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Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

New & Recent Titles 2013



Dear Friends, The University of Pittsburgh Press is pleased to present its new and recent titles in Russian, Central Asian, and East European studies. This catalog represents our latest offerings in programs that for more than twenty years have been committed to publishing the best scholarship in the field. The origins of this effort can be traced to 1984, when Pittsburghs Russian and East European Studies series began. Since then REES has grown to include a wide array of distinguished books from a variety of disciplinary, ideological, and methodological perspectives on every aspect of the regions history, politics, society, economics, and culture. REES is under the general editorship of Jonathan Harris. Our Central Eurasia in Context series is under the general editorship of Douglas Northrop. This intriguing region has a rich historical legacy. Combining abundant natural resources and daunting terrain, alternately ignored and coveted by outside powers, this continental heartland is marked by many fault lines of historical and contemporary global conflict and plays a vital role in world politics. Yet for all its importance, Central Eurasia remains insufficiently explored by modern scholarship. This series addresses that need. We look forward to expanding and deepening our publishing efforts to bring you the best new scholarship on this important part of the world.


Peter W. Kracht Editorial Director

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First Films of the Holocaust

Soviet Cinema and the Genocide of the Jews, 193846
Jeremy HICKS

First Films of the Holocaust tackles a little known but deeply important subjectSoviet filmmakers, who were the first ones to visualize the mass murder of Jews and others on the Eastern front, the event we now call the Holocaust. In this important book, Jeremy Hicks shows how the filmmakers documented their horrible subject and then how the Soviet government used this frightening footage to galvanize a population. A fusion of film analysis and history, this book will be a must-have for anyone interested in filmic representations of the Holocaust. David Shneer, University of Colorado

2012 328 pp. 978-0-8229-6224-3 Paper $28.95 ITEM NO. 501 SALE PRICE $23.16 PITT SERIES IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES


most early Western perceptions of the Holocaust were based on newsreels filmed during the allied liberation of Germany in 1945. Little, however, was reported of the initial wave of material from Soviet filmmakers who were in fact the first to document these horrors. In First Films of the Holocaust, Jeremy Hicks presents a pioneering study of Soviet contributions to the growing public awareness of the horrors of Nazi rule. even before the war, the Soviet film Professor Mamlock, which premiered in the United States in 1938 and coincided with the Kristallnacht pogrom, helped reinforce anti-Nazi sentiment. yet, Soviet films were often dismissed or even banned in the West as Communist propaganda. Hicks recovers much of the major film work in Soviet depictions of the Shoa and views them within their political context, both locally and internationally. Overwhelmingly, wartime films were skewed to depict Soviet resistance, red funerals, and calls for vengeance, rather than the singling out of Jewish victims by the Nazis. Almost no personal testimony of victims or synchronous sound was recorded, furthering the disconnection of the viewer to the victims. Hicks examines correspondence, scripts, reviews, and compares edited with unedited film, to unearth the deliberately hidden Jewish aspects of Soviet depictions of the German invasion and occupation. To Hicks, its in the silences, gaps, and ellipses that the films speak most clearly. Additionally, he details the reasons why Soviet Holocaust films have been subsequently erased from collective memory in the West and the Soviet Union: their graphic horror, their use as propaganda tools, and the postwar rise of the red Scare in the United States and anti-Semitic campaigns in the Soviet Union.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Fascination and Enmity
Russia and Germany as Entangled Histories, 19141945
edited by mICHAeL DAvID-FOx, PeTer HOLQUIST, and ALexANDer m. mArTIN


Rather than once again comparing the horrors of Nazism and Stalinism, this important new volume brings together contributions by major scholars engaged in interrogating the tangled relationship between Russia and Germany in the first part of the twentieth century. By focusing on the events surrounding the two world wars, the authors provide crucial insights into the manner in which Germans and Russians viewed each other and how such perceptions influenced their actions in what has been called the age of extremes. Omer Bartov, Brown University This volume, which collects pioneering work by outstanding historians of Russia and Germany, reveals the enormous promise of transnational history. Every chapter places significant events in a new light, enriching our understanding of perhaps the most crucial relationship of the twentieth century. Timothy Snyder, Yale University This innovative book splinters the ice in which the humanly wrenching dramas of twentieth-century German-Russian interactions have been locked: the fate of prisoners of war, ordinary soldiersand prominent intellectualsfeelings for their enemies and their own cause, the brutality of the Soviet occupation of defeated Germany. The politics of official propaganda and international communism also appear in a new light. These imaginative explorations of newly accessible sources push scholarships cutting edge forward. William W. Hagen, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis


russia and Germany have had a long history of significant cultural, political, and economic exchange. Despite these beneficial interactions, stereotypes of the alien Other persisted. Germans perceived russia as a vast frontier with unlimited potential, yet infused with an Asianness that explained its backwardness and despotic leadership. russians admired German advances in science, government, and philosophy, but saw their people as lifeless and obsessed with order. Fascination and Enmity presents an original transnational history of these two entangled nations during the critical era of the world wars. Through accounts of fellow travelers, POWs, war correspondents, soldiers on the front, propagandists, revolutionaries, the Comintern, and wartime and postwar occupations, the contributors reveal the psyche of the russian-German dynamic and its powerful influence over politics, the military, and ideology.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Swans of the Kremlin
Ballet and Power in Soviet Russia


In Swans of the Kremlin Christina Ezrahi reconstructs long-ago debates and makes us hearas though we were flies on the wallvoices arguing about what is or isnt Soviet and even the quality of Russian versus Czech tights. She views Soviet ballet as a dynamic enterprise negotiating the daily demands of a state cultural project and professional issues that often became an expression of political resistance. Lynn Garafola, Columbia University Ezrahis study addresses the basic questions surrounding the mysteries of the production of art in the Soviet Union: Who called the shots, and how did they do it? Her meticulous archival research finally answers questions regarding the autonomy of the artist and institution, with analyses that are thoughtful, provocative, and illuminating. Tim Scholl, Oberlin College

2012 368 pp. 978-0-8229-6214-4 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 503 SALE PRICE $22.36 PITT SERIES IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES

Classical ballet was perhaps the most visible symbol of aristocratic culture and its isolation from the rest of russian society under the tsars. In the wake of the October revolution, ballet, like all of the arts, fell under the auspices of the Soviet authorities, who attempted to mold the former imperial ballet to suit their revolutionary cultural agenda and reeducate the masses. As Christina ezrahis groundbreaking study reveals, they were far from successful in this ambitious effort to gain complete control over art. Swans of the Kremlin offers a fascinating glimpse at the collision of art and politics during the volatile first fifty years of the Soviet period. ezrahi shows how the producers and performers of russias two major troupes, the mariinsky (later Kirov) and the Bolshoi, quietly but effectively resisted Soviet cultural hegemony during this era. Despite all controls put on them, they managed to maintain the classical forms and traditions of their rich artistic past and to further develop their art form. These aesthetic and professional standards proved to be the power behind the ballets worldwide appeal. The troupes soon became the showpiece of Soviet cultural achievement, as they captivated Western audiences during the Cold War period. Based on extensive research into official archives, and personal interviews with artists and staff, ezrahi presents the first-ever account of the inner workings of these famed ballet troupes during the Soviet era. She follows their struggles in the postrevolutionary period, their peak during the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s, and concludes with their monumental productions staged to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the revolution in 1968.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

The History of Liberalism in Russia
Victor LeontoVitsch Foreword by ALeksAndr soLzhenitsyn

