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Where Will You Spend

In Hell Or In The New Earth God Is

How To Repent From

"I am making a new earth and new heavens. The events of the past will be complete and all people will live out their life span....People will build houses and live in them t They will plant vineyards and enjoy the wine.......I will bless them and the ( Isaiah65:17-20, Rev 21:1-5, Luke 18:2

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CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. What is the Gospel? 3. What is Sin? 4. What Gospel was our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles preaching? i) Divine knowledge of Sin. ii) Human knowledge of Sin. iii) Prayers for divine knowledge of Sin. 5. Confession and separation from sins(breaking hereditary or ancestral curses). A) Ancestral sins. a) stage one b) Stage two B) Personal Sins. 6. Receive by faith from the lord the forgiveness of your ancestral and personal sin 7. Inviting Christ to come into our heart. 8.What is Water Baptism?. 9.Baptism in the Holy Spirit. 10.Reasons why after repentance, God will not give you things just to satisfy your ca A) God is going Back to what he had intended from the beginning before man sinned B) Believers after rapture will temporary live in heaven for 1000yrs like angels(No m C) What is the meaning of the word: "...deceive the nations scattered over the whole w D) Believers coming down from heaven in immortal bodies to live on the New Earth f

1) Introduction: Our Lord Jesus Christ Said:

" Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or friends, or brethren, or who shall not receive manifold more IN THIS PRESENT WORLD, and IN THE WORL 18:29-30

Do you know that you and me are the ones to come back and live on the New Earth w to accomplish that which He had intended from the beginning before the fall as writte married, have children, build houses and live forever? Revelation 21:15 support this text saying: Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the r earth had passed away , and the sea was no more. And I s new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God adorned for her husband; and I hear d a loud voice from th the dwelling of God is with men. He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and G them; He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and d neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any things have passed away.

Which is this HOL Y CITY COMING DOWN FROM HEA VEN to settle on the New wonderful Revelations in this book as to the wonderful things God is preparing for yo Read and be blessed.


To begin with: My dear brethren, the bible says: Take the teachings that you heard me proclai them to reliable people, who will be able to teach others also 2nd Timothy 2:2.

This is certainly what the Lord wants us to do, and is moving you to do. So, if we suc Lord, we will be building a solid foundation for a continuous chain process as they We will be training Gods workers in a good way so that they will be very effective i

Dear brethren, we must understand that the major fundamental problem existing betwe other problems to the human race such as sickness, poverty, hunger, premature dea which is a New earth that he will create for all those who become truly born again i godly life.

Therefore, if we successfully handle this problem and lay emphasis on teachings to hearts, they will be well restored to the Lord and be ready to spend eternity with him in

Lets begin then by laying a good foundation on SINS and the fundamental way of for the forgiveness of Sins, and Receiving the Holy Spirit(Act 2:38), that will lead us l I propose that we begin with the following solid foundation as the basics: 2) WHAT IS THE GOSPEL ?

The Gospel is all about repentance from sins toward God and forgiveness through th gospel about REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS OF SINS must be preached John 1:29).

3) WHAT IS SIN? Sin is the disobedience to the word of God. To turn back to God therefore, we mus been involved consciously or unconsciously. This is because the only thing that separ " Through him God gave me the privilege of being an apostle for the sake of BELIEVE and OBEY" Romans 1:5

Gods major problem with man is sin or disobedience to his word (LAWS) or sacrifices or I will offer them! You are not pleased with offerings. My sacrifice humble and repentant heart Psalm 51verse 19. The Lord clearly says:

-"This book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall MED CAREFUL to do according to ALL that is written in it, for then you shall make yo GOOD SUCCESS" Joshua 1:8.

From these two texts, it is very clear that for perfect communion or fellowship with G This therefore justifies the gospel as repentance from sins and forgiveness through the

This implies that any giving of money to the Lord, prayers, fasting, going to church on 4) WHAT GOSPEL WAS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST PREACHING? Illustration Of The Preaching Of The Gospel In The Bible:

- Act 20 verse 20-21: To Jews and gentiles alike. I gave solemn warning that the the Lord Jesus.

-After John had been put to prison, Jesus went to Galilee and preached the good news

of God is near, REPENT FROM YOUR SINS and believe the good news. Mark 1:14-

- John the Baptist came preaching REPENT FROM YOUR SINS because the kingdo

- .and in his name , the gospel about REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS O 24:45-47. - Peter said to them:

Repent and be baptized anyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgive Spirit Act 2:38.

From these texts it is crystal clear that the GOSPEL preached by: John the Baptist, REPENTANCE FROM SINS and nothing else. Therefore, any gospel which is not ce from the devils kingdom aimed at deceiving people to keep them fit for hell fire. So, Christ came on earth only for one purpose: Repentance from Sins: She will have will save his people from their SINS Matthew 1:21.

There is something very important to know about the knowledge of SIN. There is a di SIN. i) DIVINE KNOWLEDGE OF SIN.

This involve the ability to see or look at sin in the light of the evil it does to the he this way, a deep regret for sins is produced in our heart and thus leads to a good since who will hate sins in their lives and will grow in loving and serving God.

The bible says: " When God saw how WICKED everyone on the earth was and how with SORRY that He ever made them and put them on the earth. He was so filled w people I have created..." Genesis 6:5-6.

