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|) Pgo Peso Be amit FOW LE | PROFICIENCY USE OF ENGLISH Sper oTe cs O} (: Ni FOWLER PROFICIENCY USE OF ENGLISH W. S. FOWLER (NEw EDITIONS) First published by New Editions 1998 Revised by New Editions 2001 New Editions New Baitions 37 Bagley Wood Road PO Box 76101 Kennington 17110 Nea Smyrni Oxford OX1 SLY Athens England Greece Tel: (+30) 210 9883156 Fax: (430) 210 9880223 E-mail: enquiries@new-editions.com Website: www new-editions.com WS. Fowler 2001 {All rights reserved, No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission ofthe publishers. Any person who carries out any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. ISBN Student's Book 960-8136-66-0 ISBN Teacher's Book 960-8136-67-9 Acknowledgements, Te publishers would like to thank Visual Hellas for permission to reproduce copyright photographs. [Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders. If any have been inadvertently overlooked, the publishers will be pleased to make the necessary arrangement. Ilustrations by Stavros Georgiou. Ilustration on page 53 by Panagiotis Angeletaks. Introduction TON required by the new form of examination is the first part of a two-part course enabling students to pass the Use of English paper in the Proficiency Ic has been thoroughly revised since it was first published in 1998 in order to take into account the ‘changes in the examination that came into effect for the first time in December 2002. ‘the previous edition, the book is designed to be taught in sequence, unit by unit, but the modifications by the changes in the examination have meant that two of the four sections teaching and revising essential have been replaced and a third has been substantially altered. In the same way, the different way in which for comprehension and summary are now presented and tested in the examination has made it necessary ‘new material in the majority of the units devoted to it. To sum up, more than 60 per cent of the material is completely new, and the new material has been thoroughly pretested with students in appropriate being included here, in the examination effect of the changes made in the Use of English paper in the examination is to shife the emphasis away ire, represented by the sections on structural conversion and on completing sentences by blank fling, ‘0 emphasise lexis to a greater extent. The new sections (2 and 3 in the contents list in this book and in itself) require students to form the correct word in context when given a word from which it may (eg, upbringing from bring) and to indicate the only word that can be used correctly to complete each of ‘To aid students in dealing with these new sections, | have incorporated in this book a revised form jx listing words derived from a common root previously published only in Volume 2 of the course. fin the six test units, which are printed in exactly the same format as in the Proficiency examination, | have oice in the sections of three sentences as a means of developing the correct technique for dealing kind of question. jon and Summary jon and summary is now tested with two shorter texts instead of one longer one, and with fewer than before. The comprehension and summary units have been adapted to the new design, but once again, ‘in the four test units where summary questions are included, | have provided far more questions for Practice than are used in the examination, Js not introduced until almost half way through this book, since the aim here is not to reach examination but to teach the essential techniques required in easy stages. This treatment of summary reflects that of asa whole. ‘of this volume of the course six test units in the book are designed in accordance with the examination and have been thoroughly to ensure accuracy, the book as a whole is primarily intended to develop students’ knowledge of the particularly with regard to common usage in everyday contexts. In this way, and by means of an approach the techniques required to deal with each examination task, they will be prepared by the time they begin part of the course to concentrate fully on material writen at the level of the examination itself, ¢ AC: sy Qevos unneo 33g Personal pronouns and possessive forms ‘lan the, some any Whose, own belong “The Oidert Member of the Family Thi, tha, these, those. nfs fon, sme, ony Wis one nothing nobody ‘Sport speriativ, never, ever Convincing Evidence There they Relative pronouns Semtcolon or comma? Preposisons of piace Warwick Gerunds and infiives Verbs * preposisons Prepositions of time Comparison Sporting Twins PRACTICE TEST | 4s tke SU en a ch Result clauses and t0..for My Friend the Well ‘Common collocations Verbs + prepositions Wot (ee thing cha) Far ding Fev. leo fe, ot, less nt muchimany Eke ‘May, might, can, could be able to (unjobe to, in)eapable of [A’Pappet Show in Greece 60 years 2g0 Reflexive pronouns and reciprocal forms Reflexive verbs and akeratves Verbs of preference Gerund and infniive: preference Gores ete + prepositions Verb * question word * infin Homemade Education Seeing what’ missing Ipveher Sul yet, ready, no longer, ot ony mare ‘Why are quiz shows popular? PRACTICE TEST 2 allocations: on Tas lotest later, next, nearest Hora, scarce, alms ‘ary seldom, rarely Famous Paining Stolen Seeing whacs missing: Time what’ ising: jn and contrast Word formation What sort of word i ising! ‘The Mother of Frankenstein Word formation rime that doesn pay Word formation ‘community locked in the past Word formation ‘The Olympie Games — ancient and modern Word formation Should we Bring bac wolves to Seotand? Word formation Afim actor Word formation Return to a Cambridge college ‘Word formation No more Auney— just Mum and Dad Word formation “Tough on crime but tougher on vis ‘Word formation Teenage worries Gapped sentences ‘Completing sapped Senrenees Completing sxpped Completing gapped ‘Completing xpped Completing xpped ‘Completing sapped ‘Completing sapped ‘Completing apped ‘Completing xpped Completing gapped Describing people PV: break Phrases: beak Tranetormation Thetaw Pv ge Pras ve ‘Transformation Places Pv: set Phrases set ‘Transformation Time PVs come Phrases cme TTranformation Ania PV: get Phrases: get Transformation Theatre and ‘Cinema PV cary Expressions vole, breath “Transformation Education Pv: make Phrases moke ‘Transormation Ratio and TV Pv: do. Phrases: do ‘Transformation Crime Pv: keep Phrases: keep ‘Transformation PV: bring Verbs and noun expressions Traneformation i 4 ' 15 6 t 7 > Dam 9 ' » Bio 21 ' 2 a7 ‘Comprehension and summary Seeing whats mising Lexis Word formation ‘One, andher, de ter, In debe for ie toch other, one another How much are works of PRACTICE TEST 3 Collocations: a ‘Word formation Say, te speak tok Convincing the experts Ateratives to 0) tell ‘xk in reported speech How the bran works Phrases and colocations: for Word formation Verbs, ec + preposisons Mobile phones: plus and minus unless, pronde, providing Staying young and beautiful ‘Comprehension and Summary Colloeations: out of. Word formation Verbs ete > prepositions Where crocodiles walk Sem-calon oF comma? (revision) Fer, during while, meanwhile Swating fee PRACTICE TEST 4 CCollocations: by Word formation Prepostons of place (revision) Citzen Hearst Prepositions of time (revision) ‘The good and bad side of tourer Collocation: in Word formation Verbs, ec * prepositions Brainstorming “The Las Lighthouse Keepers ‘Comprehension and Summary allocations: in Word formation Ether..on ele. .nor Voluntary servic abroad ‘Comparative forms (revision) Seudy Holidays PRACTICE TEST 5 Verb + Prepostion and Word formation Collocation: money Company togos Gerunds and infives (reson) Verb to" gerund The Birth of rifation Verb + preposition (revision) Word formation Whats missing? (revision) "St George for England — Verb + object a: and many other places Reflexive forms and aleeratives (revision) Our debe ea ancient Greek civieation ‘Comprehension and Summary Relate causes: (revision) Word formation Collocavons (revision) The cockney sparrow — Verb * subjunctive fiend or foe? ‘Are health foods avays heathy? PRACTICE TEST 6 dx: | Verbs taking prepositions ic 2 Related words Completing xpped Completing gapped Completing sapped ‘Completing supped Completing sapped Completing gapped ‘Completing sapped ‘Completing xpped Completing gxpped Completing gapped Cost and value Pv take Prrases take Transformation Phrases 2, el! Expressions min, head eee Phrases: go Transformation xpresions: hand, heart Pv put Phrases: put “Transormation Expressions eye, sight Pv see VE think Transformation form, means, woy Expression: form, ‘mean, way Can may might, must and alternatives Phrases with prepositions Pv: tum Transformation Work Pv work ‘Transformation PY: hold Phrases: hold “Transformation Banks PV Fok PV: fll ‘Transformation Expressions: word Pun PV: stand ‘Transformation Heath PV: cal Phrases cal ‘Traneormation 2 6 104 m2 14 128 136 140 48 16 184 168 196 200 205 Personal pronouns and possessive forms Open cloze ees ees POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS. ny your fis er, is your the Read this paragraph twice from beginning to end before you fil any of the gaps. Then write one word from those in the table above in each space. Katerina i (1) leone bestfriend. Thave known (2) sunll@Eannw $iNC€ (3) nome Were at school together. Her family lived next door when my brothers and (4) sendnnee WET little and, as her father worked in the same office 88 (8) o_iME ey HE USE £0 BiVE (6) ne nee Tift to work im (7) nnn ea every day. When Katerina’s family moved to another house, we ere all sorry to See (8) ntftMnnone 80 DECAUSE (9) HY. nn ad been very good neighbours 10,(10) enn vannon « My father was especially upset because (11) wwMEaneunn ad t0 take his ‘own car to work instead of getting a lift in (12) on AMIES an aNd i COS (13) ele fortune in petrol, ‘All the same,’ he said one evening, ‘as I explained t0 (14) ved! QME smu fiend Katerina’s fathe isn't the cost that upsets me, though his car uses less petrol than mine. I miss (15) ee pleasant conversations on the way to work.” Alan, the, some, any B Read these notes and then complete the paragraph, filling the gaps with a/an, the, some or any. We use alan the fist time we mention something, the when we refer to i again. (0) We use alan in expressions of frequency or quantity: thre times a wee, fifty pence a kil (© Weuse the where there is only one ofits kind, asin the sun, the earth and in phrases like the county, the city, the sk, the sea, the environment (8) Weeuse the in superiatves: the best, the oldest. (©) We use the to indicate groups or classes of people: the young, the bind (young people or blind people in genera) (9 We say the cinema, the theatre, the radio, But we do not use the article with television, (2) We use some in the affirmative, ay in mose questions, not any in the negative to talk about a number of people or things. The preposition withour is negative in meaning and ls followed by ‘ny. In the affirmative, any means ‘every’ or ‘it doesn't matter which ‘Always read the whole passage tice and think abou it before answering any questions. The conect anover ‘may depend on what comes oftervards nd {In Exercise A, yo do not know whose father gave the other one a it unilyou have read the She es ina big hse in 1) Mn out near Warmington (2) oe has belonged oer fay for @) on Sng od a (4) el nesting Stee Ales ween she totes evar a nell oo (6) SM fe ends and lations. (1) Th weckond was very enka though had never met (8 ff of them before (9) SQME.. of the peopleshe | | invited came by car but (10) tM majority of them caught (11) nthBn same train | | as I did. There are only four trains (12) a. day to Warmington but (13) any. | cbalede | J You can avoid careless mistakes if yo Took corel athe ver? forms (singular and plural) and see how they relate to what has gone before and comes after. Whose, own and belong Compare these sentences. Whose dog is this? es minelmy sister's Who owns (is the owner of) tis dog? 11do (I am)/My sister does. (My sister is) Who does ths dog belong to? I belongs to melmy sister. Is this dog yours? Yes, its mine No, it's my sister’s/hers. Do you own (Are you the owner of) ths dog? Yes, I do (am)./No, my sister does (is) Does this dog belong to you? Yes, t does. No, it belongs to my sister. Complete the sentences, filing the gaps with one word from those in the tables above in each space. 1 Canyou tell me nO. tortoise this is? 2 Are you the QM... ofthis animal? 3 IS this Ca MES. 887? 4 DO Y0U ve MB this house? 5 Who does that sQop ALONG on 0? © Th pecs i sob the fl a 7 Does tis alligator in the bath beIONg ren 4Baeeee YOU? 8 She'svery rich. All the land round here i cnonlRES Open cloze Word formation this kind of question you need to form the correct word from the key word given. The relationship between words from a common source is shown in Appendix 2 on page 205, But to complete the passage correctly you must Bes: decide what kind of word is missing, What sort of word is missing? A Amber of words ae derived from the verb please (oe Append 2). Inthe sentences below decide whether the missing word is @ noun, an adjective, a present or past participle or an adverb. If is an adjective or adverb, you must also decide whether the word is affirmative or negative Albay read the tet carefully fo understand tts general meaning before you attempt 10 supply any words In this way, you wll indi easier to se ‘ompete the sentences below with the correct form of a wor ‘Complete the senter caer which part of speech is missing, derived from please. 1 She greeted mewith a ...Hl20Sant.. smile 2 Ie gives me great nnP288..n to welcome our next speaker. 3 “You've made a mess of it again, haven't you? she said, with an...ARIGASAM... expression om her face 4) Tam very wo ll69564, ont accept this award on behalf of my wife 5 “Look where you're going stupid!” he said ..uneleasanty Word formation B Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space in che same line. There isan example atthe beginning (0). The Mother of Frankenstein Frankenstein is almost certainly the most famous monster in fiction, but the most (0)... MCRrisiA@..... thing about him is that he was created by Mary Shelley, SURPRISE ‘young woman, not yet 20. Mary was the daughter of the philosopher, William Godwin, and his brave (1) ..unsenventional... wife, Mary Wollstonecraft, CONVENTION sho had writen a famous bOOK if (2) von f6L8M68nnn Of the Fights of women. DEFEND But she died only a few days after Mary's (3) bit and Mary was oR brought up by a stepmother. At 16 she fell in love at first (4) SI ne ith see the poet Shelley. Shelley expressed great (5) ....adiication.... for Godwin’s ideas, ADMIRE and Mary's father welcomed him to the house because he was hoping for a © Joan, Shelley was already married, but he took Mary abroad with exp him, Two years later, by now married after Shelley’s wife had drowned herself, the couple were in Switzerland, staying with Lord Byron. One night Byron suggested that they should tell ghost stories and so Frankenstein was born. But although ths child of Mary's (7) .-.ftaginath... became famous, she was nacine tragically (8)....unfortunate. ith her own children. Only one of them survived FORTUNE (0) wend... and i 1822, only four years after Frankenstein was cmp ‘published Shelley, too, was dead, drowned off the coast of Ttaly. Byron remained ‘a good friend to her but even this (10) ...ftigndstin..... ended when he died of RIEND fever at Missolonghi in 1824 | Ree Study the Appendix and not the use of prefies to aictives such asin, um, dis and mis Prefices are usualy negative but suifces may be afmative or negative, asin hopeful and hopeless. Gapped sentences For this part of the examination, you read questions that each consist of three sentences. There is a gap of one word in each sentence. You need to think of the only word that would be correct in all three. In the examination, you are not given any list of words to choose from but in the exercises in this book, except for the practice tests, you can choose from alist of four Look at the example of this kind of question Example ree that there is a good The detective made his name by solving a dif It’s not worth asking him, and in any T think he’s on holiday. ‘The only word that is correct in all three sentences is D ~ case, ‘Completing gapped sentences A. Puta circle around the letter (A, B,C or D) next to the only word that can be used appropriately in all three sentences. Vi ow down when Iwas on my way tomy sister's j ‘The champion the world record for the high jump yesterday. | ‘She loved him so much that when he left her, it her heart. | need a(n) ‘of rope to tie the boat to this post. 1 did not expect to have to wait this of time for the repairs, He said that he just wanted to say afew words but in the end he spoke at on the subject. ‘The bal rolled down the hill and came to a(n) atthe foot. rd better ring the bell. want to get off at the next T'm not prepared to put up with that sort of behaviour. I'm going to put a(n) twit. Te told him and again that he mustn't do that T hope you enjoy yourself atthe fair. Have a good The trains on this line never arrive on these days, Gapped sentences a eee Iyou say it’s true, I'l take your for it T trusted you, I never expected you to break your His reputation spread by of mouth [WilveacatB pace” C ection” @) stroke He's a remarkable man, He solved the problem at a(n) What a of luck! ‘The sun came out just as we were leaving. She's such an elegant player. That was a beautiful Beskil == ©)work —_—D_ bussiness He started as soon as he left school ‘That's a fine piece of . with excellent craftsmanship. He doesn't like people ringing him when he’s at forget (A stop B) break It’s too far to drive in one day, so we'll ‘our journey at York, 1 know biting my nails looks bad, but ean’ seem to the habit. Like all politicians, he'll any promise that may cost him votes. 1 EE ‘The comect answers to these questions realy depend on wide reading, The best way ram the is against the sentences one by to answer them i 10 test each Wor and se if you remember reading the phrase with that word. You will sual find that each ofthe words nthe list willbe conect in ane ofthe sentences bu notin the others Do not tr to answer he questions by means of oanslation. You will get them right ‘yn recognise the phrase from havin sen cor heard it Key word transformation Expanding vocabulary: Describing people AGE when I wos your age 6 When she met him she found, him, very, attracth 7 They met at school and have always been very close 8 She..is.0n 9 She wasn't very happy when they first moved to the vi with the people there and they didn't give her a very Phrasal verbs: break adverb. Write your answer in the column on the right. 1 My car came toa stp in the middle of the road, s0 Thad to walk the rest ofthe way. 2 The war started without warning, 3 When she realised what he was really like, she ‘erminated their engagement. 4 The burglars entered the house legally and stole everything valuable. 5 She collapsed in tars when she 6 School ends for the holidays just before Christmas. 7 “Lithink the process willbe easier to understand if we separate it into stages. 8 The meeting came to.an end at 10.00, and we all went They said on the news that a dangerous criminal has escaped from prison 10 Twas sorry to hear their marriage has come to amend and she has asked for a divorce. tall for her age 10 Fortunately, things have improved and now she has a wide ...ifsle J the terrible news A. Study the following phrases and make a note of them. Pay special attention to any prepositions used. Then fit each one into an appropriate place in the sentences, inher early tires BIRTHICHLDHOOD at birth (an only child RELATIONS ‘member of the family maiden name named him ofter ‘Complete the sentences below with a suitable word or phrase, You may need to supply one word or a number of words. 1 The baby weighed three kilos. at bith They annem. $8. his grandfather, 2. She's only four but she's growing fast. She's already fl, {0 a 3. John Stanton is a distant cousin of Margaret's. He was the only ..0etne. athe. family. not invited to the wedding. Stanton is Margaret’ .noufgiden,name 4 She's only ..f.her. early, thirties. but she looks much older: 5 Thad very few friends MEN. |. Was. Your. age... My childhood was rather lonely because I was an.only child FRIENDS cicle offends ‘make fiends lifelong fendship be on good terms with easy to get on with friendly reception found him very attractive love at fist sight and fell in love immediately. You could say it was a case of Twas the beginn ‘ecms with, all the other gies in the office. They're very pleasant and illage. She found it difficult 0 uoa.tMaKe.Ltiend Eriendb..cecention B__ Replace the phrases in italic type with the verb break in the correct tense and the appropriate preposition or broke, down laceaks. 1 home. broke, un oF of Key word transformation Phrases with break | Study these phrases with break and complete the sentences with the most appropriate one in each case in the correct form break one’s heart + break one’s journey + break the law + break o promise breok the record + break the silence + breok the speed mit» _ break one's word 1 Stevens... 29K. the. £2604... forthe marathon last night with atime of two hours and two minutes. 2 Teas too far to drive all the way to Scotland in one day, s0 We ..2£2KE. OWE JQUERY... in Yorkshire 3 Don't argue with me, Sir! ‘The car was travelling at 100 miles an hour, so you've . broken. the. speed, limit 4 Noone knew what to say until I....oroke. the. silence... by asking what time it was. 3 He... fis. eras... to marry her, and she was so upset about i that it almost iotoke her. hea 6 What you have done was egal, so you haven't... Coker the. lav... but you ..u.OKE, YOU Mod so leant trust you any more. Transformation D For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight ‘words, including the word given. Here is an example (0). © He was attracted to her from the moment he saw her. love He fell in Jove, with, her at fist... sight (A phrase with loved or loving would not be accepted) 1 suppose she's about 35 but she doesn’t look it, does she? thieties She must be. ner. thirties, bbut she doesn't look it, does she? “The negotiations were broken off when the employers refused to give way, a The negotiations. came. t0.an en when the employers refused to give way. 3. She getson very well with everyone at work terms She's an.dond. trams with everyone at work 4 His action was illegal, and he knew that very well Ls broken He unAMeW,very, well that he had broken. the taw. Inthe examination 60 ‘marks are given for his kind 5 Mrs Brown was a Miss Smith before her marriage. ‘of question so you must be maiden ‘careful include all the She's Mrs Brown now but her maiden, name was Smith. details. In ihe example, you would set one mark for in love with belongs der, and another for at frst Does anyone know whe, this, dog. belongs, to? 6 Does anyone know whose dog this is? 7 None of my relations is as old as my grandfather. member My grandfather is. the.ldest, member of... the... family. 8 You should have kept your promise if you wanted me to trust you in future. broken Ifyou wanted me to trust you in future, you shouldn't have, broken, your promise, Open cloze This, that, these, those, one(s), a/an, some, any A. Read these notes and then complete the dialogue, filing the gaps with this, that, these, those, one(s), a/an, ‘some or any. (@) This (plural these) refers co what is near in ime and place, that (plural those) to what i further away. ‘At this time and these days refer tothe present, now; at that time and in those days refer to the past, then, (©) One (plural ones) is used for countable nouns to avoid repetition, but we seldom use the plural form with these or those. Study these examples: had « lot of presents for my bichdoy. This one (The one on the table) was from john These (The ones on the table) were from my parents. (© Some and any are used wich uncountable nouns in the same way: I went tothe shop to buy some furniture but in the end Idd’ buy any. Mr Stevens: hardly ever buy (1) wonnnom MEWSPAPEE (2) nn AMESE, nun days. ToUught B) er Manne Yesterday But there WASMt (4 nnn MM. cane REWS init worth reading. Mrs Jones: know what you mean. I bought this one (5)... morning and all the news items are about crime, Here's (6) uo QM... about a murder, fr instance, and here's another (nnn MB er 08 the Opposite Page. Mr Stevens: It wasnt like that when I was a boy. In (8) nut... days they had long articles in newspapers and there were (9) very good (10) +100, But [bet that the only useful information in (11). AM..