An illuminating and profound analysis. . . . One of the most thoughtful and penetrating studies that have appeared in the field of Russian history in any country for some time. Donald Treadgold, American Historical Review The legend still persists that there was never any choice in Russia between dark reaction and red revolution, and that liberal order was an alien plant which could never have taken root. . . . Leontovitsch has done a great service by restoring some of the true perspective. Leonard Schapiro, Times Literary Supplement This book has that elegant quality of successful works that, while elucidating a specific subject, throw light in passing on other questions that are sometimes of greater significance. Thus, we find in this history of liberalism a profound analysis of some of the key factors that made revolution possible in Russia. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from the Foreword
2012 392 pp. 978-0-8229-4415-7 Cloth $55.00 ITEM NO. 504 SALE PRICE $44.00 eBook available

Portrait of a Russian Province

Economy, Society, and Civilization in Nineteenth-Century Nizhnii Novgorod
cAtherine eVtuhoV Winner of the 2012 Vucinich Book Prize for the most important contribution to Russian, Eurasian, and East European studies, awarded by the ASEEES

Deserves the attention of anyone interested in pre-revolutionary Russia. Whether it weakens the dominance of the glass half empty school will depend on the results of a regional turn in Russian historiography to which it makes an early and distinguished contribution. Times Literary Supplement A monumental piece of work in every respect: scholarship, ideas, style, and innovation. The impact of the book as a whole is enormousI have never read anything about nineteenth-century Russia as interesting and original as this. Richard Stites An astonishing and fascinating discovery of life in a Russian province, a world where all was open and lively, and the future full of possibilities. Portrait of a Russian Province deeply renews our knowledge of a world that was to be completely shattered a few years later. Evtuhov writes with passion, not only for history, but for Russia itself. Alain Blum, cole des Hautes tudes en Sciences Sociales

2011 344 pp. 978-0-8229-6171-0 Paper $34.95 ITEM NO. 505 SALE PRICE $27.96 eBook available

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A History of Russian Literary Theory and Criticism
The Soviet Age and Beyond
edited by evGeNy DOBreNKO and GALIN TIHANOv Winner of the 2012 Efim Etkind Prize for the best book on Russian culture, awarded by the European University at St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 424 pp. 978-0-8229-4411-9 Cloth $60.00 ITEM NO. 506 SALE PRICE $48.00 eBook available

This is a uniquely important book. Unique, because there is no other serious scholarly history that encompasses the whole spectrum of modern Russian literary theory and criticism. Important, because the schools and thinkers who are studied in this anthology have played a crucial role in shaping debates about literature and its relation to society all over the globe. The contributors constitute a whos who of contemporary Slavic scholarship, and they cover every significant move from the October Revolution to the post-Soviet present, including migr developments. No responsible student of modern literary theory can ignore this instant classic. Michael Holquist, Yale University For those of us whose knowledge of Russian literary theory and criticism is restricted to a few works by the Russian formalists and Bakhtin, this wide-ranging collection, which treats criticism as both a social institution and intellectual activity, is valuable and revealing. Jonathan Culler, Cornell University

Captives of Revolution
The Socialist Revolutionaries and the Bolshevik Dictatorship, 19181923

Smith guides the reader skillfully through the tortuous politics of the Eastern Front, with its unlikely and shifting coalitions of SRs, liberals, Czechoslovak troops, Cossacks, officers, national minorities, and Siberian regionalists. . . An impressive and persuasive work. Smiths insights on discourse are intriguing and highly suggestive, but, most importantly, they rest on a solid foundation of top-quality historical research and exposition. The Russian Review A really informative study in all sorts of ways and must be read by those interested in the history of the Russian Civil War. Revolutionary Russia This is the first detailed and archival-based study to focus on the struggle between the Bolsheviks and the other leftist groups during the civil war years. This new focus leads to some striking, important conclusions. Highly recommended. Choice

2011 400 pp. 978-0-8229-4403-4 Cloth $45.00 ITEM NO. 507 SALE PRICE $36.00 eBook available

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Song of the Forest
Russian Forestry and Stalinist Environmentalism, 19051953

Makes for a lively read . . . is extensively researched, and it is an important contribution to the small but growing field of Soviet environmental history. The Russian Review [Brain] demonstrates the continuing importance of the forest, such a quintessential part of life in czarist Russia, in the Soviet period. Highly recommended. Choice Stephen Brains book is truly revelatory. Dispensing with simplistic models, Brain has uncovered a uniquely Russian approach to forestry and explains how that approach survived and even partially guided forest management under Stalin truly a counterintuitive proposition! This is the richest and savviest account of Russian and Soviet forestry in any language and is essential reading for those interested in environmental history, forestry, the history of science, and, not least, Russia and the Soviet Union. Douglas R. Weiner, University of Arizona

2011 240 pp. 978-0-8229-6165-9 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 508 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

Into the Cosmos

Space Exploration and Soviet Culture
edited by JAmeS T. ANDreWS and ASIF A. SIDDIQI

This insightful examination of Soviet culture does not whitewash it, but shows instead a society seeking to recover from the Stalinist era by expressing genuine pride in a new achievement, all the while exhibiting early cynicism about some of Soviet Communisms promises. Choice An important work in that it explores the public perceptions [of] an event that has never before happened in the history of mankind . . . informative and engaging. Quest USSR spaceflight triumphs between 1957 and 1965 marked the apogee of Soviet civilization. Into the Cosmos provides important new insights into the culture, society, and politics of the Khrushchev era through the lens of the cosmonauts and their record-setting journeys. It covers topics ranging from secrecy and celebrity to gender and consumerism, illuminating a relatively neglected period in Soviet history. This book should prove equally valuable to scholars of Eastern Europe and to historians of science, technology, and space exploration. Michael Neufeld, Smithsonian Institution
2011 344 pp. 978-0-8229-6161-1 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 509 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Selling to the Masses
Retailing in Russia, 18801930

Tracing common motifs across a turbulent half century in Russian history, Hilton constructs a compelling, engaging argument about the importance of retail culture in the development of a modern urban society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. . . . Highly recommended. Choice Hiltons book is an original and vividly written study of Russian commercial culture from the late imperial through the early Soviet periods. Delving into the practical and ideological meanings of retail trade for merchants, consumers, and the state, it combines breadth and depth to provide insights into fascinating continuities in the attitudes toward commerce between these two opposed regimes. Sally West, Truman State University

2011 352 pp. 978-0-8229-6167-3 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 510 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

Equality and Revolution

Womens Rights in the Russian Empire, 19051917

A deeply researched analysis of Russian feminists struggles in the years before Communist rule. Ruthchild demonstrates the importance of Russia in the broader history of womens suffrage. Thus, this book will be of interest beyond the field of Russian history. Highly recommended for upper-level students and specialists in gender and Russian history. The Historian This will be the definitive study for years to come. Ruthchild provides a nuanced analysis of the feminist movement and its socialist opposition. Her analysis of the enfranchisement of Finnish women in 1906 is excellent. The Russian Review
2010 376 pp. 978-0-8229-6066-9 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 511 SALE PRICE $22.36 978-0-8229-4390-7 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 512 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available

Fascinating, clearly written, and well-researched. Slavic Review

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Imagining the West in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
edited by GyrGy PTerI

This volume clearly indicates that understanding the regions history requires us to move beyond the constraints of national histories, as we recognize the importance of interconnectedness and transfers that crossed physical and ideological borders. This inspiring collection points to further sites of research in the fields of cultural and social history, cultural diplomacy, and the history of everyday life . . . deserves a wide audience. Austrian History Yearbook A rich and diverse collection of articles exploring the multiple levels of popular and official perceptions by East Europeans and Russians of the West, unified by a set of central themes that illuminate their ambivalent, entangled, and interactive features and firmly anchored fore and aft by Pteri and Michael David-Fox. Alfred J. Rieber, Central European University

2010 336 pp. 978-0-8229-6125-3 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 513 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

Other Animals
Beyond the Human in Russian Culture and History
edited by JANe COSTLOW and Amy NeLSON