Are you one of those God is regretting why he ever created you because of your sinfu repent ?

Every sin we commit, is a knife pieced in the heart of God and He won't take it lightl to love him by some fake worship, prayers, fasting etc.. If such fake Love isn't possi God. Joseph understood this and said: How then could I do such an immoral thing and

If we therefore see sin as to what it does to the heart of God, we will do everything

consciously commit it.

ii) HUMAN KNOWLEDGE OF SIN. This involves the knowledge of SIN at the human level by looking at what sin does hurts the heart of God. For example, if someone is told that he hasnt got a job, mon God, he does not see sin as an evil that hurts Gods heart, but the consequences that he The implication here is that if he has nothing from which he is suffering , there is no be in a perfect spiritual condition and thereby not hurting God in any way.

Or, a person sees sin as to what may happen to him if he is caught. Therefore if h therefore has no worry of whether he is doing that evil but against God. Therefore, if caught, then there is no problem.

Such can never truly repent and abandon sins because they will always commit it if the Because of this, the following prayer is important.

iii) PRAYER FOR DIVINE REVELATION OF SIN. - Heavenly father, I pray that you grant me a divine revelation of sin! Open my mind t 6:5-8). - Grant me revelation on the consequences of what sin does to your heart, before sec you in the lake of fire. - Lord, stir up my heart and provoke in it, your own very hatred, bitterness and anger will naturally revolt against it. - Grant to me sincere conviction of sin, for a true and authentic repentance.

5) CONFESSION /SEPARATION FROM SINS(Breaking hereditary curses). The Lord says in his word that, he punishes sins of parents to their descendants fro Therefore, we have our ancestral sins to handle and our own sins. The bible says: enemies will die because of your own sins and the sins of your ancestors. But your des ancestors Leviticus 26:39-40. Psalms 51 is good to read.

A) ANCESTRAL SINS. Knowing ancestral sins is very easy: At the general level, just look at the customs an traditional practices and some cultural values that are in opposition to God. Those thi of God( both at the individual and community level). The fallen man from Adam demons. So all those things that provoke human beings, remains as we are going to se

As for CURSES that will equally flow upon descendants the bible says in Deuterono 1. God's curse on anyone who makes a graven or molten image, an abominatio craftsman, and sets it up in a secret place. 2. God's curse be he who dishonors his father or mother. 3. God's curse be he who removes his neighbour's boundary mark. 4. God's curse be he who misleads a blind man on the wrong direction. 5. God's curse be he who perverts the justice due to the foreigner, the fatherless, an 6. God's curse be he who lies with his father's wife, because he has uncovered her 7. God's curse be he who lies with any kind of beast. 8. God's curse be he who lies with his sister, whether the daughter of his father or 9. God's curse be he who lies with his mother-in-law. 10.God's curse be he who murders his neighbour in secret. 11.God's curse be he who takes a bribe to murder an innocent person. 12.God's curse be he who does not obey all God's Laws and teachings. etc, etc If any of our ancestors committed any of these sins and many others not listed here, th

Therefore, we humble for the Lord to lead us to pray: -Lord, I pray that you grant me a divine revelation of ancestral sins from the 3rd to th have commanded for you forgiveness, and deliverance from all the curses operating in

Then we confess them one after another, separate ourselves from them, and order the never to return, in the name of Jesus. a) STAGE 1 - Ancestral worship of false gods like: Buddhism, Hinduism, holy Mary, Mohamed, offering of sacrifices. - The consultation of witch doctors or soothsayers. - Magical practices, horoscope, divinations etc - Invocation of spirits of the dead and pouring of libation etc.

As we confess them one after another, we implore or plead the blood of Jesus to cl them, and break the bonds of curses in our life. We also nullify every satanic blood entangled. We call each unclean spirit behind such pacts to leave and never to return

b) STAGE 2 The Lord God says: These people have given their hearts to idols and are letting id with character and habits: * Fornication

* Adultery * Incest * Masturbation * Homosexuality * Lesbianism * divorce * Polygamy * Polyandry * Anger * Bitterness * Unforgiveness * Pride * stealing * witchcraft, occultism * Falsehood * Manipulations * Hatred * Love of the world and the things of the world * Revenge Etc (see a list of 210 idols in the human heart in the book: imminent

B) PERSONAL SINS. This is at our own personal level. Here equally, we begin prayers in this direction. - Lord, grant me a deep revelation of my own personal sins committed in thoughts, world. You can get a sheet of paper and write down all that which you know and c those you might have forgotten which He needs you to handle. - Grant me revelation of idols in my heart, and grant me hatred for them - Lord, Grant me the power to be separated from them and give me your hatred for them forever.

The list of idols in the heart as in stage 2, are the same and there are many of these thin and separate ourselves from them. N:B: Sexual Immorality :

Someone asked me reasons why God seems to rate this sin at the top of all the others w

- "Flee away from sexual immorality, any other sin a man commits is out of his body against his own body..."1st Corinth 6:18

- " Can you carry fire against your chest without burning your clothes? Can you walk dangerous as he who commits sexual immorality. Whoever does it will suffer...He is ju

-" Sexual immorality is a short cut to death" Proverb 7:27. I said he was right and directed him for more understanding to read the book: " Pract successful Christian marriage - Helping youths preserve their virginity Until Marria

1) Why God put the Hymen in the Female's Genital organ. 2) Through just one act of illegal sex, we will not only carry from the other, thousan life to later flow unto our descendants 3rd to 4th generation, but equally open doors etc .


