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Volume 6598 Issue 1 (/browse/journals/proceedings-of-spie/2006/v6598/i1)

Germicidal effect of low-level laser therapy - preliminary report

Janas, Anna (/search?author=Janas%2C+Anna) Proceedings of SPIE (/browse/journals/proceedings-of-spie) , Volume 6598 (1) SPIE Feb 16, 2006

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The article presents the evaluation of the number of oxygenic and anaerobic bacteria in post extraction wounds subsequent to low-level laser therapy.

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2 (/lp/spie/germicidal-effect-of-low-level-laser-therapy-preliminary-report-hPErf7fca3/2)

3 (/lp/spie/germicidal-effect-of-low-level-laser-therapy-preliminary-report-hPErf7fca3/3) 4 (/lp/spie/germicidal-effect-of-low-level-laser-therapy-preliminary-report-hPErf7fca3/4) Next (/lp/spie/germicidal-effect-of-low-level-laser-therapy-preliminary-report-hPErf7fca3/2)

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