The sheer range of methodologies and objects of study, as well as the solid research and engaging writing by the contributors, make this collection a stimulating and original read. The Russian Review Eclectic and far-reaching. A challenging collection of studies. Its scope is broad and its contributors seem to feel few restrictions in their cross-disciplinary approaches. Slavic and East European Journal

2010 336 pp. 978-0-8229-6063-8 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 514 SALE PRICE $22.36 978-0-8229-4388-4 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 515 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

The KGB Campaign against Corruption in Moscow, 19821987

Riveting. At multiple levels, this work provides new information and perspectives on a period of stalemate, factional competition, and the initiation of fundamental political and economic change. H-Net Reviews A thorough analysis . . . a rich feast of new material. Slavic Review [Duhamel] sheds light on an important and hitherto largely overlooked phenomenon: the crackdown on corruption in Moscow's trade bureaucracy and how that might have fed directly into the political developments that led to the collapse of the USSR. Peter Rutland, Wesleyan University

2010 272 pp. 978-0-8229-6108-6 Paper $26.95 ITEM NO. 516 SALE PRICE $21.56 eBook available

Brezhnevs Folly
The Building of BAM and Late Soviet Socialism

This excellent monograph details the construction of one of the largest public works projects of all time, the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) Railway. The last instance of Soviet gigantomania and a pet project of Leonid Brezhnev. BAM was envisioned as a demonstration of ideological fervor and Soviet prowess. In fact, BAM was a disaster from start to finish. Brezhnevs Folly benefits from the authors thorough familiarity with rich archival materials as well as personal interviews. It deserves the attention of every specialist in modern Russian history. Russian Review
2009 232 pp. 978-0-8229-6138-3 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 517 SALE PRICE $19.96 978-0-8229-4372-3 Cloth $50.00 ITEM NO. 518 SALE PRICE $40.00 eBook available

Wards important study successfully situates BAM within Brezhnevs developed socialism, and it indicates the bankruptcy of late Soviet efforts to demonstrate the glories of enlightened rule. Important for specialists on Soviet politics and history, and more generally for historians of technology. Slavic Review

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 11

Stalinist Confessions
Messianism and Terror at the Leningrad Communist University

In this study of the Great Purges, [Halfins] examination of Stalinist language and ideology does much to deepen our understanding of this extremely disturbing and perplexing event. Slavic Review Paints a vivid picture of a narrow but significant slice of the Terror. A valuable work on the dynamics of fear. American Historical Review An important contribution to the scholarly understanding of perhaps the least explained phenomenon in Russias modern history, the upsurge of mass political violence during the late 1930s, widely known as the Great Terror. In particular, the book is a step forward in elucidating the intellectual and linguistic dimensions of the terrora complex and challenging field, in which Halfin has done significant work. The Russian Review

2009 496 pp. 978-0-8229-6016-4 Paper $28.95 ITEM NO. 519 SALE PRICE $23.16 978-0-8229-4367-9 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 520 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available

Intimate Enemies
Demonizing the Bolshevik Opposition, 1918-1928

Despite the complexity of the ideas that [Halfin] presents, his willingness to reproduce living examples from the texts in order to develop his argument ensured that this reader was gripped by the unfolding evolution of language, and its corresponding unleashing of real rather than just rhetorical violence. Europe-Asia Studies Provocative and interesting. A new interpretation of the intraParty struggles that prepared the ground for the Great Purge. Most interestingly, Halfin examines in detail how intra-Party struggles were interpreted at the grass roots level. Slavonic and East European Review
2007 424 pp. 978-0-8229-5952-6 Paper $28.95 ITEM NO. 521 SALE PRICE $23.16 eBook available

From Darkness to Light

Class, Consciousness, and Salvation in Revolutionary Russia

Erudite, stimulating, and important. A book that deserves to be read from cover to cover and savored. Even those who disagree with its premises and conclusions will find more than ample reward. Slavic Review Halfins is one of the first attempts to firmly root a Foucault-influenced discussion of self-fashioning in newly opened archival sources. This is an immense task, but Halfin provides us with an initial bold step in this direction. A remarkable book. Journal of Modern History

2000 488 pp. 978-0-8229-5704-1 Paper $28.95 ITEM NO. 522 SALE PRICE $23.16 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Russias Factory Children
State, Society, and Law, 18001917

Pathbreaking. One of the most important aspects of Gorshkovs study is its use of comparative analysis. This book will force readers to consider how accurately Russia is placed (or not placed) in its European context both in the story of Russias industrialization and in broader fields such as world history or labor history. The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review Gorshkov has managed in this concise book to add a new dimension to the history of Russian labour, as well as contributing to current debates about the role of the state, the growth of civil society, and the perception of childhood. Canadian Slavonic Papers

2009 228 pp. 978-0-8229-6048-5 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 523 SALE PRICE $20.76 978-0-8229-4383-9 Cloth $60.00 ITEM NO. 524 SALE PRICE $48.00 eBook available

Bandits and Partisans

The Antonov Movement in the Russian Civil War

Landis has written what will be for many years the definitive history of the Antonov movement. In a work of prodigious scholarship, he has trawled the archives of both Moscow and Tambov to produce the first detailed account of Antonovs insurgency and its suppression. Europe-Asia Studies A gripping account of a few dramatic months in Tambov. [This] study is an excellent example of how a solid grasp of the social forces at work can increase the value of wide-ranging archival research. Slavic Review

2008 408 pp. 978-0-8229-4343-3 Cloth $50.00 ITEM NO. 525 SALE PRICE $40.00 eBook available

How the Soviet Man Was Unmade

Cultural Fantasy and Male Subjectivity under Stalin

An all-too-rare example of engaged and theoretically informed textual analysis backed up by solid archival research. A wonderfully impressive, exciting, and important work. The Russian Review A fascinating journey into the gallery of hysterical, damaged and broken male bodies that were at the heart of Stalinist literature and cinema. Europe-Asia Studies
2008 240 pp. 978-0-8229-5993-9 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 526 SALE PRICE $20.76 978-0-8229-4321-1 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 527 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available

Bold and innovative. An intellectual delight: insightful, innovative, and compellingly argued. Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 13

The Archaeology of Anxiety
The Russian Silver Age and Its Legacy

Rylkovas excellent and much-needed book explores the myth of the Silver Age in Russian culture. Fascinating. A work of love. The Russian Review Convinces through the sheer breadth of sources analyzed. Rylkova proceeds to demonstrate how the unique combination of a vibrant cultural legacy, combined with the loss of the environment in which it thrived, became a projection space, unprecedented in scope, for hopes, dreams and interpretations. Europe-Asia Studies
2007 280 pp. 978-0-8229-5981-6 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 528 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

The End of Peasantry?