Lord grant me eternal forgiveness through the blood of Jesus from all these sins. Lord, that I be the terminating point of every inherited and personal curses, my descendants. I pray that you remember all these sins no more. Father, may you wipe away all the earthly consequences that stand against me in Thank you lord for forgiving me from all my sins I protect my forgiveness in my heart with the blood of Jesus from Satans attacks 7) INVITING CHRIST TO COME INTO OUR HEART a) LORD JESUS, you came and died and resurrected for a sinner like myself so that the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, for the redemption of souls.

b) I open my heart now to you, and invite you to come in by your Holy Spirit and dwe born again, qualifying me into the kingdom of God as you promised (John 3:3 ).

NB: God is spirit and those who worship him, do so in spirit and truth: "..But the tim of God's Spirit people will worship the father as he really is, offering him the true wo power of his Spirit can people worship him as he really is" John 4:23-24 Therefore: Images or pictures of Jesus, holy Mary , statutes, candles, cross etc, are all

move us to external objects of false worship that blocks our connection with God be yourselves IMAGES of anything in heaven or on earth, or in the water under the ea Exodus 20:3, Act 17:29.

Please, if you have these images or pictures, statutes etc, I advise you out of experienc you may think to be loving God in worship, prayers, fasting etc, Satan will keep us your life in one way or the other because the word of God condemns them.

So the point is not how we love God but our obedience to his word. Demonstrate your Why do you call me, Lord, Lord, and yet don't do what I tell you? Anyone who co them...."Luke 6: 46. You won't go anywhere if you don't pray for God to bless you word. It is the only key for rapid spiritual growth.

No matter the wonderful tune in which you can pray and shade tears before God, if disobey what is written in the scriptures to be OBEYED, forget. Your emotional god very serious and don't allow Satan to seduce you by quoting and misinterpreting out o do with our Lord Jesus.

Are you someone indebted to things like: Holy water, holy salt, holy stickers, ho handkerchiefs etc, as your means of reaching the power of God in the name of J manipulation of some "Christian" religious demonic spirits from the higher spheres(pr

Believe me now or not, if you are honestly seeking to know God not for what you can open your mind to understand this truth in sometimes to come. This is disguise "Ch gave many warnings against these false Prophets who were to use His name in these p

Carefully reading the bible, we will see nowhere, where the Holy Spirit standardized other in different situations and on different individuals whenever He deemed necessar

And we see how He administered this through the Lord and the apostles. In some ca mud, spite, olive oil, handkerchiefs and water. While in some cases none of these wh beings and make use of these things through them spontaneously. He doesn't live i would do. But unfortunately this is how many of the so called faith "healers" or proph

We act as if the powers were coming from us and we command it the way we want w administering through us. Therefore, we are just charnels through which He ministers initiates every action in us and we flow to execute command in His name(which is t belong, I know there is no standardized same medication for all sickness to all patients

When the Lord talks of false prophets coming to use His name to perform great mira the authentic believers or elects(Matthew 24: 24), He meant that counterfeit Chri them to preach, heal, deliver etc , and they will execute command not in the name o seduce people. If not, then they will not be able to seduce even if possible the elects.

To seduce even if possible an elect of God will mean that the spirit will have to disgu some real biblical miracles and wonders in resemblance to the master of the elect.

When an elect hears his master's name being used to do these things, he may be seduc So, knowing how difficult this was going to be for us to discern, He warned us to loo teachings, miracles and wonders.

And to know such person's fruits, you will need to stay around him/her for some good is . Investigate that person's personal life and know most importantly how he or she such from a distance and applauding, you will not be able to. So, we must do well to f will be seduced.

c) Transform me from within so that I may live a holy life and be serving you, until w d) Thank you Heavenly Father for reconciling me to yourself and forgiving me. In

A servant of the Lord who leads someone in this complete way, including doing a confidently take him to the stream for baptism. 8 ) WATER BAPTISM

i) WHAT IN REALITY IS WATER BAPTISM? The bible says: He who believes and is baptized will be saved (Mark 15:16). T .Which was a symbol pointing to baptism, which now saves you. It is not the was God from good conscience (1 Peter 3:21).

ii) Prayers: - Lord, grant me the divine revelation on water baptism. - Grant me a deep heart conviction of water baptism not just as a mere formal resurrecting for a new life in Christ, to live the holy life of God on earth through the H

ii) THE MANNER OF BAPTISM To begin with, lets first come to a clear understanding of these words: BAPTISM, B

As NOUNS: 1. baptisma ( <START GREEK>ba/ptisma <END GREEK>), baptism, consistin emergence (from bapto, to dip),. 2. baptismos (<START GREEK>baptismo/$ <END GREEK>,), as distinct from ba washing of articles, Mark 7:4,8, in some texts; Heb 9:10; once in a g eneral sense, Heb 3. baptistes (<START GREEK>baptisth/$ <END GREEK>, NT:910), a baptist, Synoptists, 14 times. (from Vines Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, Copyrigh

As a VERD: baptizo (<START GREEK>bapti/zw <END GREEK>, ), to baptize, primarily a freq the Greeks to signify the dyeing of a garment, or the drawing of water by dipping a drawing of wine by dipping the cup into the bowl (Alexis, 67) and Plato, meta (Euthydemus, 277 D).