- ME, the (12) nn OME cee YOUVE | got in your hand, is the weather forecast, and even that’s probably wrong! ee Negative forms: no, none, nothing, nobody (no one) B__ Read the notes and then complete the dialogue. Before answering any of the questions, read the whole. passage twice. Decide from the meaning in the context whether the most suitable word is affirmative or ‘negative and fill he blanks with one of the words given above, or with some, any, something, somebody, anything, anybody. wie a ee See (@) These words can begin a sentence or appear in the course off: "Nobody answered when | knocked atthe door. hnocked atthe door but nobody answered (©) They can all be used as alternatives to not + any, anything, anybody (anyone) There lsn’t any (is no) reasan to get upset. (0) Note that no one is ewo words so that if you have to write one word to fila blank, you must write nobody. (@) Note that none is singular, not plural: ‘None of us knows the answer Policeman: Now think carefully and tel me what happened when you returned home yesterday evening Did you have (1) ..--2¥..oneTeason to suppose a burglar had got into your house in your absence? | fm eveen = pees iP alan, | ® Open cloze Mrs White: Not at fist, When T opened the door, I didn't orice (2)...2N¥thing.. wrong. But then | thought I heard a noise in the garden. Iran out to see but there was (3) ...M0b04y. | there. I went back into the house but (4)....0thing... was missing as far as I could see and there Were (5) mur4nm Signs of things being out of place. Policeman: So you had (6) vv! Feason to feel alarmed. Mrs White: I dida’t think so, but Ehad (7) .uS9ME..onu money and documents in a safe in the living-room wall, and when I opened i, it was obvious that (8) ..39Meb04Y.... had broken nto the Rowse. (9) vanmuNQM nou of my private documents had been taken but there was (10) nn MOQNINN, else inside, (11) nn! money at all! Policeman: Have you (12) mM idea who the thief might have been? Mrs White: No. It must have been (13) ..S2Me#04y... who knew where the safe was. But (14) cle OF ny neighbours knows the combination. How about members ofthe family? can’t believe (15) ...2N¥P.... in the family would take the money. But there’s my ex-husband, He still has a key to the front door. Oh dear! All and every [Allis plural, but we do noe say all people, nd ail things is not common in modern English. Al the people, all the things are used bit in general we prefer to say everybodyleveryone and everything. These words are singular. ‘Study the examples and then complete the sentences, filing the gaps with one word. All the people who live here own their own houses. Everyone who lives here owns hislher own house. 1. EYELYONE... who knows him likes him. 2 Allthe people inthe village ..QC8..-- lOOking forward to the game, 3 Everyone Who enenllU$B.non i this St02t wou MMQEKS on in the factory 4 Didyou buy ..everything... asked you to? 5 Trmsure he's guilty. wow Allmone the evidence points to the same conclusion. 6 'msure he's guilty. ..Everything.. points tothe same conclusion, Superlative, never and ever D Compare these sentences and then complete those below, writing the correct word in the gap, ever or never. He's the rudest man Ive ever met. Tve never met such a rude man. BT nnn MEVEF. un Sen such a good film. 2 It's the most dificult job that I've... ®¥8E.... had to do. 3 TV snnnllY8E nun faced such a determined opponent, 4 It’s the most interesting competition 1'Ve ww. 8¥€f me taken part in, 5 It's the most enjoyable holiday PV woo €¥& nn had 6 TV nna MEYE nn listened to @ more interesting speaker Test E Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word. | SE EEE You need to read and understand the whole texto decide whether a mising word is negative Inthe same way, before filing a gap, uve the cone to decide, for examples it Better or worse, more ales, win or lone?” ne ‘Years ago, when the police gave evidence in trials, nobody doubted their word. Tn (1) moult... days, everyone respected them and assumed they were (2). the truth. (3) .-Ll§fmuuu days, however, their popularity is not very high, especially among (4) sons tBE ns YOUNG, AMM (5) nennrfBEnnsee 8 TeSU the police often lose cases ‘against people they know are guilty because (6) ...u20MG.u oftheir witnesses sounds convincing. At the same time, defence lawyers are m0 (7)... frightened of using tricks to discredit them, A police witness giving evidence in court nowadays expect to be cu (8) er cr YING 19 (9) SUE Situation, recognising that officers hhave had hardly any proper training in legal procedure, the police have employed experts to teach them (10)... tO Behave. AS one teacher std: ‘Remember that defence lawyers aren't interested in justice. (11) om All that matters to them i (12) ...Winning, the ease. They make the police feel they are the people on trial, not the accused. They use ail the tricks they can think (13) of. to upset witnesses. But (14) .....1QNE. of them will work ifyou keep calm and always speak to the judge, (15) sn! susan tO the lawyer. ‘No, honestly, thats the truth Word formation PA Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space J inthe same ine. There is an example at the begining (0). Crime that doesn’t pay Most ofthe films made about crimes such as bank (0) on... REIS. on show clever (1) enn SFiMiNas...u. devising incredibly complicated plans CRIME requiring great (2) .o.n(ftell@6M66.... in order to escape with millions INTELLIGENT | of dollars, This sort of thing is necessary to provide the audience with the 8) oon BAGIREMENE ns that makes such films interesting, ExcrTE Fortunately for the police and for bank managers, however, thieves ‘are not usually so clever. (4) Judging, from a number of accounts JUDGE, published inthe newspapers recently, many of them are ether very stupid or very (5) ae For example, there was the man in the United CARE States who went into a shop wearing a hat with his name (6) nun PRIN rust con it in large letters, and demanded money. In England a robber with several previous (7) ...-.6VIGIQNS..... for convicr fraud left his wallet and passport behind when he robbed a house. He [Sala 5 a Em aT) ‘Youll find the shop i hen EL Thave a ver ‘pinion of his abil She looks tall because she's wearing. heels. | sae ED aia EM Noone must open her ltrs. They wll on her desk while she's on holy. ‘The two lakes to the north of the town. The robbers planned to in wait forthe van from the bank 4 A pot @ame granted offered He evidence against the other members ofthe gang at the tra The minister only an interview to journalists who were friendly to him. He denied the crime but the look in his eyes. him away. 5 ke an Oke aaa Take to know how you about the idea Many people .~ strongly opposed to the new law. ‘There's a good film on at the cinema if you like coming, Gapped sentences rin all 6 1 don’t belong to any political We're sending out a search 10 look for the missing git hope you enjoy yourselves at Jack and Brenda's a How long has he been in of the investigation? The lawyer offers his services free of unless he wins the case, He's being held in prison on a of fraud 8 He gave me a useful of advice, but I didn't take any notice 'm so glad that what I sent arrived all in one ‘and nothing was broken, W's very valuable chess made of gold, { eee When you ear the comect answers to thee questions, ‘male a note of any pases tht you have nt seen before For example in question I, note the expression used in the ‘hind sentence ~ the shadow ofa Inthe ‘examination, expression ike this often indicate which word i correct inthe tre sentences, where any other word would be wrong “The terms relating to crime and the law are precise so you need to learn the combinations prepositions together as phrases, Complete the paragraphs by writing the correct word from the lis in the Fight-hand column. Do not use any word more than once. When Harry Brown (1) the art gallery and stole the Rembrandt, worth million pounds, he thought the police would never able to (2) he was responsible @) the burglary. But another member of his gang gave him (4) and soon afterwards Inspector Green, who hhad been (5) in charge of the investigation, accused him (6) the theft, Harry denied (7) the crime but the evidence was (8) him, because an art dealer claimed Harry had tried to sell the Rembrandt to him. So the Inspector (9) Harry and charged him (10) the theft ‘When Harry's ease came up (1) court and hhe was put (2) trial for the robbery, the police @ the art dealer as a witness and Jack, one of his gang, also (4) evidence against him. The police did ‘not have the most important (5) of evidence, the painting itself, but although Harry (6) not guilty the jury did not believe him. He was (7) guilty and (8) to prison. Harry thought Jack was to O} Te-was all his (10) that he had been convicted. against arrested lame called fault found gave piece pleaded sent cof nouns, verbs and i Seedy she correct Replace the phrases in italic type with the verb give in the correct tense and the appropriate preposition or adve ‘Write your answer in the column on the right. Harry denied the crime but one of his gang betrayed him, He refused to retire from the match although he was injured. The explorers had to ration their food because they were afraid itywould be completely used up before they reached the Pole. [zopped smoking cight years ago and have never regretted it Hii fat verivoks the park. i ete set one 2 very funny scl Bie reed al i meee 10 2004 cases wae ‘Although the enemy were stronger, they were determined not to surrender. I 27 3H = a os . se 2 78 a4 . 24 wy Forex secant words, 17 : 3 4 s . Key word transformation iphesses with give and complete the sentences with the most appropriate one in each case in the five (or sound) the alarm + give evidence + give ahand + ge aninterview give a party Breaperformance + gierise to + gieastar + givewayto + given halfa chance They ..00¥8. 8. performance... Verdi's Otello on TV lastnight The Prime Minister will not .....41VE..20..intervieW. to your newspaper voles you hand your quaion to Pres Serta beforehand. 1 ey Harry was annoyed when one of his gang ......9@¥8. evidence, ‘Questions in examinations ee car. asking you to revrite sentences We ....48, ving, party... on Saturday and hope you can come. tsual require you to change She nnn AVE. 4. S19... and sereamed when she heard a sudden souctres and often to incde Toud noise in the street. orleae ont prepetions. When satiner ms me Beene you lea aleratve ways of The bad weather we ad yesterday has... MERAY. $ave cloudless mm alemaie mae a take note ofthe variations in He isso keen to playin the team tha, iver hall.@.chance... he formand the way in which would pay his own fare to the World Cup finals. words are associated with ach hope the change inthe direction ofthe wind will ....21¥8. is, ‘other. For example, the police aceuse a person of crime but better weather over the weekend, - charge a person with crime Sive..me.2.han.... with this case, will you? I's very heavy ‘When she saw smoke coming from the basement of the hotel, she .gave.the. alarm... and the manager called the fire brigade, rmation For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that i has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word given, 1 The person in charge ofthe investigation was in error. responsible The person .....responsible for. the investigation. made... a mistake. 2 They have often been seen together, which has caused some unpleasant rumours to circulate. They have often been seen together, which has. ven rise to Some unpleasant rumours F) 3 ‘Hestole the picture,’ the inspector said accused The inspector accused, him. of, stealing, the picture. Jor adveyl 4 We ran out of petrol while we were going tothe station gave Gur petrt gave. out on, tel our way to the station, p- 5 Later in the day, brighter weather will replace the showers. Later inthe day, the showers wil. ive, ay, 0 brighter weather 6 What happened was not your fault blame You were et. to, blame for. ue 7 ‘Harry Brown, you are charged with the theft ofa valuable painting” trial “Harty Brown, you are on. trial forte, theft ofa valuable painting 8 The jury did not believe Harry when he said he was innocent, ily Harry pleaded .......20%. guilty, but, the jury. was not. convinced. es “wg s0m | 2204 ‘vonduy sop 1041 "0g Som j axaym 230) O49 5204) sasnep Buuyop-uou pue Bunuyop U1 qiaape anneyas ese pasn s Q4OHAA (2) ‘suds 050 2un> yptym ‘youos Auow 0 Buo8 som 24 ow Pon 4 ‘yoga sheave 53 pur unoword ances a4p 210j0q eunuod e skemfe 5} U04 ‘sep Tew 9p Jo ajoyy a4p or ss9je4 asnep sane UA sBENEP OAREIDL-a2UERURS U| (p) 2 (ut ooyps 0 uaM @yM ‘YOIDS 9) 04R1840 HOY "2 (aM joxps or mam ‘yoIOS =! WOU asOYAR ‘AuDU O LOM 2y HB ay, reuyo> #0 seuuiuo> Aq asne urew oy» wo. paneiedes aze pur 02 pa.ioyes ‘8uyp 40 vossad ain anoge uomewoju [euoRIppe sn 9A sosnEpD aAREfo BuIUyDp-UON (>) ‘unououd sip s1oyoq eunuo> & sujnbou 20u op sasnepp aanejou uIUYSG (9) ‘uous 01 om 2y (04) 8 an 535 ;pauinbou 104 51 unouoad aanees & 3.24% ‘sosne> 23EUOD O2 SIEI OIgE OND Y= AL) cp wou eo Sonoda teresa wSnivodead + = revonsodoud ears ao ssoyn | arom | anpeossod eu cor PME | BUNA Sun a ome wouanenr | Ienvoum woried wats | _asatang ateo | _apateng Bak Ee asDu0x0 aip anaydusoo uoyp pur sarou aia kpms sunouoid aanojey un aust 334" (C1) sep 240}oq a) ‘0p 01 un asm ou 5, yp" (QT) 0s hem Buoy w ragREDs, 3p (6) nq don a4p ov ned s,"~syayy""" (g) asneaaq urerunow 24 qu 01 XII 10Us, co ‘spnop atp Jo asne39q 4epon Swap "ys (Q) 998 URD NOK Ad Bs, “ym (6) "eunou ay) Jonata Aono w 5, “~"3zayy~""" (B) Sep aa eu 2394 oP 01 BaD RapsaH91U 30 sO} ae ggg (6) pues gp (2) ut or a rgreagAAD9 5, y= (I) 260} nod mos | us awn Buoy » 5,3) ‘unor asonou 249 9 Kom Buo] 8&3) 8 yons “aun pue asuesip Sune>ppu sasesyd ut posn 814. (2) JMS dW naman ~pood ou 5,1 *~asn ou 5 “~yiom 5,31 Tuna pood 5,1 suoys 0 534 id © 531 Se ypns "94 (py Byuuloq soseayd wowwo> hues ase arat. (P) ‘aypom pool» poy ays soya snougo 34 :2y pupsssopun 03 (sn so) 450953 10332 poo Alan 0 soy 295 -yeyp {pH asnep e 40 exnuyuy UE + aANDeIpE 40 uNoU € Aq PeMojoy Delgns[eUOssedus UE se pasn 2q UE> 34 (2) ‘pauonuous Apeauje unou e en sajes Kew kup pue ay (@) {aren nn so pod fa og sem avo sea uonsont ‘uy pur sjepous \n‘satuan seypo \pim pasn aq uE> pus Suinauios jo aouersyxe ain saxe>ipul ours} Ou04,. (€) ‘yp 10 31 ‘0u0yp pm sde8 oun Buy ‘osD0x9 o¥p aroyduio> uowp pur serou aia Apmas ‘Aowppt pup 2404, 5 az0]2 uadQ in BE Study the notes and then complete the exercise. Open cloze Complete the passage, filing the gaps with the correct relative pronoun or adverb. | which Bath owes its name tothe fact tha it grew up around the Roman baths, (1) were among the largest in the Roman Empire. The city sill has centres 2)... WEFE... the mineral waters are used to treat people with rheumatism, (3) ..tHfiCh.... is what attracted the Romans in the fist place. The main atraction of Bath today, however, sits architecture, much of (4)... MHC... dates from the 18th century. John Wood the Younger was the architect (5) ..u!M2... ui the Royal Crescent and the Pump Room is also worth visting. Jane Austen, (6)... "NM... ved in Bath fora time ad (7) PR... novel, Persuasion, ist there, refers to itand als to the Assembly Rooms, (8) enn MICH... now house a fine costume museum and was a place (9) a..WHlEU€..n.. people met. Sections of 18*-century streets have been recreated with life-size figures, all of (10). are dressed in the costume of the period. i-colon or comma? eee ‘A semiscolon () ie used to separate two main causes: comma () joins a main cause toa subordinace ‘dase. Compare these sentences ‘On Sundoy we went to Bath: ws very ejoyoble On Sindy we ott Ba which we sry eye, ‘At Bath we met Tom and Sun: they had come down fam London. ‘Bath we met Tom and Susan, who had come down fom London We didnot have time to vist the Assembly Rooms: that was apy We cd nt hae ime fo vst the Assembly Rooms, which wos ty Complete these sentences with one sultable word. 1 Next summer I'm going 10 Rhodes; cli lovely sland 2 Next summer I'm going to Crete, .... ih... isa lovey island 3° That villa was built for Lord Huncaster,.... WHOS... daughier lives there now. 4° Thatvilla was built for Lord Huncaster,...MiS...... daughter lives there now. 5 Aswe came out of the castle it started to rain, HE... spoilt our vst sitions of place: at, in, on Study this list of prepositions of place and the notes attached to them and then complete the sentences in the passage on the next page with the correct preposition. AT is used for Points: t the end of the road, at number 27 Places where we are concerned with thle purpose or location, not size or shape: at the station, ot the pot office, atthe supermarket used for Being ‘inside’ a place or situation with three dimensions: in the ktchen, in (= inside) the supermarket, in the High Street (but in the USA, on Main Steet) + Allarge area, such as a country, province, city, or place the speaker thinks is important (for example, a farmer taking about the nearest town) ON is used for + A surface: on the wal on Earth, onan island, onthe screen (nema, TV) + ‘Aline: on the coast, onthe river, on the main road to London, on the wey to, on the leftand side Compare the following: They e sailing In their Boot on the lake The boat ison the water, the swimmers ore In the water. The telephone is Inthe corer ofthe room inside). The cinema is atlon the comer ofthe street (ouside). TO/OUT OF are used for movement in ad out of, Get into the car. ONTO (ON TO)/OFF are used for movement On and off. Get onto the bicycle EPI UL You e se o0V Jo uvor iuung ows weu of sem suo» RuaW NOMEN IES ¥ BUTE 105 ajysuodsasButaq popu swnaiype ~~" s36ga4""~ (ST) "o1AEAA Jo So ay Jo soOIOU (pL) aN) 09 YUDLUNUOUL e suyruoo ts nq yo91 Jo ag wou oq) uaop yuan" (ET) Ie BOWIE Sem IT ISIS & TEA (C1) os st yoangp sey 1g unor 2qp ut a1oysost Tau YS 40 YoEUS w ueIgO UD MOK aso4R “UayPIY 1U>|}30%9 8 0 sano son yey e019 oun pur fadoy> a4) 998 oF nos Buywoqe wos} “Raps (1) sTEDDG ang ws (QP “at 08 0 ¢5 wey "=~ 3g57"- (6) S00 3 “At 01 PouLEyd 2OUO aus ‘PIES sua uuayae @) ‘Puan AsO 81 PoueztEA Ua9MG) S901] Jo Wea MM Kg 14ST Ut papuROS TENOR $aais9ot27 91078 Spying anpsoudu sou ogy seyog muon yaDNs aM Os some “spe” CL) Jo yom “omponyaxe 51405 poumouas st uwoy 29 sB|Rd "4g" (6) soroure [290] uy ax29 uoReuLiOyUL Wes a40u1 ~~" (s)‘SsnoHRAMOD plo a4h USE He 30 "="; () PIMOYS ‘Rok “uno ayy 208 0} aut aney nok J“ puoUituosas oF yan Sey pu Seave Kem BuO} ¥ 20U SIT 9TEDOG Aud wt guy" (€) two 24 O1UT OF uray Jo "gz" () ApuEy IM JK K9xO SIONISIA Jo spuesOMA SOWLOD}9m 28 [PPA ata *™'ySujg""* (P19) UaDq sey KLONSIY YsHFUR Uo oUDN|JUL 9s0q “HAUT JO SJE amp O1 10F9q ‘qise> ota “S14 2]dood moy 124) UO Inq puFRUE Ul Sue yryFINEaq SOUL 4} Jo BUD st DIONE AA spun P1OM ajqeains auo iam adessed olp ul SiueIq pavaquunu atp Jo yee Hy 3 3s9y ey) woss unde ‘oypen opm Asa som auaup ang ‘sofnus yy" (ZT) oINS 241 watop pu dn Supr 210m sistuno1 Swog [9,04 24 01 saseD Ino PaxLseD put 1609 24 "1" (11) 208 2g4 amogaey aya 7" (01) PHO 249 4940 Ie wo] SOQ 210K BHOHLL roves ap “gf (6) Us 81g ayn owos Aes 2k4 B28 241 ~uRs~ (8) stHoa aun Be BuPFOO| “429p 241 ~~~" (Z) pools put apIsIMO IaH, 29m uoq amg wes aun ~~~ (9) paces am 84 ry “snag HO put OM 01 1UDM 94K 11 Jo pa ay "yp" (¢) sdoys stuaanos wis pu yaanis aq) Jo s2u09 241 “sis (p) mwAMeNSD4 W seH AIOILL “WAL ayy “~~~ (g)Ja.OY NESWEO|A 2 appa" (2) pokes 244 “oR uo] ou eps Jo pues ayn ~™ UB" (1) puayD0M v UDds | Word formation TA Read the texe below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0) A community locked in the past Lancaster County, in Pennsylvania, is the home of the Amish people, a sect whose (0) vn $QG8 nnn Was portrayed in 1987 in the film Witness social ‘They are the (1) ...escendants.....of people who emigrated to America in DESCEND the eighteenth century, fleeing from (2). MOMS. nue persecution, RELIGION ‘They found refuge in Pennsylvania, a state established by William Penn, whose own sect, the Quakers, resemble them in being totally opposed to G8) ovens cZOIQNEE..nsan im any form, They became known as ‘the Pennsylvania vioesr Dutch’, though they did not come from Holland. Their language isa dialect of German, and ‘Dutch’ isa (4) misunderstanding. of Deutsch’ UNDERSTAND “The Amish reject all technological advance. Their remarkable (5) ...achieverment, ACHIEVE, Honging inwrning Lancaster County into one ofthe most profitable agricultural areas of fees the county has been accomplished entirely by traditional methods. Tey sil this. dress as they did when they first arrived, still travel only by horse and cart, ee and objec to being photographed. Tei (6) 09098... any vient orrose eg behaviour is maintained, They were (7) sun fMCtifi@d...u0 by the scene in HORROR Bers Winess where Harsson Ford, as a policeman who has taken refuge wth them, itis isso angry wth one ofthe young (8) SHEE on for making fun of he rouR fin Amish that he jumps out ofthe carriage and breaks his nose Ee. The communiy’s way o lifes nevertheless being (9) Westnet... a8 rear Bee the younger members establish smal businesses instead of depending on farming. ees Fees pecpared to vk (10) emule by usng computers ea. sss eee pouinasud0q se 19 sn 950909 so plus 24) 158400] doug vor paonposuy a no wow 4o uy patio ap 8444 ptfug ut apeu son9 sours aand ores ap Jo 200s Angsinap styooury umyeay © sien aeds onan a smepe®) + oy payee foun 2 mojeg os Se 3g 280 44 JoH0 We ape 7 Ap Soo samotona s20p ays mn820q poof eons sey aus pune a ps snes soufos01 not oct 40 mno axe spoyous Su1yovDn sty xyuig yo ano wou ani Isnt NOK wo a4 UH} NOK UOyAL {496 Rupppam sn0¥ soy 98 nok ane Soup AOU 01 j.98KUL 01 paprap | 0s epynatg Aus sa, ‘otunfur sou qu 24 uo 94 1nq rendsoy v se paddinb Any se 104 94,944, sofuens e ayy ou nof ing steak Auous 30} 2104 ZuIWOD UD a: On | ont 1 seouanuas asp ne uy Aareudosdde pasn 9q ueo aeip paom Ajuo a4p 02 2x0 (q_40 3‘ “y) 4929) ap punoue 2/24 eang seauaaues paddo8 Sunaduio Ga sentences fyinall Inmy the case should never have come to court. We had a wonderful from our hotel bedroom | The collection is on at the National Museum. © A room @ place positon District They're looking forward to having a oftheir own T wonder who'll take her when she There were policemen all over the when the Prime Minister came to visit T shouldn't have said that. you an apology. If you pay me what you ime, I'l be satisfied T contributed very litle towards our success. We ital to you, # (aTitatake © fant Cpt dete The candidate's main is that he has no sense of humour The erash was the other driver's not mine. Her boss is always looking for the chance to find with her. say a sony ayy gg 40) asm aM ST Pinos no, -soysreur yumm XE\d uo 9 stayouq s98uno§ sno 04 “3S ¥SS""™ PUR 9H BABYDA PIONS NOK —_S ‘SIOUUNS F2yR0 O48 10} “3555 Bajisé™" 3981 9 Jo UES 24p WO3 PEO} 91 Yoor souEE un YL ay OU OS SaOU AL 9M Kase BET HOMIE |g “OULD 30) "=" 3giigryae"""™ 01 2NBY | -aswa|d “NOU ApISINO Kefd puEOD —z 9 Buyppans oy 10} AP OS auaney Koyp ing potsseus 198 01 Fuyo8 25604, 1 WpioM $.9u0 795 + agar aip 29s. 0d a 125. uonOW Ie «sy 195 aif 225 + (af uo es) on au 29s. uowso} 0195. ayduiore uo 12s «nop 0 198 tuo 390.309 1p Ur ase y>ea Ul auo aaetidoidde asoUl aip \pim soouaRUDS axa axejduso> pue 39s Yala saseayd asoua Apms > 395 YUM sasoiy ose ‘spuoo aip fo asnv2aq oanonano auou yodava aup soypursodedhtem 24g, “io 438" ssopurm doys soj}omaf ayn ut pacoydop axam Suu oy, “an ‘eae Buyio8 siaqqos oy dows 01 pros ayn ut Sx20Ig peor pa2vpd aaxjod a4, ur ee seen paystngesse oney 01 sux29s s9}UIm MoU Inq SUBI94 SKep 244) PELE BME OM —§ ‘08 uu oF wee oq posnvo oy 2¥noy a4p OW aYOIq HFFING aH HUM ‘Seige ‘uous KroA9 2Be pjo 194 105 fouow wos soADs 2yg i 358 ‘SIstno1 0} uoreuoyur 248 1 20yJo UR poysngens ony om —Z ies BS 8 ae P0P.0 14810 18 soMOWOI KouMoF INO 109804 POOH 244 481 2tp Uo uUINjOD a4p Ut JamsuE InOk aa1sA4 “qHOAPE 20 wontsodaud areudoudde aun pue asues a20.u00 ota Ul 395 quoA axa tpim ad >yoH Uy sasesyd axa a2EIday gq 395 :SqJ9A josDsyg S830" Jo" s6u4 (OL) 4! FuDUNOGUE spuoL 4194 01 2101m a4 tou doy C198 Sea YBIBS Opus }9eq 1o4N WOH 59001 PU SPN 0 “in i (6) pur ewe 26) 100 pein ai" peu Koya sdoys au Ue MG 6 OT (J) eu 2snoy sea ng on 2yge ase asam Koun oT07 feUONEN 2tp Ut az 31g v Hom Ko4p HUA tumor 1 wo Kee iif Jo BBB BC) BusPUN Jo poutEayp pey oun son s049 TY Sly 18 338i (9) 810830 565 pa “aur wo" Cp) "WOW S12K9 KxsompME [EDO ayp BuLKed * ~—~-ualyBpOLUIAIO SI pits (E) Ut pony Koy, -wmor Big v Jo. ‘Says UU @ ibis Wi (1) & wo ayy pouzeur samp pe tds pea qeses pu aoe ‘Mai D pin + s9snoy Jo mos» —uonDpowense paivad sung 21 uo + s004 punoiB 2ip vo + —pooysnogyBiew aya ur aise Sussnoy + ssoippo.Jo aBump - soy Jorpoq + mo ein Jo a201d 0 ‘mojaq aBessed aya ul aoeid axetidosdde ue ou} 940 y>e9 24 Ua4 pasn uonysodaud fue on uonuane jenads éeg “wioup Jo a10u v aye pur saseayd asoup Ams YY s800}¢ :Aavjnqo>04 Suypupdxg, UO UDULIOJSUD P10OM ff. Key word transformation 7 ‘ThePrime Miniter seems to have 2.9 £200 __ by calling men ‘guys now everyone seems tobe doing 8 — What he doesn't seem to be able to do is to set limits to government spending. 