The Disintegration of Rural Russia

It is a major task to demonstrate how large forces play out in ways that reorganize society, economy, and human settlement over an important part of the earth, but The End of Peasantry? succeeds in excellent fashion. This is a terrific book. Eurasian Geography and Economics This comprehensive and well-written study of the revenge of geography in post-Soviet Russia will be excellent for researchers, scholars, and students of agrarian studies, European history, and socialist reforms. Highly recommended. Choice

2006 272 pp. 978-0-8229-5941-0 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 529 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

Under the Influence

Working-Class Drinking, Temperance, and Cultural Revolution in Russia, 18951932

Transchels study places alcohol consumption within the working-class culture of the time, in a way that helps us understand why the abolitionist movements of the time were repeatedly defeated. The most thorough study of its kind. Slavic Review A compelling analysis of a much-cited yet superficially investigated aspect of Russian and Soviet life. Through a careful investigation of an impressive array of archival and primary resources, Transchels work offers important insights into the relationship between the newly industrialized working classes and the Russian state through the negotiation over the use and abuse of alcohol. Labor History

2006 224 pp. 978-0-8229-6159-8 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 530 SALE PRICE $20.76 978-0-8229-4278-8 Cloth $35.00 ITEM NO. 531 SALE PRICE $28.00 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Red Atom
Russias Nuclear Power Program from Stalin to Today

Based on an extensive review of Soviet-era archives, Red Atom shows that nonmilitary use of nuclear power was like many areas of cold war competition: an avenue for the participants to go to illogical extremes. Impressive in its sweep, and it provides essential details about an industry that has outlived its creators yet. The New York Times Could there be another Chernobyl? Red Atom is both a history and a warningand a bitter indictment of an industry that was once thought to be the radiant path to the future. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

2005 368 pp. 978-0-8229-5881-9 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 532 SALE PRICE $19.96 eBook available

Sexual Revolution in Bolshevik Russia


A genuinely compelling narrative of the stormy debates surrounding the all-important issue of sex and sexuality during the first decade of Soviet power. Carletons great achievement lies in the powerful lens of sex to spotlight the spectrum of ideological and discursive diversity that characterized the culture and ideology of the 1920s Soviet Union. Slavic Review Substantially widens the sexual canon of early Soviet writing. Carletons book introduces many previously neglected figures and depicts the cultural and literary dynamics of the sexual question as complex and nuanced. Eric Naiman, University of California-Berkeley

2004 288 pp. 978-0-8229-5948-9 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 533 SALE PRICE $20.76 eBook available

Writing the Siege of Leningrad

Womens Diaries, Memoirs, and Documentary Prose

While hundreds of books on the subject spout official Soviet dogma, this volume has emerged since the fall of communism, and it offers the voice of the people. The authors successfully capture womens battle for survival and heroic struggle to maintain a semblance of municipal life during the siege. A very touching account of these womens remarkable accomplishments. Library Journal Profoundly important, deeply moving, insightful collection of human experience and a strongly recommended addition to Russian History, European Studies, and Womens Studies supplemental reading lists and academic reference collections. Bookwatch

2005 288 pp. 978-0-8229-5869-7 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 534 SALE PRICE $19.96 eBook available

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 15

Celebrating Women
Gender, Festival Culture, and Bolshevik Ideology, 19101939

A vivid picture of the opportunism that motivated the incorporation of IWD into the Soviet calendar. It will find an enthusiastic readership among those interested in the history of feminism in Russia, as well as those looking for a broader understanding of womens roles in Russian revolutionary culture. The Russian Review Extremely well researched. Adds a great deal to our understanding of the cultural history of Russia from the immediate prerevolutionary period through the 1930s. American Historical Review

2002 240 pp. 978-0-8229-6110-9 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 535 SALE PRICE $19.96 eBook available

Provincial Landscapes
Local Dimensions of Soviet Power, 19171953
edited by DONALD J. rALeIGH

Aside from its general interest to students of Soviet history, this compilation should also be fascinating to those concerned with the purpose and execution of local history, particularly urban-rural relations. An important contribution to the field of local history. Essential reading for Sovietologists seeking an alternative from central, urban, national history. Australian Slavonic and East European Studies This superbly edited collection highlights some of the most original research from archives recently made available to researchers. Slavic Review

2001 424 pp. 978-0-8229-6158-1 Paper $28.95 ITEM NO. 536 SALE PRICE $23.16 978-0-8229-4164-4 Cloth $50.00 ITEM NO. 537 SALE PRICE $40.00 eBook available

Unexpected Outcomes
Electoral Systems, Political Parties, and Representation in Russia
rOBerT G. mOSer

[Moser] takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the intricate mechanics of the Russian electoral politics of the first half of the last decade. The book offers food for thought to scholars across the discipline. A good balance of institutional theory, data analysis and substantive immersion and beyond its scholarly value is a good reading for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in comparative politics and East European or Russian studies. Political Science Quarterly Moser packs a lot of information and interpretation into a short and readable book. Contains many convincing arguments about electoral system effects in Russia. It is well worth reading for those studying elections and political party development in the postcommunist world. Slavic Review

2001 200 pp. 978-0-8229-5746-1 Paper $22.95 ITEM NO. 538 SALE PRICE $18.36 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Models of Nature
Ecology, Conservation, and Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia

This book will inspire some readers, it will unmask others, and it will cast yet others into despair. Others will read it as a revelation. But it inevitably had to be written, and lo, it has appeared. Novyi mir Thoroughly documented and firmly integrated, this book is a major contribution to the history of Soviet science, politics, and culture. American Historical Review
2000 336 pp. 978-0-8229-5733-1 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 539 SALE PRICE $19.96 eBook available

The Thaw Generation

Coming of Age in the Post-Stalin Era

A deeply personal chronicle that offers a close and often chilling view of the Soviet dissident movement from Stalins death in 1953 through the ascent of Gorbachev. Kirkus The Thaw Generation does admirably what it seeks to do. It documents the travails and achievements of Soviet dissidents during the oppressive decades of the 1960s and 1970s and the early years of the 1980s. East/West Education
1993 352 pp. 978-0-8229-5911-3 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 540 SALE PRICE $20.76

Festive Ukrainian Cooking


Handsomely designed, this is a wonderful book for exploring the holidays of another culture or for wiling away an afternoon in the kitchen mastering the intricacies of korovai or kolach. Wilson Library Bulletin
more than a cookbook, Festive Ukrainian Cooking is also a definitive account of traditional Ukrainian culture as perpetuated in family rituals and lovingly celebrated with elegantly prepared food and drink.

1990 240 pp. 978-0-8229-3646-6 Cloth $19.95 ITEM NO. 541 SALE PRICE $15.96

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 17

Speaking Soviet with an Accent
Culture and Power in Kyrgyzstan


Drawing on the rich history of comparative colonialism, Dr. mens fascinating account of the cultural revolution in Kyrgyzstan analyzes the many ways in which the Kyrgyz intelligentsia appropriated and refashioned the Soviet project in Central Asia. Choi Chatterjee, California State University, Los Angeles mens research in Kyrgyzstan links rural to urban, and local to national in an exploration of the cultural construction of Kyrgyzness. In this admirable example of cultural history, the Soviet state shaped the structures through which Kyrgyz were to become modern, but men elucidates the content of culture, drawing on many voices of Kyrgyz who articulate the ways that their own concepts of Kyrgyzness infused new cultural forms, rendering them meaningful. Marianne Kamp, University of Wyoming
2012 248 pp. 978-0-8229-6206-9 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 542 SALE PRICE $22.36 CENTRAL EURASIA IN CONTEXT


Speaking Soviet with an Accent presents the first english-language study of Soviet culture clubs in Kyrgyzstan. These clubs profoundly impacted the future of Kyrgyz cultural identity and fostered the work of many artists, such as famed novelist Chingiz Aitmatov. Based on extensive oral history and archival research, Ali men follows the rise of culture clubs beginning in the 1920s, when they were established to inculcate Soviet ideology and create a sedentary lifestyle among the historically nomadic Kyrgyz people. These red clubs are fondly remembered by locals as one of the few places where lively activities and socialization with other members of their ail (village or tribal unit) could be found. Through lectures, readings, books, plays, concerts, operas, visual arts, and cultural Olympiads, locals were exposed to Soviet notions of modernization. But these programs also encouraged the creation of a newfound Kyrgyzness that preserved aspects of local traditions and celebrated the achievements of Kyrgyz citizens in the building of a new state. These ideals proved appealing to many Kyrgyz, who, for centuries, had seen riches and power in the hands of a few tribal chieftains and russian imperialists. This book offers new insights into the formation of modern cultural identity in Central Asia. Here, like their imperial predecessors, the Soviets sought to extend their physical borders and political influence. But men also reveals the remarkable agency of the Kyrgyz people, who employed available resources to meld their own heritage with Soviet and russian ideologies and form artistic expressions that continue to influence Kyrgyzstan today.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies


Under Solomons Throne
Uzbek Visions of Renewal in Osh

This is one of the best books yet published on any post-Soviet country in Central Asia. The overview of Kyrgyzstans post-Soviet history is comprehensive, and the insightful social analysis helps the reader understand the entire region much better. The books rich and vividly presented ethnographic evidence teaches us a lot about the texture of everyday life in Osh. Laura Adams, Harvard University An ethnographic gem, resulting from impassioned and intellectually engaged scholarship. Liu took his time processing the fieldwork, and the insightful writing illuminates creatively framed ways of getting readers to think about how Central Asians understand their communities and places in the world. This book is must reading for anyone wanting a serious understanding of the Fergana Valley, given the ugly aftermath of the Soviet experience. Russell Zanca, Northeastern Illinois University

2012 296 pp. 978-0-8229-6177-2 Paper $29.95 ITEM NO. 543 SALE PRICE $23.96 eBook available CENTRAL EURASIA IN CONTEXT

Under Solomons Throne provides a rare ground-level analysis of post-Soviet Central Asias social and political paradoxes by focusing on an urban ethnic community: the Uzbeks in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, who have maintained visions of societal renewal throughout economic upheaval, political discrimination, and massive violence. morgan Liu illuminates many of the challenges facing Central Asia today by unpacking the predicament of Osh, a city whose experience captures key political and cultural issues of the region as a whole. Situated on the border of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the city is subject to a Kyrgyz government, but the majority of its population are ethnic Uzbeks. Conflict between the two groups led to riots in 1990, and again in 2010, when thousands, mostly ethnic Uzbeks, were killed and nearly half a million more fled across the border into Uzbekistan. The first ethnographic monograph based on extensive local-language fieldwork in a Central Asian city, this study examines the culturally specific ways that Osh Uzbeks are making sense of their post-Soviet dilemmas. These practices reveal deep connections with Soviet and Islamic sensibilities and with everyday acts of dwelling in urban neighborhoods. Osh Uzbeks engage the spaces of their city to shape their orientations relative to the wider world, postsocialist transformations, Islamic piety, moral personhood, and effective leadership.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 19

Chaos, Violence, Dynasty
Politics and Islam in Central Asia

McGlinchey makes a powerful case for rethinking how social scientists understand politics in authoritarian regimes and how practitioners should be going about promoting reform. Rich with pathbreaking insights into the nature of Central Asian politics and the role of Islam, this book is founded on impressive on-the-ground fieldwork that brings the subject to life for readers. Henry Hale, George Washington University McGlincheys bookthe product of extensive field research, impressive analytic skills, and a keen mindrepresents an excellent contribution to our understanding of state building and regime type in Central Asia. With a clear and engaging writing style that is rare among social scientists, he forwards an argument that is at once complex and analytically rewarding. The book will be crucial for anyone hoping to learn about or conduct research on the Central Asian state. Edward Schatz, University of Toronto

2011 232 pp. 978-0-8229-6168-0 Paper $26.95 ITEM NO. 544 SALE PRICE $21.56 eBook available CENTRAL EURASIA IN CONTEXT

In the post-Soviet era, democracy has made little progress in Central Asia. Chaos, Violence, Dynasty presents a compelling explanation for this through a comparison of the divergent political courses taken by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan in the wake of Soviet rule. While the Soviet legacy is crucial to understanding the varying outcomes in these countries, eric mcGlinchey also examines the economics, religion, politics, foreign investment, and ethnic composition of these nations for insights into their relative strengths and weaknesses today. Soviet rule and influence in the region was inconsistent. Thus, their manipulation of the politics of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in the late 1980s solidified the role of local elites, while in Kyrgyzstan moscow looked away as leadership crumbled during the ethnic riots of 1990. Today, Kyrgyzstan is the poorest and most politically unstable country in the region, thanks to a small, corrupt, and fractured political elite. In Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov maintains power through the brutal suppression of disaffected muslims, who are nevertheless rising in numbers and influence. In Kazakhstan, a political machine fueled by oil wealth and patronage underlies the greatest economic equity in the region, and far less political violence. This timely study concludes with a call for a more realistic and flexible view of the authoritarian systems in the region, if there is to be any potential benefit from foreign engagement with the nations of Central Asia and similar political systems globally.


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Forging a Soviet City, 19301966
PAUL STrONSKI Winner of the 2011 Central Eurasian Studies Society Book Award in History and the Humanities

Enjoyable, smoothly written, wide in scope, and full of fascinating points; it should be recommended to historians of the USSR and their students, and can be used as a resource for research and teaching alike. The Russian Review A solid account based on a large number of materials from Moscow as well as from several Uzbek archives. These documents include not only urban development plans but also private letters intercepted during World War II about hunger and disease, despair and death in makeshift shelters or wet factory basements. Slavic Review One of this books most salient features is Stronskis use of archival sources located at the federal, republic, and city levels, as well as his ability to negotiate documents in both Russian and Uzbek. An important addition to understanding how Soviet power was implemented and resisted in an urban center. Highly recommended. Choice

2010 368 pp. 978-0-8229-6113-0 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 545 SALE PRICE $22.36 978-0-8229-4394-5 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 546 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available CENTRAL EURASIA IN CONTEXT

Curative Powers
Medicine and Empire in Stalins Central Asia
PAULA A. mICHAeLS Winner of the 2003 Heldt Prize from the Association for Women in Slavic Studies

In this groundbreaking work, Michaels argues that the spread from the 1920s through the 1950s of Soviet medical propaganda, authorities, and institutions into Central Asiaspecifically Kazakhstanwas not a benign, humanitarian action of the workers state. Michaels instead makes the case that biomedicine served the Soviets as a Trojan horse of empirecarrying in its belly the seeds of pan-Soviet identity and Soviet political domination. An excellent book that explores an important subject in an innovative, interesting way. Slavic Review
2003 264 pp. 978-0-8229-6129-1 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 547 SALE PRICE $20.76 eBook available

Michaels skillfully analyzes Soviet biomedicines impact on Kazakh peoples. Her findings will be of interest both to historians of the Soviet Union and to scholars of the field of comparative colonialism. A very important contribution to the history of the Soviet empire. Journal of Modern History Curative Powers is the first full-length study to properly apply recent concepts from medical anthropology to the history of Soviet medicine. Having moved out so far ahead of the rest of the field, [Michaels] can rightly rest on her laurels and wait for the field to catch up. Canadian Journal of History

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 21

The Walls Behind the Curtain
East European Prison Literature, 19451990


The work of a master scholar and translator, this is a powerful and moving collection of works by those who suffered in the infamous prisons of Communist Europe. The range of experiences reflected in these writings reveals the nobility and resilience individuals are capable of in the face of totalitarian inhumanity. Readers of Segels latest magisterial contribution to our understanding of the literature and experience of this region will find themselves again profoundly in his debt. Paul Knoll, University of Southern California Harold B. Segel has made another extraordinary contribution to our understanding of the history and literature of Eastern Europe. These poems, stories, letters, and essays, by writers who were imprisoned under Communist governments, are the fascinating and moving documents of one crucial aspect of European intellectual life in the age of the Cold War. Such writings enhance our understanding of numerous national literatures while, at the same time, suggesting a more comprehensive literature of Eastern Europe, based on common historical experience. Only a scholar of Segel's tremendous erudition and dedication could have envisioned and carried out such an important and revelatory project. Larry Wolff, New York University

2012 480 pp. 978-0-8229-6202-1 Paper $35.00 ITEM NO. 548 SALE PRICE $28.00 PITT SERIES IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES


Because of their visibility in society and ability to shape public opinion, prominent literary figures were among the first targets of Communist repression, torture, and incarceration. Authors such as Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn famously documented the experience of internment in Soviet gulags. Little, however, has been published in the english language on the work of writers imprisoned by other countries of the Soviet bloc. For the first time, The Walls Behind the Curtain presents a collection of works from east european novelists, poets, playwrights, and essayists who wrote during or after their captivity under communism. Harold B. Segel paints a backdrop of the political culture and prison and labor camp systems of each country, detailing the onerous conditions that writers faced. He then offers biographical information on each writer and excerpts of their writing. Notable literary figures included are Vclav Havel, Eva Kantrkov, Milan imeka, Adam Michnik, Milovan Djilas, Paul Goma, Tibor Dry, Visar Zhiti, and many others. The writings are complemented by the work of the celebrated Albanian artist maks velo, himself a prisoner in a forced labor camp at Spa, with several illustrations included from the time of his internment.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies


The Workers State
Industrial Labor and the Making of Socialist Hungary, 19441958

Mark Pittaway makes a powerful argument for the necessity of studying industrial communities to understand the dynamics of early socialist state formation in Hungary. Pittaway takes full advantage of the rich archival materials he has carefully studied, giving us a nuanced sense of everyday life, as well as indicating how poor our conception of Hungarian industrial working class experience in the 1950s has been. Martha Lampland, University of California, San Diego In this imaginatively conceived and meticulously researched book, the late Mark Pittaway masterfully reconstructs the history of Hungarys working class in the early years of Communist rule. Fiercely committed to a history from below in all its messy complexity, Pittaway uncovers the strategies of negotiation, bargaining, and resistance with which Hungarian workers made a place for themselves in the newly created workers state. This is social history at its finest, theoretically sophisticated, lucidly argued, and provocative in its claims. It will be essential reading for all historians of East-Central Europe. Paul Hanebrink, Rutgers University

2012 392 pp. 978-0-8229-4420-1 Cloth $55.00 ITEM NO. 549 SALE PRICE $44.00 PITT SERIES IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES

In 1956, Hungarian workers joined students on the streets to protest years of wage and benefit cuts enacted by the Communist regime. Although quickly suppressed by Soviet forces, the uprising led to changes in party leadership and conciliatory measures that would influence labor politics for the next thirty years. In The Workers State, mark Pittaway presents a groundbreaking study of the complexities of the Hungarian working class, its relationship to the Communist Party, and its major political role during the foundational period of socialism (1944 1958). Through case studies of three industrial centersjpest, Tatabnya, and Zala CountyPittaway analyzes the dynamics of gender, class, generation, skill level, and rural versus urban location to reveal the embedded hierarchies within Hungarian labor. He further demonstrates how industries themselves, from oil and mining to armaments and textiles, possessed their own unique labor subcultures. From the outset, the socialist state won favor with many workers, as they had grown weary of the disparity and oppression of class systems under fascism. By the early 1950s, however, a gap between the aspirations of labor and the goals of the state began to widen. In the Stalinist drive toward industrialization, stepped up production measures, shortages of goods and housing, wage and benefit cuts, and suppression became widespread. many histories of this period have focused on Communist terror tactics and the brutal suppression of a pliant population. In contrast, Pittaways social chronicle sheds new light on working-class structures and the determination of labor to pursue its own interests and affect change in the face of oppression. It also offers new understandings of the role of labor and the importance of local histories in eastern europe under communism.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 23

Visions of Annihilation
The Ustasha Regime and the Cultural Politics of Fascism, 19411945
rOry yeOmANS


Challenging standard interpretations of fascism while probing previously ignored aspects of the Ustasha regime, this provocative analysis of the politics of cultural and ethnic homogeneity in the Independent State of Croatia (19411945) will become one of the most discussed academic books for many years to come and an essential reading for scholars and students of the Holocaust. Marius Turda, Oxford Brookes University

2012 488 pp. 978-0-8229-6192-5 Paper $35.00 ITEM NO. 550 SALE PRICE $28.00 PITT SERIES IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES

The fascist Ustasha regime and its militias carried out a ruthless campaign of ethnic cleansing that killed an estimated half million Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies, and ended only with the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II. In Visions of Annihilation, rory yeomans analyzes the Ustasha movements use of culture to appeal to radical nationalist sentiments and legitimize its genocidal policies. He shows how the movement attempted to mobilize poets, novelists, filmmakers, visual artists, and intellectuals as purveyors of propaganda and visionaries of a utopian society. meanwhile, newspapers, radio, and speeches called for the expulsion, persecution, or elimination of alien and enemy populations to purify the nation. He describes how the dual concepts of annihilation and national regeneration were disseminated to the wider population and how they were interpreted at the grassroots level. yeomans examines the Ustasha movement in the context of other fascist movements in europe. He cites their similar appeals to idealistic youth, the economically disenfranchised, racial purists, social radicals, and Catholic clericalists. yeomans further demonstrates how fascism created rituals and practices that mimicked traditional religious faiths and celebrated martyrdom. Visions of Annihilation chronicles the foundations of the Ustasha movement, its key actors and ideologies, and reveals the unique cultural, historical, and political conditions present in interwar Croatia that led to the rise of fascism and contributed to the cataclysmic events that tore across the continent.


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Manufacturing a Socialist Modernity
Housing in Czechoslovakia, 19451960
KImBerLy eLmAN zAreCOr

Zarecor offers broad and innovative insights into the countrys transition from capitalism to state socialism. . . . Through discussions of individual architects and projects, as well as building typologies, professional associations, and institutional organization, it opens a rare window into the cultural and economic life of Eastern Europe during the early postwar period. Eurotexture Groundbreaking . . . Zarecor successfully describes the mechanism of architectural practice under the communist regime in Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1961, convincingly rejects the notion that this practice was completely under political pressure and identifies a line of continuity with earlier efforts by the admired and politically innocent inter-war generation of architects. Czech Sociological Review

2011 480 pp. 978-0-8229-4404-1 Cloth $45.00 ITEM NO. 551 SALE PRICE $36.00 eBook available PITT SERIES IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES

eastern european prefabricated housing blocks are often vilified as the visible manifestations of everything that was wrong with state socialism. For many inside and outside the region, the uniformity of these buildings became symbols of the dullness and drudgery of everyday life. Manufacturing a Socialist Modernity complicates this common perception. Analyzing the cultural, intellectual, and professional debates surrounding the construction of mass housing in early postwar Czechoslovakia, Kimberly elman zarecor shows that these housing blocks served an essential function in the planned economy and reflected an interwar aesthetic, derived from constructivism and functionalism, that carried forward into the 1950s. With a focus on prefabricated and standardized housing built from 1945 to 1960, zarecor offers broad and innovative insights into the countrys transition from capitalism to state socialism. She demonstrates that during this shift, architects and engineers consistently strove to meet the needs of Czechs and Slovaks despite challenging economic conditions, a lack of material resources, and manufacturing and technological limitations. In the process, architects were asked to put aside their individual creative aspirations and transform themselves into technicians and industrial producers.

