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University of Gujrat

(Hafiz Hayat Campus)

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences

Instructor Information: Jawaria Nasir jawaria.nasir@uog.edu.pk Course Information: Title: Fundamentals of Marketing Code: MGT-317 Credit: 3

Introduction to Module Welcome to Fundamentals of Marketing. The module is designed to provide an introduction to the various tools and techniques of marketing and explores the interrelationship within the overall business context in which marketing strategies must co-exist. It assumes no prior knowledge of this area. It is not the intention of the module to make you an expert in marketing field, rather, to provide you with a good understanding of marketing concepts. This module develops students understanding of the strategic domain of marketing and covers the different main prospective of strategy in marketing context. Case studies are used to develop analytical and writing skill to demonstrate different prospective of marketing. Module Aims It is beyond doubt that an understanding of the marketing concept and associated tools and techniques is essential for organizational survival in all sectors of the economy and is a necessary ingredient in any management development programme. This module is based on the premise that matters such as design and quality must be considered alongside traditional marketing issues such as target market and promotion if an organization is to fulfil customer expectations effectively. Specific aims of module are: 1. To provide students with an insight into the role of marketing in developing successful organization in highly competitive environment. 2. To introduce students to examples of best practice in marketing management. 3. To develop a critical understanding of the key concepts, tools and techniques of marketing. Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module student will be able to: 1. Critically evaluate the marketing policies and practice of an organization. 2. Understanding the role, context and purpose of marketing within the framework of a variety of environment settings and organizational context and be able to select and apply appropriate perspectives of strategy to given situations.

3. Employ suitable concepts, tools and techniques of marketing management to analyse a service or product provision and make recommendations for improvement.

Recommend Text Books 1. P. Kottler & G. Armstrong, Principle of Marketing twelfth edition. 2. William J. Stanton, Fundamental of marketing, Etzel and Walker McGraw Hill

Class Attendance and Missed Exam Policy: Students are required to attend all classes in the course. Students who miss classes are far likely to meet the requirements of the course. A student who misses more than 5 classes will get zero in class participation. If a student does not attend minimum of 75% of total classes he/she will not be permitted to take final examination in the course. Students are advised not to miss any exam under any circumstances. A make up exam will be allowed only under very special circumstances and that too only after the approval of the Director Program. Course Outlines Week 1 Lecture 1. Briefing on programme reading list and assessment, 2. Importance of Marketing, Basic Marketing Concepts The Marketing Process 1. Customer Value and Satisfaction 2. Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy 3. Understanding and identifying the Consumers Needs, Wants and Demands 4. Different types of Marketing Management Concepts Challenges marketing have to face in 21st century. The Marketing environment 1. The companys Micro environment 2. The companys Macro environment 1. Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Mix 2. Managing the Marketing Efforts Managing Marketing Information and Market Research 1. Assessing the Marketing information needs 2. Developing Marketing Information 3. Marketing Research 4. Analysing Marketing Information 5. Distributing and Using Marketing Information 6. Briefing about Group Assignment Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behaviour 1. Model of Consumer Behaviour 2. Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behaviour 3. Types of Buying Decision Behaviour 4. The Buyers Decision Process 5. The Buyers Decision Process for new products Business Marketing and Business Buyer Behaviour 1. What is Business Market 2. Business Buyer Behaviour

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3. Institutional and Government Markets Submission of Group Assignment Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. Building the Right Relationship with the Right Customers 1. Market Segmentation 2. Target Marketing 3. Positioning for Competitive Advantages Mid Term Exam Product, Service and Branding Strategy 1. Defining the Product 2. Product and Service Decision 3. Building Strong Brand 4. Services Marketing New Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Strategies 1. New Product Development Strategy 2. Product Life-Cycle Strategies Presentation Pricing Product: Pricing Strategies Briefing about Individual Assignment Marketing Communication Strategies Personal Selling and Direct Marketing Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relation Individual assignment Creating Competitive Advantages 1. Competitor Analysis 2. Competitive Strategies 3. Balancing Customer and Competitor Orientation 4. Global Market Place Preparation Week Final Exam