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Personal information Name and Surname: Vladimir Bogidevid Address: Vlaidka 6/45, Palilula, 11060 Beograd Telephone: +381 61 19 43 706 E-mail: ; Date of Birth: 17

January 1980

Working Experience Pokret za slobodu (Freedom Fight Movement), Golsvortijeva 34, Belgrade +381 63 83 83 882, +381 62 234 251,, Editor, redactor, translator, lector, author Writing, preparing text for publishing, translating and stylistically refining texts in the book Struggle for the Future: Towards a Balkan Resistance Movement Resisting Deindustrialization and Land Grabbing, Pokret za slobodu, Belgrade, 2013.( Translating successively (English-Serbian, Serbian-English) presentations of guest lecturers, as well as a following panel discussion in the Freedom Fight conference Toward the workers-peasants movement, Ljubi, Zlatibor, June 2012. Writing, translating and stylistically refining online texts, public letters, projects, petitions, bulletins, posters, write-ups, articles, feuilletons, supplements and reports of Pokreta za slobodu ( i, 2006-2013. Translating, writing and editing texts, articles, reports, feuilletons and reviews for Z-magazine for Balkans (ZBalkans Magazine), quarterly published by Pokret za slobodu (Freedom Fight Movement), 2007-2009. 2011-2013. 2006-2013.

Association of Writers of Serbia, Francuska 7, Belgrade Member of AWS, author -

Poems published in several magazines, anthologies and collections (Savremenik, umadijske metafore, Glasnici nevienog). 2003-2005.

Literary Group Oximoron, at the department of General Literature and Theory of Literature, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade

Reviewer, selector, editor, organizer, author Organizing creative workshops for students of literature and philosophy, literary promotions and poetry evenings (at the premises of the Faculty of Philology, Dom omladine in Belgrade, Gallery Dvorite in Panevo, Buffet Rektorat in Belgrade, itd.) 2005.

Student Magazine for Literature and Theory of Literature, Txt, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade, 2005. Author, critic, theorist -

Published the Language and Subjectivity in Hamlet, Txt, br. 7/8, Belgrade, 2005. (same essay received Danilo Ki award as the best student work at the department of General Literature and Theory of Literature in 2005) 1994-2012.

Private teaching Lecturer -

Teaching private lessons of mathematics, physics, chemistry, Serbian, statistics, and pedagogy for elementary, high school, and college: preparing pupils for competitions, make-up and entrance exams, as well as for writing seminars and graduated theses.

Books Published Published the book of poetry Bogidevid Vladimir, Deklinacije, Beogradska knjiga, Beograd, 2005; review Nova sezona u paklu Vladimira Bogidevida by mr Duan Stojkovid (parts of the book and fragments of the review available on Published the book of prose and poetry Bogidevid Vladimir, Druga strana Mebijusove trake, Apostrof, Beograd, 1998; review Beleke o pesniku by mr Srba Ignjatovid.

Languages Serbian, native language. English (first university language): writing, reading, translation excellent; conversation very good. French (first high school language): writing, reading, conversation good. Russian and Bulgarian (second high school and university languages): writing, reading medium. Latin (learned in high school): writing, reading medium to poor.

Education Faculty of Philology in Belgrade Entered the Doctoral Academic Studies of Languages and Literature, module Literature 2012.

Graduated at the department of General Literature and Theory of Literature (under the old program: equivalent to the Bologna masters degree), average mark 9.56 2012. Electro-technical Faculty in Belgrade Completed four semesters of electronics 2001.

High school Mladost, Petrovac na Mlavi Graduated as a straight-A and a student of the generation Elementary school Bata Bulid, Petrovac na Mlavi Graduated as a straight-A and a student of the generation Elementary music and ballet school Boidar Trudid, Smederevska Palanka Graduated six years of elementary musical education (accordion and solfeggio), average mark 4.58 1994. 1994. 1998.

Won the I place in state competition in Physics 1993, a praise (III place) in republican competition in mathematics 1996, and the III place in VII poetic meetings 1997. Since 1994-1997 also attended several theoretical and practical seminars and courses in physics at the Science Center Petnica near Valjevo (where designed and brought to fruition an experimental project measuring a change in electric capacity depending on outside conditions and variables), as well as math camp on Avala.

Additional skills Extensive knowledge on modern continental philosophy, since Nietzsche, Heidegger, Husserl, Sartr, Frankfurt critical school, up to Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze and Guattari. Familiar with the most important works of anthropology, culturology, psychoanalysis and ethnology. Very good communications and organization skills. Team work. Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (CS4) and Adobe InDesign. Versed in Word and Excel, have worked in Access, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Skilled in using internet browsers and efficient collecting relevant data. Drivers licence category B.

Interests Literature, philosophy, psychology, ethnology, political-economy Movies, theater, music, paintings History, biography, theoretical physics