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 25

After Hitler, Before Stalin
Catholics, Communists, and Democrats in Slovakia, 19451948

Felak goes beyond Slovakias peculiar circumstances in that transitional periodincluding the shadow of the Axis-supported Tiso regime and the influence of the Czech portion of the Czechoslovak Republicto trace the complex and contradictory political trajectories of Slovakias Catholics, Communists, and Democrats. Clear and subtle analysis. Suitable for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for scholars. Catholic Historical Review The history of Slovakia from 19451948 is usually told as part of Czechoslovak history. Felaks book focuses on events inside Slovakia, following a triangle of conflicts and agreements involving the two main political parties and the Catholic Church. A very good blow-by-blow account of political conflicts in Slovakia. American Historical Review Essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand how the Communists managed to seize powernot only in socialist-minded post-war Prague but also in traditionally conservative and Catholic Bratislavawithout having to fire a shot. English Historical Review

2009 280 pp. 978-0-8229-6137-6 Paper $26.95 ITEM NO. 552 SALE PRICE $21.56 978-0-8229-4374-7 Cloth $50.00 ITEM NO. 553 SALE PRICE $40.00 eBook available

Prague Panoramas
National Memory and Sacred Space in the Twentieth Century

A highly recommended cultural history of [Prague]. Rare among academic works, Paces book shines with a deep attachment to the city. Her research and writing sprang from walks across the stones of Old Town Square. My own, future walks through the city will be enriched, thanks to her work. Australian History Yearbook Paces has written a beautiful book. An important book. The greatest value of Prague Panoramas is its fresh approach to entrenched historical paradigms in Czech, as well as European, history. SEER A well-researched scholarly book in memory studies written in a clear style, providing a deep analysis. Nations and Nationalism

2009 328 pp. 978-0-8229-6035-5 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 554 SALE PRICE $22.36 978-0-8229-4375-4 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 555 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Oblique Insights and Observations
DeNNISON rUSINOW essays selected and edited by GALe STOKeS

Should be required reading for students of Yugoslav history, as well as for those more generally interested in the history of liberalization and repression under communist regimes. Canadian Slavonic Papers Complements and supplements [Rusinows] earlier work by providing a more detailed analysis of the most crucial moments of that period and adding new insights on Yugoslavias final crisis in the post-Tito decade. Slavic Review Readers will enjoy the engaging color and humor of Rusinows prose, but will also appreciate the timelessness of the insights and analysis in the selections. Choice

2008 384 pp. 978-0-8229-6010-2 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 556 SALE PRICE $22.36 978-0-8229-4361-7 Cloth $65.00 ITEM NO. 557 SALE PRICE $52.00 eBook available

Transnational Actors in Central and East European Transitions


2008 272 pp. 978-0-8229-5994-6 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 558 SALE PRICE $22.36 978-0-8229-4348-8 Cloth $60.00 ITEM NO. 559 SALE PRICE $48.00 eBook available

This volume is the first encompassing and theoretically oriented statement on the diverse ways transnational actors and factors could be included in the analysis of change in Central and Eastern Europe. It represents a major common statement by the representatives of the new approach, fills a gap, and will serve as a baseline for further debates in the field. Laszlo Bruszt, European University Institute A thought-provoking volume. Europe-Asia Studies

Human Trafficking, Human Security, and the Balkans

edited by H. rICHArD FrImAN and SImON reICH

This impressive volume, which brings together a broad range of scholars and practitioners, is one of the first and only books on human trafficking trends and dynamics in the Balkans. It helps to fill an important gap on an extremely timely issue, and should be of great interest to both academic and policy audiences. Peter Andreas, coauthor of Policing the Globe Although a regional collection, the analysis has international relevance. Highly recommended. Choice

2007 224 pp. 978-0-8229-5974-8 Paper $21.95 ITEM NO. 560 SALE PRICE $17.56 eBook available

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 27

Nature and National Identity after Communism
Globalizing the Ethnoscape

Deserves a broad audience among all those interested in detailed historical and political analyses of ethnic and environmental issues in concrete local-global settings. Environment and Planning Schwartz has done a wonderful job of underscoring the difficult and yet exciting opportunity facing this nation. Environmentalist An important contribution to the ongoing debate over the effects of modernization and globalization on national identity. Highly recommended. Choice
2006 312 pp. 978-0-8229-5942-7 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 561 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

Elusive Equality
Gender, Citizenship, and the Limits of Democracy in Czechoslovakia, 19181950

A must-read. Feinbergs well-told cautionary tale serves as a reminder to readers and reformers everywhere that liberty for women and men is always in question and in danger. Feminist Review Feinberg possesses a deep sensitivity to the nuances of the issues at stake, presents them clearly, and points out the inconsistencies in the arguments raised by the feminists opponents. Meticulously researched and compelling. Slavic Review

2006 288 pp. 978-0-8229-6197-0 Paper $26.95 ITEM NO. 562 SALE PRICE $21.56 978-0-8229-4281-8 Cloth $40.00 ITEM NO. 563 SALE PRICE $32.00 eBook available

The Rise of Modern Yiddish Culture


Fishmans no-nonsense account of modern Yiddish and twentieth-century Jewish schisms eschews the nostalgia and sentimentality associated with Yiddish, and gives a vivid picture of how Yiddish and Yiddish literature were promoted by even the socialist and anti-Zionist Bundists as a means of preserving Jewishness. International Jerusalem Post Yiddish was above all a language of the people. Hebrew was the tongue of traditional Jewish learning. German, Polish and Russian, by contrast, offered the Jews a way from isolation to assimilation, cultural as much as linguistic. These multiple associations are all incisively reconstructed and investigated in Fishmans [book]. It gives a vivid sense of a language that flourished in the first decades of the twentieth century. London Review of Books

2005 200 pp. 978-0-8229-6076-8 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 564 SALE PRICE $19.96 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

Institutions and the Fate of Democracy
Germany and Poland in the Twentieth Century
mICHAeL BerNHArD Winner of the 2007 Oscar Halecki Polish and East Central European History Award from the Polish Institute for Arts & Sciences

An important and compelling book. Its scrupulous analysis of democratization in Germany and Poland in different historical periods is essential for understanding the conditions that make new democracies work. Comparative research in political science at its best. Grzegorz Ekiert, Harvard University In his illuminating comparison of the sources and consequences of the design of political institutions, Bernhard reminds political scientists that politicians have complex interests, competing values, and contrasting ideas, that all of these factors and their interactions shape institutional choices, and that both these choices and the evolving economic and political context, both at home and abroad, are responsible for whether democracy survives or dies. Valerie Bunce, Cornell University

2005 328 pp. 978-0-8229-5870-3 Paper $29.95 ITEM NO. 565 SALE PRICE $23.96 eBook available

Organized Labor in Postcommunist States

From Solidarity to Infirmity

A superb, concise, well-written account of labor after communism. One of the most informative books on contemporary unionism in a globalized world that I have read in a long time. Industrial and Labor Relations Review A much needed study of the fate of organized labor in countries that once regarded themselves as defenders of the international working class. The analysis is clearly presented and compelling, and the stories are interesting and well-researched. Russian Review

2004 256 pp. 978-0-8229-5856-7 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 566 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

A New Capitalist Order

Privatization and Ideology in Russia and Eastern Europe

Excellent historical summary. [A] landmark contribution. Slavic Review A valuable analysis. Surprising and innovating. Appels study of the role of ideology in mass privatization provides a crucial launching point for future debate. Comparative Politics Hilary Appel has written a gem. Her writing is concise, lucid, and well structured to prove her point. Comparative Economic Studies

2004 248 pp. 978-0-8229-5855-0 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 567 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 29

The Emergence of Modern Jewish Politics
Bundism and Zionism in Eastern Europe
edited by zvI GITeLmAN

Represents a long overdue attempt to set the record straight by providing a more balanced assessment of the relative strength of each movement and its contributions to the formation of modern Jewish politics. History Expertly edited. The contributors attention to the interconnectedness and interaction of widely disparate and yet related phenomena is truly impressive historiographically. Indeed, this book is one of those rare publications that delivers more than it promises. American Historical Review

2003 288 pp. 978-0-8229-4188-0 Cloth $44.95 ITEM NO. 568 SALE PRICE $35.96 eBook available

Exile and Identity

Polish Women in the Soviet Union during World War II

Impressive. Full of compassion and understanding. A great study written by a first-class historian. American Historical Review Jollucks book is path breaking not only for presenting an engaging analysis of the experiences of Polish female deportees in the Soviet Union but also for pioneering a more detailed investigation of the gender dimensions of Polish national identity. Important and should be read by scholars of European history and womens studies. History Both moving and deserving of great attention. Highly recommended. Choice
2002 384 pp. 978-0-8229-5950-2 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 569 SALE PRICE $22.36 eBook available

