
their eyes, and they "Courage now! Get Jesus asked him,
immediately regained up, he is calling you !" 41 "What do you want
their sight, and fol- so And he threw off his me to do for you?"
lowed him. coat and sprang to his He answered, "Mas-
feet and went up to ter, let me regain my
si Jesus. Jesus spoke to 42 sight!" And Jesus
The Last Period of Public Teaching 159

him and said, "What said to him, "Regain

do you want me to do your sight! Your faith
for you?" The blind 43 has cured you!" And
man said to him, he regained his sight
"Master, let me re- immediately, and fol-
52 gain my sight!" Je- lowed Jesus, giving
sus said to him, "Go thanks to God. And
your way. Your faith all the people saw it
has cured you." And and praised God.
he immediately re-
gained his sight and
followed Jesus along
the road.


Luke 19:1-10
19 And he went into
Jericho and was pass-
2 ing through it. Now
there was a man
named Zaccheus, the
principal tax-collec-
3 tor, a rich man, who
wanted to see who Je-
sus was, and he could
not because of the
crowd, for he was a
4 small man. So he ran
ahead and climbed up
into a sycamore tree,
to see him, for Jesus
was coming that way.
5 When Jesus reached
the place, he looked
up and said to him,
"Zaccheus, come
down quickly! for I
must stay at your
e house today." And he
came down quickly
and welcomed him
7 gladly. And when
they saw this, every-
one complained, and
said, "He has gone to
stay with an irreli-
s gious man !" But Zac-
cheus stopped and
160 The Student's Gospels

said to the Master,

"See, Master! I will
give half my
to the poor, and if I
have defrauded any-
one of anything, I will
pay him four times as
9 much." Jesus said to
him, "Salvation has
come to this house to-
day, for he too is a de-
scendant of Abraham.
10 For the Son of Man
has come to search
for what was lost and
to save it."


LUKE 19:11-28
11 As they were listen-
ing to this, Jesus went
on to give them an
illustration, because
he was near Jerusalem
and they supposed
that the Kingdom of
God was immediately
12 going to appear. So
he said, "A nobleman
once went to a distant
country to secure his
appointment to a
kingdom and then re-
is turn. And he called in
ten of his slaves and
gave them each twen-
ty dollars and told
them to trade with it
while he was gone.
14 But his countrymen
hated him, and they
sent a delegation after
him to say, 'We do not
want this man made
is king over us.' And
when he had secured
the appointment and
returned, he ordered
The Last Period of Public Teaching 161

the slaves to whom he

had given the money
to be called in, so that
he could find out how
much they had made.
16 The first one came in
and said, 'Your twen-
ty dollars has made
two hundred, sir!"
17 And he said to him,
'Well done, my excel-
lent slave! You have
proved trustworthy
about a very small
amount, you shall be
governor of ten
is towns.' The second
came in and said,
'Your twenty dollars
has made a hundred,
19 sir!' And he said to
him, 'And you shall be
governor of five
20 towns!' And the other
one came in and said,
. 'Here is your twenty
dollars, sir. I have
kept it put away in a
21 handkerchief, for I
was afraid of you, for
you are a stern man.
You pick up what you
did not lay down, and
reap what you did not
22 sow.' He said to him,
'Out of your own
mouth I will convict
you, you wretched
slave ! You knew,
you, that I was a stern
man, and that I pick
up what I did not lay
down, and harvest
what I did not sow?
23 Then why did you not
put my money in the
bank, so that when I
came back I could
have gotten it with
162 The Student's Gospels

24 interest?' And he said

to the bystanders,
'Take the twenty dol-
lars away from him,
and give it to the man
who has the two hun-
25 dred!' They said to
him, 'He has two hun-
26 dred, sir !' 'I tell you,
the man who has will
have more given him,
and from the man who
has nothing, even
what he has will be
27 taken away! But
bring those enemies of
mine here who did not
want me made king
over them, and
slaughter them in my
28 presence!' With
these words he went
on ahead of them, on
his way to Jerusalem.


MATTHEW 21 : 1-11 MAKE 11:1-11 LTTKE 19:29-44
21 When they were 11 When they were 29 When he was near
near Jerusalem and getting near Jerusa- Bethphage and Beth-
had come to Beth- lem, and had come to any by the hill called
phage and the Mount Bethphage and Beth- the Mount of Olives,
of Olives, Jesus sent any near the Mount of he sent two of his dis-
two disciples on ahead, Olives, Jesus sent two 30 ciples and said to
2 saying to them, "Go of his disciples on them, "Go to the vil-
to the village that lies 2 ahead, and said to lage that lies in front
in front of you, and them, "Go to the vil- of you, and as you
you will at once find lage that lies in front enter it you will find
an ass tied there, and of you, and as soon as tied there a colt that
a colt with her. Untie you enter it you will has never been ridden.
her and bring them to find tied there a colt Untie it and bring it
3 me. If anyone says that has never been 31 here. And if anyone
anything to you, you ridden. Untie it and asks you why you are
are to say 'The Mas- 3 bring it here. And if untying it, you are to
ter needs them' then ; anybody says to you, say, 'The Master
he will send them at 'Why are you doing 32 needs it.' And the
once." Now this hap- that? say, 'The Mas- messengers went and

pened in fulfilment of ter needs it, and will found it just as he had
what was said by the send it back here di- 33 told them. And as
prophet, 4 rectly.' And they they were untying the
5 'Tell the daughter of set off and found a colt, its owners said
Zion, colt tied in the street to them, "Why are
'Here is your king by the door of a house, you untying the colt?"
coming to you, and they untied it. 34 And they said, "The
Gentle, and riding s Some of the bystand- Master needs it!"
on an ass, ers said to them, 35 And they brought it
And on the foal of a "What are you doing, to Jesus. And they
beast of bur- untying the colt?" threw their coats on
den.' e But they answered the colt and mounted
6 So the disciples wenj; them as Jesus had se Jesus on it. And as he
and did as Jesus had told them to do, and went on, people spread
7 directed them; they the men let them take then- coats in the road.
brought the ass and 7 it. So they brought 37 Just as he was coming
the colt, and laid the colt to Jesus, and down the Mount of
164 The Student's Gospels

their coats
upon them, they threw their coats Olives and approach-
and Jesus seated him- over it and Jesus ing the city, the whole
s self upon them. And s mounted it. And throng of his disciples
most of the crowd many of the people began to praise God
spread their coats in spread their coats in loudly and joyfully,
his way, and others the road, and others for all the wonders
cut branches from the cut straw from the as they had seen, and
trees and scattered fields and scattered to say,
them before him. 9 it in his path. And "Blessed is the king
9 And the crowds that those in front and who comes in the
went in front of him those behind shouted, Lord's name,
and that followed him "God him!
bless Peace be in heaven
shouted, Blessed be he who and glory on
"God bless the Son of comes in the high!"
David! Lord's name! 39 Some Pharisees in the
Blessed be he who 10 Blessed be the reign crowd said to him,
comes in the of our father Da- "Master reprove your
Lord's name. vid which is com- 40 disciples !" And he
God bless him from ing! answered, "I tell you,
on high!" God blesshim from if they keep silence,

10 When he came into on high!" the stones will cry

Jerusalem, the whole 11 And he came into 41 out!" As he ap-
city was stirred, and Jerusalem and into proached the city and
everyone asked, "Who the Temple, and saw it, he wept over
11 is he?" The crowd an- looked it all over; 42 it, and said, 'If you
swered, "It is Jesus, then, as was al-
it yourself only knew to-
the prophet of Naza- ready late, he went day the conditions of
reth in Galilee!" out with the Twelve peace! But as it is,
to Bethany. they are hidden from
43 you. For a time is
coming upon you when
your enemies will
throw up earthworks
about you and sur-
round you and shut
you in on all sides,
44 and they will throw
you and your children
within you to the
ground, and they will
not leave one stone
upon another within
you because you did
not know when God
visited you!"
The Passion Week 165


MATTHEW 21 18-22
: MAKE 11:12-14,
is In the morning as 20-25
he went back to the 12 On the next day,
city, he grew hungry, after they had left
19 and seeing a fig tree Bethany, he felt hun-
by the roadside, he 13 gry. And he saw in
went up to it, but the distance a fig tree
found nothing on it covered with leaves,
but leaves. And he and he went up to it to
said to it, "No more see if he could find any
fruit shall ever
grow figs on it. When he
on you!" And the fig reached it he found
tree withered up at nothing but leaves,
20 once. When the dis- for it was not the time
ciples saw it, they 14 for figs. And he spoke
were amazed and said, to the tree and said to
"How did the fig tree it, "May no one ever
come to wither up eat fruit from you any
21 immediately?" Jesus more!" And his dis-
answered, "I tell you, ciples heard it.
if you have faith and 20 In the morning as
have no doubt, you they were passing
will not only do what along, they saw that
I have done to the fig the fig tree was with-
tree, but even if you ered, to its very roots.
say to this mountain, 21 And Peter remem-
'Get up and throw bered about it and
yourself into the sea,' said to him, "Look,
22 it will be done. And Master! The fig tree
everything that you that you cursed is
pray for with faith, 22 withered up!" Jesus
you will obtain." answered and said to
them, "Have faith in
23 God I tell you, who-

ever says to this

mountain, 'Get up
and throw yourself in-
to the sea!' and has
no doubt in his mind,
but his faith that what
he says will happen,
24 shall have it. There-
fore I tell you, when-
ever you pray or ask
for anything, have
faith that it has been
granted you, and you :
166 The Student's Gospels

25 shall have it. And

whenever you stand
up to pray, if you have
a grievance against
anyone, forgive him,
so that 3rour Father
in heaven too may for-
give you your of-


MATTHEW 21 12-17 : MARK 11:15-19 LUKE 19:45-48
12 And Jesus went into is When they reached 45 Then he went into
the Temple and drove Jerusalem, he went in- the Temple and pro-
out all who were buy- to the Temple, and ceeded to drive out
ing or selling things began to drive out of those who were selling
in it, and he upset the it those who were buy- 46 things there, and he
money-changers' ta- ing or selling things in said to them, "The
bles and the pigeon- it, and he upset the Scripture says, 'And
13 dealers' seats, and he money-changers' ta- my house shall be a
said to them, "The bles and the pigeon- house of prayer,' but
Scripture says, 'My ic dealers' seats, and he you have made it a
house shall be called would not allow any- 47 den of robbers!" Ev-
a house of prayer,' one to carry anything ery day he taught in
but you make it a rob- through the Temple. the Temple, and the
M bers' cave." And 17 And he taught them, high priests and scribes
blind and lame people and said, "Does not and the leading men
came up to him in the the Scripture say, 'My of the people were
Temple, and he cured house shall be called a trying to destroy him,
10 them. But when the house of prayer for all 48 but they could not
high priests and the the nations'? But you find any way to do it,
scribes saw the won- have made it a rob- for all the people hung
ders that he did and is bers' cave." The high upon his words
saw the boys shouting priests and the scribes
in the Temple, "God heard of this, and they
bless the Son of Da- cast about for a way
vid!" they were indig- of destroying him, for
ie nant, and said to him, they were afraid of
"Do you hear what him, for all the people
they are saying?" Je- were amazed at what
sus said to them, 19 he taught. So when
"Yes. Did you never evening came, he and
his disciples used to
read, 'You have drawn
praise from the mouths go out of the city.
of children and in-
17 f ants'?" And he left
them, and went out of
The Passion Week 167

the city to Bethany,

and spent the night


MATTHEW 21: 23-27 MARK 11:27-33 LUKE 20:1-8
23 When he had en- 27 Then they went in- 20 One day as he was
tered the Temple, and to Jerusalem again. teaching the people in
was teaching, the high And as Jesus was the Temple, and
priests and the elders walking about in the preaching the good
of the people came up Temple, the high news, the high priests
to him, and said, priests, scribes, and and scribes came up
"What authority have 28 elders came up and 2 with the elders and
you for doing as you said to him, "What said to him, "Tell us
do, and who gave you authority have you for what authority you
24 this authority?" Je- doing as you do? And have for doing as you
sus answered, "Let me who gave you a right do, or who gave you
ask you one question, to do as you are do- any such authority?"
and if you answer it, I 29 ing?" Jesus said to 3 He said to them, "I
will tell you what au- them, "Let me ask will ask you a ques-
thority I have for do- you one question, and 4 me, did
tion too. Tell
25 ing as I do. Where did if you answer me, I John's baptism come
John's baptism come will tell you what au- from heaven or from
from? Was it from thority I have for 5 men?" And they ar-
heaven, or from so doing as I do. Was gued with one another,
men?" And they ar- John's baptism from and said, "If we say,
gued with one an- heaven or from men? 'From heaven,' he will
other, "If we say, 'It si Answer me." And say, 'Why did you
was from heaven,' he they argued with one e not believe him?' But
will say to us, 'Then another, "If we say, if we say, 'From men,'

why did you not be- 'It was from heaven,' all the people will
26 lieve him?' But if we he will say, 'Then stone us to death, for
say, 'From men,' we why did you not be- they are convinced
have the people to 32 lieve him?' Yet can that John was a
fear, for they all con- we say, 'It was from 7 prophet." So they an-
sider John a prophet." men'?" For they were swered that they did
27 And they answered afraid of the people, not know where it
Jesus, "We do not because all the people s came from. And Jesus
know." He said to thought John was said to them, "Nor
them, "Nor will I tell 33 really a prophet. So will I tell you what
you what authority I they answered Jesus, authority I have for
have for doing as I "We do not know." doing as I do."
do." Jesus said to them,
"Nor will I tell you
what authority I have
for doing as I do."
168 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 21: 28 MARK 12:1-12 LTJKE 20 9-18