9 When the jury declared him not guilty, the prisoner was immediately set. free, 10 Wehaveset up. committe to deal with the problem so now all we need is for them to meet nd ‘et the proce nn in motion Gransformation ID For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word given He can see the lake quite well from his house. Rees teen ® $0, VOW of the he om his ko They haven't decided when the conference is going to begin yet. They taver sa. doef acing The hostages were set free as soon as the money was paid, tet They let. the, hostages. go, 5 soon as the money was paid ‘The boys no longer have to share a room now we've moved toa larger house. poy. has. his. own. 90m, now we've moved to a larger house. Mr Brown doesn’t want employees to spend more than is necessary on travel limits Mr Brown has Set. limits, to, employees’ expenditure on travel It's no use arguing with him because you'll never convince him, point You'll never convince him so ‘here. is.no, point in arguing with him. Tn my opinion, young people should be able to regard the best players as a model set In my opinion, the best players should set.an.example, to young people The city is called Bath because of the Roman baths that were there Bath wes. its.name, to, ‘the Roman baths that were there. ; ‘nat Teop 01 susajgord rasa Aueus os axe o10yp ‘got a}quion w 9g 1snul oeURUL TeqIOD} PIO — OT re 7804 SY op o1 uy ig" Aes ue nog pue saKeyd pood esq 6 nnn am SuywoW astsu yjsosnoxe Ais aud 28 9,40 yp oquiouer ns ‘na any Bap mouTy Hg sat ft Wwod 8 nok os. ps0 pongo oyiom Ku yy apesnuaouOD oF FUNK LL jUO OFPEL 9 WAM }.UO 1 yoogerow vu» dazy aurouidinbo suods “gg Souow sty Mads Hg 40002 sd wo mpusddye ‘aanutw sp Jo spouod aia urn wp pam Yenbo omy “yg sptsuoD yore eqioo} e Ut ou BuUKe|d feuON Dy, § nfo aeu ayout 009 9 a flezatnzqmn 0m? pron a3 pus a) O14 | WT MOK NOOB a) sma 6p) ses 9 wo NB saved arostmtioag ——sMOyOREEGE UN no yy pun ates a SUED remo MMT 2200102530 ads auounoop Buss 9 pus ywpINO>-HS—Z nog oO CL ETT tuonisodaid sieudo.dde atp nun seouanues ain a12jduio> “asmuaxe sip Bundurosse 210}0q 08 feyd on nou ~~~ Bagi" INONAEN SQN 13 Jo198 ¥ UO spunod pursnowR Bag" KOU — OL apes" IBY 3,889 NOK OS UO swOpUL Bt Mm SHED TON UA gj oN on algo SturEa9 | INq auTON Ye aESNUL PRO] "FG" OWN PUILALOPY 6 ‘npes 94 Ho dtsM EOESSEID oy gggie rotenone py oIsME Jo puny EKA“ BARBIge™"""" ONdood pus uEDT — oxy [38 op ou 5 ‘sunurng Kep Aan sunoy yesanos Joy astonad Joy gr OM AogDRAL TUS 9A pe aus “ou agp Key OL IND] SoMIOM KUTA —L usnoead snoy ue "pips" PuounODD | yore MENOdMH Ue YpNS UL ed =e" BO; 1y anoud ue mos ssayun fas 94 eM SsapuC uy “yp uo NOK Kea ou S.a10NN pu KUO ayR ™"™ iiss§g""" TUPI 1ayON UO Aus 305 “i ju vot mg ‘SOK, 2 ya ewseu 2m OF "YOR a" OA NOK PINON = — od 1 Jong pam aN J 0s alsuad Ks9n 99 prnom 3" pi” AOU RD T1040 - “XepqOW NOK 40} peouge "ASB" PaLApIsUoD NOK aKeH = sel ug = pase DOUSTUY 9A, DUD NOK yaE Ae TLL sou =" ggiggjg™="™ SKolua a4 "HB JOO INO Ue 5,34 salle puost (009) as pusunsoses foyenes send us puna (ou) foe) dow Aaa suiour ou (002) Yat Soue} 320} 002) Aolue aerop Auop “oop sopsu0? ‘prono wpe gp soquuouns pUe Wipf aU © yey onBIYUT UE OU puns & hq pom} are san a4 (P) of oy Buoy 0 prosLe 09 purse © 9 jm 3 Buyoyoj uo} quan ay 55 otos wt Os uonsodaid ose S109 1p sOquIBUaY (2) 03 gm axnuyu 8 4a pomoyoy yuod J0 moje i s2U03u05 fe aT 9m Ly Sse OU 54 397 wou 29 uo wo a 2039 woos sy uDe o3 pou Som 345 "3 tim anntuyul ai Aq pomoyy anew alsed a Ulan “nok dja au 399 80> fay win Kuo>3,u6> ok :aoseq pey pynom "snus ‘ued se yons sep pots a0 “ou Jo EU 99 5 A a SON nstajy ue og ou nt psom ovo Adds on pose ave no 3p Os 09 Yok XBRL oa OFE 494 50H) mol qumsp ou 40a BuppioM Uo OF 2.0%) “lj tou prion oy oops ursoa] s00hy uno € oye sgibn etsud se yp ‘uonssodaud «Aa pono} 5q.08 tos pue purse e shemes| uonsodaid €Bupeojo} so} 24 SEnINNINT ORY SONTHES, ‘uo BABIUYUI 40 PUNJAB a4p Ul quBA w Lp Sde axp Sumy “aspuaxe yp arojdwo> uawa pue seou ayp ApS, azoj2 uadQ (002 aed uo 1 xpuaddy Apms ‘suonisodaud Aq pemoljoj aue ‘sqs0A jeseayd wou) z2ede ‘Squ0A Jo soquinU aBse] yg suonysodasd Bupjor sq12, searyuyjur pup spunses form. a3 practising. to play gol Jage 200 ® ers) in feof the 200° Book in soyou Open cloze sitions of time: at, in, on Study this lst of prepositions of time and the notes that follow them and then complete the sentences below with the correct preposition. eee sed for ‘@aact periods of die: ot five o'dock ot dinnertime, a this moment, ot the end, at the begining (ofthe day) + festivals: at Christmas, ot Easter, ot New Year * others: atthe weekend, at weekends, t night (but during the day, at present (now) is used for * ‘days and dates: on Mondoy, on Mondays, on June 19th, on Christmas Day (compare ot Christmas) * periods of days snd dates” on Sunday morning on Friday night, on summer evenings is used for * “Tanger periods of time: in August in spring, in 1985, inthe nineteenth century, inthe Middle Ages, inthe post inthe fture (compare at (Ue) present (me) periods within which or at the end of which something may happen: the morning. in five minutes, fn aweek’s time 1 The baby was bor en. Q wo $C OCIOCK ele the MOHRING nM un January 15th 2 Vim very busy enon present and $0 I couldn't meet er fu. May 8th, as she suggested, oF any time during the week so we've finally agreed to meet ..~.f.... the weekend. 3 We always goto England ....... Christmas to spend few days with my son and have dinner with him 9... Christmas Day. The only thing I don’t like is that it gets very dark there $0 tly in the fteFM0OM ll ne Winker: 4 Onthe other hand it's lovely to sit outdo04s there wlll ner time snn.Maons Summer evenings when it doesn't get dark til very late, though even then is usually quite cold... Right, compared to what we're used 10 in Greece. We're very busy sill the summer months and I can't see any improvement taking pl4ce wl the near future so the best I can say is that this should e ready iow 8 mOMER'S time, eal nl September. rison Study the notes and then complete the paragraph, filling each gap with an appropriate word. re @) The comparative of adjectives is formed with more + adjective or adjective ending ine: the superlative is formed with most + adjective or adjective ending in -est. We always use the superlative for comparisons employing phrases like in the worl, anywhere, where more than two are clearly involved. He's a more elegant player than his brother, but his brother is stronger in fot, he's the strongest player Tve ever played ogeinst, and abo the most competitive. | thnk he must be the most competitive player inthe world, () Note the words associated with the same, different, si ‘She's the same height a8 her father. The dothes she wears are different from her sisters Her otitude tie similar to her brothers (6) Note the irregular forms of comparison: good better best Bad worse worst uch more most tle’ less least She's a better player than her father He's less accurate ond mokes more mistakes. But, ofter al, her fathers one ofthe worst ployer in the cu. eet aqua on owsun pauo> ays ya a4 ‘of 9pp 245804 3215 fh una sox yyy 3 fo suo op axsu taue> 24) a0>)pUE 6 201 9 pao 9 yo EEE ssoug sy (SD shone we 1a {out soydurs uopoyquey ou wt sou aang you Suoxyoxg amystay amy “oe SIP9K paipuny # XQ "son ‘ates ayn nexo ssssod Uopjos Sula) feoNUapH eur souDHIe S oWHO4g sy SE] 24 sTEDOG SOqEIILL soja“ 35yu7"""" CHT) UayO ING KpueMg sMEyd* ~~ =BUGR™™” CED) AHN EDN aH “qatsUodso pure wored st ‘soqnuty 9 © ona 4p Jo sopye ayn “oxang “wadsOu SI) UL pag” (ZI) 248 “HOHROUg ide op Stuns Funoyou9 uneasy 24 "Yan A394 BuEye Sy .US90p pul IN stow) 249 Jo pamtoqEr ‘sioar" (11) au Semiae soy Souter ays ‘Kep te soseid pue uayodsino Arpa Cau OM Jogi" (01) seseyp ut saqnour 2u0 ~~ iggy" (6) wera auNb ane sIayIOIG ay) "YEO ion 01“ puges6"~ (8) 10K dn wown “73343 (L) OF wHDND 9p%saq PUaLs aso} B asvy Shea KOM suvour 4 asnedoq Buoun "gp" (9) Bun ays a8 NEApe. Wass w st ~~ sgt" (G) “OEMS 205 soqgo yova "ug" (p) Sas Guy AN WoAg ey “2x9 auOKUE O1 PMO Kaun Se ~~ yl“ (€) SE tua a19 01 gap" (Z) PUIL OU Op Pu PodvONs OF JoINOUE auO afeanoouD Koy, HED ous aM) 1 Baj6ajge (1) Solua Squres9 sur, gAaqige aures up AED axvy foxp Oc zwoRadwOD UH WOM dijo si soc] “sues feonwopy ane “arene SSHULUS sq atp BuOU aWW oYN SHoMROIG KeSWHEY LL suns Surods ‘piom ajqeains ouo ypu sded yp Jo U>eD I ‘ae soy 3 pons sj ue aoe J94 wy SOU sy CD ey os pue fas8 sem sen 297 194 paroqutowal J Moy “BAF” (CL) WwoseAP Areqdws0> ‘Sem 94S ng 940}0q SIEOK mop W ouN “gE (OT) JOOUDS OURS ay UE IERMEN poy YosELEP _jn06 998 0) 291 NOH jOHTRTEyY “OTf>H., :PIeS pu “124 pastuFoDas“s99e) Joy ArowoU ~~ 7sHRSe™ (6) sey pa ‘ww | ue pasouuewse 7345597" (g) St OWN “OyUn Ku AfOTEUMTIO, “Se | UEMp PasseIsEGUI “sig” () axe pax0o| 348 2snno9q auTU "gy" (9) LEMS Sem HORDEDH 104 HR sem a moge Bun e569" (S) BULL Y9PPOX puE “ap; CF) Bama dOey Kur ‘x04 POOS asnf | ynq Jay asiuRo0a4 01 papusroud aay pynos | uoBirenut ~~ 3yRi™"" (€) U9Rq PY LTT iO ‘re MoH “wor ‘o[f2H., :PIes pur ou oy dn aureo ays pasvadde Aowp uoyAA wostod ii (C) UE {q potueduioaoe a10m oy wodave aun ve siuapms fo Kized w 199k 1 ey 2oU0 | "way astuTODa1 Jou PUE spuaui plo y2ou 01 st suosue or uaddey eo yy soouati9dx9 Auysseasequia ~~" (1) MN J0 2D, a aay fends A Iby ses her heir of ugh ‘and Word formation Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0), The Olympic Games ~ ancient and modern Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic Games in 1896 with the aim of fostering athletic excellence and (0)... international... harmony. He looked back to the ancient Olympic Games for (1)... Ata, non believing that they hhad had a similar purpose. In fact they were (2) ..£88@0tH@.... religious in origin, and very diferent from what we understand by (3) .u..£0tnneitive.. sport today. The Games were part ofa religious festival lasting five days. This was why there was a truce in wars between city states whenever they were celebrated, This was a means of ensuring that all the (4) .....atticnants.... could travel safely to Olympia. It would have been an insult tothe gods to prevent their journey. In the same way, when Leonidas of Sparta led his 300 heroes to Thermopylae to fight the Persians, his force was small because the (5) velM¥@SI0N..... coincided with the Games. No one blamed the (6) .mant@maitde... ofthe Spartans for staying behind to complete their religious (7) ...8RSSLWANCE. ‘The ancient Olympic Games had more in common with De Coubertin’s conception than with the Games today, where (8) nn £QMMMEUSI@. attitudes are dominant. The victors at Olympia received a simple crown as a prize. But there were also a number of differences. The competitors were all male, and women ‘were not even permitted to watch. Its said that a female relative of the Olympic champion Doreus gained (9) .....admittance... dressed as a man, but tripped and fell. Her tunic came (10) «HOA QN6. revealing all in more ways than one, and she was expelled from the precinets commence : : i j Os sere ea 4 i ‘anea} NOK ways Op 03 FuIOH NOK a4¥ VEYA — powr@ sts 9 mt es Vs © anaes oF Symetey sa 1 — soouanuas 2auip ye u Ajaeudosdée pesn aq ura aeip pom Ajuo ay 022x0U (G40 3 “A "W) Jone} stp punose BAP eI Y seouaaues paddo8 Sunsjdwio> Soouaquas paddoy Ga sentences. It's pity we lost, but never ‘We'll play better next time, Iwas raining hard but I didn’t it all that much. Would you ‘opening the door for me? He only started playing five years ago but he's a long way since then, At my age I can’t play as well as used to, but Ive to terms with it He's been talking for half an hour but he still hasn't to the point His parents taught him how to play when he was very young so he had a head ‘over the other boys. She led the race from to finish “The team were playing so badly that they decided to make a fresh with a new coach, h him, because he won't listen. There's no in arguing wi “Prese animals have been hunted to the of extinction ‘You're entitled to your of view, even though I don’t agree. op" aa4o°""" Sep stn a4 wo S908 oy 31 wy APES pu aoUENEd 204 Iussog oun ep “a0 T1818 420% 03 ut atuOD 3,upIP 94 WorSeI00 au tuo pue aye] Sumo oge wy pause 94,94 BWA =~ 7ARe"aUL™ TeMound AIDA U99q s9A0u SH {mans 19494 NOK Ing IMyaseD axOUL 9q 0 UIERE—— ya PUB" BUUN NOK PION 341 -souoysn9 reindou w 4980} OU s.34 34 * aU. OT a oxy wy sie9 Bs 94 pur YSU} w 2>UO ‘SfeasonUl “"aHIMBSTT YO" YWEINEISOH at 04 BUI09 01 past -noy we sfe4 40} NOK 305 Buea. U99q 94,944 7001S HRB AN” PUY 79xE NOK BIO ‘sop asoyp ssoyosn aun SoH ton9q "i 7a6gs""-~ BN “PUIDOUOD LL Se 48 EN SIEOK 303 BuNNDS OE RUPE U9 8, OFF 1e> sn04 yt foop Ip am Ing JuOWOU 94) podeTUD axe SIUEITSSE NO NY ne) Tujoq avey [9 wy pase sey ures ay, {POS aeds gy susie" WOES 2 01 198 PINOY 2 9p) uy un (poon-y 28.9N4 32K NOY Ue HH OMPOUT 10 BNF] .uSOP UIE aH, ;KUON NOC ‘yep way © 9 ani Soup Ssoqun suyeda ‘2 op 0} 2uoue isnt 01 BuIo8 you ws Ur" “OR BUOP use Oy BY os nq, 42 Yoo] pure puns woo Prom 24 pres 9H" aja" eran Aue peu ,uPeY ax asTEDDg Os aUOP oj uum 9811 47 Sea edar Jo paou Us aue asnou Sif U! BUNK a3} v asTED=q YoaH4 ISP| dn QuODIHOS HUES | ine v8 2d 01 Buypoau oyu supe E 0 syoo9 24) 2yEIIP 1,AqH BUI “sng ve asoddns pu oanany ~~ 5) 280 Buying 0 Bry axe 30 22yNdHO. 'e o8n wiayp yo 18 Avou sKep a ‘ng -pubyZuo} Ul yno OA 210. 40 “Tey pip SIOIHNE aso Shep 5609 sonumadhi & uo sydussnuews duu 24K 01 pasn 1 nun ses fo19panu oxy om ap!29p j,upIMoD | YPAOU SUID TuMEUDSEy WEIL stay gag” HON 298s OY P| IHL Pao isis dystoused ano uoyys Assos Kron sem | puE "jaa SWRI MAL LONRO HED O YOO —T “spuota} yw018 auieooq am spreauoye Inq Ist} 9 yon At0a wy OY UPL a1qssod 5 is iis Kisii nok apin8 on papniput aie aseayd atp jo 210d Buluisoy spsom oma 10 2u0 Sase> aWOS UY ‘Ksessa2au asaya “9suan 2381309 atp omul sqi2a Bunand “akoge Usa’ soseayd atp Zulsn‘saoueques atp 229)dW0D aso320 2u0 uo (ore Buven2 Bu) fop 2u0 "20 NO syousny (ys) 20 uoya puo mou (ota) our 02 2ura wo 44oU0!0220 ‘XTTENOISY220 un 24940 “1094 ypuow) hops Mop “woBo awn puo au ‘sun sy aun "uo80 puo wo3D xiaauvaasy (yo 1) sun ou uy Yonaq ap s2u008 ayn “S804 So Uods so Bun, (ia) azojaq foppounur Yomonysinns Noos (exej 002 asouye put ‘ong au anogo (puo) "ynpaxDs puta ou wo 30424 (peed owp axp 3 =) un Uo "ane =) 2104s 0 aun yi ‘aun (poe) “un Jo poouD auvTaNy ATwa einaaanp aun waserd 4p or dor “uo mou wos ‘nou jun 0 oF ap aun unin 01 MON MON O1 1Svd ssvgouisvs 5p aman 210s 10 un wossid 2 0 ‘ui yp oun 24020 “urn ou) ayn shop asap Muasaud 10 slop aso 730d ayn aunung any LNasaud ‘isa pu 07 SamuBoq wos) "ysuy 1 uO wd} pus uo on auo> or ‘ues (Pog) pood © ayow ab 280] 90 ‘pus ag wr yomuae3 “you "sa 20 pe hen ay un aoa a wos) pus a0 (ors) Bodog 24910 ONIGNa ONY SNINNIDSS ‘pom suonrsodaad Aue o1 vonuenie ieads feg woip yo a20u & aye pue soreayd Suwoyos axa ABMS y ‘aun :Asojnqo>0n Suipupdxg ecessary, future frie I had nd look at fe todo the be In fact, Possible ter. He's Isin from don ‘will Key word transformation sal verbs: come Replace the phrases in italic type with the verb come in the correct tense and the appropriate preposition or adverb. Those marked * require two. Write your answer in the column on the right. 1 Doyou think that question will arse atthe meeting? ome un, 2 He inherited a fortune when his uncle died. i 3° Look! The flowers have started to bloom. are, coming out 4 [don’t know ifthe experiment will succeed but it's worth ying come off S They can argue for as long as they like but in the end it simply has ‘comes, down to to dowith one thing - money!" 6 Thisisan intersting book. found it quite by chance in te brary ame. across 7 How on earth did that happen? It seems very strange. come. about, 8 Theic policies have been the objet of alot of crtism.* cone... 9 — I'mafraid we've encountered a very serious problem." come ip eee, ‘The film was rather disappointing. It didn't reach the level of our expectations.* come. $0. with come Study these phrases with come and complete the sentences with the most appropriate one in the correct form: |_come a long way * come to grief + come to @ head + come othe paint + come toa standsil * come to terms with 1 The trouble with committee meetings is that there are people lke George who goon talking for ten minutes at atime without ever ..coming. 9. the. point 2 Since the workers went on strike, all services have ..<2Mme. 10.4, standstl 3 We stared out asa very small company but we've... 40nd. OY...” since them 4 They had high hopes when they opened the shop but unfortunately, because of Jack’s accident, they have all...came 0. are. S The tension between management and workers hasbeen growing for some time and now, with this new argument about pay, it has ...S0Me. 0.4. head % [realise that as I get older, I can't do some ofthe things I used to but one just has to. 62M. 0.868, With i For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first Sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight "words, including the word given. 1 When the concert finished, the audience rose to applaud the conductor. end When the concert came. 9, 9n. end the audience rose to applavd the conductor. 2 Your request wil be dealt with at a more appropriate time. due Your request will be dealt with in, due. course. 3 The twins have begun wel in the competition, start The twins have made.0.aged, start. in the competition. 4 Wenced to consider everything before reaching a decision. account Before reaching a decision, we need 10 vn Aahe.suerthing, Ito, account He was very upset when she refused to marzy him but by now he has accepted it. T © | tsuioreca terms INA | INventanio Hie was very upset that she id not want to marry him but by now he has....come. £0 terms. with Nye 6 This trouble has been building up for a long time and now it’s reached a critical stage head ‘This trouble has been building up for along time and now i's some. 0.2, head 7 There are plenty of reasons why he wasn't elected. To begin with, he's not even a member ofthe ci (S4ee 54d omaz—r| word place f There are plemyof reasons why he wasnt cected. tn the. fist. wace aimember ofthe club | 8 Las lad to sce him go. His vist was nightmare ll he time he washer. s beginning Twas glad to see him go. His visit was a nightmare irom beginning to. end. [a Practice test 1 | For questions I-15, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in ‘each space, There is an example at the beginning (0). Under the Roman republic the calendar was based (0) Moun the moon, and 30 it was about leven days shorter than the modern solar year. In (1) to prevent it from getting too far out of step with the seasons, a committee WaS 2) non 8€brnnn Up to add (3) extra month of about 23 day every two years butas areal of carelessness and.a certain (4)..AMQU..... of bribery and eorruption, the system (5) en DEORE, nn. down. By the year SOC, the dates were (6) far out of touch with the seasons that the spring equinox fll in May (7) ...t#@.... of March, about cight weeks 0 late Consequently, Julius Caesar asked an Alexandrian astronomer, Sosigines, (8) advice. Sosigines realised thatthe only thing t0 (9) enn 2.nan Was to abandon the lunar calendar and replace it with (10) nn based on the sun. In order to correct the error that (11) arisen, 67 days were added to the year 46 BC, and it was decided that in future some of the months would always be a day or two longer. ‘Sosigines did his best to solve the problem but his calendar year was a little too long and by the sixteenth ‘century this had once again become a problem. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII consulted his astronomers, (12) vv aes advised him to leave out ten days from the year. However, (13) oft religious and political reasons, many European countries refused to accept the change and so for centuries the date varied from one country to another. The Gregorian calendar was finally adopted in Britain in 1752 but in Greece it did not (14) z the place of the Julian calendar (15) Hh ne 1923. For questions 16-25, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an as example at the beginning (0). ‘Among the remedies that have gained widespread (0) ..gceotance... in recent years for cour the treatment of iliness are the extracts of flowers originally developed about 70 years ago by Dr Bach. Bach was convinced that most nervous conditions have an (16) ...¢matiandl EMOTION basis and that the cure for almost all of them can be found in infusions from simple plants and trees. Since the little bottles containing these infusions and now sold commercially are neither (17) ...24di¢8¥e... nr fattening, itis not surprising that in our health-conscious pict age they have become (18) -inreasinaly... popular. Another advantage that Bach's Flowers INCREASE possess is that they are made from natural substances which are completely (19) ...armh Hart in themselves so that, unlike many drugs prescribed for such conditions, they have no side-effects. “They may not cure but they cannot kil So far the medical evidence for th ‘well-known doctors claim to have used them successfully. Of course, no one is suggesting curative properties is inconclusive, though that they can (20)... @21Q6¢,... the drugs prescribed for serious physical disorders. Pace ‘A-chart issued to explain their properties indicates the most suitable plants for treating such problems as (21) ISS... or different kinds of fear. Those who suffer from Loewy fear of the (22) now... , for example, are advised to take aspen, while those KNOW whose fear stems from (23) Donn for others should take red chestnut. anxious My own (24)... limited... experience with the flowers suggests that while they may not user ‘always be effective, there isa logical explanation forthe help they can offer to people suffering {from stress. Just by looking atthe chart and seeing which plant is recommended as the (25) —_s0ltion..... 