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VEHICLE DETAILS Q1. a. Make: (e.g., Maruti, Honda) b. Date of Delivery: b1. Year: b2. Month: 1. 2. b. What was the make of the previous vehicle owned? Q3. How many kilometers do you currently have on your vehicle? Q4. What is your average fuel consumption? (Please specify km/ l) Q5. Were there any problems with your new vehicle when you first received it? 1. Yes 2. No , 000 Kms. Kms/ l Yes No (GO TO Q3) (CONTINUE) Model/ Grade: (e.g., Zen, City)

Q2. a. Is this vehicle the first new vehicle you have ever owned?

Q6. a. Have you ever had any of the following services performed on this vehicle? (MR) R1. Oil change (GO TO Q7) (GO TO Q7) R2. Other routine maintenance (e.g., tire rotation, check cooling system) R3. Repairs (CONTINUE) b. Have you ever had any body/ accident repair work performed on your vehicle? (MR) 1. Yes, at an authorized dealer 2. Yes, at a non-authorized facility 3.


Q7. How many times since the vehicle was purchased have you taken your vehicle for service at any of the following authorized service facilities? Please include any visits you may have made for tire repair or maintenance. 0 (Zero) Visits R1. The dealer where you bought it? R2. Same make/ brand dealer? R3. Same make/ brand service center? 0 0 0 OR Write in number of visits

Most recent service experience

REGARDING YOUR MOST RECENT VISIT TO AN AUTHORIZED DEALER OR SERVICE CENTER Q8. a. When was your most recent service or repair visit to a same make/ brand dealer or service center? b. Type of dealer/ service center (MARK ONLY ONE): 1. Mono-brand dealership (sells only 1 brand) 2. Multi-brand dealership (sells more than 1 brand) 3. 4. a1. Year: a2. Month:

Mono-brand service center (services only 1 brand) Multi-brand service center (services more than 1 brand)

c. Why did you choose this specific dealer/ service center? (MR) R1. Bought the vehicle there R7. Speedy service R2. Saw advertisement R3. Convenient location R4. Qualified mechanics R5. Warranty R6. Reliability of service R8. Past experience R9. Recommendations from friends/ family R10. Discount ticket/ coupon R11. Open on convenient days/ hours R12. Good prices Kms. Copyright 2006 J.D. Power and Associates

R13. Transportation provided R14. Use of factory authorized parts R15. Free Service R16. Only service dealer in town R17. Other (Specify): Q8cR17v

d. How far is this dealership/ service center from your home or office (whichever is closer)?


Most recent service experience

Q9. a. What type of service or repair was performed on this MOST RECENT visit? (MR) R1. Oil change R3. Repairs (GO TO Q10) (CONTINUE) R2. Other routine maintenance (e.g., tire rotation, check cooling system)


b. What type of maintenance or repair? (MR) Maintenance R1. Tune-up R2. Wheel Alignment R3. Tire Change/ Balancing R4. Brakes Maintenance R5. Shocks/ Struts R6. Muffler/ Exhaust R7. Battery R8. Other Maintenance (Specify): Q9bR8v c. Did you replace any parts? Q10. Did you need the dealer to provide transport while your vehicle was being serviced? INITIATING THE SERVICE VISIT Q11. How did you know it was time for maintenance/ repairs? (MR) R1. Something went wrong with the vehicle R2. Reminder sticker on the vehicle R3. Warning/ Indicator light on the vehicle Q12. a. How did you schedule this service visit? 1. By appointment R4. I keep track of mileage/ service needs R5. I received a reminder call/ letter R6. Other (Specify): Q11R6v Repair R9. Engine Repair R10. Transmission Repair R11. Tire repair R12. Body/ Accident Repair R13. Other Repair (Specify): Q9bR13v 1. 2. Yes 1. Yes 2. No No


Dropped by at my convenience

(GO TO Q13) Days

b. About how many days did you have to wait until your appointment? c. Were you able to get an appointment on the day you desired? 1. 2. Yes (GO TO Q13) No d. How many days did you have to wait beyond your desired appointment day?
Average Unacceptable 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10



Q13. Using the 1 to 10 scale shown, where 1 is Unacceptable, 5 is Average, and 10 is Outstanding, please rate the dealerships ability to schedule this service visit i.e. see you within a reasonable amount of time. Q14. a. Was your vehicle picked up by the service center? 1. Yes 2.