12 Then he began to 9 Then he went on to
28 "But what do you speak to them in fig- give the people this
think? There was a ures. "A man once illustration: "A man
man who had two planted a vineyard once planted a vine-
sons. He went to the and fenced it in and yard, and leased it to
first and said, 'My hewed out a wine-vat tenants, and went
son, go and work in and built a watch-tow- away for a long ab-
the vineyard today.' er, and he leased it to 10 sence. And at the
29 And he answered, 'I tenants and left the proper time he sent a
will, sir,' but he did 2 neighborhood. At the . slave to the tenants to
so not go. Then the man proper tune he sent a have them give him a
went to the second slave to the tenants to share of the vintage,
son, and told him the get from them a share but the tenants beat
same thing. And he 3 of the vintage. And him, and sent him
answered, 'I will not!' they took him and back empty-handed.
But afterward he beat him and sent 11 And again he sent an-
changed his mind and him back empty- other slave, and they
si went. Which of the 4 handed. And again he beat him also and mis-
two did what his fa- sent another slave to treated him and sent
ther wanted?" They them. And they beat him back empty-
said, "The second him over the head and 12 handed. And again he
one." Jesus said to treated him shame- sent a third, but they
them, "I tell you, the 5 fully. And he sent an- wounded him too,
tax-collectors and other; and him they and threw him out-
prostitutes are going killed; and so with is side. Then the owner
into the Kingdom of many others, some of the vineyard said,
God ahead of you. they beat and some 'What can I do? I will
32 For John came to you e they killed. He still send them my dear
with a way of upright- had one left to son perhaps they will

ness, and you would send, a dearly loved 14 respect him.' But
not believe him. The son. He sent him to when the tenants saw
tax-collectors and them last of all, think- him, they argued with
prostitutes believed ing, 'They will re- one another, 'This is
him, but even after 7 spect my son.' But his heir! Let us kill
seeing that, you would the tenants said to him, so that the prop-
not change your minds one another, 'This is erty will belong to us !'
33 and believe him ! Lis- his heir! Come on, is So they drove him out
ten to another figure. let us kill him, and of the vineyard and
There was a land own- the property will be- killed him. Now
er who planted a vine- s long to us!' So they will the owner of the
yard and fenced it in, took him and killed vineyard do to them?
and hewed out a wine- him, and threw his IB He will come and put
vat in it, and built a body outside of the those tenants to death,
watch-tower, and 9 vineyard. What will and give the vineyard
leased it to tenants, the owner of the vine- to others." When
The Passion Week 169

and left the neighbor- yard do? He will they heard this they
34 hood. When the time come back and put said, "Heaven for-
for the vintage ap- the tenants to death i? bid!" He looked at
proached he sent his and give the vineyard them and said, "Then
slaves to the tenants 10 to others. Did you what does this saying
to receive his share. never read this pas- of Scripture mean,
35 But the tenants took sage of Scripture: 'That stone which
his slaves and beat 'That stone which the builders re-
one and killed another the builders re- jected
and stoned a third. jected Has become the
ae Again he sent other
Has become the cornerstone'?
slaves and more of cornerstone; is Whoever falls on that
them than he had 11 This came from the stone will be shat-
sent at first, and they Lord tered, but whoever it
treated them in the And seems marvel- falls upon will be pul-
ous to us'? verized."
37 same way. Finally he
sent his son to them,
12 And they tried to
have him arrested,
thinking, 'They will
but they were afraid
33 respect my son.' But of the people, for they
when the tenants saw knew that the illus-
his son,they said to tration was aimed at
one another, 'This is them. And
they left
his heir ! Come on, let
him and went away.
us him, and get his

39 inheritance!' So they
took him and drove
him out of the vine-
yard and killed him.
40 When the owner of
the vineyard comes
back, therefore, what
will he do to these
41 tenants?" They said
to him, "He will put
the wretches to a mis-
erable death, and let
the vineyard to other
tenants who will give
him his share of the
vintage when it is
42 due." Jesus said to
them, "Did you never
read in the Scriptures,
'That stone which
the builders re-
Has become the cor-
170 The Student's Gospels

This came from the

And seems marvel-
ous to us'?
43 That, I tell you, is
why the Kingdom of
God will be taken
away from you, and
given to a people that
will produce its proper
44 fruit. Whoever falls
on that stone will be
shattered, but who-
ever it falls upon wilt
45 be pulverized." When
the high priests and
the Pharisees heard
his figures, they knew
that he was speaking
46 about them, and they
wanted to have him
arrested, but they
were afraid of the peo-
ple, for the people con-
sidered him a prophet.
22 And Jesus spoke to
them again in figures,
2 and said, "The King-
dom of Heaven is like
a king, who gave a
wedding banquet for
3 his son. And he sent
his slaves to summon
those who had been
invited to the ban-
quet, and they would
4 not come. He sent
other slaves a second
time, and said to
them, 'Tell those who
have been asked,
"Here I have my
banquet all ready, my
bullocks and fat cat-
tle are killed, and ev-
erything is ready.
Come toban-the
squet!'" But they took
no notice of it, and
The Passion Week 171

went off, one to his

estate, and another to
e his business, and the
rest seized his slaves,
and ill treated them
7 and killedthem. This
made the king angry,
and he sent his troops
and put those murder-
ers to death and burned
s their city. Then he
said to his slaves, 'The
banquet is ready, but
those who were in-
vited have proved un-
9 worthy of it. So go
out where the roads
leave the city and in-
vite everyone you find
10 to the banquet.' So
his slaves went out on
the roads, and got to-
gether all the people
they could find, good
or bad, and the hall
was filled with guests.
11 But when the king
came in to view the
guests, he saw among
them a man who did
not have on wedding
12 clothes. And he said
to him, 'My friend,
how did you happen
to come here without
wedding clothes?' But
he had nothing to say.
is Then the king said to
his attendants, 'Bind
him hand and foot
and throw him out in-
to the darkness, there
to weep and grind his
11 "For many are in-
vited but few chosen."
172 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 22 15-40
: MARK 12:13-34 LUKE 20:19-40
is Then the Pharisees is They sent some 19 And the scribes and
went and made a plot Pharisees and Herodi- high priests wanted to
to entrap him in argu- ans to him to entrap arrest him then and
16 ment. So they sent 14 him in argument. And there, but they were
their disciples to him they came up and said afraid of the people,
with the Herodians, to to him, "Master, we for they knew that he
say to him, 'Master, know that you tell the had aimed this illus-
we know that you tell truth regardless of the 20 tration at them. So
the truth, and teach consequences, for you they kept watch of
the way of God with are not guided by per- him and set some
sincerity, regardless of sonal considerations spies who pretended
the consequences, for but teach the way of to be honest men to
17 you are impartial. So God with sincerity. Is fasten on something
give us your opinion: itright to pay the poll- that he said, so that
Is it right to pay the tax to the emperor or they might hand him
poll-tax to the emper- is not? Should we pay over tc the control
is or, or not?" But he it, or refuse to pay and authority of the
saw their malice, and it?" But he saw 21 governor. And they
said, "Why do you through their pre- asked him, "Master,
put me to such a test, tense, and said to we know that you are
19 you hypocrites? Show them, "Why do you right in what you say
me the poll-tax coin !'' put me to such a test? and teach, and that
And they brought him Bring me a denarius you show no favor,
20 a denarius. And he is to look at." And they but teach the way of
said to them, "Whose brought him one. He 22 God in sincerity. Is it
head and title is this?" said to them, "Whose right for us to pay
21 They answered, "The head and title is this?" taxes to the emperor,
emperor's." Then he And they told him, 23 or not?" But he de-
said to them, "Then "The emperor's." tected their trickery,
pay the emperor what 17 And Jesus said, "Pay and said to them,
belongs to the emper- the emperor what be- 24 "Show me a denarius.
or, and pay God what longs to the emperor, Whose head and title
22 belongs to God !" And and pay God what be- does it bear?" They
when they heard it longs to God!" And said,"Theemperor's."
they were amazed, they were astonished 25 He said to them,
and they went away is at him. Some of the "Then pay the emper-
23 and left him. On the Sadducees, who say orwhat belongs to the
same day some Sad- there is no resurrec- emperor, and pay God
ducees came up to tion,came to him and what belongs to God !"
him, claiming that asked him a question. 20 So they could not
there is no resurrec- 19 "Master," they said, fasten on what he said
tion, and they asked "Moses made us a before the people, and
him this question : law thatif a man's they were amazed at
24 "Master, Moses said, brother died, leaving a his answer, and said
'Ifa man dies without wife but no child, the 27 nothing more. Then
The Passion Week 173

children his brother man should marry the some of the Sadducees,
shallmarry his widow, widow and raise up a who say that there is no
and raise up a family family for his brother. resurrection,came up
25 for him.' Now there 20 There were once sev- 28 and asked him, "Mas-
were seven brothers en brothers. And the ter, Moses made us a
among us. The first eldest married a wife law that if a man's
ofthem married and and died, leaving no brother die leaving a
died, and as he had no 21 child. And the second wife but no children,
children, he left his married her, and died the man should mar-
2<i wife to his brother; so without leaving any ry the widow and
did the second, and child, and so did the raise up a family for
the third, and the rest 22 third. And none of 29 hisbrother. Nowthere
27 of the seven. After the seven left any were seven brothers.
them all the woman child. Finally, the And the eldest mar-
28 died. At the resur- 23 woman died too. At ried a wife and died
rection which one's the resurrection, 30 childless. And
wife will she be? For which one's wife will second married her,
they all married her." she be? For all seven 31 and the third, and all
29 Jesus answered them, of them married her." the seven married her
"You are wrong, be- 24 Jesus said to them, and died without leav-
cause you do not un- "Does not this show 32 ing any child. After-
derstand the Scrip- that you are wrong, ward the woman died
tures nor the power of and do not under- 33 too. Now at the resur-
so God. For after the stand either the Scrip- rection, which one's
resurrection there is tures or the power of wife will the woman
no marrying or being 25 God? For when peo- be? For all seven of
married, but they live ple risefrom the dead, them married her."
as angels do in heaven. there is no marrying 34 Jesus said to them,
si But as to the resurrec- or being married, but "The people of this
tion of the dead, did they live as angels do world marry and are
you never read what 26 in heaven. But as to 35 married, but those
was said to you by the dead being raised, who are thought
32 God, 'I am the God have you never read worthy to attain that,
of Abraham, the God in the Book of Moses, other world and the
of Isaac, and the God in the passage about resurrection from the
of Jacob'? He is not the bush, how God dead, neither marry
the God of dead men said to him, 'I am the se nor are married. For
33 but of living!" When God of Abraham, the they cannot die again;
the crowd heard this, God of Isaac, and the they are like the an-
they were astounded 27 God of Jacob'? He is gels, and through
34 at his teaching. And not God of dead men sharing in the resur-
when the Pharisees but of living You are
! rection, they are sons
heard that he had si- as entirely wrong."One 37 of God. But that the
lenced the Sadducees of the scribes came dead are raised to life,
they gathered togeth- up and heard them even Moses indicated
35 er, and one of them, arguing. He saw that in the passage about
an expert in the Law, Jesus had answered the bush, when he
to test him, asked, them well, and he calls the Lord 'the
so "Master, what corn- asked him, "Which is God of Abraham, the
174 The Student's Gospels

mand is greatest in the first of all the com- God of Isaac, and the
37 the Law?" And he 29 mands?" Jesus an- ss God of Jacob.' He is
said to him, 'You swered, "The first one not the God of dead
must love the Lord is, 'Hea^ Israel! The men but of living, for
your God with your Lord our God is one all men are alive to
whole heart, your so lord, and you must 39 him." Some of the
whole soul, and your love the Lord your scribes replied, "Mas-
as whole mind.' That is God with your whole ter, that was a fine
the great, first com- heart, your whole 40 answer!" For they
39 mand. There is a sec- soul, your whole mind, did not dare to ask
ond like it 'You must
: and your whole him any more ques-
love your neighbor as 31 strength.' And this is tions.
you do yourself.' the second: 'You
40 These two commands must love your neigh-
sum up the whole of bor as you do your-
the Law and the self.' No other com-
Prophets." mand is greater than
32 these." The scribe
said to him, "Really,
Master, you have fine-
ly said that he stands
alone, and there is
33 none but he, and to
love him with one's
whole heart, one's
whole understanding,
and one's whole
strength, and to love
one's neighbor as
one's self is far more
than all these burnt-
offerings and sacri-
34 fices." And Jesus saw
that he answered
thoughtfully, and he
said to him, "You are
not far from the King-
dom of God!" And
no one ventured to
ask him any more