10a problem, we are making an effort to understand our emotions and SOLE the reasons for the problem that we have, and that is half-way towards finding a cure. about bo far out ‘month Ebribery bout tdvice. replace ould fateenth in 752 1923, telines to Practice test 1 For questions 26-31, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. You must supply the word yourself. Here is an example (0). © agree that there 8 00 $886 no fr changing the aw ‘The detective made his name by solving a difficult murder oe It's not worth asking him, and in any case, | think he’s on holiday. Note: In the practice 26 They built that ef Mn nnn Of HOUSES SOOM after the War ie ieee Hes deat sohe always ies to st in the font oyu athe theatre paris = S They've sacked their manager after losing sx games in beeen 4 posites 27 Ittakes alot of........PEACtE....n to become a good player. She used toe very good but she's out of wn BEC Tm looking forward othe time when Tean put my ideas into x9 2B What funy clothes you're wearing! Ate you trying 10 SEs fashion? The other rers relied of JOR 0 we $€E nthe POE. Be careful with that! You could wa. 38b the house on fie 29 She's doing very well at work and is in Jing. for promotion. The company are presenting a new. fine. in sports clothes. Wout you Bold the lM fra moment? Tl see she’s inthe office 30 I¢san interesting book buts ben disappointing in sles tt. She's on very 00d wR... with everyone atte offic He il has come tn REM. with is alae to be promoted 31 He offered meth ob but inthe same i BA sad he changed his ind Fam just going to step otside fr a FEM... fresh The crowd hed ther. ath. a the captain prepared take the pena For questions 32-39, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word given. Here is an example (0) © He was attracted to her from the moment he saw her. love He ocounf@lLJ Jove. with. her. at frst. sight. 32 We get on very well with our neighbours terms We un Af@.90. Very. good. terms. with... our neighbours. 33. There's alot of traffic on the road today so she'll probably arrive late. likely She ...8.Ukely. 40. arrive. late. as | because... there's alot of traffic on the road today. 34 The Minister’ failure to explain the incident caused considerable speculation. The Minister's failure to explain the incident gave.cise, to. considerable speculation, 35 Everyone said that what had happened was my fault. blame Everyone said that I gs, to, blame. for. what had happened, 36 Is this the hotel where the conference is going to be held? take Is the conference going to take place in. this hotel? 37 _ Before reaching a decision, you must consider all the possibilities. account ‘You must ..take.al.the. possiblities. into.account... before reaching a decision. 38 Her parents were surprised to hear that she had decided to leave home. Her decision to leave home came. as. sucoris. 19. her parents, 39 They have made her responsible for the investigation into the crime. charge She has been ...ut.in. chara ofthe. investigation... into the crime ea ‘jdurexa “yop “so0nbsow Jo sye1 ~ ouRAD auued9q So}90ds aos J 2109104 Ino ‘uO 40} ‘| 1nq pouwoddosip sepued “~~~ 5yqj~"--~ Sou Apoud Je 128dN 29 je POM 9m puE UOOULXD YptA ppouoteasuy 3ujaq sajeqy se soxsods “= ysig""™™" ge AON ayHPIHK Yat PauszoUDD axe oY a}do2q_—§ “2ouvysu jg] “uorUNOS 01 “Ay 24) apysino din ep & aye or YANN OE sang uouoypaeg ax “py SYABUUPUT SHOU aqp YSTA ISMUE NOK SUOMBY UL AI NOK NYA —F suronueg pte sopoypy 21910) yB"- SpURIT BuNSSAONUL “ys” ESHER BHTUD yg 2osy PUL Omid se gag srogdosoyd yaaup Jo Som amp peas or poy Kydosonyd SuuKpmIs 212% OY" 280 T sopidung pue sojpoudos sp" sisneueAp Ya1D yo sKeyd ayn peas 9 pur|Su| UE AyssoatUN ye exMTeION POFPMS [HOUT stad s0 s2yous 10 siwoByo 0 saumpasp afuens yans doay aydoad aos “pues oq UeD se YRS YpIM J0pI0 Pom suL_(@) sod s0 yout 10 sinodyo 50 ypnsyayy seumoen aBuons doy adood owos ‘9}dusoxe 10} '2y0U 10 sorely ~ si 50 saumoan a8vons 4904 aydo0d aus "=2u018i 10} 9gluox9 Jo} 03 S2AReUsaAye se SE YSN JO OHI] 95N VED AA (8) SSE ppuom areudoudde a1p (pm sooueuas aun aiajdwo> vatp pue sarou ain Kemg ‘mt pup se yong, nemo “ss aoureunzoyzod sy snoge sn Sot Buu949 apous a4 ads 24 ‘nsn “gy “osu nOgE Bury S040] 24 ‘suo1e sou!“ yi7""""* pte “HORDE Ue BOLO SBA 24 ‘MOU NOK Ey 9 “op mo 5 SBD aS UEP TANG "AOS sHHp— SIND. STOp AaFaId |g ‘pussy sp wa JO UN He NOK asneD9q ‘worUIdo Kul UL 'op "ssi" ABH you ANE SIE ye s01e1p 2101, eg pannag Sey a4 oman SuBeuews ~~~~yp pontnodde sem 4 20uis945 ‘ubwioysy Byyr BUA IN SUED HZ ysy egy NS HD HLT sop Joypoig Au s0jop | $0 ‘uopuny wr yom ays Lusoy qi9e © kg pamojoy se “ounouq Auy/our 94 uopucy ur Byam ays unoUosd 40 UnoU © Aq PaMone} Om > en am “sje aze suonoe 10 ajdoad ZuasaZBns suosutdiwo> up) “nowy nok 50 Bos som | 30924 + hq pamojjos vow pu Aer £0 “uo}0220 snouasd Uo 0 onsn so ay suOISsauchD [eIGIOAPE USE 250 94, (2) ‘pum 2p 99 Suwury som 24 ‘ayo 0 yy 398M UIP UDD 245 tuosuedwo> 4 uno © Aq pamoyy anu 250 2% () 22po3) 0 s0 won puou oso 2s0u 124 p08) | ‘duysuoneas® “nop #0 njapuon som 2g} kedpuyy et padeyd sed © > ‘aa UD sD S00 3H ols aucewos amnage ij 02 unou © kq pamoyoy se a5n 2 (©) ‘piom areusdoudde axa yam sded aip Buy sapuanuss atp arejduio> ays pu saiou axa fpms Wy om pun sy azoj9 uadQ Open cloze jarison (2): as, than, so, such The information you need on comparison is given in Unit 4 (page 31) but students often make mistakes in long passages when the missing word forms part of a comparison. Study these notes and examples and then complete the dialogue with the correct word. Eaten) {@) Inthe affirmative, the comparative form Is as... as. In the negative, it may be not as... as or not so. as. (©) The same is ahways followed by as, even though there are a number of words in between, than. as|s0 Jon: Dogs make better companions (1) not (2) affectionate as dogs are Sorah: I don’t agree. My cat is (3) nen MSacnae a good a companion, though its trae that dogs show their affection more openly (5) ..EM Bn a cals, in my opinion. Cats a ctionate towards me as any dog, and just (4) 88 John: But surely they don't have the same feeling for their owners (6) that they're not attached to a person (7). 45152... much as to the dogs. ve always thought use they lve in Soran Perhaps it depends on what you want from a pet. Cats are not (8) mmm SM6h.... good companions as dogs ityou want to play games with them but they're quieter and more restful and I've always preferred a cat because it’s easier to keep one in a Mla in a city (9)... dog. ohn: 1 alld ree with you there, I have exactly the same attitude towards keeping large dogs locked up in small fats (10) BB YOU have clauses and too... for Study these sentences and then complete the sentences below with the correct word in the space. The fel is s0 diry that we can’t ploy there. The feds too dirty for us to ploy there. They were making s0 much noise that we couldn’t enjoy our meol They were making too much noise for us to enjoy our meal They asked so many questions that | couldn’t answer them al They asked too many questions for me to answer them all The bOOK WAS s-$@L interesting that I couldn't put it down, The court Was o.-f02%.enon Wet for us to play tennis. Repairing the house would cost ..$@..UCh... that it's not worth considering, Thave £00 !MQAY...n. things to do this morning to watch that programme. The street was {00 N&ETOW soon the cars to pass each othe They ene S@rnonse Much that it’s no wonder they're fat There have been fat 499... many accidents on this corner. Hee works quite well but he takes £00 M46. time off ined Lior ours pain on sunt oy nt 24 prow of y0] ff wosonb ERE War OM pao 0 900) tale ‘onan a4 mony 11 op nO 24d. 104 ~ ‘ 121 ypu 250 sao i pod 29 . ous psow 20 S050 yons uy sy my oy au0> 2 ony 01 Sou mg pos us» fo Sou 4 Puosiopun sououis Su nos pry sp fo 19 4p a —_—_<_<—$_ um uotueduios wrung $1 J0 9p 249 Ns ZT 30-36" (GT) aN pop aH UH AHH pouuTIaL Shee IFT MG Sq 2 paw “3994 (PL) 998 01 sEAsOLU SEO ye S903 29 0 YEG AFT YOO HOUDIE 2S wud pinoo “ys;gai"~~ (E1) ‘SBuroq UBUNY s9yN0 Ypooxdde 1 pus un 209 yoseos now 47 aspwsounO “Aus 2401 79Eq WAY 248) O} BABY pom ay pases dyvouyed Addequn sea 9 ey) spe sea ype (21) Buna auam Koy" (LL) 99501 8910} 241 01 pouuntas 24 oq IMG Ano "GBH" (OL) Se UNI a4 “sINOD aNp Up 8040) a4 HS so4) pu UK as} UDNA pu oq BOD poosg Loy 39101 sem wed sip 9405 241 u 900 ye YIU 240 pue axEu S.A] 2410024 HOM WAN sIO 2qeLID} © 20) “yp635p}00) (6) 0 PapLEap aH PH 4p Us gH ¥ 30} auedasdun sem yap 204 eu 94) 38°77" (G) 00 pueage mq qoute, 94H 449 w w amyeax9 |ryLowod v yons Surd209 Jo SsBUHp 241 JO “sao (.) iy sea 2428010) 249 01 HY Yoo: argo atAoUDpeR “de NB (9) ATT SY asamp Sayy e035 8 sg" (6) “ywounuoo ax jo sind “~~~~jigy~" (p) © uF nq Sporsoay Zundo.01d Jo suoseas feonoeAd 94 404 se qe. 10} UF Hondas soM Jo ans (E) MU" eFEG=—~ () OU adouNE UL UOHOUHXD OF oUUTE ¥nog otuny us9q 2464 sOajON “AFT poE> ay Y>uYAN‘SuyBUNOW a4 tH KROTw UE no yom FunOs 2 Sep 2u0 me sjeuue Jo gy" (1) u9Dq sMempe pey a4] uoRd>oxD UP s eRNROAD Ut qa1HeZ, wou, ‘1s0u9qeqt Inet Inq “1, WO} uoNOAAP zo9dX9 40 UOLUEdUIO9 ¥ Se [om B as004! pjno ayood mod Soom ays purrs Sy ;Puom ajqeains uo ym aBessed aya UI SyUEIG pavaquINU ay Jo Y>e2 Id a 3591 Word formation Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space Jn the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0) Ee Should we bring back wolves to Scotland? Whe “The lst wof in Scotland was killed in 1749 but there is now a (0) mawement. Nove 7 among conservationists to reintroduce them. Young wolf cubs born in Wax (1) non YY ne i 2008 em just like friendly dogs and those carro Been. who seek (2) nen APREQVA anf the plan point out that seeing them Aprnove : is enough to reverse the (3) .MISCONCEPEIONS about these animals that concert have come down to usin folktales te. “The obvious place for them to be reintroduced in Britain isthe highlands a ‘of Scotland, where there is (4) ....0UNdanE..... fod for them in AwouND diet the shape of wild deer The (5) vw PEQROSAL... is nevertheless bound PRoPOst to be opposed by sheep farmers, just as similar projects inthe United States have annoyed cattle ranchers. EF The conservationists arguments are (6)... RECS4ASHve.... hut experience PERSUADE in the United States, where the territory concerned was immense by ©) enneSQIMPTHEON.... indicate a numberof problems. Wolves travel coma Jong distances in search of food, While (8) ..thusiasts.. would like EXTHUSE his 1s to believe that they are similar to dogs, the (9) ..afestionate erection household companions we know and love, they would be more than likely : tokill and cat any pets tht they encountered. So far there have been n0 reports of wolves attacking human beings in America, but who knows what a ungry pack would do on @ (10). 460880. 0-n- populated island? Dense m=z —— underard fot know the fewer may | ‘uoturdo Aus uy * Sop w st gol yo uos yews ystu ye ‘21e] 1p 2910 24 wHo¥y susoy 128 ,usoop UdYyO pu ZuswioUs aYp UL Y>o2,0 4n0} re dn 398 01 SEY 944 was w osoyp due sfungn ang Janou v u fam 98 ef Sump Jo UOS eH, oroyscue yous ou sex atau pauasap payoo} asnoy 2x, ‘son { apewr isnt 0s ‘omsue yy8ts ayn Jo apy ou Pe | ‘iaMou, ‘sutos sd 01 940) 241 NH} INO WAN DYE ‘3snoy aun punose Hurjo4 puta ayy em “80 eset ‘ysoads Jo ‘241 180] 24 pu waprooe oy) w pounfur Sea IRONND SHEL ‘ayunoo amp yo sme] 241 poBuey> 24 (1 amo ay se woos sy ‘nok diay 01 uy w Syp62949 Op LL ajqisuodsou spear sea sorstun up yp 998 ue nok ‘sour ayp uodiag ‘nok jing owe 0} Sem U0 OU eH SKes 1H0d95 HLL 101 aweu smog ind nos a10}09 AyRyose9 YoeNUOD aMN YBHO.N sadedsmou a4 ut Yooq Sy uo YEN oH (01 poystuorse ses 941 ‘seouanuas aauip ie ut Ajaeydoadde posn ag ue> rey pom Ayuo aya 022.04 (qq 40 Dg “y) 1009] a4 punare BUD eINg y soouauas paddo8 Sunajduio> Saguaquas \ Gq sentences ly in all What are you looking at me like that for? I've got nothing to Tean’t think why you the keys where no one can find them. ‘She was very upset but thought it best to her feelings. 6 ie hit eg awe Tl We'll have to fast it w hat not going to miss the train, ‘over and make room for Joan to sit down. At first I thought the room was empty but then I saw something inthe far corner, money and soon into debt. He was very careless wil He treated her badly when they were little but when she grew up she her own back It.was a nice place to spend a holiday but the awful weather me down, 8 [A answer B consequence € score @ result ‘Can you tell me the ‘of the blood test I took last week? What was the of the match you played yesterday’? She's been undergoing treatment for the past month and as a(n) she feels much better. yos9 01 1 ,4op 08 au dI9q P,nOK pres HOK ei ois Buoxm 24,n06 ams w,1 Inq Susso8Bns 4NO% EHH NOUYT — 6 ii i 5336 3 4of paysmund jus nq so S91 34 SUEIINHIO OM HT i pai 8 umof ,aasey pur Seng S198 4994 24 14 UH [SE OOS Se AEH L ia) is Ba Sou Sunyovouddo 52 9 ‘iis ab pelos 24 Sjaywunyiojun yng Jay 2 $ aii 8B auokson9s2ssed r ii 36 2yiom ye afdood soqo oun yap diysuoqn £ aa Tae soniaq yon Huj2y we pure NOUS z ee aq sada yous oy 210 ps ys 1 yu op uo uwunjo> 40 uopisodaud asetidoudde aya pue asue 2204 p ut Jomsue anok a),4 ona aunbod pays 950 ful 398 Quon at ua add you Uy Saseayd 2 a 398 :5q/04 jOsDItig mus sur LL popup st way Bu 40 199830] 24 TE oes wr ou paadons 01 asj2 auoiano yn satadsoa auorane axoqo a1 J0 Sem TT sige au 9u0 UI WIA SION mO}Eq 25 palq 40 yeusiue 3301109 ‘ap Yala uo|ssasdxe U>ea arajduo> “s]ewue pue spaiq Yalm suo|ssoudx9 Jo uO} moje s90ua0Uas yy. sasoiyd jousjuy :hspjnqor0n 3ujpuodxg with the ses the ry sts at night. {be found, succeed. with down, may. ion for Ind to ay, with ga of Key word transformation ith get (Study these phrases with get and complete the sentences with the most appropriate one in each case in the Korrect form. Use the correct possessive pronoun instead of one's etamove on + gercold feet + getinto debt * getintoone'sstide + get on one's nerves get one's own bock + get out ofhand + getridof + getthesack + get the beter of The way he smiles as soon ashe sees someone with a camera irritates me. It really .n..GEES. OUI. MEER. 2 don't know why you keep those old clothes you never wear. You shoud... G6. £id Af. them al. BS _He'sa very good businessman. You won't find it easy to... GEE. the, Metter Of... him in a deal & He found the work rather difficult at frst, but once he understood what he had to do, he soon at into his stride, E Ifyou come to the office as late as this tomorrow, you'l... 4. the. $4¢k Get. a.move.on.....! We're all waiting for you! F {don’t believe in borrowing money. Once you ....9et. into, debt you never know if you'll be able to pay it back BS Things have, got. out. of hand..... 1m afraid we've lost control of the situation, He treated me very badly when we were at school together so I'm just waiting for the opportunity to gt my..cwn. ack, She said she was going to tell the boss what she thought about him but atthe last minute she got.cold. fet... and lacked the courage to go through with it rmation Fer each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first Seecence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight Breeds. including the word given. F We're not very well off but we've got enough to live on without going hungry. wolf We're not very well off but weve got enough to ....AGER. the. Wot. from. the, doo. 2 He had always liked animals fond He had always been fond of, animals. 3 Ifthe Government doesn't act soon, the situation will be beyond their control hand If the Government doesn’t act soon, the situation will cet. out. of hand, 4 Doyou know the risks involved in keeping the animal here? Are. you. aware. of the risks involved in keeping the animal here? S Weer these tests to help the teacher separate the good students from the weaker ones. sheep We set these tests to help the teacher separate the sheep. from. the goats 6 That awful rap music they're playing upstairs is driving me mad, That awful rap music they're playing upstairs is getting on. my. nerves. 7 They arrived late because of the heavy traffic, due Their late arrival was. due to the heavy traffic 8 You're wasting your time. I's search that won't lead you anywhere. chase You're wasting your time. You're iwvolved in 9..wil goose, chase. ‘on with the Ises the Key word transformation jes with get Study these phrases with get and complete the sentences with the most appropriate one in each case in the correct form. Use the correct possessive pronoun instead of one’s. seta move on + getcold feet + getinto debt + getino one’s side * get on one’s nerves selone's own back + get outofhand > getridof = getthesack + get the beer of (ests at night {be found, succeed. with own ay bn for iid to with gat of 1 The way he smiles as soon as he sees someone with a camera iritates me, It really ...GRtS.0M.tNx..IV, 2 [:don't know why you keep those old clothes you never wear. You should .....9¢6i. af them all 3 He'savery good businessman. You won't find it easy to... the. better Of... him in a dal 4 He found the work rather difficult at firs, but once he understood what he had to do, he soon apt. inc, stride 5 Ifyou eome to the offic as late as this tomorrow, you'l....98. 6. $6, 6... Gea. move.on....1 We're all wating for you! 7 {don’t believe in borrowing money. Once you... int, det you never know if youl beable to pay it back 8 Things have. got out. ofhand..... I'm afraid we've lost control of the situation. 9 Hie treated me very badly when we were at school together so I'm just waiting for the opportunity to ‘get. my. 2, back, B0 She said she was going to tell the boss what she thought about him but atthe ast minute she at. cold. feet... and lacked the courage to go through with it formation For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the frst Sentence, using the word given, Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight Swords, including the word given. 1 We're not very well off but we've got enough to live on without going hungry. wolf We're not very well off but we've got enough 0 nw A@&P, the Wolf from, the, door 2 He had always liked animals fond He had always been fond of. animals S the Government doesn't act soon, the situation will be beyond their control hand If the Government doesn’t act soon, the situation will act. out. ofhana 4 Doyou know the risks involved in keeping the animal here? Are. you, aware. of the risks involved in keeping the animal here? ‘We set these tests to help the teacher separate the good students from the weaker ones, sheep ‘We set these tests to help the teacher separate the sheep. from the. goats 6 That awful rap music they're playing upstairs s driving me mad, That awful rap music they're paying upstairs is getting on.my.reeves. 7 They arrived ate because of the heavy traffic, due’ Their late arrival was, due, to, the heavy traffic $ You're wasting your time. I's a search that won't lead you anywhere. chase You're wasting your time. You're involved in 9.wild goose chase, yp1p wapowr ~~~ gyi" PoresUEN u99q KEY Om STH OT “uetano ayy ose 01 soBeueus afeys ayy "gy" POYBUAS LOAN ALL G ayfiu MosioWoI SouEUUOYad ayL jg" SIEOS INO] PEAS. es uy smourey ©" UH SUNS SSE WH, estoyon ayy jg" hed o1 a8ey NOK PIP YO AHL 9 ‘sje auoomos "nig" NOK YoOISU [no We paynoys [AUS WL] § -ayol ayy ig pays] Aoyd ayn BumjoreN wAIPH OMT, “saqpop soon gg passaup SEM IO]E A, E “Kod 24 mr 2ouvuusopsad 304 "ys" 194 pareIMEsBUOD |Z ‘uojstnaqon uo yore yegioo} a ZuysTEA pur aneaKp ax O1 Bus0s ~~ ss" BOON 1 PRY —T uonsodaud aneudoudde oxp yum saouanuas aip arajduio5 -aspuexe snp Zundurene a1ojeq 907 @Bed uo | xpuaddy épms suonssodasd Bupjor squ2, “Assman gs Sea8 a4 URW AL ag Suwodde Speauye sem LL “yup uum © nox Bang 1 “pq ap HO UOYAA "NOK A198 TJE-PQ “BT OB pmo |/PAsH Yoo OX —-9 Jypuoyy mx9u yum avo ys" 5.94 F585 UY Repor Samp ig" USE NETIDS IY, tuogud “gg yuas pu kyr punoy Sea 24 yun09 dn JUTED 9S TY UHM "uawous ayp re pautedas Bulag yop "jf" Sa] “atqssod se Uoos st ogre “pyr pauuntar Aowp os ajqnon auifuo padojasap diys ayn Was-——ypr atom KOMP ETAL ys “ge adam Kay putoy ‘94 pouimias ay wows pue Zunaou w pjay S19y0M ayp ssouNg “i AEA MN SSO WYANT yuo 5 $908 ayy ayn yoodas “4g ApwaaTE uae | Os Burwsous o4p Ul OY Aw BxOJaq awOY ONO] TT pimp w sem Losiod aip fee pjnom am auoy ae suoydaye atp posomsue ‘om jaNq "2 aptsino BupuRDS axe am DUMP Us} uOsied eg pos ap uo ‘suoy 08 | Aes om rep ON pom on (08) yom 10 ‘Assoqun 01 (03) ‘Aue ne uo (0) aso (08) 03530 op 2 (8) esd 01 (08) vosud ous or (08) 2102] uo (08) 2408) U0 rudsoy 0% (03) uy 10 “opyey wo (03) snoqioy 0 (pos) snoqu04 ut ‘np wo (08), pop ut uno> 0 (903) ‘pump 0 (08) pnp 10 supsng uo (08) 440 uo ‘uy 98 ‘uonisodad areidosdde ayp yay mojag soDuezues aup arejdwo> pu ‘a2u210j04 104 21 SP 957, (anoge Bupjre s1 1oxeeds aup jedsoy yoy mouy apn) Tomdsoy oup uy sar88 Au si 03 Byo8 wy "Wu2pO90 409 0 ur Lny som apy TBaIdsOy Ut SH ssojdurexe asoip ut se ‘a2eid “ejnonsed e anoge Supye) axe om ssajun parywo s} yp 2104" suOREIO||OD UOUILUOD Jo JOqUINU BIE OUOYL s40)3020]]09 woulLUo> az0j9 uadQ particular uc) oes tmmed he [ubring [appropriate Open cloze the thing that) What can be used as subject or object in noun clauses to mean ‘the thing that. What made me laugh was the expression on his face. You aren't fistening to what I'm saying. Ber cis not used with an adjective or with words like all, everything etc. The only thing that amused me wos the expression on his face. All (that) you care about is having @ good time. Nou havent token ary notice of anything (that) Ive been saying. plete the paragraph by writing what or that in each space. Actors usually fee! a litle nervous before a performance but the thing (1) ....8MAE..u. frightens them | eesti going blank, This is (2) on .MMAE..... happens when you do not remember (3) .un#A@e you | Fave to say next and even ifthe prompter whispers the next line, you don't remember (8)... | HEomes after it. Everything (5) ...ANE..... you have learnt suddenly goes out of your mind and the only BIg (6) BM nn matters isto try to Fecover before the audience notice (7) nonlin is going Ee Ifyou cannot do this, all (8) okl@ none YOU can dois to say something Hike (9) wn tHMM ao the {er is supposed to say and hope that you don't miss out something (10) uf! i important fan understanding of the play. during refers to the length of a period of time. During and in are used to refer to something that happened Been int period * 5 I booked in atthe hotel forthe night Joke up several times duringlin the night BH _Iewassuch a boring play that I didn’t know ifT could stand it... the whole performance. BS Patrons are asked not o leave their seats at any time ...AWEN.... the performance You've been asleep wmf Mmmm halfan hour, Hell asleep... 4... the performance ofthe play We'll have time for a drink... 4UCiNg...... the interval because it lasts .a..u£% uum a quarter of an hour, lBttle, a few, a little, fewer, less, not much, not many dy these notes. Then complete the sentences below with one word from the list. 1G) Few (often very few) suggests something negative. fe means not many. Little often very lietle) means not much. {A few is more postive. lt menns ‘some but not many’. A little means ‘some but not much There were very few people ot the meeting but afew decisions were reached 1©) FewiA few are used with countable nouns, little little with uncountable nouns Tye bought a litle cheese and a few tomaroes HO) Fewer isthe comparative form of few les is the comparative form of litte. There ore fewer boy than eis inthe cose Theyve go less money thar we hae. the theatre 4 He haso’t....MCh.... eause to blame anyone else for what happened. He would be on stronger ground ite made...._wer..... mistakes himself Tagree. He should have a...jitl.... patience and then there Would De eun@SS.. Cause for complaint 1 There weren't very .....MAM¥..... people in the audience but when he came on stage &.£Wanan Of them started to applaud. 