So, Baptism is dip, submersion and emergence, which has nothing to do with sp Emperor- Constantine while on his sick bed(The devil changing the Times and Laws someone says he was baptized by sprinkling, he is like saying he was immersed by spr

Therefore: The bible says: For surely you know that when we were baptized INTO union in C By our baptism then, we were BURIED in him and shared in his death in order that power of the father so also we might live a new life. Romans 6:1-5

Brethren, when a man is alive and makes his WILL, when does that WILL become Therefore unless he dies, his WILL never come into effect. Brethren, there are salvation by grace in Jesus without baptism.

Let us pray that our brethren who have believed in the Lord Jesus as their Lord and blocked at the level of baptism(water immersion) will be convicted by the Holy Spi Brethren, the bible says:

In the case of a WILL it is necessary to prove that the person who made the WI person who made it is alive; it comes into effect ,only after his DEATH Hebrew 9:16

This is the reason why the scriptures says : By our baptism, then we were BUR just as Christ was raised from death by the glorious power of the father, so also we mi the first step of DYING with Christ by being buried in water baptism after repentan


And If you cant live a new life in Christ, how then can you call yourself a new creat say they have believed in Christ but are not baptized will be very honest to testify the

They just struggle with some morality but will always find themselves consciously fa money to God, do this and that, but never find things working. The word of God can never be broken! You cant corrupt the conscience of God.

In fact it is written clearly that one must repent and be baptized for the forgiveness Spirit(Act 2:38). There is no true follower of Christ in the bible, who believed and w 3:16, Act 9:18, Act 8:36-39, Act 10:48, Act 19:1-5.

So, the bible clearly says: " Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospe BAPTIZED will be SAVED whoever does not BELIEVE will be condemned" Mark 16 THE HEAD and BELIEVES is SAVED"

Therefore, if by your repentance you have taken a WILL before God to abandon si you must prove your decision ! And the only way of proving this before God, is to because it is only by dying with Christ in water Baptism and resurrecting with him th life, comes into effect.

Therefore, our WILL to repentance and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT engagement of clear conscience before Him, which is Baptism-meaning dying with that qualifies us for eternity(Roman 6:1-4). iii) WHY IS FORGIVENESS OF SINS LINKED TO BAPTISM?

The bible says: " REPENT, and be BAPTIZED in the name of Jesus Christ for the F the GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" Act 2:38.From this text, there are three fundamen 1) Repentance from sins. 2) Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. 3) Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. "SINS ARE NOT FORGIVEN UNLESS BLOOD IS SPILLED "

By the Law of God , the wages of sins is death and there is no forgiveness of sins plainly: " INDEED, UNDER THE LAW ALMOST EVERYTHING IS PURIFIED WIT

BLOOD THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS OF SINS" Hebrew 9:22. In the Old Testamen of sins, but replaced by that of Jesus in the New testament. It is only when we are yoked to the death of Christ through water Baptism, that we that sin brings(..Baptism which now saves you ..1st Peter 3:20-21). We benefit from self to His death, which is only done through water baptism.

As we are being buried in water (Baptism) to share his death(Romans 6:1-5), God se his blood as if it was our blood spilled for the forgiveness of our sins. Therefore, forgiven unless blood is spilled".

That is why we see forgiveness of sins attached to baptism. God in the old Test purification ceremony as if it was our blood and so forgave our sins. In the new Testa our blood. Remember John said of Jesus " This is the LAMD of God that takes away t

The spiritual significance of immersion(water baptism), is profound! Since Christ died GOD TAKES WATER TO BE A GRAVE IN WHICH HE BURIES US IN, AS DEATH OF CHRIST FOR OUR SINS TO BE FORGIVEN SO THAT WE MA THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. To illustrate this, the bible says: By our baptism, then we were BURIED with him and shared his death, in order that, power of the father, so also we might live a new life Roman6:4. In whose name should we be baptized?

There is much unnecessary arguments on this. But The Lord guided me to baptize sa name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit(Matthew 28:18,Act 2:38, Act 19:5).

Son Yes, our WILL of repentance must be justified by our baptism which means dea washing away of bodily dirt, but an engagement made to God from a GOOD CONSC

iii) CAN SOMEONE BE BAPTIZED TWICE? Yes, if we didnt take the right baptism, we must conform to the right one . To this th

While Apollos was travelling in Corinth, Paul travelled through the interio There he found some disciples and asked them, Did you receive the Ho We have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit Well, then, WHAT KIND OF BAPTISM DID YOU RECEIVED?, Paul aske Paul said The baptism of John was for those who turned and he told the people of Israel to believe in the one who was com

WHEN THEY HEARD THIS, THEY WERE BAPTIZED IN THE N Paul placed his hands on them, and the Holy Spirit they spoke in strange tongues and also proclaimed Gods message. They w

You may claim to have been WATER SPRINKLED when you were a baby, or a gr now that you have repented from your sins, because the bible says there is only one b

Yes, there is only one Baptism which is the right one: Repent and be Baptized(Act 2 may sincerely be honest in what you are saying, but ignorant that you are just being God and fulfill righteousness as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself told John the Baptist du

Prof. Zacharais Tanee Fomum (a famous servant of the Lord), tells us his story h

".........I know what I am writing about from personal experience. From the first day a burden on my heart to come and bring my people to Him. I prayed every day for Ca lectured abroad. I grew in the ministry of the word both to the saved and the unsaved.