MATTHEW 22:41-46 MAKE 12:35-37a LTJKE 20:41-44
41 While the Pharisees 35 As Jesus was teach- 41 But he said to them,
were still gathered ing in the Temple, he "How can the scribes
there, Jesus asked answered them and say that the Christ is
42 them, "What do you said, "How can the 42 a son of David? For
The Passion Week 175

think about the scribes say that the David himself says in
Christ? Whose son is Christ is a son of Da- the Book of Psalms,
he?" They said to ae vid? David himself, 'The Lord has said
43 him, "David's." He under the influence of to mylord, "Sit
said to them, "How the holy Spirit, said, at my
right hand,
is it then that David 'The Lord has said 43 Until I make your
under the Spirit's in- to my lord, "Sit enemies a foot-
fluence calls him lord, at my right hand stool
for your
and says, Until I put your feet!'
44 'The Lord has said enemies under 44 David then calls him
to my lord, "Sit your feet."
lord. So how can he
at my right hand, J David himself calls be his son?"
Until I
put your him lord, and how can
enemies under he be his son?"
your feet" '?
45 So if David calls him
lord, how can he be
46 his son?" And no one
could make him an an-
swer, and from that
day no one ventured
to askhim any more


MATTHEW, Mark 12.-37&-40 LUKE 20:45-47
CHAPTEB 23 The mass of the 45 While all the people
23 Then Jesus said to people liked to hear were listening, he said
the crowds and to his as him. And in the 46 to his disciples, "Be-
2 disciples, "The scribes course of his teaching ware of the scribes
and Pharisees have he said to them, "Be- who like to go about
taken Moses' seat. ware of the scribes in long robes, and love
3 So do everything they who like to go about to be saluted with re-
tell you, and observe in long robes and to be spect in public places,
it all, but do not do as saluted with respect and to have the front
they do, for they talk 39 in public places, and seats in the syna-
4 but do not act. They to have the front gogues and the best
tie up heavy loads seats in the syna- places at banquets
and have them put on gogues and the best 47 men who eat up
men's shoulders, but 40 places at dinners widows' houses and to
they will not lift a men that eat up cover it up make long
finger to move them. widows' houses and to prayers They will

5 They do everything cover it up make long get all the heavier sen-
they do to have men prayers !
They will tence!"
see it. They wear get a far heavier sen-
wide Scripture texts tence!"
as charms, and they
176 The Student's Gospels

e wear large tassels, and

they the best
places at dinners and
the front seats in the
7 synagogues, and to be
saluted with respect
in public places, and
to have men call them
s 'Rabbi.' But you
must not let people
call you 'Rabbi,' for
you have only one
teacher, and you are
9 all brothers. And you
must not call anyone
on earth your father,
for you have only one
father, your heavenly
10 Father. And you
must not let men call
you master, for you
have only one master,
11 the Christ. But he
who is greatest among
you must be your
12 servant. Whoever ex-
alts himself will be
humbled and whoever
humbles himself will
is be exalted. But alas
for you, you hypo-
critical scribes and
Pharisees, for you lock
the doors of the King-
dom of Heaven in
men's faces, for you
will neither go in
yourselves nor let
those enter who are
is trying to do so. Alas
for you hypo-
critical scribes and
Pharisees, for you
scour land and sea to
make one convert,
and when he is con-
verted you make him
twice as fit for the pit
jo as you are. Alas for
The Passion Week 177

you, you blind guides,

who say, 'If anyone
swears by the sanctu-
ary, it does not mat-
ter, but if anyone
swears by the gold of
the sanctuary, it is
17 binding.' Blind fools!
which is greater, the
gold, or the sanctuary
that makes the gold
is sacred? You say, 'If
anyone swears by the
altar, it does not mat-
ter, but if anyone
swears by the offering
that is on it, it is bind-
19 ing.' You blind men !

Which is greater, the

offering, or the altar
that makes the offer-
20 ing sacred? Anyone
who swears by the
altar is swearing by it
and by everything
21 that is on it, and any-
one who swears by the
sanctuary is swearing
by and by him who
22 dwells in it; and any-
one who swears by
heaven is swearing by
the throne of God and
by him who sits upon
23 it. Alas for you, you
hypocritical scribes
and Pharisees, for you
pay tithes on mint,
and cummin, and
you have let the
weightier matters of
the Law go justice,
mercy, and integrity.
But you should have
observed these, with-
out overlooking the
24 others. You blind
guides! straining out
the gnat, and yet
178 The Student's Gospels

swallowing the camel !

25 Alas for you, you

hypocritical scribes
and Pharisees, for you
clean the outside of
the cup and the dish,
but inside they are full
of greed and self-in-
20 dulgence. You blind
Pharisee! You must
first clean the inside
of the cup and the
dish, so that the out-
side may be clean too.
27 Alas for you, you
hypocritical scribes
and Pharisees, for you
are like white-washed
tombs They look

well on the outside,

but inside they are
the bones of the
full of
dead, and all that is
as unclean. So you out-
wardly appear to men
to be upright, but
within you are full of
hypocrisy and wick-
19 edness. Alas for you,
you hypocritical
scribes and Pharisees,
for you build tombs
for the prophets, and
decorate the monu-
30 ments of the upright,
and say, 'If we had
been living in the
times of our fathers, we
would not have joined
them in the murder of
31 the prophets.' So you
bear witness against
yourselves that you
are descended from
the murderers of the
32 prophets. Go on and
up the measure of

our forefathers' guilt !
The Passion Week 179

33 You serpents! You

brood of snakes How !

can you escape being

sentenced to the pit?
34 This is why I am going
to send you prophets,
wise men and scribes,
some of whom you
will killand crucify,
and some you will flog
in your synagogues
and hunt from one
35 town to another; it is
that on your heads
may come all the
righteous blood shed
on the earth from the
blood of Abel the up-
right to the blood of
Zechariah, Barachi-
ah's son, whom you
murdered between the
sanctuary and the
se altar! I tell you, all
this will come upon
37 this age! O Jerusa-
lem, Jerusalem ! mur-
dering the prophets,
and stoning those who
are sent to her, how
often I have longed to
gather your children
around me, as a hen
gathers her brood un-
der her wings, but you
ss refused Now I leave

you to yourselves.
39 For I tell you, you
will never see me
again until you say,
'Blessed be he who
comes in the Lord's
180 The Student's Gospels


MARK 12:41-44 LUKE 21 1-4:

41 And he sat down 21 And looking up, he

facing the
treasury saw the rich people
and watched the peo- dropping their gifts
ple dropping money into the treasury.
into it; and many rich 2 And he saw a poor
people were putting in widow drop in two
42 large sums. A poor 3 coppers. And he said,
widow came up and "I tell you, this poor
dropped in two little widow has put in more
copper coins which 4 than all the rest. For
43 make a cent. And he they all gave from
called his disciples to what they had to
him and said, "I tell spare, but she in her
you that this poor want has put in all
widow has put in more she had to live on."
than all these others
who have been put-
ting money into the
44 treasury. For they
all gave of what they
had to spare, but she
in her want has put in
everything she pos-
sessed all she had to
live on."


24, 25 13 As he was leaving When some
5 spoke
24 And Jesus left the the Temple, one of his about the Temple and
Temple and was going disciples said to him, its decoration with
away, when his dis- "Look, Master! What costly stone and vo-
ciples to him
came up wonderful stones and tive offerings, he said,
to call his attention 2 buildings!" Jesus said e "As for all this that
to the Temple build- to him, "Do you see you are looking at, the
2 ings. But he an- these great buildings? time is coming when
swered, "Do you see Not one stone shall be not one stone will be
all this? teU you,
I left here upon another left here upon another
not one stone will be that shall not be torn that will not be torn
left here upon another 3 down." As he was sit- 7 down!" Then they
but shall be torn ing on the Mount of asked him, "Master,
3 down." As he was Olives opposite the when will this happen,
sitting on the Mount Temple, Peter, James, and what will be the
of Olives, the disciples John, and Andrew sign that it is going to
The Passion Week 181

came up to him by asked him, apart from s take place?" And he

themselves, and said 4 the others, "Tell us said, "Take care not
to him, "Tell us when when this is to hap- to be misled. For
this is to happen, and pen, and what the many will come under
what will be the sign sign will be when it is my name, and say, 'I

of your coming, and all just going to be am he,' and 'The time
of the close of the s carried out." And Je- is at hand.' Do not
4 age." Jesus answered, sus said to them, 9 follow them. But
"Take care that no "Take care that no when you hear of wars
one misleads you one misleads you about and outbreaks, do not
s about this. For many 6 this. Many will come be alarmed. These
will come under my under my name and have to come first,
name, and say, 'I am say, 'I am he,' and but the end does not
the Christ,' and many many will be misled follow immediately."
will be misled by 7 by them. But when 10 Then he said to them,
e them. You will hear you hear of wars and "Nation will rise in
of wars and rumors of rumors of war, you arms against nation,
war; do not let your- must not be alarmed. and kingdom against
selves be alarmed. They have to come, 11 kingdom. There will
They have to come, but not yet the
it is be great earthquakes,
but that is not the s end. For nation will and pestilence and
7 end. For nation will rise arms against
in famine here and there.
rise in arms against nation and kingdom There will be horrors
nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and great signs in the
against kingdom, and there will be earth- 12 sky. But before all
there will be famines quakes here and there, this, men will arrest
and earthquakes here there will be famines. you and persecute
s and there. All this is This is only the be- you, and hand you
only the beginning of ginning of the suffer- over to synagogues
9 the sufferings. Then 9 ings. But you must and prisons and have
they will hand you be on your guard; you brought before
over to persecution they will hand you kings and governors
and they will put you over to courts and you is on my account. It
to death,and you will will be taken into syn- will all lead to your
be hated by all the agogues and beaten, 14 testifying. So make
heathen because you and you will be up your minds not to
H> bear my name. Then brought before gover- prepare your defense,
many will fall away nors and kings on my is for I will give you
and betray one an- account, to testify to such wisdom of utter-
other and hate one 10 them. For before the ance as none of your
11 another. Many false end the good news opponents will be able
prophets will appear, must be preached to to resist or dispute.
and many will be mis- 11 all the heathen. When 16 You will be betrayed
12 led by them, and be- they are taking you off even by your parents
cause of the increase to trial do not worry and brothers and kins-
of wickedness, most beforehand about men and friends and
men's love will grow what you ought to they will put some of
13 cold. But he who say, but say whatever 17 you to death, and you
holds out to the end is given you when the will be hated by ev-
182 The Student's Gospels