2 Teas my impression that ery nn £Q..... people understood the play and eve onn£EWEF nn. enjoyed it 3 Thave very cnlttlE. nu time (0 spare these days but when ThaVe @ eon flMasnon days off Falways go to nu se + (g) 1 Buiddoyo yno yng aouoypne 24 pus aya ve yng a}qUIO) SEHR (,) soousypny ng "1 28a4}99 Ape “FS 1ysnoup | 1ey) Burwano s94h0 ap Aeyd ¥ O1 NaH | sfasuENS A194 19894” nas e sa} nq 1@nop | - 20uaHxu Hoty BunewHsozopun 29 OY LEAL “AWOL “aouatpne oun jo stoquio yu384a1u 210M a4} 04 eodde iis ap (6) W-pu> 2p 01 oreo 2auoned 4 anny ou gi” (21400 auuos edie pa sensu yeu gsr (€) aude Ing HR 39" fai" Z) NOR ‘Suo] oo1 yonut §3p “azweatp aqp UL pasoons 01 edoy “~~ gigip57"" CD) eM 4 Ae W 3,ue> uevp sounes youre 57) 3yByRU 25r “A> 20u 51 Agysod ap yup nok y ‘aseuyd 40 piom areuidoudde ue yim andojeip axp ut saousnUas atp o12}dW0D “soy ayous uo> avolay saxo shenye rip Aqssod © stosdxo 0: posn Aso ste (P) -asmoy ayp oj rsnfAuo s.ays 74 anDayp axp 30 2q 3,409 2YS “Bw som ays arsyn hos 2.upip 245 ‘an0241 ap 30 aq ou ADU ays -sases eane\nodiy ul pue oun sed vy posh 51 3,upinoc souavesesauo8 uy pe awa 2085044 ut pas 8 (Goud) pe faqnsodun oxepul nupinoa|(aouue>)3,ueD - 200" sdeyod,as088ns 20u ayBheyy °) 24 99 Y00)u590P 11399 MDH afl BsOdds | se 95 Apayssod 9422p 598Bns pynom 3g soydusexe afin w pasn aq PINeD WHBHAA. (A) “Suvana sup sano] wyos Aous y ‘APNop S400) 3 jssooyes ou auod 3upjoa aq Abus ays Sup 5246 204 3S OU “anoot a0 2q Abus oy 135 224% MOU 2.0 | suonsonb ut pue saseuLiye ayp ul 3yS}us Jo pears pasn 99 we> prnos \Bnoip“souasunsip sejonued u Anygssod 3noqe Bunya voy syst pu Aes asm fyesou oA (*) -asir1axo aip arojdulo> or Bunduone exojaq sanou asoup ApmaS pino> ‘wed ‘3yBiuu “Awpy :A24]191580d wwo.snof nd a4,n0« a104y 12810) pure Bun ~~g3%g"""~" auoKIAND noge KuION nO, “OWIOUe ‘xgn0H a4) S38 2512 “SsiaR5A5™” PONOOL 9A BsMEDDG MONDAY a mg MU Ao, Aus Puy r.weO TS 10 s,as0y) 08 ‘paystuy Aeau 24,2§~ {29P 01 pB0U 29 op 219 - am “squPIp “Op 01 9512" A 1u0aUuOS 2g ISM I] “ON = oxo “seRisag” OME parse an [suNOK SNP T= “asia “sis” POMAUE uDARY [AREY ATO ~ {fused ayy 0} Burw109 51 a5p9* -syuean 2919 cee iio pom BuO Bim seruaIUDS axp 29440 (cuossad soypouo) +,2s}9 au0owos 2q zsnu 3 “au YOU $3) (@uuup saxnouo) “op o1 sn sof asye py AsaA st arey) (Bunp sayr0 2eyA =) oP | UO> 25] 204MM (ajdoad satpo atp ify =) “2uH0y au08 soy asje au0Ksarg “Sasie “Woy ssassod e tp pasn 0g ue> 2 Yanus pu 2724 AM 'spuom onsen 2s0u yam ‘ouoyA- ‘BuUR- “2t0- “pod > a1p ipim -OU * -ouuos *-Laana -Aue sBuluuldoq oxp Buuiquuo> sp1om Yay pasn st] 404R0, SULAU OSI ‘ii quem nok pia 1 2209 to Biss enaingd these notes before attempting the exercise & possessi 1G) We generally use can to express ability or capacity inthe present, including the idea of now how o', and ‘could as the past form: lean speak French ond l could speak Engish when | wos stil acid. fe sentences relating to the near future, we can use ean and could but in most cases and inthe present [perfec tense we use forms of able to. ‘Can you meet me tomorrow? Wel, | could if we meetin the morning. When Ive seen oll the endence, be able to make a decision. Thaven't been able to goto the theatre recent ve been to busy. TS) inpast time, we must use was able to, not could, to indicate a particular achievement rather than general ability Becouse he could swim he was able to swim tothe shoe when the ship sank Jn such cases, we can use managed to or succeeded in (+ gerund) instead of was able to. | Able to is found with modals like may, might, must but not with can or could, Tlean’t promise the st wil be ready by tomorow, but | may be able to finish i by the day after. xe the sentences with one suitable word. Count short forms, lke can't and couldn’e as one word. ‘When he was young he $94... rn 100 metres in 10 seconds Tve never been able. to afford a holiday in a place like Hawaii ‘After quouing for half an hour outside the theatre, ..,usceeded... in buying a ticket Twon't be ble. to give you an answer until I've studied the evidence, Talike to see you tomorrow if enn getaway from the office 1 don’t know much about that, Tm afraid, but my colleague ih. (may... be able to help you. I's worth asking her, anyway. Tye been trying to contact her all morning but I haven'....@Neged.... to each her so far He... £QUIdM..... find the book he was looking for at first, but when he got a ladder he was... BI. toget it down. He .... succeeded... in solving the problem after years of research. Candidates forthe post Sh be able 10 use a word processor. Je trouble your own! anew to and (in)capable of “These phrases do not mean exactly the same thing. Able (unable) to is more common in specific circumstances — ‘apable) of means ‘able to and likely to’. In an examination item, however, i is more important E remember the different structures used. Compare these sentences. g wos unable to attend the meeting becouse ofa previous engagement. He's the most honest person | know, incopable of telling a le. When | left hospital, my leg was better and I was able to run/capable of running quite fest lly is not ‘Complete these sentences with the correct word. Some actors af 8 neon to remember two parts at the same time. rE He's nical... of reading a simple speech without making mistakes The computer is ....6@P0HlE..... of solving the most difficult mathematical problems in a few seconds. ‘They've taken him to hospital because he's... UNA... 10 look after himself. ‘Once you've learnt your lines, YOU be nun A onmn 40 Say them in your sleep. “zayyBine] yiym paze0s uaupyy 244, 298uny yo Sushp sem 24 J yno payst sNOHYEIES Od “sig (ED qe peasg, piom 4p pauoruow 94 [HUN yony OU PeY 9H -UL AA "yap" (HL) OF aT sou aun Suroq ‘optsino oq sx sypanipey, puw ApAIND mopurN a4) AMYs ay XL, Woy og" (EL) 20U se ay 1U94 24) INOgE au0o Pe sHEAEpEH J! YN PPP IN ost MeL un pas’ (ZL) 01 Hupe OU PIP aH sNONFEIEY 3} FUPFOO] NOK IY, PIES SWONTHIEN, pres sen yp" (TD) poss Gy =""5g65°~—~ (OL) ut Andnage Sukdde paddoys own pu asneydde so sing, an aay por uaupyyp au, 0 posoad ora ao pray ayn pue pauado mopar Aout suourayoxe Jo LuoBe ue woop a4) w2do 01 u0atIOS 20} ai" (6) B10 MOS 1 Suyyowen uaspgo 9 pu sousuie ~~" (g) som anon ow SILOS 5B" (LD _g10t1 nos axe ‘ssoryerey, tno payte> pue JOOP © re PayDouy ‘9H “2}qnon Jo 1n0 wy 398 01 ~~ sg" (9) 24 IU MM pudLy 240 o4p 40) BunyoIEDS 12918 ‘2 punoue Suopwen sea 94] OS puy “ggg (G) 2uOaLIOS see ay Fru “OyEISI 7 () nun uoyeoa pe ea 10}04 SEP AIT" (E) ¥ TUDE HAE pre OU pinoo pur sood seas 1 suio}qoxd Jo spury re pey aH “Aba sty Bun03 se“ GiAgaaij™~ (Z) ADK poy egy" (1) uneydutoo o1 parses sheaeifpeH “WomyserEy 0424 242 05 fo} # OO & st ay asne00q wy ano] UDUPI jsHEARH{pEH, AMO pouD wo1 wos} 2M UL uns VasPHYD OM Pu Ho uu aun “uoq o1 wovfs 24) 10 jes 24) sea 12qrOFOY poms BuFoq SYPHS Jo PuNOS 94, 080 sino drxys 200045 us woys waddnd y iom ajqeins euo tam aBessed atp ul Syueyg pavoquunu ata jo ype yf 38h Word formation the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space Same line. There is an example at the beginning (0. actor atest lm, Phe Ki, Bruce Willis plays the part ofa (0). 34ST. success meets himself as he was when he was eight years old ssman who by may hates everything about the little boy, who is fat and (1)... M@E¥OUS.... and is Neve fied by other children but the child is equally (2) .4mimpressed.... by the man he IMPRESS become. certain extent, the film reflects Will's own childhood, When he was the was very shy and had a speech defect for which he was bullied. Acting in play (3) 8904... him to conquer i, and when he grew up he hid ane curity behind a tough outward (4) ..aPRearance APPEAR is was so (5) ...M¥Nina... that it won him the big part in Moonlighing convince bis (6) haviour... off the sercen reinforced the impression, netive ‘Until he married Demi Moore in 1987, he was always getting involved in fights. Dring the 11 years oftheir (7) ...MQPriage....,in which the couple had ay “three daughters, they are said to have earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Wills's obsession with money and pewter, however, cst him a lot. He bought a and a chain of restaurants, and both projects failed (8) ..s2ectacwary. srecracis, € of his films failed, too, but his (9) ..FOLmance.. asa tough guy inthe Penton, pa ‘Seranare rom Demi Moore in 1998, he says hei ied of playing the same kind of part He would like more interesting roles. Nevertheless, a fourth Die Hard film three Die Hard films saved his reputation. Since his (10) is also planned. up 198 shea 1 OP KUN 2040 sit uy Suor $908 rey) FumypAroA9 40} 319 4000 UO 10119 sno 03 v= 9qp and nos vey 94ns ayBU! 09 S| SoNMJod UH Ssaa9MS Jo AINE IIH OL soanyey soy soy 9 3B 01 SH OY BUENOS ORES Y LE AOm aT eT + ‘oy wap 9421 1,20'sn ano Kou YY sn Ae 3,uOp SoU IT sty e own “aonsng yo“ uvadoang o4p 18 apa e se poruodde u29q 8,941 NT « our dps fo 2409 woods sex yoeoo 041 84) ou yng Aouos owed a 1 01 ORS LUpIPsuawOdAD ano HH NA 1 OT } 31 0 90u Supods Kytgou 99 Wo Par ATX ST | ‘uo ano purus os ‘wo ypEm op 01 Bumyrou sey a aveALE SA sam 9p 01 uewow sy £08 #5248 TO es ] 11305 +» pu 1 Buyin uaog 24 “pp so} 8 Bop 2xn 94S ae sjsinog aye puE I#O9 NOK YO OYE ‘zl youonpen jo" 2p S| SUBOHO MON, ee seousnvas 2auip yeu Aoreudosdde posn aq ue kip pxoM fyuo aus 02 xu (C0 9 "A “W) 499] ap PuNOsE 9PUP EIN saguaquas paddp inall to prepare the meal. fa pity they couldn't come! My wife went toa lot of. ‘with him is that he never listens to anyone else's advice. hhad a lot of back .. recently and may have to go to hospital . to represent their interests. they win a seat in parliament, they will have no Vt you dare use that tone of to your grandmother! 'doubt if they can hear you at the back. You'll have to raise your . The children cocussom With laughter when the clown fell down. just managed to step back on the pavement as the lorry In the darkness, not far from their camp, a lion [shall . It looks a good plan but it remains to be scen whether they can .-itout, He has tried to advise the boss but his views don't seem to .. ‘much weight. Key word transformation Expanding vocabulary: Theatre and cinema A Study the following phrases and make a note of them. Pay special attention to any prepositions used. Then fit ‘each one into an appropriate place in the sentences. THEATRE on stoge in the wings inthe dressing room the frst night CINEMA on the sereen inthe projection room the premiere THEATREICINEMA atthe box office inthe front row inthe foyer 1 She was very neous while she was being made up... dressing. 00m, on the ics night. of the production of Hamlet and even more so when she was waitit in the wings. to make her first, entrance, but as soon as she got on, stage she forgot her nerves completely 2 Fire broke out .if. the. projection room of the Classic Cinema last night at the. premiere of the new Stallone film, Rocky 13, just asthe audience were waiting forthe curtain ogo up and the teste appear athe screen Tm going to pick up the tickets... B9X office... and then PI meet yOu annundA. the foyer Our seats are.....1Ne FON. W... so we should have a good view ofthe stag Replace the phrases in italic ype with the verb carry in the correct tense and the appropriate preposition or adverb, Write your answer in the column on the right carry. out ‘carried. on ‘carry, through, 1 Atlast he was able to put his plan into practice. 2. He continued working although he was very tired. 3. He behaves as ithe were the owner of the place. 4 We've managed to bring the project to a successful conclusion inspite of all the difficulties. ‘When he forgot his lines, he wasn't sure if he could deal succesfdly with it without the audience being aware of it. carey {id off Expressions with voice and breath © Study these phrases and complete the sentences with the most appropriate one in the correct form. Use the ‘correct pronoun instead of one’. ing loud voice + in that tone of voice ~ lke the sound of one's own voice + make one’s voice heard + raise one’s voice He knocked at the door and called out in.@. loud, voice. ‘Are you there?” ‘When he gets upto speak, you never know when i wll end, Like all politicians, he likes, the scund of his own voi 3° Don't speak to me in, that, tone of voice. It’s very rude. 4 Tan hear you very well. There's no need to tai Your. voice S _ They fee! that no political party represents their interests so it is difficult to ....™ake their voice heard, hold one's breath ~ inthe same breath + out of breath + under one’s breath » toke one's breath away 6 After running all the way tothe theatre, he was ut. of breath, 7 He didn’t dare to contradict the director, but muttered, ‘Silly old fool is, breath The audience nud. theif. Breath... asthe actress opened the envelope to announce the wigner of the Oscar. He doesn't know what he wants. He tells me how to play the part, and then says can do as ike. in the same breath ve never seen such a wonderful performance. It was astonishing. It.....8@9K my, breath, aay Key word transformation mation Then fc For exch of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the fist Sercence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight Brords, including the word given tine 1 Take an umbretia because it may start raining later on. Take an umbrella in.case starts raining later on of the Ee 2 Tetived here all my lie. bom . ve lived here since.1.was, born, to appear 3 Byasupreme effort they managed to get the stage ready in time forthe frst night succeeded By a supreme eff. they succeeded.jn,ottina. the stage ready in ime for the first night ition or “Open the door, he shouted E voice in ‘Open the door, he sald. in.a. loud, yoice ugh haven't seen her since she left schoo! ; last stl The Jost. same. as, when she left school & The standard ofthe acting astonished me Use the breath The standard ofthe acting took. breath. any. 7 He can only walk with the sid ofa stick mai incapable He....16. Incapable of walking. without... the aid ofa stick ard S He loves hearing himself tlk sound y He loves the sound of. his.own voice. | | i Go Bo “Boy 108 pu BeyuaM Buowm w YOO | Kepor ng ay AMOS ayo anes yo paso" JouRE 9991-91] Fur9q 20} "SA MUL ——g Jam" gp" PE MUONS WUE WBMES Soa aUOY Ke aA UO IG HoMU KHON SOA = ‘Wau ayy yosunos7apis"""" NOKPI= uyee daaqse “psp 1 asoddns 1 nq OB snow ue dy" L HAP UO - 42s 40} a8] 24,806 pue Spears asepyeasg dn gH OL SU SAT * syns sno use 1] Buous uos BY I0} JasINOs “gu” 1 WOSEDS OW BNOR upon 24) 01 poniau ud9q 244 pue kepumes wo poseWs ~~ Buse" ase sure puE UO Z sous Sea ay aS FSU HT JOM alqeains & yim mojaq soousIUDs atp 919jd.WO> ‘uo puom 'ysom ‘dn 390m ‘dh puoi ‘nop 8 “10s ‘synods soquouss ‘)) 2uodaud “sou ‘uo! srexduy any “api 128 Yalu) Ino pu 45350 4p} 2pO2p 24709‘) asByodD unouosd onpoyes ON. (2) 2am 3380 posn 108 asdn 128 ‘pasa 123 pows0U 19 280) 108 ‘pauosa 15 paBo2ua a8 passayp 128 pastes 2d 1 paworsma20 108 oidppied ased +395 (@) (yps0v0) dors wana toy 3.09 ssiaipo (jer2u0) yBlon poe: ‘anu sanponu nonpe ‘saojmD1Bu0> sanpoyau Ayeuuiou ou ove ae suonze SuRe>.pul (ete) yous aune> Yaprsue> ayfhowp yam paxseuu0> (esou0) pana yon‘ los ‘ssxdro 9ponuo> spoads uum paxseuuc> (yas2v) so Au0s (pa) 29 ‘Jo pews (pl) 29 lua “snaz2p jonuo> "sung suoy2q DEMO “UOROWE 40 4NOWEYDG \pH po222UL0 ‘Wos2u0) 2004s ry ny ‘wnoup ‘Puafap ‘1 “ung s1eBuep 40 ued yumm porsouuc> ‘SqH9A DAPKOUOU (©) eee ‘afenduyj uno anok uy aBesn aya 02 wtp azedwo> pur »p9y> & se sisi] asoip 957] unououd aArxoyas ou S| a1ayp 40 ‘ajdonied ased + 398 uononinsuoo aip so4pse asn am ysyug Ut ‘saBendue| 42\n0 Ut pasn s1 qloA aAKayau & aoYm S9se> AUEW Uy seanDUN93/0 PUD squad aAIxooy no of uous asad HBO am SHON Ho] 284 UEIPRED MN AON — OL asia say sigs Bs HM Pate ,uOp 2m 7 Won ‘dorydOUNC AOC PND TE aE2M 6 Const Soa) ssi” im eso 01 poumesRond ame SUNDER I 8 Fr A So ee IG ST 0 {kta oe yoo 07 we PT DION YLT HOU 9 (iis ass" IsHS Aue Y0O| pIno4s a\do00 pore § (seg “3i67 ss SES" HOU PIMED NO "Ss asOMN HIM FY AUPINOUS NOR £ z “nga HH No 40 ap HN AA [FW aT “pig $900, Kuo 941 2U0KUE yp 0} Fumes 0 agedeou aH, BS IS eT UT TS HST’ MM HOT HKG T (arqeo8uey>s00u faze yoy) suiio} eooudina, aya yo 9U0 ipa 40 unoUOAd aA)xoya4 2DaLHOD aun YAIM sBDuERUES 4p ar9IEWOD sonppswoun sanyosanok saipoue ou sanjoeno O81 ‘jos104 ‘yosuuNy aoypo yee sosanok ‘york Sr SESE azoj9 uadQ suso] ,0>0a4)904 pup sunouosd onxoyoy jen cloze Verbs expressing preference C Compare the structures used with these verbs and adjectives. | would rather have cofee than tea. | prefer coffee to tea, ike coffee more/better than tea I would rather go to cosses than study at home | prefer going to classes to studying at home. would prefer to go to cesses rather than (to) study at home. ike going o classes moreibetter than studying at home. | would lke to go 1 desses rather than to study ot home |i my opinion, going to cesses ts preferable to studying ot home. Complete the sentences below with one suitable word in each gap. BP much eo OHREE 80 10-8 Football MACH nul nnn Watch it on TV. 2 Tvl fan concentrating On Subjects THRE sn £Qo nnn studying everything 3 1_ie ng music myself beter MAM none listening tit 4 Gina Traveling to a different place every year for holidays is... REEEECABE.... to going tothe same one. White nn MA. YOU snl GEME ives inthe country or in the city? 6 el a N nn QonnnnnBO 10 the CONE ON MY OWN. Gerund and infinitive: Expressing preference e+ past BPD Seudy the tst of verbs of preference in exercise C and note which of them are followed by a gerund, which of your them by an infinitive with or without to. Then complete these sentences with an appropriate verb in the correct form. 1 Would you rather stay hhome or would you prefer 10 ean 8, to school? 2 Ton ke nnn BENMING..... time on subjects that don't interest me. 3 Two 6 10 nnn a teacher and have to correct all that homework. 4 Ipreter Play... games to studying but rather study, than have nothing todo. Uhate being idle. 5 She stid she had enjoyed nnn EEA... the class and she wouldn't mi teaching... the same class next year 6 Weedon’ mind parents .ut@@CHiNA..... their children at home if they enjoy sing itand are qualified but Pa like them to sive me more information before I give an opinion omit Td rather not Say anything definite a this stage because Pd hate 10 nn! 4 mistake Verbs, adjectives and nouns followed by prepositions E Study Appendix | on page 200 before attempting this exercise. Complete the sentences with the appropriate reposition, 1 Don't interrupt me while I'm working. I'm trying to concentrate uM non MY WOT. 2 He passed his final examination and was admitted i.u£Quunnon the university 3) Hissister had no difficulty eonwllnnon passing the exam, either 4 Tm not satisfied withthe education my sm i receiving. insist nM.unu- Seeing the head teacher. S$ Ton’ agree nnnutith un yOu about children being educated at home 6 many case, very few parents are abe to take advantage wn.nnu-2- nnn this opportunity 7 They've been instructed snmonlnmun the latest techniques 8 Hes very £000 eal nnnnne Maths but he doesn't make much progress with languages 9 She enjoys studying the subjects she's ROOM n-ne BUR ist terested sl ve the est 10 You must not be absent nanwfC9M.... chool without a note from your parents. soup ype 0} awoy ve Keys 07 oun 241 Se 48 Se SuoRPayENb KuBsso20H OM ‘anny stuoued “~~ ygeya~ (51) UospUYD Jo SauoUN 01 qqetrEAL suo 314 dey s“asinoo 30 “ann Sstorago sty" CPE) oops 01 ~~ BAgIe""™* (ET) 01 ajquIA}aId s: woMEINP pose ‘uoy s2urays 8p 01 Sea 001 SE Spuo4yy“sypiur" () O1 nougp 2x0 pay, Gews woY ye WMEL UaIPHYD WHS HoISK a4 JO ssouyytan war 247 nq 'Si99{gns awos Yoou980 Sew syuoaed Wey st MoH JO 6a" (11) Bungorar 241 wou sBeespesp ax, suoddey wopjos ‘1 ing jooyos 01 yBeq 1UDs Butaq PHYO ays "ag (OI) SIE HED oun ‘pauses you ase sroiodsu seasons senBay =" (6) sploqesnoy Funea1-2woy odsuy santoyyne euotweanp “Souoo own ain wou uomeututexs ue ssed or pauinbar sige) ayn dn Supp jo ~~~ (8) 90 ous down *ssiyssuisyy(L) 30) uN 1 eI] ancy Kouy SeaL2Ys Sone TeaMTEN oY) dojaxap OW SBOP mn, sux 9% op 01 "iy" (0) uapaLS soyDEDY dus oneonpo [oOyDS HW PEA] "gp (5) susued ye own ay ymoutp “=~ gay (+) Kay toofgns enUessD UF UOWM enx> 9484 10 93H S4qeas Soup weyse “yy (6) estuaou09 wed Kays “wl SOx0IU! OU Op rey SIDALaTS UO tun Burpuads 10 ppiguj~" (Z) ‘uoRUOHE yenpHpuY asiooou wauphyD atn ey) st aeIBApE SNOMAGO 3H, dalgesiype as] ZU=upIND 241.01 ~~5yBRj¢"~"~ (1) 1 S90 D0UKEHD HAL “oYp Hodo s} oHdo sup ‘SuonaHTENb USE a4 aABY KoXp P9PLAOEM pur YooY>s We OP UeD SIa4DeO) Uueth suoy re uaspjya sys Suneanpo Jo gof son9q v op wes fax anayjaq stuoved yo ioquunu Busauous wy uoymonpe apou-2wopy ;PIOM ajgeuns auo yaim aBessed axp ul SxUEIq parequINU sip Jo Y>ED IY 5 asay o1u2 01 20430 24) 01 awo9 03 aus ee) ‘un 191 pur sustoq 2xino9 pou a4} Udy Ino Puy “ayNdwHOD v ast O1 ‘ia Tey 0} tues UPWOAUDR SHLL {2014pe wos 198 OF 1 41 OF ‘i U9) NOK We OU 101 OP 01 ~——s;S™" BaNS OU | Ng BwOY 1 BaApIIYD kur YDeDI OF FO4d PL £0108 01 WoOISseD ys" JOH AND SE “OALLTE NOK se UOOS Sy aa wou 148 ,uany nos js Ky201409 yuOWIMba ox aypURY OF swHEpMIS 241 WodxD AURORE ‘wonreuszopu 24 198 01 8 OF gy" MOU] ,UOP [Ng POAGeE KPMIS OF HEAR 409 Kidde On 24H PLZ Nou op o1 con Auropisu0o 5,24 mou pu uopeutuexd sly passed 2H 1 ;puom uonsenb areuidaudde ue yam Seouaruas axa a2ajdwo- ‘i002 son dn Buby 03 a1oym wioy moys HL10 UaIpHD ay LaUM ‘upou sy) sxpsade 02 oy ano pu oun W) puosssepun ‘une 99 ‘uio9} (ins op 3 ay gs) (os op «1 wo) mou ano pulp Jepisuo> ry Ty ‘22uas9494 40) 1 a5n puE 281 stp Apmas 299Igo ue Bupfe ota jo owos ‘uonaninsuo> sip Aq pomojoy oq ueD sqoA UOUNLNeD Jo TeqUIN yy eanquyut + prom uonsanb + quo, Word formation ‘A. Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the (sis space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0). Return to a Cambridge college About a month ago I received an (0)... itvtation... toa lunch at my wre old college in Cambridge. The college is one ofthe oldest (1... daundatians. vous in the university, established in the thirteenth century. Those invited had all studied English and one of the main (2)...982F42HOMS... ofthe mecting was armeacr the opportunity to meet people of different generations, with as much as fifty years’ diference in age between them Ee My old tutor, nw almost $0, made & (3) on RGEC on. welcoming sreax all of us oon after Ur (4) ACCA nun at the college. He made snauve . (5) nnn SL6C0NCE... to the fact that atthe time of his appointment he aren ‘was the only lecturer in his subject. At that time, almost everyone who came to the college (6)... $Pe¢ialsed,... in Naturals ences but now, SPECIAL, half a century later, students were just as likely to choose English and the college now had a reputation for (7) nn €ACRNEME... in ExcHL the subject. For my own part, Iwill always be grateful to my tutor for his wise (8) --.n00VICE.....and to the college and the university for the teaching ADvise freedom ‘methods employed. We were given so much (9) to pursue rae, agreeable ‘our studies in the way that suited us best in (10) surroundings. AGREE ‘uonsodins 01 Ins 21,8 08 46 suo|soop Xue ape uoney omy ‘xjun09 'w 2 1.2m ‘sqangns 249 Jo 1n0 198 2m 2000, spofgns ayy uo puns ue dooy 0} r2y2ud | ng soysestp v aq, Kes apdoog ‘Buoum w siojd oy wows pues ,ue9 | 20108 494 UI ssoupes jo sem axoyy “oyods ays uoyAN ‘tutejdiuoo sro wossno sn0 50 ayer siege 29 PIno9 no. soy 2p Uo Y>reU parysy w paddosp 94,N0,, “1994p 3,ueo | Buon Suyowos 2104, (4099 “HO, ‘u paBrey19%0 nok ys 0, “2yeu 01 sure|disoo Jo s9quinw ¥ ancy ‘ax0u 20u0 a2a4d ayp ded 01 2om 11 ng 14844 108 oe 94,N0., jy rey) uu sfosanok Pyno> no. jInyasea 2 suy99} sno (0 ueoUr ,UpIP [14 pes J AALOS wh sa>uanuas au i ut Aneuudoudde pasn oq ue> 2eyn paom A1UO a4p 02 2x04 (q|10 5 ‘g *y) 80] 9X punove 9pUD Eang Gapped sentences a When anyone asks the Prime Minister a difficult question, he changes the ‘What was the ofthe play on TV last night? When he began writing novels, Conrad was already a British © A people B kind © quantity @) number 1 think you've date the wrong Students can be ate for class for any of reasons, Accidents are increasing because ofthe of cars on the road, 7 Ret Bechowse © Dake You'l really have to 4 date for your wedding soon ‘She went out into the garden to some flowers. He was in a bad temper and seemed determined to a quarrel with me. a ee Isa good the teacher didnt see you making a face at her The painters have made a very good of redecorating the house. My wife does most ofthe things in the house but it's my to wash up, (40j) ypseos © founol © Auanoosip © (Uo) woos yo ye peoy (oa) aouasayip © {sto1po 40)) 3H0% {oa:uo) oda © a puBulop © ‘odie (ea) a>u2.o4e4 ssond e uos99p & (Gay) fem ‘sradioud {go anos) Sey © ws59}009 © (uo) sem 2youd © Go) ony sureyo> © siehone (40) suonesedoud (p) spu04s 2210p (Yo) 950 sped (Go) 100} © saueyp e (409) signe ayo ue (Ge)so>y——_(anoge yo) weN0> Gine —_ yateuo 4oj oweu © (499) s3snox0 (yo) 3509 918 (40) uns 3uouAOU! E ‘ode3s9 Ue (v9) pene ue (jo) ssapons © ‘ouou ‘sounbue ‘sunuioBuese ‘paads © yest © pou spue suounuiodde ue 9) 28095 Yo uBh "Loy Ue (Go) saouemote "+ yeu! Sr] ney ep wou ase aneidoudae au o4p ip asvoxa ax soousnuss ox noone Sa (zz 98ed) op inva sper Beenyd jo nf exp 01 3 axed 290240) 40}26) SHR 957 “HYEU! LAME PEA! OE daseiyd jo-sequinu a8ie) yD ‘apeUu YR S2SDIYd "yo" 9pou seo vajons wut aus ay fo 40s ay Yay SONU) ML. OF ‘a Sour 18 41 apd 01 ders au0Uu 240 paat. Avo | 6} Buu suodine ay fo uousanp ayy us 38 29 0 pavaioa ase stouostsd pados2 24, “an 3p joate sat one modo spuoufapou a, S34p 1 PE ULL ‘is OU pres regu ystBuap oa 30} See 18} O01 $e UBS “HKD” Spb "aos sty on ssauisng ay p2siefsu OH, ‘or BuTyoU tuoxp auf 20} SoU01s Sayv2au $2N0| IH. ‘i SS spuoaud 2 8 S904 St 10US! ‘uaunmoddesip sty 40h “if a SN ayvsuad> 09 Soy # wt a8N04 948 05 Ase 24p 0108 01H OOH SEA HZ apa sues sem ou sey purysopuon ou pynod |W} AaIOAKOL BYES ULaxOAS HT ‘alu 9x9 uo uuunjo> aup ut semsue nok atzA uonjsodeud axeudoudde ap pur osusn 1301109 21p u anes CUDA LA Ya 96/8 40H Ut ‘soseyd ap a0edy ‘apeUL :8q/94 /OSDIYd iBT URIS T WBS SH STOR BIBI WOT BY, HURTS OEE Ha ps Sa ret lato Bod sexo ay a30f0q puyeom It] ay puads 01 Suyo$ wT tio SS]SE GOH” Re SASK” JOI HW OF SHUT sree on auoyaa san jo 351 SM AsLOUoU OV ANEY | ja 168385 wi BATA RISKS TBO HS Jiydeidond “12gns 940 p20} suo YS, ii wD” AGUNG HS Pee Jo aon ub 3yon HOD Nos J SUNY AU Use} o) 19909 1, NOR eB JOB IN" BY BABII BUDE ‘haya yoo ty Sp 34101 P30} BUAOO| WL sass a nA" SHOHEST SUDEP Te nd puxoiduat yo sex omen womspsanu wo po pout SM, saps" 38109 8 ST 3ST sonoop v0 asst 0} poyironb 1 20 SIL i KiB UT SBS” BO Ha iis is vl Aloisi a) S21 509 3 POM US Juncbapp pw op + Bupuaa «oo voquetae Lue fed» ouo ang 2e[ane (inte passed ene AE: ag don aim + supe usadap tan + vO Ips a0 PP ouaruos oip sunou pue uA owes oXp yUEELL X09 o1p WOH 2UO LAU ac yo ose ype yonew mops ro>usiues au woKp Jo s30U E aye pur sosead ZuMoHD) KF ABMS |W \apinqos0n Supuodxg ype made te lise. 1 Hemade me an offer... for the house but i's worth much more 2 She didn't make .....