Then in 1975 I came back home and the burden became even greater. Under the au many bible study Groups and Prayer cells started, wrote and distributed hundreds and carried campaigns and crusades in most major towns of the nations.

I became the vice- president of the national Centre for Evangelism, and in 197 Evangelist". We were having evangelistic campaigns all over and the work among th taking root. I was in high demand everywhere. In the Moslem town of Ngaoundere at to hear the Gospel.

I preached in English and was interpreted into French and Foulfoulde. Nine hundre lives to the Lord, and there was much joy, restitutions and the destruction of fetishes.

That same year the Lord began to deal with me about the MATTER OF WATER BAP baby and had not been BAPTIZED since I BELIEVED in 1966 at the age of twent Repent and be Baptized". As I thought about it, I felt very clearly that I had to OBEY t

The problem was my Ministry. A dear brother in the Lord told me, " It is true that the believed. But have you counted the cost of your being Baptized on your Ministry? The be the end. Think of your Ministry".

A visiting Pentecostal missionary leader advised, " I have been through the country. work. You are at the brink of taking the whole nation for God. Why do you want to get

The General Secretary of National Centre for Evangelism said to me, "You are the Forget about re-baptism. You have the helicopter at your disposal. You have all th you. You have the full backing of the government approved union of churches and mis at your feet. Forget about baptism and go on as you have started".

I tried to keep quiet, but my spirit would not be calm. I knew I had to OBEY, even i revelation from the Lord on certain matter. He spoke to me saying "THAT HE HAD S HAD NOT OBEYED. HIS REVELATIONS WERE NOT FOR DECORATIONS".

I then knew that I had to OBEY at once. In 1978 I was BAPTIZED, and things b National Evangelist", "the Billy Graham of Cameroon", "the human father of the Rev God's churches in Cameroon". Announcements were made all over and doors were clo

I had taken my Isaac(Ministry)into the river and as I was buried into union with Chri my longstanding desire and the fruit of many years of labour. Does God resurrect Isa back to life and I will tell the story some day in the future.." ( Knowing the God of unp What about you? Can you arise now and get the right Baptism ? 9) BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT

After water baptism, the fundamental step is to be sure we are baptized and filled w Holy Spirit from God (Acts 3:38): Therefore according to this text, this comes wh (repentance and baptism for the forgiveness of sins ). It is then that we receive the H Lord, that we can be His witnesses (Acts 1:8).However in some cases the Holy Spirit Act 1044-48). As signs for real believers who have undergone the prescriptions of this

And these signs will accompany those who believe in my name they will cast out dem up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay thei the sick, and they will recover (Mark16 7-18).

The real born again Children of God need to be transformed to live a new life in Chris

holy spirit is fundamental as earlier mentioned, else living the new life becomes very d

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold

The Bible also says of them: Put off your old nature which belongs to your former m and be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new nature, created af holiness(Ephesians 4:22-24).

So, the bible says that you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit(Act 238). Yes, B be filled with POWER and you will be WITNESSES for me in Jerusalem, in all Juda 1:8.

In the spirit of this context, we only qualify to be witnesses of the Lord after being dont go out and preach the flesh or a false Jesus. This is the way the apostles followed in the vineyard of the Lord and destroy His work.

The apostles always made sure that all those who believed and received baptism w example of Acts 19:1-7. We have this other text Act 8:14-17:

The Apostles in Jerusalem heard that the people of Samaria ha so they sent Peter and John to them,. When they arrived, they p they might receive the HOLY SPIRI For the HOLY SPIRIT HAD NOT YET COME DOWN ON THEM, THEY HAD O Then Peter and John PLACED THEIR HANDS ON THEM, AND THEY

The manifestation of the fruits of the Holy Spirit are signs that we have received bapti But off course speaking in tongues as ecstatic utterances may flow in some cases wh Numbers 11:24-30, Act 19:6-7, Act 2:4, Act 10:45-46. But it is not a standardized pr well speak in tongues. Many tongues that many claim to have today, are tongues of de

The gift of speaking in different kinds of tongues is a spiritual gift of the Holy Spirit Corinthians 12:4-31(..to another discernment of spirits, to another different kinds of t with various tongues....)-Christian Jewish Bible. By the grace of the Lord I have thi private prayers and so better understand the difference.

The biblical standardized prove of baptism in the Holy Spirit and continually bein Holy Spirit. It is not even gifts, because someone may be operating under a spiritual g left him. But you can't produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit in

see the fruits, and when he leaves the fruits equally disappear and you see the fruits Colossians 3:5-15). i) PRAYERS

a) Heavenly father, I pray that you grant me revelation of baptism into the Holy Spirit.

b) Open my mind to understand that without baptism and being filled wi th the h instrument in your hands to be your witness at home and in the world at large.

c) I pray that you baptize and fill me with your holy spirit and power so as to lead me be impossible because without Him, all will be useless works of human efforts that can d) Ask and keep asking until you are baptized and filled. e) When you are finally baptized and filled, thank the lord and ask the Holy Spirit him, have your faith increased to trust Him, because the degree of our faith depends Ephesians 1:15-20).

f) Ask him to lead you in the new life of redemption in Christ, teaching you his wo Spirit-Soul-Body.

g) Ask him to train and lead you into your own assignment or work that He wants you

My brethren, this is the foundation that is crucial for any good spiritual growth whic other areas. This basic fundamental foundation in Christ is very important and if we grow into maturity.

