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Flat Panel TV (LCD TV)

Flat panel TV (LCD TV) have grown rapidly in popularity due to increasing availability of digital services and high definition digital media content. Since the TV in the home is a product that is typically in use for several hours every day, it is required to be more efficient in energy use and eco-friendly. Advanced functionality, such as a CEC link functionality using a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection is now a common requirement for LCD TVs. Renesas supplies effective solutions for customers developing eco-friendly home electronic products, such as the 78K0, the 78K0R Series, the R8C Family, the RL78 Family and the M16C Family of energy-efficient MCUs. These MCUs deliver functionality, such as support for CEC which receives commands from a remote control while in system standby mode, while also maintaining a low level of power consumption. Renesas also offers a wide lineup of devices, such as audio processors, that are essential in the development of multimedia AV products. Audio block 2 types supported
SIF AV-I/F (CVBS Audio) R2S11002AFT To each port bus line Zener Diode

System Block Diagram

Analog broadcast RF Analog tuner

R2S10401SP R2A10407SP R2A10416NP

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DVP series


Composite video Audio(L/R)


Analog Component

Digital Broadcast RF Digital demodulation Digital tuner

AV-I/F (RGB/YPbPr/ CVBS/ Audio) R2S11007FP R2S11009FP R2S11011FP

10bit ADC Y/C Sep color decoder

LCD panel

De -interlace scalar OSD

Panel control T-CON

Backlight control M6233x M6235x R2A2015x R2A2016x

VSB/OFDM MPEG Decoder AV-I/F (RGB/YPbPr) R2S11001FT DTV series I/O Expander M62320FP R2A20150

M62332 R2A20152 DAC



PC interface HDMI CEC *1 Remote control receiver

Remote control receiver CEC control Power supply management


For PFC; PhotocouplerPS2561D-1, other R2A20112, R2A20115, R2A20117, R2A20118A MOS FET:RJK50xx, RJK60xx

PH5502B2NA1 PH5551A2NA1
Ambient Illuminance Sensor

R1EX24xxx Series

SSCG Clock Gen

Power Supply *1 CEC: Consumer Electronics Control

Reset IC
RNA519xx Series

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Control MCU RD151TS3315A 78K0/Kx2-C RD151TS3325A 78K0R/Kx3-C M16C Family On-board RJK03xxDPA, DC/DC other R8C Family RL78 Family http://www.renesas.com/applications

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Audio Block Digital Solution

Sound Multiplex Decoder R2A15504/5SP Audio Signal Delay Memory R2S15901SP Digital Amplifier
Lite Engine Core block



I2 S


Lite Engine Core block


Analog Solution

Electronic Volume
Volume Bass Treble

Digital Amplifier
Lite Engine Core block Lite Engine Core block


Sound Multiplex Decoder R2A15504/5SP

I2C Bus Interface

R2A15905FP R2A15908SP

R2A15112F R2A15120FA R2A15122/3FP

Tuner Block
Antenna input

Branching filter

Tuner IC

Demodulating IC

Loop through output


LNA 2SC3356 NE202930 NESG210833 NESG220033 NESG240033

IF-AGC PC3218GV PC3221GV PC3231GV PC3234GV

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Recommended Products
Block Sem iconductor device PFC pow er supply control IC Recom m ended products R2A20112, R2A20117, R2A20118A R2A20113A R2A20115 2SK31xxB, 2SK32xxB, 2SK33xxB RJK50xxDxx, RJK60xxDxx PS25xx Series PS27xx Series PS28xx Series M6233x Series, M6235x Series R2A2015x Series, R2A2016x Series R2A20152,M62332

As of February 2013
Features, etc. Continuous conduction mode single Continuous conduction mode interleaving Critical conduction mode interleaving 500 V, 600 V tolerance 500 V, 600 V tolerance High isolation voltage (5 kVr.m.s.), 4 -DIP High isolation voltage (3.75 kVr.m.s.), 4p-SOP High isolation voltage (2.5 kVr.m.s.), 4p-SSOP I2C supported, 2 to 4 channels, 8 pins; 3-line type 6 to 12 channels *1 I2C supported, 2 channels *1

Pow er supply section


Photocoupler (Standard) D/A converter for image adjustment Image adjustment (dimmer) D/A converter Sound multiplex decoder Digital delay Audio

LCD panel

Main controller

R2A15504/5SP R2S15901SP R2A15905FP Audio signal processor R2A15908SP R2A15112FP R2A15126FP * Digital amp R2A15120FA R2A15122/3FP 78K0/Kx2-C CPU 78K0R/Kx3-C RL78,Family, R8C Family, M16C Family I/O expander R2A20150, M62320 Reset IC RNA519xx Series R2S11001FT R2S11002AFT Analog sw itch R2S11007FP R2S11009FP R2S11011FP R2S10401SP VIF/SIF signal processor R2S10407SP R2S10416NP RJK03xxDPA MOS FET for On-board DC/DC UPA27xxT1A RD151TS3315A Clock generator RD151TS3325A R1EX24xxx Series EEPROM R1EX25xxx Series PH5502B2NA1 Ambient Illuminance Sensor PH5551A2NA1 Zener Diodes NNCDxxDA Series RDxxS Series 2SC3356, NE202930, other NESG240033, NESG220033, other PC3221GV, PC3234GV, other

Built-in HP (headphone) amplifier 15 W x 2 ch: single end 15 W x 2 ch: BTL (built-in limiter) 10 W x 2 ch (4 W x 2 ch): single end Low pow er consumption, CEC function I2C supported, 8-bit I/O *1 Variable detection voltage and delay time

30 V tolerance, WPAK 30 V tolerance, HVSON

General purpose Surge absorption Circuit protection, etc. Tuner

LNA(Digital Tuner

I2C bus interface *1 SPI bus interface *2 Analog linear output Digital output, 2C bus interface *1 High ESD tolerance optimal for use in surge absorption 2-terminal face-mount outline Low distortion, low noise Low distortion, low noise, Protected high ESD Variable w ide gain, protected high ESD

*1 I2C : Inter-Integrated Circuit *2 SPI : Serial Peripheral Interface

* = Under development

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Related Application Notes/Sample Code

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Power MOS FET application note R2A20112 application note * R2A20115 application note * R2A20117 application note * R2A20118A application note *

REJ05G0001-0200 -

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Nam e Part No.

R2A20112 evaluation board * R2A20115 evaluation board * R2A20117 evaluation board * R2A20118A evaluation board *

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