££ET2NEE...... to it in her speech in Parliament. 3 He looks so strange that the other boys make fun, of him 4 The firm has made .....2.PPOft.... of a million pounds this year. S 1 don’t think her history teacher has done his ob and I'm going t6 make a...£OMPl@iM... tothe head teacher about it 6 It may be hard for children to make {rlends, when they change schools. 7 Wmakes no... ifference. to me what he says. I'm going to do it my way, 8 He hasn't done very well in the exam but I must make .....l2wancés.... for him because he has been ver il 9 Anyone can make a....SHOK....., and there's no doubt that an error occurred. But you must admit that there are some parents who exaggerate and make a Ue ahout nothing 10 He didn’t work hard atthe beginning ofthe course, but he's made a reat... £LQFE uuu to cateh up recently and now he's making good .....PLOMCESS, 11 Teas very dificult for the students to understand, Personally, I couldn't make ..P@4. oF. tall |. Sense. of, 2 He makes very lithe eon! MEY nn and a8 a result its hard for his family to make ....£MA5, meet nd they sometimes have to borrow from me TS I thought he was badly hurt but he made Hight... of his injury, saying it wasnt serious. room for 14 Is the suitcase full or can you make something else? Transformation For each of the sentences below. complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word given 1 suppose we should excuse his behaviour because he isn’t very wel. allowances T suppose we should ....make. allowances. for. him. (his.lehaviour... because he isn't very well 2 You should show more understanding of others’ problems instead of complaining al the time. rather Rather. han. complaining, all the time, you should show more understanding of others’ problems 3. He didn't say anything about it when I met him. reference He... made, ne {didn't make any) reference to it. in our... meeting 4 [find the argum The argument at illogical, makes. no. sense to = He'd rather drive his own car than be driven by someone else prefers, He von P hers. driving, his, own, car. to.being driven by someone el 6 passed in every subject except Maths. failed The only sublect. |. failed in) was Maths. 7 He has difficulty in concentrating with the television on, finds He finds. it. difficult. to, concentrate with the television on, 8 Doyou think you could memorise a whole novel? heart Do you think you could learn.a. whole novel. by, heart 2 juostuof pmo 2503 oft anos us 60m 2496, ond Fupye sem dey puoya 20 944 Be uoddey sea rey Spex sex su ‘O8INCO 50 "Bir" OD S3uop “uoystayor ayn Jo uo4} tH 2AHOY Aes UOU 2A AKER BUaWOS OP PUF IMO oF wOLHO aun gy GSD SUT aA CF Jo NO SHE ULL a Sg EY OU uum mnoge my ¥ ponssos ~~" yagi" (ET) ® PuE spout aeEWOS & PaKous PAR € ouyou yas say Jae Ruyoo} stots 294 o aU0 no NON "~~" CED) EMO so isy (UD a8er08 ap endo 3909 SH 184 24H oH BH ONS com anoge Eursp © paswajx oxpms 940 “fxr aoeds uo uN #30" se" COD. yea ou sous tu) ouatpne we oF ead on posoddas 1 wy Jo" 55" (6) apes uy saBeeND J 105 HHA 29501 FuNSHOHEL Sep e soyonew 354) Bunypren jo peut 198 uoos inom pure 2 UE sige" BD uy ‘spuayy oq pu ssoqyey‘spuegsny 1919 axyn 4 posieas Komp asmeD9G soUUrETONA 1) Banyo 01 paproap Siouno wurouto fnuanbasuod -ua19s ~~~gjisjaj” (L) m1 YO OH WE uous joys puods 01 spe2s 103 pow ayn wi ~~ ssijsis™ (0) oUNE OHS w— ION pagar (5) 24 azote Soy wan 995g (BE NRHA uo unanys Buz ses aun £3043 “sous wt poY sem dD PHONL MAVEN 2Kp “GO “66130 sowsuns aqy wy ado 2569 a4) You Seas gr" (Z) Bu ve Aes ia" () 24 1 8 we EOF JosBEH H/o EP ENAMEL | josmesaq 40 08 ‘30 ‘3nq pure S121 2 are>ipuy seye pue 210}0q s00d aeyp jo asues ou S20p 05 J ;p1OM Bun © aq AU] « axon oip ul aseayd 10 pom saxpoue yo anisoddo axp oq Aew 2] + Jaye sooo 2e4p 02 J9jes 40.400 atp ut ApEBUE POM so\pOUE aeOdoY ACU POM AHL + 405 yoo} pinoys nok sux up axe sous “ores «pes u puom aue Suny 2 219jduio> 1 Sonp asoupaen ‘aBessed oip peos anny nok wou rot O2 9Sessut so fed 9u0 9 30 9d plog ui pond sseayd 10 spuom Joupo on enees spuom Bust oxp afeased sip Ui eat ao ydelBeied 10 asusves ofoum ayn peas 30U op Aaya asneaaq Sayessus ssojaye> oye Suopms AvepL v Buss 504m Buo05 a20j9 uadQ mn cloze land whether Study these notes before attempting the exercise. Pes (@) Hand whether can both be used in indirect speech but only whether can be used before an infnive or sage 2 Prepostton. General, we prefer to use whether itn akarnave (oF nod) appease nreece: ete {dort know ifwhether shell be abe to come tothe cnema, | dont know whether to lavte he or ne) Ie depend on whether she want to Some wth her ster. {©) Whether (but NOT if canbe usd to introduce a noun clause as subject or complement. Whether se comes or not does realy wory me It doesrt wary me whether she ces 6 nok (2) Whether (but NOT if is used to introduce ewo possiblities, only one of which can be true Whether you lke tor mot I gg tore er fim going tive herenynay, whether you hie or not. ‘Complete the sentences with if unless whether is the only correct word to use, 1 The performance will take place, on.nMMEUMET..... the tickets are sold or not 2 Lon know sn ¥HEtHET... 1 Bo 10 the cinema tis evening. 3 ASK HEE wml wnnnnan She kNOWS What time the film start, 4 FON nnd MEET... YOU invite her oF not is your decision. Mark: Yes, but Ihave to think about... AME... should ring her up or wait til see her. I don't WANE (0 INVHE NET sells he’s likely to say No" John: Wel, smoot You believe me or not, you Neve Find OM ell got the courage to ask her you haven't ill yet, already, no longer, not... any more Study the table of a typical sequence of question and answer using still, yet, already, no longer, ‘not... any more and the notes that follow. See ere ees Question ‘Answer (yes) “Answer (no) yee Yes, already... No, nos yet No, ~ stil not. ~stl.? Yes... sil No, no k No, ” notany morellonger. Yet refers to something that has not stared or has not finished, Has the fm started yet? Yes, i's already stared. No, thon (started yet) {mn che negative ina question, ic suggests surprise or annoyance and may be answered emphatically lant the taxi here yet? "No, itll host ave. Still refers to continuity He was born in Porigal and still ves there 1s she still hee? | thought she'd gone home. Already refers co something that has taken place. You're lote. The programme has already begun. No longer is the opposite of still: ic indicates the end of continuity They no longer ive in the house where they grew up. (NOT ‘no mere) Informally we use the alternative construction They don’t lve in thot house any morelany longer ‘Complete these sentences with the correct word. 1 Fm not going to see that film. T have oc. ACGAAY. oun 8e€N it twice. 2 = Is Gloria de Catto ence Still rons alive? Yes but she 90 MBs appears in fils 3. They ay i's a good fim but Ihave scent Yt Tve been 10 busy to goto the cinema 4 She's promised toring me several ines but se $l. ant done so | 5 - Have you received your tickets for the show MEt. ? ~ No, but when I rang up, they said they had ... already... posted them. 6 They used to have some good films on TV late at night but they don't seem to put them on any ....morellonger 7 They came to repair my TV this morning but they haven't solved the problem YEE sa sor StH onenan don't know what's wrong with it / .sPuopoyy Woy, {oso 4pograaeK2K9" (S1) 1 roads pemyooyfqun ~ Sonya (1) sopIsuo> youa4y 24H yp BustdiMs Yous SNA se IY MgB (ET) ‘spirpuess qi ‘pom soqnoue Burkes ~~ yr (C1) tISEIUED NU 4p paDRposI UE _2WPERY "YON, :Sieys pes soquosoud ayn pur JO1s9 [Us 940 sp" (LT) aS ALOIS anoge uonsonb paveyduoo v Jomsue os Payse Se UewoM e axoyn SOUR: tH 2u0 0) UL pouM 2240 spay HDANs ab} aos MG wo! ASHE UES 2UOKD¥ HOE I VOUS ~ (01) a18souruesoid oypes u-ouoqed uo sogs nb ut suonsonb 24) 0 901K om pp" (6) 2mb4 Kou 240 24) Sus 0 auo J9N99 Yon BUNUN U>oyI09 {) 01 wy duro} 94 In 224d sromnadutod 1940 ues siojuosoud‘sfanreuiaye S980] =" sig6"""~ (L) a4p pe SUI Uostod uo atays nado nous a)“ i" (0) A posonoe 29 UE SI] “UIE Jo oUD|> tue surenu09 1 104 10 jit (6) 1 sa2ons yo soueyp s mous zanb wig" (p) BOY ueyoduut ue seq yey) 20128) 4pouy send anon jpensm Anjeuossod Ajay wii" (E) sonuasoud » ney yey SNouS PUBY L910 4 @sutq~7 "(ype ‘012404104 yy a}doad ‘u.04 s yeuNO} 9m 3F4N4 SOUEIPAE a SEINE stad oy JO 28 OH spindod kta1 auoa0q ‘any sounmessosd A 1,24) pusyaiojaq suonsonb oy 01 SHoMsu 24) UAE USDq PY NOUS TE {wo wesoiuo9 yey payeanas sem 1 ays epuRDS © aNdsOC “ss6I UE SazENg poxtul) 24) U! PoyDUNe| “wos 000 98 24, se sud FouoUs 3 apn HoISAa} UO moys An |ryss290S IH} LL, é4pjndod os smoys 2nb aay Ky yy ‘puom ajqenns ouo unm aBessed ays ul syuejq pazaquinu oi Jo Y>ee II) Word formation Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0). No more Aunty just Mum and Dad ‘The BBC used to be known as Aunty because it only allowed us to see ‘What it thought was good for us. Almost every film shown in cinemas nowadays would have been (0) ..automaticaly.. excluded. But in those days, Hollywood, too, avromanic was under an (1) .-».0hligatian... to submit films to the censorship ofthe Hays omice. Office, a unit that objected to Tarzan’s girlfriend wearing the 1930s (2) eave. ofa biki | in real life could be seen in the same bed. and insisted that only stars who were already married EQUAL "Nowadays, in more liberal circumstances, there has been considerable 6 public atitudes, ut the regulations are (4). 464A... to control what i said ADEQUATE vo» f the rules for films and television, reflecting the change in max. ‘and done in programmes broadcast live when children are still awake, and which ‘many parents find (5) .....offens ‘An area where there is hardly any control at alls the Internet, where the providers go about their business almost free from (6) ..disturhance... The main DISTURB omine provider, America On-Line, wars users of the content of some material but in practice children are bound to come across things that are (7)..!MWMOTAL..., MORAL ‘legal or simply disgusting. In effet, the only (8)... Meaninatl.. censorship todays MEAN exeresed inthe home by parents. Now that both the churches and Government comporations ae (9) ...PRNETISS. viable is likly tobe shown, any remaining code of (10) to intervene and whatever is commercially Powe decency...... depends DeceNT ‘on the common sense of ordinar “08 Koy sanaiayya "uo Bug ane stu SUE peAOH OL, ssoursng ‘oy ssoutsng ou s,sroqp Aes Soya “2u891p 2m UL ~ppuauins 0 pgp 29 apensiad 0} 2010) 0 OU 2 he Ol ee + “sou a03 += usa yng Suu 8,24) “6924p Jo 90 198 NOK OUD “sjoropduoo paBueyo pey wortents ayy SIuSWIOU may BJO OY HT Supyivd w puy or sa8e ous YOor 1 280909 218] LLL _ CL ea « “ep 6199 spuvy wediuoa 2qp ut Soxeys Jo spuesto4y, sonostuon ns 01 ue 94) Jo says 34 + way 24H 2500 S896 suv ag 8 Sosa ua. San oy BO ea Ce a ¢ ‘epuex2yy 405 pus payteo 2H Syuom Su toy 20uestp “rw AO an “zou ys 8 mea s94}09 0 OS a | ‘sapuanues aautp peu Asneydosdde pasn oq ue> 2esp pom Ayuo atp 02 2x ual, “(pg a8ed) aeus yuun ape ‘estado 8H 49 02 1 axedwoo pu soussoa1 20} 25 sp 957) “Op yal apew ai Soseny jo foquiNU ety > Op yam saspayg 0 2u0p ouou a10u 1D 24) SsaUN pawn 94 HM Ansepu way oan presge | 166 ab + Suedwvoo 2ouvsnsus 4 Kg uoysuad 304 Suan28 way poruaauddunfun sem ays ace ‘asnoy sty Sumuosopar kepyoy siy wads apf i ao = PRaISUI UOpISaid 2AEy Pur Kypseous 241 ysyoqo pjnoys om Buysodoud 4, uo ounueidoud w sem 230414 “wo uuox9 sup owusesoxd aysnoney nok Buyo2s 10u ‘aS o} 2404 NOK presse] 08 BuPYIOM 1OUS,A.L 2H, “an 336 "yo8q 94 1 suaHsnf soup ON, ii i Wak so Coma 252) woxp pay neo 1 {S190 9 md NOK He aOyH on '§podosd Bunyiom 304 83 ZA 248 yn Sou 08 of pasmas HOS NEY WALL 2481 axp Uo wuinjo> ayn w 4amsuE AMOK ait, “OMA BuINDOL Hm y parLeU asoy, “VenPe 40 vontrodeud sedaudde a pu asuen 721102 9p U Op gion aia alm ada oy U Soseiyd oA SOURS Op :squaA jososyg {p40% Ara49 sway we sio¥o1n 9p pg NS BS SUL, 100] NOK “eM Aes ,uOCL “epi0 atp wou sone wows oxp ayn des Pe oypmis ayn wt aidoad asoun inv *~iigodiSisi8e SSus;pR™” 4 UPOW MOK TeYM 995 1 HON, ii ii aT PS. MEDq uosue pu suonson sea Suey em es ‘me Ou pu mesures —Sq}uoK om 2:90 O41 405 9} YE 3110) ySBNSHBT NRE" a O14, ieqays yo usong 2 Buano sp 0} yan Au eg" ONY pur “Bupyeods Ganydwing eiodG a sm ‘2 0} um wx) fauuEYD a¥sMUN 34 OF el uns 1 shepemou oT BHAT" Atensn | BROW) pus uoWo|a pey an a0;Oq i BF Us” O POST eBI0) JONREEM UOMO IpIEN > Ueuny > MOIR ‘owureioad oper u-suoyd ESBS + asmpeorg en] «Oper aiporuNsy Ops iy» uoRedoned ssp ‘seouanuas atp ut aed axeudoudde ue oauy 2u0 ype 2 WOU peensuonsodeud fue ox uonuome eoeds fg woUp jo aout oye puE SOREIYG BuMMOHES Op Aes yy ‘uots149]03 pup o1poy :Aspjnqor0n 3uipuodxy, uoNDULIOfsuDy p10Mm hoy Key word transformation He cle BS SE ne t0 solve the problem but couldn't quite manage it ‘Would you mind 4090... me...9.,4¥0U__ 9 Could you keep an eye on the children while I'm out? She's doing well at school She's Ws a g00d dog. It Won't nnn. 4Banene YOU ANY Why are you arresting me? T haven't M6 eon anything MONG, She's what we call a saint. She has spent all her lie doing. good 2. YOUF eM OfST au! Tm not afraid of you. We do, business. with several firms in Australia, wasn’t bad film but it dida’t do justice to the book, The stom has nn AME nn considerable ...AAMAME.... 0 houses in the area Transformation D For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word give. 1 Despite the great success of the programme, its no longer being broadcast. although ‘Although, the programme. has been (was) very. successful. tis no longer being broadcast They didn't let her stay up to see the programme. allowed he wasnt allowed to slay up to see the programme, ‘We're going ahead withthe programme, even if the Government doesn't like it. whether We're going ahead with the programme, ..ud¥ether, the, Government, likes itor The Prime Minister said the Foreign Secretary was working very wel. Job The Prime Minister said the Foreign Secretary was doing 2. very. good job, ‘That medicine won't hurt you. do ‘That medicine wor do, you. any. harm, “The contestant deserves a round of applause even though she failed to answer the last question. failure Despite. her failure, toanswer the last question, the contestant deserves a round of applause. Audience participation i the secret of the programme's success. part The programme is so successful because the audience take part ve written to them three times but they haven't replied yet. stil haven't. replied, even.though T've written to them three times sxonan 201 panoud ane foun se “sigue (52) Se pu Baxgansp se ‘2 01 pyoow sous Any 24a uo ty Jo WoNeuHO}sHEN SHR ANOKA HNBUONS ov sues jeuosiod iy pousysuen 24 SISHe OF Aue! Oy WEG He 40} A sono yu suo1exe4 on} ayy Suan kq ~~~ yg" (WZ) AMM BHI OY Sttijoid wowp yo paureyse sem 24 asme30q Suny sty NOE SH Io} PuE 4H HHO St uo 243nqSOU}O,9 OU Sey LoL9dal9 ay YU. I suo OY ION SI UE x Se" s98"-" (EZ) UO JOTWUDUIIOD v uaxOdsIHO SE SEW 2 ood [oven pub saxou 2}oun a4 ope Aug smouey ayy wy ey sue Suse se 9 2104 soto ase> ur adease jo suvaw vse aay yay dou w pause see 24 Tapa} a PLE smaunaay hounsipe” (co an Jo woregtos SAU se. MOA Sy 294 HOH ING si sadoung pune sKousnof 8u0} wo jo BuesSwenunuon “syfnest“~~seaps97""—" (12) cunt ese 3H aM se sound 194 40} 14 U>4PYP 30} AS" (OD) cro tou aan “pes 24 spe “AysNo9sU Pep UNOS 19]91SOHONS SIL s4uvduoo s1y Jo poun #8 suayp1cl rey) BuO} 05105 pages 34 “suoyra soqeup nH Ses 01 oe We 949903 94 HOM "wONDAAFE 50 PAU UE KO sony ‘qanqoud se oy wou ryareiBun woos wy ape sounowos "eas (61) saisin0 oy poou SH“ Sapsgna="" (BL) we paueuias shee 24 PU MY WO UHOP woos payooy wig} Jo Kus ey) ou 24 109 PooUPHND sm Jo ™"AgasGer™” (LT) an v98s0} 01 dome uur You pay ay aydood auersoduu aq) 0 P=rsHO4 SH x10 esujpa"~ (01) 530 see Sure pu presse ange Se IH Osu YOgE enti dq aan noo rey Atos Skapyoncr 4 24 S| wnoU-AsO4 ay) Soy puE anv ops key 0 sone" ss" (0) SOW 9 Aegoad | woRIDPLY UENSEA SUH Sutpyonp spin ay myonp sn 4 | (0) Buyuuiloq oup 2e ajdisexe ai ul se ‘uy owes axp ul a2eds aun onuy say 2e1p POM e wL4o} «on souy oun yo auoe yo pus ou 3 sfeatceD Ut UDA pom aip 987] Moj9q x2 oXp PEEL “SZ-9} SUORSeND 104 sopaaiayy patie sea ays Topoue 8s aprsoq ues oH pL aqy Jo NE oH mou st uedkuoo sy Kepo, rend ausa0q Apeas suBisp sy uo "yay" (ST) wo ue Te Sp" (pl) 369 ps 9 198 58096 on 9xOWOH EN OU! PoyED PE Fu2} Hp J fosIUeD sop (1) worsean0 egy (I) Igawa eI 2F| voENsUOWND gnd Ne ZH “ssanons st potgnop 1 afoud au paoweuy pe Aauow "~~~ysoya"" (11) "9 soured si uous w9Ag epHsBUOIP Supoun ay sty api ==" guage" (ON) an05 O}R) sy avoU DEA w PURO IEDM ONOWP ZUNE HAL Wt AEP vpn (6) grou sed sy Jo suonsa!qo 24 PUP AuOU! Jo De] IUOND e WIN BuOUE SAPEATAS sus yo= "yg () uw auo Pun Oso sty wy parssiad pus “r= (Apron tur wodsoen yo suvaururew ay asoq 24 29eydosSpeniuans pynon 19 a 4p P2DUIAUOD SE ZUDEL yout so4ou 79g pu s9]UTEC “4205 Sous 188 3BUBIIS™-” (9) WBNOMY UONe Kepor Ie jigs (6) avo squnec way anys v5") pip" (@) sane put “rogl iom soy) aya4du0o 104 pip si2ulsop 19410 a4} aSMED0q F>pOU Sy BHNUAISOPo10}0q PAYA IONE uns" tana="" (2) ety ay asoddns 03 woseas ou t~~"""~3aaig""" (1) 49 Fapow ysseN0NS NAYS ZUET rojo panna pey sulisapJoy}0 “PaAH0H yp 940 UDA oY "GT" (0) AP 94M OITTEC POLIOD Fon aq yet Saas auoKta49 SoUe Inq JED JOV0U a4 oqHOAl OUR INOgE INE 2WOS SSL, 209 4004 ISA4f 9H, (0) Bujuidog ayp ae aydurexe ue 51 2104 ‘228ds ype Ut puom oto Kuo asf a2eds ypee sy 2694 UDI puoM oxp Jo UNA PUE MOjaq 1? AYA PEAY SI suoRsEND 40] | Z 48a} aougo' Practice test 2 For questions 26-31, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. You must supply the word yourself. Here is an example (0). © Lagree that there is a good 86. for changing the la The detective made his name by solving a difficult murder case, Is not worth asking him, and in any’ rn6 BSE. T think he’s on holiday. 1 believe the man in ....A4€SI0N.... used tobe a presenter on TV. He left without giving notice. Paying him compensation is out of the... esti0n, The eras calls into... QMRSION.... the governments poliy on air traffic control You have oe realistic and Keep YOU nv ssn Om the ground You look ied. Why don't you pt your sf up and ave a ret? ‘He was enthusiastic at first but by now he’s got cold feet. Johns rise in salary will... MAKE... a big difference to his family He asked to say afew words. [ didn't think he was going 10 .r.u!M™QK@...n.nue @ speech, His behaviour was disgusting, s0 don't ty 0 non IMAKEsonons €XCUSES FOF him It used to be a sports Fone but now they're building houses on it. The ground, is too hard at this time of year to plant trees, They started work on it a year ago but it still hasn't got off the .......8LOMNA. He claimed that he'd done nothing wrong but the COU 24M... him guilty Twas nervous a first in my new school ut T8000 nn UP oe my fee That teach was unsympathetic. She cnn UO fault with everyting I did 1 SEER on the bridge every day on my way o work She suddenly felt faint and passed, on The judge had a serious expression on his face Whe he nu LASS84, sentence, For questions 32-39, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use berween three and eight words, including the word given. Here is an example (0). My car came to a stop on my way to London, broke Twas on my way to London when..my, car broke. down She's getting on well with her driving lessons. progress She's making, good, progress with her driving lessons. There may not be any more filling stations on the road so we'd better fill up with petrol here. We'd better fill up with petrol here... case. there. arent. an. more... filling stations on the road. He hasn’t been able to do his job properly since his accident. incapable His accident has......made, him, incapable. of. doing... his job properly To my mind, these new restrictions are illogical These new restrictions don't KE SE. ul. IN opinion. He's not really as good a driver as he pretends. makes He makes out that he's a better driver than Reet T ant stand it when drivers blow their horns like tha It Gets. on, my. nerves. when drivers blow their horn lke that There's so much noise in this office that I find it very difficult to concentrate, difficulty 1 hhave. difficulty. in concentrating... because there's so much noise in this office. Although we have approved the final design the car still hasn't gone into production despite The car still hasn't gone into production, ....4espite, our approval of, (approving)... the final design. (having approved) “2A 0m soya o1 00 ()au0 otp, ueous hiss inogysiou s0op-2x0U 170 pur Joop 2x0U anoy ap saKOMOH (2) (ovo sup sige 240 axa) "drs axau oy 20 Jo 298 er 0M | 9sedHO (uu | 2104 wo) Zens sng asauoou ayp 5,304 foureisip 40 9un Wl 2S950) 2p SUEDU! 