14 will be saved. And time comes, for it is eryone because you

this good news of the not you that will is bear my name. Yet
kingdom will be speak, but the holy not a hair of your head
preached all over the 12 Spirit. Brother will 19 will perish ! It is by
world, to testify to all give up brother to be your endurance that
the heathen, and then put to death, and the you will win your
15 the end will come. So father his child, and 20 souls. But when you
when you see the children will turn see Jerusalem being
dreadful desecration, against their par- surrounded by armies,
of which the prophet ents and have them then you must under-
Daniel spoke, set up is put to death. You will stand that her devas-
in the Holy Place" be hated by everyone, tation is at hand.
the reader must take because you bear my 21 Then those who are in
10 note of this "then name. But he who Judea must fly to the
those who are in Ju- holds out to the end hills,those who are in
dea must fly to the u will be saved. But as the city must get out
17 hills; a man on the soon as you see the of it, and those who
roof of his house must dreadful desecration are in the country
not go down to get standing where he has must not go into it,
is things out of it, and a no right to stand" 22 for those are the days
man in the field must (the reader must take of vengeance, when
not turn back to get note of this), "then all that is written in
19 his coat. But alas for those who are in Ju- the Scriptures will be
women who are with dea must fly to the 23 fulfilled. But alas for
child at that tune or is hills; a man on the women who are with
20 who have babies And ! roof of his house must child at that time, or
pray that you may not go down or go into who have babies, for
not have to fly in the house to get any- there will be great
winter or on the Sab- 16 thing out of it, and a misery in the land and
si bath, for there will be man in the field must anger at this people.
greater misery then not turn back to get 24 They will fall by the
than there has ever 17 his coat. Alas for edge of the sword, and
been from the begin- women who are with be carried off as pris-
ning of creation until child at that time, or oners among all na-
now, or ever will be who have babies ! tions, and Jerusalem
22 again. If those days is Pray that it may not will be trampled under
had not been cut be winter when it foot by the heathen,
short, nobody would 19 comes, for there will until the tune of the
have escaped, but for be such misery in 25 heathen comes. There
the sake of God's peo- those days as there will be signs too in
ple those days will be has never been since sun,moon, and stars,
23 cut short. If anyone the beginning of God's and on earth dismay
says to you at that creation until now, among the heathen,
time, 'Look! here is and never will be bewildered at the roar
the Christ!' or 'There 20 again. If the Lord of the sea and the
he is!' do not believe had not cut those days 26 waves. Men will
24 it, for false Christs short, nobody would swoon with fear and
and false prophets will have escaped, but for foreboding of what is
appear, and they will the sake of his own to happen to the
The Passion Week 183

show great signs and chosen people he has world, for the forces
wonders to mislead 21 cut the days short. If in the sky will shake.
God's chosen people if anyone says to you at 27 Then they will see the
25 they can. Here I have that time, 'Look ! Son of Man coming in
told you beforehand. Here is the Christ!' a cloud with great
26 So they say to you,
if or 'Look! There he 28 power and glory. But
'There he is, in the is!'do not believe it. when begins to
desert!" do not go out 22 For false Christs and happen, look up and
there; 'Here he is, in a false prophets will raise your heads, for
room in here!' do not appear, and they will your deliverance will
27 believe it. For just as show signs and won- 29 be at hand." And he
the lightning starts in ders to mislead God's gave them an illustra-
the east and flashes to chosen people they
if tion: "See the fig tree
the west, so the coming 23 can. But you must be so and all the trees. As
of the Son of Man will on your guard; I have soon as they put out
28 be. Wherever there is told you all about it you see
their leaves,
a dead body, the vul- 24 beforehand. But in them and you know
29 tures will flock. But those days, when that without being told
immediately after the misery is over, the that summer is com-
misery of those days, sun will be darkened 31 ing. So when you see
the sun will be dark- and the moon will not these things happen,
ened, and the moon as shed its light and the you must know that
will not shed its light, stars will fall from the the Kingdom of God
and the stars will fall sky and the forces in 32 is at hand. I tell you,
from the sky, and the the sky will shake. it will all happen be-
forces of the sky will 26 Then they will see the fore the present gene-
so shake. Then the sign Son of Man coming on ration passes away.
of the Son of Man the clouds with great 33 Earth and sky will
will appear in the sky, 27 power and glory, and pass away, but my
and all the nations of then he will send out 34 words will not. But
the earth will lament the angels and gather take care that your
when they see the his chosen people from hearts are not loaded
Son of Man coming the four winds, from down with self-indul-
on the clouds of the one end of the world gence and drunken-
sky, in all his power to the other. ness and worldly
si and splendor. And he 28 "Let the fig tree cares, and that day
will send out his an- teach you the lesson. takes you by surprise,
gels with a loud As soon as its branches 35 like a trap. For it will
trumpet-call, and they grow softand put come on all who are
will gather his chosen forth leaves you know living anywhere on
people from the four that summer is com- the face of the earth.
winds, from one end 29 ing. So when you see se But you must be
of the sky to the other. these things happen- vigilantand always
32 Let the fig tree teach ing, you must know pray that you may
you the lesson. As that he is just at the succeed in escaping
soon as its branches so door. I tell you, these all this that is going to
grow soft and put things will all happen happen, and in stand-
forth leaves, you know before the present age i
ing in the presence of
that summer is com- !
si passes away. Earth 37 the Son of Man." He
184 The Student's Gospels

33 ing. So when you see and sky will pass would spend the days
all these things, you away, but my
words teaching in the Tem-
must know that he is 32 will not. But about ple, but at night he
34 just at the door. I tell that day or hour no would go out of the
you, these things will one knows, not even city and stay on the
all happen before the the angels of heaven, hill called the Mount

present age passes nor the Son; only the as of Olives. And in the
35 away. Earth and sky 33 Father. You must morning all the peo-
will pass away but my look out and be on the ple would come to him
words will never pass alert, for you do not in the Temple to listen
se away. But about that know when it will be to him.
day or hour no one 34 time; just as a man
knows, not even the when he leaves home
angels in heaven nor to go on a journey,
the Son, but only the and puts his slaves in
37 Father. For just as it charge, each with his
was in the time of duties, gives orders to
Noah, it will be at the watchman to keep
the coming of the Son 35 watch. So you must
ss of Man. For just as be on the watch, for
in those days before you do not know when
the flood people were the master of the
eating and drinking, house is coming in
marrying and being the evening or at mid-
married until the very night or toward day-
day Noah entered the break or early in the
39 ark, and knew nothing se morning for fear he
about it until the flood should come unex-
came and destroyed pectedly and find you
them all, so it will be 37 asleep. And what I
at the coming of the am telling you I mean
40 Son of Man. Two for all Be on the
men will be in the watch!"
field; one will be taken
41 and one left. Two
women will be grind-
ing with the handmill;
one will be taken and
42 one left. So you must
be on the watch, for
you do not know on
what day your Mas-
43 ter is coming. But
you may be sure of'
this, that if the mas-
ter of the house had
known in what part
of the night the thief
was coming, he would
The Passion Week 185

have been on the

watch, and would not
have let his house be
44 broken into. There-
fore you must be
ready too, for the Son
of Man is coming at
a time when you do
45 not expect him. Who
then will be the faith-
ful, thoughtful slave
whom his master put
in charge of his house-
hold, to give the mem-
bers of it their sup-
plies at the proper
46 time? Blessed is that
slave if his master
when he returns finds
47 him doing it. I tell
you, he will put him
in charge of all his
48 property. But if he is
a bad slave and says
to himself, 'My mas-
ter is going to stay a
49 long time,' and begins
to beat the other
slaves, and eats and
drinks drunk-
60 mas-
ards, that slave's
ter will come back
some day when he
does not expect him,
and at some time of
which he does not
si know, and will cut
him in two, and put
him with the hypo-
crites, to weep and
gnash his teeth.
25 "Then the King-
dom of Heaven will
be like ten brides-
maids who took their
lamps and went out
to meet the bride-
2 groom. Now five of
them were foolish and
186 The Student's Gospels

3 five were sensible. For

the foolish ones
brought their lamps
but brought no oil
4 with them, but the
sensible ones with
their lamps brought
5 oil in their flasks. As
the bridegroom was
slow in coming, they
all grew drowsy and
e fell asleep. But in the
middle of the night
there was a shout,
'Here is the bride-
groom Come out

7 and meet him Then !'

all the bridesmaids

awoke, and trimmed
s their lamps. And the
foolish ones said to
the sensible ones,
'Give us some of your
oil, for our lamps are
9 going out.' But the
sensible ones an-
swered, 'There may
not be enough for us
and you. You had
better go to the deal-
ers and buy yourselves
10 some.' But while they
were gone to buy it,
the bridegroom ar-
rived, and the ones
that were ready went
in with him to the
wedding banquet, and
the door was closed.
11 Afterward the other
bridesmaids came and
said, 'Sir! Sir! Open
12 the door for us !" But
he answered, 'I tell
you, I do not know
is you So you must

be on watch, for you

do not know either
the day or the hour.
The Passion Week 187

14 For it is just like a

man who was going on
a journey, and called
in his slaves, and put
his property in their
is hands. He gave one
fivethousand dollars,
and another two thou-
sand, and another one
thousand; to each ac-
cording to his ability.
Then he went away.
is The man who had re-
ceived the five thou-
sand dollars immedi-
ately went into busi-
ness with the money,
and made five thou-
17 sand more. In the
same way the man
who had received the
two thousand made
two thousand more.
is But the man who had
received the one thou-
sand went away and
dug a hole in the
ground and hid his
19 master's money. Long
afterward, their mas-
ter came back and
settled accounts with
20 them. And the man
who had received the
five thousand dollars
came up bringing him
five thousand more,
and you put
said, 'Sir,
five thousand dollars
in my hands; here I
have made five thou-
21 sand more." His mas-
ter said to him, 'Well
done, my
faithful slave you

have been faithful

about a small amount;
I will put a large one
into your hands.
188 The Student's Gospels

Come, share your mas-

ter's enjoyment!'
22 And the man who had
received the two thou-
sand came up and
said, 'Sir, you put two
thousand dollars into
my hands; here I have
made two thousand
23 more.' His master
said to him, 'Well
done, my excellent,
faithful slave !
have been faithful
about a small amount;
I will put a large one
into your hands.
Come share your

master's enjoyment.'
24 And the man who had
received the one thou-
sand came up and
knew you
said, 'Sir, I
were a hard man, who
reaped where you had
not sown, and gath-
ered where you had
25 not threshed, and I
was frightened, and I
went and hid your
thousand dollars in
26 the ground. Here is

your money His !'

master answered,
'You wicked, idle
slave ! You knew that
I reaped where I had
not sown and gath-
ered where I had not
27 threshed? Then you
ought to have put my
money in the bank,
and then when I came
back I would have
gotten my property
28 with interest. So take
the thousand dollars
away from him, and
give it to the man who
The Passion Week 189

has the ten thousand,

29 for the man who has
will have more given
him, and will be
plentifully supplied,
and from the man who
has nothing even what
he has will be taken
30 away. And put the
good-for-nothing slave
out into the darkness
outside, to weep and
grind his teeth there.'
si When the Son of Man
comes in his splendor,
with all his angels
with him, he will take
his seat on his glori-
32 ous throne, and all the
nations will be gath-
ered before him, and
he will separate them
from one another, just
as a shepherd sepa-
rates his sheep from
33 his goats, and he will
put the sheep at his
right hand and the
34 goats at his left. Then
the king will say to
those at his right,
'Come, you whom my
Father has blessed,
take possession of the
kingdom which has
been destined for you
from the creation of
35 the world. For when I
was hungry, you gave
me food, when I was
thirsty you gave me
something to drink,
when I was a stranger,
you invited me to
KG your homes, when I
had no clothes, you
gave me clothes, when
I was sick,you looked
after me, when I was
190 The Student's Gospels

in prison, you came

37 to see me.' Then the
upright will answer,
'Lord, when did we see
you hungry and give
you food, or thirsty,
and give you some-
ss thing to drink? When
did we see you a
stranger, and invite
you home, or without
clothing, and supply
39 you with it? When
did we see you sick or
in prison, and go to
40 see you?' The king
will answer, 'I tell
you, in so far as you
did it to one of the
humblest of these
brothers of mine, you
41 did it to me.' Then he
will say to those at
his left, 'Begone, you
cursed people, to the
everlasting fire des-
tined for the devil and
42 his angels For when

I was hungry, you

gave me nothing to
eat, and when I was
thirsty you gave me
43 nothing to drink, when
I was a stranger, you
did not invite me
home, when I had no
clothes, you did not
supply me, when I was
sick and in prison,
you did not look after
4-i me.' Then they in
their turn will answer,
'Lord, when did we
see you hungry, or
thirsty, or a stranger,
or in need of clothes, or
sick, or in prison, and
did not wait upon
45 you?' Then he will
The Passion Week 191

answer, 'I tell you, in

so far as you failed to
do it for one of these
people who are hum-
blest, you failed to do
46 it for me.' Then they
will go away to ever-
lasting punishment,
and the upright to
everlasting hie."