Eugenics and Modernization in Interwar Romania


A most impressive study, making an important intervention into the literature both on eugenics and on Romanian history. Sophisticated and lucid. East European Politics and Societies An important monograph on modern Romanian history. It makes engaging comparisons between developments in Romania and those elsewhere in Europe, the Americas, and even Asia. American Historical Review An innovative and provocative investigation. Offers a valuable insight into a complex but nevertheless intriguing historical topic. European Review of History

2002 304 pp. 978-0-8229-6126-0 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 570 SALE PRICE $19.96 eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

The Philosophy and Politics of Czech Dissidence from Patoka to Havel
AvIezer TUCKer

It is rare to find a book which examines the philosophical foundations of communist-era dissident movements in any of the former Soviet-bloc countries. A stimulating read even for those who do not count themselves as philosophers. Europe-Asia Studies An insightful and stimulating work. Slavic Review This is an important book . . . will be of interest to all readers who seriously contemplate the challenge of living in truth while participating in institutional politics, even at less lofty levels than the presidency. Slavic and East European Journal

2000 312 pp. 978-0-8229-5728-7 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 571 SALE PRICE $20.76 eBook available

The Prince of Fire

An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Short Stories
edited by rADmILA J. GOrUP and NADezDA OBrADOvIC Winner of the 1998 Misha Djordjevic Award for the best book on Serbian culture in English

Provides much insight into the continuing relationship between social reality and artistic creation in Serbian fiction. World Literature Today The material is original and captivating. Recommended for all general and academic readers interested in world literature. Choice
1998 392 pp. 978-0-8229-5661-7 Paper $21.95 ITEM NO. 572 SALE PRICE $17.56

editors Gorup and Obradovic have collected stories from thirty-five outstanding writers in this first english anthology of Serbian fiction in thirty years. The anthology, representing a great variety of literary styles and themes, includes works by established writers with international reputations, as well as promising new writers spanning the generation born between 1930 and 1960.

Songs of the Serbian People

From the Collections of Vuk Karadzic
edited by mILNe HOLTON and vASA D. mIHAILOvICH

This voluminous translated selection represents a joint labour and scholarly accomplishment of great and lasting value to everyone concerned with the folk traditions and oral literatures of the perplexing and psychologically intriguing Southern Slavs. South Slav Journal
1997 328 pp. 978-0-8229-5609-9 Paper $22.95 ITEM NO. 573 SALE PRICE $18.36

The value of the Holton and Mihailovich volume is enhanced by a useful introduction, notes and a select bibliography, increasing its interest for both the student and the general reader. A model of balance and restraint. The Slavonic Review

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 31


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Origins of the Czech National Renascence Hugh LeCaine Agnew 1994 350 pp. 978-0-8229-8549-5 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 574 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Perceptions and Behavior in Soviet Foreign Policy Richard K. Herrmann 1985 288 pp. 978-0-8229-8564-8 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 580 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Troubled Waters Origins of the 1881 Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Russia I. Michael Aronson 1990 302 pp. 978-0-8229-8525-9 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 575 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Stalins School Moscows Model School No. 25, 1931-1937 Larry E. Holmes 1999 240 pp. 978-0-8229-8588-4 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 581 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Plekhanov in Russian History and Soviet Historiography Samuel H. Baron 1995 298 pp. 978-0-8229-8553-2 Paper $26.95 ITEM NO. 576 SALE PRICE $21.56
eBook available

Peasant Dreams and Market Politics Labor Migration and the Russian Village, 1861-1905 Jeffrey Burds 1998 328 pp. 978-0-8229-5655-6 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 577 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Rewriting Capitalism Literature and the Market in Late Tsarist Russia and the Kingdom of Poland Beth Holmgren 1998 260 pp. 978-0-8229-5679-2 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 582 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Big Business in Russia The Putilov Company in Late Imperial Russia, 1868-1917 Jonathan A. Grant 1999 216 pp. 978-0-8229-8590-7 $27.95 ITEM NO. 578 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

The Disabled in the Soviet Union Past and Present, Theory and Practice William O. McCagg and Lewis Siegelbaum 1989 312 pp. 978-0-8229-8522-8 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 583 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

National Communism in the Soviet Union, 1918-28 Baruch Gurevitz 1980 136 pp. 978-0-8229-8599-0 Paper $24.95 ITEM NO. 579 SALE PRICE $19.96
eBook available

Between Nation and State Serbian Politics in Croatia Before the First World War Nicholas J. Miller 1998 240 pp. 978-0-8229-8581-5 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 584 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available


UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies


Forging Political Compromise Antonn Svehla and the Czechoslovak Republican Party, 1918-1933 Daniel Miller 1999 344 pp. 978-0-8229-8587-7 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 585 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Gender, Class, and the Professionalization of Russian City Teachers, 1860-1914 Christine Ruane 1994 270 pp. 978-0-8229-8576-1 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 591 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Parables from the Past The Prose Fiction of Chingiz Aitmatov Joseph P. Mozur 1994 230 pp. 978-0-8229-5531-3 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 586 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Varieties of Marxist Humanism Philosophical Revision in Postwar Eastern Europe James H. Satterwhite 1992 268 pp. 978-0-8229-8541-9 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 592 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Stalins Railroad Turksib and the Building of Socialism Matthew J. Payne 2001 400 pp. 978-0-8229-8593-8 Paper $28.95 ITEM NO. 587 SALE PRICE $23.16
eBook available

Jan Waclaw Machajski A Radical Critic of the Russian Intelligentsia and Socialism Marshall S. Shatz 1989 270 pp. 978-0-8229-8514-3 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 593 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Moscovia of Antonio Possevino, S.J. Translated with a Critical Introduction and Notes by Hugh F. Graham Antonio Possevino S.J. 1977 212 pp. 978-0-8229-8597-6 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 588 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Factory and Community in Stalins Russia The Making of an Industrial Working Class Kenneth M. Straus 1998 378 pp. 978-0-8229-8584-6 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 594 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

Building Socialism in Bolshevik Russia Ideology and Industrial Organization, 1917-1921 Thomas F. Remington 1984 232 pp. 978-0-8229-8562-4 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 589 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

Agriculture and the State in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia Stephen K. Wegren 1998 312 pp. 978-0-8229-8585-3 Paper $27.95 ITEM NO. 595 SALE PRICE $22.36
eBook available

The Truth of Authority Ideology and Communication in the Soviet Union Thomas F. Remington 1988 272 pp. 978-0-8229-5408-8 Paper $25.95 ITEM NO. 590 SALE PRICE $20.76
eBook available

UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies 33


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The University of Pittsburgh Press welcomes your book proposals and manuscripts for consideration. Please contact: Peter Kracht, Editorial Director, pek6@pitt.edu Additional information is available at our website: www.upress.pitt.edu click on the link For Authors

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The field of Russian, East European, and Central Asian studies is actively redefining itself in response to the dramatic transformations of the post-Soviet period and the realities of an increasingly interconnected world. To encourage fresh perspectives by emerging scholars of this dynamic region, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, and Wisconsin university presses are launching a joint publishing initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Northwestern University Press

Northwestern seeks studies of Slavic literature, art, and culture. Pittsburgh is looking for projects in the social, political, environmental, urban, and cultural history of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Wisconsin is especially interested in cultural and intellectual history, literary and film studies, anthropology, and human rights, with a focus on Russia and Eastern Europe. Visit www.mellonslavicstudies.org for more information.
University of Pittsburgh Press

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UNIVERSIT Y OF PIT TSB U R GH PRE SS Russian, Central Asian, and East European Studies

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