3524CON (P) una wxou ays 3 240 20004, aso 0U SUM. ‘oun 10 beds “s9ps0 Ur vane Aeie pound} S909 EY 03 5:97 3XON_ 6) ‘joan 3s) yh 20) 2 soseiyd Ut 2UBD24 2SOW Bp, DU Ose UED ase] IOKOMOH (9) ‘pauonuow ave sBunp ona UeYp ‘sow way 3301309 51 IPA ‘paUoU 30) ap Jo PeDasul 2} 2sn shepemou ajdoed Auew ang sOUsAOy aU o> asenuos ul on pansajes Asnolaud sf oma Jo puones axp ueous 02 Auo pasn 9q Ayeou pINoys 49998] OH. lump ysono}saqerds ‘se ane 999s SOU! 40 250MaU 94s SUED IS0IE] asoraxo ay) u uensand 30] a 2}2U7EX2 40) 29UDNbES € QUO [UY BHP 03 $49} 35eT (©) “asiouax otp Sunojdusoo a10joq seiou sip Apmas qsouwou ‘3xou “49998] "3593 | “3S°] guout sp poo8 aunb u99q ang ures yo sywauqano 2} pur Shep Auuns wig aos pey ancy aM — OT sea atp Suunp yauoUs Yea sBATI9AB" HS" FaquIMN parvodxo aap eg sano asf paroesne a paresa8ex9 Apri o9 on pasoud aoqed wr ng “1300 WS poof {uaa payoor yp amily eseaK w oust uowt zy 1988 0 pasoddns sem auto] WMUUSTEN, SUL “Ko ox yo ned Sty UE Sonam ISUIEE HERG WS™™ 24 OF PAR HOA “suey nowt. ay aany we NO, sey xoqneam 2a 5 «51.013 wamyat ‘paysies 101 24, N06 gf pur “Ino a Kay ‘Sep OMI 305 “FABIA UO" “amor ano 0} no ausoajam or unswopd Kus SE 50KeYY OuN Yes TS sy sowmnaaus nog yh" 84S" OOS 01 woSsELIEd axEY NOK os SSEGKHD 241 aPISINO gig" A. cect an a, PAUEN af eunaD snosaeuep Aron & Pu Pots §, 2H] “yashw fq Sur4z0m on dro38 v Jo ued Zutog ropes RAEN SUIS” Sutsopio1ur ovo ou YL is iGAUS™™"” BuO wsaxddey 21,004 oureU YY sofewen acu oq soney 24] 98me909 “35a PEP 2 THD ‘sn Jo 0m 40 200 pu aig ig" Buspyng a4p 195 01 paBeuus TOYEIDIED axa oH 202]9 300 Sap “sr0joq Aedusoo 24 10} “5s BHU WOR IONOU OAT ‘eray ryus0y jmpysiyap © wads pue OB S1eaK mag wf aS” HBA Od UND | PE APL A ‘moputs doys uy wi "Ayia worn 295 us no, “Y20nKg YBIE a4 us doy sno Ye sys ig" ane Sjapou SONe] 9 TY 1s wo asodind uo tumo (6200) wo plond (5240) wo ‘np wo sus wo s2uojoq wo rpraxddo wo por} ‘ase> yoe2 ut auo sxeudosdde sour aip Buysn ‘Mojaq soauarUes atp a2ajdilo> pue UNOU e PUE UO YAMA apeW SuOISSOIc%D BUIMO|}O} BLN ONY uo ym su02020//09 11 #4un Make a note of these phrases and then put the most appropriate one into each of the sentences below: te lost word inthe lst resort atthe at mine tc tert arte tela next but one ret of in the er es thing next dor neighbour nearest rl the mart th is my EAE AA. MelahbOUr.... at number 33 and her daughter lives in the house next. but. one. at number 35 Ie must recive the copy forthe advertisement from you by sic clock the latest. ana i ‘ust be correct. We can't make changes to it... athe. [ast minute He won the race with several seconds to spare over his... Nearest iva you can’ afford to buy the original painting a good copy ofits... e.next best, thing, When someone dies suddenly the police often have to inform the .....mext of kin {Thave many people to thank forthe sucess of this ook — my publisher, the editor, and ast but not least my patient, long-suffering wife ‘There are many points of disagreement between the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister but in discussion the. latter, will always ...nave. the. last. word "expect someone wll give us. lift home after the party but... ithe last resort. we can always walk Hardly, scarcely, almost, nearly, seldom, rarely C Study these notes before attempting the exercise. Ce eee (©) Hardly and scarcely mean ‘only jus We were so fte thot we hardlyizcarcely hod tine to catch the tain Compare We were sole that we elmestinearly mised the ome (©) Hardly (and less commonty, scarcely) mean ‘most not They hardly hoe enough oe on (NOT The ohao dont hve) (We prefer to use hardly with an afirmatve form suchas ever. anyone instead of almost never, ‘ever travel by tani the rush hour (8) Nearly cannot be used with negative forms; almost cannot be ued with ‘very’ ‘We very nearly missed the train this morning. =e (©) Searcely (and, less commonly, hardly) mean ‘only just before ” SYiat oreo eat aap (9. Seldom and rarely mean nt often rarely i generally used to mean ‘very seldom’ Compare: | hardly ever goto museums these Saye very seldomirarely go to museums these days, Complete the sentences with the most suitable word in the context 1 She's very punctual She ..mestineaey.. always arsves on time 2 He's the opposite He's hardly /scarcel. ever at his desk at nine o'clock. 3 His brother's the same, He’s very ....arelv/seldom on time, either. 4 Ive had a bit of a shock. We very nearly. had an accident on our way here. A dog ran. the car, giving me ..Aardly/ scarcely any time to brake, 1 hardly scarcely. nad time to buy my ticket when the train came i, That species of bird is... MMO sn etinet andi ..£ Fe L$eld0M. seen in Europe. There were har alV$¢AXCel. enough people atthe lecture to provide a reasonable audience but, in any case it ‘was very boring. The speaker said almost. nothing of interest, The famous painter ....S¢/dom/rarely. ives interviews to journalists; in fact, he ..hardly/scarcely.. ever speaks since she moved house because she ..hardlv/scarcelv. knows anyone in the district How you've changed! Ivery...@arl, failed to recognise you. 2 40 spaoy (51) 9418804 SouoU Jo yuNOWE Ku » areata aos ges =" 1) and 39 1 aIgeneA 1 pres soyods y “sue S130 “6 (ET) no 01 pos oH ea sotoue pur sees pas" (CL) a alan puted puedes a rou “iON” (11) 9409 HON uoseas om 01 B29 i" (OD xs pu w ‘i poueop atom fxn 50 sheun0} 030 deo sy pur) 0 a o Soy jon oun" “v0 si 4 20) sant sj" () Wg poe w pa Bus d 249 yn paanoW MOY y ‘USI -(s8A) We (S) A494 SOYA WHOS w WHO¥ UaJORs SEA “poy Sousa nL, “SunUHEd vo astuosssaudiy s,020-) way i 2 Aiag -seydsap “gr (g) axe Jo 40 QOOTOE JO DEA "Gig" (1D) pouredxo wanasmu oyp ve SONG “SaLD| 126 I ALIND9S 0 ‘qn sos ureBe aouo auanory ay) wo4y We Aq Sunuted oqqenfea ¥ Jo y>4p 149991 24 uayors Suguyod sown ploMm ajqenins auo wp of Word formation ‘A. Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0) Tough on crime but tougher on victims The statistical (0) ..€¥idENCE...... published in a recent survey of crimes Even ‘committed contains few surprises for the majority of people, though itis certainly {tightening in its (1) ...implications.... Five million crimes are recorded annwally ipyy but these are in no way (2) .feAresentative. of the real total, whichis probably REPRESENT four times as great. Victims seldom trouble to report minor offences such as the ©) ven. of objects not reckoned to be particularly valuable. rer ‘Contrary to what might be expected, the areas where householders are most concerned about crimes such as (4) ..MFAIAKY..... and take part in schemes unot like Neighbourhood Watch, where the mere (5) ...suspicion.... of erime taking suseecr place is enough for people to alert the police are those least affected, It is sad but true that crime (6) ..peaedly... strikes in the same places. Criminal activity waver is focused on what is easiest and near at hand so the victims are most likely to be (7) o-atesidents....on the same housing estate as the burglars. esipe ‘The most disturbing tatstic inthe survey i that almost half of the crimes reported tothe police are not recorded, The police are constantly being tod to improve their detection rates and bring more criminals 0 (8) vt. , and the usr Government has just launched a tough policy of aw (9) ..enfoccement.. in time once for the next election, sting the police targets to demonstrate that tis strong and (10) oe fAQEISS....- in th face of crime. Such targets must be met so the police mean have reason to list only those crimes that they have a good chance of solving, ypur usoop 20u9}u9s sty ing A408 WL ssoursng poof seu 94s ast809q UY 21 UT TF. OP TL2YS snouiny 30 cu se 294 9 294) Ho UA soy Sea aH gO SNA + 1 synsou 4p 108 3.9404 20 ang "BUTE NOK (0) £1408 Uh aus0s © co age ou dus s a4 uupAue 204 H91 260 {amo uo ‘amon ayy waned A “yuu # 405 190 OF 01 108 25, OT « -Auyuswm morn ane pom 24 -odvos9 ‘ow sao) asmeang ay8sUN 5! JOOHS OH, ays uy ae hsouo a se uoos st pauodo smpe8 24 EE! « vs 09 1ey8 MOU 1,UPIP 24 Pe * ‘iy jo way 1yne9 wonsonb a4, “anof wo 24 0} paau no os "9H SIYY WH SOADIT AH SIOULL sys ye wo 0999 a4 KUL, PMD AION 9,504 Oe | ‘seoue3u9s 20uKp eu Apneudoudde pasn aq ues arp pom Ayuo axp 02 2x04 (Ql 40 9 “a 9891 MF Pune PAP eng ea) Ga; sentences SA pmper Bist © record tape “Don't quote me the minster said.“ was speaking ofthe You should keep a ‘ofthe words you look up in the dictionary. Johnny and the group have just made their first 6 mop remake Otay “The teacher was annoyed with me so I had to .- behind after class, You'll enjoy a holiday in that country provided YOU scmonm OUt Of trouble. I'm going to let the children up to watch their favourite programme. 7 @itace Book expression glance His speech was so ridiculous that I could hardly keep a straight ‘The government passed the bill in the .. .. of considerable opposition. ‘When he heard that he had lost the ca, his ssn fl, ' ES Oi eas It's getting dark so Il. «the curtains We're going to lots to see who speaks first Tithave to some money out ofthe bank to pay for it. sais Sr 5H” OC UN AseWL Or pone MOK HOU OF FUN WL {HO OWA) ano palsey> 2q assy, OF I ON HOA uy -6yomy 24 Aber ing “3242d 94) UN |, | UTEUE LO T pais sisi) Ki Badass ‘an AOS UL patejop sem urea Sp 3U0] 08 Bir a aes ; “ananb ayy uy 2405 f0}94 98041 198 NOK JL ‘sida Jorpon dooy - _osuodsns u dooy« soojujfons 0 doy «anes o desx wounuoddo un doo4 ‘sun'fn04. 2" sboydv dooy «= fasavo or joseun dee passa. soBu avo doay «uo ofa un daoy -sauo yo peoxsu! unououd anssassod 2901409 xp 287) aun yam saouanuss au arojuod pe daay ifr soseayd asaK9 APMIS > boon] yum S903 pag 01 S08 wou nok Supuonaud 94 18018 2A “AUOS WL 8 ‘uuioj 901109 atp uy 9u0 aredoudde 250 ain Buia, ‘je doay, “Suourasao atp Suan Save days yum uses o4p ado EL sae ae _uoap yp sun pood wo upmura 1 ye sod 3,31 08 sHetwOIsND Pood Aion a1K0K], 9 ee See ‘ea sup sooud gros 0} JOU puayu! UHH} 2H, ay iaoer way ur Bsc. m2 fog US LL oe a 45am tu ajqnos o7a Suna paproao 24 nae wip vorupuoo uo aouoitas popuadsns @ uoNi sei Jou ML Veo jssesd 29) uo 08 ug 7 a cam “00 so sof so yaaa LA8e4 O01 TUITE ANAT 2yBu aia uo uunyoo axa u somave InOK saLiAA om 2uinbOs IW x POsEW asOUL gHOApE ‘Jo wonisodeud exeudotdde syn pur osu 2901309 stp Ul day qIOA atp yaa ad4a yo Ut Soseayd axp s>eIdY daay ssqu94 J0s014d 10 snojaaid ou pey 24 asn2aq TUaIUD| Sem 20USTURS 3], -& PHO ois sions : wostid w 380K © ova po 20 8 as NRG IN pap NSH agg” weg A HOEY AN saggy Ham INL HOMO 9 ‘qn cay saad eit a! au> 4 pi wy piggy" 0 a Koo as agg Sao § Wifi ours orgy Se TURA SL ‘9€ 1 anoqe erate Ue AMM WOH) aga emf Le buon gsr BoA NOW MOK ne 0 fSueu a HEN Ru ugg Soke T au ue 55°" "URN JO" ss ROKSHE TCU ‘piopes oun ou ao)axg pun suon>qAuo> sop poy ay iowa yBnoxqyo Bye unos on oo apf au sud wt sUOW sas. 0n peruse pus suit np Jo poroiua> som “Aan8 popootd 2 JOUR 0 ousr> 2809s) vay vonols 2H0d oxo wad so ese posure oun ya in padsoi> soDodsi 22 po ope> sion god oi aun aya 02 passe}uo> Pao Ans a Pe ripe dy uosed Kad som 2 op ponoad mrunoze ap aye 3g wonasn226 ays pauep wp HY 3 Rao Poe ay Bunn jo peroadina som wp pus Sus som hou! pn peseonsp osu? oi etna We Pel oe ot auaus nk padoy in Sune © Bupaustso> som a4 O04 2H ue WO fave Uns aE aS Ae ‘pakojdwo soanion.ns stp ya ‘siuor9 Jo apvonbas SNP S20N OEE) "kroqqou 5 yusue> fay aun aay sH0qqos 210 (sung gor ayn) soqgos yung “isons ay ur ydoad spon cy) s19BBinu (25n0y Oh Yo OY) OHI bun sun fxn oun a4 Toney 10 (sds wou oar ayn) soaldoyspuo (ss/pedsaydoad wy Pats ou) ayoRPd ‘pagqos 10 s20yjodoo “sbuyp Jo sojdajdood sq 19990! ¥ ‘uajors aso Sumy, sonojdydoed wou) sump 1023s Jou Coa snoysasd ou poy 24 mo] 242 25up030 som a eoueues atp a1ejdwoo uOl “seseayd aseup wpm paroydua (oz a8ed zap ose 295) BtuUD or parejas KsPINGEDOK YL Wy ‘wits :Aspjnqo20a Sujpuodxg, ‘aseiyd 40 piom areudoudde ue yam S suonisodaid pue saumaanuis aun Apmag ‘aspeud A104 s1 UONDULIOJsUDs POM form. * Key word transformation 6 — She looked so funny in that dress that I could hardly ...keep..@. straight. face. 7 He can never resist talking to people. You can’t expect him to ‘Keep. a, secret, 8 She'sa very private person and prefers to AEeP, herself. to, herself 9 nu KEEP.AM.£¥€.0N.. the soup, will ou, and make sure it doesn’t oil over while I'm out ofthe kitchen, 10 They have so many files in their office that it’s impossible to Keep. track, of them all. insformation For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given, You must use between three and eight ‘words, including the word given. Sarah walked so fast that she left the other girls behing, keep Sarah walked so fast that the other girls la ee her 1 couldn't help smiling when I heard what she had done face When I heard what she had done, I... hardin, keep a, straight. face. Her purse was stolen as she came out ofthe theatee. robbed She snas.robed. of her rst. as she came out of the theatre. ‘Take care of my bicycle while I go into the shop, will you? we While I go into the shop, would you mind Kesrina.an.¢ve.2n, ny bicycle? It looks as i the burglar entered through that window. The burglar must. have, got. in through that window, He was sent for trial, aecused of armed robbery. charged He was ...charged. with armed. robbery and sent for rial It’s not an easy job to inform the closest relatives that someone has died. next Inform, the. next.of kin When someone has ded, it's not an easy ob to Tm representing my company at this eon behatt mat this conference. on, behalf. of Sa pe ————_—___ ~piass""~ (0) noge Bunpou mou ang ~~ (6) aunb oun x 2s yom aus ULES nq 20uap9s ve poo are Soxn Kus st Yn souotsadxa ausoddo ayn peu 1qNop ou "spe" CP) saxo yt "3558" (€) MN SaUO-=— paar" (Z) oun HH ALANS He TED ijs4~ (1) pood 24) a9 Ku uy Joo4es ve stoypKay peg pu Pood pet | “s9pMIS NOW FT (6) ynoge Bumypou mousy nq“ (g) Sub an | AYIA“ BTA TOWNE ang 2ous9s ye poo ane Ka Sus yon “2ouatsod asoddo ayn poy @nop ou = (H) somo ng sos (g) ysis SauQ “= (Z) a4 OR SAO! SUE ED (1) poo aun aves Aw wy joouas ye siayse=1 peg pu poo pey 1 'sIu=pRIS WOM AFT “ada pjoq ur spuom aya £q uaa are sanjp axp ‘vornjos oxp uy ‘sraMsueE 2YBlL a4p 298 ob san 3201409 ‘xp pasn nod 4 99s uot, "\BEOUIEpUN UOANIOS aYp 28 Bunfoo| Ino\RIA apyrcad ED NOK sroMsuE Aue MOY 9S onvururexa ue ul svedde 3ygiu! 2} se afessed ayp 2e Oo) ‘sui “9821x0 oxp Bundwanre auo}aq ajdurexe sup ADS, anp aip sopircud 2eip pom aip av0yeq seadde ews yueig up sase> ewOs Ul “240 LAIMA asE:NUOD E 40 lose asoynouos Sutteadde puom & Jo uopnadas & 0q 03 Aa 131 “enn2alpe 40 unou e st) Aerodsy “13 ey eprep 01 221009 ayp asn 02 poou nok “aseayd UMOUD9M € Jo 2sed 30U 5] aBESsed E Ul PAdm BUNSEN E LOUAA aso.qu02 pup uopnaday :Suissiu 5,204ym Busoas soquioyg usin wis) nou 4g paBOD 39 HN TSB, pois uurestosd a4) oyoq 1 yy pyoon ays SuopUON se ays HOKOAION 1 BuO Sem OHS Ti usinsfoud aqinone 24 ypiew 0} UNOP TS 9s HORAWON 19 HOP DEY SAI omauuoy nok au0p aK. a AL AOE 90K pg on Bu r= oOo 06 OP NOK AIRS EI, paonpony sea 290405 a "ssa" 05 30 480K © 205 00H 1 SHO HaEG PET peonpon sb 2198 sng auf se" BuO Oye use Kuan “un yon os ay 104 pip Aowsnof aun “paonpost Sem do,AL9S SN OUST “paonpasut se quae ays mg Aq ODS 3408 SAEAE 904 | paonposnu sea 2108 Sg) a oO OF EMO PST -so1s00 99 hew vo uBip 2J0U! “s9se> oUos uj uorssaudx@ wn oxeudoudde ue Yau SBDUERURS 1p e29}dtHO> ____ “Top liso ooyes oy opu Bu 3) snd hu 9p ob ausDayrui09) poy | TOUATPUY “oops 010m | 37BFaA 279 0 apy 01 109} fP034 pow | “yooyss o1 uae | UBTPRTEIOJIG aproxq 0 2pu 0% Moy MaLDA APOD1!O | asp sou huou yppm pakoyd 104 po4/mouy 30U pIp | 042% 01 Woe | "joups 01 9 | 30J0g poo 01 402) POY | _yoouss or aM | [FFUA poas oy us02] 20U PIP | -yooups aJay poy am 120 JRLUR 24 a90W! 20U PIP | “saypaon ooyps 10 212M aM SYATUSYM jam Aan Jy MOLDY OU PIP | Janae ooi2s 309106 9M 93UIS 12 U2Rs 10U 9ADY | ‘nok 40} pareydiio uaaq sey volssoudo own Busia ays as04 sojduExD asoyp ye Y007 392.100 5] uossaudxe YAY NOs sa UO aDUBnURS atp Ut Qiae up Jo osu ou “YBNOUD AjySsED pen 20U op fain osneseq adeszed e ul uojssoudxe ew Fuss © Bupinoud U soyESHU ayEu! Yayo AUOPMS y suojssaudxe oui) :Buyssiu s30ym Susoos azojo uadQ abesMla) What is true of science in my 63s i 80 (1) nnn. !44..un Of mathematics, with one exception. Teannot solve a simple problem of geometry or algebra but I (2) un nenn COUnt almost a fast as ‘pocket calculator, This is because I had a (3) 4204... teacher at primary school but very bad ‘ones at secondary (4) $02)... The primary school (5) ..@46 EF... was called Mr Jones. ‘There were 42 boys in the class~ in those days the boys and (6) were in separate clases — but he Wa (7) nnAE8M ne 0 teach us and we were keen 10 (8) onnnl Ql But when Lwent 0 (9) ..$260421Y... school, the teacher was boring and we were (10) .u..PQK€4..... with him, During te first geometry lesson, he said that a circle had 360 degrees, and asked him why. He said: Don’t ask (11) on St¥PIA, questions, boy! It did not seem a stupid (12)....uestion. tome. IT had invented (13)...2¢2MEEY...1 ‘would have given acirle 100 (14). Meare Anyway, that was the end of my interest in serious mathematics intity Study the forms below and the notes about them before attempting the exercise on the next page. (@) Alot of can be used to express quantity for countable and uncountable nouns. We prefer it to much/many in affirmative sencences. Nace the form quite a lot of (= a considerable amountinumber of and that with a ‘comparative form we do not use of before the noun. ‘A lot of people came tothe shop and spent quite a lot of money. Lawyers earn @ lot more money than teachers ‘Amount is used with uncountable nouns. Common combinations of adjectives are: «fair amount, a certain amount, a considerable amount, a large amount. ‘Any amount means a very large quantity. must sy I ew the Milennium Dome with a certain amount of sceptickm, but the Government seem Drepared to spend any amount of money on ic ‘Number is used with countable nouns in the same way, and with the same combinations. The verb following leis always plural ‘A large number of people have visited the exhibition. “The plural form is usually found as a complement, and cannot be used with any. ‘People have visited the exhibivon In large numbers. A great deal of (= a large amount of s used with uncountable nouns. Ie is preferred when we are talking about time, work, eroubl, ably, etc, rather than about a quantity of a product. ‘She's prepared a large amount of food for the party and spent @ great deal of time getting ready fork ‘A good deal can be used inthe same way buc is generally uted with comparative forms, ‘wasn't very well yesterday, but tadoy I fee! a good deal Better. “PHO a 1940 pro (ST pouHaEs2 219m fapou sy "59" (1 Sou aS 9 UO tu jooyos Zgg1 u teap sJoqa01g s04e pue “vanes ue sno} so soe oun “sagt (E1) HoHPIE BoPanpa 4yo sueause se sxnnunoo uadoung Sabu utaouedaoNe peoudsopi pours idaouoo uoneiopury ai, SPUR Ne $ury00] poe Somapue aw Jo 899 “sso 638" (I) ads Ko Se sot0n pu squmy stm 25722089 0} Suos “pays (U1) pu sour paseyd fou, s20f90 ‘01 pase auton9q 01 pio ut sr tntw paged UasPHYD 2, “aoe o spy sangy po" (ON) potssu09 wnynoxuno sp suMpe 105" (6) 0 spoou 24g asiaspynous sjoouas yBaoKs [p40 YO" 1 dom stuosed aon ay wag 0 3109335" (3) 0 uooq peu wasps Busios A198 40 sjooyas wStayDeD) 34) ops vo a9 wa sion) san den “gg (9) anbrun sea wotseR9pUy “onmge newer som) 180 “pf” (S) Jo sau se uoneonpo 489 .aspinp Ur SK) pur sure gr (9) tse pre “HEN pu wey ‘Po Jo un oypausou ay yp (E) fq ‘sdiysuonejas jenuasss ay) Ioge TuARA] WAspPYD 2494 cond © 9" gs" (2) fOo4RS w eM PaHaHER 3, “pe spon gunn eno aie uaspqyp Supraoud jo ssodind 99) 30) Saund pautisep 24 10U prnogsyoouss w “uojudo soqoo (1) Aamuoo yauaarouu ou yo sites) ream sou ‘241 Jo 9U0 sem quaLHaNOWE (,uapze eee 10) uoureSropury aqn Jo s9punoy 24p “Jaqoous YoUupoLs, PON MPOT JOM ajqeains auo ia aessed oun ui syueyq pavoquunu 21p JO Y>eD TI G. 2591 ‘ou Agypasouy 3H “Souow yo — uv sey oH OF ‘softunyp asoq anoge Buy 01 UOHD Jo wai euoye sey 6 {food jouoyweonpa s quausU94049 a4) 1980 KS19NONIUOD JO ueus9 w u39q sey 9191.8 ‘aur uoddo s1yp 305 jyoresd 99 pinoxs aydoad yo fyb ‘ouypeus ayp Sutsredax ayqnon yo “iim POU ANON spafoud 24 wo Kouous yo "ii ‘ajqusapisuco e quads a4, § savas sip 39094 jsp" Poo e us0q sey YsOM INA» tuospemusa109 Jo aa waif v sounbos gots, € sax sip sraquine aay Uap umo1 a4} 01 aus 2x84 sisUMOL, Z 00gps 94) Uy SHaynEMIOD JO BF ~woynb ore aru, 1 ‘oseayd 40 puom ayqenins e pum soouoiuas 9504p a19|dwO> at nop Word formation Read the text below. Use the word given at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits into the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0). Teenage worries ‘The teens are a difficult age. One constantly heats the (0) ...complaint... from COMPLAIN parents: ‘I don’t know what to do with him (or just (1) ..66asionall.. er)" But occasion the problem is much more serious from the teenager's point of view. Those aged li P between 15 and 19 are far more likely to commit suicide than any other age group, and as many as 20 per cent suffer from (2)......depression, ‘DEPRESS “The causes are those that adults remember from their own (3) OU youre ~ the need to obtain respect from the peer group, the desire for (4) ..!Mdependence...prenn worries about money, future prospects or the fear that one is (5) ..unattractve. arnecr to the opposite sex. When these typical teenage problems are linked to the pressures. ‘of examinations and the need to live up to parental (6) ..€xPectations exec the resulting stress may prove fatal Many parents find it cifficult to cope with this situation and up to now there has k thas been very litle in the way of (7) MARE... from health authorities cue I / Ieis 6) ..£582Mtil__ for parents not to add to their stress by imposing a ESSENCE fr ‘Tegime of intensive study. And it is no comfort to teenagers, either, to remark bo that one day they will realise that nothing is quite a (9)... 4¢S0@F4EE.... as it DESPA f Gee eraad tel bat cider snare eegeas rer Oy SL eo (10) .disanpointment.1ooms large in their imagination. The best that parents can DISAPPOINT hhope for i that teenagers trust them enough to discuss their problems with them. But for that to happen, the trust must have been established in childhood. h9yRs 10 24) uso op 01 seBueyD WS Ope 3A.2, “~ atp astuiaape jusaop ing Kouow nos pus} 01 u9d¥ s1YUEG aH, sr anny 01 soo 2 ung sESRAAHD ub sea 3H SS Ole eae ae + “qwou1a%08 uasaid 24 ut Bupyiom oq Jo sraquiow m9} 241 Jo 2U0 5,914, ‘adosng ut punoy tayo 104 are yey sto9su Jo ~ 8 01 sfuojea 11 "ats 224 $e Sues O41 WOU ING DKA Pook wS,2US, ch a « 99489 aunony sty uy uy sure “= pynos puny yeqp Jo ayers pid y ;patwayp nos asnev0q snoNe} ANOK ut yUIOd YEE “OF ROS YOU UH sun sun po suo [EAH oR | pe apDE pg IONE aa « {0€9 28 uiog 01 Bur08 st younys ye BuDAD om “S4MIA UY (ue Sed 10u sonsosop ay rey yea aun di pinoys 40 uN | yo m0 4 8 -9nq 4 UO 9 9 Oa -seoumuas sauip re Uy Ajaeidaudde pasn 2q ue aki pom Ajuo 943 02 3x0U (q 40 > ‘g "y) J9m9} 9x punose apuP eng sentences Tean’t stand rats but I couldn’ myself t kill one. ‘They still oppose the plan but we hope to. v= them round to our point of view. must remember to. up the subject at the next mecting. rd like you to take of these accounts while I'm on holiday. ‘She was wandering along without @ su. in the world. ‘This parcel is labelled ‘Handle with *,s0 don't drop it! Look at this lovely ‘ofa space ship that Johnny has made! The latest vosoosnnnn Of the machine shows a number of improvements. She's beautiful enough to be a fashion but has no talent as an actress. “This litle thing. my eye in the shop window. ‘The police set a trap forthe thieves and su them red-handed. Your face is red, You 100k a8 if You've serene the SUM, sentences 5 Atake convince persuade (B) bring Tean’t stand rats but [couldn't myself to kill one ‘They still oppose the plan but we hope 10. ‘them round to our point of view. T must remember to up the subject at the next meeting. | Vr like you to take ‘of these accounts while I'm on holiday. She was wandering along without a. in the world, *,s0 don’t drop itt, “This parcel is labelled ‘Handle with | SO Ee See Look a this ve) ne pace Ship that Johnny has made! ‘The latest ‘of the machine shows a number of improvements. ‘She's beautiful enough to be a fashion ‘but has no talent as an actress | Os ae ae “Th ile thing oY eye the shop window “The police seta trap forthe thieves and them red-handed, Your face is red. You look as if you've the sun, soso asa pan od aon wa soseayd 24 fo uuof oy fo 20m v ayy 04 29 wos ssnay yy Adon poys 29 01 Soy sou yonu 10 woo UU Tos Bais 0" sons “plow oy pasionus | uays aouallo yoo! IS OF “SiSaTge "UBT Jo Sis Sosy" SANT WH WON” FUNNY OPT ‘sioofgns yuasoqnp Jo sioy>eo} waawjoy uasundio) » 2yDUI WED NOK AULA .UOP |G “abi ai pspRO;aAD” ssi HL _asnoyl Jo punou v ysis 198s 943 poraeus DoUDIPME BL, AT TBA HES HOR TOS pauoddey wey fo uomounpdi9 uv aptaaud noc ure) oii Sif pa Cs ‘poyrout Sil fo uombusuowiap Bax08 99 "ia Bus SOON Toa BT ‘ouaynio ur agp pourou sty Huysn sjooy>s jo saquinu sue] YS si wp SSAA “zoo yeUoREONS Wo ff uo poy 98 SeapNS|EMDOL aieSH SiS UBS OF BOD is 7 soya Peay 3g) 0) Mupjuod v ayou oy BuIo8 eT ia pT Sa: PLOW 24 1940 8 2ouondonon pours seapyS19qa0i4 “OUiN UZ “SSBB PATTON TOOT -21po no au 0} pagsfenb ou we | "ema SO Sao PORTA aBBIT—aGISNY -uoweonpo susipi9 Ui S01 pe sou Ho EO Py oqo 0} ‘nssed 9g few 04 ap 2819 rou pur “jdurexo ap ust “uuoy pue sven Bis ayn quan areudoudde aipwpum ads you Ui saseiyd sep Zubeydu "SoouanuDe on SALMO, suotssaidxe unou pup 59194 i as ‘ou paponsiod 2s puo ogy wt Ing svapt 304 da0de JOU plp Siay>¥r soyTO BUT ISH TV OL 6 ay aa 31 ysydtua220 01 poygad sa10u om pure YSe IMONHIP A w eM IT ae fio oy Stnige eante Haun wom or se os Spms Koyy si99fgos 24 us UaspIYD W9I01U) MW NOX —g “ue wane loo 494 fo asnro ayn sow yen pu ures a4 WYER SEH DYE ii ‘uaueBlopury 4p fo uoNpsey ays paanpauns oqaoKg 9 6 Bi “af mou up ut Yo0q Ink Ysgnd or 3d0y M$ i si oN AN ON a8 A SO MOL PT MLS F ay sonmuosd uonsayes Ssed sty ak ac) 0 uonsonb aya pasts souarpne yp ut 9uOaWIOS HOU PSXOUUE SEH A LL, € on ‘youn pur rune sty £9 paver sem. 24 08 Aqua wea 94 UOY pap swuared SEZ qe ‘sopminie yeuonanp wi afueys e pasnno Aqompo geo! 1 ‘ayBu 24 uo uuunjo> axp uy JoMsUE anOk oAUIAA “qIOAPE. 