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de la Mure / MAE

Technician Membership
Structural engineering technicians are key members of design and construction teams. They use their technical skills to help ensure that all kinds of structures from buildings to bridges are designed and built safely and efficiently. Those who employ TIStructE technicians have the assurance of knowing that their employees have had their competence assessed, their credentials verified and their commitment to continuing professional development established. Technician Members are reliable, professional members of a design team, with a sound understanding of core structural engineering principles. Technician Members are experienced structural engineering technicians. If you are an experienced technician, it is never too late in your career to apply to join the Institution. Technician Members benefit from the full range of membership privileges. Youll also benefit from widened career opportunities. As a Technician Member, you may also enjoy formal recognition of your professional status by using the accreditation TIStructE. Additionally, you may gain further professional registration with ECUK and use the designation Eng Tech. Qualifying to become a Technician Member is straightforward. There is no exam; you just need to meet these three requirements: 1. Hold a recognised academic or vocational qualification: National Certificate or Diploma in Civil Engineering or Construction or the equivalent. Practising engineering technicians with appropriate knowledge and skills but without formal academic qualifications may still be eligible. Talk to us about your experience and we will help support you in your route to qualification 2. Successfully complete the IPD programme. This training programme includes 12 core objectives set to bridge the gap between education and becoming a qualified Technician Member 3. Attend and pass a Professional Review Interview (PRI) As well as being a qualification in its own right, becoming a Technician Member can be used as a stepping stone to other grades of membership. For further information on this grade of membership and details on how to apply please contact: Allan Brereton Professional Development Officer allan.brereton@istructe.org tel: +44 (0)207 201 9123 Or visit www.istructe.org/membership/Pages/TechnicianMember.aspx

Becoming TIStructE has confirmed my status as an experienced technician...

Shelly Morgan TIStructE
Student Member A/AS levels, vocational A Levels or Highers National Certicate/National Diploma, 14-19 Diplomas in Engineering or Construction and the Built Environment Technical apprenticeship

NVQ/SVQ level 3

Technician programmes

Initial Professional Development Technician Member Technician Member Professional Review Interview Technician Member: TISructE