MATTHEW 26: 1-5, MAKE 14:1-2, 10-11 LUKE 22 : 1-6
14-16 14 It was now two 22 The festival of Un-
26 When Jesus had fin- days before the festi- leavened Bread, which
ished this discourse he val of the Passover is called the Passover,
said to his disciples, and of Unleavened 2 was approaching. And
2 "You know that in Bread. And the high the high priests and
two days the Passover priests and
scribes the scribes were cast-
Festival will come, were casting about for ing about for a way to
and the Son of Man a way to arrest him put him to death, for
be handed over to
will by stealth and put they were afraid of
3 be crucified." Then 2 him to death, for they 3 the people. But Sa-
the high priests and said, "It must not be tan entered into Ju-
the elders of the peo- during the festival, or das, who was called
ple gathered in the there may be a riot." Iscariot, a member of
house of the high 10 Then Judas Iscari- 4 the Twelve. And he
priest, whose name ot, one of the Twelve, went off and discussed
4 was Caiaphas, and went to the high with the high priests
plotted to arrest Jesus priests to betray Jesus and captains of the
by stealth and put n to them. They were Temple how he could
5 him to death. But delighted to hear it betray him to them.
they said, "It must and promised to pay s And they were de-
not be during the fes- him for it. So he was lighted and agreed to
tival, or there may be watching for an op- e pay him for it. And
a riot." portunity to betray he accepted their
14 Then one of the him to them. and
offer, watched for
Twelve, named Judas an opportunity to be-
Iscariot, went to the tray him to them
is high priests, and said, without a disturbance.
"What will you give
me if I hand him over
to you?" And they
counted him out thir-
10 ty silver pieces. And
from that time he
watched for a good .

opportunity to hand
him over to them.
192 The Student's Gospels


[See also 32]

MATTHEW 26:6-13 MARK 14:3-9 LUKE 7:36-50

e When Jesus got 3 Jesus was in Beth- as One of the Phari-
back to Bethany, to any, at the house of sees asked him to
the house of Simon Simon the leper, and have dinner with him,
7 the leper, a woman as he was at table, a and he went to the
came up to him with woman came in, with Pharisee's house and
an alabaster flask of an alabaster flask of took his place at the
very expensive per- pure nard perfume, 37 table. Now there was
fume and poured it very expensive she ;
a woman in the town
upon his head, while broke the flask and who was leading a sin-
& he was at table. When poured the perfume ful life, and when she
his disciples saw it, 4 on his head. But there learned that he was
they said indignantly, were some who said
having dinner at the
"What was the use of indignantly to them- Pharisee's house, she
wasting it like that? selves, "What was the got an alabaster flask
9 It might have been use of wasting the per- as of perfume, and came
sold for a large sum, s fume like that? It and stood behind him
and the money given might have been sold at his feet, weeping,
10 to the poor." But Je- for more than sixty and began to wet his
sus observed this and dollars, and the mon- feet with her tears,
said to them, "Why ey have been given to and she wiped them
do you bother the the poor." And they with her hair and
woman? It is a fine e grumbled at her. But kissed them, and put
thing that she has Jesus said, "Leave her the perfume on them.
11 done to me. For you alone. Why do you 39 When the Pharisee
always have the poor bother her? It is a who had invited him
among you, but you fine thing that she has
saw this, he said to
will not always have 7 done to me. For you
himself, "If this man
12 me. In pouring this always have the poor were really a prophet,
perfume on me she among you, and when- he would know who
has done something ever you please you and what the woman
to prepare me for buri- can do for them, but is who is touching
13 al. I tell you, wher- you will not always him, for she leads
ever this good news is s have me. She has done 40 a wicked life." Jesus
preached all over the all she could; she has
answered him, and
world, what she has perfumed my body in said to him, "Simon,
done will also be told, preparation for my there is something I
in memory of her." 9 burial. I tell you, want to say to you."
wherever thegood He said, "Proceed,
news is preached all 41 Master." "Two men
over the world, what were in debt to a
she has done will also
money-lender. One
be told in memory of owed him a hundred
her." dollars and the other
42 ten. As they could not
pay him, he canceled
The Passion Week 193

what they owed him.

Now which of them
will be more attached
43 to him?" Simon an-
swered, "The one, I
suppose, for whom he
canceled most." "You
are right," he said.
44 And turning to the
woman, he said to
Simon, "Do you see
this woman? I came
to your house; you
did not give me any
water for my feet, but
she has wet my feet
with tears and wiped
them with her hair.
45 You did not give me
a kiss, but from the
moment I came in she
has not stopped kiss-
46 ing my feet. You did
not put any oil upon
my head, but she has
put perfume upon my
47 feet. Therefore, I tell
you, her sins, many as
they are, are forgiven,
for she has loved me
so much. But the man
with little to be for-
given loves me but
48 little." And he said
to her, "Your sins are
49 forgiven!" The men
at table with him be-
gan to say to them-
selves, "Who is this
man, who even for-
50 gives sins?" But he
said to the woman,
"It is your faith that
has saved you. Go in
194 The Student's Gospels


MATTHEW 26 17-30 : MAHK 14 12-26
: LUKE 22:7-30
17 On the first day of 12 On the first day of 7 When the day of
the festival of Un- the festival of Un- Unleavened Bread
leavened Bread, the leavened Bread, on came, on which the
disciples came to Je- which it was custom- Passover lamb had to
sus and said, "Where ary to kill the Pass- s be sacrificed, Jesus
do you wish us to over lamb, Jesus' dis- sent Peter and John,
make the preparations ciples said to him, saying to them, "Go
for you to eat tae "Where do you wish and make preparations
Passover supper?" us to go and make the for us to eat the Pass-
is And he said, "Go into preparations for you 9 over." They said to
the city, to a certain to eat the Passover him, "Where do you
man, and say to him, is supper?" So he sent want us to prepare
'The Master says, away two of his dis- 10 it?" He said to them,
"My time is near. I ciples, saying to them, "Just after you enter
am going to keep the "Go into the city, and the city, you will meet
Passover at your you will meet a man a man carrying a
house with my dis- carrying a pitcher of pitcher of water. Fol-
" '
19 ciples." So the dis- water. Follow him, low him to the house
ciples did as Jesus di- 14 and whatever house he 11 to which he goes, and
rected them, and pre- goes into, say to the say to the man of the
pared the Passover man of the house, house, 'Our Master
20 supper. When evening 'The Master says, says to you, "Where is
came, he took his "Where is my room the room where I can
place at table with the where I can eat the eat the Passover sup-
21 twelve disciples. And Passover supper with per with my disci-
as they were eating, is my disciples?"
And 12 pies?"
And he will
he said, "I tell you, he show you a
will show you a large room
one of you will betray large room up&tairs, upstairs with the nec-
22 me !" They were deep- furnished and ready. essary furniture.
ly hurt and began to Make your prepara- Make your prepara-
say to him one after tions for us there." 13 tions there." So they
another, "Can it be I, 10 So the disciples start- went and found every-
23 Master?" He an- ed and went into the thing just as he had
swered, "The man city, and found every- told them, and they
who just dipped his thing just as he had prepared the Passover
hand in the same dish told them; and they 14 supper. When the
with me is going to be- prepared the Passover time came, he took
24 tray me. The Son of 17 supper. When it was his place at the table,
Man is to go awaj as evening he came with with the apostles
the Scriptures say of is the Twelve. And when i& about him. And he
him, but alas for the they were at the table said to them, "I have
man by whom the eating, Jesus said, "I greatly desired to eat
Son of Man is be- tell you, one of you is this Passover supper
trayed !It would going to betray me with you before I
have been better for one who is eating with 16 suffer. For I tell you,
that man if he had 19 me." And they were I will never eat one
The Passion Week 195

never been born !" hurt, and said to him again until it reaches
25 Judas, who betrayed one after
another, itsfulfilment in the
him, said, "Can it be 20 "Can it be I?" He Kingdom of God."
I, Master?" He said said to them, "It is i? And when he was
to him, "You are one of the Twelve, handed a cup, he
26 right!" As they were who is dipping his thanked God, and
eating Jesus took a bread in the same dish then said, "Take this
loaf and blessed it, 21 with me. For the Son and share it among
and he broke it in of Man is indeed to go is you, for I tell you, I

pieces and gave it to away as the Scrip- will not drink the
his disciples, saying, tures say of him, but product of the vine
"Take this and eat it. alas for the man by again until the King-
27 It is my body !" And whom the Son of Man dom of God comes."
he took the wine-cup is betrayed It would
! 19 And he took a loaf of
and gave thanks and have been better for bread and thanked
gave it to them, say- that man if he had God, and broke it in
ing, "You must all 22 never been born." As pieces, and gave it to
28 drink from it, for this they were eating, he them, saying, "This
is my blood which took a loaf and blessed 21 is my body. Yet
ratifies the agreement, it, and he broke it in look The hand of the

and is to be poured pieces and gave it to man who is betraying

out for many people, them, saying, "Take me is beside me on
for the forgiveness of this. It is my body." 22 the table! For the
29 their sins. And I tell 23 And he took the wine Son of Man going
you I will never drink cup and gave thanks hisway, as it has been
this product of the and gave it to them, decreed, but alas for
vine again till the day and they all drank the man by whom the
when I shall drink the 24 from it. And he said Son of Man is be-
new wine with you in to them, "This is my 23 trayed!" And they
my Father's king- blood which ratifies began to discuss with
so dom!" After singing the agreement, and is one another which of
the hymn, they went to be poured out for them it was who was
out of the city and 25 many people. I tell 24 going to do this. A
up the Mount of you, I will never drink dispute also arose
Olives. the product of the among them, as to
vine again till the day which one of them
when I shall drink the ought to be consid-
new wine in the King- 25 ered the greatest. But
26 dom of God." After he said to them, "The
singing the hymn kings of the heathen
they went out of the lord it over them and
city and up the Mount their authorities are
of Olives. given the title of Bene-
26 factor. But you are
not to do so, but who-
ever is greatest among
you must be like the
youngest, and the
leader like a servant.
196 The Student's Gospels

27 For which is greater,

the man at the table,
or the servant who
waits on him? Is not
the man at the table?
Yet I am like a serv-
28 ant among you. But
it is you who have
stood by me in my
29 trials. So just as
my Father has con-
ferred a kingdom
on me, I confer on
30 you the right to eat
and drink at my table
in my kingdom, and to
sit on thrones and
judge the twelve tribes
of Israel!


MATTHEW 26:31-35 MARK 14:27-31 LUKE 22:31-38
31 Then Jesus said to 27 And Jesus said to 31 "O Simon, Simon!
them, "You will all them, "You will all Satan has obtained
desert me tonight, for desert me, for the permission to sift all
the Scriptures say, 'I Scriptures say, 'I will 32 of you like wheat, but
will strike the shep- strike the shepherd, I have prayed that
herd, and the sheep of and the sheep will be your own faith may
the flock will be scat- zs scattered.' But after not fail. And after-
32 tered.' But after I I am raised to life ward you yourself
am raised to life again, again I willgo back must turn and
I will go back to Gali- to Galilee before you." strengthen your broth-
33 lee before you." Peter 29 But Peter said to him, 33 ers." Peter said to
answered, "If they all "Even if they all de- him, "Master, I am
desert you, I will sert you, I will not!" ready to go to prison
34 never do it!" Jesus 30 Jesus said to him, "I and to death with
said to him, "I tell tell you, this very 34 you!" But he said,
you, tonight, before a night before the cock "I tell you, Peter, the
cock crows, you will crows twice you your- cock will not crow to-
disown me three self will disown me day before you deny
35 times!" Peter said to 31 three times!" But three times that you
him, "Even if I have he persisted vehe- 35 know me!" And he
to die with you, I will mently, "If I have to said to them, "When
never disown you!" die with you, I will I sent you out with-
All the disciples said never disown you." out any purse or bag
so too. And they all said the or shoes, was there
same thing. anything you need-
ed?" They said, "No,
The Passion Week 197

sa nothing." He said to
them, "But now, if a
man has a purse let
him take it, and a bag
too. And a man who
has no sword must sell
his coat and buy one.
37 For I tell you that this
saying of Scripture
must find its fulfil-
ment in me: 'He was
rated an outlaw.' Yes,
that saying about me
is to be fulfilled!"
ss But they said, "See,
Master, here are two
swords!" And he said
to them, "Enough of

MATTHEW 26 36-46
: MAEK 14:32-42 LUKE 22:39-46
ae Then Jesus came 32 They came to a 39 And he went out of
with them to a place place called Geth- the city and up on the
called Gethsemane, semane, and he said to Mount of Olives as he
and he said to the dis- his disciples, "Sit was accustomed to do,
ciples, "Sit down here down here while I with his disciples fol-
while I go over yonder 33 pray." And he took 40 lowing him. And
37 and pray." And he Peter, James, and when he reached the
took Peter and Zebe- John along with him, spot, he said to them,
dee's two sons with and he began to feel "Pray that you may
him, and he began to distress and dread, not be subjected to
show grief and dis- 34 and he said to them, 41 trial." And he with-
ss tress of mind. Then "My heart is almost drew about a stone's
he said to them, "My breaking. You must throw from them, and
heart is almost break- stay here and keep kneeling down he
ing. You must stay 35 watch." And he went 42 prayed and said, "Fa-
here and keep watch on a little way and ther, if you are willing,
39 with me." And he threw himself on the take this cup away
went on a little way, ground and prayed from me. But not my
and threw himself on that if it were possible will but yours be
his face, and prayed, he might be spared 45 done!" When he got
saying, "My Father, 38 the hour of trial; and up from his prayer,
if it is possible, let this he said, "Abba!" that he went to the dis-
cup pass by me. Yet is, Father, "anything ciples and found them
not as I please but as is possible for you! asleep from sorrow.
4d you do!" When he Take this cup away 46 And he said to them,
went back to the dis- from me! Yet not "Why are you asleep?
198 The Student's Gospels

ciples he found them what I please but Get up, and pray that
asleep. And he said to what you do !" you may not be sub-
Peter, "Then were 37 When he went back jected to trial!"
you not able to watch he found them asleep,
withme for one hour? and he said to Peter,
41 You must all watch, "Simon, are you
and pray that you asleep? Were you not
may not be exposed to able to watch for one
trial! One's spirit is ss hour? You must all
eager, but flesh and watch, and pray that
42 blood are weak!" He you may not be sub-
went away again a jected to trial. One's
second time and spirit is eager, but
prayed, saying, "My human nature is
Father, if it cannot 39 weak." He went away
pass by me without again and prayed in
my drinking it, your the same words as be-
43 will be done." When 40 fore. When he came
he came back he back he found them
found them asleep asleep again, for they
again, for they could could hardly keep
hardly keep their eyes their eyes open; and
44 open. And he left they not know
them and went away what answer to make
again and praj^ed a 41 to him. When he
third time, in the same came back for the
45 words as before. Then third time, he said to
he came back to the them, "Are you still
disciples and said to sleeping and taking
them, "Are you still your rest? Enough of
sleeping and taking this! The time has
your rest? See, the come. See the Son of!

time has come for the Man is betrayed into

Son of Man to be the hands of wicked
handed over to wicked 42 men. Get up, let us
46 men! Get up! Let us be going. Look! here
be going Look Here
! ! comes my betrayer!"
comes my betrayer !"