40 uonisodaud sreudoudde aia pue asuor 2301109 o1p ui Butaq quan 942 tna adAs you ul saseiyd aus aDeIdoy Burug ssqu9A josoayg word transformation rmation ‘each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first ‘using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight ‘cluding the word given. The school will reopen in September. closed ‘The schoo! will Loelremain closed Ut ..nnn September ‘The news affected her very badly effect ‘The news had.a.very. tad. effect.0on. her. We have locked the doors anel windows so that thieves will not be able to get in, prevent We have locked the doors and windows to prevent. thieves, from getting, in T hope we'll be able to convince her of our point of view. bring Thope we'll be able 0 sunning, Mer, round, to. ‘our point of view. Fm sure that what you said offended him. offence Pm sure that he sesso Sea ee what you said. | don’t think i's a good idea for us to go out in this weather. better Tot think oe we. had. better... {g0 out in this weather. ‘The Government’ policy has proved controversial “The Governments policy has. given rise to controve He came into the room quietly sas not to wake the baby. avoid He came into the 100m quit .nnna$.08.£0.04014, weklna the baby re 83a eu -soqeun jo an ag ose Sow stp pu ‘os op sod s0q0 Wey) aIgEGONT SUDO 1 1nq ons ouies ayy uy aBzanip Sofoads Jo4to JaMoWA ABS 0} UOOS O01 SII "SPU! FEO0] Jo asM-I9q svoue yuoiayp uy a91u9 snolweysg Jo suusned 1wox9yc] ‘uosea1 owes ot 205 1 Keds Ayue199 :SoUe pue AisOMP yesmyjn9 Oy KysUadosd o4p sn yor axes S9ezuEdUNIYD eIp SI UOISTYPUOD am, st -oqjour 0} dno auo wosy Butsn994 01 30,9 auiea uora 10 posinaos 49x0u wiayed jfesoso aus ayy ang dnos® ou0 ue 210W 0} HOUHOD sem pane 40 |S ayy "Sash JOM |e U] "Bare U0 AIuo UL UDPs axoM (gt Jo an easy) JaquiML EMS ‘uo pue “pe way 01 uoutuo> jp¥s afBus ou sem azoun paMO|S “SapMInE ous 24 Paugiyro 10 SYS {Jo Joquunu B Jo asn apew Koy JOU 30 sayroua Sunso} ‘sdnoss ywaxayp avs 10 suuoTIEM sNOWAEYOq ‘or 341 Jo wostindwoo ¥y -2sto 4p SuROUI OU AQ SI SIA YY NOYS FUZY Jo Sued Snowe WL waYELLOPUR Sopzueduityo Jo soypmis inl "HUNSuL 1189 396 eyN “ssUOdsD4 DNOUA8 partiayu! ue Aq pauOHpLIOD Dom Aayp abuts “aroqpan> Kw SUS a4) UI PaAbljag *pasoxiaq SPW I OS JO “ISwsIUOD Ut ‘SPeUTUY é ‘poownogy tou quaxaynp w29miog uaAe pue {nunoa o1 Kayunoo woyy Kiva asuodso1 jeuonows doap e yuo} 82 Ye) sfOqUIAS ye axogY “OLAS {5 2af 94 YoU Aes “Sroquiaun 31 udaqg9q SdiySuONE|4 24) JO PUE Ayu v soImansuOD YEH Jo yd20U09| no "orBijax ano “wrung Ajqesiuano4 {pax am aga “SKem 3U2324}P UL padoyoaap aney swOISN ‘oun wei ose nq saeensuy] yuosayyp wads pHOK ay} Jo sured qwaraypp wi ajdood yey) Sjuo you lueol 918 ey) hq “Ss0US:ayEp [BAMT|ND Je> 2” Jey UL PaisisuoD soionds 49yI0 Woy} LEU uexedas sonstoigeanija BuYSINTULSIP UIBUI 94 Jo au0 Tey) PaxDyoq SMe seam SpUadas AsDH HUA, cry « ‘jopniue a4) Aidde 01 woy use} ancy, no Soun‘sonyasto4y us swords septs asquooa4 Runok a4p Uy BEY ApN>TIOD OF 2IqeUONEDA S1L {nq sturjd jo sapuodoud aanyesna a4 Ut Uouplyo 404 sionaisut soytoU ay) 212424 Wawido}anop Jo 28s qf payors jou any Soup “Aue9j.)“uoEMUUT uF IF aIse PUE JPrS axe Koqp UO uAPaW 24) BULA! ‘Siopfa tion yaies saszuvdiuiya Sano “2sodind sures oy1 0} siuejd owes o4p ast 18940} ayy U! WHOK ‘sf eau Sur soqen anne ‘sose> Xupw UT ysnor Sewus0U OU pInow Koyp syuH|d ButNoUD Aq sIUDKLE JO. soajpsuiog) Zutano saazundunyp Jo pa}2J09 Hul>q 2ou9pis> ou st a}qeqzEusoy axoUl Liana sdeysOg, “s2ajsuioyp 4 op 0} age axe doxp jun saumasod 4194) 2} MUL pue sinu FupyoeAD WOH ppm ‘siopj2 aiou) Uae apis hq apis “Saazueduny> SuNos reyp SonvoypuL YoIDs24 12001 194 “sou mokry feu reys99 yal Wod Sd aie ang “op suewNy se BUNOS ATOKA YdeAr 10U OP oH] IEYL ‘or “ponoyuy auv ssassod sazuecuniys se Sonmqe YN Ye4 J>1Foq 2F OF PION IIHS SIH]EUONpELy, “yyeop 24 01 180) Soutyouuos S240} 247 UT SONTUMUDIUOD [eal UODHKIOg STEM ze 2so4R pu ‘auNsTO|d 410} x9 1nq poo} JO} Ajo you “sKoquoW Jo So}Dods JO4p0 [4 Pure TUNY ADI “sMOIDALUIED SauNaUIOS {ng weeja#an éoqs Tou due 4) yey puE Asn [woHIesd 40 sjooy BuIsn pu FurUONyse) Jo a}qudeD ‘ue soozueduay ey) astral 0} oF SHDK Qf 40 (FZ 2WOs SISIBOIOWg o1 astidins w SE OWED 1 s __sotauapuci ajqnaie sa] ino Jo auios‘sistaroe reuse Jo Kewstp 249 ‘on seyiod pur ‘sys. ano yo Kuew padojaaop aay Soy ‘fax2] 2armtatad Sporupe ue ae pues YE wuoretr oodo8 Jo 2486 axeys £244] "uOUIOD UF a4ey 24 YoRUL BOY aYESTSUOWDP OF 2qQHssod SEA etn S096 24H UE [fepeoD auPr Aq UOyEUIIPUN stIgeY sy) Jo WoNArOsqo pu YNG JO A12AODSIP 2m qhun Jou Sew ang wopany fewlUe 24 Ul SBujaq UeWINY 1 sapsads ysos0]9 9y) AME soozuEduM.) Tray saynuiu 9} anoge 221 pinoys si “voperedaud siya paysiuy axcy nok pun safed oma SuMojO} axa UO suoRsenb ap 28 400] 20u op ang “pueasiepun 30U op nok wep Saseayd 40 spuom Aue Jo a20U ¥ ZunyeUs ‘Ajyase> soBessed Ow BIp PLY YY ‘enbjuypea uo nok Buystape sda ay 02 uonuane Aed pur sasiuaxe ip a1ajdwoD ‘voremuexs aup Ut pjnom se suvadde g 228g ‘=ps2Muo $) UP) wou sun 3s00 242 UI Ing aahvead aaow apiAcid o2 suONsaNb jeuonIppe Jo J9quINY our aoip ‘sjun asalp Uy 3Jem Kzewuins ayn 403 pue past uonsonb jo sedis ureus arp 104 Ajdde o2 paeu nok sanbyuysa ‘41 nok yen &2 papuadut axe 2009 sI\A Ul AZDUUNS puD uorsUa4ardwe> o> PareAap saIUN sno} B44, “94R=803 2 uN) pue xen tnoq wos UoReULIO4U) 299}95 03 NOX sauInbou se KaewUNs oy| “UEIUOD sTatp Jo AJEWILUNS ® 291M LALA PUE {@x23 ypee uo suonsanb oma) saZessed parejas ona 3noge sucnsanb .amsu on oxey NOK UONBUIUTEX® A2uR!>YOId 2A UL Cipunuins pun uoisuayasduoy ‘ach tox) texts and athe there are pears as edo not kke about | In the examination, the questions follow the order of the texts and the different types may be mixed. There will not always be a question from all ofthe main types indicated below. In the Comprehension ond Summary units, ‘while you are learning the techniques required, they have been put into thei respective groups and some assistance Is given with the answers. Note the tip that accompanies each group before answering the question. a) General comprehension These are direct questions. Note that itis not necessary to write complete sentences in your answers. ‘On this first occasion, model answers are given forthe first question in each section to guide you, and some guidance is given with other questions ) 2S {his acceptable to copy words from the et but where posible, use simpler words of your own 1 What evidence is given inthe first text for chimpanzees being the closest species to human beings? Almost. the, same. genes. (98%)... 2- Why sit significant that the plants chimpanzees chew are ones that ‘they would not normally touch"? (first tex, ine 15) They, know they are medicine, cure illness etc 3. What sort of symbols are likely to ‘call forth a deep emotional response"? Give two examples (religious, national, etc). (second tex, line 6) Typical examples are cross, crescent, design and colour of national flag, etc 4 What examples are given in the second! text to show that human beings develop in different ways according, to where they are born and brought up? (three or four points) ‘Language, religion, family composition and relationships, symbols b) Meaning ‘These are questions where you are asked to define the meaning of words in context, usually by rewriting a phrase more simply in your own words, or, as in question 5, to explain what they refer to. 5 Which of the ‘less agreeable tendencies’ of human beings are referred to? (frst textline 5) ling, and. eating other animals, enioying Killing, making war, 6 Inyour own words, say what is meant by ‘the same overall pattern never recurred or even came close to recurring’? (second tet, lines 14 and 15) no. group behaved in the same way as another or the same general behaviour was never repeated eT Inansverng question 6, you don't need to write complete sentence, bu ty 0 avoid using the word recur ©) Continuity and style ‘These questions test whether you understand how the passage is connected so you can show that you can see ‘what a word or phrase refers to. In question 7, how does the word ‘dismay’ relate to what has gone before? ‘Other questions of this kind ask what sort of effect the writer is trying to create by choosing a particular word instead of another with the same meaning — for example, one that is informal instead of one that is formal 7 What idea of animal activists is suggested by the writer saying that the discovery that chimpanzees share ‘some of our less agreeable tendencies’ may dismay them? (frst text, ine 5) They. like. to. think. that. animals. are, not. cruel, like. us, (and, would, be, sorry, to. learn, that. they. can. be) 8 Inwhat way isit (second text, line 17) im both cases, it has developed because of local needs. Always look for the ansers to questions like 7 and 8 in what comes jst before or jus after phrase, though in some ‘cserthe reference may be further back or farther forwar that chimpanzees and human beings display cultural diversity for the same reasons”? {spaau yo2o|) sao 3w2.2])1p uu) Apuesa|p padojerap ax 9 songs, 2101 pot pm, oda io 210.0006 ‘assault ‘a sas ayduas apm aun 2am uv uoyd you, mous on 4p. ay 20s oy sudo vrai, Butkdoo hq pro ao oy ans a nak ft soazuodumyp sapjo woa) wor ¥ sua 80 Sao mg won “som 9yOuL PUD 210 doy syns a 04) sKoyuout 42430 |)9) "Y0aus 303 € joo) 6ursn quam Slo prose‘ 8 1 ‘sins sous padoyanap aNoH Z (686) s2uaB aos ayy 3SoUND 2ADH ‘siya ax ‘Son0u 404s Bhd 9591R JO INO anoge 9q Ayensn jy asotj."uonsenb oup somsue 2e\p s2xe) auf | sutod rel exp ano yotd oF st BIS 35 MLL 1 3803s swig Jo a8paynouy sno 0 «prvasas aoa! Jo woanqutues ayn axoip puo sBueq uoUny apt uounuo> wr axDy soazuodun 248 Sn ADHD sind angiesed 30.10] sD spi0m WMO 4nOK Ul 2SUDLULNS“sp1OM Oz Pu OS vowtag Jo ydov3HOd 0 Zewuuns pool v sanpoid on K1essazeu are 749 safes ino} exp uMoys ave NOK "HUN SHR UI ‘axan aif wox saouoaues Adoo ueip J0\ne1‘Sp10% uno anOk ut seapy ss24dxo on faye oxp pue ones ‘aumanuns aouanues jo suo wl unum ayn jo Aenb exp 20) uss pus (ned cea pecxbapun sney nok vein Bu¥wous) 100109 Jo} Uan ave ano} “asaun JO “reuluns exp 10} poplewe aye Pigg jo op aus ur G7 30 fer03 € Jono Sfreu f| “HEU 950 IPA NOK “yaeABExed 19840) 40 93405 Ceeec i adh pjoq or sps0n Sip axon uoReuusexe ayn ut s1vadde 2] SE s| mojaq wonsonb a3 J0 WHO} ML anbjuyanayBi otf W189] 02 tue2 nok auoyoq 32926 Jo 0) & peau Zgeqoud =| Areununs pood © BUBLIAA pur sdi aup ul von aouape aip mojo} 02 2ueasodi st 21 31 38 PooB aworeq Mok pue ‘uoneujurexs auiu9 atp 40} wea 02 aney NOK 78E2 2IN>yHp ISU HP swonaauino ayy pu o1sxpoun 7 280d au wa0yf yoo} suonsomb soy Baas v0 6a oy pad 1 ay O24 af HO HAL , S90" BP “pas Ka 6s SeBLUOLAYS” BURON”SUISTPAUN WAHT SATO" IOUSIPIYT IN YSOST SAHA UU (siaypon) ourspow ynoge wse9]ssezunduunyp Sunos pur waxpiyo uewny Kem ayy UaDHIag SOUP STOMA OT Suis oi SF "SSSI USTDT IP USHA WSIS “Ray 8S RRL Ae” SOALAE 8 SHA TOUEOAT UL oaystrona Ken aumes ay ut eyo pinion soazuedityD ye saozueduuyo 01 asuodsau [euonspest 241 Hoam9g WONDZUUOD 2 SITU 6 oS 8a SwS wo BST re 3049 Jo4}og amp ue san puodes aya ut poujsuo> uoneuoyu! Aq panoypennuo> Ajqsod 10 pauuiyo> 513844 PU syeqvos uoneuusoy auos 8s91pn parejas axe 2x6) OMG yp YDIYM Ut dew aif anoge NOK ¥SE suoRsonP ese DUNUINS pun UOISUaYyasdLUoy \ Aspuwins 2uDs9jau-sso1D (P contained) develop, xing. and you tips and rite a rare © ‘arch about Comprehension and su Stoge 2 Transform your notes into sentences. When you have finished this draft, count the words to see how long iti. Chimpanzees have a lot in common with human beings because we have almost the same genes. At a much lower l level, they have developed similar ski, using tools, and they also share some of our unpleasant characteristics. They eat ‘This passage wel writen and in ‘meat, kill other monkeys for pleasure as well as for food and general avoids copying from the original ‘make war on each other. But they also learn from older but is much too long. This is uswally the chimpanzees not by being taught, like human children, but by case with the first draft. Ina summary copying them, and in this way they understand which plants of 50-70 words you can only afford to will cure them when they are ill, Recent studies have shown ‘include details that are absolutely that chimpanzees behave differenty in different areas in recs. Bat mak ulus ofthe response to local needs, in the same way’ as human beings ‘maxon allowenceof words (7). hhave different customs and religous bel. (177 words) Stage 3 1a) Remove any words or phrases that can be taken out without important information being lost. Choose three of these phrases that can be taken out: 1. we have almost the same genes. ‘At a much lower level They eat meat . for pleasure as well as for food not by being taught, like human children ) Look for phrases or sentences that are correct but could be expressed in a much shorter form. Try to express these two examples in about half the number of words. 1 But they also learn from older chimpanzees by copying them and in this way undérstand which plants will Cure them when they are il. (24 words) They, learn, how to, cure. ther, ilinsses by copying older chimpanzees. 2... chimpanzees behave differently in diferent areas in response to local needs, inthe same way as human beings have different customs and religious beliefs. (23 words) sa,thele behaviour, has, developed according to, local needs, ike human customs. and, beliefs ] In rting your final version you wil be given marks for good organisation. The summary must have a beginning and on ‘end. You must imagine that tis being read by someone who has not read the original tes. Ths is why itis essential to ‘begin with he fst pase in introduction and not sy immediately We have the same genes. Inthe same way, the last sentence shoul refer to recent studies Stage 4 Copy out the final version of the summary. It should now consist of about 70 words.. Chimpanzees have a lot in. common with human beings because we have almost. the same genes, ‘They. have. developed similar. skills and. share. some of our unpleasant. characteristics, They, eat meat, kill other, monkevs_and make war on, each. other. They. learn, how. to, cure, their illnesses, by. copyit older. chimpanzees. Recent, studies have shown their behaviour has. develoned, according, to local. needs, lke human. customs. and beliefs, (70, word) “isa” UO MoU Ku {J Mow] OP | Ing sU eID We SIsTe Fuypuersino axp asm ajqeIsUED pu 9H "IF UL YsMaq S14 dip oF past ‘24 4unojoo poo’ siejnarised we paxius pey Mae “if yi pue Awopeay peso oun ve sisTIe “8 ‘or x9u ured 07 pasn 94 shaw YU ysoreoNT OM sem ToUIN Yay SMe om UT 9 ‘wowsea00 “i Luo way) 99s pure youq suioD Isms | -A49y]¥8 34) UE soAMpaLd oMp FE 298 OF OUI PRY LuOAEY TS “ uy says) sus oney OK osn722q typo mouy 01 198 pinoys nok pom ayn punose soayqed 148 UL ayy STS jesonas axe azaup 1nq Hunted si 1yzinog yueg asoueder yg -no|0o yon Se 94B4 10U S2OP “ “ggg au, wowudo hus un Buyured song amp ststy, 1 aiaqp putt 240 axe] 244 “uopsER smp Jo Soumiord oma paruted 1OuOW, sure US ‘pom ajqeuns © yim seouaquas aya 229}dW05 ‘Jeyjoun Budjsay20 YBDS padjay puo jooyrs U0 AD Jp) parpmas A> voneurquie> 201109 O48 “oquimuies 2snu nok pom 2u0 fds 02 284 NOL Jang BuKA OWES aip WEDL! sOWPOUE BuO puE 49HO YES (P) -spromuay passed 0m woos you 24g 240 soype exp ‘pausow som ays 21)oqpamuod som Zainous fa Jo yOrvOd 4 ee ap woeq Fey unod ain vou soupoue jo peansu asenuod sedus u pasn 1 40yp@ au. 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OF 0} aBIEYD ou SBN 19K WIN HOIV ‘fe pyo sy 40 Sump cue “ - ‘01 nous ured 10U Soop ays nq 129M SPUD aYBU OF ESA YBNOUD IsME sey OS wou) or + on Ant 4990 Aoup gp oad w eu ts Komp *fouowt Jo stuns snowtsous 10} sunuyed 3uting 2qdoad Jo sradedsmou ay Ul p57 t “yy pause ay st Woos sew oy asnenag Agi" JO MOUS sKempe sem yy nq SHU WOT USER T jpaom ajqenns e ypu saouaruas oxp 239/405, ‘uoin 20} TSUBTT Jo yunouso snow0U2 Uo Po axoy 02 pos 210 Lay -aqop ow 108 2y vay yng axn wed} syosi0d aun YAMA AiaHo5 oUORON, 3H. -frayo5 rouonoy 242 03 susu6d Ayu} 2x TBS 0 poy puo 2g2p On4: 708 2HMC HL ‘aspiaxe oy unajdwo> 10399 ‘ed/a pjog us aue sonp aia pue PRUIEpUM axe spsom ussiw axp ax04y ‘sajduexs 2soxp ze 7007 ‘sonnoelpe pue suntou ypim ase dip Alensn si Se AxeaUOD ata wo Je9}> oq Ose Aew! 37 31 BULMO|!O} uonisodaid e uo 16 aumaon.is suo puedep Ae JOMSUE 2201109 aif ‘qu9A © 5} essed € UI puom Buss OUD Jy 51x07] Buss s,a04m Bujoas az0j9 uadQ ‘tion a toney, mn cloze Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with one suitable word, How much are works of art really worth? ‘What separates the visual arts, painting and sculpture, from the rest is that there is only ‘one genuine work of art involved, a physical entity that only one collector can possess at any time. A Rembrandt painting is of incalculable value while a copy of a Shakespeare play is (1) osu MOCtH__. Tess than what was originally paid for it, Only an authentic manuscript in ‘Shakespeare's handwriting would fetch a simiarly high (2) wo PFiE uuu « This explains 8) Mon people are prepared to pay enormons sms for famous paintings but indicates (4) oo Abinnune the same time (5) ~!1OW,..n important it is that they should not be fakes. ‘The attention of the art world has again been drawn to this question (6) ....&CQUSE.... of an argument between experts about a Van Gogh painting which was soko a Japanese company for 24 million pounds a few years (7) 19D nne« (8) nn AGEOLMING... to one critic, the i Paintings a fake, while (2)... ARNE... claims itis genuine, The argument tums on the fact that Van Gogh is said to have painted ten pictures of sunflowers OF, (10) sonnll sens the Japanese version is really his work, eleven, Letters from art collectors who bought and sold sunflower paintings after Van Gogh’s death suggest a solution but even here it depends (11) -2%ernn HOW ‘one interprets the correspondence. The question ‘that comes to mind in this situation is this: ifthe in decide (12)... oF ‘wo paintings is genuine is by means of letters (13) ...MEiten.... by former owners, (14) nos €an one version be worth ‘only way we millions of pounds and the other nothing at (a ‘pure waxoosta saws aonnant assas ‘yp out say 2819 POM e LLIO} OD nn -yuods a foun vey wey as0u 13 29 Hm ed 02 ai" (OW) Ko eq eu SOU ONT oF 9p UH A ‘aq 0} SiouTo}SND 1UBM saruEdUIOD Tey PPA} OY (6) 1200, ppouageyp 2g 01 ~~" () 51 Ke oy Aya 5 amoI09 xn 9PM tus0q aang yasuinber* (L) aya am Pe porues® uB9q SEY UP219 SOO -popyaoxd sei atn xpoyp 0 stouadie apsino uo Aureus sas ng yIuOM Yoee predau aq snus gop au jo uorzodoud ious » suo rey Buses £9 19403309 spsaeora™ (0) ene on Yo9s septa ‘soursng annadto9 Aeoso4 © UL ngop a uo soso 3507 Seu wy Burp ty ap PU ‘somo 24 583896 ur Yomul se 24a Sed uo Hip got w RUPOM MoU SEL -soooud au pan pub 24 30 "~sSeAS""™ GS) SzaMOW SH AUD sPUNOE penn esas Jo npeio paises se pur Ssouezsutau pu ae st NOG Su Ueq uaoU- yam 8 1 LEIS “FESTA CH) we wpa PIO LA & «prea ypatoe sessod 1 1 sopun auosue 1} foo 11 ogy “08 OP Or HEN 10} S89 001A S11 3849 SONS Stadedsmou 24 ut poron ast 149008 V ~ sgn" (@) souse sousonag wato Tom J0 900 osEMboe OF “ (2) aq eqn ‘spuea ypas> Bursn synpe a2s Komp rays ‘Suwstadans ‘iso you 5111 0-318 Aanrtesedwoo s ouatadxs amp ‘swamed “~—ua5;ApU"* CD) ron ane Koy ssayun ine “a9 246 0 ued so soto es Bum Kg SPUD, ~ (g) 94 Kos 1080901 SOW. in 40h 2? UT syoq) Jo 3004) UE yo Buumoys Jo -(o) Buuuitaq ovp 2e ajdurexo ue 51 soy “ou oures up ut azeds ‘s0uy a1p Jo auios Jo pus a4 3e Uan pom aif 957) MO}Ag IxoD AIA PEERY Put a circle around the letter (AA, B, C or D) next to the only word that can be used appropr all three sentences. ‘This decoration will adda Title .ennnon 10 YOUE tOOm. ‘You're looking pale. You need fresh air to bring some nnn €0 Your cheeks, Tm going to the doctor's because I've been feeling alittle off lately. 2 de assount © pa pac) I never expected you t0 ta wwnnnsnn ithe discussion, ‘The people who live here are recent arrivals, for the most twas a bad miscalculation on the Prime Ministers. 3A teat information!“ site (By faet Unfortunately, broken marriages are (9) -c0nnmn of moder life tsa good plan but you can’t ignore the oennmun that it will cast money. Fve known him for years. As a matter of Twas at school with him, 4A attence ——B) maice — nfrmation 1) warning ‘You shouldn't take any ‘of what she says, She's just jealous, ‘This shop will main closed until further ‘The firm wouldn't raise my salary so T gave in my She hasnt said anything definite but I. it for granted that she'll be there. ‘The Vice-President will... contol during the President's absence. was unkind of her to say that, but don’t itto heart! uuojt20p ysis 247 ape a8 “wo “yng 4899 14st UOH} Jo a8In0D INE) 3m 9) OTM 19} PUP st 380] 94 “109 24) o1U0 paddans 24 sy eee ee woneeppms 9 eG Vs +» fue e woNa9[9 au) WN 01 pauNULsayOp 24,604, {a8es0d a4 30. ‘4p 12400 01 yBnous st ST “au 30 aq) au 401 eno fous sostod waa. 2 [SaaS ST “wou 1 01 panos a4 faq TBI SSO & aye AeA AT “ava ayn o “ern Buquods yueysodus sou op 30 2U0 SSH ss yo asanos a4 paroaye Apargnopun WoHD9}9 SIH | ssmuinase qsuanneduen 9 susteG@)_ studded V9 word formation inding vocabulary: Cost and value ‘There are structural differences as well as differences in meaning between a number of words dealing with the ‘cost and value of things, so the same sentences can be rewritten in different ways, ‘Compare the structures used in the examples before completing the exercise. (@) Charge (for), cost, pay (for) was charged ten pounds forthe Ucket The ticket cost me ten pounds. | paid ten pounds forthe ticket (b) Worth and value The pointing sof great valuelis worth a great deal What's the value of te paining?/How much isthe pointing worth? (©) Cost, price and value, real worth The price of something is what it costs, how much people will pay for ie. The value of something is ‘what itis really worth (which may not be the sime as the price and can refer to things thae cannot be bought, like happiness). The price they are asking forthe sculpture is £1,000 but don't think tis worth os much as thet. ‘Monthy payments towards a pension may seem to cst alt of money ot your age but you cannot underestimate the value ofthe peace of mind it wl give you when you are old. For each of the sentences below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the frst sentence, using the word given. 1 How much did they charge you to go into the gallery? cost How much Aid I8. £058. YOU. ononnnnsenen 0 0 into the gallery? 2 Think they charged me too much for my ticket. paid Tehink La. too much for my ticket, 3 How much do you have to pay an artis o paint your portrait? charge How mich nnn GOS. 90 AUB, NOG, (OM. paint your portrait? 4 Lean’ ell you the value of a painting like that worth Tcan’t tell you ew. much, ..nainting lke, that. is, worth 5 You could charge any amount of money for an authentic Shakespearean manuscript. pay People OMY. ny amount of money for an authentic Shakespearean manuscript. 6 It would be of enormous value. worth Tewould be th, AMOUR. un MONEY. 7 Ifitisa fake, they paid alot more for it than it is worth, it cost them a lot more than its worth, 8 However good an imitation may be, its never worth very much. value However good an imitation may be, it nnnl8 PAVE. of WEY. ae. vale