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University Scorecard Balanced Scorecard Metrics Template

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Online KPI Dashboard for management of KPIs

Click to see more screenshots below. To follow the progress of a University, the management team needs to dig out a dependable mechanism for obtaining a holistic view of the way the organization proceeds. Some of the perspectives which can pay a prominent role in this area relate to aspects like Teaching, Financial, Research and Learning, and Internationalization and Diversity. Teaching can be evaluated from parameters such as Course Completion Index, Average Professor: Students ratio and fraction at which higher degree enrolments rose. This is to have an overview of the teaching perspective at the university. Financial Perspective is for making available the required amount of monetary assistance and putting these to most useful inlets. The indicators which can help are % increase in contingency funds, Proportion of total Funds granted by Government which were received by the concerned university, Research Income: Operating Revenues and Institutional processes and funding plans implemented. Research and learning efforts can be quantified using the KPIs like Global level research index, % of web based courses offered, Acclamation Ratio and % of students that took part in academic enhancement activities. Internationalization and Diversity aspects of the University can be assessed from parameters like fraction of total students who are from nations other than the home country, Number of participations in International publications and presentations, % of faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds and International Conference Fraction. This perspective is required to take care that the efforts are not done in an isolated manner, rather in an integrated way with the global standards.

Cascading Strategy Map:

University Scorecard KPI in Excel:

Cyclical Strategy Map:

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Download trial version of University Scorecard Indicators. University Scorecard Estimation Balanced Scorecard is distributed as an Excel file. Before purchase you can download a trial version of the scorecard. University Scorecard Estimation Balanced Scorecard Excel file contains a dashboard (see screenshots below), help information section, Balanced Scorecard details. Purchase full version of University Scorecard Indicators. Immediately after your order will be processed you will have a link to download Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Excel file and file in Balanced Scorecard Designer format. Use University Scorecard scorecard online with BSC Designer Online system. This SaaS solutions provides world-wide access to scorecards with any web-browser. It is necessary to start the design of KPIs with analysis of business problems, use Free SWOT Method Guide to perform this analysis. Check Balanced Scorecard Toolkit for scorecard designing instructions, download Key Risk Indicators (KRI) Toolkit for risk management.

More ideas on using University Scorecard KPI: By applying BSC approach in university, one can pull together the various aspects involved in the task and do justice to all of those. A university is a learning centre that aims at imparting quality education to those enrolled at the place. However, the areas that contribute in developing a conducive environment for attaining the pre-set objective are numerous that compels the management group to initiate a search for effective monitoring device. The 1990s concept by Norton and Kaplan called BSC answered the prayers of those striving for a balanced growth strategy. This has several related and relevant indicators on it to enable the job of quantifying the aspects involved. One just needs to collect a good enough set of KPIs, assign those the achievable and realistic values and head on for having regular revisions.

By framing a university scorecard, it is possible to count the efforts and attempts being taken by the administration in improving the operations. Saying it all, one can heave a sigh of relief after getting over with this job of constructing a university balanced scorecard. With solid values and numbers to support opinions and decisions, one surely intensifies his/her chances of succeeding, even in the area of university management. More useful information for Education Estimation:
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Education best practices articles: KPI vs. Balanced Scorecard, Design Scorecard with BSC Designer, University performance metrics, Utilizing KPIs for Performance Management in Academic Research, Recommended: Electronic software tools for teachers, How to Design KPI All articles about measuring performance in Education. Balanced Scorecard e-course. In this e-course you will learn more about Balanced Scorecard niche. We talk about Balanced Scorecard design and management issues.

With BSC Designer user can generate strategy map for University Scorecard Indicators. The map is a great way to visualize performance indicators and relationship between them.

Balanced Scorecard toolkit. Is a whitepaper where you will learn more about mathematics that stands behind Balanced Scorecard, you will learn basic ideas that will help to design your own scorecard, develop and implement KPI in your business processes. Balanced Scorecard fact sheet. The collection of business facts and statistics on Balanced Scorecard. Recent posts in KPI forum: New homepage of BSC Designer - more information on KPIs, KPI Guide Letter: Todo- and Check- lists, no marketing hype, Use promotion scorecard for having marketing attempts BSC Designer. This metric was designed with Balanced Scorecard Designer. This is a great tool for scorecards or KPI building, performance measurement and information sharing. BSC Designer Online. If you don't want to download and install any software you can use web-based scorecard software, this scorecard can be imported into BSC Designer Online and you will have access to your data all over the World. Can you add value to University Scorecard KPI? Be a partner for balanced scorecard software and info-products.

Business Intelligence (BI) for Education - measure performance with University Scorecard Scorecard for Excel

We have designed University Scorecard Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in MS Excel, so now you can measure and control your performance using this popular business tool. Download trial version right now.
Alignment with Balanced Scorecard and KPIs is a great way to control the performance of Education.

In comparison to other business performance measure and control methods, alignment with KPI is much more easier to implement and use. Use University Scorecard scorecard to align business performance.
Why do I need these metrics?

MS Excel files that we distribute are a spreadsheets packed with metrics information and the performance calculation formulas. It's a real-business information. We invested in research that involved experts from Education Estimation industry who elaborated and shared certain metrics. It's valuable, real-life experience which will help to improve the performance of your business.

I'm sure you understand the importance of measuring and controlling business using correct metrics, so this small investment will return in a great increase in sales. To get a basic idea about what metrics to use. We learned a lot of business metrics and packed scorecard with the most successful. To have a sample excel file, which is easy to modify to fit your needs. All Excel formulas are available for copy and change. To start with measuring business performance. It's important to start with correct metrics, then you will be able to fulfill scorecard.

University Scorecard Estimation Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

Metrics for Education Estimation. This is the actual scorecard with University Scorecard Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: teaching perspective,average professor: students ratio,% of top-school leavers enrolled in the university,% increase in higher degree courses,course completion index,financial perspective,funds allocated to the university: total funds granted by the government,% increase in contingency funds,research income: operating revenue,institutional processes and funding plans implemented,research and learning perspective,global level research index,% of web based courses offered,acclamation ratio,% of students that took part in academic enhancement activities,internationalization and diversity perspective,proportion of total students from foreign land,number of participations in international publications and presentations,% of faculty and staff from diverse

backgrounds,international conference fraction. These indicators can be converted from text into the visualized view with BSC Designer strategy map function. Right now you can download trial version of University Scorecard Indicators or purchase full version of this Balanced Scorecard. Also, it is possible to import this scorecard into web-based balanced scorecard (BSC) software - BSC Designer Online, so it will be accessible to you and your employees with any web-browser.

Some Balanced Scorecard help information that explains how to interpret scorecard. What scores and weights can be changed.