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Case 1: Kruger Designs hired a consulting firm three months ago to redesign the information system used by the

architects. The architects will be able to use state-of-the-art CAD programs to help in designing the products. Further, they will be able to store these designs on a network server where they and other architects may be able to call them back up for future designs with similar components. The consulting firm has been instructed to develop the system without disrupting the architects. In fact, top management believes that the best route is to develop the system and then to introduce it to the architects during a training session. Management does not want the architects to spend precious billable hours guessing about the new system or putting work off until the new system is working. Thus, the consultants are operating in a back room under a shroud of secrecy. Required: a. Do you think that management is taking the best course of action for the announcement of the new system? Why? b. Do you approve of the development process? Why?

a. No, I dont think that the management is taking the best course of action for the announcement of the new system. This would probably be more disastrous if the architects are not aware that a new system is being developed and they would just be surprised when it is already being introduced for implementation. They might have a hard time working with the system and it would be more risky and prone to errors since they were not involved in any of it. Since architects are doing technical work and as end users, they should at least be aware that a new system is being developed so they would be able to prepare themselves and their files for a smooth flow from the current system to the new system. But generally, as end users, they should be part of the process. b. No, I dont approve of the development process because as end users of the system, they should have at least a say in the technicalities of the programs. It should be designed according to their needs and what better way to learn about their needs is by asking them first hand. The consultants should be able to coordinate with the primary users, architects, to obtain an understanding of their problems in the current system and their needs. This is to ensure that the program and system will be designed according to their needs and that there would be less modifications once the system is implemented, also probably less room for errors when running the system.