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Ju eee, COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES 3 Jun Liu Tracy Davis Susanne Rizzo o CENGAGE Learning 2» CENGAGE «© Learning ‘Communication Strategies 3 Jun Liu, Tracy Davis, and Susanne Rizzo Senior Product Manager: Michael Cahill Editorial Manager: Andrew Robinson _ Interior Design: Pixel Production Works Editor: Andrew Jessop © 2008 Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd. [ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part ofthis work covered by the copyright herein may be reproduced, transmitted, stored or used inany form or by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including but not limited to photocopying, recording, scanning, digitizing, taping, Web distribution, information networks, or information storage and retrieval systems, without the prior witen permission ofthe publisher. The publisher would lke to thank The Kobal Collection for their permission to reproduce photographs on the following pages: 6: The Devil Wears Prada 20th Century Fox / The Kobal Collection and Barry Wetcher; 12: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Chris Lee Prodi/Square Co / The Kobal Collection; 1: Thank You for Smoking Fox Searchiight / The Kobsal Collection; 24: Endurance The Kobal Collection; 30; Cellular New Line/Electric Entertainment / The Kobal Collection / Richard Foreman; 42: Pay it Forward Bel ir WB / The Kobal Collection / David James; 48: Who Killed the Electric Car? Electric Entertainment/Sony / The Kobal Collection; 54: Murderball MTV Films / The Kobal Collection; 60: Good Will Hunting Matt Damon Miramax / The Kobal Collection; 66: School of Rock Paramount / The Kobal Collection / Andrew Schwartz; 72: Bend It Like Beckham Bend It Films/Film Counel / The Kobal Collection / Christine Party; 78: Must Lave Dogs Warner Bros, /The Kobal Collection / Claudette Barius; 84: Freaky Friday Walt Disney Pictures / The Kobal Collection / Ron Batzdorf; 90: Dante's Peak Universal / The Kobal Collection / Ben Glass ‘The publisher would lke to thank the following for their permission to reproduce photographs on the following pages: {© 2007 jupiterimages Corporation: 07, 09,1115, 19,21, 23,25, 27,28, 29, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37,39, 41,49, 5,53, 61, 63,65, 67,70, 73,75, 76,19, 8,83, 85, 87,88, 89, 91, 93,94. © 2007 Getty Images Sales Singapore Pte Ltd: 10,13, 16,19, 2(top), 43,45, 46,47, 69. Please note, that all people shown are models and are used only fr illustrative purposes. For permission to use material from this text or product, email to asia ISBN-13:978-981-265-914-9 ISBN-10: 981-265-9145, Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd ‘Shenton Way #01-01 UIC Building Singapore 068808 Tel: (65) 64101200 Fax: (65) 64101208 Cengage Learning products are represented in Canada by Nelson Education, lt. For product information, visit Printed in Singapore 123456789101 -1110 09 08 07