So if we handle this foundational teachings very well, the soul will be well equipped to equally to grow well in the Lord. A poor spiritual birth often results to a poor spiritua

I have discovered that it is at this foundational level that many churches fail and so ju their right from the left. This is just a briefing and I pray that the Lord will open your

I advise that you have a copy of the book: Imminent End of the World in this 3rd Mill issues have been well handled. In it, there is a list of over 210 idols in the human heart Brethren, we must see the plan of God so clearly in our New Born again Life, as to be 10 ) REASONS WHY AFTER REPENTANCE, GOD WILL NOT GIVE YOU


i) James 4:1-4 ..You strongly desire things but you cannot get them....You do not hav AND WHEN YOU ASK, YOU DO NOT RECEIVE IT, BECAUSE YOUR MOTIVES A YOUR OWN PLEASURES. Unfaithful people. Dont you know that to be the worlds fr

ii) 1st John 2:15-17 ...... Do not love the world or anything that belongs to the wo father. Everything that belongs to the world- WHAT THE SINFUL SELF DES EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD, that people are so PROUD OF-none of this come THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT THAT PEOPLE DESIRE IS PASSING AW LIVES FOREVER...

iii) 1st Timothy 6: 6-10. There is great gain in godliness with contentment; for we b anything out of the world; but if we have FOOD and CLOTHING, with these we shal temptation, and caught in the trap of many foolish and harmful desires, which pull the

A) God Is Going Back To What He Had Intended From The Beginning Before M

God Will Create A New Earth Where We Will Live In An Immortal Body TO Enjoy So Desire For Ever, As He Had Intended For Adam And Eve Before They Sinned.

Do you know that you and me are the ones to come back and live on the New Ear accomplish that which He had intended from the beginning before the fall? That W live forever? Read Isaiah 65:17-20 which we have sumarise here:

I am making a new earth and new heavens. The events of the past will be completel and all people will live out their life span....People will build houses and live in them They will plant vineyards and enjoy the wine.......I will bless them and their descendan

Read ahead to discover the secret plan that has been revealed in the scriptures. God s Genesis 1:26. Which was this image? God is Spirit, and it is the Spirit of man which in what we call dream.

While our spirit is in the spiritual invisible world as we are sleeping, it doesnt eve That is how physical death is. It is oxygen that feeds the physical body which is the dw bible says Thus says the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the ear HIM Zechariah 12:1-2

God clothed the Spirit with the earth(mud) as its hou se to dwell in, in the physical w


After man sinned, He condemned the body to return back to durst from which it w another earthly imperishable everlasting body. So, our ma, grand ma or pas cloth growing old.

The spirit has no age. It is this condemned physical body that we now wear, which Ma, grand Ma or Pa with another body which will be everlasting, if they live a holy l

Lets help them receive Christ as their perishable body fades away. Satan has the tend body of our parents or grandparents instead of their spirit. To this the bible says:

It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body......For what is immortal mu must be changed into what cannot die. So when this takes place and the mortal has b will come true: Death is destroyed; victory is complete 1st Corinthians 15:33-54

In this new body that will be imperishable, man then will live eternally on earth, to co Eve. Yes, the kingdom of Gods holy people living forever and ever. To this, the bible says:

I am making a new earth and new heavens. The events of the pa Be glad and rejoice forever in what I create. The New Jerusale and her people will be happy. I myself will be lled with joy becau There will be no weeping there, no calling for help. Babies wi and all people will live out their life span. Those who live to be a hu To die before that would be a sign that I had pun

People will build houses and live in them themselves-they will n They will plant vineyards and enjoy the wine, it will no They will fully enjoy the things that they had w The work they do will be successful, and their children wil I will bless them and their descendants for all ti Even before they nish praying to me, I will answe Wolves and lambs will eat straw, as cattle do, and snake wil On Zion, my sacred hill, there will be nothing harmful or evi

From this text we may then ask ourselves this question:

From where will these other human beings come from to live eternally on earth like th like He created Adam and Eve?

Certainly not!! It is you and me, and all the other saints of God who have already pu the alter( Revelation 6:9).And those who will be raptured when the Lord comes to d 13), will join them. As of the day of the Lord, it is written:

On that day the heavens will disappear with a shrill noise, the heavenly bodies everything in it will vanishas you wait for the day of Godthe day when the heave bodies will be melted by the heat. BUT WE WAIT FOR WHAT GOD HAS PROMISE RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL BE AT HOME 2nd Peter3:10-13. It is very unfortun scripture. They say that this world will not be consumed by fire because God had p with water again but this time with fire.