MATTHEW 26 :47-56 MARK 14 43-52
: LUKE 22 47-53

47 Just as he was 43 Just that mo-

at 47 While he was still
speaking, Judas, one ment, while he was speaking, a crowd of
of the Twelve, came still speaking, Judas, people came up, with
up, and with him a who was one of the the man called Judas,
great crowd with Twelve, came up, and one of the Twelve, at
swords and clubs, with him a crowd of their head, and he
from the high priests men with swords and stepped up to Jesus
The Passion Week, 199

and the elders of the clubs, from the high 48 to kiss him. Jesus
48 people. Now the man priests, scribes, and said to him, "Would
who betrayed him 44 elders. Now the man you betray the Son of
gave them a signal, who betrayed him Man with a kiss?"
saying "The one I had given them a sig- 49 Those who were about
kiss is theman. Seize nal, saying, "The one him saw what was
49 him!" And he went I kiss is the man. coming and said,
straight up to Jesus Seize him and take "Master, shall we use
and said, "Good eve- him safely away." so our swords?" And
ning, Master!" and 45 So when he came he one of them did strike
kissed him affection- went straight up to at the high priest's
so ately. Jesus said to Jesus and said, "Mas- slave and cut his right
him, "My friend, ter!" and kissed him si ear off. But Jesus an-
what are you here 46 affectionately. And swered, "Let me do
for?" Then they came they laid hands on this much!" And he
up and laid hands on him and seized him. touched his ear and
Jesus andsecured 47 But one of the by- 52 healed him. And Je-
si him. One the
of standers drew his sus said to the high
men with Jesus put sword and struck at priests, captains of the
out his hand and drew the high priest's slave Temple, and elders
his sword, and strik- and cut his ear off. who had come to
ing at the high priest's 48 And Jesus spoke and take him, "Have you
slave, cut his ear off. said to them, "Have come out with swords
52 Then Jesus said to you come out to ar- and clubs as though I

him, "Put your sword rest mewith swords 53 were a robber? When
back where it belongs ! and clubs, as though I was among you day
For all who draw the 49 I were a robber? I after day in the Tem-
sword will die by the have been among you ple you never laid a
53 sword. Do you sup- day after day in the hand on me! But you
pose I cannot appeal Temple teaching, and choose this hour, and
to my Father, and he you never seized me. the cover of dark-
would at once furnish But let the Scriptures ness!"
me more than twelve so be fulfilled!" Then all
54 legions of angels? But the disciples left him
then how are the and made their es-
Scriptures to be ful- 51 cape. And a young
filled, which say that man followed him
this must happen?" with nothing but a
55 At that same time linen cloth about his
Jesus said to the body; and they seized
crowd, "Have you 52 him, but he left the
come out to arrest me cloth behind and ran
with swords and clubs, away naked.
as though I were a
robber? Day after
day I have sat in the
Temple teaching, and
you never seized me.
56 But this has all taken
200 The Student's Gospels

place in fulfilment of
the writings of the
prophets." Then all
the disciples left him
and made their es-


MATTHEW 26 57 : MARK 14:53-72 LUKE 22:54-71
27:10 53 They took Jesus 54 Then they arrested
57 The men who had away to the high him and led him away
seized Jesus took him priest, and all the high and took him to the
away to Caiaphas, the priests, elders, and house of the high
high priest, at whose scribes came together. priest. And Peter fol-
house the scribes and 54 And Peter followed lowed at a distance.
elders had gathered. him at a distance, ss And they kindled a
ss And Peter followed right into the court- fire in the middle of
him at a distance as yard of the high priest the courtyard and sat
far as the courtyard and sat down with the about it, and Peter
of the high priest's attendants and sat down among them.
house, and he went in- warmed himself at the sa A maid saw him sit-
side and sat down 55 fire. The high priests ting by the fire and
among the attendants and the whole council looked at him and
to see how it came tried to get evidence said, "This man was
59 out. Now the high against Jesus in order 57 with him too." But
priests and the whole to put him to
death, he denied it, and said,
council were trying to and they could find "I do not know him."
get false testimony se none, for while many ss Shortly after, a man
against Jesus, so that gave false testimony saw him and said,
they might put him to against him their evi- "You are one of them
eo death. And they dence did not agree. too!" But Peter said,
could not, although 67 Some got up and gave 59 "I am not!" About an
many false witnesses false testimony hour later, another
presented themselves. against him to this man insisted, "This
But finally two came ss effect: "We ourselves man was certainly
ei forward and said, have heard him say, 'I with him too, for he is a
"This man said, 'I can will tear down this eo Galilean!" But Peter
tear down the sanctu- sanctuary built by said, "I do not know
ary of God, and build men's hands, and in what you mean."
it up in three days.' three days I will build And immediately, just
62 And the high priest another, made with- as he spoke, a cock
got up and said to 59 out hands.' And ei crowed. And the Mas-
him, "Have you no even then their evi- ter turned and looked
answer to make? dence did not agree. at Peter, and Peter re-
What about their evi- eo Then the high priest membered the words
dence against you?" got up and came for- the Master had said
es But Jesus was silent. ward into the center to him "Before the
The Passion Week 201

And the high priest and asked Jesus, cock crows today, you
said to him, "I charge "Have you no answer will disown me three
you, on your oath, by to make? What about 62 times!" And he went
the living God, tell us their evidence against outside and wept bit-
whether you are the ei you?" But Jesus was es terly. The men who
Christ, the son of silent and made no had Jesus in custody
64 God." Jesus said to answer. The high flogged him and made
him, "It is true. But priest again ques- 84 sport of him, and they
I tell you you will tioned him and said blindfolded him, and
soon see the Son of to him, "Are you the asked him, "Show
Man seated at the Christ, the son of the that you are a proph-
right hand of the Al- 62 Blessed One?" But et! Who was it that
mighty and coming Jesus said, "I am and! es struck you?" And
upon the clouds of the you will all see the they said many other
es sky!" Then the high Son of Man seated at abusive things to him.
priest tore his clothing the right hand of the ee As soon as it was day,
and said, "He has Almighty and coming the elders of the peo-
uttered blasphemy ! in the clouds of the ple and the high
What do we want of es sky!" Then the high priests and scribes
witnesses now? Here priest tore his cloth- assembled, and
you have heard his ing, and said, "What brought him before
blasphemy What is
! do we want of wit- their council, and said
your decision?" They 64 nesses now? Did you 67 to him, "If you are the
answered, "He de- hear his blasphemy? Christ, tell us so."
e? serves death." Then What is your deci- But he said to them,
they spat in his face sion?" And they all "If I tell you, you will
and struck him, and condemned him as de- SB not believe me, and if
others slapped him, serving to be put to I ask you a question,
es saying, "Show us you es death. And some you will not answer
are a prophet, you started to spit at him 69 me. But from this
Christ! Who
was it and to blindfold him time on, the Son of
that struck you?" and to strike him, and Man will be seated at
es Now Peter was sitting say to him, "Now the right hand of God
outside in the court- show that you are a 70 Almighty !" And they
yard, and a maid prophet!" And the all said, "Are you the
came up to him, and attendants slapped Son of God then?"
said, "You were with him as they took And he said to them,
Jesus the Galilean, ee charge of him. While "I am, as you say!"
TO too !" But he denied Peter was down in the 71 Then they said, "What
it before them all, and courtyard, one of the do we want of testi-
said, "I do not know high priest's maids mony now? We have
what you mean." 67 came up, and seeing heard it ourselves
71 And he went out into Peter warming him- from his own mouth !"
the gateway, and an- self, she looked at him
other maid saw him, and said, "You were
and said to the men with this Jesus of
there, "This fellow es Nazareth too!" But
was with Jesus the he denied it, saying,
72Nazarene!" -He de- "I do not know or
202 The Student's Gospels

nied it again, with an understand what you

oath, and said, "I do mean." He went out
not know the man!" into the gateway.
73 A little while after the 69 And the maid saw him
bystanders came up there and began again
to Peter and said, to tell the bystanders,
"You are certainly "This fellow is one of
one of them too, for 70 them!" But he de-
your accent shows it !" nied it again. And
74 Then he started to again a little while
swear with the strong- after, the bystanders
est oaths, "I do not said to Peter, "You
know man !" And
the certainly are one of
at thatmoment a cock them, for you are a
75 crowed. And Peter 71 Galilean!" But he be-
remembered Jesus' gan to swear with the
words when he had strongest oaths, "I do
said, "Before a cock not know this man
crows, you will disown that you are talking
me three times !" And 72 about!" At that mo-
he went outside and ment for the second
wept bitterly. time a cock crowed.
27 When it was morn- And Peter remem-
ing the high priests
all bered how Jesus had
and elders of the peo- said to him, "Before
ple held a consulta- the cock crows twice,
tion about Jesus, with you will disown me
a view to putting him three times!" And at
2 to death. And they that, he wept aloud.
bound him and led
him away and handed
him over to Pilate
3 the governor. Then
Judas who had be-
trayed him, when he
saw that he had been
condemned, in his re-
morse brought back
the thirty silver pieces
to the high priests and
4 said, "I did wrong
when I handed an in-
nocent man over to
death!" They said,
"What is that to us?
You see to it your-
5 self." And he threw
down the silver and
leftthe Temple and
The Passion Week 203

went off and hung

e himself. The high
priests gathered up
the money, and they
said, "It is not legal
to put this into the
Temple treasury, for
7 it blood money." So
after consultation they
bought with it the
Potter's Field as a
burial ground for
s strangers. For this
reason that piece of
ground has ever since
been called the Field
9 of Blood. So the
words spoken by the
prophet Jeremiah were
fulfilled: "They took
the thirty silver pieces,
the price of the one
whose price had been
fixed, on whom some
of the Israelites had
10 set a price, and gave
them for the Potter's
Field as the Lord di-
rected me."