/ 10 No

(GO TO Q15) a1. When you arrived at the dealership/ service center who greeted you first? 1. Service Advisor (The Person who wrote up your service order) 2.


Someone else

(GO TO Q14d) (CONTINUE) b. When you arrived at the dealership/ service center how long did it take before you were greeted by someone (other than the Service Advisor)? 1. Did not wait 2. Waited: c. Minutes (GO TO Q14d) d. From the time you entered the dealership, how long did it take before you spoke to the Service Advisor (The Person who wrote up your service order) 1. Did not wait (GO TO Q15) 2. Waited: e. Minutes

Q15. Using the same 10 point scale used earlier, please rate the amount of time you spent waiting to speak to a Service Advisor (the Person who wrote up your service order) Q16. Overall, please rate the whole process of getting your vehicle into service.


Copyright 2006 J.D. Power and Associates

Most recent service experience

Q17. a. Was the Service Advisor aware of your vehicle's service history? 1. Yes c. 2. No 3. First visit 1. Male


REGARDING THE DEALERSHIP SERVICE ADVISOR (The Person who wrote up your service order)

b. Was the service advisor male or female? Was an estimate of any charges provided before the work was performed?

2. Female 1. Yes 1. Yes 2. No 3. No charges

d. Were you told when your vehicle would be ready? e. How much time did the Service Advisor spend listening to your service requests?

2. No minutes

Q18. Using the same 1 to 10 scale, please rate the Service Advisor on: R1. Explanation of service to be / 10 R5. Fulfilled all commitments made to you performed R2. Treated you with courtesy and respect R3. Honesty R4. Knowledge/ expertise / 10 / 10 / 10 R6. Listened to your requests / 10 R7. Asked you questions to clarify your needs R8. Understood the specific problem(s) with your vehicle

/ 10 / 10 / 10 / 10

Q19. Overall, please rate the performance of the Service Advisor. WHILE YOUR VEHICLE WAS BEING SERVICED

Q20. a. Did you stay at the dealership while service was completed, or leave and return later? 1. 2. Stayed Left/ returned later (CONTINUE) (GO TO Q20c) / 10 b. Using the same 1 to 10 scale where 1 is UNACCEPTABLE, 10 is OUTSTANDING, and 5 is AVERAGE, please rate how well the dealership enabled you to spend your time (i.e. reading, watch TV, watch the vehicle being serviced, etc.) during service. c. Please rate the customer waiting area in terms of its: R1. Cleanliness R2. Comfort / 10 / 10 / 10 R3. Amenities (e.g., beverages, magazines, TV) / 10 3. Dealership picked up vehicle (GO TO Q20c)

Q21. Overall, please rate your experience while your vehicle was being serviced. WHEN PICKING UP YOUR VEHICLE AFTER SERVICE Q22. a. Was your vehicle ready when promised? b. What was the reason(s) given for the delay? R1. Original problem more complicated than expected R2. Parts not available R3. Found new/ additional problem c. Were you informed about the delay ? Q23. a. When you picked up your vehicle, did someone explain to you the actual work that was performed? b. Did anyone explain your charges, if any? c. Was the vehicle delivered to your home or did you pick it up? 1. All covered under warranty 4. No charges 1. Yes 1. Yes 2. No 2. No 1. 2. (MR) R4. Too busy to get to my vehicle R5. Other (Specify): Q22bR5v Yes (GO TO Q23)

No, took MORE time than promised (CONTINUE)

1. Yes 1. Delivered

2. No


No charges

2. I picked it up

Q24. a. Which statement best describes how this service visit was paid for: (MARK ONLY ONE) (GO TO Q25) b. 2. I paid for all of it 3. I paid for some of it How much did you pay for this service? Rs. (CONTINUE)

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