B) Believers After Rapture and Resurrection of Saints Will Temporary Live In as the Lord Jesus Christ said in Luke 20: 35)

Being all in heaven after the rapture, we shall be like angels not marrying. After the feast, the invisible world or nation of evil- Gog and Magog where satan and his dem in Christ are will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire. To this the bible says:

Then I saw thrones and those who sat on them were give They came to life and rule as kings with Christ for a t And when the thousand years are ended Satan will be loosed fr out to deceive the nations which are at the four corner of the ea to gather them for a battle; their number is like the sand deceived them was thrown into the lake of re and sulphur w prophet were, and they will be tormented day and nigh

......Then I saw a great white throne and him who sat upon it; from his and no place was found for them. And I saw dead, great and sma and books were opened. Also another book was opened, w And the dead were judged by what was written in the books ....... And the sea gave up the dead in it. Death and Hades g and all were judged by what they had done. Then Death and Hades

This is the second death, the lake of re; and if any ones name was n he was thrown into the lake of re (Revelation

We must understand that, the Law of sex and multiplication is earthly bound, and not on the inhabitants of the earth and not those of heaven. That is why we can easily u could possess human beings and have sex with them(Genesis 6:1-2). We see around u and having sex with them.

While on earth, they come under the power of the divine Law of governance on sex by this divine Law, while earth is. That is why, Saints while taken up in heaven, cann back to earth.

God never intended man to live forever in heaven. It was because of the fall that temporary place while he destroys this present contaminated world, and creates anothe


Isaiah 66:22-23 adds: Just as New earth and the New heavens will endure by my endure. On every New moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath all flesh shall

Clothing our spirit with a new imperishable earthly body for us to live in it for ever o perfect in ready for the New righteous kingdom. He wont cloth an imperfect spirit wit rebellion.

We must understand that, God is carefully planning a New eternity of 100% submi angel or human being will ever attempt what Satan did. Through the demonstration o death disinterestedly, qualifies us for the new coming kingdom.

C) What is the meaning of the word: ...... deceive the nations scattered over th Rev. 21:2)

Brethren, lets pray the Lord to open our minds to understand the meaning of the w whole world , that is GOG and MAGOG ( Rev 21:2), which is source of much confus

Going up to heaven after rapture will just be temporal and then we will come down af the bible that says immediately after the rapture, we will come back on earth. We clea City in Rev. 21:2 , after the thousand years . Many people are confused with Rev. 20

Satan will go out to deceive the nations scattered over the whole world , that is GOG a

The secret to understand this text lies in the understanding of the word .... that is evil world where Satan and his demons are. Many misunderstand it to be human be been destroyed by fire on the day of the Lord(rapture) as indicated in 2nd Peter 3:10 will be like the day of Noah when water came and destroyed everyone.

It will be like the day of Sodom and Gomorrah , the day lot left Sodom, fire rained d will be on the day the son of man is revealed Luk e 17:27-36. If that day of rapture is come again from to be on earth for a Thousand years after which Satan will be release

It is important therefore to understand here that, the events in this text are referrin Satans kingdom where all the fallen angels and those who die without Christ (1st P world where fallen angels are. That is, the invisible side of the visible world under the of God and demons in favor of man.

It will be extreme foolishness on our part to believe that the statement, Satan will be l the nations which are at the four corners of the earth, that is Gog and Magog, to gath means that Satan will come on earth and starts gathering physical human beings to phy

This sounds very ridiculous. Presently where is the current battle going on betwee examples of many cases like in Daniel 10:12-13, Jude 9 etc. So, it is Satan rallying his for a battle against God in the spiritual realm.

During the rapture, only elements in the visible physical world (visible earth) where (earth) will remain. Elements in the visible physical world will not survive the raptu away with a loud noise, and the element will be dissolved with fire, and the earth an peter 3:10). This means that, the beast and false prophets will first be caught and thrown 19:11-21 that reads:

Then I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse! He who and true, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. And of the earth with their armies gathered to make war against Him who sits And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast a These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that b

And the rest were slain by the sword of him who sit u sword that issues from his mouth; and all the birds were gorged with

Then Satan and the other demons will only be thrown later after the thousand years clear as to the fact that, no physical visible nations will exist on earth after the rapture who died without Christ are (Gog and Magog).

We should therefore note that, the physical visible earth where we are, with its fou image of the invisible spiritual world, which is also real with four territorial corners.

All therefore are the world (earth) with the only difference that, one is in the visible, specifies the word that is Gog and Magog which symbolises evil in memory of som physical world.

This therefore is used to represent the invisible evil earth or world. Read Ezekiel 38:1 represents ;and also Genesis 10 to see the ancestors of these territories. This is the following texts gives us illumination on the word Gog and Magog:

Son of man, set your face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince o Denounce him, and tell him that I, the sovereign Lord, am his enemy . Torrents of ra down on him and his army (just as said in Revelation 20:10) and on the many nati on ahead, Ezekiel 39:1-29 says : And so the land will be clean . I will pour out my spiri from them.

Reading these texts, it becomes more clearer that, it spiritually projects us to the Lor and Magog), and his restoration of his people (spiritual Israel). From Ezekiel 40, the L

This clearly implies that the use of the word Gog and Magog in Revelation 20:8 re will be destroyed for a new heaven and earth to begin.

D) Believers Coming Down From Heaven In Immortal Bodies To Live On The Ne

The Saints In Heaven Who Form The New Holy City Of Gods People (Symb EARTH(Revelation 21:1-5) As It Is Written:

- Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the rst h had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the HO coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride a and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, Beh

of God is with men.

