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Technical Datasheet

JetCure WB
DESCRIPTION JetCure WB is a ready to use water based emulsified curing compound, used to prevent water evaporation from the concrete surface. Applied to fresh concrete surfaces, JetCure WB forms a continuous film providing a barrier to premature water loss ensuring effective hydration of the cement and reduced shrinkage cracks. ASTM C 309 - 98a Type I Class A & Type II Class A, BS 7542-1992 and BS 8110 Part 1 Class 6.6.3 (c). JetCure WB is used to prevent premature water loss particularly on large exposed concrete surfaces e.g. highways, runways, aprons, precast concrete, decks, hardstands, etc. Protects concrete surfaces against sun, wind and rain Solvent free, no noxious fumes Single coat and easy application Reduces incidence of plastic or shrinkage cracking Ensures required strengths reached No need for other costly curing methods Labour saving TYPICAL PROPERTIES @ 25C Appearance Specific Gravity Curing efficiency APPLICATION : Milky White liquid : 1.00 kg/litre : >90%




JetCure WB pigmented grade should be stirred / rolled thoroughly before use to ensure even dispersal of the pigments. JetCure WB is ready to use and should not be diluted. JetCure WB should generally be used where coatings or mortar renders will not be applied. Ideally it should be applied as soon as the form-work is removed or as soon as the free surface water has disappeared from the horizontal surfaces. Do not apply to concrete that still has bleed water on its surface. JetCure WB provides a visual guide when initially applied being a white liquid. On drying, it forms a clear membrane. JetCure WB is also available in white pigmented liquid. JetCure WB can be applied by various spraying equipment i.e. knapsack or motorised sprayer. JetCure WB film should be removed prior to application of screeds or coatings.



4.5 to 5.5 m2 per litre / coat Shelf Life 12 months from date of production, if stored properly in original unopened packing in dry conditions and away from sunlight and scorching heat. 20 litre and 200 litre Clean all equipments and tools with clean water Stir well before use.

Packaging Cleaning Note


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PPEs Precautions

Gloves, goggles & normal mask must be worn Contact with skin, eyes, etc must be avoided, if not may cause irritation In case of contact with skin wash with water & splashes in the eyes should be washed out with copious amounts of clean water. Seek medical attention . JetCure WB is non-flammable.

Hazardous Disposal Detail Information TECHNICAL SERVICE :

JetCure WB is alkaline, avoid contact with skin & eyes. Do not re-use containers. To be disposed off as per local rules & regulations Refer MSDS for detail information

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