MATTHEW 27:11-31 MAKE; 15:1-20 LTTKE 23 1-25

11 Now Jesus stood 15 As soon as it was 23 Then they arose in

before the governor, daylight, the high a body and took him
and the governor priests held a consul- 2 to Pilate, and they
asked him, "Are you tation with the elders made this charge
the king of the Jews?" and scribes, and they against him; "Here
Jesus said, "Yes." and the whole council is a man whom we
12 And while the high bound Jesus and took have found mislead-
and elders were
priests him away and handed ing our nation, and
making their charges him over to Pilate. forbidding the pay-
against him, he made 2 Pilate asked him, "Are ment of taxes to the
is no answer. Then Pi- you the king of the emperor, and claiming
late said to him, "Do Jews?" He answered, to be an anointed king
you not hear what evi- 3 "Yes." And the high 3 himself." And Pilate
dence they are bring- priests kept heaping asked him, "Are you
ing against you?" accusations upon him. the king of the Jews?'
14 And he made him no 4 But Pilate again asked He answered, "Yes."
204 The Student's Gospels

reply to even a single him, "Have you no 4 And Pilate said to

accusation, so that answer to make? See the high priests and
the governor was what charges they are the crowd, "I can-
greatly surprised. making against you." not find anything
is Now at festival time s But Jesus made no criminal about this
the governor was ac- further answer at all, s man." But they per-
customed to release so that Pilate won- sisted and said, "He is
for the people any e dered. Now
at festi- stirring up the people
prisoner whom they val time he used to all over Judea by his

is chose, and at this time set free for them one teaching. He began
there was a notorious prisoner, whom they in Galilee and he has

prisoner named Ba- 7 petitioned for. There e come here." When

n rabbas. So when they was in prison a man Pilate heard this, he
called Barabbas, asked if the man were
gathered to ask this,
Pilate said to them, among some revolu- 7 a Galilean, and learn-
"Which one do you tionaries who in their ing that he belonged
want me to release for outbreak had com- to Herod's jurisdic-
s mitted murder. And tion, he turned him
you, Barabbas, or Je-
the so-called a crowd of people over to Herod, for
is Christ?" For he knew
came up and started Herod was in Jerusa-
to ask him for the lem at that time.
that they had handed
him over to him out 9 usual favor. Pilate s When Herod saw Je-
asked them, "Do you sus he was delighted,
19 of envy. Now while he
want me to set the for he had wanted for
was on the bench his
wife sent to him to
king of the Jews free a long time to see him,
10 for you?" For he because he had heard
say, "Do not have
knew that the high about him and he
anything to do with had handed
priests hoped to see some
that upright man, for
him over to him out of wonder done by him.
I have just had a
11 envy. But the high 9 And he qiiestioned
painful experience in a him some
priests stirred up the at length,
dream about him." crowd to get him to but he made him no
20 But the high priests set Barabbasfree for 10 answer. Meanwhile
and the elders pre- 12 them instead. And the high priests and the
vailed on the crowd to Pilate again said to scribes stood by and
ask for Barabbas, and them, "Then what vehemently accused
to have Jesus put to shall I do with the 11 him. And Herod and
21 And the gov-
death. man you call the king his guards made light
ernor answered, is of the Jews?" They of him and ridiculed
"Which of the two do shouted back, "Cruci- him, and they put a
do you want me to re- u fy him!" And Pilate gorgeous robe on him
lease for you?" They said to them, "Why, and sent him back to
22 said, "Barabbas!" Pi- what has he done that 12 Pilate. And Herod
late said to them, is wrong?" But they and Pilate became
"Then what am I to shouted all the louder, friends that day, for
do with Jesus, the so- is "Crucify him!" And they had been at en-
called Christ?" They as Pilate wanted to is mity before. Pilate
said, "Have him
all satisfy the crowd, he summoned the high
23 crucified !" He
said, set Barabbas free for priests and the lead-
The Passion Week 205

"Why, what has he them, and after hav- ing members of the
done that is wrong?" ing Jesus flogged council and the peo-
But they shouted all handed him over to 14 pie, and said to them,
the louder, "Have is be crucified. Then the "You brought this
24 him crucified !" When soldiers took him in- man before me charged
Pilate saw that he was side the courtyard, with misleading the
gaining nothing but that of the gover-
is, people, and here I
that a riot was be- nor's residence, and have examined him
ginning instead, he they called the whole before you and not
took some water and battalion together. found him guilty of
washed his hands in 17 And they dressed him any of the things that
the presence of the up in a purple cloak, you accuse him of.

crowd, saying, "I am and made a wreath of is Neither has Herod, for
not responsible for thorns and crowned he has sent him back
this man's death; you is him with it, and they to us. You see he has
must see to it your- began to acclaim him, done nothing to call
"Long live the king is for his death. So I
25 selves." And all the
19 of the Jews!" And will teach him a lesson
people answered, "His
blood be on us and on they struck him on the is and let him go." But
ue our children!" Then head with a stick and they shouted out,

he released Barabbas spat at him, and they "Kill him, and release
knelt down and did Barabbas for us!"
for them, and he had
Jesus and 20 homage to him. When 19 (He was a man who
they had finished had been put in prison
handed him over to be
making sport of him, for a riot that had
27 crucified. Then the taken place in the city
they took off the pur-
governor's soldiers and for murder.) But
ple cloak and put his
took Jesus into the
own clothes on him. 20 Pilate wanted to let
barracks, and got the Then they took him Jesus and he
whole battalion to- out of the city to cru- called out to them
gether about him.
cify him. 21 again. But they kept
28 And they stripped him on shouting, "Crucify
and put a red cloak on him! Crucify him!"
29 him, and made a 22 And he said to them a
wreath of thorns and third time, "Why,
put it on his head, what has he done that
and they put a stick in is wrong? For I have
his hand, and knelt found nothing about
down before him in him to call for his
mockery, saying, death. So I will teach
"Long live the king him a lesson and let
30 of the Jews !" And 23 him go." But they
they spat at him, and persisted with loud
took the stick and outcries in demanding
struck him on the that he be crucified,
31 head. And when they and their shouting
had finished making 24 won. And Pilate pro-
sport of him, they nounced sentence that
took off the cloak, and what they asked for
206 The Student's Gospels

put his own clothes 26 should be done. He

on him, and led him released the man they
away to be crucified. asked for, who had
been put in prison for
riot and murder, and
handed Jesus over to
their will.


MATTHEW 27:32-56 MARK 15: 21-41 LUKE 23:26-49
32 As they went out of 21 And they forced a 20 As they led Jesus
the city they came up- passer-by, who was away, they seized a
on a Cyrenian named coming in from the man named Simon,
Simon, and they forced country, to carry his from Cyrene, who was
him to carry Jesus' cross one Simon, a coming in from the
33 cross. When they Cyrenian, the father country, and put the
came to a place called of Alexander and Ru- cross on his back, for
Golgotha, which 22 fus. And they took him him to carry behind
means the Place of the to the place called 27 Jesus. He was fol-
34 Skull, they offered Golgotha, which lowed by a great
him a drink of wine means the Place of the crowd of the people
mixed with gall, and 23 Skull. They offered and of women who
when he tasted it he him drugged wine, but were beating their
would not drink it. he would not take it. breasts and lamenting
35 And they crucified 24 Then they crucified 28 him. But Jesus turned
him and divided up him, and divided up to them and said,
his clothes among his clothes, drawing "Women of Jerusa-
them by drawing lots, lots for them to see lem, do not weep for
se and sat down there to what each of them me but weep for your-
keep watch of him. 25 should have. It was selves and for your
37 They put above his nine in the morning 29 children, for a time is
head the charge when they crucified coming when they
against him, which 26 him. And the notice will say, 'Happy are
read, "This is Jesus, of the charge against the childless women,
the king of the Jews." him read, "The king and those who have
ss There were two rob- 27 of the Jews." They never borne or nursed
bers crucified with crucified two robbers so children !' Then peo-
him at the time, one along with him, one ple will begin to say
at his right and one at his right and one at to the mountains,
39 at his left. And the 29 his left. And the pass- 'Fall on us!' and to
passers-by jeered at ers-by jeered at him, the hills, 'Cover us
him, shaking their shaking their heads 31 up!' For if this is
40 heads and saying, and saying, "Aha you ! what they do when
"You who would tear who would tear down the wood is green,
down the sanctuary, the sanctuary and what will happen
and build one in three build one in three 32 when it is dry?" Two

days, save yourself ! so days ! Come down criminals were also

If you are the Son of from the cross and <
led out to execution
The Passion Week 207

God, come down from 31 save yourself!" The 33 with him. When
41 the cross!" And the high priests too made they reached the place
high priests, too, made sport of him to one called the Skull, they
sport of him with the another with the crucified him there,
scribes and elders, scribes and said, "He with the criminals one
42 and said, "He saved saved others, but he at his right and one at
others, but he cannot cannot save himself! 34 his left. And they di-
save himself! He is 32 Let this Christ, the vided up his clothes
King of Israel let him
; king of Israel, come among them by draw-
come down from the down from the cross ing lots for them,
cross now, and we will now, so that we may 35 while the people stood
43 believe in him. He see it and believe!" looking on. Even the
trusts in God; let God And the men who leading councilors
deliver him if he cares were crucified with jeered at him, and
for him, for he said he 33 him abused him. At said, "He has saved
44 was God's son." Even noon darkness spread others, let him save
the robbers who were over the whole coun- himself, if he is really
crucified with him try, and lasted until God's Christ, his Cho-
abused him in the three in the afternoon. se sen One!" The sol-
45 same way. Now from 34 And at three o'clock diers also made sport
noon there was dark- Jesus called out loud- of him, coming up and
ness over the whole ly, lama
"Eloi, Eloi, offering him sour wine,
country until three sabachthani?"which 37 saying, "If you are the
46 o'clock. And about means "My God, my king of the Jews, save
three, Jesus called out God, why have you ss yourself!" For there
loudly, "Eloi, Eloi, 35 forsaken me?" Some was a notice above his
lema sabachthani?" of the bystanders, head, "This is the king
that "My God!
is, when they heard it, 39 of the Jews!" One of
My God! Why have said, "See! He is call- the criminals who
you forsaken me?" 36 ing for Elijah!" One was hanging there
47 Some of the bystand- man ran off and soaked abused him, saying,
ers when they heard a sponge in common "Are you not the
it said, "The man is wine, and put it on Christ? Save yourself
calling for Eli j ah ! the end of a stick and 40 and us too !" But the
43 And one of them ran held it up to him to other reproved him
off at once and got a drink, saying, "Let us and said, "Have you
sponge and soaked it see whether Elijah no fear even of God
in sour wine and put does come to take when you are suffer-
it on the end of a stick 37 him down!" But Je- ing the same penalty?
and held it up to him sus gave a loud cry, 41 And we are suffering
49 to drink. But the ss and expired. And the it for we are
others said, "Let us curtain of the sanctu- only getting our de-
see whether Elijah will ary was torn in two, serts, but this man
come to save him." from top to bottom. has done nothing
so But Jesus cried out 39 And when the captain 42 wrong." And he said,
again loudly, and gave who stood facing him "Jesus, remember me
si up his spirit. And at saw how he expired he when you come into
once the curtain of said, "This man was 43 your kingdom!" And
the sanctuary was certainly a son of he said to him, "I tell
208 The Student's Gospels

torn in two from top 40 God!" There were you, you will be in
to bottom. The earth some women also Paradise with me to-
shook, the rocks split, watching from a dis- 44 day!" It was now
52 the tombs opened, tance, among them about noon, and dark-
and many of the saints Mary of Magdala, ness came over the
who had fallen asleep Mary the mother of whole country, and
53 rose and left their the younger James lasted until three in
tombs and after his and of Joses, and Salo- 45 the afternoon, as the
resurrection went in- 41 me, who used to ac- sun was in eclipse.
to the holy city and company him and And the curtain be-
showed themselves to wait on him when he fore the sanctuary
54 many people. And was in Galilee be- 46 was torn in two. Then
the captain and the sides many other wom- Jesus gave a loud cry,
men with him who en who had come up and said, "Father, I
were watching Jesus, to Jerusalem with intrust my spirit to
when they saw the him. your hands!" With
earthquake and all these words he ex-
that was happening, 47 pired. When the cap-
were dreadfully fright- tain saw what had
ened and said, "He happened he praised
surely must have been God, and said, "This
55 a son of God !" There man was really inno-
were several women 48 cent!" And all the
there watching from a crowds that had col-
distance who had fol- lected for the sight,
lowed Jesus from Gali- when they saw what
lee to wait upon him, happened, returned to
SB among them Mary of the city beating their
Magdala, Mary the 49 breasts. And all his
mother James and
of acquaintances and the
Joseph, and the moth- women who had come
er of Zebedee's sons. with him from Galilee,
stood at a distance
looking on.