He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death sh shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the for And He who sat on the throne said Behold I make all thi Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true(Reve Which is this HOLY CITY COMING DOWN FROM HEAVEN?

The HOLY CITY coming down from heaven refers to the Saints or believers who first. They have all been enjoying the 1000yrs like angel in heaven before now.

They are the ones clothed with a New earthly everlasting imperishable body to acco that God says he will create another new Human beings as Adam and Eve? If there is,

In concordance to the text above And I saw the HOLY CITY COMING DOWN FRO


Remember our Lord Jesus Christ said: "Verily I say unto you, There is no man that children, for the kingdom of God's sake, who shall not receive manifold more IN TH COME LIFE EVERLASTING." Luke 18:29

Where is under the heaven where the kingdom is ? Certainly on the Earth! And wh receive this kingdom? The elects who formed the Holy City of God coming down EVERLASTING BODY TO LEAVE FOR EVER ON EARTH AS GODS PEOPLE F These are those that Isaiah 65:17-20 is talking about:

I am making a new earth and new heavens. The events of the pas .Babies will no longer die in infancy, and all people will l .People will build houses and live in them themselves-they will They will plant vineyards and enjoy the wine.......I will bless them and the

The bible is not contradictory brethren! We are the ones not understanding it. The ki

Heaven but on a New Earth for ever and ever. So, we must be careful and flee away f can get from him like: money, promotions, jobs, husband, wife, children, health, visa,

Don't forget how Satan told God, Job was serving him for personal interest( things an prove this, and Job passed the test. Are we like Job?

If there is any trace in us which is indicative of running after Jesus because of thing God. You will not be there. God sees you as a future rebel who may rebel against hi want and not him. Let us then take these his words very serious :

- God's curse be he who does not obey all God's Laws and teachings Deuteronomy - Whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking ALL James 20:10 - "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God' Matth 5:8 - "And may your spirit and soul, and body be kept Holy, and blameless on the coming - "You must be PERFECT just as your Father in heaven is perfect" Matthew 5:48

-" He did this to dedicate the church to God by his word, after making it CLEAN by W to himself in all its BEAUTY-PURE AND FAULTLESS, WITHOUT SPOT OR Ephesians 5:25-27.

Imagine if God just destroyed the devil when he rebelled! The others would have bee no guarantee to God that Satans error will not produce itself again.

So, God is taking us back to the beginning of how He wanted things to be. In the beg wild animals and for all the birds , I have provided grass and leafy plants for food." Ge We see that this will come back to be in the New heaven and earth to come as it is writ

.....Wolves and lambs will eat straw, as cattle do, and snakes will no longer be dang into being in the beginning- Genesis 2:1-4, and was to be forever!

That is why we see it in the New earth and Heavens to come. If Adam and Eve had pa forever obeying and loving him irrespective of things. So, God is reworking us now, f to achieve.

If things are going to be like this, then we will better understand Paul's letter when he

"What I mean brothers, is this: there is not much time left, and

should live as though they were not married; those who weep as tho laugh, as though they were not happy; those who buy, as t what they bought; those who deal in material goods as though they w FOR THIS WORLD AS IT IS NOW, WILL NOT LAST

I will like you to be free from worry. An unmarried man concerns himself with the L But a married man concerns himself with worldly matters because he wants to pleas

An unmarried woman or virgin concerns herself with the Lord's work because she w married woman concerns herself with worldly matters, because she wants to please he

Yes, from the beginning before the fall, God gave his command to man, to multiply a and woman was to get married and reproduce. There was going to be no eunuch or ste

But after the fall, this plan of the Lord changed. It was no longer a priority. He push see in Isaiah 65:17-25.

To him therefore, if we see that marriage can cause us perish with this perishing w world. If in the future world, we will marry, have sex forever, multiple, build hous patient just for a while for him to rearrange things? Only the wise that He has open t God, can understand this.

We may really be asking how consciously we will be as regards our now existing l New earth and New heavens. The events of the past will be completely forgotten" Isaia

Is all God's mysteries ! Wearing another new body different from this we are havin those he had known while on earth, when we will be in the New world.

If after resurrection the apostles couldn't recognize Jesus, I don't think it will be us in recognize one another. We will be like new creations(Sons of God just like Adam and

God in other words is saying why are you worrying to enjoy these things just for a wh have the chance to be patient for a while and enjoy them forever? We clearly get this cry of God as we read:

"Do not love the world or anything that belongs to the world. you do not love the father. Everything that belongs to the world- WH WHAT PEOPLE SEE AND WANT, AND EVERYTHING IN THIS

PROUD OF-none of this comes from the Father; it all comes from t EVERYTHING IN IT THAT PEOPLE DESIRE IS P BUT HE WHO DOES THE WILL OF GOD LIVES FORE

Which of the two worlds do you choose brethren? This present one, or the one to com this one now, to get it in the new one to come. The apostles saw this plan of God cle new coming world.

Brethren, if we don't see this plan of God so clearly, the devil will successfully distrac new coming world to spend eternity in the lake of fire. This wonderful book will be o End of the World Fire soon to Dissolve the Earth and all the Works on it in this 3rd M iUniverse 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403 USA . www.iuniverse.com 1-800-Authors (1-800-288-4677) Or Contact (237)77310370. wwmissionary@yahoo.com

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