MATTHEW 27 57-66
: MARK 15:42-47 LUKE 23:50-56a
57 In the evening a 42 Although it was so Now there was a
rich man named Jo- now evening, yet since man named Joseph, a
seph, from Arimathea, it was the Preparation member of the coun-
who had himself been Day, that is, the day cil, a good and upright
a disciple of Jesus, before the Sabbath, si man, who had not
58 came. He went to Pi- 43 Joseph of Arimathea, voted for the plan or
late and asked him for a highly respected action of the council.
Jesus' body. Then member of the council, He came from the
Pilate ordered it to be who was himself living Jewish town of Ari-
59 given to him. And in expectation of the mathea and lived in
Joseph took the body reign of God, made expectation of the
The Passion Week 209

and wrapped it in a bold to go to Pilate 53 Kingdom of God. He

piece of clean linen, and ask for Jesus' went to Pilate and
eo and laid it in a new 44 body. Pilate won- asked for Jesus' body.
tomb that belonged to dered whether he was 53 Then he took it down
him, that he had cut dead already, and he from the cross and
in the rock, and he sent for the captain wrapped it in linen
rolled a great stone and asked whether he and laid it in a tomb
over the doorway of 45 was dead yet, and hewn in the rock,
the tomb, and went when he learned from where no one had yet
oi away. And Mary of the captain that he 54 been laid. It was the
Magdala and the oth- was, he gave Joseph Preparation Day, and
er Mary remained permission to take the Sabbath was just
there, before
sitting 46 the body. And he 55 beginning. The wom-
ea the tomb. On the bought a linen sheet en who had followed
next day, that is, the and took him down Jesus from Galilee fol-
day after the Prepara- from the cross and lowed and saw the
tion Day, the high wrapped him in the tomb and how his
priests and Pharisees sheet, and laid him in body was put there.
went in a body to Pi- a tomb that had been Then they went home,
es late and said, "Sir, we hewn out of the rock, and prepared spices
remember that when and rolled a stone and perfumes.
this impostor was against the doorway
alive he said, 'After 47 of the tomb. And
three days I will rise Mary of Magdala and
64 again !' Give orders, Mary, Joses' mother,
therefore, to have the were looking on and
tomb closely guarded saw where he was put.
till the third day, so
that his disciples can-
not come and steal
him, and then tell the
people that he is risen
from the dead and
that delusion be worse
than the other was."
65 Pilate said to them,
"Take a guard of sol-
diers, and go and
make it as secure as
66 you can." And they
went and set the
guard and put a seal
on the stone.
MATTHEW 28 1-15
: MARK 16:1-8 LUKE23 56&

28 After the Sabbath, [9-11] 24:12

as the first day of the 16 When the Sabbath 6 On the Sabbath
week was dawning, was over, Mary of they rested in obedi-
Mary of Magdala and Magdala, Mary, ence to the command-
the other Mary went James's mother, and 24 ment, but on the first
to look at the tomb. Salome bought spices, day of the week, at
2 And there was a great in order to go and early dawn, they went
earthquake. For an 2 anoint him. Then to the tomb, taking
angel of the Lord very early on the first the spices they had
came down from heav- day of the week they 2 prepared. But they
en and went and rolled went to the tomb, found the stone rolled
the stone back and when the sun had just back from the tomb,
3 sat upon it. His ap- 3 risen. And they said 3 and when they went

pearance was like to one another, "Who inside they could not
lightning and his back
will roll the stone 4 find the body. They
clothing was as white from the doorway of were in great perplex-
4 as snow. The men on the tomb for us?" ity over this, when
guard trembled with 4 And they looked up suddenly two men in
fear of him, and be- and saw that the dazzling clothingstood
came like dead men. stone had been rolled s beside them. The
s And the angel said to back, for it was very women were fright-
the women, "You need s large. And when they ened and bowed their
not be afraid. I know went into the tomb faces to the ground,
that you are looking they saw a young man but the men said to
for Jesus who was in a white robe sitting them, "Why do you
o crucified. He is not at the right, and they look among the dead
here, he has risen, as were utterly amazed. for him who is alive?
he said he would do. e But he said to them, e Remember what he
Come and see the "You must not be told you when he was
place where he was amazed. You are look- 7 still in Galilee, when
7 lying. Now go quick- ing for Jesus of Naza- he said that the Son of
ly and tell his dis- reth who was cruci- Man must be handed
ciples, 'He has risen fied. He has risen, he over to wicked men
from the dead, and is is not here. See This
! and be crucified and
going back to Galilee is where they laid rise again on the
before you. You will 7 him. But go and say s third day." Then they
see him there.' Now I to his disciples and to remembered his
have given you my Peter, 'He is going be- 9 words, and they went
s message." And they fore you to Galilee; back from the tomb
The Resurrection

hurried away from the you will see him there, and told all this to the
tomb frightened and just as he told you.' eleven and all the rest.
yet overjoyed and ran s And they fled out of 10 They were Mary of
to tell the news to his the tomb, for they Magdala and Joanna
9 disciples. And Jesus were all trembling and and Mary, James's
himself met them, and bewildered, and they mother; and the other
said, "Good morn- said nothing about it women also told this
ing!" And they went to anyone, for they 11 to the apostles. But
up to him and clasped were afraid to do so. the story seemed to
his feet, and bowed to [But they reported them to be nonsense
the ground before him. briefly to Peter and and they would not
10 Jesus said to them, his companions all believe them.
"You need not be they had been told.
afraid. Go and tell And afterward Jesus
my brothers to go to himself sent out by
Galilee and they will them from the east
11 see me there." While to the west the sacred
they were on their and incorruptible mes-
way, some of the sage of eternal salva-
guard went into the 9 tion. Now after he
city and reported to had early on
the high priests all the first day of the
that had happened. week, he appeared
12 And they got together first to Mary of Mag-
and consulted with dala, from whom he
the elders, and gave had driven out seven
the soldiers a large 10 evil spirits. She went
13 sum of money, and and told it to his old
said to them, "Tell companions, while
people that his dis- they were mourning
ciples came in the n and weeping. When
night and stole him they heard that he
away while you were was alive and that she
14 asleep. And if news had seen him, they
of it reaches the gov- would not believe it.]
ernor, we will satisfy
him, and see that
you do not get into
is trouble." So they took
the money and did as
they were told. And
this story has been
current among the
Jews ever since.
212 The Student's Gospels


[MARK 16:12-13] LTTKE 24: 13-35
12 [Afterward lie 13 That same day two
showed himself in a of them were going to
different form to a village called Em-
two of them as they maus, about seven
were walking along, miles from Jerusalem,
on their way into the 14 and they were talking
is country. They went together about all
back and told the rest, these things that had
but they would not is happened. And as
believe them.] they were talking and
discussing them, Jesus
himself came up and
IB went with them, but
they were prevented
from recognizing him.
17 And he said to them,
"What is all this that
you are discussing
with each other on
your way?" They
is stopped sadly, and
one of them named
Cleopas said to him,
"Are you the only
visitor to Jerusalem
who does not know
what has happened
19 there lately?" And he
said, "What is it?"
They to him,
"About Jesus of Naz-
areth, who in the eyes
of God and of all the
people was a prophet
mighty in deed and
20 word, and how the
high priests and our
leading men gave him
up to be sentenced to
death, and had him
21 But we were
hoping that he was to
be the deliverer of
Israel. Why, besides
all this, it is three days
since it happened.
The Resurrection 213

22 But some women of

our number have
astounded us. They
went to the tomb
early this morning
23 and could not find his
body, but came back
and said that they
had actually seen a
vision of angels who
said that he was alive.
24 Then some of our
party went to the
tomb and found things
just as the women
had but they did
2s not see him." Then
he said to them, "How
foolish you are and
how slow to believe all
that the prophets have
26 said ! Did not the
Christ have to suf-
fer thus before en-
tering upon his
27 glory?" And he be-
gan with Moses and
all the prophets and

explained to them the

passages all through
the Scriptures that
referred to himself.
28 When reached
the village to which
they were going, he
acted as though he
29 were going on, but
they urged him not to,
and said, "Stay with
us, for it is getting
toward evening, and
the day is nearly
over." So he went in
to stay with them.
so And when he took his
place with them at
table, he took the
bread and blessed it
and broke it in pieces
214 The Student's Gospels

and handed it to them.

si Then their eyes were
opened and they knew
him, and he vanished
32 from them. And they
said to each other,
"Did not our hearts
glow when he was
talking to us on the
road, and was explain-
ing the Scriptures to
33 us?" And they got up
immediately and went
back to Jerusalem and
found the eleven and
their party all togeth-
34 er, and learned from
them that the Master
had really risen and
had been seen by Si-
35 mon. And they told
what had happened
on the road, and how
they had known him
when he broke the
bread in pieces.



[MARK 16: 14] LUKE 24: 36-43

14 [Still he ap-
later se While they were
peared to the Eleven stilltalking of these
themselves when they things, he himself
were at table, and re- stood among them.
proached them for 37 They were startled
their obstinacy and and panic stricken,
want of faith, because and thought they saw
they had not believed ss a ghost. But he said
those who had seen to them, "Why are
him after he had been you so disturbed, and
raised from the dead.] why do doubts arise in
39 your minds? Look at
my hands and feet, for
it is I myself ! Feel of
me and see, for a ghost
has not flesh and
bones, as you see I
41 have." But they
The Resurrection 215

could not yet believe

it for sheer joy and
they were amazed.
And he said to them,
"Have you anything
42 here to eat?" And
they gave him a piece
43 of broiled fish, and he
took it and ate it be-
fore their eyes.


MATTHEW 28 16-20 :
[MASK 16:15-18]
16 And the eleven dis- is [And he said to
ciples went to Galilee them, "Go to the
to the mountain to whole world and pro-
which Jesus had di- claim the good news
17 rected them. There 16 to all the creation. He
they saw him and who believes it and is
bowed down before baptized will be saved,
him, though some but he who does not
were in doubt about believe it will be con-
is it. And Jesus came up 17 demned. And signs
to them and said, like these will attend
"Full authority in those who believe :

heaven and onthe with my name they

earth has been given will driveout demons;
19 to me. Therefore go they will speak in for-
and make disciples of is eign tongues; they will
all the heathen, bap- take snakes in their
tize them in the name hands, and if they
of the Father, the drink poison it will
Son, and the holy not hurt them; they
20 Spirit, and teach them will lay their hands
to observe all the com- on the sick, and they
mands that I have will get well."]
given you. I will al-
ways be with you, to
the very close of the
216 The Student's Gospels


[MAEK 16:19-20] LUKE 21:44-53
19 [So the Lord Jesus, 44 Then he said to
after he had spoken to them, "This what I
them, was caught up told you when I was
into heaven and took still with you that
his seat at God's right that

everything is
20 hand. And they went written about me in
out and preached ev- the Law of Moses and
erywhere, while the the Prophets and
Lord worked with the Psalms must come
them and confirmed 45 true." Then he op-
their message by the ened their minds to
signs that attended the understanding of
it.] 46 the Scriptures, and
said to them, "The
Scriptures said that
the Christ should suf-
fer as he has done,
and rise from the
dead on the third day,
47 and that repentance
leading to the forgive-
ness of sins should be
preached to all the
heathen in his name.
is You are to be wit-
nesses to all this, be-
ginning at Jerusalem.
49 And I will send down
upon you what my
Father has promised.
Wait here in the city
untilyou are clothed
with power from on
so high." And he led
them out as far as
Bethany. Then he
lifted up his hands
and blessed them.
si And as he was blessing
them, he parted from
52 them. And they went
back with great joy to
53 Jerusalem, and were
constantly in the
Temple, blessing God.
JOHN 1 : 1-18
1 In the beginning the Word existed.The Word was with God, and the
3 Word was was he that was with God in the beginning. Every-
divine. It
thing came into existence through him, and apart from him nothing came
4 to be. It was by him that life came into existence, and that life was the light
of mankind. The light is still shining in the darkness, for the darkness has

never put it out. There appeared a man by the name of John, with a mes-

7 sage from God. He came to give testimony, to testify to the light, so that

s everyone might come to believe in it through him. He was not the light;

9 he came to testify to the light. The real light, which sheds light upon every-

10 one, was just coming into the world. He came into the world, and though

the world came into existence through him, the world did not recognize
him. He came to his home, and his own family did not welcome him. But
to all who did receive him and believe in him he gave the right to become
is children of God, owing their birth not to nature nor to any human or

14 physical impulse, but to God. So the Word became flesh and blood and

lived for a while among us, abounding in blessing and truth, and we saw the
honor God had given him, such honor as an only son receives from his father.
is (John testified to him and cried out for it was he who said it "He who
IB was to come after me is now ahead of me, for he existed before me !") For

from his abundance we have all had a share, and received blessing after
17 blessing. For while the Law was given through Moses, blessing and truth

is came to us through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God; it is the divine

Only Son, who leans upon his Father's breast, that has made him known.


JOHN 1 : 19-28

19 Now this is the testimony that John gave when the Jews sent priests
20 and Levites to him from Jerusalem to ask him who he was. He admitted
he made no attempt to deny it he admitted that he was not the Christ.
21 Then they asked him, "What are you then? Are you Elijah?" He said,
22 "No, I am not." "Are you the Prophet?" He answered, "No." Then they
said to him, "Who are you? We must have some answer to give those who
218 The Student's Gospels

23 sent us here.What have you to say for yourself?" He said, "I am a voice of
one shouting in the desert, 'Straighten the Lord's way!' as the prophet
|g Isaiah said." Now the messengers were Pharisees. And they asked him,
"Then why are you baptizing people, if you are not the Christ, nor Elijah,
26 nor the Prophet?" "I am only baptizing in water," John answered, "but
27 someone is standing among you of whom you do not know. He is to come
28 after me, and I am not worthy to undo his shoe!" This took place at
Bethany, on the farther side of the Jordan, where John was baptizing.


JOHN 1:29-34
29 The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and he said, "There is
so God's lamb, who is to remove the world's sin This is the man of whom I

spoke when I said, 'After me there is coming a man who is even now ahead
31 of me, for he existed before me.' I did not know him, but it is in order that
he may be made known to Israel that I have come and baptized people
32 in water." And John gave this testimony: "I saw the Spirit come down
33 from heaven like a dove, and it remained upon him. I did not know him,
but he who sent me to baptize in water said to me, 'The one on whom you
see the Spirit come down and remain, is the one who is to baptize in the
34 holy Spirit.' And I did see it, and I testify that he is the Son of God."</